Title: A Creation of Love (sequel of "Queen of Hearts")
Author: Michelle
Rating: Nc-17
Disclaimer: They're not mine, but I think I'm treating them better thank CC!
Category: MSR, smut, angst, humor, X-File plots, anything you can think of!
Spoilers: FTF, pretty much the whole X-Files
Series...need to know characters and background. Lines dropping in from other episodes too.

Summary: A one night stand in "Queen of Hearts" leads Mulder and Scully finding comfort in each other more often. The miracle happens and this story works through their life for roughly more than ten months!

Read Queen of Hearts here

Prologue: It has been three weeks since Mulder and Scully's little poker game. They have slowly moved personal belongings that were needed to Mulder's apartment. She has only stayed with him on the weekends, deciding that was best for now. They have only had intercourse one time since then;

Chapter One: Signs of Tenderness

FBI Field Office
Washington D.C.

"Agent Mulder, have you seen Agent Scully today?" Skinner asked walking down the hallway.

"No I was wondering, where is she?" Mulder grinned.

"Uh, I don't know, I was hoping you'd know. I have heard rumors she called in sick. She never does that! Will you check up on her?" Skinner asked concerned.

"Uh, sure." Mulder grinned again, still processing that rumor. Mulder traveled down the hallway, through the double doors, down the flight of stairs, until he reached is office. Yanking open the door, he saw Scully.

"Scully? What's going on?" he demanded as she pulled him in and locked the door.

"Nothing really, I just wanted to see you, alone," she mentioned.

"Alone?" Mulder asked completely confused. "Skinner said you'd called in sick,"

"I did," she replied.

"Then why the hell are you here?" Mulder mumbled.

"I wanted to be with you, and you weren't answering your phone this morning, so I decided to come in anyway and find you," she began.

"Okay, did you want something?" Mulder hinted for an explanation.

"Well, I was hoping we could spend the day together, alone, no work, just us," she continued.

"Scully, I know this is usually your argument, but won't that create suspicion of our relationship to Skinner and others?" Mulder claimed.

"It would be if we both took personal days, but I am sick," she mentioned.

"Are you really sick Scully?" Mulder asked, losing her in her language circles again.

"I am not feeling the best. I'd like some attention from you," she stated.

"Me, hum, what did you have in mind?" he questioned. She smiled, thinking, you know Mulder. He walked over to her and put his hands around her waist. "You want to go home?" Mulder smiled.

"Home would be good, with you," she cleared her throat.

"I'll meet you there in a while, I have to clear things here first. No one saw you here right," Mulder whispered. He leaned in close to her and gave her a quick but full kiss to those luscious red lips he adored.

"No one saw me." She smiled. Then headed towards the door.

"Your place right?" Mulder mumbled.

"Yes," she finished and walked out of his office. Around the corner was the ladies room, her first stop. She entered and walked to the mirrors. Scully looked at herself, her face all hot and red, even flushed. Does he do this to me? Every time I think about making love to him, my face gets so hot, why? She asked herself. She felt a little queasiness in her stomach, does he make me this nervous? she continued her thoughts. She whirled around to the bathroom stall doors and leaned over the edge of a toilet. Once she was finished relieving herself of the nausea, she felt much better. Back in the mood to go home, hopefully she'd be in a much better condition by then. She wiped her mouth with a paper towel and water, then left for her apartment.

"Yes, yes, I'm goin' to Scully's!" Mulder danced around his office room acting like a love sick puppy. He managed to put some case files away and straiten his desk, make it look like he'd accomplished something that day. I better get over there, wouldn't want to keep her waiting, it isn't often that she voices that she wants to make love, Mulder thought. He grabbed his jacket and opened the door. There was Skinner.

"Where are you going Agent?" Skinner questioned.

"Uh, I uh just got a call, I have to go to..." Mulder stopped, he couldn't come up with anything, but Skinner didn't seem to notice his horrible cover-up.

"Well, I was just about to bring you another case, keep you busy until Agent Scully is up to par," Skinner continued.

"Sir, um, that's not necessary, I have lots of catch up work to do, really," Mulder muttered.

"Are you sure?" Skinner asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Yup, I am sure, thank you anyway Sir, I am sorry but I have to go," Mulder said pushing his way by Skinner and pulling his office door shut. Skinner stood facing the close door for a moment, wondering what the heck just happened. Mulder kept walking casually down the hall and out the back door to his car. Once he got in the car, he was off.

Scully's Apartment
Georgetown, Washington D.C.
12:03 pm

Scully entered her apartment and laid her jacket on the couch. I want him to feel really great when I am done with him, she thought. She entered her bedroom and moved to her dresser drawers. She opened her 'lingerie' drawer and selected the sexiest thing she owned. It was a bikini thing, white laced around the bra and panties, with a white laced gown thing trailing down from under the bottom of the bra. She started to strip and put her clothes in the hamper. Then she looked at herself in her mirror and then began dressing again. Suddenly she heard a male being whistle. It was Mulder.

"Don't stop, really, I like what I see." He smiled standing in her doorway. She smiled shyly and motioned for him to come to her. He sat down a few files on the edge of her dresser and walked to her.

"I miss you," she whispered seriously.

"I miss you too," Mulder replied, slipping his arms around her waist his hands going down to lay on her behind.

"Will you make love to me, all day, and all night?" she whispered, her words muffled by small kisses on his neck she was giving.

"I have always wanted to make love to you, anytime, all the time," he answered and she started pulling at his tie. He lifted her chin with his hands, she seemed to have been avoiding eye contact. "Is something wrong?" he asked concerned at her behavior.

"No, I don't feel so well, but I am hoping you'll make me feel much better," she commented.

"Scully," he said, moving his hand up her hips and the curve of her waist. "I don't think we should do this," he cautioned.

"Mulder, why? I need you and I finally have you. What's wrong?" she questioned.

"Scully, you actually look sick. I mean don't get me wrong, your body is incredible, especially in this," he said tugging at her little clothing, "But you honesty look sick," Mulder explained. He moved his hand to her forehead and pressed lightly. "You're clammy, I think we should hold off on our plans, we don't want your temperature rising more!" he smiled.

"Mulder, I'll be okay, I just want you, please," she moaned. Boy she really wants sex doesn't she! She's going through a lot of trouble, calling in sick and then pretending that she's not sick, even though she is, Mulder thought. He stopped thinking, he was getting himself confused.

"Scully, you can have me, let's just go lay on the bed together, but I refuse to 'do it' when your sick, that's probably not good for you, right?" he tried to justify. "C'mon," he pushed her backwards, holding her tightly around the waist. He laid her down on the bed, and slightly laid on top of her, but off to her side the most. Mulder stroked his hands in her hair and used his thumbs to wipe away some of her clammy sweat.

"I am going to get you a washcloth, okay," he voiced and then got up. She put her hands on her forehead. Why is this happening? Why am I sick, I haven't been sick in years, and it all conveniently happens when I want to have sex! I mean c'mon, I have maybe had it two times in six years, why is this happening now? She continued to grieve in her head. He appeared back in her room. He laid the cold, wet, washcloth on her forehead and grabbed her hand. He straightened her trailing lace over her bare tummy and kissed her cheek.

"Why did you want to make love when you knew you weren't feeling well?" Mulder asked somewhat confused.

"Mulder, I-I don't know. I thought I'd be better by the time you got here,"

"And when you weren't, why did you pursue this. We can wait if we have to," he answered.

"I know, but I didn't want to. Mulder it's been a while, and I started to feel...feel like it was all going back to the way it used to be, no sex life," she confessed.

"Well, we've had plenty of opportunities, you've stayed with me every weekend, but you've never hinted what you wanted." he expressed.

"I am sorry, I was...scared," she answered, unsure of what he'd think.

"I was scared too, but it takes two you know." Mulder smiled.

"I know! I just needed some time I guess. That time caught up and now it's today, and I wanted you. Mulder I miss that night, both nights. Where we'd make love and sleep all cuddled and warm, I want that, and I know that now," she explained. Mulder took the cold compress off of her head and kissed her forehead. He turned his cheek to rest on the cold spot, to make it have normal warmth again. She loved his affection and tenderness with her. That made her feel somewhat better and it made her feel safe and loved.

She still felt warm but not nearly as clammy. He held her face in his hands and brushed her cheeks with his thumbs.

"I miss that too, it's so cold without you, I love you Scully," he mentioned and leaned down to her lips. He gave themselves a minute to gather air and then he pressed his lips into hers. The kiss was soft and sweet, then grew passionate on his part. She couldn't keep up with him, so lost in her own passion and the sensations of his breathtaking kisses. He pulled away without saying anything, and got up to turn off the lights.

"Let's just take a little nap," he suggested. He took off his shoes and pulled back the cool covers. She shifted under them and he climbed in beside her. He wrapped his huge strong arms around her and held her. Just held her, that's all she really needed.

"Close your eyes Scully, sleep, get some rest," he finished. Her eyes fluttered for a moment, and she swore she felt something tighten in her stomach, but then she closed her eyes completely. He kissed her neck softly and shifted closer to her, trying to give and receive body heat.

Scully's Apartment
Georgetown, Washington D.C.

Mulder awoke with the sound of Scully throwing up in the bathroom. He was becoming worried. What's wrong with her? I haven't ever seen her sick! Mulder thought to himself. She rinsed the trashcan out in the bathtub and then he heard the sink water running. The sound of her toothbrush grinding over her white teeth. Then spitting and rinsing. Ooo, these sounds are so lovely, he thought sarcastically. But hey, it's only human, it's not that bad, everyone goes through it, right? He decided to get up and check on her. He peeked in the door and saw he sitting on the toilet lid, her hands on her forehead, the other clenching her stomach. Scully's silky red hair fell over her face, he couldn't see her expression, although he could tell what it would be by her situation.

"You okay?" he asked and then she sprang forward grabbing the bucket in front of her once more. Mulder felt repulsed but he knew she couldn't help it, so he walked in and held her hair back for her. When she thought she was completely finished, she laid the bucket in the tub once more and got up to rinse her mouth and brush. Meanwhile, Mulder made himself useful and washed out the bucket, trying desperately not to look at it. How in the world can anyone be a doctor? Mulder thought, this is so horrible! He glanced back at Scully, who was holding a damp washcloth to her head, sighing that her stomach was no at some ease and had to be completely empty. "Are you okay now?" he asked, trying to not take his comment sarcastically, he didn't mean it that way.

"I think so," she answered slowly and quietly. He moved closer to her and hugged her, stroking her back gently, she wrapped her arms around his neck for a moment.

"I am sure, food is the last thing on your mind, but it's dinner time. So I am going to get something, is that okay?" he muttered, pulling out of the hug.

"That's fine, I think I will come into the family room with you, I need to get out of that damn bed!" she tried to smile, but it wasn't happening.

"Are you sure, won't the smell of the food make your stomach turn again?"

"No I'll be okay," she reassured him, and left the bathroom. She walked to her dressers and decided to change out of the lingerie, it was no longer needed nor comfortable. Mulder followed her and picked up the phone in her room. His eyes were glued to her as he was on the phone.

"Leo's pizza, can I help you?" the cook asked. Mulder stalled for a minute as he noticed Scully unlatching and lowering her bra. His eyes detected those swollen pink nipples.

"Uh, yeah, yeah, I'd like a large pepperoni pizza, with green peppers and onions," he answered. "I no wait, no peppers and onions, just the pepperoni's sorry," Mulder stuttered and tried to correct his mistakes. See where his mind was! He kept watching her, who was now lowering her panties, her index fingers pushing on each side, sliding down her hips, falling off her smooth sexy legs.

"That'll be twelve twenty-five sir, delivery?" the cook asked again?

"Um, huh? I am sorry, what did you asked?" Mulder jolted from his daydreaming.

"Is that for delivery sir?"


"Phone number?"

"364-845-7701," Mulder recited. He glared back at Scully again, who was now slipping other panties back up, her bra was already fastened. They were plain, not lacy or fancy, not that Mulder really minded either! She slipped on a big old comfortable looking t-shirt, which came down to her knees. Then she grabbed the bottoms of her silk pajamas and slipped them up, hiding her 'sexy' legs from Mulder's eyes.

"213 Georgetown, apartment 34?" the man asked.


"We'll be there in about fifteen minutes," they finished and hung up. Mulder hung up to and wondered how his focus point had left the room without him even noticing, maybe he was too deep in thought? Mulder wondered out into the family room, and saw Scully spawned out on the couch. As he got closer he noticed her eyes were shut, was she sleeping? he thought. He walked around the edge and pulled the blanket down over her, covering her up to her chin. Then he bent down and kissed her cheek softly, trying not to wake her.

"I love you," he whispered in her ear and then he moved away. He made his way into the kitchen and got himself a soda and plopped down on the nice comfy chair next to the couch. He grabbed her television flipper and turned the volume to 'mute', he didn't want Scully to stir, she needed her rest. He flipped through all the channels thinking there's never anything on anymore. He settled for a program where models showed off the lingerie, humm deep down maybe he had wanted that love making too, he thought as the girls in skimpy clothing walked the cat-walk. They were turning him on, and it wasn't right! He quickly flipped the channel once more, and he viewed the discovery channel for the moment. He kept flipping until he came to the sci-fi channel, ooooo a ghost movie, Mulder thought. He settled in and watched it, waiting for his pizza to come.

Once it finally came, Mulder devoured the whole entire thing himself. He was glad that Scully wasn't awake, for her to see him being a pig! He ate and drank soda, and found himself traveling to the bathroom often, too much coke, he thought! He settle back down to finish the movie. Once it was over, he decided it was time to go to bed, but he doubted Scully would sleep through the night too. He time clock was probably off now, and she'd be waking up at about three in the morning ready to go. He decided to leave that scenario up to her, and he flipped off the tv. He went into her bedroom and pulled back the covers better, they were cool and smooth. Then he made his way back to the family room, to a still sleeping Scully. He uncovered her and retched one hand under her knees, the other around her back. She stirred somewhat, enough to put her arms around his neck. Never once did she open her eyes. He carried her into the bedroom and gently laid her in her bed. He smoothed her fallen hair away from her face once again and then covered her up. He went around to the other side of the bed, and kicked off his shoes. He then tore off his tie, and collared shirt, then striping his slacks. Mulder then crawled into bed, next to Scully's warm body. He inched his hand to touch her, laying one arm over her waist, clenching her other side of her hip. He could feel the soft skin of her belly. He used his other hand to pull up the covers, a draft of air came his way when he did. He smelled Scully, her warm scent under that perfume he loved. He suddenly, drifted off to sleep from his deep thought, which became dreams.

Chapter 2- Playing hooky can't last forever

Scully's Apartment

Georgetown, Washington D.C.

6:36 am

Mulder opened his eyes to the bright sun glare coming from Scully's window. God I don't want to get up today, I want to stay right here in her arms, he thought. She was breathing heavily in her sleep and her arms were thrown across his bare chest. Her head rested just below his, and he began to play with her hair as he lay in thought. He glanced over at the clock and then back at Scully's face. She's so perfect, so innocent, and perpetually beautiful every waking and sleeping hour, as much as I hate to say it, even when she's throwing up! he thought. He stoked her cheek lightly to try and wake her gently. Her head stirred on his chest and her fingernails lightly glazed across his nipples. She lifted her head to look at him.

"How long have you been awake?" she asked and nestled her body closer to him, pushing on his inner thigh with her leg.

"Not long, I was just watching you sleep," he confessed giving her a kiss in her forehead. "Your not hot anymore, that's good, and you slept through the night. How are you feeling?" Mulder asked concerned.

"I am feeling much much better." She smiled and pressed her head back on his chest.

"Good, I need you," he answered and turned to face her, more efficiently for kissing. "We have to go to work," he gasped at the awful thought of getting out of bed.

"Yes, work, did Skinner give you a new case?" Scully queried.

"Well he tried to, but I refused,"

"Why'd you do that? You refused an X-File!?" Scully said astonished.

"I wanted to get home! You wanted me to meet you here to make love remember, I wanted out of there! Anything to get rid of him fast!" Mulder laughed.

"What did he say?"

"He was surprised, but I told him I have plenty of stuff to do until you got better," Mulder answered.

"Guess what! I'm better, now what are you going to do?? Huh?" she laughed and sat up, pushing a pillow behind her back.

"Well, when you get your butt out of bed, we'll go there and ask for a case!" he exclaimed.

"Fine then, get up Mulder," she ordered as she threw the covers back and sprang up. "Whoa," she said holding one hand on her tummy and the other on her forehead to steady herself.

"What, what's wrong?" Mulder expressed his concern.

"I think I just got up too fast, that's all," she answered. She walked off to the bathroom and then turned before she closed the door.

"Mulder, I just had a thought,"

"What is it Scully?" She walked back out the bathroom door and met him.

"How much time do we have?" Scully asked, too lazy to look at the clock.

"About two hours," he answered.

"Then why the hell are we up so early?" he exclaimed.

"I don't know, but I certainly can't fall back to sleep now," Mulder explained.

"Well then, what are we going to do?"

"How about we..." Mulder started as they each grinned at each other and he put his arms around her waist. He bent close to her, their lips barely separated already.

"Make love," she whispered and finished his sentence. He pushed his lips into hers, roughly at first, wanting he so badly. Then he slacked off to tender kisses, sucking her pink lips, tasting her 'not-so-bad' morning breath. He had determined she'd just brushed her teeth a lot last night after throwing up. Well, get that out of your mind, he

thought. She kissed back, trying to follow his pace.

He griped her hips tightly and pushed her back near the bed. Their breathing became heavy, by now they were pressing their faces and lips together, hard but comfortably. Mulder pushed her small body down onto the bed and began kissing down her neck.

"Are you sure you're up to this?" Mulder said his word muffled by the kissing.

"Um hum," she murmured and held his head to her neck. His hands were suddenly everywhere, up her shirt, was the one that surprised her the most. He slid it up over her head and her arms flew above her head quickly when she realized what he wanted to do. He started kissing his way back down her neck, finding the path of her cleavage. Mulder stuck his tongue and licked the light pink area around her nipple. With a few swipes, her nipple became stiff and ready for suckling. He sensed this and drew her erect nipple into his mouth, and let it sit on his tongue for a moment. He massaged the other with his index and thumb until it peaked also. She gasped at a flutter in her tummy when he began suckling. She melted in his mouth, he could taste her salty skin, her body aching for his touch, in many other places. Still sucking, he ran his other hand down her tummy, very slowly. Lightly across her belly button, back and forth, back and forth, touching her gently, making it so light it tickled. He continued, when he figured out it was driving her crazy, she loved it. He kept licking, down this time to her belly button and lapped at it, using both of his hands to pull down her shorts and panties.

(In Scully's head;)Oh my God, this is too good to be true! This is driving me crazy, he knows every place, how does he know that only after two times? I can already feel that climax, when it hits, I know it's going to hit hard. Look what he does to me, I get so weak, I lose control, I can't even think for God's sake so why am I trying?

(In Mulder's head;) God, she's so sexy, and I love her. This feels so right, I love indulging myself in sex and with Scully it's more. I love her with all my heart and she is so beautiful. Never has playing hooky been so fun!

Scully retched her hands to hold Mulder's back. She could feel his strong muscles moving underneath her hands, working hard to make her drift off into ecstasy. He threw her clothes to the edge of the bed and then gripping his hands on her lower back and scooting her over on the bed. He crawled onto her but not putting any of his weight on her. She looked up in his eyes, sortof letting him know that she knew what was going to happen. She put her hands on his hard hip bones and started to slide those boxers down. The waist band got to mid-thigh and his erection came shooting up. Scully moved her hands around to the back of him and worked off the boxers, smoothing her hands over his bottom.

(In Mulder's head;) I don't ever recall her touching me there! Ooo, I like it a lot. But I will like it more when I cum, cause this is getting painful.

(In Scully's head;) He is so hard, how does he manage that? How did that ever fit in me before? Oh I remember now, the soreness for the next three days. But it felt so good, and I'll get used to it, right?

She darted forward to suck on him. Not wasting anytime (since they didn't have much of it), she stroked him hard and sucked him to his edge. She stopped just before she knew he'd come, she wanted it in her! He realized this torture when she stopped. He pressed back down against her and put one hand between her legs. He began kissing her, tenderly and slowly, trying to tease her. He entered his tongue in her moist mouth and ran it along the roof of her mouth. It tickled her and she wiggled like a baby. He moved his hand completely to her hot spot, which was totally ready for him. He slowly massaged her slick wet folds and then entered his two fingers into her. He bucked up to his fingers then gasped at the sudden rush of dizziness that accompanied the sensation. He felt her walls open around his fingers, she was definitely ready for something bigger then two fingers, so he leaned away from her chest. Sitting up, he ran his damp hand across her cheek and brushed back her hair. He leaned in one last time for a kiss.

"I love you," he breathed heavily.

"I love you too Mulder...ahh," she said and then sent a piercing scream through the room. Mulder entered himself, pushing surprisingly hard and fast. He moved faster, not giving her time to accommodate him, he was already about to cum. She didn't mind at all, his forcefulness felt rather good, it made her feel wild and young, a feeling she could only get from sex, and could only show to Mulder. He pushed into her as hard as he could until she winced in pain.

"Mulder...please...easier," she asked the best she could, so out of breath already. Mulder suddenly stopped thrusting and held her hips.

"Did I hurt you Scully?" he asked extremely concerned.

"No, It just feels kind of funny in there, I've never felt this," she breathed heavily holding his hips. He put his sweaty hands on her cheeks and rubbed them for a second. Then he placed them back on her hips and began thrusting again, trying to be gentle if that was possible. She finally felt him explode into her, he was so hot, it felt like it was boiling in there. She laid her head back onto the cool pillows, rubbing her sticky, burning face into them. She was unable to hold her head up anymore, unable to watch, she was growing weaker and 'clouds' of consciousness faded her mind, her eyes closed in complete autopilot mode. She has lost to her mind temporarily, everything was gone except the physical sensations and the emotions of making love to Mulder, her lover, her friend, her partner, her life, her everything. He was everything to her, she could never live without him.

He groaned and grunted, stabbing into her fast and hard until his strength was gone. He gently fell on top of her body, out of breath. He was sweaty and sticky, laying on her, breathing and stroking her arms and sides. She ran her fingers through his damp hair and kissed his forehead. They gave themselves a few minutes to catch their breath and their minds, before either spoke.

"We should...get ready for work Mulder," she still breathed.

"Yeah, unfortunately," he groaned and lifted himself off of her. She winced as he left her and rolled to his back next to her. "Remind me to never do this again before work," Mulder gasped.

"Why?" Scully questioned raising an eyebrow. He turned to his side to face her, on arm propping up his head, the other trailing to hold her hip.

"Because, many reasons, the most important, I don't get to cuddle with you," he answered sincerely.

"Aww, Mulder, it's not all that big of a deal, there are other times we can do that," she told him.

"It is a big deal, I love holding you, and listening to your heartbeat, and feeling your chest rise and fall with your breaths, I love watching the aftermath of heat fade from your beautiful face," he confessed.

(In Scully's head;) He is such a sweet heart, I swear he could be a poet! He shouldn't be telling me these things right now, I am going to get teary eyed if he keeps going, and I know we'll end up doing it again!

"I love to touch you, and tell you I love you," Mulder continued.

"I love you and I love everything that you do to me," Scully started. She reached over to stroke his muscular arms that were holding her. "I promise we'll finish this later, but we really have to go," she continued. Cursing herself for ruining that precious moment, but she didn't want her ass chewed out today, nor any day. Mulder just smiled, thinking, Scully, you are so full of it, you ruin the moment everytime your damn conscience and rational thinking come in. But I love you for it.

"I guess you're right," he sat up on the bed, as she rolled off the other side and headed to the bathroom. She started the shower water and looked at her face in the mirror. It was all red and very tiny sweat beads were still visible. She'd never looked at herself like that after sex, and it was rather interesting. Now she understood first hand what "afterglow" meant!

"Hey, what are you waiting for, I want a shower too," Mulder mentioned.

"Sorry, I was just daydreaming," she confessed.

"About what?" Mulder asked curiously.

"Sex," she confessed even more.

"Oh really? My specialty! So what's going on in that brain of yours?" Mulder questioned smiling and wrapping his arms around her bare waist.

"I was just looking at myself, and noticing what you do to me, especially when we make love," she answered.

"You're beautiful," he whispered.

"I've never noticed this," she continued.

"You're sexy," he mumbled as he kissed her neck and rocked back and forth as if they were dancing or swaying.

"Look at my eyes Mulder," she said starring in the mirror at her eyes.

"They're sparkling," he mumbled again, still kissing, not looking up to notice, but he new they were. She starred a few more seconds, breathing it all in. Then she decided it was really getting late.

"Mulder, stop now, I have to get a shower," she said trying to push his arms away from her waist.

"So do I," he expressed.

"Oh no, no, we're not taking a shower together," she snapped.

"Why not?" Mulder asked with a quirky grin.

"Because we'll never get out!" she exclaimed.

"Now how do you know that?" Mulder smiled.

"I have conducted a Series of experiments, and I have concluded through inductive reasoning, that if two humans, such as you and I, who are in love with each other, enter shower, purely to clean up...it never works Mulder, we'll be in there all day or we'll get out and end up on that bed over there," she vocalized her point, smiling at the end. Mulder was laughing because she was using her scientific or 'big words'.

"As have I conducted similar experiments with you, in which we were able to accomplish the goal of cleaning up," Mulder came back at her.

"Yes, but you have not specified and time frame, that's my point," she continued.

"Well, I say we get a new set of data, what do you think?" Mulder challenged.

"All Right fine, we've got approximately fifteen minutes to shower, dress and leave. I guarantee that if we get in that shower, you won't be able to keep your hands off me," she pressed.

"Hey, I'm up for that, I can keep my hands off of you. No problem," Mulder tried to seem all cool about it.

(In Mulder's head;) What the hell have I just done? That didn't go like I wanted nor expected it to. Now what the hell is the point of getting in there with her, dammit, this meant no fooling around, correct? This is going to test me, I can already tell. Mulder, just keep telling yourself you're not horny, you're not going to touch her, pretend she isn't even there. Dammit that won't work either, because even if she wasn't there, I'd normally jerk off, now I can't do either to get my ya-yas out!

Mulder opened the edge of the shower curtain and stepped inside. Then he continued holding the curtain for her. A second or two later, Scully bent to squeeze by and step into the shower.

Chapter 3- Rest and Recovery is all we need

Mulder was already wet from being the first in the shower. As Scully stepped in, he moved so she could get under the water.

(In Mulder's Head;) Oh my God, I am not going to be able to do this. Why did I agree to this? I want to touch her so bad. Look at the water drip over her nipples, her soft eyelids closed, reaching up into the air to let the water pour over her. Is she doing this on purpose? It's torture, she is torturing me, I know it.

Mulder watched her as she grabbed the bottle of shampoo and she squeeze some onto her palms. She backed up some so that her head was not in the water, she brought her hands up to massage the soap in her hair, her eyes still closed. No words spoken, no looks being exchanged. Mulder grabbed the washcloth and some soap, he lathered it up and then put the soap back on the shelf.

(In Scully's Head;) I wonder what he's thinking, is he going as crazy as I am? Okay Dana, just keep washing yourself and then just get out of here, you can handle this right? Afterall, I do not want to lose this little 'bet'! God I hope he falls for this, I want him to touch me. Wait! No I don't, we can't be late! There are special times for this, not now Scully!

(In Mulder's Head;) I can't do this, oh God please help me. This is getting really unbearable, the blood is rushing south!

Mulder smoothed the soapy cloth over his muscular chest, around his neck and under his arms, trying to avoid the arising pain in his groin. He moved down to his stomach and brushed lightly over himself. That did it, he couldn't hold back anymore. He let the washcloth drop to the floor, and he grabbed himself by his base and started to move his hands up and down.

"Mulder!" Scully opened her eyes, shocked at the sight of Mulder 'jerking off'. "Don't do that!" He stopped dead in his tracks.

"I am sorry, I can't handle it anymore, it hurts for God's sake," he cried.

"Stop Mulder, it's too damn tempting." She smiled raising her voice.

"Well if I don't, I'm gonna have serious problems at work," he explained. Mulder kept moving his hands up and down himself, faster and faster. She watched him for a few moments, when suddenly he exploded, his cum ran out and down the drain with the water. He was moaning and bracing himself with one hand on the wall. Once it was all out, he washed himself in the area once more. By then Scully was done watching and had cleaned herself. She flipped off the water and Mulder got out first, wrapping a towel around himself. When she didn't come out right away, he started to worry about Scully.

"Scully, are you coming out?" Mulder asked concerned.

"Uh," she made a little noise. Then he heard her, she was throwing up again. He pulled back the curtain and turned on the water to rise her fluids down the drain. When she was finished, her wrapped a towel around her back and tried to make her warmer.

"Scully, I think you should stay home again," Mulder suggested.

"No, no I can't. We need to work. Skinner will suspect something," Scully protested.

"Scully, there's nothing for him to suspect. Your health is most important, now come in here and lay down," he motioned for her to come to the bedroom. She laid down on the bed and covered herself with the towel. Mulder pulled up the twisted covers at the bottom, so that they covered her. He sat next to her and held her hand.

"I think you should go to the doctor Scully," he commented.

"Oh Mulder, I am going to be fine, it's just a little bug," she reassured him.

"I don't think so Scully, your symptoms are so weird. One minute you're fine and the next minute your throwing up. One minute you're eating like a pig and the next minute your throwing up! Don't you get it, something's wrong!" he explained.

"Mulder, sometimes illnesses are like that, I'll be fine, just let me get dressed so we can go. We have six minutes," Scully muttered.

"Scully please, stop being so stubborn. You don't have to act like a rock when you're around me. You used to always do that, but you don't have to put on a good face. Just for once in your life, listen to me," Mulder whispered. Scully threw back the covers and stood up, then walked to her dresser to get some clothes. "Scully," he murmured.

"I've never listened to you before, why should I start now?" she stated.

"Because Scully...(pause)...God dammit, I am worried about you and I don't want to lose you, please," Mulder pleaded.

"You're not going to lose me. If it will make you feel better, I'll go to a doctor, later," she continued.

"Fine, I can't get through that hard head of yours I might as well compromise," he mumbled and his words tapered off under his breath.

"What?" she asked, not hearing what he said.

"Oh nothing, just get dressed," he ordered.

They continued getting clothed in silence. They walked out to the parking lot in silence, the drove to the office in silence.

FBI Field Office

Washington D.C.


"Ahh Agents, nice to see you, hope you're feeling better Agent Scully, sit down," Skinner suggested. "So, are you ready for a new case?"

"Actually Sir, I wanted to discuss something with you," Mulder stated. Scully looked over at him with a wild grin.

(In Scully's Head;) What the hell is he talking about? I hope he doesn't do anything stupid, but knowing Mulder there about a sixty percent chance he will. Please Mulder, don't screw this up!

"Yes Agent Mulder, what is it?" Skinner prompted.

"I have found a case, of my own, and I'd like...we'd like to presue it. It's in a town called Bristol, Tennessee. It involves...um a murder of two children," Mulder explained.

(In Scully's Head;) What is the hell? What is he doing, what is he talking about. He never mentioned a case to me!

"An X-File I presume?" Skinner questioned.

"Yes Sir. Agent Scully and I would like to go there for about a week to investigate. Just to let you know where we are, of course," Mulder informed Skinner.

"Aright Agent Mulder. I am having a busy day, so I am going to trust you're judgement. You may leave right away," Skinner finished.

"Thank you Sir." Mulder smiled. He got up and headed for the door. Scully sat there, completely puzzled.

"Agent Scully? Are you okay?" Skinner asked concerned that she was still there.

"Uh no, no, sorry. I was just thinking." She smiled and got up to leave. In the hallway;

"Mulder, what in the hell is going on?" she immediately interrogated.

"What do you mean?" Mulder asked, playing dumb.

"Do you really have a case?" Scully continued, as they walked out the back door. Mulder turned to her.

"Of course not." He smiled and opened the car door for her.

"Then what are you up to?" she questioned, not getting in the car, not letting up on the fight.

"It's the only way I could get you to stay put, rest some. We'll go to Tennessee and just get some R&R, and..." he smiled at his brilliant thinking.

"And what?" she asked sarcastically.

"And it's free!" he laughed and nudged her to get in.

"Mulder! Have you lost your mind?"

"No actually, I think I finally found it," he joked.

"What are we going to do when Skinner wasn't a report?" Scully mentioned.

"Easy make up a fake one. Get in Scully, I want to get going," Mulder pressed. Scully got in and fastened her seat belt, slamming her door on purpose.

(In Mulder's Head;) I can pull this off, I can, right? Skinner is the easy part, now I've got to get her back on my good side!

Mulder got in and started the car, then pulled out and headed back to the airport.

"Mulder, are we really going to Tennessee?" she questioned, once she calmed down somewhat.

"Yes, I already got the tickets, I knew Skinner would approve, and even if her didn't, I was going to go anyway!" he exclaimed.

"We are leaving...now?"


"Mulder, I have to go home and pack,"

"No you don't. I thought of everything," he confessed.

"I can't believe we're doing this," she said her thoughts.

"Believe it, because we are. I think it's time for us to settle down, just rest for a while. I've been thinking, maybe that's why you're sick. Too much stress," Mulder explained. "Just relax Scully,"

She laid her head back on the head rest, but it wasn't comfortable, it never was. Mulder noticed how she kept squirming around in her seat.

"Why don't you lay your head on my lap Scully, it might be more comfortable," he offered.

"Mulder," she warned.

"Scully, I am not trying to be sexual, I am being serious," she nodded her head and pulled her seat belt, so it allowed her to move closer to him. He adjusted the steering wheel up more. Scully lowered her head cautiously, and gently pressed it over his thighs and groin area. Her hands drifted to his knee and the other on her hip. He was right, this is more comfortable, she thought. Scully feel into a peaceful sleep as Mulder drove to the closest airport, the Ronald Reagan National airport to be exact.

Chapter 4-Dodge the Bullet

Ronald Reagan National Airport

Washington D.C.


"Scully, we're there," he nudged his sleeping beauty.

"Hum?" she moaned sleepily. She sat up and saw that they were parked in the parking lot. Airplanes roared through the air at about one minute intervals. "Mulder, I am still confused, why they hell are we flying? I mean it's only about six hours away," Scully commented, still not thinking clearly.

"Scully, just be quiet, you're not thinking right! I don't feel like driving for six hours, number one, and number two, Skinner is paying for the damn tickets, who cares that we're flying!" Mulder laughed and put his arm around her shoulder.

"I guess you're right," Scully acknowledged.

"let's go, I want to get there and get a nice hotel suite, I want to relax with you," Mulder explained. He opened his door and got out, she did the same. He walked to the trunk and pulled out two suit cases then he strolled around to the side of the car to grabbed her hand. She didn't mind and grasped his firmly. Together, they continued walking, until they were in the airport and boarding the plane.

"Excuse me miss, could I get a bottle of wine?" Mulder tapped on a stewardess' sleeve.

"Yes sir, what would you like?" the nice lady offered.

"Scully?" Mulder turned to see what she wanted.

"It doesn't matter, you know what I like," she answered, settling into her window seat.

"Some red wine, doesn't matter which brand," he said. The lady nodded and left. Mulder and Scully belted their seat buckles and listened attentively to the hostess telling them that they were about to take off.

"So Mulder, what made you decide on a little tiny town like Bristol?" Scully questioned.

"Because it's different, it's quiet, it's slow placed. Have you ever been there?" he asked.

"Maybe been by it in my lifetime but never knew it,"

"It's really beautiful. Up in the mountains, the leaves are so pretty. The stars on a cool crisp night, ahh man, nothing like the city," Mulder explained.

"It sounds...really nice," she said sincerely. Just then the stewardess returned with two wine glasses and a bottle of wine. They both sat quietly, then they felt a small shudder as their plane took off into the air. Scully put her hand on her belly as the plane shuddered once more and then finally reached a level of stability. She sat back into the seat and closed her eyes, her hands still grasping her stomach.

"You okay Scully?" Mulder asked noticing her hold on her belly.

"Yeah, I think so,"

"Are you going to throw up?" he smiled and moved his hands to show her the way.

"No, I don't think so," she laughed quietly. "I just felt a little nausea that's all, but it looks as though it's getting better because now it's gone," Scully explained. Mulder nodded and reached over to grab her neck and turn her face to his.

"Good," Mulder said simply and puckered his lips for a soft kiss. They're lips intertwined for a moment and then without speaking they both agreed to stop. "Want some wine?" Mulder asked holding up a glass. He poured himself some and whipped out a bag of his sunflower seeds.

"I did, but suddenly, my stomach is telling me no." She smiled.

"Your stomach talks huh?" Mulder joked. "That's an X-File in itself. I can see my report now, Director Skinner, Agent Scully's stomach talks, I can't explain it," Mulder laughed joking more. Scully laughs too and tilts her head back onto the chair.

The rest of the evening was rather relaxing. They arrived at their destination right on time. It was a small airport just outside of the town. Mulder new there were nice hotels close by, because just inside the town of Bristol, was a major autoracing track, something he wasn't into but he had an uncle once who took him there. Mulder rented a car and they drove to the hotel of his choosing. It was now around three in the afternoon when Mulder arrived at the hotel. Scully once again had dozed off in the car, she'll be up all night tonight, Mulder thought.

"Scully," he patted her shoulder but she didn't respond. Mulder got out of the car and walked into the lobby. He got the key to the best suite in the house, he was determined to make her enjoy herself. He ran back outside and opened the trunk to get their bags out, then he carried them up to their room. Thank God it was only on the second floor. Then Mulder walked back outside to get Scully. He opened her door and scooped her up, one arm around her back, the other under her knees. Was it just him or was she getting heavier? he thought to himself. She stirred once he hit the stairs and demanded he put her down. They walked down the hallway holding hands, then Mulder stopped to open the door.

"Oh Mulder, wow, this place is really...really nice." She smiled as she entered the incredible room.

"I told you you'd love it,"

"Oh Mulder," Scully breathed, looking at the huge bed, with satin sheets, large windows with beautiful elegant looking drapes.

"I love it when you say that," Mulder snickered.

"Say what?" Scully whirled around. Obviously she didn't notice.

"Oh Mulder," he repeated. "Listen, why don't you go get a hot bath and I'll order us some room service, I am starving," Mulder suggested. Scully nodded, still astonished at the room and Mulder's taste in things. She slowly made her way to the gigantic bathroom and closed the door, leaving only a small crack. Mulder walked around the bed until he reached the phone. He searched in some drawers until he found the number and ordered some food. He ordered Scully a salad with her favorite dressing and then he settled on a club sandwich.

Scully entered the bathroom and marveled at the decorations, the sensual vibes it gave off, so cozy and romantic. She watched the floor length mirror as she pulled her shirt off above her head. She looked away towards the pictures of flowers on the walls. She pulled her slacks off of her bigger then normal hips. Then she looked back into the mirror and noticed something.

(In Scully's Head;) Am I gaining weight? Look at the tummy of mine! (she puts her hand on her swollen belly) I've gotta cut back on that junk Mulder keeps feeding me! Hum, how could I be gaining weight? I've been throwing up the last three days!

Scully reached her hands around her back and unlatched her bra, then let it fall to the floor.

(In Scully's Head;) Oh my God, did that just happen? I didn't notice that this morning in the shower. What the hell is going on with me, maybe I should go to a doctor! (Scully looks at her nipples, that have turned a darker shade of pink, more like a light brown) Oh my God, no, no this can't be!

Scully sits on the edge of the bathtub, looking at herself. A tear comes from her eye as she starts to think again.

(Back in Scully's Head;) It can't be possible. Have I been ruling out this possibility because I know it can't happen. It can't happen right? I am starting to confuse myself. Okay Dana, think. You've been throwing up, you've been eating a lot, you get nausea, things feel funny down there when making love, my weight, and now my nipples are getting darker. This can only be one thing, but how?

"Scully?" Mulder knocks on the bathroom door. She jumps from her deep thoughts were being interrupted. She grabbed a towel rather fast and draped it over herself.

"Yeah?" she answered.

"Are you going to take a bath?" Mulder asked, wondering why she isn't in there already. "There's a really cool jet blower, you know the bubbles that feel so good, try it," he persuaded.

"I will. Mulder I'd like to be alone, okay," Scully asked, scared at his reaction, but she needed some space, time to think about her sudden realization.

"Okay, if that's what you want. You know, I'd do anything to make you happy Scully." Mulder smiled. She smiled back as he left the room closing the door.

(In Scully's Head;) Oh My God, what am I going to do about this. Wait Dana, you don't even know if it's true, just go to the doctor and find out for sure. You don't want to get your hopes up. Oh what am I thinking, I have to be preg- pregnant, I said it, oh my this is scary. I am so scared, Mulder what are we going to do. Mulder. Mulder. What am I going to tell him and when?

Scully peeled off her panties and made her way to the huge bathtub. She turned on the water to a comfortable temperature and then added bubbles. She dipped her feet in and slowly lowered herself into the water.

She moaned for a moment, enjoying the relaxing feeling but then her mind returned to her problem at hand.

(In Scully's Head;) Okay, think. This baby, if it is going to happen, is Mulder's, right? Well it has to be, he's the only one I've been with for years.

She reached down and slid her wet hands across her tummy.

(In Scully's Head;) Mulder's baby, Mulder's child, our baby. This is really mind blowing. I better watch what I am doing, I don't want him to find out in the wrong way. I want to tell him, when the time is right. I want to go to the doctor first and be sure I am not dreaming this. Okay, put it out of your mind Dana, otherwise you'll be thinking about it so much, you'll blurt it out!

"Scully are you okay in there?" Mulder yelled from somewhere in the suite.

"Yes, I am fine," Scully shouted.

"When you're finished, the food is here, would you like me to wait for you?" Mulder yelled once again.

"No, you don't have to," she answered back. Mulder took off his shoes and jumped onto the heavenly bed. Ooooo, comfortable, he thought. He flipped on the big television and then grabbed his sub, and dug in.

Scully wrapped the towel tight around herself, to reveal no necessary skin to turn him on. Maybe I should do that, he might see my tummy, she thought quickly. She losened it some and scampered out into the room. She gazed at Mulder on the bed. His stockinged feet propped up on a pillow, watching tv and eating his sub. His jaw dropped when he saw he emerge from the bathroom. Oh yeah, nothing turns him on, she thought.

"Wow, you look..." Mulder hesitated. She flashed him her 'eyebrow' and warned him to just stay quiet, she was't in the mood. Damnit, why not, that's the point of getting her to get in the tub, Mulder thought. Scully slowly made her way to her suit case and heaved it onto the bed. She opened the latch, every once in a while glancing up at Mulder. She saw what he'd packed for her, it wasn't bad she thought. She grasped her pajamas and undergarments. Then Scully noticed and small note taped to the top of the inside pocket. She pulled it off and read it.

"Scully, I love you so much, I have a hard time breathing. You think I brought you here for another chance to make love, but you're wrong. I mean, that's a possibility, but I want you to have fun. I want to make you happy, I'd do anything for you Scully, I love you...Mulder" the note read. She felt a tear in her right eyes welling up in the corner. She glanced up at him, who was now starring at her intently.

"Mulder, that's so sweet," she said in a sweet voice, and a complete smile.

"I mean it Scully," he responded, crawling towards her. He leaned towards her face, hinting at a kiss. She closed her eyes and opened her mouth. Scully felt Mulder warm wet lips hit hers, with a soft suck. She became overwhelmed in the passion of the kiss and soon Mulder's hands were trying to slid down the lose towel. But Scully's death grip on them wasn't letting him get what he wanted.

"Scully?" Mulder uttered.

"I am sorry," she said pulling out of the kiss with a red hot face.

"What's wrong?" he looked concerned.

"I-I just can't do this," she whimpered and grab her clothes quickly. She hurried back into the bathroom before he could stop her, that was the point! Was that a mood swing? Oh no it's happening isn't it? she silently thought to herself.

"Scully, what's going on?" Mulder conveyed as he knocked on the bathroom door. She opened it a crack to see him.

"Look, I just don't want to have sex right now, okay," she lied and told him.

"All Right, that's fine, if that's what you want," he continued. He started walking away and she closed the door once more.

(In Mulder's Head;) She doesn't want to have sex right now? What does that mean. Well I know what it means but I don't understand why the sudden change of moods. Something's different about her. I hate that, just when I think I know her inside and out, she surprises me.

Scully came out of the bathroom once more, fully dressed, but still embarrassed. She silently walked to be suit case still on the bed and looked in the top pocket. It had her year planner, in which she hadn't seen in a while.

(In Scully's Head;) Monday October 21 was the last time I had my period. Okay, the next one should have come on November 17. Mulder and I first made love on October 27, I think. I hate math! Okay, think. Today's is November 18, it's late. That means if I did get pregnant the first time, then I am already three weeks along! They say it's the third week that things start happening.

"Scully, what are you doing?" Mulder asked curiously.

"Shh, hang on a minute I am trying to think," she snapped subconsciously, she was in deep thought.

(In Scully's Head;) How could that have happened? First I am told that I can never conceive a child, then I all of the sudden get pregnant the first time I have sex in years? Something isn't right. I need to go to the doctor.

Chapter 5-Guilty Conscience

"Scully what's going on?" Mulder asked impatiently.

"Um, um nothing. Nothing at all." She smiled and climbed on the bed.

"Are you sure?" Mulder asked once more.

"Well, yes," she hesitated. Mulder crawled towards her and wrapped his arm around her waist. She flinched slightly, afraid he would notice some things.

(In Mulder's Head;) Something's going on, and she's not telling me, why? Is that a little belly I feel, it wasn't there before. Ahh, maybe it's from her appetite lately?

She laid her head back onto his firm warm chest and sat contently, but still rather worried. Suddenly the feeling over came her, the nausea. Scully jumped up very quickly and ran for the bathroom. Mulder's eyes followed her every way. He heard the awful hacking noise then the water running.

"Scully, Scully that's it, we're going to the doctor, get dressed," Mulder ordered.

"Mulder, Mulder no, just wait until we get back home," Scully insisted.

"No Scully, something's wrong with you, I have my own ideas and I want them checked out asap," Mulder stated.

"Mulder, I know what's wrong with me, okay, I just have to wait until we go back home," Scully pressed.

"What? What's wrong with you? Enlighten me please!" Mulder exclaimed.

"It's not what you think it is, it's not something that a normal doctor can take care of, nor will it go away," Scully said dancing around in circles with her words.

"Scully, what the hell is going on here. If you know why won't you tell me? It's almost as if you don't..." Mulder stopped mid sentence.

"Don't what?" Scully prompted.

"As if you don't trust me," Mulder frowned turning away.

"I trust you Mulder, I do, you have to know that. But this is something, that needs to be taken care of, I need to do this myself first then I'll included you okay," Scully whispered, her voice lowered.

"It's your cancer isn't it?" Mulder assumed.

"Mulder, why do you always assume the worst huh?" Scully asked.

"Honestly, I have to, I have to prepare myself if anything bad happens to you. I can't lose you Scully. I am so in love with you that I don't know what I'd do if something happened," Mulder explained while embracing her in a hug.

"I promise, everything will be fine. No listen, we need to fix your big screw up with Skinner," Scully changed the subject.

"Big screw up, what are you talking about?" Mulder questioned with a grin.

"You honestly think, that you could get away with coming down here and not having a case!" Scully exclaimed.

"Scully, you have no idea. I can fool him, he's so blind. All we have to do is write reports together so that they jive and it'll all be good," Mulder concluded.

"Have you lost you mind?" Scully shouted.

"You've been asking me that a lot lately!" Mulder shouted back with a major smile.

"Mulder, what do think you are possibly going to say?" Scully protested.

"Well for starters..."

"Mulder, we have no evidence, no case file, no suspects, no victims, no dead bodies, no P.D. reports, we have nothing, how can you make up a report Mulder, you're not being realistic!" Scully pointed out.

"Would you let me get a word in Agent Scully?" Mulder said slyly with a smirk. She smiled and nodded. "What I plan on doing is this. For your information, I have a case file. See I was thinking," Mulder began. Scully looked at him with a wide grin in total amazement as he whipped out a file from his bag.

"It really truly is a case here, but it's an easy one. It's not an X-File, and we can tell Skinner that we thought it was until we did some investigating," Mulder continued.

"So, we go out and...?" Scully asked somewhat confused as to where to start.

"It's real easy, look, Jacob Walsh was a 17 yr. old race car driver, living here, racing in the Bristol Motorspeedway. In this police report, which I have by the way, they claim he was shot and killed right in his car after he won the race, the night of November 12," Mulder explained.

"So how do we turn this into an X-File?" Scully asked pondering Mulder's thoughts.

"That's just it, we tell Skinner it turns out not being one,"

"Yeah but what do we say to let him know we thought it was an X-File when we began?" Scully questioned.

"Well, we say that it seemed kind of contrived that Jacob Walsh had black worms in his body at the time of death,"

"Black worms Mulder, your imagination is running wild," Scully looked at him with shocked wide blue eyes.

"No listen, he'll buy it, we can say when we got here and you did the autopsy, that you found no trace of black worms, it was a plain and simple murder,"

"Mulder that makes no sense!"

"You're not following me on this, don't make it so hard Scully, just listen. Before we left, since I thought of everything, I had the Lone Gunman retype a authentic P.D. report, saying that there were black worms found and that was the cause of death,"

"So you're saying that this man hypothetically died before someone shot him, and I am supposed to come here and prove that wrong?" Scully asked.

"Yes, see now you got it." Mulder smiled at his brilliant plan.

"I can't believe you went though all this trouble to get us away from the office," Scully smiled and made her way to the bed to lay.

"Yes, I did, because I needed to be with you, I thought we needed time alone after everything that's happened between us," Mulder mentioned.

"Okay, one more thing," she said pausing as he sat in the bed next to her. "How am I going to make up a fake autopsy report?" Scully continued.

"You don't have too, I took care of it. Everything is done, all we have to do is enjoy ourselves," Mulder started.

"But then did the P.D. ever find this kid's killer?" Scully pressed.

"Yes, actually they did and Frohike altered the issued statement so our names were attached to the copy that the FBI receives, so that it looks as if we contributed," Mulder answered slyly.

"This makes me feel guilty, we didn't help this kid," Scully expressed.

"Don't let it bother you, you know deep down you wanted to be here, if you didn't you would have had a fit in Skinner's office when I mentioned to you about a fake case," Mulder sputtered.

"That's not the point," Scully said rolling to her side.

"Well, I am sorry if I upset you by doing this, but you have to understand where I am coming from. We made love and then acted like it never happened for two weeks. Then we did it again and I thought we needed time to either discuss or acknowledge our actions. It was easier to be alone when doing this, far away from anyone who could overhear and get us in trouble. All I tried to do was give you a good time, something you don't get often," Mulder explained. Mulder laid down beside her and wrapped his arms around her waist, again she flinched and pulled away some.

"I-I am sorry this is happening this way. Mulder, I was afraid to admit that we had done anything because we are partners. This could ruin everything," Scully warned.

"Yes, I know, but I wanted you to be aware of my feelings and how what we were doing was effecting you," Mulder mumbled.

"Don't worry I know how they effect me, in more ways then one," Scully whispered under her breath.

"What?" Mulder asked not catching it all.

"Nothing. Mulder I would just like to go to sleep. Is that okay, I mean it's already ten-thirty," Scully came up with an excuse to get out of their creeping closer-to-the-truth conversation. Mulder said nothing and rolled to flip off the tv, then turned out the lights and tried his best to pull down the covers while laying on them. Once both of them were situated, Mulder cuddled back up next to Scully. He started kissing her soft neck, his breath floating over her warm skin, making shivers go down her spine.

"You don't want to..." Mulder implied intercourse.

"I-I do but..." Scully stuttered.

"But what, what is it?" Mulder asked concerned.

"Mulder," she answered turning to face him. "When we make love tonight...God this is so stupid but...I don't want you to touch me, like you have been. And I want to stay under the covers, no peeking," Scully instructed.

"Why on earth would you want to do that?" Mulder asked confused.

"Mulder, I have been eating a lot lately and I don't look as 'sexy' as I used too, I just need some time to get back into my exercises and then we can go back to making love that way, okay?" Scully explained.

"That's what this is about, you're worried about what I will think of your body?" Mulder laughed softly, he didn't know Scully had this insecurity. Little did he know she had a right too!

(In Scully's Head;) I can't pull this off, he's going to notice, he's not stupid. He's not totally ignorant of pregnancy and it's signs, I am surprised he hasn't suggested it yet. What am I going to do? I guess I'll let him think I am worried?

"Somewhat, I am just not real comfortable with it right now. Mulder you don't mind do you? Besides it could be fun, it could drive you crazy to not be able to see, you know use your imagination," Scully suggested.

"Okay, I don't mind, I guess." He smiled. "I don't exactly know how I am going to do this, I mean, this is going to be really hard not to touch you, especially in those places," Mulder mentioned.

(In Scully's Head;) Yeah it'll be hard for me too! I have to do without those touches and then make sure I am on the ball when policing where exactly your hands are. That is going to be hard, keeping track of what you're doing, because God Mulder when you make love to me, I can't think! All Right Dana, just concentrate, but enjoy yourself.

Mulder started kissing her neck and unbuttoning her silk pajamas.

"Mulder," she warned.

"What? Your stomach may have gotten bigger but these haven't!" he exclaimed, wanting to touch his favorite part on Scully. The place he knew drove her crazy.

"Mulder, never mind, you're right this won't work. Ahh God, I feel sick," she pushed him off of her and quickly ran to the bathroom. She made fake sounding throw up noises.

(In Scully's Head;) I can't make love to him and not tell him, it wouldn't be fair. I feel so guilty keeping this from him and I guess somewhat lying to him. But I have a right to not tell him when I do not know completely for sure that I am pregnant, so...(Scully tried to rationalize) Scully left the bathroom and peered at Mulder who had turned on the light and was now packing a bag.

"Mulder I am so sorry, I can't believe that just came over me like that," Scully apologized.

"It's all right, I understand," Mulder reassured her.

"What are you doing?" Scully asked.

"I am packing, we're going home Scully. I just called for tickets. You're going to a damn doctor the minute we arrive in D.C.," Mulder told.

"Mulder, we've only been here one day. And...and I am fine, I can wait until later to go to the doctor," Scully reassured.

"No, no I am tried of this. I am tried of everytime we get close you get sick. It makes me wonder, but luckily I trust you. But Scully you are acting very weird and I want it all checked out, asap!"

"Mulder..." Scully started and then stopped, giving in to him.

"I mean this is really frustrating. I really wanted to take you in my arms and hold you and make love you all night, like once requested, but if you recall we never got to that. I want to go home and get you better," Mulder explained.

"Okay, I agree, you're right, we should go home," Scully whispered. She approached her suit case and pulled out more suitable clothing for traveling. She began changing right there infront of him. Then she realized the bathroom would be better. So as she unbuttoned her pajama top, she walked calmly to the bathroom. Once she finished dressing she returned to see Mulder, laying on the bed once again.

"Are you ready?" Mulder asked politely.

(In Scully's Head;) God, that little grin and how sweet he his makes me feel so guilty. Stop it Dana, you're not guilty you're just getting all of the facts first!

"Yes, I am." She smiled. He got up immediately and picked up both their bags. Scully switched off the light once more and closed the door behind them.

Chapter 6-Comfrimation and Courage

FBI Field Office

Washington D.C.


"Mulder, listen, you go and straighten things out with Skinner, I'll go to the doctor, okay," Scully suggested.

"No Scully, I want to come with you," Mulder voiced.

"Mulder, trust me, I need to go by myself, I promise I'll tell you everything when I get home, please," Scully reassured him. Mulder grabbed her waist roughly pulling her close. He pressed his longing lips to hers, lightly sucking for a moment then pulling away.

"Go..." he ordered. "I'll meet you back at your apartment," she nodded and grasped his car keys from his desk. She walked slowly and silently out of the door, closing it behind her, leaving Mulder in his office to ponder.

(In Mulder's Head;) I am starting to get scared when I am alone. I need her, I want her here. Her presence physically, emotionally, intellectually, makes me live, it makes me strive and continue on. What am I going to do, if she tells me something is really wrong with her? What am I going to do without her? God Scully, if only you knew how much I am in love with you. I wish you could be honest with me. I am sure you know yourself what's wrong but I am also sure you have your reasons for not telling me. Scully, I have an idea, an idea of why you're sick. I think that I figured this out before you did. But I didn't want to tell you and I didn't want to be wrong either. Scully...(Mulder's thoughts were interrupted by a knocking on the door)

"Agent Mulder, back so soon?" Skinner hissed.

"Yes, what are you doing down here Sir?" Mulder questioned.

"I was just checking in on you, I ran into Agent Scully in the hallway, she said you both came back so she could go to the doctor. She's still sick?" Skinner asked concerned.

"Yes, she's had some weird symptoms, I made her come home," Mulder answered.

"And the case?" Skinner interrogated.

"The case went no where, it's not an X-File," Mulder replied sitting down in his chair and rummaging through some files.

"Did you find the killer?" Skinner continued.

"The local P.D. did, we were no longer needed, once we cleared up that there was no X-File, after Scully did the autopsy," Mulder explained.

"Do you have the paper work and reports?" Skinner asked. Mulder nodded and handed them to Skinner. Skinner glanced over them quickly and pulled off the carbon copy that was his to keep. Then he threw all Mulder's hard work back on his desk, leaving with just the expense bill copy. Mulder gazed up with an extreme puzzled look.

"Sir," he called to Skinner who was just about to shut the door.

"Yes, Agent?" Skinner whirled around to face Mulder.

"Don't you want the report?" Mulder asked confused.

"No, it's not an X-File. I don't need to submit it to OPR. Agent Mulder? Did that slip your mind or something?" Skinner questioned starring at Mulder's eyes. He seemed in a daze like his mind was somewhere else, and it was.

Dr. Rebecca Trite's Office

12:02 pm

Scully sat nervously in the waiting room of her gynecologist's office.

(In Scully's Head;) Oh my God, I've never been so nervous in my life. Well yes I have, I think it was the moments right before Mulder and I first made love, but then that's what got me here right? Calm down Dana, you don't want your blood pressure high!

"Dana, your about six months early for your next check up, is something wrong?" Dr. Rebecca emerged from the examination room. Scully stood quickly.

"Yes, I have some questions I need answering," Scully gasped, letting out the trapped air in her tense lungs.

"Yes, you're lucky I had a cancellation, why don't you come on in," she welcomed. Scully stood up and walked through the door, as Rebecca received Scully's chart from the secretary. "Have a seat," she continued.

"Thank you," Scully said while sitting in a chair.

"What questions do you have? What's wrong Dana?" Rebecca encouraged.

"Um...ah," Scully breathed fidgeting with her coat buttons. "You remember three years ago, when I brought you the chart from the hospital saying that I was barren,"

"Yes I remember," Rebecca smiled to try and ease Scully's nervousness.

"Was it in any way at all possible that I could become pregnant?" Scully asked, her words tapering off at the end.

"If you recall, I mentioned after the examination that I concluded that there was a 96.3% chance that you could not conceive a child. Now that leaves a 4.7% chance that you could. We're you looking to an alternative for conceiving, Dana?" Rebecca asked, clearly going in the wrong path.

"No, um I am sorry, I am not being very clear. I have had symptoms of pregnancy for about a week and a half," Scully began explaining.

"Describe for me what's been happening," Rebecca prompted.

"Um, about a week ago, I began experiencing sickness, light nausea that made me vomit, yet after it went away and I was completely fine," Scully began. "I started to notice a different feeling when I had sex with my partner, it felt tight not only in my vagina but in my abdomen. I had mild dizziness and the vomiting persisted. Yet, when I wasn't throwing up, I was eating like crazy. Not wanting specific foods like cravings, more like just eating because I was really hungry," Scully explained.

"I see, any other signs?" Rebecca asked, now starting to write on Scully's chart.

"Yes, my weight has not fluctuated, but I noticed my belly poking out more then usual. Just last night I realized that my nipples were getting darker in color. I have also noticed that certain areas like that have become more sensitive," Scully finished.

"Hum, I would like to do an examination, as I thought you would want one done too," Rebecca mentioned. Scully nodded and sortof knew the routine. "Any medication changes or anything since we last met?"

"No," Scully answered plainly.

"All right, I'll be back in a few minutes, meanwhile, well you know what to do," Rebecca commented.

Scully tugged at her coat and laid it on the back of the chair she was sitting in. She went behind the curtain and began to strip, once again becoming nervous. She tried to ignore the fact that there could be a baby in her tummy. She continued taking off her clothes and then put on the itchy paper gown that tied in the back. Scully heard the door open as she stepped out from behind the curtain.

"Hi," Rebecca smiled as Scully stepped up and sat in the chair.

"I was so nervous earlier, I failed to mention an important fact," Scully confessed.

"What is that Dana?" Rebecca questioned.

"I am fairly certain I've missed my period. I did the math the other day and I came up with that I was three weeks along, if indeed I am pregnant," Scully continued.

"Okay, well if you are wondering what I am thinking, I must say this is a miracle, but I am sure you and I both want to know for sure," Rebecca smiled. Scully laid her head back in the chair, as Rebecca made her way to Scully's stomach. Her latex glove slid across Scully's tummy, lubricating it with some kind of jelly. She pushed her fingers around above her belly button, the moved downward. She pressed a little lighter on Scully's abdomen, feeling for a tiny pea sized knot. Sure enough, it was there, just above her brassy curls. Rebecca slid her hands back up and pulled open Scully's gown to view her breasts. Sure enough, her nipples were darker. Rebecca continued the examination until there was nothing left to do.

"Okay, you may get dressed in the bathroom and you know what to do with this too," Rebecca mentioned, handing Scully a clear cup. Scully smiled in acknowledgement. Scully went through a small door and began to dress. She sat on the toilet and did her thing in the cup, then returned to the examination room.

"Thank you," Scully said handing her the now closed cup of waste fluid.

"Okay, it'll only take a second or two," Rebecca said walking to a small lab table and inserting a clothed stick looking thing into the urine sample. She stood watching the clothes stick turn a light pink. Scully sat impatiently waiting, it was becoming the scariest moment of her life. Rebecca kept watching the stick as it got brighter and brighter pink.

"Dana, congratulations, you are indeed pregnant," Rebecca said and smiled. Scully's jaw dropped and tears welled up in her eyes, to actually have it confirmed was by far mind blowing. Scully tilted her head into her hands, and started crying quietly. Rebecca came over and wrapped her arms around Scully. "Dana, I am happy for you. I know you've wanted this for a long time, and for this to happen naturally is truly a miracle. Treasure it always," Rebecca explained.

"I...can't believe...this is happening. Oh my God, a baby...my baby," she cried and sniffled some more. A moment later she tried to pull herself together. "Where do we go from here. I mean I sortof know, but this is not my area of expertise," Scully breathed.

"Well, I'd like to do an ultrasound in about two weeks, let's make an appointment for then. Now I want you to understand, you are not by far out of the danger of miscarrying. I want you to take it easy, you can still work but be conscience of what you're doing. Get some prenatal vitamins and begin drinking more orange juice, although I know you do already! I am going do some paper work and we'll figure out your due date the next time you come in, okay," Rebecca finished.

"Yes, thank you very much, I just need a minute," Scully confessed and Rebecca left the room. Scully walked over to a full length mirror on the wall and looked at herself. She turned to the side and ran her hand down to smooth her shirt over her tummy.

"We're going to have a baby," Scully said in disbelief. She starred at the pregnancy charts around the room, skimming the explanations under the pictures. When she's had enough, she decides to leave.

When Scully reached her car, she sat for a moment still thinking.

(In Scully's Head;) How am I going to tell Mulder? Will he be happy? How is Skinner going to take this? I need some answers, but I guess I should go home. I can't keep the truth to myself any longer, he was a right to know, and I want him, I need him to be included, I need him.

Scully started the car and drove to her apartment. She walked up the stairs, trying to find her courage, she was scared and she didn't know why. She put her key up to the keyhole, when suddenly the door was opened by Mulder. She startled and jumped back some. She was face to face with the man she loved. Every emotion she had ever felt for him rushed before her, flushing her soft cheeks to a rosy pink shade. She was frightened, and embarrassed, determined and happy, completely wrapped up in herself at this point. The fact that her and Mulder had made love and made a baby, out of those emotions and feelings for each other, came a creation; a pure creation of love.

Chapter 7- This is where it all began

Scully's Apartment

Georgetown, Washington D.C.


Scully slowly leaned in and wrapped her arms around Mulder's neck. His hands seem to float right around her body and held her back, like they've done it a thousand times before. Scully closed her eyes as she laid her head against his chest. She felt hot burning tears strolled from her eyes down her cheeks.

(In Mulder's Head;) Oh my God, this is something bad. I am so scared that what she's going to tell me might mean that she won't be with me much longer. God, no, please, I need her. I can't help but think this could be the last time I ever hold her, no, no!

"Scully, don't do this to me, I need to know," Mulder whispered into her ear. She gripped him tighter as he started moving backwards into the apartment. She held onto him tightly, she couldn't hold herself up. Scully collapsed in Mulder's arms and he tried to hold her up, but he couldn't. He was able to support her weight and tense muscles against the couch. But she wouldn't let go of him. Scully was crying so hard that there was no noise, the tears were becoming dry, her face hot and sticky. She'd never cried so hard or so much in her life.

"Scully," Mulder prompted for her response.

"Oh Mulder, Mulder" she cried softly. He sat down and gently sat her next to him. She was still huddled in his shirt, not letting her face hit the air, he guessed she was just trying to get herself together. So he held her, Mulder rubbed her back and suddenly he felt a tear form in his eyes.

They had always had this unspoken connection, where they knew exactly what each other was thinking, but somehow that connection was lost, or maybe just gained in another way. Mulder thought Scully's news was bad, and Scully was crying because she was so happy, but it was very very hard to tell. A few moments later, Scully had stopped crying and Mulder was looking into her eyes, which were still moist and glassy.

"Mulder," she started. "You're not going to believe this, I don't know..." she whimpered. "I don't know how to tell you this," she continued sobbing in between sentences.

"Just calm down, and just say it, Scully please, this is agony," Mulder whispered, trying to be tender. He held her face, his thumbs lining her jaw bones, her kissed her cheek where he saw a salty tear. He continued up, kissing her closed eyelids, trying to make her feel better. Little did he know, she was feeling great.

"Mulder, Mulder I am pregnant," she blutered out and then threw her head into his shoulder. He pulled her back quickly, looking in her eyes for maybe a clue that she was playing a cruel joke. There was no trace of that, nothing but the truth was in her blue eyes.

"Scully, ah my God," were the only words Mulder could seem to put together. She held his face at his jawbone, and pulled him so close, pressing her lips lightly to his. She could feel is heat, his saltiness, as she tasted his lips with her tongue. Once he caught on, he kissed back with the most tender passion he had in him. Without saying a word he scooted some on the couch and laid her down, pinning her under him. She starred in his eyes as he laid to the side of her, dropping one leg over her knees.

"I want to see," Mulder whispered as he pulled the tail of her shirt up some. He tugged on her pants until he waistline moved below her belly button. There was no sign of pregnancy there on the outside, but Mulder didn't care, he wanted to look at her. He bent low with his head, puckering his lips, kissing her tummy, every inch, from side to side, from top to bottom. When he was done, he laid his huge hand on her, covering her entire stomach, he was a big man. He caressed her belly and returned to kissing her soft plump lips. He slowly licked his way to laying completely on top of her and she stopped him. Her arms were still around his neck, now holding his head.

"Mulder, we're going to have a baby, you and me," she acknowledged. She had to keep saying it to believe it.

"A baby, our baby," Mulder nodded and slightly smiled.

"Are you happy about this?" Scully asked, her insecurities getting the best of her and the moment.

"Happy? Happy! The only other time I was this happy was when you told me you loved me, I am ecstatic!" Mulder smiled and laughed, caressing her pink cheeks with his thumbs.

"I do love you Mulder," she whispered, starring deep into those green eyes of his.

"God, I love you too." Mulder smiled and buried his head in her neck.

"Mulder, make love to me, all night," Scully asked. Mulder looked up at her and smiled.

"I would be honored to," Mulder replied and then leaned off of her. "Let's go into the bedroom," he mumbled as he grabbed her hand and pulled her to her feet. On a second thought, Mulder picked her up and she grasped him around the neck to hold on. "I might not be able to do this much more, so I guess I should do it now," Mulder snickered while carrying her into her bedroom. He laid her down gently on the bed. Slowly looking into each other's eyes, like something you would see in a movie. They had such passion for each other and they unspokenly decided to take it slow and enjoy every moment. Scully sat back up and he tugged her jacket from her shoulders, then tossed it to the floor.

"Listen to me, I am only doing this on one condition," he said seriously.

"What is that?" she breathed in his scent.

"Look at me Scully," he ordered, using his hands to hold her eyes to his. "You tell me to stop when it hurts, you hear me," Mulder demanded. Scully nodded and was somewhat tired of waiting for this. She darted up a little to meet his mouth with hers, their eyes were still open, looking at each other. When their lips began to move and intertwine, their eyes slowly drifted stuff in pleasure. Mulder gently crawled on top of her and smothered her in warmth.

(In Scully's Head;) Wow, this couldn't have gone better. He's so happy and I've waited for this for a while. I want him in me so much, well a part of him is already in me, but I mean another part, oh Dana just stop thinking!

(In Mulder's Head;) My baby, I never thought I'd become a father. I never thought Scully would be carrying my child. Hell I never thought Scully and I would ever have sex! But I am glad it's all happened. It must be meant to be. It just occurred to me that my sperm must be pretty damn strong to get a women like Scully pregnant, with her problems and all. Oh God Mulder, just shut up and concentrate on making her go crazy, these other thoughts just make me confused!

Mulder kissed her neck, licking and sucking her smooth creamy skin. He tasted her perfume, it smelled better than it tastes! But he didn't care, he kept moving down, using his hands to slide her shirt up. He kept sliding it until it got caught at her shoulders. Scully quickly pulled the shirt over her head and Mulder buried his face in her cleavage, licking and "rooting".

He tried to nudge the bra aside using his nose but it wasn't working too well. He pressed his palms against her back lifting her to a sitting position. She embraced him with her arms, kissing his neck and sometimes darting over for his lips. His hands fumbled with the latch of her bra, but when he was successful, she stalled his removal of it.

"Mulder, I must warn you, there has been some changes in and on my body," she informed, pressing her hands against his chest, pushing back to a comfortable talking distance.

"All ready?" he asked surprised.

"Mulder maybe we should talk about this before we go any further," Scully concluded as he relatched her bra.

"What did the doctor say?" Mulder asked, extremely curious. He's never had intercourse with a pregnant woman before, how should he know what's going on?

"She said the normal stuff, and we made another appointment in two weeks. I want you to come Mulder," Scully mentioned and smiled. "I need you,"

"And I'll be there, I wish I would have gone with you today. I want to be here for you and everything that happens," Mulder expressed.

"Mulder, there's a lot of changes that we'll go through, I need you to prepare yourself," she muttered.

"I will, but I need your help. I don't have much experience in this or with babies." Mulder smiled, looking like the happiest person on earth. There was something about him that was so different then any side of him she's seen. He was so happy and nothing else seemed to matter but her.

"Neither do I, but we'll make it,"

"You'll be the perfect mother Scully, you're so natural," he insisted.

"Thanks, you'll do just fine too, daddy," Scully said playfully. Mulder smiled and leaned in to kiss her once more, but her words stopped him. "Another thing I wanted to mention, was that...Mulder, you remember the night we played poker?" she started. "How could I forget, it was our first time, and it was incredible," Mulder smiled and closed his eyes remembering the moments.

"That was the night we conceived," Scully explained.

"You're kidding?" Mulder sounded surprised, "The first time?!" he exclaimed. She nodded and smiled. "God, I didn't know I was working that hard!" Mulder joked and laughed.

"Mulder, I am already three weeks along, things are changing so quickly. I want you to be aware of that," she turned serious again.

"Wow, all that time we didn't know," Mulder sounded amazed, but Scully knew he had no clue, that you just can't tell right off the bat!

"No we didn't. Now are you ready?" she smiled with a hint gleaming in her eyes. Mulder smiled and leaned in to kiss her once more. And once again unlatching her bra. It fell with ease off her shoulders and she removed it while covering both her nipples with her hands. Mulder watched wondering why she was covering herself. "I've changed Mulder," she warns as she removes her hands.

(In Mulder's Head;) Damnit, this just went from familiar to unfamiliar territory! I can't believe her body is changing so quickly, even though it isn't much of a difference. She is clearly aware of the changes, I probably wouldn't have noticed. This feels like a dream, I am so afraid to wake up.

Mulder watched her eyes close as he laid her back down on the bed swiftly. He lapped at her hard throbbing nipples and felt her jolt when is mouth took one in. She is much more sensitive he noted, she is wiggling around a lot beneath him. He continued down her chest, smoothing his hands over her belly. He sat up some and just looked at her tummy, rubbing his hands over and over, tracing little patterns in the shape of a baby. She laid there in complete heaven, enjoying his touches and caresses almost as much as he enjoyed giving them. Her eyes fluttered, and she swallowed hard, her breathing become more shallow and faster as he moved his hands under her waist band. He pulled the button of her slacks and then she rared up, stopping him. She decided to take some control. She pushed him back, down on the bed, she almost laughed at his shocked eyes.

(In Scully's Head;) I've gotta keep surprising him! He probably thinks that just because I am pregnant, that I can't be bold or wild during lovemaking. I will prove him wrong!

Scully practically ripped Mulder's shirt off of his body. It hit the floor and joined the fast growing pile of clothing. She straddled his chest and kissed his chin and then moved down to his neck, licking behind his ear lobe, that made his cock throb, and dammit she knew it. She kept moving down, smoothing her soft palms over his firm chest muscles, she rubbed her index finger over his nipples, feeling their hardness. He closed his eyes, his breathing becoming faster, as he moved his hands up and down massaging her back. She leaned in and planted light butterfly kisses around his nipples, breathing the hottest air she could onto them. He started to shiver and she knew he was growing impatient. Her hands trailed down to his belly button as she slid her behind back, so that it was resting on his erection, firmly pressing to help control his need. Then she scooted back some more, finally coming to a laying position between his legs. Scully buttoned his tight blue jeans, and used her arms muscles to tug them off his hips. He bucked up some to help her slide them off, and she threw them to the floor. His erection was so noticeable now, it was actually peeking out the 'zipper' hole, how comical she thought.

(In Mulder's Head;) Stop teasing me Scully!! God this feels incredible, please don't stop Scully. Did I just contradict myself?

(In Scully's Head;) I think he's cursing me right about now! I love to torture him like this, because it gets him going, and that helps me in the long run! Listen to me, I can be a little devil can't I! I better stop thinking and keep going before he loses patience.

Scully tugged once more at his boxers and slowly removes them. His erection sprang free, twitching in the air. That was a warning sign.

(In Scully's Head;) Oh my God, not yet Mulder. I can't believe that teasing got him here so fast!

She leaned forward quickly and covered her mouth over his tip. He let out a wild deep groan and then called her name. She started sucking hard and fast, moving her hands up and down his length as rapidly as she could. She felt him twitch again and stopped, she knew that he'd kill her for that but she did it anyway. And he knew Scully so well, that he tried to prepare himself for it, but it never worked! He rolled over quickly, pinning her down once again. His cum started leaking out, just dripping, he was trying to hold it back. He groaned some more, and his cries turned her on completely. He yanked off her panties and remembered to prepare himself for changes. But there weren't any, there were the same brassy red curls he was so familiar with. Although he didn't have much time to waste before he'd explode, he decided to return the teasing. He slid his tip around in her wet folds, then poking inside her and quickly pulling out. He gasped for air and let out a moan of disappointment when he removed himself. He did this once more, concentrating, using his well-known technique to tease her into a frenzy. She found herself cupping her breasts, they were tender and for some reason, they had a sortof beat to them, throbbing and actually somewhat painful. Mulder reached his hand down and began to touch her, moving his middle and index finger through her wet juices. He pushed his finger into her as far as it would do, and another cry sounded from her throat. He removed it and put it in his mouth, tasting her in and out. Scully watched what he did and found it very arousing, the way he was tasting her. She let out another moan and started to wiggle uncontrollably, Mulder knew it was time. He held her hips tightly and bent to kiss her tummy once more as he entered his hardness into her silky warmth. They both gasped at the sensation and just basked in the moment.

(In Scully's Head;) Hum, they say you get better orgasms when you're pregnant because of the amount of blood concentrated down there making equilibrium. God, I've gotta learn when to use my scientific head and when not to, this is one of those times. Just shut up and enjoy it!

(In Mulder's Head;) Is it just him or is she incredibly tight? But she feels so good, I've wanted this forever, to make love to her all night long. I can do it, if I just pace myself.

"Scully, Scully, relax, you're so tight," Mulder cried, having a difficult time thrusting into her. She had a feeling of what to do about this, it's happened to her before, during intercourse. She stopped him for a moment and shoved a pillow under her bottom so that she was elevated higher. This made it easier for him to thrust into her at a different angle. Mulder pounded into her as fast as he could and then he realized maybe that was too fast. He slowed down to be tender and gently moved within her walls.

But obviously that's not what she wanted at all. She grabbed his shoulders, moving her hips with him, in a similar rhythm that made each of them climax quickly. Their sudden screams emerged and Scully dug her nails into his back, trying to pull him close, she needed something to hang onto. When that wasn't working well, she grabbed onto the bedposts overhead, gripping them tightly until her knuckles turned white. Mulder thrusted more, slamming into her, exploding his seed and bathing her insides in his soft milky fluids. She felt the warmth flood into her as he collapsed gently onto her, avoiding pressure on her belly. Their sweaty bodies slid against one another, as she wrapped her legs around his hips, desperately trying to keep him inside her. Mulder leaned back and grabbed her under her bottom and scooted her closer to the headboard. He ripped at the blankets and pulled them down. She snuggled under them and so did Mulder once he cooled off some. He tucked the covers around her neck and reached for her waist. Mulder thrusted some to enter her once again and she gasped at the incredible feeling. He wrapped his arms around her and then settled one hand on her tummy. They lay in each other's arms contently, and slept for about an hour and a half.

Chapter 8-Back to the rushing pace

Scully's Apartment

Georgetown, Washington D.C.


"You awake?" Mulder mumbled into Scully's ear. His hands still caressing

her belly and back, with light tickling strokes.

"Um hum," she muttered, with her eyes still closed.

"Scully, I-I want to talk about this some more," Mulder confessed.

"What is it Mulder?" Scully asked turning to her other side to face his

puzzled look.

"Why wouldn't you tell me when you knew, when you first started noticing?"

Mulder pressed.

"Mulder, I was scared. I didn't have all of the facts," Scully answered,

stroking the light stubble on his cheeks.

"But didn't you think I could help you through your emotion of being scared?"

Mulder questioned. He gripped her waist a little tighter, to stress the

point of him being there for her.

"I knew you would help me, but I wanted to be sure first before making

accusations, you know me Mulder," Scully retorted.

"So you're saying you weren't sure, because of what the doctors told you

three years ago?" Mulder tried to clarify.

"That's what I am saying, I honestly, it was in the back of my mind. You've got to remember I ruled out this possibility long ago. I thought it was something else," Scully explained. There was a long pause as they looked in each other's eyes and then looked away, as if either of them were embarrassed.

"Scully, what are we going to do about, you know...Skinner?" Mulder asked.

"Well, we'll just have to tell him, when the time is right. Mulder I doubt you know this, but I am not out of the danger zone for miscarrying, I don't

want to tell anyone yet," Scully confessed.

"I understand, but I don't want you to think about that, just think about staying healthy," Mulder suggested.

"Did Skinner give you a new case?" Scully questioned.

"No, um since Thanksgiving is in four days, he gave us off until after the holiday," Mulder explained.

"Speaking of the holiday, will you come with me to my mother's on Thursday?"

Scully invited.

"Sure...no wait, is Bill going to be there?" Mulder smiled. She knew he was joking, at least she hoped he was!

"Are you going to tell your mother?" Mulder continued.

"Um, I want to but, I don't think I should tell anyone...but if she ever found out I was keeping this from her, she'd kill me!" Scully exclaimed.

"So, when?" Mulder pressed.

"When I feel like it, hopefully not on Thanksgiving, that would spread the news really fast, since everyone's there," Scully replied. "Look Mulder, I think we missed dinner, I am so hungry, let's go get something," Scully smiled.

"Your tummy is hungry huh?" Mulder laughed lightly. "What are you in the mood for?" Mulder asked.

"I don't care, but you know what, a pizza would be good," Scully suddenly

changed her mind. Typical woman, or pregnant women, Mulder thought!

"Another pizza, huh we just had that, I distinctly remember watching you

dress while ordering!" Mulder laughed. "But I don't mind doing it again!" Mulder smiled childishly. Scully smiled back, and moved to the side of the bed, pulling the covers along with her. "Hey, where are you going with my blankets huh?" Mulder joked more. Scully wrapped one sheet around her naked body. Mulder noticed that either she was aroused or cold, 'cause he could see her erect nipples, and obviously she was unaware of them.

"What are you going to do about it, if I do take them?" Scully smiled

playfully. She was enjoying this game.

"Hum, I could go hunting around here for a sleeping bag, you know how hot they can be," Mulder winked.

"Actually, I've never experienced that, remind me to try it sometime," Scully joked back. Just then Mulder's cell phone began to ring.

"Damnit, go away!" Mulder shouted at the ringing phone. "I swear one

day I'll learn to turn this thing off when I am with you!" Mulder smiled as he answered, "Mulder"

"Agent Mulder, I've got a case," Skinner said, getting straight to the point.

"But Sir, you said we were off," Mulder pleaded.

"You were but, a case just came across my desk, I would like you and Scully on it, pronto," Skinner insisted. Mulder glanced over at Scully who was intently trying to read Mulder's expressions. Mulder mouthed the word 'Skinner' to her and she nodded and moved closer to try and hear both sides of the conversation.

"All right Sir, we'll slip down to the office and pick it up," Mulder groaned, he didn't want to leave the damn bed!

"Mulder, it's in Minnesota, pack warmly," Skinner cautioned. Mulder didn't respond, he just clicked off.

"Mulder, you just hung up on the Assistant Director!" Scully exclaimed.

"So what, he got his point across." Mulder smiled. It was amazing the stunts he pulled and got away with murder! "We better find that sleeping bag, 'cause were on our way to Minnesota." Mulder smiled and threw back the covers. He jumped to the floor quickly and pulled on his boxers.

"Minnesota? Mulder, I thought you said we were off?" Scully asked with her quirky raised eyebrow.

"We were, but A.D. Skinner, decided to change his mind. He's got a case for us," Mulder explained while pulling on his blue jeans.

"So much for making love all night," Scully mentioned, lowering her head and eye gaze from disappointment.

"Don't you worry about that, you'll get your fill, tonight even, it's only seven something. I promise, we've got lots of time and interesting places Scully." Mulder grinned slyly. Mulder had crawled close to her and was now pushing her back down on the bed, somewhat forcefully. He gave her a wild and deep kiss then immediately got off of her. There was a look of shock on her face but it subsided quickly when he left the bedroom.

(In Scully's Head;) What did he mean by 'places'? Well, I guess I'll get dressed, I wonder if Mulder has forgotten about my pizza?

"Mulder, I need you," Scully yelled.

"I've been waiting for you to realize that!" Mulder joked peeking his head through the doorway.

"Did you order the pizza?" Scully asked.

"Yup, but we'll pick it up on the way to the office. I am sorry it'll have to be pizza in the car instead of pizza in bed!" Mulder smiled. He walked over to the edge of the bed and grabbed his gray shirt that he left by accident. Scully got up from the bed, covering herself as much as she could. Of course Mulder's seen her before but it just felt funny walking around naked in front of him. She opened the bathroom door and turned on the light. Her first stop was the toilet! Then she cleaned herself up and began applying make up. She carefully washed her face, the aftermath of sweat was sickening, she thought. Mulder watched her every move from the edge of the bed. She began to notice his starring out of the corner of her eye.

"Mulder don't you have anything more productive to do?" Scully questioned.

"No actually, this is productive, I am learning your every curve." Mulder grinned. "So what do you want to pack, I'll start it for you,"

"Well, you can start by finding the suitcase in my closet," Scully said with her eyes wide open as she applied mascara.

"That shouldn't be hard," Mulder said sarcastically, opening the neatest cleanest closet he's ever seen in his life. Her suit case was right at the bottom. He pulled it out and grabbed two suits as well. He laid it all on the bed and then began rooting through her drawers, selecting socks and pantyhose, and underwear and sexywear, and bras, and all his favorite 'Scully' things. He laid them all out on the bed, trying to decide what he wanted to pack for her.

"Mulder what the hell are you doing? You're worse then me!" she smiled glancing out of the bathroom at Mulder with his hands on his hips, glaring at the intense selection of undergarments spread out on the bed.

"I don't know what you want Scully, better yet I don't know what I want!" he exclaimed, tossing a few items in her bag.

"Whatever you do, they better be folded Mulder," Scully warned. He knew that was coming and he grabbed the items and began to make them nice and neat.

(In Mulder's Head;) This is actually fun, folding Scully's underwear,

what a turn on!

Scully emerged from the bathroom, still naked as a jay bird, but that didn't last long. She walked over to the piles of undergarments on her bed and grabbed a random pair and slipped them on.

"No, wear these," Mulder said, tossing her a pair of thongs. "I didn't even know you had them," Mulder smiled.

"Neither did I! No, I am not wearing those Mulder," he gave up and tossed them in her bag, if that's what he packed, she'd eventually have to wear them, he thought cleverly. Scully grabbed a random bra and put on and then snatched a dark navy blue suit and continued dressing.

"We're your clothes Mulder, I know you have some here," she pondered.

"Yeah, yeah, I'll get to it. I am having too much fun with your clothes." He smiled in a boyish grin.

"Mulder, let me finish packing, you get your clothes together," she suggested. He whirled around to a dresser, that she'd fixed up just for him. He yanked out socks and boxers, and somehow they found their way to his nose.

"Hum, nice and clean, and they smell like you," he savored the sweet smell and closed his eyes. She smiled lightly and continued packing.

"Mulder, you better change into a suit, I'm not going to be the only one looking professional here," Scully ordered.

"Ugh," he groaned and began tugging his jeans off, then he slipped a pair

of slacks over his muscular legs. He threw a blue collared shirt over his comfortable

t-shirt, then searched her closet for a tie. Finally finding one that matched, he dressed. Mulder found a spare travel bag and practically emptied the drawers of his clothes into the bag.

"Are you ready Mulder?" she asked walking back into the bathroom, to grab make up, hair brushes, and of course toothbrushes and paste.

"Yup, I'm ready," he answered and picked up both of their closed bags. He carried them to the door and stopped to open it. Scully assisted him and closed the door behind them.

Chapter 9- Off To The Gopher State

Mulder's Rented Ford Taurus Georgetown, Washington D.C. 8:02pm Mulder had just picked up there pizza and was now heading to the office to pick up the case. "So Mulder, did Skinner tell you what it was about?" Scully asked, striking up a conversation. "Skin-man didn't tell me," Mulder joked. "Then why didn't you ask? Why did you agree?" Scully pondered. "I don't know, because it's an X-File, and he wanted us on it, I couldn't just say no," Mulder retorted. "Why not, you do any other time!" she said sarastically, thinking about all the times he'd blew Skinner off on something. "Hey hey now!" Mulder laughed. Scully pulled a slice of pizza from the box and chomped down on the crust making a loud crunching noise. Mulder looked over at her with a qirky grin. "Are you that hungry that you can't wait?" he snickered. Scully just laughed while trying to chew her pizza. "I am sorry, I haven't ate since early this morning, and then the whole day just kindof went weird you know, and then one thing led to another and we ended up missing dinner," she explained. "Yeah, I remember that! Scully, that's one of the reasons I took this case, I hope you aren't upset," Mulder confessed. "Upset, I'm not upset. But why did you take it?" Scully asked. "Because everything was changing so fast and I thought we needed to get back in the grove, do what we do best, ya know?" Mulder answered. "I understand that, but you know Mulder, what we were doing before Skinner called, we are best at that too." She smiled. He glanced over at her and smiled back as he pulled into a parking space. "Let's go," Mulder gasped as he got out of the car. Scully got out too and walked beside Mulder in a very familiar rhythem they had. Mulder turned to Scully in the basement hallway, just before they entered his office. "What is it Mulder?" Scully asked referring to his stalling. "I don't think I've told you 'I love you' in a while. I love you Scully." Mulder smiled and cupped her face with his hands. "Mulder, Mulder I love you too," she sighed at his little baby face was now showing and it was so cute. Mulder bent to kiss her, just as their lips began to touch Scully pulled back from him very quickly. "Mulder, we are not going to do this here," she stated firmly. "There's no one down here," he began, but then saw the 'Scully face' of warning that meant he's on thin ice. "Then can I do this?" he asked bending low again and began kissing her neck, lightly, so lightly it tickled and made her curl up and kindof push him away. His warm breath made her shiver with pleasure, but her rationale came in right on time, as usual! She pulled back, farther away from him to keep some distance between them. "Mulder, work, remember a thing called work?" she asked sarcastically, pushing open his office door. She continued over to his desk, where the case lay with a note from Skinner, it read; Agents you don't have to come see me first, I am out on a case this morning. Here are your plane tickets, just get started, and make me proud. "Make me proud"? Scully thought to herself, he's in a weird mood. Mulder opened the case file so that Scully could view it too. "Jesus, all the way up there?" Mulder sounded surprised that there case is leading them to within about twenty or thirty miles of the Canadian boarder. "Lake Jeanette State Forest," Scully read the wearabouts they were going to be. "Let's see what's going on" Scully read some more; There had been a dead body of a white women found in the state park, the local P.D. couldn't figure out what killed her. No fingerprints, no suspect, and no real cause of death. They interviewed several people who knew the women and knew things about her disappearance. One man, a Michael Konard claimed he saw a space ship take her away. But then that doesn't explain anything, due to the fact the the body must have been brought back, and in one piece no less. "So what's your theory Mulder?" Scully asked intently. "Well, I think we need more information, that's why they put the 'I' in the FBI." He smiled. "That's getting really old Mulder," she giggled as they walked out of the office. "First of all, there is no autopsy report in this folder, no examination has been done, and that's your job!" Mulder noted. "Hugh, my job?" she smiled but tried to keep her joke looking serious. "I would love to watch you do an autopsy sometime Mulder, I think it'd be rather comical." She smiled while putting on her seat belt. "No Scully, you don't want to see me do that, I promise, it wouldn't be a pretty sight. My luck, I'd have guts all over the place," Mulder laughed some, with the cute little giggle he has. She laughed at both his joke and his cuteness, God was he so sweet and innocent? "Hey Scully, did you know that Minnesoda's nickname is the Gopher state?" Mulder commented. "Nah, I really didn't Mulder, thanks for that useful piece of information. Since when did you become familiar with the statistics of the states," Scully said sarcastically and then asked intrigued by his knowledge. "Oh I don't, before the days of being with you. You know sitting at home, dong absolutely nothing." Mulder smiled and Scully moved back to her pizza box. "Hey give me some!" Mulder shouted. Scully took the piece and held it up to his mouth. He took the biggest bite he was able at the moment, and then began watching the road more carefully. She sat there and kept feeding him the pizza until it ended up all over his shirt. Sauce and pepperoni's everywhere. They were having such a good time, and Scully got very bold to Mulder's surprise. She leaned over the best she could and started licking off the sauce and pepperoni's, eating them all away. "Scully, if you don't stop, god I am going to have more trouble driving," he mentioned as her head grew closer to his chest. He felt her fingertips unbutton his shirt his chest hairs rose to the drafty cold air, and her light touch. "Mulder, just be a good driver and I'll help you out here, ok,"

"Oh God Scully," he moaned as she began sucking on one of his nipples. Thank God not many people nor cars were around. Scully rubbed her soft hands over his chest, massaging his torso and slowly sliding her hand down to his slacks. He knew what was coming and he started moaning before she even touched him. His eyes started to close and she notcied it. "Don't close your eyes Mulder, you've gotta drive you know." She smiled and he looked down at her. She grasped his form with her palms, and massaged him through is slacks. He was instantly hard from her touch and the thought of reciveing pleasure while driving was absolutely arousing. Scully noticed his behavior, he was not one who could handle this she thought. He couldn't drive and do this, it already didn't look good, he was doing about 65 in a 45 and he was swirving a good bit. She pulled her hands away and sat back in her seat. "What your just going to stop?" he breathed at her. He refocused back on the task of driving and turned on the airconditioner on low. He was so hot and sweaty, damn her! "I am not really stopping, I am just stalling, I promise I'll finish what I started later," Scully smiled and leaned the seat back in a laying position. She glanced out the window, which was fogged from the heat, but she could still see the stars shinning. They were driving on a rural highway to the airport, and the sky was crystal clear. "How long will it be before we're there Mulder?" she questioned, while yawning. She glanced at her watch, it was now 8:46pm. "Oh I dunno, about five more minutes and we'll be at the airport. Then I guess it'll take us about five more hours by plane. I don't know Scully, when we get there, I'll let you know," he mentioned. His hand drifted from the darkness to her thigh, making it's way down to the inner thigh, and the light stroking he was doing made her very aroused. She laid there, sortof pretending she was asleep, not wanting him to know how it was affecting her, but he knew, oh he knew. He stopped tickling her, and his warm hand found hers, holding it and squeezing every once in a while until they arrived at the airport.

Chapter 10-Slicing and Dicing, ever tried it?

Local P.D. Office Buyck, Minnesota 2:59pm

"Sheriff, Agent Mulder and Scully with the FBI," Mulder asked, holding up his badge. Scully trailing behind, starring at various things around the room. "Yes, Sheriff Carter, thank you for coming up here," the tall man shook Mulder's hand and nodded at Scully. "What's going on out here Sir?" Mulder questioned. "Well, as you've read in the report I am sure, we found a dead women just out in the forest and few miles from here,"

"Any sign or cause of death?" Scully butted in. "No, we don't have anyone quailified enough to examine her, out here in the mountains, we don't get a need for that much," he explained. "Where is the body?" Mulder interrogated, pumping him for information. "It's in our small morgue in the basement, would you like to see it?" the Sheriff offered. "Yes please," Scully answered. They both walked down the hall following the Sheriff. Mulder and Scully each glanceing at each other frequently, giving quirky grins and mouthing a few things. It was like they were having a conversation with no words. The continued down the hall and the air suddenly got colder and smelled of phmeldahyde. Silence came, except for their footsteps, as the Sheriff used a key to unlock the heavy metal doors. Once in the room, Mulder and Scully halted, waiting for directions or information from the Sheriff. "The body is right there under that white sheet," he pointed to a table, containing a body covered in a white sheet. "Sir, I am quailified to do an autopsy, may I?" Scully asked the dark man, hiding under his hat. "Sure ma'am, anything that may help you all out, this case is yours as far as I am concerned," he mentioned and then turned to leave. Mulder jogged quickly to catch up with him. "I'll be back Scully, get started," he yelled on his way out the door. (In Scully's Head;) Ahh, this feels different. My stomach doesn't like the smell in here! Nausea is already hitting, no, no! Mulder can't an autopsy, I've gotta buckle down and make it through. Scully walked over to a table and pulled two latex gloves from the box. Then she began rummaging through the drawers, for something helpful. Finaly she found something she could make do as an apron, goggles, and a mask. She kept searching, and when she finally found a usefull drawer full of insturments, Mulder have jogged back into the room. When he saw her in her apron, mask and goggles, he had to laugh. "What's so funny Mulder?" she smiled under her mask, he couldn't see her smirk. "Hehe, nothing, nothing at all." He grinned and smiled, still whimpering a little. "So what have you got?" Mulder asked quickly. "What have I got? Mulder I haven't even gotten tools yet!" she smiled, but again he couldn't see. "C'mon Scully, I thought you were faster then that," he joked and smirked. "Look Mulder." She smiled, walking towards him with her scalpal pointing directly at him. "If you don't cut it out, I'll be slicing and dicing you!" her hidden smile once again. "Hey, I'm outta here then!" Mulder said backing towards the door as she came closer. "I'm goin' to check out the woods,"

"No you're not," she said firmly, not playing anymore. "Why not?" he asked, crinkling his forehead. "Because," she said simple, pulling the instrument back down to her side. "Because why Scully?" he pressed. "Because...because I don't feel good okay," she answered in a fustrated tone. "You...you don't feel good, what's wrong?" Mulder asked completely concerned, walking back towards her as she turned away from him. "I've just got a little nausea, I'd rather just have someone here with me, just in case," Scully answered once more. "I'll stay, but Scully, maybe you shouldn't be doing this. I'll do the autopsy, how about that,"

"Ha! Mulder you wouldn't know where to begin, besides I'll be okay with this, just stay with me," she continued. "Maybe you should teach me, I might need these skills later." He smiled being completely serious though, no hidden induendo. "Okay, are you fast learner, or do we have to take breaks?" Scully asked him as she pulled back the blanket on the dead women. "Ahh, aww man this is so gross," Mulder whinced his eyes and stood back. (In Scully's Head;) This is going to be the longest autopsy I've ever done! He's going to eww and aww at everything! I haven't even done anything yet and he's already complaining, he could never do this himself. "Mulder, get some gloves and goggles," Scully instructed and pointed to a drawer. "You mean I get to play dress up and be a doctor too!" he said in a giddy childlike voice, as if he was thrilled, but in a sarcastic way. In all, he did what he was told, and met her back at her side. "We start with the 'y' insicion. In a 'y' shape, hence the name," Scully began instructing and had a strange feeling of teaching her classes back at Quantico, just before she was assigned to the X-Files. Scully pressed her scalpal into the human flesh and cut a nice smooth opening from the left shoulder to the stomach, back to the right and to the stomach, then from the stomach to just below the women's belly button. Scully looked over at him, his eyes squeezed shut tightly, fluttering to stay shut, his hands clenched the edge of the table. "Are you going to be okay Mulder? Your not paying attention," Scully observed and commented. "I'm-I'm paying attention, 'y' insicion," he responded. He opened his bright green eyes and looked at Scully with a little smile playing at the edges of his mouth. "Out of all the times you've stood right here with me, why is this so hard?" Scully asked him. "I don't know, it just kindof hit me, the fact that your intentionally cutting someone open, I just can't do it," Mulder responded. "Mulder, you've seen much more grusome things than this," she pointed out but kept focused on slicing and pulling the body cavity open. "Yeah well, I've changed my mind, forget teaching me, this stuff is definitely your thing," Mulder smiled and yanked off the silly goggles. "My thing", she repeated and paused. "I wouldn't like to think of this as a hobby Mulder." She smiled. "Oh no Scully, never!" he laughed and threw the latex gloves in the trash can. "So what did you go and ask the Sheriff?" Scully asked. "I wanted to see where this women was found on the map. In the Lake Jeanette Forest about fifteen miles from here. We're going out there tonight," "Tonight! Mulder it'll be dark," Scully exclaimed. "Yeah so, are you afraid of the dark Scully, 'cause you know I have a big flashlight," Mulder joked. He cracked himself up and she just starred at him, luckily her mask hid her blush. "Oh yeah," she moaned and focused her attention back onto the job and tried to shove images of their lovemaking back where they belong. "Consider it a little camping trip Scully, just you and me." He smiled and heaved himself up onto another table and sat comfortably. "Camping, we're camping out?" Scully said lifting her bright blue eyes from the body in surprise. "Well sortof, I want to check out Mr. Konard's statement, you know where he said he saw an alien spaceship take her away. Apparently it happened at 2:34 am and we're going to be there," Mulder explained. "Oh lovely fun," Scully rolled her eyes and finally separted the heart from the body. "Oh you want fun, I'll make it fun Scully," he said hopping off the counter. He walked over to her and wrapped his arms around her waist, intentinally grabbing her belly softly. "How's she doing?" Mulder muttered as he kissed her neck. "Mulder, you think it's a girl?" Scully gasped and stopped cutting the next organ. "Maybe, why?" he smiled and kept kissing her. "It's just cute... Mulder I have to get back to work," she said shrugging him away, trying to keep from throwing him on the lab table and having sex with him right there. "What do you think it'll be?" Mulder asked, stepping away some, getting her warning signals. "I honestly don't know,"

"No mother's intuition yet?" Mulder smiled. "Yes it's there, but I haven't figured out how to decode it into english yet." She smiled back. "Mulder, I want to have this conversation but later tonight okay, I just want to finish this," Scully mumbled with her eyes glued on scraping at some kind of gooy substance. He nodded without a word, he understood discussing their private life and their child was not suitble at the moment, during an autopsy, for God's sake what was he thinking. He was thinking about her and the baby, that's what he was thinking, he told himself. Mulder sat back onto the table and breifly laid down, putting his arms behind his head for cushion, then he moved to sitting up again once he discovered the position to be uncomfortable. He stayed there contently until Scully had finished the autopsy. Once everything was cleaned up, a conversation arouse again. "Listen, I'm gonna take you back to the hotel. Why don't you take a nice bath, while I go out to the store," Mulder suggested. "The store, what for Mulder?" Scully questioned. "Some camp-out supplies, another clip for my gun, for one thing, do you need anything while I'm there?" Mulder asked. "Um, yes I do, bring me back some lotion, you forgot to pack some and I need it," Scully replied. "Lotion, got it, any special kind?" he asked her, while they parted to get into the car. "No, as long as it smells good, and has aloe in it," she muttered and put on her seat belt. "Okay," he said and started the car and drove off. Mulder took route 24, up to a lake called Echo lake, there was a hotel recommended by the Sheriff.

Echo Lake Water Inn 5:12pm

"Go take a shower Scully, you'll feel better," Mulder proposed. "I will, Mulder..." she paused while rummaging through her suit case. "Mulder, you forgot to pack me some pajamas!" she scolded. "Opps! I guess I was too pre-occupied with the thought that you wouldn't be wearing anything to bed." Mulder smiled with another qirky grin. "Seriously, you can wear one of my t-shirts if you want," he offered and then grabbed his keys to leave. He hovered over her and kissed her neck for a few minutes. They both kind of swayed in the pleasure. Not really thinking about or noticing his actions, Mulder began undressing Scully. Pulling off her jacket and sliding his hands down the front of her, tugging at the suit buttons. Scully found herself suddenly reaching eagerly for his pants, tugging at the button there. They hadn't kissed, they hadn't even re-opened their eyes, they were just basically feeling each other up. "Mulder what are we doing?" she asked, as she never did get the damn button open. He leaned back from her, removing his hands completely, and suddenly realized her clothes were mostly off, she was standing there red faced, looking at him puzzled, in only her bra. "I-I don't know how that got started, I am sorry," she answered, looking ashamed facing the floor. "No, no I mean it's okay, but I didn't realize how much I wanted you, and it just happened," she confessed. Ha gazed back up at her shocked face, she looked confused with her feelings and actions and that worried him. God, please let this be a mood swing and it'll go away, right? "I want you so bad too. But I guess we can't have what we want right now, we'll just have to wait. Let's just say I was helping you get undressed to take a bath, huh?" he grinned. "Okay, we could say that," Scully replied. (In Scully's Head;)Wait, wait, since when do we need to justify out sexual actions, Scully thought. This is going all wrong, I think we just need each other in that way and we know we can't have it, 'cause we have a case to be focusing on. It's weird how we suddenly jerked away and removed our hands, like it was the first time and we wern't sure. I like that passion in a way, hopefully that happens still. "You should go Mulder, when you get back, we'll go to the woods," she insisted. He nodded and stepped towards her again, he gave her a light but full kiss, sucking on her lower lip, but for a breif second as if he had to pull away or he'd never go. He did pull away for that reason and left the hotel room and waked to his car. Scully stood by the bed, in somewhat of a daze as to what had happened, what had been said, and that kiss was so arousing, that fact that she couldn't have more that very moment was driving her crazy! She began undressing and went into the bathroom for a nice relaxing hot bath. She starred at herself in the mirror, as if she didn't recognize the person that was being reflected. (In Scully's Head;) I am the same person. I am still a strong capable women, hard-headed, opinionated, skeptical, right? I still have my science and my medician. I have more now then I ever did. I have love, love with Mulder. I have Mulder, he's mine, God I am so in love with him. Our days and nights spent togther, formed into years, just flood back to me, I think we have the strongest relationship anyone could have. We had built trust and love equally through our hearts before any physical intamacy came along. We had intamacy, we've always had, I never realized it. My mother did, how did she always know something before me? Will I always know things before my child does? Am I going to be able to raise his child as good as my mother raised me? I just don't know how to answer my own questions, but maybe it's supposed to be that way. Scully reached down told hold her tummy, still realively flat but in there was a beating heart. (In Scully's Head;) She's growing, she's going to be big and strong when we meet. I wonder what she'll be like? I love having this experience, I want to take everything slow, I want to feel every movement, I want to lay awake at night and put Mulder's hand on my tummy. I just wish that time would come, I want to feel you, know that you're really in there. Scully moved away from the mirror and stepped slowly into the bathtub, still thinking her own thoughts.

Chapter 11-My snow fantasy came true!

Echo Lake Water Inn 6:56pm

"Scully! I'm back!" Mulder shouted as he came through the door with a hand full of bags. "Mulder? Jesus Mulder!" Scully recited as she peeked into the sitting area at him, she couldn't see him acutally, so many bags were piled up in his arms. She ran over and grabbed some and tossed them on the love seat. "What did you do, buy the whole store with the Buearu credit card?" Scully smiled, as his sweet face emerged from the falling bags. "Hey, I got the most expensive lotion they had!" he joked and smiled at her. Scully smiled back and eyed the bags, a few things poking out here and there. Mulder started rummaging through the bags, pulling out the neat stuff he'd gotten. A new flashlight (huh, a bigger one!), clips for their guns, and this time, he remembered to bring matches, 'cause he wasn't the best Indian guide! "Look Scully, we're going to be so prepared, I got a map of the forest from the Sheriff's office, I got matches and batteries, and hiking bottles, and a sleeping bag," Mulder looked like a kid in a candy store with all his new stuff. Scully just smiled slyly. "Only one sleeping bag Mulder?" she asked, staying serious. "Hey, these damn things ain't cheap." He smiled holding it up in the air. Scully smiled, he doesn't care about Skinner's money until it effects him in some way, and buying another sleeping bag, would effect him, that is so Mulder, Scully thought. "Look the label says it can hold two people." Mulder smiled. Scully grinned at him and said "You aren't that lucky," Mulder got her 'Scully' look, and decided it was time to shut up. "So are you... ready to go?" Mulder asked, hesistantly. "Sure, as soon as you pack up, of course," she glanced at the mess of bags of merchandise on the floor. Mulder picked up his 'hiking' bag and began stuffing the important stuff inside, the flashlight, batteries, matches, water bottles, gun clips, lotion (might need that! he thought.) and sunflower seeds, of course! Then he attached the sleeping bag to the bottom of the bag and they left.

Lake Jeanette Forest 9 miles off route 24 8:38pm 28 degrees Fehernheit "How are you doing Scully?" Mulder asked with concern at her irregular breathing. The sound of his footsteps stopped as she caught up to him and put her hand on his shoulder. "I've gotta rest for a minute Mulder," she breathed and crouched over into a sqatting position and held her tummy. "Is everything okay Scully?" Mulder said bending down to her level, stroking her back. She looked up at him with her bright baby blues and smiled. "I've gotta go to the bathroom!" she laughed quietly. "Ohhh," he acknowledged and smiled. "Well the best I can do for you...is that beautiful bush over there, and hey you know what? If you've got an imagination, Scully, that branch can be a towel hanger, and lets see, what else?" Mulder said fishing to finish the joke. He glared around at the surroundings. There was about an inch of snow beneath them, but it wasn't all that cold, about 40 degrees, but a chilly wind, luckily they were sheltered by the forest. "Shut up Mulder!" Scully snapped in a sarcastic nasty grin. "Hey, I'm sorry," he said sympathetically rubbing her back again. "Was that a mood swing or are you serious?"

"I don't know, but my baltter is going to burst if you don't give me those paper towels in that back pack of yours," she expressed squeezing her legs together. Mulder quickly threw the bag down and pulled out paper towels and handed the roll to her. He sprang up, ripped the flashlight from his hands and jogged to the bush, one that was further away. Mulder found two big logs around the area and dragged them together and then gathered some rocks. He put them in a circle and put sticks in the middle. Mulder pulled out the matches and was just about to strike one, when he heard footsteps. "Scully?" he shouted into the darkness. "Yeah, it's me." She smiled, reappearing from the bush. A look of panick flashed across his face, just like the one in Dallas when he found the bomb. "Phew, thank God!" he gasped letting out an enormous amount of air. "Feel better? Did you write your name in yellow in the bright white snow, oh yeah sorry, you can't have that kind of fun, you're a girl." He smiled and joked. She grinned a sweet grin, the kind that gives two messages, one saying, yeah I feel better, and the other saying stop joking and shut up! She decided to ignore the comment a look was enough. "So Mulder, why are we out here again?" Scully quarried while sitting on the stup. She ficked off the flashlight and watched him as he threw a burning match into the wood. "We're looking for a spaceship or any other bodies," he said plainly standing up and then retreating to his stump. "So we're going to sit around until day break in the freezing cold to find nothing?" Scully said sarcastically under her breath. "Hey I told you I'd make it fun." He smiled and whiped out a deck of cards. "Care to recreate our night of passion?" Mulder proposed in a serious voice, but a half smile danced at the corners of his mouth, like it always does. "I am not stripping in this weather!" she exclaimed. "I'd be content to curl up by this fire with you, if you don't mind," she mentioned, grinning at him lightly. "It was a good thought Mulder, I'll take you up in the card playing when we get home," she finished. Mulder put his arm around her shivering body. "The fire is beautiful," Scully commented with her sleepy eyes. "It is beautiful, but you are more beautiful." Mulder smiled and turned her face to his. "The stars are also pretty out here," Scully continued as he let go of her chin, not even looking up into the sky to notice if there were any. "The only stars I see are the ones in your eyes," Mulder sighed. "Mulder, I never knew you were so romantic," Scully said as the shock wore off. "You never knew that did you?" Mulder smiled looking at her. He put one hand in her hair and stroked her fairly short strands. "Deep down, I think I knew, it's just different now that it's with me," Scully explained. "I am much more than that when I am with you. Scully you make me who I am, I am absolutely nothing without you," Mulder replied. "That's not true, there was a time of day when you didn't have me, before we met," Scully retorted. "Yeah, but I was nothing but an idot, I was nothing to no one," Mulder continued. "But I am not looking for a debate about this, let's get ready for sleeping, aren't you tired?" Mulder commented. "I am very tired," she said as her eyes drifted shut. "But I don't want to sleep Mulder," she quickly mentioned. Mulder got up and grabbed the sleeping bag. He rolled it out on the damp brown grass (Mulder had scooped the wet snow aside easily, earlier). Just then Scully felt something wet hit her nose, she touched it and then peered up into the sky. "Mulder, it's snowing." She smiled and watched the flakes fall slowly and lightly. Mulder sprang up from what he was doing and looked up into the sky. "Wow, how is our luck going?" he laughed. "Why don't you come and get into the sleeping bag with me," Mulder tugged off his jacket and his shoes and set them aside. She nodded and went over to him, pulling off her jacket and tennis-shoes. Mulder slid in first with ease, but getting Scully in was another task. "Just hold on Mulder!" she shouted as she tried to slid in and lay half on him half beside him. "Scully this is not working, why don't you and I take off these bulky uncomfortable jeans?" he suggested. Neither of the even thought anything sexual out of it. But once Scully began stripping, she remembered when she got out of the shower, she had put the thongs on. She watched Mulder pull off his blue jeans to revealed his plad red cotton boxers. "What's wrong Scully?" he asked shivering a little, it was damn cold, he thought. She nodded implying nothing was wrong and she watched him slid in as she pulled down her jeans. He was still occupied with getting situated. She bent down to crawl in once again, this time with much more ease, but she felt his hand along her back, guiding her in, and then it went lower. "Scully, are you wearing...?" he stopped as she looked into his eyes. He smiled and so did she. Scully nestled herself on his chest, one hand resting just above his heart. One of his hands was on her back storking in a loveing sort of way. The other hand ventured down across her hip bone and followed her panty lines as the curved around her waist and down her behind. His index finger traced it some more, slowly rubbing across her butt cheeks, and making her shiver and push away, as if she were arching her back in pleasure. The snow continued to fall, still lightly and rather dry, it fell on their faces every once in a while but soon things heated up and they didn't notice. "Are you cold Mulder?" she asked innocently. "No, I am hoping we could regenerate body heat. I realize it's not raining sleeping bags but hey, it's snowing, and I'd love to get lucky tonight!" he laughed. She felt his chest heave as he laughed, it made her feel so safe. She ventured her hand from his chest to his boxers, dipping her hand in the 'hole' to retrieve his limp penis, but at her slightest gentle touch, it jumped to attention. "I think that could be arranged. Would you like me to finish what I was doing in the car?" she asked, ducking her head as far below the sleeping bag as possible. His hand around her back stopped her and pulled her back up. "I've been thinking, I don't really know how to put this, but I don't want you to...um...geez, how do I say this? I don't...want you to suck me, especially don't swallow," he requested. "Mulder?" Scully paused and gave him a funny grin. "Why the hell not?" she cursed lightly, looking at him with puzzled eyes. "Because Scully, everything that goes into your mouth goes to that baby. I don't want my child having semen for a late night snack!" he exclaimed, laughing lightly. "Are you sure you want to sacrafice that pleasure for nine months?" Scully said surprised. "Yeah, I mean, that's just gross, whether it's a boy or girl, yuck, I'm their father, I wouldn't do such a thing. It's not such a sacrafice, afterall I am gaining them,"

"Mulder? Their, them, why are you using plural?" Scully looked at him skeptically, as if he knew something she didn't. "Oh, I am sorry, I didn't realize I was doing it." Mulder smiled. Scully rested her head back on his chest and continued with her hand in his groin. She grabbed his now large and throbbing erection, moving her hand up and down him slowly. She watched his face, as his eyes closed and his head titled back involuntarially. She moved her other hand so that she massaged his swollen balls, back and forth, up and down, she moved with her technique. He began to moan and wiggle. Wiggle, something he'd never done before, she thought. Apparently he couldn't take it anymore, because he was on her, pushing his hands around her body. Applying pressure to various places. He pulled her face to his and stopped quickly, starring into her eyes. "I told you it'd be fun!" he smiled and then pulled her mouth closer. Their lips met with major passion. Mulder kissed her like he never did before. He moved his lips up and down, licked her lips in a circular motion following the 'lip' path. He darted his tongue in when she tried to kiss back. She suckled his tongue but not for long, since it had it's own route. He tickled the roof of her mouth and then ran his tongue along her teeth, teasing the gums, making her mouth water. She tasted sweet and salty, just like he liked. She took the lead, darting her tongue in and exploring his mouth. It was much bigger then hers, and her lips seemed to disappear in him, but she loved it. The movements of his lips and tongue clamped down on hers, sending sensations through the nerve endings that sent an electrical shock through her body. They hands everywhere, Scully had trouble focusing, he was kissing her senseless. All she could do was keep her hands running through his soft sliky hair, applying pressure to the back of his head to keep his lips to hers. His hands were up her shirt (where else?). He'd unlatched her bra, but failed at removing it, since she still had her shirt on, and it was cold, he didn't dare strip her. Their legs interwined as hers came up to meet him and grasp him around the waist. Things were starting to get out of control as he bucked into her forcefully, and she felt his hard erection hit her panties at an accurate spot. His hands massaged her nipples, as they became hard, so hard they hurt and felt funny to Mulder's touch. His other hand darted down and massged her clitoris through her panties. Suddenly he felt her wetness as it escaped the material. He moved that hand behind her the best he could, gropping her behind and holding it in a full fist. All the while they kissed passionately, so vigerously that it was starting to hurt from accidently biting each other. Their beathing was emensly shallow, fast and loud. They both took in a breath of air as they parted their lips, then the breathing returned to fast and shallow. Her cries began to come as he stroked her clitoris more, teasing her by running his index finger along the edges of the panties right by her enterence. He collected as much wetness as he could by doing that and he brought his hand up to his mouth and sucked on his fingers, licking her heavenly taste from them. "God Mulder please!" she screamed and yanked on his shoulders to pull him close. "You are hot!" he said excitedly and returned to his task. He was hot, the sweat began dripping off of him, glisening his chest, and he noticed how close their sleeping bag had moved towards the fire. Mulder stalled for a second to unzipp the sleeping bag some, so that be had better access to her lower body, then he used his knees, arms and hips to move them back from the camp fire a bit. He tugged at her hips, pulling the thongs off and tossing them to the side and nudging her thighs to open. He darted for her quickly he couldn't wait any longer. He touched her so lightly but with a fast rhythem, it was like nothing he'd ever done to her before. She wiggled and moaned uncontrollably. Her cries became more frequent and loud, and she wasn't usually so vocal during love making, yeah maybe a few screams here and there, but this was different. She felt a warm rush of liquid, she was coming, her first climax hit. Mulder moved his head in ready for it, he lapped his tongue at her, up and down, and in circles, using different pressures and tongue movements to give her the best oral sex she's ever had. He sucked and sucked at her enterence, the cum dripping into his mouth, and becoming smered over his lips and cheeks. He knew she was ready by her cries and he slid two mositened fingers into her sliky wet warmth. She bucked her hips at the feeling of him touching her in that way, she loved it. He started moving them in fast, not even teasing her anymore, he thrusted his fingers hard and deep, wiggleing them around in there, looking for her g-spot. (In Scully's Head) Oh my God, Oh my God, Oh my God, this is so incredible, ahh, how does he know how to do that? I think this is the most erotic uncontrolled spontaneous wild sex I've ever had! And I love it! (In Mulder's Head) Damn I am good, look at her, she absolutely mad, she's screaming and I haven't gotten to the main event yet! I love doing this to her and she tastes and feels so good. Yes, I found that spot, that spot that makes her go crazy! He kept driving his fingers into her, feeling her muscles squeeze around him. Either of the faintly noticed the snow building around them. The flakes were becoming bigger but still dry, laying all around there camp area. They were far from cold at the moment, and didn't notice much, especially Scully. Mulder slid his boxers down quickly, before she knew what he was doing nor that his fingers left her. And soon he was pounding into her, hard and fast, not even giving her body time to react and accommodate him. She let out another piercing scream that echoed as he thrusted and groaned like an animal. "Ahhhhhh, ahhh, um, um um," she moaned and groaned, starting out loud and drawn out until she realized her vocalization and tried to conceal them with varied low 'um's'. While Mulder continued to scream (but not his girly scream) oh no this was very manly, unlike she'd ever heard him. He held her hips tightly, squeezing every inch of skin he had to hang on to. Her hands remained on his shoulders, her nails digging themselves in once again. He felt the 'twitch' and knew it was coming. He felt a rush of blood and fluid through his shaft and finally penetrated her warmth, bursting into her like a pumping liquid machine. It spilled out everywhere in her, out of her, it didn't matter anymore, it was everywhere! "Mulder ahh," she yelled, at loss for anything else to say. "Scream Scully scream! I love to hear you moan like that and scream," he shouted, his head down concentrating on his movements. He didn't have to tell her to scream, all he ahd to do was keep moving and it came naturally. After some time, he noticed a few things, the snow covering the ground in a white blanket around them and that Scully couldn't take much more. He knew he was pounding as hard and fast and deep as he possibly could he he knew she'd be sore. When she finally told him to stop, he gently laid back onto her and re- zippered the sleeping bag. The sides of the material became very moist with their sweat and other fluids. Mulder rested his head in the crook of Scully's slippery neck and kissed her earlobes, suckling and kissing continuousy since he laid down on her. Her arms cuddled him in a warm but slippery embrace, her hands drooping to his back, rubbing it with light strokes. He was still hard in her though and was not about to pull out. "I've...always wanted to have...sex in the snow," Mulder breathed slowly. "What an interesting...fantasy Mulder. I must say, I think that's the best time...I've ever had," Scully breathed also, catching her breath, a little moaned still boiled in the back of her throat and he could hear them each time he felt her walls squeeze him or when he suckled her on her neck or behind the ear. It was all absolutely amazing, the fire, the heat, the chilling temperature of the air, the beautiful snow flakes falling around them as they held each other close, feeling the heart beats, listening to the breathing calm, it all felt so prefect.

Chapter 12- Stuck spending the night in a tree!

Lake Jeanette State Forest 9 miles off route 24 11:22pm 8 degrees Feherenheit

"Mulder, ugh, that's was the wildest...I've ever experienced," Scully said, leaving out a word for Mulder to fill in. She cuddled herself to his sweaty chest, the sleeping bag was comforting, the way it held them together tightly. "Ahh, I know, talk about an erotic encounter!" Mulder chuckled. He rubbed the edge of her check and brushed the away the hair that was sticking to her sweaty face. He stroked her face some more and kissed her forehead softly. "Mulder, Mulder do you hear that," Scully muttered in a low tone. "The only thing I hear is the snowflakes falling and your heart beating," he answered plainly. "No Mulder, listen closely," she instructed ad she wiggled her feet, and retireveing her thong panties with her toes. She slid them up her legs, as Mulder lay there listening. "What?" Mulder asked confused, he didn't hear anything, except the fire crackling. "Listen, there it was didn't you hear it?" she whispered, starting to get freaked out. She wiggled out of the sleeping bag and put on her jeans, and grabbed her gun. Mulder was out of the sweaty sleeping bag just as fast, slipping his boxers over his still ready to go erection, then slipping on the jeans. Mulder noticed her damp shirt clinging to her figure. Just then he finally heard it, the sound Scully was referring to. She quickly cocked her gun and stood back defensively. Suddenly, their roaring campfire just blew out, as a thump of wet snow came falling from an pine tree that was surrounding them. Mulder and Scully looked at each other with wild eyes then looked up into the tree. Mulder pulled his gun to join Scully in her protection. "Mulder...look," she whispered so quietly and he followed her eye gaze upward. There was a squirrel on the pine tree, which made the snow fall. Mulder could barely see the outline of the small animal, for it was completely dark and still snowing. Scully lowered her gun, relieved that it was only a harmless squirrel and Mulder got out his flashlight on a hunch. "Mulder, what's going on?" she questioned his need for the flashlight, she was cold and intended on getting back in the sleeping bag. "Somethings going on, that wasn't the sound I heard Scully," Mulder informed quietly. "What?" she asked with a questioning look as he moved torwards some brush where he'd heard the noise. "Scully," Mulder summoned as he backed away from the bush. A strange large looking animal popped it's head out of a hole in the ground. It made a squeeky animal cry and then bolted for Mulder. "Scully stay back," he ordered, pointing his gun at the threatening animal. It was about twelve inches long, it had very noticeable sharp claws and teeth, as Mulder shown the light into the animals eyes. Suddenly another one popped out of the hole, moving closer to Mulder as he backed away, almost intimidating him. "Something weird is going on Mulder," Scully acknowledged as he kept backing, moving his hand over the front of her, somehow trying to protect her. "I am beginning to understand the term 'the gopher state', Scully," he joked at a horrible time. Just then another one came out of the hole, prowling towards him. "It's like they're possessed!" he yelled loudly, maybe that would scare them, he thought. But it didn't work, they kept prowling and suddenly Mulder noticed they were surrounded, surrounded by hundreds of gophers. Scully grabbed her gun from her side and cocked it. "I've got you Mulder," she informed him of her presence in helping with the fight. "Let me handle it Scully, I don't know what's up with these freaking looking creatures, but stay back, I mean it!" his tone of voice got fierce as if her was getting fustrated and worried. They large dark animals crept closer to them, surrounding them and bringing Mulder and Scully back to back. "Mulder look at their mouths, I think they have rabbies," Scully noticed, watching the funny looking yellow foam at their mouth as they slobbered. Mulder nodded, starring at their yellow looking teeth, starring back at him like he was a piece of meat. They all started making funny animals moans and growls, and Mulder had just about had enough of it. He turned to Scully quickly and picked her up, tossing her partly over his shoulders. "Mulder? What the hell are you doing? Put me down!" she demanded. "Scully, reach up, climb that tree Scully, go!" he shouted to her, pushing her behind up. She grabbed a sturdy limb, it was somewhat icy and hard to grip but she managed. "Go Scully, go!" he yelled up to her more, as she climbed a little higher to a branch that was comfortable for sitting. By then the gophers had Mulder cornered, her had no wheres else to go but up the tree himself. One of the ugly beasts bit onto the leg of Mulder's jeans and started to rip them. Mulder shot the gopher in the stomach and the damn thing started running like a baby, but that seemed to make the others mad. They came charging at him like oversized rats ready to feast on his meat. Mulder jumped to a limb and his feet dangled a few inches from the ground. He groaned the whole time from fear and shock and just plain hurting, he hadn't done chin-ups in a while and right about now he could use those skills! "Mulder, hurry! Here!" She pleaded and reached her hand down to give him help. He managed to scramble up the tree quickly, unfortunately dropping his gun in the process. "Shit!" he cursed, Scully hushed him, "I've got mine," she answered knowing what happened. Mulder and Scully glared down at the angry looking mammals trying to scurry up the tree to come for them, but they wern't having success. They both noticed the gopher Mulder shot, laying dead on the ground, blood dripping out onto the soft white snow. Mulder leaned back in the grove of the tree, and closed his eyes. He pulled Scully close to him, she was shivering. It was freezing cold, the snow fell into her hair and on her eyelashes, the snow was now getting really really thick and the 'hungry' gophers didn't seem to give up. They curled at the bottom of the tree, digging their sharp claws into the earth, eating away at the bark of the tree using their incredible incisors. "How long do you think it takes for them to eat a damn tree?" Mulder asked Scully, but he knew she didn't know. Mulder was secretly becoming afraid of what might happen to them. He pulled her closer once more, cupping his warm hards around her cold face, her teeth chattering. He head rested on his chest, almost completely inside his jacket, which he was smart enough to slip on, hers was down with the 'rats'! "So much for spaceships Mulder," she chuckled, trying to bring some humor to the situation since he wasn't. "Scully, remind me next time I do something like this, to educate myself on the animals in the woods we're investigating and to check the God damned weather forcast!" he shiver thinking of the snow. They now had no fire, no sleeping bag, and poor Scully had no jacket. "Here Scully," he said shifting in the tree, trying to pull off the coat. He let her put it on and pulled up the hood over her neck and ears. She put her hands in the pockets and looked at him with glassy eyes. She looked exhausted and extremely cold. He pulled her tight to him again, her head buried in his neck, his arms completely around her, holding her, her legs curled up into a ball. "I'll get us out of this," he started as he put his head down to hers. He closed his eyes as did hers and he listened to the awful knawing sound of the gophers at the bottom of the tree.

3hours later...3:13am

Scully was asleep, or so Mulder thought, he was trying to keep her as warm as possible. He could still hear her light breathing, too light for his comfort. (In Mulder's Head;) What the f*ck is going on out here? I thought we were looking for a damned spaceship. Now I've got gophers attacking us? I mean, I thought gophers eat plants, I have never heard of small animals ganging up on humans! Them damn rat looking things are so loud, I hope they shut up and go away I've got to get Scully and I out of here. His eyes were so completely heavy but he vowed to himself he wouldn't fall asleep. He sat starring at the falling snow, he glanced at the ground every few minutes, the gophers still huddled there like as if they wern't going to let Mulder and Scully get away. From what Mulder could tell, there was about five inches of snow that had already layed, it had been snowing for four solid hours! (In Mulder's Head;) What did I get us into? A freaking blizzard with human eating gophers! I am so delirrious, that I am probably imagining these damn things! Mulder lulled himself to sleep unwillingly with his agonizing thoughts. He held Scully close and before he closed his eyes for the last time, he noticed her purple looking lips. He kissed them lightly and pushed her head slightly into his chest more to keep her warm. (In Mulder's Head;) I love you Scully, I am sorry for all of this, I will get us out of here, I promise! With that, they were both in an uncomfortable sleeping pattern, low breathing, their heart rates lowered, as well as their temperatures from the below freezing temperatures.

Chapter 13-Lost and Found?

In the tree Lake Jeanette State Forest 7:21am

It was still cloudy, but the brightness of the snow could blind anyone. Mulder was tucked into a ball in the limb of the tree, with Scully practically curled up on top of him. He head was buried in his chest near his arm pit, where the warmth seemed to come. Mulder's hands held her head tighly to himself, shielding her from everything he could. He moved his hand down her back, sliding three fingers under her shirt and around to her belly. He cupped the skin that was there, no weight gain yet, but notheless, he knew his child was there, and he wanted to keep it there, where it was safe. "Agent Mulder...Agent Scully...Mulder!" a voiced yelled into the chilling wind and the thick pines. "Hello? Help...we're over here!" Mulder shouted back to whoever was out there. He held Scully tighter and glanced at the ground. There was nothing, no sign of the gophers they'd encountered the night before. He noticed naw marks at the base of the tree, he saw the tail of the one he'd killed, peeking out from under the white snow. "Scully...Scully wake up," Mulder whispered as he tapped Scully on her back, and sqeezed her tight to him. "We're over here, in the tree," Mulder yelled once more. Scully lifted her head to his, looking into his bright green sleepy eyes. She re-rested her head on his chest and sqeezed her arms around him. He took her emotional no-speaking thought and hugged her back. They heard footsteps and Mulder peered down to the ground where a deputy cop was glancing up at him with his gun in hand. "Agent Mulder? What are you two doing up there?" he asked directly. Mulder started moving around, when Scully finally moved off of him. She rubbed her eyes a little and then started making her way down the tree. "It's a long story!" Mulder started as he followed Scully down and the deputy spotted Scully incase she would fall. Once both of the agents made it to the ground safetly, Mulder began digging in the snow. "Mulder? What are you doing?" Scully asked with her hands on her hips, peering down at his behind. Just then certain thoughts crossed her mind, the incredibly hot sex they had, and then what happened afterwards. Unfortunately, she was so tired and cold, she konked out nearly after Mulder and her climbed the tree. "Detective, get a forensic team out here, right away," Mulder ordered as he discovered the snow covered sleeping bag. He rolled it up and re-packed the dampened back pack. Scully just watched him and the deputy. The detective yanked his walki-talki from his belt and called for Detective Hersh. "Sir, we need a forensics team out here, Agent Mulder and Scully seemed to have found something," he talked into the contraption. Scully walked over to Mulder's side as he stood up and put the back-pack on his back. He quickly and fiercely grabbed her hands and started walking really fast, clearly taking a path out of the woods. "Mulder...Mulder where are we going?" Scully questioned him as he tugged her through the deep snow. "We are getting the hell out of here!" he answered loudly, pulling her along. She stopped and stared tugging back. "Mulder, no, we have to go back and investigate," she pulled with all of her might in the other direction. "No Scully," he whirled around and grabbed her by her waist, his other hand under both her knees, he picked her up and began trudging through the thick snow drifts. "Mulder, what are you running from? What are you afraid of? And put me down!" she demanded. Are you telling me, you don't remember last night?" Mulder questioned, still making his way through the bright snow. "Well when things started to cool down considerably, I fell asleep, I was freezing Mulder," Scully tried to explain. "You didn't see the gophers?" Mulder asked, stopping for a moment to rest. He pushed on his chest and he released her to slid down his body to her feet. "Gophers? No, I didn't see anything," Scully answered truthfully, raising her eyebrow. "Well I ain't makin' it up, I shot one back there," Mulder replied. Scully nodded, she believed him, but didn't get a chance to ask anymore questions a Detective Hersh had caught up with them. "What happened to you guys, deputy Johnson said you two were in a tree, and that you hopped down and left extremely fast," Hersh began. "Look, I know what I saw, last night hundreds of gophers came out of their warm homes and came after us. Actually tried to attack us, I shot one, I want it autopsied or examined. We climbed the tree 'cause they surrounded us, once we were safe up there, they began nawing at the bark of the tree, as if they were going to chop the tree down to get us. And by morning...well...looks like they just disappeared, right on cue, to make me look like an idiot!" Mulder explained in fustration. "Agent Scully?" the head detecive gave her a questioning look and a chance to explain this in her words. Mulder turned to Scully and looked into her eyes...you believe me don't you? he silently asked her through their glares at one another. "I believe him, but I feel asleep due to the severe temperatures," Scully answered truthfully. "You fell asleep? In a tree?" he smiled and nodded, like he didn't believe her. "All right, I can see you want to leave, my excavation team will gather evidence and save it at the office for your next visit, okay?" the officer gave them a weird grin. "Good, 'cause I think we've had enough investigating for one day." Mulder smiled in appriatiation and took a hold of Scully's hand, once again, heading for the main road. "Mulder, I don't understand, weren't we looking for a spaceship," Scully retorted once out of the detecive's range of hearing. "That's what I thought. That's what the witness said, right? Mr. Konard was it? I think we need to investigate him now too," Mulder replied. "I hope this can wait a while, 'cause quite frankly Mulder, you don't look so well,"

"I can only imagine," Mulder said, walking faster. "I want to go back to the hotel Scully, I want to relax for a few hours. I want paradise back!" Mulder mentioned. "Paradise?" Scully questioned, making her words lift with her voice. "Yeah, paradise. Being with you, eating a nice sensible breakfast, maybe taking a bath or a nap," Mulder answered, takeing long strides in the snow, digging his heels in. Scully followed in his big feet tracks. "That's what you call paradise?" Scully said sounding surprised, thinking he'd say it was sitting on his leather couch, eating sunflower seeds, watching something from his collection of tapes, the ones he claims he doesn't have. Speaking of those sunflower seeds...she thought, he hasn't ate any in a while. "Yes, in a costly form. I love being with you worries or no worries, but preferably the last one. And we have some important stuff to prepare for," Mulder explained while trudding through blinding snow. Scully put her arm up to her eyes as the sun himself emerged. "What 'stuff' Mulder?" she questioned as she dogged a moment to catch up. "Well, if you've lost track of time, we've gotta wrap this case up soon, Thanksgiving is in one day, Scully we've gotta be at your mom's house at what...?" he asked fishing for the correct meeting time. "Oh my gosh, you're right, it snuck up on me. Maybe we shouldn't leave then Mulder, we have got to finish up," Scully prosposed this suggestion. "No, those cops can handle that, I'm going back, and so are you!" Mulder glanced back at Scully following him. "Mulder, since when do you order me around? If I don't want to go back, I won't," Scully began getting defensive and raising her voice. "I'm not trying to order you, I am sorry, I'm being protective," Mulder sighed, as he stopped to rest for a moment. He gripped his hands with on his knees and bent over. Scully came up behind him and put her hand on his back, rubbing his tense cold muscles. Mulder glanced up, he could faintly see the road from where they were, a snow plow had already begun to open the snow covered highway. "I'll be fine Mulder, you have enough on your mind, you don't have to worry about me," she insisted. "Are you kidding yourself? You're all that's on my mind, ever! Protecting you is what I do, what I love to do, I know nothing else." Mulder smiled and explained. "Well it goes both ways you know," she replied as he stood back to normal stature. The Agents began walking again, towards the highway. Once they reached it about seven minutes later, they got in the snow covered car, and heated it up. (with the heat actually, nothing else, you may want to imply!) Mulder drove back to the hotel, silence fell upon them, but a comfortable silence.

Chapter 14-Without You

Echo Lake Water Inn 9:47am

Mulder and Scully entered their hotel room, staying quiet as if they were mad at each other, but they weren't. It's probably the stress, Scully thought. Mulder walked to the mini freezer in their room and pulled out lunch meat, bread, and cheese. "You're going to eat that?" Scully asked sortof disgusted. "Yeah, why not, I mean I just bought it and I don't feel like going out for lunch," Mulder explained while fixing himself a sandwich. "It's breakfast time Mulder," she reminded. "Yeah, here's your begal if you want it," he answered, handing the begal in a zip lock bag up to her. She bent down slowly and took it from his hands, then she retreated to the bathroom. "You're not thinking of taking a shower without me are you?" Mulder shouted for her to hear. "Not really, I thought I'd use the toliet, you know the thing where I empty my bladder and in this case, half of your damn semen!" she shouted back, sarcastically, in a fustrated kind of tone. Wow, he thought, I never heard her be so forward before! Interesting! Scully did her thing in the bathroom and then reappeared to find Mulder, eating his sandwitch, his feet propped up on the bed, shoes off, and drinking a beer. "Mulder, what in the hell do you think you're doing?" Scully asked in complete amazment as to his behavior. "I am resting, is that a crime? Incase you didn't notice Scully, I did a lot last night!" Mulder retorted. "Like what? Shoot a gopher, Mulder a twelve inch gopher?" she started sacastically once again. "Yeah, but you shouldn't be talking, because you didn't see. I shot one yes, but there were hundreds," Mulder began, as he turned his body on the bed to face her puzzled look, "Hundreds Scully, attacking us, it tried to eat my pants! I was shoving you up the damned tree at that point!" he began telling his story using arm movements and rasing his voice. Scully approached the bed and sat down, sinking in the soft mattress. "Mulder stop! I don't mean for this to escalte into a fight, I am sorry I didn't see anything. I was exhausted, you could've kissed me senseless and I wouldn't have know that any different from running a marathon!" she joked a little trying to lighten his mood. He smiled a little as she intwined her fingers into his right hand. "Go on, tell me what we have to do,"

"Well, I am anxious to see what the detecives and forensics come up with. This is not normal gopher behavior," Mulder continued. "Since when did you become an expert on gophers?" Scully asked rasing her eyebrow. "I'm not, but I do know a few traits about almost all animals. Gophers only eat vegetables, so why were they attacking human flesh huh?" Mulder questioned. "And another thing I just remembered, you don't remember seeing these things, yet you looked me in the eyes while all this was happening and said that the gophers had some kind of rabbies," Mulder recalled. "I said that?" Scully gasped and kept her eyebrow raised. "Yes you did, apparently you were aware of the situation, momentarily I guess," Mulder continued. "Well, I must have been delirious or sleep walking or something, I don't remember a thing," Scully confessed as she laid her head down on the soft warm pillow. "I think that you were so cold that it effected your thinking, seriously, you know that happens to like people that try to climb Mt. Everest," Mulder threw out factual things at her. "I was cold Mulder, the only thing I remember is laying on your chest after we made love and I desperately wanted to sleep, but then suddenly you were yanking me and we were throwing on our clothes. The next thing I knew I was in a tree with you holding me, that's all I remember," "Well atleast you remember the good parts," Mulder commented. "Are you okay?" Scully asked concerned at his lowered head. "Yeah, I am just not really interested in this case anymore. I mean whatever happened out there is an xfile, but it's not helping us any and I don't like putting you in danger, it's not worth it anymore," Mulder explained, grabbing her hand and squeezing. "What are you saying Mulder?" Scully asked with wide eyes, as he glanced up at her. "I want you to go back to D.C., I want you to go have Thanksgiving dinner with your family and take care of yourself--," Mulder was cut off. "No, no, I won't go back without you, what are you trying to say, I mean 'take care of myself' that sounds like a goodbye?" Scully asked in a confused voice, her eyes beginning to tear. "I don't mean it like that, I'll finish up this case and meet you back in D.C., this is taking longer then I thought and I don't want you to miss dinner, and I want you to be safer. As much as I try, I can't always protect you,"

"Mulder, I don't want to leave without you, please," Scully pleaded. "Scully, just listen to me for once, I'll be there tomorrow, but a little late, okay, just let me get the reports and I'll be there," Mulder reassured her. "Mulder, I am closer to you, then I have ever been to anyone in my life, and I can't help but feel that if you're not with me, that you'll never be there,"

"I'll always be there for you and with you, and our child, you have nothing to worry about," Mulder tried to comfort her teary eyes. "Mulder-" Mulder shushed her with his index finger touching her soft lips. "No, stop. you're going back to D.C., and I'll be there tomorrow, let your mom know I'll be a little late," Mulder insisted. With that Mulder got up from the bed and headed into the bathroom. Scully plopped back down onto the soft pillows. (In Scully's Head;)I don't want to leave without him! This is going to be awkward at dinner, Mulder being there let alone him being late. I am worried about questions from Bill, I don't want to face my family alone. This is the first Thanksgiving that Mulder will be attending with me, and I am somewhat nervous. I hope Bill and him don't get into a fight! Scully listened closely as she heard the shower water come on. She sat up at the sound of Mulder cursing. "Mulder? What's wrong?" Scully asked concerned at his unexpected behavior. "I just forgot a few things," Mulder shouted. Scully knew what was wrong and got up. She rummaged through her bag and his suit case. Scully retrieved clean boxers and socks, then she found his hair brush, tooth brush/paste and shampoo. She slilently opened the bathroom door. The powerful hot steam seduced her senses, it felt really good. "Mulder, I put your stuff on the sink," she managed to choke out, as she heard the difference in water pressure, he had to have steped under the water. She could just imagine the hot wet water trickle down over his face and chest, making his muscles appear sparkle and make them even more attractive. She cursed herself for the foolish daydreaming and turned to walk out of the door. "Scully!" Mulder exclaimed, peeking his head out the curtain. She whirled around at the tone of his voice and had to laugh at his funny wet head sticking out of the shower curtain. Her smile lit up his face and made him smile. "The most important thing I forgot was just about to walk out that door!" she chuckled, motioning with his index finger for her to come to him. She smiled devishly but kept the meaning of the smile hidden from him. "Mulder, we shouldn't, I mean we should just relax," Scully tried to wiggle her way out of her situation. "You don't want to join me?" Mulder asked with a puppy face. "Mulder, I-I-," she stopped at loss for converting her feelings to words. "It's okay, I understand," Mulder answered quickly and pulled his head back into the shower. (In Scully's Head;) I don't think he fully understands my reasoning, I don't think he's that good at reading my brain! Hum...should I surprise him? Scully gently closed the door, as if she walked out of the room. She backed up and tugged at her waistline, pulling her slacks down. She was dying to get out of those dreadful clothes anyways, after all she went through in them! She pulled her shirt up above her head and unlatched her bra, then removed her panties, normal routine, she thought. Scully tiptoed over to the shower curtain and ripped it back to expose a naked Mulder. His jaw dropped about four inches as he let out a girly scream which sent Scully into fits of giggles and laughs, so much that she eventaully ended up rolling around on the floor from laughter. Mulder quickly yanked the shower curtain closed again and put his head in his hands. "Mulder," Scully managed still giggling. He didn't answer. "Mulder are you okay?" she asked trying to hush her laughing. "You are going to get it!" he chuckled as she slid the curtain back just enough to slid in. The giggles started right away as Mulder grabbed her hips and pulled her to him. He tickled her a little, but she was just so jumpy and sensitive that it didn't take much to make her laugh. "I can't believe you did that," he expressed while shaking his head. Then he stopped and let his head rest on her forhead, both their eyes looking down, then back to their eyes and down and so on. He held her body pressed to his, he felt everything, inclucing her hard nipples sweetly poking him in his chest. "Why is that so hard to believe?" she asked pulling back to comfortable eye distance. "The same reason it's so hard for you to believe in my theories, and I always prove you wrong just like you proved me wrong about you wild-side!" Mulder chuckled and stepped back under the water. It dribbled down his face, his beatuiful eyes closed. Scully's thoughts were no longer an imagination, as she traced each water drop down over his body. "I've always had a wild-side Mulder, it just wasn't appropriate to show it," Scully replied as he moved his hips trying to get his erection somewhere near where they both wanted it. And the fun continued...J

Echo Lake Water Inn 11:22am

"I'll see you tomorrow, okay," Mulder reassured her and kissed her forehead while in a close embrace. "Mulder, God it's so hard to leave you. We haven't been apart at all for about what? A month? It just feels so right," Scully spoke her voice weakening at the end. "Mulder how am I going to make it through tonight? Alone?" she whispered burrying her head in his chest. (In Mulder's Head;) Is it just me or is she just majorly senstive? I mean a year or two ago, she'd be perfectly fine on her own, in fact, she'd probably kick me out of her room! "You'll be just fine Scully. You're a strong women and I think you've forgotten that about yourself. I don't want you being with me to change that. The night won't be as long and cold as you think. Just go home and relax," Mulder explained. "I love you Mulder," she acknowledged and they kissed, long and passionate trying to make their moment last, but all great things must end. "I love you too," Mulder answered with puppy eyes, as she grabbed her bag and walked out the hotel room door. She hopped in Mulder's rental car and drove to the air port, by herself.

Chapter 15-I am thankful for everything

Scully's Apartment Georgetown, Washington D.C. 7:56am Thanksgiving Day

Scully laid in bed, fully awake but with her eyes shut. She slept rather well from her exhaustion, yet nothing felt right. Mulder wasn't in bed next to her. The sheets were cool and the only sound was her breathing, instead of their familiar rhythem. She rolled to her side and hugged a pillow, but it just wasn't the same. Scully did though, pick up on his light manly scent left behind. She inhaled it for a few minutes while arguing with herself; about what the point was of staying in bed so late, when she had no one to talk to, no one to cuddle with, what was the point? But then her body told her...well sleep...duh! But she couldn't sleep, so she finally made up her mind and opened her eyes glancing at the clock. A soft moan came from the deep part of her throat as she threw back the blankets violently and stood up. Scully made her way to the bathroom, this was becoming a normal routine because of the baby. She was thinking a lot about the child lately. She was trying to pay attention to her body signs, it would not be long before she'd start showing and then they had some explaining to do to a lot of people. (In Scully's Head;) How am I going to keep this from my mother? Mothers know everything, and my mother has proven that to me time and time again. Why should I keep it from her? I mean she's my mother! She wouldn't tell Bill if I asked her not to, right? Ughr! Scully was becoming fustrated with her mental thoughts. Her apartment was so quiet and she decided that the silence had to go. She manuvered her way through her apartment and turned on the radio. The DJ was chatting as Scully turned up the volume super loud and layed down on her couch. She heard the music begin but didn't recognize it at first, She listened closely to the words as they started striking emotions, in her head her body and her heart.

Maybe it's intuition But some things you just don't question And in your eyes I see my future in an instant And there it goes (In Scully's Head thinking of Mulder) I think I've found my best friend I know it might sound more than a little crazy But I believe

I new I loved you before I met you I think I dreamed you into life (In Scully's Head thinking of the baby) I knew I loved you before I met you I have been waiting all my life

There's just one more reason Only the sense of completetion (Scully's head; Baby and Mulder) And in your eyes I see the missing pieces I'm searching for I think I found my way home (Scully's head; Mulder)

I knew I loved you before I met you I think I dreamed you into life (She pulls up her silk pajama top and I knew I loved you before I met you rubs her tummy, tears forming at I have been waiting all my life her eyes)

A thousand angels dance around you A am complete now that I've found you (Scully's hot tears trickle down her face and puddle on the sofa as she thinks of Mulder and storkes her tummy)

Scully closed her eyes as the song ended and the DJ announced that that was "I knew I love you" by Savage Garden, then she opened her eyes and realized what just happened. Never before had she really thought like that about the child inside her. It was her's and she has been waiting all of her life for it. And she had dreamed this child to life, hadn't she? She pulled her shirt back down but held her belly for a few moments before getting up and turning down the radio. She was afraid to think emotionally anymore, like she had just done, because it lead to her crying and once she starts she can't stop. And that kind of thinking was enough for now, just the fact that she was having a real baby, hit her hard just then, especially since Mulder wasn't there with her when she heard that song. The easiest thing was to get back into routine, but she was thankful for the realization. And a perfect day to be thankful for the baby and Mulder and all of her realizations! Scully got up completely and tried to get back into what she was doing. She cleaned her face, wipping away the salty tears and left over make-up. Then she reapplied make-up and fixed her tousled hair. Once she began to dress Scully noticed an interesting difference. Her jeans were very snug and she had to do a 'bunny hop' to get in them. Finally she finished dressing and put a few things away and she was off to her Mother's house.

Local P.D. Office Buyck, Minnesoda 5:56 am

"Agent Mulder!" the two detectives yelled for him over a crowded 'paper work' room. Mulder acknowledged the call with a lift of his hand and proceeded towards them. "Detective Hersh, Carter," Mulder greeted the two men in full uniform. "We had our local vetenarin do an autopsy on the gopher you killed by gunshot, there is obviously something weird going on," Detective Carter spoke nervously. "Why do you say that detective?" Mulder asked, putting his hands on his hips waiting for a response. "Regina...who did the autopsy, she did find rabbies, as you mentioned to check for and she found something else," Hersh took over and then suddenly stopped explaining. "What?" Mulder arched his eyebrow in wonder. "Something unknown, a parasite we think, possibly eaten by the gopher," Carter continued. "Where could the gopher find this parasite?" Mulder interrogated. "Well, possibly in the lake Jeanette," Carter answered. "No, gophers only eat plants, it must me a plant dwelling parasite," Regina walked up to their conversation, throwing her input in quickly while snapping off her bloody latex gloves. "So how does this parasite act in the gophers body?" Mulder questioned more, rather confused. "It digests or eats, if you will, everything the gopher eats before the gopher's body has time to digest it. Therefor, the gopher is basically starving from lack of food which is being eaten by the parasite," the vet explained. "So, you're saying that these furocious looking gophers were only hungry, that's it?" Hersh jumped in, not believeing in this scientific strategy that Regina was taking. "Basically, yes. That's why they attacked you Agent Mulder and that's why they started nawing at the bark of the tree you were in," she explained. "Then how do you explain them disappearing by morning when I found Agent Mulder and Agent Scully?" Carter asked. "There's the part I can't explain," Regina replied pointing her finger at Carter. "So, it is an X-File?" Hersh asked directing his question to Mulder. "Sounds like it, sounds like you all need to investigate some more," Mulder muttered as he turned and walked away. "Agent Mulder, aren't you going to help?" Hersh shouted as Mulder kept walking down the hallway. Mulder turned and walked backwards. "I feel the FBI is no longer needed here. Just investigate your plants and water supply and search for those missing gophers, I am sure there around in that woods, dead or alive," Mulder yelled back and then turned back around and headed for the door.

"Thanks for your help!" Carter yelled to Mulder who had just stepped out the door. Mulder continued walking in the icy parking lot. The clouds still gathered around this small town, dark and gloomy gray snow clouds, the temperature still well below freezing. Mulder glanced in the back of his trunk one last time and checked his bags to be sure he had remembered everything from the hotel. With that reassurance, he was off to the air-port, and home to Scully.

Margaret Scully's Residence 8:25am

"Hey mom!" Scully shouted, she could smell the turkey cooking from the kitchen. "Dana, oh honey I'm so glad you see you!" she smiled peeking around the kitchen, then darting for her daughter with open arms. Scully hugged her mother, but she felt this guilt pile in her stomach. "Do you need some help with anything?" Scully asked, trying to avoid any presonal questions that were ready to slip from her mother's mouth. "Not really, but you can come in and keep me company." She smiled and hung Scully's jacket on the coat rack by the door. Scully followed her mother into the kitchen, the aroma suddenlt struck her, it went straight to her stomach, it grumbled right away. "Was that your stoamch growling?" Ms. Scully asked her daughter with an eyebrow arched, just like Scully does. "Yeah, I didn't realize it was that loud." She smiled and ventured further in the kichten to the refridgerator. "Do you have any plums?"

"Plums, Dana?" her mom asked ina funny tone and glare. Scully looked up from the refridgerator. "Yeah, what is that a foreign word or something?" Scully asked somewhat sarcastically. "No, but Dana you hate plums, why would you want any?" Margaret Scully steped toward her daughter once more. "I don't know, they have started to grow on me. I haven't had any breakfast, I thought it would taste good," Scully tried to cover her obvious craving that came unexpectedly. "Bottom drawer," Ms. Scully answered as she began ripping bread into little tiny pieces and dropping them into a large bowl for stuffing. Scully got herself a plum and bit into it, the juice dribbled down her mouth a little, but nothing her tongue couldn't handle. She sat on a stool and started ripping bread as well once she was finished the plum. "So...wasn't Fox supposed to come this year?" Scully's mother asked in a sly but innocent voice. But Scully knew it wasn't innocent, she had her ways of prying into Scully's personal life. "He'll be here, in a while, sorry he's going to be a little late," Scully apologized quickly. "That's okay, what's he doing?" Margaret asked, glaring at her daughter with an intense stare. "He's finishing up a case for us, but he wanted me to be on time," Scully explained, as she began cutting up celery. "That's very thoughtful and sweet,"

"Yeah that's Mulder," Scully whispered under her breath. "What was that honey?" Margaret asked once more, not catching her daughter's words. "Oh, nothing. Is Bill coming?" Scully questioned, trying to change the subject before her mother interrogated more about Mulder. "Sure he'll be here, and Sarah and Matthew," Margaret mentioned and then put down the bread and turned to her daughter with serious eyes. "What's going on Dana?"

"I'm sorry?" Scully asked trying to play dumb. Damn she knows, Scully cursed. "Something is going on, you're not telling me. When are you going to learn Dana? I know you and ever since you were a teenager, I knew what you wern't telling me,"

"If you think you know me so well mom, what am I not telling you?" Scully pulled a come back from her not-so-thinking-clearly head. "I am not completely sure, this ones hard, but I know it's something you want to tell me but you just won't," Margaret Scully answered. "I wish Melissa was here, I'd tell her," Scully looked down, holding her hands near her face as if she was about to lose control. "A sister thing huh? Then it must be about a man. Are you dating anyone?" Margaret began her reeling in of information. "I wouldn't call it dating," Scully scknowledged and answered the question. "So there is someone," Margaret prompted another response from her now nervous daughter. Scully was biting her bottom lip and totally avoiding eye contact. "Mom, I am tired of this charade, if you really want to know, I'll tell you but you have to promise me that you won't say anything to anyone," Scully lifted her gaze to look her mother in the eyes. "I only want to know if you're willing to tell me,"

"Mom, Mulder and I, we've grown rather close lately," Scully tried to begin, but it was hard, these words wern't coming easily, it was hard enough to believe let alone actually saying it. "Like, close close?" Margaret tried to understand. Scully nodded as a wash of hot waves ran over her face in embarassment. "Dana, why are you blushing?" he mom asked concerned. "I-mom, it's that kind of closeness, it hit me so fast, I mean all of the sudden, there we were in each other's arms-I-I don't want to talk about it," Scully stuttered with her words. "Why are you so embarassed?" Margaret Scully pressed. "Because, it was not supposed to happen, mom at the Bureau, that is not supposed to happen between partners, you know that!" Scully informed in a light and unsteady voice. "That, huh...hum, well maybe it was meant to happen," Margaret tried to use a little psychology. "I guess it was, I mean, I got-," Scully cut herself off and kept herself from blurting out that she was pregnant. "What were you going to say?" he mother glared at her and put her under more pressure. "Nothing, it's not important," Scully continued. Like hell it wasn't important, she thought to herself. "Just once Dana?" Scully's eyes shot up from the bowl she was starring at, rather shocked at the question being asked. Scully shook her head no and lowered her head again, she was uncomfortable disscussing her sex life with her mother. "Oh my, well what are you two going to do?" Margaret gave her daughter a questioning grin. "I guess, we'll keep it secret like we have been, for as long as we can," Scully answered not meaning anything she said, how could they keep it secret, it was impossible! "Mom, there's something else," Scully started, getting her brave courage up to confess. But just then they heard the front door open with a loud creaking noise. A gust of cold air rippled through the lower part of the house. Scully and Margaret glared down the hall and then finallt heard a little boy's voice yell 'nana', which relieved both of the women sitting at the table.

Chapter 16-Grown men are still little boys

Maggie Scully's Residence 9:18am "Bill, is that you?" Scully shouted from the kitchen table. "Yeah, it's us. Here son take off your coat," Bill answered and then instructed Matthew. "Aunt Dana, nana, guess what daddy bought me!" Matthew shouted skipping down the hall with a new action figure in his hands. He brought it up close to Scully for her to see it and Maggie stood beside him. "That's so neat Matthew, why did you get it?" Scully asked him questions that he'd enjoy answering. By now Maggie and Bill were having somewhat of a separated conversation from Scully and Matthew. "Bill you spoil him so much!" Maggie noticed. "And you don't?!" Bill smiled and chuckled tugging off his jacket. Tara had entered the room smiling and put her arms around her husband's waist, he acknowledged by putting his arm around her shoulder. "How are you Dana?" Bill asked, leaning down to hug her. She hugged back, feeling guiltier than ever before. She just smiled and nodded her head, because Matthew was using Scully's thighs as a platform his action figure, he made it jump and kick on her thigh and she just went along with it. "So who else is coming this year mom?" Tara asked walking into the kitchen with Maggie. They went off in their own conversations until Scully finally got Matthew off of her. She trailed into the kitchen to hear the answer to Tara's question. "Let's see, as far as I know, William's brother John and his child Alyssa, and Charlie...Oh and Mulder," Maggie listed. "Mulder? Dana, you invited Mulder?" Bill asked his head popping up with a horrible grin and a hurtful voice. "Yes I did," Scully said very confident, she was tired of him telling her what to do with her life. Her life is perfect thanks to Mulder. Suddenly there was an awkward silence in the room, no one knew what to say. "Excuse me," Scully stated as she made her way down the hallway. "Dana, Dana wait," Maggie called running after her daughter. "What mom? I've gotta use the bathroom," Scully said turning around to her mother's worried face. "Oh, I-I thought you were upset?" Maggie explained. Scully shook her head. "No, I'm fine mom, I just need to go to the-," Scully stopped, her mother knew where, so it didn't matter if she finished her sentence. Maggie storked her daughter's back for a moment and then let her proceed to the bathroom. Scully entered the restroom, and shut the door. She felt a lot of tension wither away because she was now safe in a room where no one else was. Well that's not true, the baby is with me, she thought. She held her tummy for a moment and looked back into the mirror. (In Scully's Head;) Gosh, where in the world is your daddy? I need him here, I am having trouble doing this alone. You'll help me right? I know what you're thinking, mom I can't help you, I'm the size of an acorn and I can't talk! Okay, so you can't help me, the only thing you can do is stop making my stomach quiesy and stop pushing on my bladder! Scully smiled at her thoughts and then made her way to the toilet to relieve herself. Once she was all finished and got her courage back up she left the bathroom and was greeted by Bill in the hallway. Everything was so quite. "Dana, I am sorry," Bill apologized. "Bill, I'm not looking for an apology. I know you don't like him and you don't have to, but let's just get one thing straight, he has never done anything to hurt me phsyically or mentally and I care for him. Now when he gets here, I don't want another remark out of you!" Scully started out explaining and than demanding. She put emphasis on the word 'you' by pointing her index finger at him. "I understand, and I really am sorry Dana, I love you, you're the only sister I have left," he mentioned as he pulled her in an embrace. Scully pushed back a little, feeling that uncomforatble feeling in her tummy again. "Where is everyone?" Scully asked as he released her. "Tara and mom took Matthew downstairs to play. I think I'm going to join them, will you come?" Bill invited. "Um, I'll be downstairs in a few minutes okay," Scully reassured him with a glare and watched him head down the hallway until he disappeared down the stairs. Scully turned and put her head in her hands. She stood for a few moments just thinking, so deep in thought that she didn't even noticed that the front door had opened and someone was standing behind her. This unknown person put his hands around her waist and asked "Guess who?" Scully whirled around quickly at the voice and hugged Mulder. "You're here," she whimpered into his neck. "Of course I am, are you okay?" Mulder asked concerned at her amazing rate for expressing her emotions. She pulled back with teary eyes and smiled at him. "I missed you like crazy!" she laughed lightly. "We were only apart for like twelve hours!" he laughed back still hanging on to her waist. "It was too long Mulder," she said lowering her voice and her head. "Did I miss something? The baby?" Mulder asked quickly with a worried grin on his face. "No, you didn't miss anything except frequent trips to the bathroom and more dissiness!" she smiled at his gorgeous green eyes, that always sparkled when they talked about the baby. "Your right I did miss a lot!" he giggled at his sarcastic joke but was deep down sincere, he didn't want to miss anything! Their laughing stopped after a few moments and Mulder starred into her eyes, his tumb on her cheek whiping away her fallen tear. He bent to kiss her, but she hesitated to meet him halfway, her rational said "you're going to get caught!"...and boy was it right for once. Their lips were just about to touch lightly when they heard footsteps coming up the stairs. Mulder pulled back only a little, their lips still close, and he just smiled. "Dana?" Maggie called to her daughter, who was caught by her. She could see Mulder's hand graped around her daughter's waist and their head rather close, but not like they were when he smiled. They just weren't quick enough to separate before her mother caught them. We gotta work on that, Mulder sliently told Scully with his eyes. Suddenly, like out of nowhere, Bill appeared behind Maggie. Mulder shot Scully a worried look but her eyes always soothed him. "Maggie...Bill, how's it going?" Mulder tried to greet and left go of Scully's waist. They separated with a lot of distance, which made it more obvious to Maggie of their tension between each other, not only the people in the room. "Good, nice to see you Fox, how are you?" Maggie asked walking towards them a gesturing to take his jacket. "Good, thank you for having me and I am sorry I am late," Mulder apologized. "You're not that late, I mean dinner isn't for another couple of hours," she mentioned as she walked back towards the kitchen. Mulder glanced down at Scully who had total worry and fear in her eyes. "It's okay," he reassured her by putting his hand on the small of her back giving her stength and encouragement to walk forward on her own. "Do-do you having everything under control in here mom?" Scully stuttered as she entered the kitchen. Bill eyes Mulder closely but his eyes remained blank. "Of course, why don't you and Fox go downstairs, keep an eye on Matthew?" Maggie suggested. They both nodded and headed down the stairs. "Matthew? Bill's son Matthew? He's not a baby anymore?" Mulder questioned as they made the journey down the stairs. "Yes, Bill's son and no he's not a baby anymore, he's three years old," Scully informed him. They peeked around the corner looking for a smiling child. But when they didn't see him, the began to worry. "Matthew?" Mulder called. "Aunt Dana, will you and whoever is there, come find me!" Matthew shouted from behind the couch. Scully noticed his little foot sticking out, which obviously he didn't know could be seen. "Matthew are you hiding from me?" Scully smiled to Mulder and waited for a response. "Yup! I bet you can't find me!" Matthew challanged. Mulder walked to look behind the tv, just playing along and Scully crossed the room to look in the toy box. "Boy, he's a good hider," Mulder mentioned as he glanced at Scully's smiling face. "Here I am!" Matthew jumped out from the couch, his arms throwed up in the air and his legs spread like he was doing jumping jacks. "Wow, you did really good Matthew," Scully encouraged. "Aunt Dana, could me, could me and Mr., um, him watch cartoons?" Matthew asked excitedly pointing up to Mulder. The child obviously recognized him but didn't remember his name. "Sure, if Mr. Mulder wants too-," Scully was cut off by Mulder. "Sure, I'd love to watch cartoons with you!" Mulder said in a childsih voice and walked over and grabbed Matthew and tossed him lightly on the couch. Matthew laughed and giggled the whole time. Mulder sat next to the wiggly child and perched one arm on the back of the couch, the other, had the remote in hand flipping through the channels. Scully stood watching Mulder, this was so cute, he really didn't seem to mind, he was going to be a great dad. "How about this?" Mulder asked, glancing at Matthew. The energetic three-year-old jumped up and manipulated his body into fighting position, similar to the characters on the screen. "I love the power rangers!" Matthew exclaimed excitedly. He quickly got interested and was very focused on singing the entire theme song. Scully took advantage of Matthew being occupied, to walk up to the back of the couch and lean down very close to Mulder. Unexpectidly he pulled her head down to kiss her soft lips. She accepted but only for a slight millisecond before she pulled back and gave him a look like 'don't ever do that again, here!' he just smiled, knowing exactly what she was thinking. "I am going back upstairs if you don't mind?" Scully mentioned. "Sure, I don't mind, we'll be just find down here, but you know, a few juice boxes might help!" Mulder smiled as he joked, really meaning a juice box for the child. Scully smiled and glanced at him and Matthew before she left the room. A few minutes later, Scully snuck down the stairs, two juice boxes in hand. She peeked around the corner, literally spying on her nephew and partner. Mulder was on the edge of the couch, his hands clasped, licking his lips like he was concentrating hard on the tv show. Matthew was standing very close to the tv, his tongue running along his bottom lips also, paying attention to every move, their gazes never shifted. Was this a man thing? Scully snickered to herself. I mean think about it, Mulder and Matthew are so into this stupid cartoon as if it were life or death, they were so concentrated! I have never seen him like this, he is great with kids, he's practically a kid himself! It was quite comical, Scully rationalized for a moment, until finally Mulder's gaze caught her's out of the corner of his eye. He smiled bashfully that she'd caught him. She walked in the room, and a warmth filled the air, to Mulder. He caught a glimpse of how her jeans seemed very tight, then he eyed her belly, it was definitely getting fuller. He smiled some more at his thoughts, until she was finally sitting next to him on the couch. "One juice box for you, but only if you promise to be a good boy," Scully smiled palyfully at him, she seemed much more at ease, not being in the room with her mother or her brother. "Juice boxes?" Matthew said, the word grabbing his attention from the tv. "Nana has your favorite, the 'red kind'," Scully mentioned, handing him the box. He sipped it and settled back down contently on the floor. Mulder set his juice box on the coffee table in front of them and sat back. His arm fell naturally around Scully's shoulder and she didn't flinch at his light touch. He started squeezing her and pulling her closer, trying to get a reaction out of her. And it worked, but the exact opposite of what he expected. She moved closer willingly resting her head on his chest, so he began storking her strands of silky red hair. Mulder tensed up feeling her body on him, and she noticed it. "Are you okay?" Scully asked concerned. "Yeah, I am, are you?" Mulder asked back. "I am okay, I wish we could...talk, but we can later," she answered truthfully and returned her head to his warm chest. "Talk? I didn't do anything wrong did I?" he chuckled, rubbing her arm lightly. "No, not at all, you always do everything right," she answered. Scully focused her eyes on Matthew's little bobbing head in front of the tv, he was really getting into the show, every once in a while jumping up during a fighting scene and acting it out. "Did you talk with your mother, Scully?" Mulder asked, wanting to keep the conversation going. Scully sat up, tensed up at those words. "I-I did," Scully swallowed hard and that made Mulder nervous. "And?" Mulder asked nervously. "And, she doesn't know anything, I just couldn't tell her," Scully began to whisper and her eyes worried with tiny glazed tears. "Scully, we have to tell her," Mulder started but Scully put her hands up to his lips to shush him. "Not today, please Mulder, we need to talk first, about some things," Scully proposed. "What things Scully? Is something wrong," Mulder whispered trying not to disturb Matthew who was still focused on the power rangers. "Nothings wrong, I just-I just want to tell you what happened at my apartment, when you were still in Minnesota," Scully explained. "What? What happened? You're starting to scare me Scully, stop the charade," Mulder pleaded. "Later, I'll tell you later, when we're alone. But it's something good, good about you know who," Scully rubbed her belly for a moment. "You mean I missed something good? What, what?" Mulder was getting rather fustrated. "Did it kick?" Mulder asked completely enthused but keeping his voice low. "No Mulder, that won't happen for a while. Just trust me, forget we even started this conversation until later," Scully instructed and then curled up onto his chest again.

Chapter 17-Too close for comfort

Margaret Scully's Residence 10:15am

Mulder and Scully cuddled up on the couch and watched about three different programs of cartoons with Matthew, each having their own theme song, that he would jump up and sing, 'cause he knew it by heart. At one point, Mulder started singing and piece, whispering in Scully's ear; "You teach me and I'll teach you," he whispered smiling and nudging his nose into the crick of her neck. He just smiled but pushed him away. They put an immense distance between them when they heard footsteps coming down the stairs. Bill peeked his head around the corner until he made it all the way into the room. He smiled slightly and looked at Scully and Mulder, then he knelt down beside his son. "Do you have to go potty Matthew?" Bill asked his three-year-old. Matthew nodded 'no' still focused on the show. "Bill, how's mom coming along with dinner?" Scully asked trying to get a nice conversation going. "Pretty good, it should be ready in another hour and a half," Bill answered. He grabbed the empty juice boxes and made his way back upstairs. Just then Mulder's cell rang. He stood up and walked to a corner of the room to answer it, and Scully's eyes followed him. "Mulder?" Mulder asked. "Agent Mulder!" Skinner's voice boomed through the phone. (In Mulder's Head;) Oh shit, he's pissed off! What did I do now? "Sir, Happy Thanksgiving," Mulder greeted trying to score some brownie points. "I just got an Email from Detective Hersh, saying you left without helping them wrap up the case? Is this true?" Skinner interrogated. Mulder just closed his eyes and shook his head. Scully noticed his uneasiness and stood up and walked over to him. "Yes Sir, but only because I had to make Thanksgiving dinner,"

"That's not what they told me. They said that you told them you didn't think the FBI was no longer needed," Skinner fussed. "Well Sir, I don't think they needed us," Mulder tried to make things better. "Agent Mulder, I am debating on suspending you for a week, you don't just let a local P.D. handle an X-File, that is your job Agent Mulder, even if it is a holiday," shouted through the phone. "Sir, I am sorry, we'll go back to Minnesota and finish up tomorrow? Fair enough?" Mulder mumbled. Scully raised her eyebrow and stared at him. "No, it's too late Agent Mulder, you're lucky they didn't need you," Skinner continued. "Then why am I getting chewed out for this? Obviously they didn't need the FBI!" Mulder shouted, which got Matthew's attention. Scully noticed this and went to Matthew's side to get him re-entertained. "Because you still left unfinished business, you broke protocol and that results in one week suspense, no pay," Skinner finished and hung up. Mulder hung up too and put his phone back in his pocket. Scully walked up to him. "Mulder what's going on? What happened," Scully whispered. "Because I left Minnesota without finishing the case, he suspended me for a week," Mulder explained. "Mulder? You didn't finish the case?" Scully asked with surprised blue eyes. "I didn't have enough time, I had to be here," Mulder expressed. "Mulder you didn't have to be here, you should've finished up," Scully concluded. "No, that's where you're wrong. Both of you. My priorities have changed Scully, this day was more important to me then any X-File," Mulder snapped. "Mulder, what did you leave them with?" Scully asked referring to the P.D. "They had the little information we found, I seriously doubt that was an x- file, I think it was some case, that those gophers had some kind of disease that made them want to eat anything they see," Mulder concluded. "But that doesn't explain the death of that women I did the autopsy on," Scully retorted, lowering her voice for Matthew's sake. "I know, I don't get that either, but I thought that maybe once they figured out the gopher thing, everything else would fall into place. I thought they could handle it, obviously it was my misjudgment, but I can't believe the local P.D. could be so stupid,"

"Well, your misjudgment was off but you're right, that sounds like an easy case we were dealt and they couldn't handle it," Scully agreed. "They are a little backwards up there I guess?" Mulder commented and made his way back to the couch. Scully followed him and sat down next to him. Her head tossed back, her throat looked as white as a swan. Mulder wanted so badly to reach out and touch it, so soft and pure skin. He raised his arm to when her head came back forward and her eyes opened, too fast for him. "Scully, what did you want to tell me? I am dying to know!" he leaned over to her head and smiled. "All I wanted to tell you, was that when I was alone, I heard this song," Scully began. Mulder picked up her hand and held it for a moment stroking the soft skin on the back of her hand. "And...?" he prompted. She drew in a deep breath. "And it made me think of you and... I started crying Mulder," she answered leaving out the other person she was thinking about, for fear of ears in her mom's house. "You cried Scully?" Mulder held her hand a little tighter and bent in closer, just about to kiss her, and she pulled back some more, giving him her look...like 'no!'. "I am amazed at how emotional I have become, tears come easily, and I don't know how to deal with it anymore," Scully expressed, tearing up as she thought about it. "Just do whatever you can Scully, it's good to cry every once in a while. I haven't seen you cry much, and I think you should, it would probably help you a lot," Mulder suggested. "Mulder, I thought about....in a different way, it was so weird and scary, it was a new feeling and I liked it, but it was so unfamiliar, I didn't know what to do with it," Scully tried to explain. "You mean like intuition?" Mulder questioned. "Some of it was, I just kept thinking about how much I've dreamed about this and I realized that it's not a fantasy anymore. Mulder it's growing inside of me, he's there, and we're going to meet him in eight months. It's just so mind boggling, this is changing our life tremendously fast,"

"Are you saying that you are worried or scared, are you unsure about this Scully?"

"Unsure about what, honey?" Ms. Scully asked, jumping into their conversation. Mulder and Scully were so deep into talking with each other, that they hadn't even noticed she'd entered the room. "Oh nothing really mom, I'm fine," Scully gave her usual answer and tried covering for us. "Are you sure honey?" Maggie stepped closer to them. Matthew got up from the floor and went pounding up the stairs yelling for 'daddy', so now the three adults were alone, and it was intense for Mulder and Scully. "I am sure. But Mulder and I were talking, would you mind if we went up in the guest room and finished our conversation?" Scully asked trying to keep her cool. She wasn't happy about the way her mother butted in and she wanted to finish talking. "Sure, that's fine, I'll call you when dinner is ready okay?" Maggie muttered and proceeded into the laundry room. Scully got up from the couch in a hurry, not even giving Mulder a second look, he face felt hot from blushing mostly because they were almost caught once again. Mulder followed her, resisting the urge to hold her hand, he desperately wanted her touch. He hadn't seen her since yesterday and he knew that she couldn't even give him a kiss in this house and that he longed for. The crept up the stairs, going unnoticed by the people in the kitchen. Scully continued to climb the stairs and Mulder followed, but he noticed her pace slowed down, she grasped the side of the banister for support. Mulder noticed her weakening and he grabbed her before she almost fell. He picked her up and carried her the rest of the way. "Are you okay Scully?" he asked completely concerned at her unstableness. He laid her on the guest bed and closed the door and locked it. He made his way to her, crawling on the other side and cuddled her with his strong arms. "I am fine, I just got a little morning dizziness," she re-assured him. He intertwined her fingers with his, and his other hand was clasped around her waist. "You never answered me, are you unsure, scared?" Mulder questioned again. "I am not unsure, I can't be, it's here! But I am a little scared, I don't know how to do this, I've never done it before," Scully expressed, one tear sliding down her soft cheek. "I promise, we'll do fine, you know a lot more then me, how do you think I feel?" Mulder chuckled a little. "Scully, I don't know anything that's going on with your body, I don't know what to expect everytime I see you, let alone undress you," Mulder continued. That got a small low giggle from her throat. "So are you saying I need to give you a lesson in female anatomy during pregnancy?" Scully giggled some more. "That would help, yes, I want to know what's going on in there," Mulder smiled and kissed her neck. "Well, right now, the baby's heart has started to beat, but we can't hear it yet. It beats about twice as fast as mine. The embryo starts to move this week, but I won't be able to feel it for another month or two," Scully began explaining. "How do you know all of this? And you're scared?" Mulder chuckles. "Med. School, we have to do everything...contraception, pregnancy, labor, infants, toddlers, kids, teenagers, adults, seniors, all of it!" she smiles and snuggles closer to him. "What else?" Mulder asked totally enthused, and he started rubbing her tummy lightly. "Um, it's got a the beginnings of hands and feet," Scully continued. "Really? How far are we?" Mulder asked. "Seven weeks Mulder,"

"And it's already got hands?" he smiled, moving his hands between her fingers more. "Um hum." She smiled and snuggled her head into the pillow more. "Is that all?" Mulder questioned more. "Um hum," she moaned and he noticed her eyes were closed. He kissed her on her neck and got up from the bed. By her breathing, she was definitely falling asleep if she wasn't already there. Mulder opened the door quietly and left the room.

Chapter 18-The Secret's out

Later...Mulder strolled down the upstairs hallway, bored to death, not wanting to go downstairs and face Scully's family alone. Now he knew how she felt, only he felt worse. He found the bathroom, relieved himself and then washed his hands. Peering in the mirror, he smiled at the thought of Scully and his baby, he was so unbelievably excited. He exited the bathroom and journeyed down the stairs until he was stalled at the bottom. His left hand rested still on the banister but his feet were fully in the hallway now. He glared at Maggie Scully who slowly pivoted around in her standing spot holding a small bottle of pills in her hands. "Fox," she held up the bottle with a questioning grin. "Yes?" he answered nervously, he glanced at the table in the dining room, where Scully's jacket was laid. "Dana's cell was ringing, I was just about to get it...Whoever it was hung up. But I am more disturbed by finding this in her pocket," Maggie explained with piercing eyes. Both of Mulder's arms had dropped to his side and he stood nervously, to come up with an answer. "I can't lie to you, she's pregnant Maggie," Mulder confessed nervously as he glanced up the stairs because of a noise. Scully was standing right there, she had heard the last phrase and looked at her mother's astonished eyes. Another thing that went unnoticed was that Bill and Sarah had heard too and were now standing in the hallway, everyone waiting for answers. "Dana's pregnant?" Bill asked nervously also. "Oh my God," Scully gasped breathlessly. Her lips shivered from fear as she turned quickly. She put her face in her hands and ran up the stairs to the guest room and locked the door. Mulder made a 'sorry' glance at Maggie and than ran up the stairs after her. Maggie and Sarah followed, and Bill decided to stay and keep an eye on Matthew. Maggie met Mulder in the hallway outside the room. "Scully, Scully I am sorry," Mulder pleaded with her. He could faintly hear her sobs into the pillow. "Scully please open the door,"

"Fox, let me talk with her, I think she needs her mother," Maggie insisted. Dana has always done this, locked herself in rooms when she doesn't want to face things, ever since she was a teenager. Maggie knew just how to handle that one. She reached up above the door frame and retrieved a small key. She then unlocked the door and made her way in the room. Mulder stayed behind, he closed the door to give them some privacy, but he was interested in what was going to be said, so he lingered in the hallway trying to hear as much as he could. "Dana, sweetheart," Maggie sighed holding her crying daughter in her arms. "Mom, mom I'm so scared," she breathed and leaned back. "Is it true? For sure?" Maggie questioned, Scully nodded 'yes' and gasped for air once more. "And Mulder is...?" Maggie continued. Scully nodded once again. "I just don't know...I am blessed enough to have found love in Mulder, why did God give me his child too?" Scully questioned fate. "Dana, all you've done, everything you do, you save peoples lives everyday, whether you're being a doctor or an agent. Maybe God wanted to give you something for that," Maggie proposed. "It's a complete miracle, I am so happy, yet I don't know what to do with all of these overwhelming feelings," Scully cried. "Honey, everything's going to be fine, I am so happy for you...and Mulder!" Maggie smiled. Scully smiled back, and noticed that Sarah was peeking in the door. "Can another girl join this conversation?" she smiled as they both nodded. She sat on the bed on the other side of Scully and hugged her. "Congratulations Dana,"

"Sarah, you had Matthew...you could help me with this right?" Scully questioned, looking both women in the eyes for reassurance. "Sure, but I have a feeling you won't need any help. It will all come to you, you'll know what to do, I promise,"

"It's sortof hard, and Mulder knows less than me!" Scully chuckled, and poor Mulder in the hallway heard that one and kindof felt guilty. "Dana, Bill didn't know anything either. The fun of it is learning together, enjoy this Dana, don't try and ignore it, study yourself and your child," Sarah answered. "Thanks, I am feeling a lot better now that I could talk to women, especially you mom," Scully patted her mother's hand. "How far along are you?" Maggie questioned. "Seven weeks," Scully smiled. "Um, we have another doctor's appointment next week to do some tests and I think a sonogram," Scully answered with a smile. "I'm going to go check on dinner, are you going to be okay Dana?" Sarah asked, heading towards the door. Scully nodded, "Thank you so much,"

"Mom, I am okay now, could you send Mulder in, please? He probably thinks I am really upset with him," Scully acknowledged. "Sure sweetie," Maggie smiled and went to the door, she motioned for Mulder, who was sitting outside the door, knees up to his chest, his hands under his chin, just waiting. He quickly jumped up at Maggie's gesture and walked quietly into the room and shut the door. "Scully, Scully I am so sorry," Mulder answered sincerely, he still stood far away from her, anticipating an angry woman. "Mulder, come here," she held up her index finger and curled it in a gesture for him to come. "Scully...I," Mulder stuttered. "Mulder I am not angry," Scully reassured him. He walked to the bed and sat next to her. She felt the mattress sink with his weight and then bounce back up again. He folded his hands together in his lap and tried not to make eye contact, he just starred at the floor. Scully did the same for a moment, but then she wiggled her hand over to his and clasped it gently. Mulder still wouldn't look up, he felt ashamed or guilty for some reason, because he didn't know what he was doing to help her and he told her mother by accident. "Mulder?" she prompted any response from him, becoming worried of his quietness. "Yes?" he answered, not knowing what to say. "It's okay what you did, I am not mad with you. I love you for everything you do," she expressed and rubbed his palms in a ticklish way. He finally locked eyes with her baby blues and it was amazing how soothing they were. He couldn't think of anything to say, it was almost as if they'd just met and had nothing to say to each other. Or maybe they were talking but through their mental language, and maybe the transmissions weren't getting through to him like they usually do, he thought. Scully leaned towards him, and hovered her lips to his, feeling his breath quicken and heat up. (In Mulder's Head;) Oh my God, she's going to kiss me, in her mother's house...and she is initiating it!!!!! I am like frozen I don't know what to do, I am so afraid to move! Scully's tongue darted out unexpectedly to Mulder, he was expecting lips first. She traced his plump bottom lip and pushed her tongue in more at the corners of his mouth. Mulder was in like a complete state of shock and he was becoming amazingly aroused. Suddenly she took his whole mouth with hers and sucked on his tongue and ran hers along his upper teeth, but she still got no reaction from him, he was still frozen 'cause all the heat was obviously rushing to his groin. "Mulder? What's wrong?" Scully asked pulling away completely, giving him a surprised look. "Uh...uh, nothing, nothing's wrong," he finally managed to speak. "Then why won't you kiss me?" Scully asked with hurt in her eyes. "I am sorry. Everything that's just happened, I wasn't at all expecting you to be so forgiving, for one, and two I didn't expect to get a kiss in this house, and three, I didn't expect you to initiate it," Mulder rambled still starring straight ahead. "I am sorry, would it help if I asked, 'Mulder I want you to kiss me'?" she asked sarcastically but it didn't seem to come off that way, more sincere actually. "No, nothing like that would help," he answered, not even thinking about what she'd just said. "What the hell does that mean? Mulder what is up with you, you're acting like a zombie!" Scully shouted and jumped off the bed, waving her hand in front of his starring eyes. Mulder's eye finally met hers again and he noticed a tear forming at one corner of her eye. He reached up and touched his thumb to it. She pushed his hand away and starred at him. "I am sorry, I don't know what's gotten over me. I guess I just had too much time to think in that hallway," Mulder answered standing up to meet her. "What ever you were doing, I don't like it. You've built up walls, almost as good as I do!" she noted. "Yeah, now you know how I always feel, for the past seven years!" Mulder chuckled. "I am sorry. It's the only way I know to protect myself, except for my gun and locks on my doors." She smiled. "I understand," Mulder answered. Scully walked closer to him, weaving her hands around her waist. His hands met around her waist as well. (In Scully's Head;) For once, a reaction, he's holding me, finally! She put her lips in the position they were before. "Can we try that again?" Scully smiled and waited until she saw a familiar quiver in his lips. Her tongue darted once again and followed the same path as before, but this time was different. Mulder met her with his tongue and deepened their passionate kiss. Before any further thinking could occur, Scully had pushed Mulder down on the bed, fast and forcefully. "Scully!" Mulder gasped at her boldness and tried to lean up to a sitting position. Scully put her index finger to his lips to shush him, then with her other hand she placed it on his left inner thigh, making him go completely speechless at her touch. She slowly began to crawl on top of him, one leg then the other, until her body was lined up with his. Her hands rested on his firm chest as she heard his breathing get considerably louder. "Shh, Mulder," Scully giggled and put her finger at his lips again. She smiled as another teasing thought came to her mind. One of her hands slid down his chest across his tummy and over the knot she was looking for. He hadn't noticed her hand yet, so she pressed rather hard on his standing erection. "NO! No Scully," Mulder yelped and gasped for air in a rather loud and hoarse voice. "Mulder, c'mon, let's make love right here, now," she daringly whispered into his ear as she sucked on his ear lobe. "No, no I won't," Mulder said firmly pushing her away. "Especially not here," "Mulder, I always make love to you when you want to, why?" she pleaded quietly. "Scully, have you lost your pretty little mind? It's Thanksgiving Day, dinner is in an hour and you're in your mother's house!" Mulder spoke fast but keep his voice low. "I think I have lost my mind, but we have nothing left to hide, and I haven't felt you for what feels like forever," Scully replied. "Well it's not going to be right now, I am sorry. Let's go downstairs and forget this little 'need' of yours happened," Mulder suggested. "Are you saying it's okay for you to want sex 'right here and right now' but I can't?" Scully grew frustrated and her voice became louder than Mulder had anticipated. "No, I am not saying that at all Scully. Please, can we talk about this later?" Mulder tried to calm her. "I am almost curious as to what's gotten into you!"

"What do you mean?" she asked raising her eyebrow, the way she always does. "Scully," Mulder started as he moved to her and lowered his voice, "You never, ever initiate our...[actions]...and you never talk about it either. You seem to get shy about it and you're not acting shy at All Right now," Mulder explained. "I am sorry. Sometimes I do want to talk about it, but we never do. Sometimes I want to initiate it, but you do pretty good at doing it exactly when I want it...except today," Scully answered. "Scully, if I would've kissed you at all today, you'd of slapped me and probably band me from any pleasure from you for a few days," Mulder chuckled. "I would not have!" she exclaimed smiling, denying it, but the look in their eyes told each other that they knew Mulder was right. "Okay, look let's go downstairs," Mulder ordered. Scully smiled and nodded and followed him downstairs.

Chapter 19-Nothing can hurt us

Mulder and Scully entered Maggie's kitchen. The aroma from the delicious food flooded their senses the moment they neared the room. Just moments before they reached the kitchen, Scully got an overwhelming feeling, like she wanted to 'chicken out' on this whole dinner thing, she was worried about facing Bill. "Dana, is it true?" Bill interrogated with blank eyes, she couldn't tell what he felt on the subject, not from his eyes, his voice, or his posture, it was frustrating. Mulder stood behind Scully in the doorway, childishly using her as a shield from Bill's path. Maggie and Sarah were in the adjoining living room entertaining Matthew, oblivious to Bill's questioning. "Yes Bill, Mulder and I are going to have a baby," Scully swallowed hard, leaning her back against Mulder's chest behind her for support. "Dana, I-I'm happy that you're going to have a family, but why him? You deserve so much better," Bill coldly stated. Maggie heard that remark and came over into the kitchen. Mulder just stood his arms around Scully's waist trying to give any ounce of strength he had left to her. "Bill that's enough," Maggie demanded and put her hand on his shoulder. "I don't want you to be happy for me until you can respect my choices. I am in love with Mulder and he's in love with me. I don't know what he ever did to you to make you act this way, but I don't really care. You're so childish, are you ever ever going to grow up?" Scully began lecturing her older brother. "Dana, why can't you see him for what he is?" Bill pressed. "And what is he? Do you really know?" Scully threw it back at him. He was partly speechless for the moment. "Mulder has saved me more times and in more ways then ever. He was with me when my cancer was diagnosed...where were you? In the navy, you claim you couldn't come home and that was BS," Scully continued. "Dad came home from the navy all of the time," Scully continued. Mulder's hands had now reached her shoulders, massaging them to try and make this somewhat easier for her. Maggie was just watching this whole argument play out, she was speechless too, in fact they all were, except Scully. "Dana I tried, my commander was different than dad's," Bill tried to make excuses. "All right how about your brothering act. You somehow got it into your head that you have to look out for your little sister's boyfriends. Well where were you when Jack Willis kidnapped me? Huh Bill? Who was there? Mulder! Mulder saved me, he always has and he always will," Scully continued throwing memories at her brother. "I-," Bill started by was cut off by an angry sister. "Shut up! Just shut up! Why do you have to do this? Especially on Thanksgiving? I am so tired of fighting with you, but you know what? You're never going to win, I am far stronger than you and I won't let you ruin anything I have, including this day with my family! My mother, my sister in law, my...Mulder, and my baby," Scully hesitated as a tear bundled in her eye, but she did not let it fall, she only blinked it away. She turned and tried to leave the room, but Mulder's tall stature was blocking the way, instead she just fell into his arms and held him. His arms came up around her back and he pulled her close. She wasn't crying but she just buried her face in his chest and tried to breathe his scent that was always so comforting to her. Everyone stood watching Mulder hug her and rest his head and cheek on the top of her head. His hands stroked her back, trying to comfort her the best way he could. Maggie smiled at his gestures and Bill just looked away embarrassed, his sister just made a total fool of him. "Scully why don't you go upstairs and rest, I think you're extremely tired," Mulder whispered the suggestion in her ear and kissed the side of her neck. The kiss made a light sound that made Bill look at them again. She nodded and moved away from him, he stepped aside letting her by. She never looked back as she climbed the stairs. Mulder watched her until he could not see her again. "I can't believe you! You're such an ass!" Mulder shouted at Bill who was standing behind a chair at the table. "Mulder, please," Maggie tried to shush him. "No, this is far from over. Now it's my turn!" Mulder yelled, but not directly at Maggie. "How could you be so arrogant and so ignorant. Just because you don't believe in the same things I do, you don't want her near me! That's like saying because you don't like peanut butter, she shouldn't like it either!" Mulder shouted, inside he was laughing at his lame example. "How can you say that! You are so bad for her! You took her away from our church, you ruined her doctoring career, you caused her to get cancer, and to think that she couldn't have children! You ruined her social life, she has nothing!" Bill shouted back at Mulder. Mulder lunged towards Bill, grabbing him by his tie and thrusting him against the patio doors. A loud thump from the impact of both men's weight against the door and a few squeals and gasps from the two women watching. Luckily Matthew had went back down into the basement long ago. "I love her! I've loved her since I saw her. Do you know what that's like? Huh?" Mulder shouted into Bill's face, shoving him up against the glass harder. "Knowing that I can't tell her! Knowing that any day I could lose her! You have know idea, my feelings for her are so powerful. My feelings for her are THE only thing that keeps me going!" Mulder shouted louder and little squirts of spit flew onto the glass above Bill's shoulder. "You better lay off of her, or the next time, you won't be living to say Thanksgiving prayer!" Mulder yelled and then released his fist from Bill's shirt and tie. "And as for OUR child, you better not come near it until you grow up!" Mulder screamed as he pushed one of the chairs into the table more so. Mulder stopped for a moment and breathed, holding his hands together in a fist as if he were trying to contain his anger in a ball. His knuckles were white and his eyes dark, starring at the floor. "Maggie, Sarah, I am sorry for this. It needed to be said and most of all, someone needs to listen to it," Mulder mentioned looking at Bill square in the eye. "I apologize," he said sincerely and looked at her. She raised that eyebrow like Scully does and then grinned. "I accept that apology and I agree with you. Bill you are way out of line here," Maggie began her lecturing. "Mom, am I the only one who sees this? Sarah?" Bill asked glancing at his mom and then his wife. "Bill, regardless of what Fox did or didn't do to Dana, is not in question. He has never hurt her, she is safe with him, she loves him, and that's where she belongs," Maggie insisted. "Safe? Safe? How can you say that mom? For God's sake we could be hurt or killed on a case, she could be kidnapped or 'abducted' (Bill holds up his fingers and making a quotation mark gesture) any day. Mom, we could never see her again, do you want that," Bill questioned. "Yes that could and has happened, But if that ever were to occur, I have known that someone had loved her like a woman should loved. Fox loves her and he always has," Maggie backed him up. "He would never put her life in danger if he could keep from it, it's not his fault. Bill everyone's life is at risk at just getting out of bed in the morning. The difference is, that Dana and Fox, they save peoples lives, they help people, you can't take that away from either of them,"


"Bill, stop!" Sarah snapped, becoming annoyed by the childish side of her husband that she's never seen before. Mulder turned and walked out of the kitchen and down the hallway. Maggie Scully jogged after him. Once Mulder reached the hallway he realized Scully never went up to bed. She was sitting in the steps and had heard every words of every minute. He sat next to her quickly and put his arm around her shoulder. His other hand caressed her cheek where it was still damp from tears. He leaned in and pressed his lips lightly to hers, her lips parted for him but they stayed somewhat really. Just breathing in each other's breath and holding each other in a unique embrace. Maggie had finally caught up with them, but saw the faint outline of Scully's leg through the banister rails. She stepped forward a little more and saw her daughter holding Mulder's head in her hands. She heard the sweet sounds of kissing and decided to leave them alone for now. She made her way back into the kitchen. "No one's ever fought for me before," Scully muttered, her head down. "What are you talking about, I fight for you all of the time," Mulder replied, using his hand to guide her face back up so that she was looking in his eyes. "Not like that," she mentioned with one tear that fell and strolled gently down her smooth face. "True, I was more scared of your brother than any monster or alien in the x- files," Mulder chuckled. "I think he was terrified of you Mulder. When you threw him up against the glass doors!" she laughed lowly. "You saw that?" Mulder asked with a surprised boyish grin. "Yeah I did, and the funny thing was that I didn't mind you doing it!" she giggled. Just then they heard some footsteps in the hallway, Scully glanced over her shoulder to see who was coming. It was Matthew and Sarah. "Mr. Mulder...pokemon is coming on again! Don't you want to watch it with me?" Matthew whined tugging on Mulder's hand. Mulder smiled and looked up at Sarah for some kind of approval. Sarah nodded and Mulder stood, picking the young child up and setting Matthew on his shoulders. Mulder walked as the giddy child laughed on his shoulders. Mulder kept an eye out for Bill to come pounce on him for even touching his son, but as he journeyed through the house and down to the basement, he never once sighted Bill. Scully and Sarah were left laughing in the hallway at Mulder carrying Matthew. "Dana, I am sorry about Bill, I am very happy for you and I am here for you if you need anything," Sarah apologized and offered. "It's okay Sarah. I knew Bill was going to do this. He's just that way and I don't know how to change him. It just frustrates me so much. I am in love with Mulder," Scully explained. "I know you are. I can see it in both of your eyes and how he holds you like a treasure, it's all you've ever wanted I am sure," Sarah commented. "It has been all I've ever wanted. We went so long with this attraction, the tension. We waited so long to admit our feelings to ourselves and each other. I don't want to wait anymore. We're here now and I want to enjoy everything I have,"

"Good for you, you should. So tell me about this baby, how did it come to be?" Sarah asked, sitting next to Scully. "Well, it was our first time, and I guess it really was amazing. I found out a few weeks later that I was pregnant. We have an appointment next week that I am so excited about!" Scully smiled but tried to conceal her happiness a little. "Now that I know, I do notice your weight gain," Sarah smiled. "Yes, it's there, it's not much, but he's growing," Scully smiled once more rubbing her tummy. "It's a boy?" Sarah asked. "It's a boy?" Maggie shouted from the kitchen doorway. "What's with the eavesdropping in this house?" Scully grumbled but smiled. Maggie walked to the bottom of the stairs where Sarah and Scully were sitting. "Dana?" Maggie prompted an answer to that question. "I don't know! Mom, it's too early to tell anyway," Scully smiled. "But you must have a feeling or an idea of what you want it to be?" Maggie insisted. "I honestly don't know, my intuition is completely neutral as to the gender," Scully answered. "What do you hope it is?" Sarah asked smiling. "All I want is a healthy baby, that looks like me and acts like Mulder...well maybe I shouldn't wish for that, it could backfire," Scully giggled and the other women laughed along. "Well honey, we should get along with dinner I suppose," Maggie suggested. "But Mom, Charlie isn't here yet?" Scully vocalized. "I know, he called when you were napping. He's not going to be able to make it, his flight was canceled because they are under a severe snowstorm watch in Colorado," Maggie informed. "Oh darn, I wanted to see him," And so the three women walked into the kitchen and sat at the table. Mulder and Scully seated together and Bill and Sarah all the way to the end of the table. Matthew and Maggie sat near the sides separating the two couples.

Chapter 20-TLG to the Rescue

Dinner went rather well, better than anyone expected. Little was spoken about the incident earlier. Although Bill nor Mulder talked much, the women seemed to have a great conversation. Scully ate a good bit, but nothing near what she normally ate. "Are you okay Scully? You haven't eaten much," Mulder acknowledged. "Yes, I am fine Mulder," she answered her usual way. "Are you sure honey?" Maggie asked, now becoming aware and concerned. "Yes...gosh! I just go through days where I eat everything and then the next I'm not hungry!" Scully smiled. Everyone else seemed to smile too, even Bill. "Have you found any food that has grossed you out yet?" Sarah chuckled. "Oh gosh, I remember being pregnant with Dana, I threw up if I even smelled turkey, it was horrible!" Maggie laughed, putting her hand on her daughter's arm. "I haven't found anything like that yet, I've only found the things I do want very often," Scully answered. "Yeah, pizza...it's always 'Mulder order a pizza!'" Mulder and the women chuckled. Scully and Sarah got up to put their plates in the sink and get started on the cleaning up process after Thanksgiving dinner. "Hey, um...Maggie? Could I talk to you in the hallway? Privately?" Mulder asked with a grin. Maggie looked startled by the request but quickly got up to follow him. He stopped near the front door and pulled her to the side, out of everyone's eyesight.

"What is it Fox?" Maggie queried. "I wanted to talk to you. I need to ask you something and tell you something. I don't exactly have anyone to talk to," Mulder started clearly excited about something. "Go on Fox," Maggie prompted. Mulder leaned down to her ear and began whispering to Maggie. "Of course!" she answered as he kept whispering. "Oh God, that's going to be so..." she stopped at his hushing of the secret. "Don't tell anyone! Not anyone!" Mulder ordered as he walked away from Maggie's smiling face. "Mulder? Where'd you go?" Scully asked walking around the corner and entering the hallway. "Sorry, I just had to talk to your mom for a moment," Mulder answered and Scully raised her eyebrow. "About what?" Scully questioned curiously. "Nothing, it's a secret!" he smiled. "Are you ready to go, or are you staying to help clean up?" Mulder asked. "No honey, you and Mulder go home," Maggie insisted coming up behind them. "Go have some fun, you won't be able to much longer," she winked at Mulder and then retreated into the kitchen. "Well, you heard the woman, let's get out of here and go have some fun!" Mulder smiled in a boyish grin. Mulder grabbed their coats from the coat hanger and held Scully's out for her to slide in. "Bye everyone!" Scully yelled into the kitchen. She got a reply of 'bye's' and her mother came to see them out. "I am happy for you Dana, be careful!" she smiled and let them out the door.

In the Car Heading to; Georgetown, Washington D.C. 4:56 pm

"So Mulder, how did mom find out anyway?" Scully asked. "Your cell was ringing, she reached in your pocket and found your prenatal vitamins," Mulder answered, his eyes focusing on the road, it was now raining. "I am still amazed at how easily you cracked! You can hide all kinds of BS from Skinner yet, when you get around my mom, you spill your guts!" Scully laughed. "I am really sorry, I can't lie to her, I want her respect," Mulder confessed. "Oh Mulder, my mother loves you so much! You don't have anything to worry about!" Scully smiled. "I wonder who called me?" Scully thought out loud. "Why don't you check your messages," Mulder suggested. Scully retrieved her cell from her right coat pocket and turned it on. "One," she stated and began pushing buttons to listen to the message. "Mulder, I am having a bit of trouble, the phone company says I need a password to listen to this message," Scully muttered with a frustrated smirk. "Are you sure? Do you have a password for your messages?" Mulder asked, looking at her hands for a moment, then back to the road. "No, actually I don't," Scully answered. Mulder grabbed the phone in one hand and looked at it closer, then he gave it back. "Let's take it over to the guys and let them hack at it!" Mulder said excitedly. "Mulder, you're not really serious are you? I mean it's not that big of a deal," Scully uttered. "It's a big deal, I wanna know who's sending you secret messages!" Mulder chuckled. "Oh yes Mulder, I completely forgot to tell you about my secret admirer!" Scully joked. "I can't wait to hear what is on that phone now! Maybe it's a cyber!" Mulder laughed. "Nah, I think that's your area of expertise!" Scully joked back. "Are you making fun of me?" Mulder asked in a serious voice, but of course he was just joking. "Not at all!" she answered sarcastically. "Well there's no way you could hold me to that, because we have never cybered Scully," Mulder smiled at the thought. "Yeah well..." she stopped. "Do you wanna try it sometime? Your mom did say to have fun didn't she?" Mulder chuckled. "No way Mulder, not when I can have the real thing. You've got to be kidding me!" she replied in a serious voice. Mulder just chuckled and pulled into the parking lot. They both got out of the car and strolled to the door of The Lone Gunmen Offices.

The Lone Gunmen Offices 4342 Party Street 5:15pm

"Yo...Agent Mulder!...Miss. Scully!" Langly greeted them at the door. "Ooo what do we owe this pleasure Agent Scully?" Frohike asked, moving up to be near her rather quickly. "My phone, it has a message on it, and I called the phone company, they said this particular message that was left for me has a password," Scully started, handing the phone to Byers and her coat to Langly. Frohike just stood back and watched her back arch as she pulled off the coat, he got a stunning view of her upper figure and was motionless. Mulder noticed this and gave him a glare to back off, Frohike understood and just smiled. "Anything else?" Byers asked Scully as she followed him over to a contraption they had. "Um, just that I don't know nor do I have any passwords and I don't know who this message is from," Scully finished. Mulder stood behind her, watching Byers take the lead in cracking this code. Langly hooked a cord into the end of Scully's phone and then hooked the other end into the computer. Everyone stood gathered around the computer screen, watching Byers press buttons and work his magic. "Why would this message have a password?" Mulder questioned the three men. "Some people or companies do this to ensure the confidential information being sent. So obviously this is only meant for Scully's ears," Byers answered. "You don't mind do you Scully? I mean if this is confidential then we shouldn't open this," Frohike mentioned. "No, I don't mind, I have no idea what it could be, it cannot be that bad," Scully concluded. Byers pressed a few more keys and presto! The message recorded on Scully's phone was being played through the computer. "This message is for Dana Scully from Dr. Trite's office reminding you of your first prenatal check up on Friday November 29, 2000, thank you and have a nice day," the receptionist finished and the message stopped. Scully had turned away from all of the men, her face red and hot with embarrassment. Mulder put his fingers to the bridge of his nose pinching it and the other retched back to rest on Scully's shoulder for comfort. The lone gunmen looked up with disbelief, thinking this was some kind of cruel message from a psyco or something. "Agent Mulder?" Byers whispered as Scully kept walking slowly in the other direction, pulling herself away from that situation, building her walls, like she always does. "You don't have to explain," Byers reassured Mulder that is was really none of their business. "No, we do, just hang on," Mulder answered, following Scully over to the corner of the room where she had ended up. The three men took the liberty of trying to stay occupied by erasing the message and unplugging the phone for Scully. Mulder put his hands on her back, pulling her a bit to lean on him. He bent his head to kiss that soft spot he loved, right on her neck under her ear lobe. "We need to tell them together Scully," Mulder whispered into her ear. "I know," she whispered very lowly back to him. She had finally gotten back some of her composure and turned to face him. He clasped her hand, and they walked back to the group. "Guys, Scully and I, we have something to tell you," Mulder began. All three men looked at them, intensely, waiting for an answer. "Mulder and I, we've been..." Scully stopped, unable to find the right words to explain. "We're in love," Mulder stated as mouths dropped. Mulder decided to start at the beginning of the baby thing so that's where it started, right? "You mean you finally told her?" Byers smiled big at Mulder. "Yes finally." Mulder smiled back squeezing her hand. Mulder glanced at Frohike afraid to see his reaction. But he saw nothing in those familiar eyes. "And that call, is true, I'm pregnant. Mulder and I are going to have a baby," Scully finished, finally getting her courage up for a complex sentence. "Congratulations guys!...I don't mean to put a damper on things, but when? I mean how?" Langly questioned. Mulder chuckled as Langly struggled with his own words. "About a month and a half ago, we know...how, you know, but we don't know why basically...why she was able to conceive," Mulder answered his curious friends. All the men looked around and smiled at each other. Frohike advanced towards Scully and hugged her. "I'm really happy for you, we've always wanted the best, through everything," he replied as the hug ended. "Thank you," Mulder and Scully said in unison, then everything broke out in laughter. "So was this just a ploy? A way for us to find out, or break the ice?" Langly chuckled. "No, no actually, we really had no idea about that message," Scully giggled. Frohike handed Scully her phone and smiled. "Well, we better get back to work guys. So Mulder, you guys got a case?" Byers asked. "No, actually I've been suspended from the bureau, I pissed Skinner off, but it was a long story," Mulder answered. "Mulder, I need to use the bathroom," Scully stood up on her tip-toes to whisper in his ear. He began to chuckle once he heard her. "Right back that hallway," he pointed smiling. Scully smiled back at his funny grin and left the room. "So Mulder, how did it go?" Langly queried. "Excuse me?" Mulder asked, unaware of what he was asking. "Your night, you know with Scully." He smiled. Luckily he and Mulder have always discussed the magazines and videos he had. "Well, it was really amazing. I love her so much and it was just what I had always dreamed of." Mulder smiled at the three men all starring at him, intently listening. "That's really great for you two. We know how long you've wanted to tell her," Byers expressed. "Who else knows?" Frohike asked. "Everyone except Skinner," Mulder replied. "Ooo, and you said you already pissed him off? Wait until he hears this!" Langly laughed. "Yeah I am desperately hoping we still have jobs once this is all said and done, 'cause I have a feeling Scully's gonna want to buy lots of things for the baby." Mulder smiled again. "Yes, we all know how much she loves to shop," Byers chuckled. Just then Scully reappeared in the room. "Are you ready?" Mulder questioned with a grin and a hand hovering over the small of her back. "Yes," she nodded. "Thank you for the support guys, it really means a lot," Scully vocalized as Mulder opened the door. With that, they left for Scully's apartment.

Chapter 21-Baby Olive

Scully's Apartment Georgetown, Washington D.C. 6:20pm

Mulder trailed down the hallway of Scully's apartment building. She followed close behind, things staying quiet between them. Mulder put his key into the keyhole and unlocked the apartment door. (In Mulder's Head;) I have this feeling she wants something. There's like this strange air between us, like there's something there we need to talk about. I don't know why, but I just know her. I love her. But I don't feel comfortable any more, how can I tell her? (In Scully's Head;) Why is he so nervous, it's like I'm gonna whirl around and shoot him if he doesn't listen. I wonder what's up with him lately, it's weird. It's a side of him I don't think I've ever seen and quiet frankly I don't know how to deal with it. Maybe we should just be honest, he's gotta tell me what's wrong. Mulder entered Scully's apartment and pulled off his jacket and flung it through the air until it landed on the end of one of her chairs. She watched in amazement at his moves and his 'trying to act cool' kindof posture. She shut the door slowly, facing it, trying to come up with something to start a conversation with, the silence was killing her. The silence used to not bother her, because they had that connection where they knew what each other was thinking. But lately their radar for this connection was not working very well. They seemed to be on a different wave length. Not on feelings, because they both love each other very much, but more on anxiety and stress. Scully didn't think she'd changed all that much, her connection was still standing, it was Mulder's that was having technical difficulties. Mulder continued into the kitchen and took a huge carton of orange juice from the fridge and completely downed the thing right in front of her eyes. "What in the hell are you doing?" Scully yelled raising an eyebrow. "My mouth was majorly dry I'm sorry," Mulder apologized while throwing the empty carton into the trash can. "Mulder this is not you! That's you excuse, your mouth was dry? You couldn't get a cup?" Scully lectured him, apparently rather upset, Mulder pretended not to notice. "What do you mean it's not me? I drink from the carton all the time!" Mulder chuckled and walked from the kitchen into the living room where she was still standing with her hands on her hips. "Sure, fine, whatever," she retorted and walked into her bedroom and shut the door. (In Scully's Head;) What the hell is going on? Is it like male P.M.S. this week or something. I mean he's worse then any of my mood swings yet to come. One minute he's calm and talkative at the Lone Gunman's and in the car, and we walk in here and it's like his mood completely changes. I think it's time for us to talk, but how do I force him to stay still and stop giving me lame answers? "Can I come in?" a knock on the door came from Mulder. (In Scully's Head;) Now what!? God, see what I mean! One minute it's like he doesn't want me here, and now he wants to come in my bedroom! I don't understand this! It's not me is it?? "Whatever Mulder," she replied and immediately the door inched open until he was standing perched in the doorway. "What's wrong with you? You seem mad or something?" Mulder asked innocently. "What's wrong with me? What's wrong with me Mulder! How could you even ask me that! I seem mad? No I'm not mad Mulder, I am furious!!!!" she screamed at him. (In Mulder's Head;) Oh God, did I do this? Did I piss her off or is this a mood swing? All I did was drink some orange juice for God's sake! Scully stood up from the bed and marched over to her dresser drawers. She yanked at the drawers, pulling out white silk pajamas. "Look, obviously you're mad, and I did something. So I'm just going to let you cool down. Do you want your usual pizza for dinner?" Mulder offered, trying to keep this bickering from escalating into a full fledge fight, he definitely didn't want that! "A salad, just get me a salad," she said her voice returning to a normal pitch but she still had an angry composure about her. "Okay," he answered and shut the door. Flipping on the lights, Mulder went to order out and then he settled on the couch, not doing anything. Just thinking. He avoided the tv or other material things that were easy to lose your tension in. He just sat there looking around at all her things, listening for any sign of her movement. He could hear the water run for a moment, most likely she was washing up. Then the bedroom door opened and she walked out. Her bare feet, silent on the warm carpet. She sat next to him on the couch, leaving a large space between them, she was uncomfortable about their fighting. "What's wrong Mulder?" Scully said in a low gentle voice. "I-I don't know Scully," Mulder replied. "Well you seem fine when we're around other people, so this must be a personal thing. Mulder, I've known you far too long, something's bothering you," she explained, patting his hand on his thigh. He flinched at her touch and pulled away slightly. "I am sorry, this is too hard to admit to you," Mulder answered quietly, his head down, eyes trained to the floor. "You're really starting to scare me. If we can't be honest with each other, how can we move forward?" Scully questioned leaning back, her head tilting back on the sofa. "I love you so much," he began, finally making eye contact with her, as if that was the one and only thing he was sure of. "But, I am afraid to tell you this, and then lose you, or else it's going to end up totally embarrassing, I'm not sure which will happen," Mulder attempted to begin his confession, yet he kept dancing around it in pure nervousness. "Please stop beating around the bush, I can handle this Mulder," Scully said confidently, trying to hide her frightening feelings. "I-I can't make love to you anymore, I just-," Mulder stopped, kneading his hands together like he was hanging on for dear life, like everything he was saying was killing him, and it was. "Mulder....Mulder you said embarrassing...this isn't any kind of medical condition is it?" Scully asked trying to stay serious. (In Scully's Head;) Okay, he says he'd lose me or it'd be embarrassing. Number one I wouldn't leave him because we couldn't have sex. Number two, God I hope it's not what I think he's leading it out to be. Impatience? God no I hope not. He couldn't be! A large chuckle filled the room for a moment, easing the mood slightly. "God no Scully, not medical...don't even put that horrible image in my head!" Mulder laughed. She smiled too and giggled a bit, but she was still flustered by their discussion, she wanted to know what was wrong. "Then what Mulder?" she turned serious once more, starring at him with piercing blue eyes. "I know you're going to laugh at me, and it's true I know nothing. But I am too afraid of hurting our baby," Mulder finally confessed. Things were silent for a moment, Scully's mouth was gaped open for a moment and then she closed it turning her head away from him. He looked up at her to see her reaction, this is where he thought he'd lose her. He completely held his breath waiting for a reply, a sign, anything! "First of all I would not laugh at that or you, that's not funny at all. Mulder, why don't you trust me when I tell you, you're not going to hurt us? I am a doctor Mulder, I promise, most women have sex up until a few days before birth. I personally don't think I'm gonna make it that far, but Mulder, we're fine, I promise," Scully tried to explain. "But, Scully, doesn't my...you know...get up there?" Mulder innocently asked. Her heart went out to him for not knowing anything and he's trying so hard. "Come with me Mulder," she ordered and got up from the couch and proceeded to the kitchen. (In Mulder's Head;) Okay, phew, I got that out. Now what is she doing? He watched Scully reach down beside the sink and retrieve a box of zip-lock sandwich bags. "What are you doing?" the curiosity was killing him. She filled the baggie up with water and held it out to him. "Hold this," she instructed, and he was more confused than ever. He did as she told and Mulder watched Scully peer into the refridgerator. "Is this some kind of hands on activity Agent Scully?" Mulder tried to sound jokingly, he was nervous, what was she doing with olives? Mulder thought as Scully pulled the jar out and opened it. She pulled one out and held it in her hand for a moment.

"Mulder, this zip-lock bag was my uterus before I got pregnant, okay?...see how it's open?" she pointed to the zip-lock thingy that she never closed. "It was open, for your sperm to get in there," she explained. Then he watched Scully drop one olive into the bag of water and she closed the zip-lock. "This is what my uterus looks like now, the olive is the baby and the water is the amniotic fluid that protects our baby. Mulder my body is protecting our child. The zip- lock is closed, my cervix is closed, a big barrier that your sperm cannot get through. I promise you, it doesn't get up there." She smiled and set the model on the table. "So you're saying, my child is the size of an olive?" he chuckled. Scully smiled too and nodded. "A little bigger than that, but yes." She smiled. Mulder leaned into her and hugged her a little. "I am so sorry, I didn't mean to doubt you. I just didn't know. I gotta get one of those 'new dad's' books," Mulder whispered seriously in her ear. That made her shiver. There was something about him blowing hot air on her ear that made her feel incrediably ready for him. "It's okay. Did that help?" Scully asked him while pulling back, She went to grab the bag and empty it into the sink, but his arm on hers stopped her. "Yes, it did, a lot, I had know idea. Now I know why the baby just doesn't fall out!" he chuckled. "Mulder, didn't you ever pay attention to family health in High school?" Scully asked. "Scully, I was too busy getting girls, I didn't care about babies, I wish I had though," Mulder confessed. "You have an amazing imagination that I didn't know about Scully, where'd you come up with this analogy of a zip-lock bag and olives?" Mulder smiled and picked up the bag. "I don't know, it just came to me, I'm a natural I guess," she winked and smiled, then walked into the living room and sat down. "Do you have anymore questions because Mulder, I really don't think I can stay away from you like you suggested," she answered honestly. "Yes I do, because I am still not sure I want to do this," Mulder began as he sat next to her, this time putting his arm around her shoulder and pulling her close. "Does the baby know we're having...sex?" Mulder asked, choking out every word, especially the last. "No, the baby doesn't know. The only thing it knows is that my heart rate is going up and up. That's all, babies don't feel anything, they don't know anything," Scully answered factually. "Okay," he muttered and sat in moment in deep thought it seemed. "So we can make love, and you're sure it's okay?" Mulder vocalized, a smiled playing at the corners of his mouth. Scully didn't even bother to answer, she just leaned in a licked his lips. His gaped open at the sudden wet touch of her tongue. She inched her body onto his, her legs thrown over his knees, her chest crouched close to his as they kissed. Light kisses, ones that make pecking noises, soft and wet, gentle and loving. Mulder's hands came up to her ass and cupped it in ownership, lightly caressing the lines of her panties. He was just about to flip her over and cover her, when there was a knock on the door. Mulder and Scully both let out a gasp of disappointment as their hands dropped. "I guess that's our food," Mulder stated the obvious and lightly pushed at her to move off of him. She complied and settled back into the couch, waiting patiently for his return. Mulder looked through the peep hole in the door, just to be sure and he was glad he did. "Scully...Scully get my gun," he whispered quickly. She shot him a frightening glance and quickly got up thinking it was a joke. "Mulder?" she whispered, her eyes dark and puzzled. His eyes were serious and she listened and gave him her gun that was closest on the dining room table. "Go in the bedroom," he ordered and pointed in that direction. "Mulder no, who is it?" she questioned more, getting frustrated. "Just go, everything will mostly likely be okay, just go," Mulder pleaded with her. (In Scully's Head;) What in the hell? I'm not leaving him! Well, okay maybe I should if he's telling me to it must be a reason right? Okay Dana, just shut up and listen to him. Scully turned around and proceeded to her bedroom and shut the door, keeping her eyes on Mulder, who had put the gun under his shirt, tucked in his jeans. Once the door was finally closed securely, Mulder opened the apartment door.

Chapter 22- The Stranger

Scully's Apartment Hallway 7:12pm

Mulder first peeked out the peep whole once more to be sure he wasn't seeing things. The man was dressed in raggy jeans and a hooded sweatshirt, topped with a hat from Harry's subshop. The man happen to turn his head and glance down the hallway, while waiting for someone to answer the door. Mulder detected a very nasty scare at the base of the man's neck, which had alarmed him to have his gun in case, and have Scully where she's safe. Mulder proceeded to open the door. "Here you go Sir," the delivery boy handed him a pizza and sub and a salad. "Thanks, " Mulder stated and then leaned in the door and plopped the pizza box and the rest of the food onto the floor. "That'll be twenty-six, eighty two," the delivery boy continued. Mulder said nothing but keep eyeing that scare that bothered him. He handed the boy a twenty and a ten. The man took the money and just started walking away. At this point Mulder was not about to tip four dollars. "Excuse me, can I have some change?" Mulder shouted at the man who was almost at the elevator door with his back to Mulder. Mulder began running after the delivery boy, wondering why he wasn't stopping. Once Mulder reached the boy, he pounded his hand on the kid's shoulder to stop him. The boy just completely whirled around and punched Mulder right in his cheek. Mulder was completely shocked at this and when it finally registered what was happening he tried to fight back, especially reaching for his gun. Men bashing against the hallway walls, grunts and fists hitting flesh could be heard. The delivery boy was so strong and quick, he had some kind of metal bar inside of his jacket that he used to hit Mulder over the head. Once the delivery boy was sure Mulder was out cold, he dragged him into the stairwell, leaving a trail of blood behind.

Scully's Apartment 7:18pm

"Mulder? Mulder what's going on?" Scully shouted from the bedroom door. Everything had been quiet for some time and she was wondering what was going on. (In Scully's Head;) All right, this has gone on far enough, where is he? This is not funny anymore, I am afraid he's hurt or something. I'm going out there. Scully walked quickly to her dresser drawer and searched for her other gun. She couldn't find the damn thing, so she grabbed the only thing within reach, her shinny handcuffs. Then she made her way to the door, opening it very slowly, her eyes moving side to side, looking for movement, listening for noises. She heard nothing and took a few more steps, one hand across her belly for protection, the other ready for anything to jump at her. And it did. Mulder. "Jesus Mulder!" she shrieked. "Don't scare me like that!" she said, holding her chest and heaving in air. "I'm sorry baby," he answered looking straight into her eyes. Weird like, like he was trying to hypnotize her. "Mulder what are you doing?" Scully asked about his intense stare. "Looking into those beautiful eyes, is that okay?" Mulder muttered while putting a hand up to caress her soft cheek bone. "That's, that's fine," she stuttered for a moment at his behavior. (In Scully's Head;) I thought he wanted to eat! Mulder advanced towards her, pushing her back into the bedroom, and Scully was amazed at this turn of events. "I want you," Mulder stated and pulled her head very close to his. "I-I want you-," she was cut off by Mulder, pulling her head in for a deep breathtaking kiss. He sucked and pulled at her tongue, not giving her a chance to do anything with his mouth. (In Scully's Head;) What the hell is he doing? Is this like a new kissing method he learned from the delivery man? Oh gosh, don't think about humorous things right now Dana. You've wanted his kisses, you've wanted him for a few days now, take him and shut up! Suddenly Mulder was groping at her breasts and she was wincing in pain. "Mulder please, that hurts a lot," she practically screamed. He smiled and kept going. Touching her, first through her pajama top, but now unbuttoning it. He slipped is hand inside and cupped one swollen breasts. He felt it's weight in his hand and then he squeezed, tightly, hard. She screamed out again. (In Scully's Head;) What the hell, why is he being so rough. I even told him to stop, he's never like this, never. Doesn't he realize that my breasts get tender during pregnancy...well maybe he doesn't, I guess I should explained that! "Mulder, please stop that, it hurts," she cried out at him. "I'm sorry, I just want you so badly," Mulder finally spoke while pushing her down on the bed. "I, I understand, I'm here, please just be more gentle?" Scully pleaded. He nodded and crawled down on top of her, kissing her neck, sucking extremely hard. Then he moved down more, skipping her tummy and going straight for her pajama pants. (In Scully's Head;) I am so confused right now. He's acting so weird. He never sucks that hard on my neck even if he is hard as a rock! And he never ever skips my belly, he always kisses the baby. Something's very wrong. Maybe I should just play along? "Mulder wait," she stopped his hands from pulling her pants down. "What's wrong?" he protested with a grin. "Mulder? What happened out there? You asked for the gun. And where's the food?" Scully questioned, not knowing what else to do. "Nothing, nothing happened," he answered lamely, kissing between her breasts. "And the food?" she continued, pulling at his head so that he would look at her. "In the kitchen," he answered as he crawled onto her more, covering her body with practically all of his weight. "Mulder stop this! It hurts and you were so worried about hurting the baby. What's wrong with you?" Scully screamed at him. "Get off of me, I don't want to make love," (In Scully's Head;) Something's wrong with him. He's really scaring me, I don't like it. Why would he do such a thing, a little while ago he wouldn't even kiss me! I've gotta get him away from mer...but how? "Scully please, I am really sorry," he pleaded with a puppy grin. "What's wrong with you! Have you gone crazy?" she screamed at him, moving her hands around. Her pajama top still gaping open to reveal her full belly, certainly coming along. "Listen I'll go easier, I promise this time," Mulder proposed. "How can I believe you? I still can't believe you've done this!" she scolded. "I don't know, you tell me what you want," he answered, anything to get her to come back. He patted the sheets by his side for her to sit. She did see his gesture and came to sit by him. "Let me be on top, let me control this, please," she suggested. "If that's what you want, okay then," he nodded as she leaned him back on the bed and began kissing his neck. She noticed his hands and didn't like their positioning. She used her own hands to move his to her ass, and he seemed to like it, cupping and squeezing. (In Scully's Head;) What is going on? Well at least that doesn't hurt...yet! Ouch, God damnit, what is up with this? I have got to get this person away from her...this is not Mulder! Scully turned on her bed-charm and kissed and licked everything she could think of, trying to distract him. During this process, she was able to retrieve her hand cuffs from her pajama pockets. She slide one around his wrists and clasped it quickly. The click completely alarmed him and his eyes opened wide. "What are you doing?" Mulder breathed. "Trust me, this is fun. Don't you remember when we've done this, you love it!" she smiled. "Of course I do." He grinned a happy grin and closed his eyes. She clasped the other handcuff to the bed quickly. (In Scully's Head;) Sure you do bastard, I bet you remember! Since we've NEVER done this! I've got you now. Scully got up and ran for her cell phone laying on the dresser, and next to it was Mulder's gun. (In Scully's Head;) There it was! The whole time! Mulder opened his eyes and gasped at her, not really knowing what to do. Scully frantically dialed numbers and then pointed the gun at him. "The is Special Agent Dana Scully, badge number JH2274391110-8, I have an intruder handcuffed in my house, and I need back up!" Scully shouted into the phone. "Yes ma'am, there is a police officer in your building, John Doggett, I'm gonna send him down, others will be along," the lady explained. "Thank you," Scully finished and then hung up the phone and concentrated on her suspect. "Who are you!" she screamed at him. "What are you talking about Scully, you know you're making a fool of yourself, it's me!" Mulder chuckled. "You're not Mulder, now where is he?" she yelled once more. The suspect just sat there, doing nothing. "Agent Scully? Agent Scully are you in here?" an officer yelled. "Yeah, yeah in here, the bedroom," she shouted, glancing down the hallway, as she pulled her shirt closed the best she could. When she finally looked back at the bed, there was no suspect. The handcuffs dangled from the bedpost in a cold clinging noise. "What happened? Where is this person?" Detective Doggett asked. "He's gone, he just disappeared," Scully whispered in astonishment. She laid her gun down on her dresser and walked towards the bed, peering down at the dent of a body, no longer in the sheets. Her head tilted down, she buttoned her shirt and reached for her shoes. (In Scully's Head;) It was the bounty hunter, I knew it. I knew it wasn't Mulder. Eww god I kissed an alien. Okay Dana shut up! I've gotta find Mulder, now! "Agent Scully, people don't just disappear," Doggett replied, noticing her daze, and how distraught she was. "Listen, I don't have time to explain any of this to you, but thank you for your help. I've gotta go find Agent Mulder, I think that intruder has hurt or...killed him," Scully stuttered to even say it. A tear came to her eyes, but she blinked it away, she was not going to cry, she told herself, she was not going to cry right now.

Chapter 23-Seeing is believing

Scully's Apartment building Georgetown, Washington D.C. 7:46pm

"Agent Scully, you don't look so good, are you sure he didn't hurt you?" Doggett asked with concerned eyes, as he handed her her jacket from the kitchen table. "I'll be fine, he didn't hurt me, just well...nothing," Scully answered, sortof of dazed with her one track mind at the moment. Doggett just nodded, getting a vibe that she was an independent and strong woman. Scully advanced to her door, with her gun in hand. Once she stepped into the hallway she noticed the trail of blood leading down the hallway and underneath the stairwell door. She followed the trail with a horrified look upon her flushed face. Doggett followed and used his evidence kit to gather some blood. Scully pushed on the gray lever to open the stairwell door, and she walked through letting the door close with a loud echo. Scully continued following the blood trail and began noticing footprints in a particular puddle of blood. She held her gun out, ready for anything and continued on, her eyes scanning, searching for a clue. Then she spotted a body, a young boy dressed in just a plain white t-shirt and jeans, nothing else. It appeared as if his clothes were stripped, the bounty hunter, the bounty hunter used his clothes. It was the delivery boy. Scully bent down to the boy and used two fingers on his neck to feel for a pulse. As she detected none, she heard the door open and saw the tall Agent Doggett in the doorway. He walked over to her. "He's dead," Scully informed him. "I called for backup, they should be here soon, would you take care of this?"

"Yeah, sure...where are you going?" Doggett questioned and cocked an eyebrow. "To find Mulder," she stated simply as she hopped down the stairs quickly. "Agent Scully! You can't leave the crime scene!" Doggett exclaimed as she was no longer visible. (In Scully's Head;) God where is he? Please let him be all right, I can't handle loosing him! "Mulder!" Scully shouted trying to invoke a response. She continued down the stairs until she entered a small dark corridor. "Oh Mulder!" she exclaimed as she noticed a body sprawled out on the floor in a corner. She ran to his side and kneeled down. Scully entwined her fingers in his hair and caressed his face. "Mulder, Mulder talk to me!" she shouted, getting frustrated. "Scul..." he whispered, eyes still closed, but his hands moving, his fingers caressing her lower arm. "Oh Mulder, are you okay?" Scully asked, greatly concerned. "I-uh, I..." Mulder grunted, trying to sit up but having difficulty. Scully supported his back, helping him up. Once he was sitting, he opened his eyes, starring at the floor. "Scully, Scully I can't see!" Mulder exclaimed, also becoming frustrated. "What? You can't see?" Scully repeated. Pulling him close, she tucked his head under her chin. "That's what I said, I think they sprayed something in my eyes, and ahh God my head! It's throbbing so hard!" Mulder vocalized, putting an arm up to the bump on his forehead. "Mulder, let me get you upstairs and then we'll take care of all of this. We need to wash your eyes out with water," Scully proposed. She pulled on both of his arms, and grasped him around his chest to help him stand. "Scully, Scully you can't do this. I have to put too much weight on you and you can't have that right now," Mulder acknowledged. "After what I've gone through tonight, I can do this, you're not that heavy," Scully explained, and put his arm around her shoulder. They very slowly made their journey up the stairs together. Mulder grunted and groaned the whole way, but they made it to her apartment floor. They stumbled through the crowded hallway. Police detectives were everywhere, gather samples of evidence, surrounding the area and cleaning it up. Mulder held out his one arm to feel along the walls, she opened the door for him and proceeded into the apartment. "Agent Scully! Hang on a second," Doggett yelled running over to them. "Is Mulder okay?" he asked quickly, noticing Mulder had doubled over in Scully's arms. She was supporting him all she could, he was so weak. "He'll be okay I think, he needs some rest, I am also a medical doctor, I'll stay with him," she answered and began to shut the door. "Wait we need a statement, we need you to give us a ball park of what this man looks like," Doggett insisted, with his hand on the door, keeping her from closing it. "Listen Doggett, I don't have time for this. Mulder and I are with the FBI and we know what happened here, it's nothing the local P.D. can handle this. We'll take care of finding this person, it is impossible for you to, if you have any problems you can contact my superior, goodbye," she finished and shut the door. "Good work G-woman." Mulder grinned and stumbled his way to the couch on his own. (In Scully's Head;) How can he joke at a time like this? "Mulder, I'm going to get a few things to fix you up, stay there!" she ordered. Scully disappeared into her bathroom searching for bandages and her pink hospital bucket. She filled that with lukewarm water and grabbed a clean dry washcloth. Scully returned to the living room and seated herself next to Mulder. "It was the bounty hunter Mulder," Scully told as she set the bucket on the coffee table and dipped the washcloth into the water. "It was? How do you know?" he questioned as she forced the water in his eyes, by ringing the cloth dry and holding his eyelid open. He wailed like a baby but knew it had to be done. "Mulder, he came here, he looked exactly like you!" Scully explained. Will rinsing the cloth once more. "He did? Did he...?" Mulder was cut off. "No, he didn't hurt me, a lot of what happened tonight was extremely uncomfortable, but it's nothing that takes healing, except my mental state," Scully answered as she washed his eyes once more. The conversation seemed to halt when she did and it resumed once again when she was finished. "What happened?" Mulder questioned, moving his right hand over her thigh, feeling for her, he wanted to feel her there, since he couldn't see anything yet. "For a good while I thought it was you, I had some uncomfortable situations with him before I realized he wasn't you,"

"What situations?" Mulder interrogated as he leaned back in the sofa. He felt her soft hands gliding up under his shirt, tickling his torso. He realized she was trying to remove the shirt so he put his arms up into the air. "You don't want to know," Scully replied plainly. "I do, or I wouldn't have asked," Mulder retorted as she finally removed the shirt, which was soaked with blood. "We kissed," she began quietly. "That gave me my first clue, it just wasn't the same,"

"Go on..." Mulder prompted her shyness. "He touched me," she whispered, and laid her head on his bare shoulder. "Where," Mulder whispered back, now holding her hand. "Somewhere that's very tender at the moment. That's when I really started doubting that it was you. He was being so rough, and you're never like that unless I ask you to be," Scully continued. "How did you get away?" Mulder asked still curious and worried. He wished he could see her facial expressions. To look in her eyes and make sure she was telling him the truth. "I convinced him to be handcuffed to the bed when we had..." she stopped almost embarrassed to say the word; and she didn't know why, she was a doctor for God's sake! "You didn't go through with..." Mulder was cut off once again. "NO! God no, Mulder! I'm not that out of my mind!" Scully chuckled. "So then what?" Mulder was intrigued by Scully's ability. "Then Detective Doggett arrived and helped out, the bounty hunter disappeared, big surprise!" she answered sarcastically. "Can you see yet?" Scully questioned. "No, no I can't see anything but shadows and bright lights, that's it!" he answered and put his arm completely around her waist. "What do you think he wanted Mulder?" Scully asked, rinsing the cloth again. Mulder could hear the trickling of the water and it dawned on him. "I have a feeling I know what he was here for. But I'm not going to admit it until I get more information," Mulder murmured. "Tell me Mulder, please?" Scully pleaded. "No, I don't want to think about this, please, I'm here with you, I just want to curl up and hold you. Can I please hold you?" Mulder asked while squeezing her waist a little more. "I would love for you to hold me," she answered and snuggled her head into his chest. "I wish I could see your beautiful smile, I miss you so much Scully," Mulder whispered into her ear. He felt her head lift from his chest and then he was confused as to where she went. The next thing he knew he felt a warm breath against his lips. Silky lips melted his, she kissed him so softly, tasting his lips and breathing for him. Little moans came from both their throats, trying to relieve the hurt between them. Mulder moved his hand up under her silk pajama top and grasped her tummy ever so lightly. "How's the baby?" he moaned in between kisses. "The baby is okay. Mulder, that reminds me, we have a doctor's appointment tomorrow," she sputtered as their lips parted completely. "What's going to happen tomorrow?" Mulder asked, once again intrigued. "I'm not sure, but I know we'll get a sonogram done," she answered. "Scully, will I be able to see by then? God, I couldn't bare it if I can't see our baby with you for the first time," Mulder sortof whimpered. "God I didn't even think of that. I hope you could see by tomorrow, if not there's something seriously wrong," Scully continued. "How is the rest of you feeling?"

"My head feels like the baseball of one of Mark McGuire's homeruns," Mulder chuckled. "I'm going to get you Tylenol, some with codeine so you can get some rest," Scully insisted and got up to retrieve it from her medicine cabinet. She returned with a glass of de-caffineated iced tea and two pills. "Here, take these," she ordered. Not even giving him time to respond, she pushed the pills through his lips and lifted the glass cup up to his bottom lip. He sipped the iced tea and moaned at it's sweet taste, he loved it! "Thanks," he moaned and leaned his head back against the couch again. "You're welcome," she answered just as her phone rang. She got up and proceeded to the end table on the other side of the room. "Hello?" Scully greeted. "Agent Scully? What happened? I heard something about you and Mulder?" Skinner blurted out. "It's a long story and it looks as if we have our own X-File on our hands Sir, do you mind if we investigate it? I know you suspended Mulder, but it's really important," Scully began. "Yes, I guess that's fine. Keep him in line Agent," Skinner reminded. "Yes Sir," she acknowledged his order, not that she ever followed any. "So what happened, are you two okay?" Skinner interrogated. "Um, someone broke into my apartment, they hit Mulder with a weapon which left him unconscious. Then the suspect came in here and did a little song and dance with me but luckily I was able to escape, without being harmed. On the other hand, the suspect escaped also," Scully informed, while looking over at Mulder, who had his eyes closed. "How's Mulder now?" Skinner asked concerned. "I'm taking care of him, he's got a mild concussion and something must have been sprayed in his eyes because apparently he can't see," Scully continued. "He can't see? Is he going to get better?" Skinner muttered. "I'm sure he will, in time, and we'll begin on our search as soon as we can," Scully finished and was just about to hang up. "Scully, wait. I was contacted by a local detective, Doggett, I think. He says you wouldn't explain to him what happened and you wouldn't give information for a composite sketch," Skinner scolded. "Yes, I did refuse. This is an X-File, something I wasn't able to explain to him, and I didn't get a real clear image of this intruder, so I basically felt a composite sketch wouldn't help," Scully explained. "Tell him I'm sorry Scully," Mulder shouted from the couch in a loud mumble. "Sir, Mulder sends his apologies," Scully expressed. "For what?" Skinner questioned. "I'm guessing his behavior lately. We'll get to work asap Sir," Scully finished and finally hung up. "Urgh!" Scully groaned loudly, she was so tired from everything that's been happening. "C'mere Scully," he waved his hand for her to come. "Yes?" she asked standing directly in front of him. "Get on me," he said simply, but that confused her. "What?" she asked with a quirky raised eyebrow which he couldn't see, but he knew it was there. "Don't raise your eyebrow! Sit on my thighs silly," he chuckled and reached to tug on her hip bones, which were becoming harder and harder to locate. She giggled at his touch and that he knew she'd raised her eyebrow. She plopped down on his knees and he used his hands on her behind to scoot her forward more. "Hold me," she asked simply and cuddled into his chest again. "I love you Scully. I'm sorry I haven't told you that enough lately, I should tell you every minute every day," Mulder whispered into her ear. She giggled 'cause his breath tickled her neck. "I love you too Mulder," she replied truthfully and began to kiss his neck and lick behind his ear lobe. He did the same to her and she squirmed on his lap more than he expected, but he didn't mind, it made him happy he effected her this way and it aroused him a great deal. His hands massaged her bottom each time she moved her hips into his lower stomach. "I want you so bad," he moaned and she tugged on his waist band. "I know," she moaned and kissed his cheekbones. "But...but I don't want to until I can see again," Mulder breathed as he felt her hand cup him through his pants. "I understand," she breathed. "As badly as I want this, I am too tired to enjoy it, we can wait right, I mean we can handle this, afterall we did it for seven years right?" she breathed, her eyes closed as he kissed the delicate skin under her chin. "Yeah, you remember where that got us right? Making a total mess of my living room and conceiving a child," he chuckled. He moved his hands further up under her top, getting rather close to her breasts. "Please be careful, God they hurt a lot," she tensed up. "No, I won't touch you right now, we've gotta stop," Mulder concluded. "I can't handle anymore teasing and I don't think you could either,"

"Let's go to sleep Mulder," she suggested, getting up off of him. She held his hand and pulled him up from the couch and led him to the bedroom. Before she left the living room, she glanced at the door to see that it was locked, then she shut off the light. Scully sat Mulder on the bed and then went to get him a t-shirt and boxers. He sat there, kicking off his shoes like a child and continued undressing. When Scully walked out of her closet, she was completely shocked at the sight she saw. Mulder was laying on the bed, curled up in a ball on his side. He was completely naked, which was the shocker, but he had fallen asleep that fast. His one hand was losely cupped over his groin and the other was laid out across the bed in Scully's place. As if he was ready to put that arm around her. She stood there, looking at his angelic face as he slept. (In Scully's Head;) God I love him, it hurts sometimes! He's such a beautiful man. Why does he have to be so cute and why the hell do I deserve him? I am so glad he's okay, I hope he'll be able to see in the morning. God Mulder, I wanted us to see our baby tomorrow, please God let him be better. Scully removed her jacket, which was something she didn't even notice she still has on, and then crawled beneath the covers and switching off the lights. Mulder's arm did finally come to rest around her waist and she turned over a little to kiss him on his cheek. "Goodnight," she whispered and played with his soft hair. Her heavy eyelids drifted shut and she fell asleep too, in safe, comfortable arms.

Chapter 24-Sizing things up

Scully's Apartment Georgetown, Washington D.C. 7:14am

Scully rolled over in her sleep and came face to face with a drooling Mulder. (In Scully's Head;) Ahh Gosh, I didn't know he drooled. Hehe it's funny! Wait 'til I get to tease him about it! She laid there watching Mulder's eyelids flutter, his chest rising and falling with each breath. His cold toes were pressed against her calf and making her shiver. He hands journeyed along his biceps and down his waist, and realized that he was still naked. She pulled away a bit and lifted up the covers for a moment and saw it. His morning erection, she giggled quietly and glanced back up at his face. He licked his lips once and she watched his eyelids flutter once more. (In Scully's Head;) What is he dreaming about? Hehe, must be one of his videos playing in his head, I've never seen him like this while he's asleep. Usually he's just woken up and then it happens! Oh well, stop thinking about that Dana, get up and get dressed. Groaning quietly, Scully rolled to her side and got up from the warm bed. She proceeded to the bathroom and flipped on the light. Next, she brushed her hair and her teeth. Scully tugged on her pajama top buttons until they sprang free. She slid it off her shoulders and then pushed the bottoms down. Her eyes glanced up immediately and looked in the mirror. (In Scully's Head;) Gosh I'm getting big! What happened...did I grow overnight or something! We have to tell Skinner somehow before he sees me, I mean this is incredibly obvious, I was never this full before. Aww, my little baby. You're in there and I'm going to see you today! Ha! Wait 'til your dad sees you, I'm going to laugh because you don't look much like the babies he's familiar with! Scully rubbed her tummy and watched the mirror, then she glanced out the bathroom door at Mulder, who was still asleep. "Look at your silly daddy drooling!" she giggled at her foolishness. (In Mulder's Head;) I heard that! I'm not gonna open my eyes yet, let her think I'm asleep, this could be funny to hear her talk to herself and the baby. (In Scully's Head;) Okay Dana you've gotta stop this fooling around! Too much of this damn happiness makes me to giddy to think! And I just have this feeling that Mulder's awake and just pretending, he does that kindof crap! Hum, maybe I should say weird stuff to make him burst out laughing and incriminate himself! "Oh Mulder, the baby kicked!" Scully tried to hide her smile and laughed along with it, trying to get him to wake up, she new he was faking. "What?!" he sprang up with wide eyes. A smile grew upon her face and she burst out in giggles as she watched him jump up from the bed and walk to the bathroom, completely naked on top of it and that was really comical. (In Scully's Head;) Mission accomplished! "Are you serious?" he asked with a funny grin, he looked rather mad. "No, I had to get you up somehow!" she smiled and hugs him, her full breasts just glazing his chest. "That's not funny, don't do that again. I might have to get my gun!" Mulder smiled, trying to joke back but was serious about the first part. "You wouldn't shoot me, or you wouldn't get a baby!" she laughed trying to lighten the mood. "Let's stop this joking, 'cause it isn't funny. I wouldn't shoot you, and I don't want anything to happen to our baby," Mulder confessed. "I agree, let's get ready for the doctor's appointment and then we'll stop by the office and catch up on things," Scully suggested. "Were you serious? Did the baby kick?" Mulder asked with an angelic puppy face. "No, not yet. You'll hopefully be the second person to know!" she smiled and caressed her tummy again. Out of the corner of her eye she saw Mulder walked over to the toilet and used it. (In Scully's Head;) Gee, he isn't shy now is he! I can't believe he just did that, but I guess if you have to go you have to go! "How are you going to catch up at the office, when this baby is catching up with lots of weight?" Mulder smiled and leaned into the shower to turn on the water. "We have to tell Skinner, today," she answered nervously. Mulder didn't say anything back, he stayed quiet as he pulled two towels from her bathroom closet. "Mulder, are you seeing all right?" Scully remembered and was concerned. "It's blurry, but I can see, it's easier if things are close to me, so get over here woman!" he chuckled and wrapped a strong arm around her waist to pull her to him. She let out a fit of giggles as she hit his chest and her eyes met his completely for the first time that morning. "I love you," she whispered with a smile. He leaned his head down to hers and kissed her, so softly, caressing their lips over each other's. Scully pushed her tongue slightly into his mouth trying to deepen the kiss a little, but still keeping it sweet and slow. Mulder acknowledged this and met hers with his. After a few minutes, their breathing became heavy because neither of them wanted to break the kiss for air. Finally Scully stopped and pulled back for a moment and looked at him. His eyes looked at her body, up and down, then he advanced towards her. Mulder extended his index finger and caressed a brownish purple spot on the side of Scully's left breast. "Did he do this?" Mulder frowned and touched it some more. Just his touch there made her nipples grow hard and he noticed. "Yes, he did, he was very rough, I knew you wouldn't do that to me," Scully confessed and pushed his hands away. "I'm fine, Mulder," she stated simply and stepped into the shower. (In Mulder's Head;) Ut oh, she said 'I'm fine Mulder', that means she isn't! God I'm gonna kill that son of a bitch when I find him! Mulder eased into the shower and felt the warm water hit his face in a fast and hard spray. It made his body tingle as it dripped down his torso. He noticed Scully had her back to him and she had already gotten shampoo into her hair, and was now working it into a fluffy white lather. Mulder advanced towards her a bit and slid his one arm around her and cupped her belly. "I know you just said you were fine, but if you need to talk about this, please don't be embarrassed to talk to me, I love you," he encouraged her. "There's nothing to talk about, we kissed and he touched me only there and that was it. It hurt, but I've been through much worse pain. It'll be fine," she answered and began rinsing her hair with clean water from a cup. He noticed that she was missing some and took the cup from her hands and got the very top of her head. "Thanks," she acknowledged and turned to face him. Suddenly their eyes locked for what felt like an eternity. They both noticed every detail of the moment. The hot spray in the air around them, the pounding of the water on the bathtub floor, the condensed water on the walls, the left over suds sliding down the front of the both of them. Mulder took her head by her neck and pull her to him, their lips met again and suddenly broke out into ferocious kisses, tongues and teeth colliding, but the interesting thing was that, neither of them winced in any pain. (In Scully's Head;) Okay, that was a little sudden, but I'm not complaining. Wow, God he's a great kisser, whether he's being sweet or passionate. God I want him, please, I want him in me now! (In Mulder's Head;) I guess we've had enough practice with each other, that no matter which way my mouth moves she doesn't scream out in pain at my roughness. I think she likes it, I think I'm turning her on, and God knows I want her so much. I wonder if we can still manage sex in the shower, I mean she's pretty big and I don't want to hurt her. "Mulder please! God please!" she screamed out and pulled him tight, kissing as much of him as she possibly could. (In Mulder's Head;) Oh yea, she wants me! And God we haven't made love in a while, ahh I need her! Mulder backed up against the wall, pushing the shower button so that the water was only coming out of the faucet and not the shower head. He pulled back the curtain, still holding her tight and kissing her lips deeply. Mulder stepped out of the shower and pulled on her, guiding her to sit on the edge of the bathtub. She sat and put her hands over her head to hang onto the bathtub handle bar. "This is so crazy!" she smiled at him. "Yes, well I've come to find that you love crazy sex," Mulder laughed and leaned down a buried his head in her breasts. He quickly darted for her nipple and she wiggle a lot. (In Scully's Head;) Oh god that's so tender, phew that hurts...but it so feels good. She began to moan lightly, more of a whimper trying to get him to hurry up. "Mulder we don't have a lot of time for this," she informed. He didn't waste any time responding to her, he got up and pulled her legs apart and tilted her back so that she was balancing her lower back and butt on the slender side of the tub. It was a difficult position for her, he had to admit but she seemed to handle it well. His hands dipped under her knees and came to rest on the top of her thighs, pulling and holding her at the same time. He guided his erection into her warm slowly, giving her all the time she needed to adjust. Her eyes completely closed at the feeling of him sliding into her, she gripped the bar once more, tighter this time. Mulder watched her for signs to continue and when he felt her try to buck her hips against him, he knew she was ready. Mulder thrusted his hips into her, pulling and tugging, in and out, slow at first. He heard her low moans and smiled that he was pleasing her. "I need more," she breathed and gripped the bar, her knuckles turning white immediately. "Anything for you," he grunted and thrusted harder and deeper. He felt her walls close tight around him and he moaned at the feeling. He could tell her climax was there, her body was pulsing, her face flushed and hot, sweat combined with the water vapor in the room condensed on their bodies and face. He felt himself, he let his eyes drift shut as his needed release came. He moaned some more, both of their cries becoming mingled with one another's. Mulder felt himself falling, loosing his strength. He couldn't hold himself up anymore and he wouldn't fall onto Scully like he used to because of the baby. He pulled himself out of her and lowered himself to the floor until he was laying, sprawled out completely, arms and legs fanned out on the floor. Mulder tried to catch his breath as he felt sweat trickle into his eyes, He wiped them away and peered up to see Scully crawling towards him, hehe she couldn't walk either, he chuckled to himself. She laid her head on his slick chest and rubbed one of his nipples. His hands came to rest around her back and caressed her soft but wet skin. "Thank you," she whispered. "I needed that," she breathed. She answered her by pulling her head to his face and kissing her hair. "I need you too," he confessed. She finally got some strength back into her and she stood up and held onto the sink for a moment. She grasped her tummy and breathed. "We're getting pathetic, making love on the bathroom floor!" she giggled. "Nah, it's not pathetic, it's a lot of fun...are you okay?" he questioned. "Yes, I have a little sharp pain right here," she rubbed a little circle underneath her belly button. "It's okay, it's normal for little aches and pains," she tried to reassure him, although she was a bit nervous herself. (In Scully's Head;) Everything will be fine, I think this is normal, a little abdomen pain. When we get to the doctor's, I'll tell her. Scully stepped back into the shower and cupped her hands under the faucet. The water was getting chilly so she turned the dial all the way on hot, then the water became lukewarm. She splashed some water between her legs to clean off any remaining stickiness then she turned the water off and wrapped herself in a towel. "C'mon Mulder, if I can get up you can!" she chuckled and glared down at him. He lifted himself up and did the same thing she did with the water and cleaning up. He wrapped himself in a towel also and then left the bathroom to get dressed. She stood in front of the mirror, applying make-up and then she blew dry her hair. Mulder checked in on her and she was just about done, the bathroom was so steamy that she couldn't handle it anymore. Scully emerged and began to dress. Mulder was in slacks and a white collared shirt with a tie on. Scully went to her closet and pulled out a navy blue suit. She pulled the skirt up and once it was over her hips with major effort, she realized that it wasn't going to button. "Oh NO!" Scully yelled as she started tugging at the skirt. "What's wrong?" Mulder asked as he ran into the room. "Problems! Big problems, my clothes won't fit!" she smiled and showed him that the zipper wouldn't go up. "Ut oh!" he chuckled and scratched his head. "Try another one on, maybe your slacks!" he suggested. "Yeah right Mulder! These things are taylored to my every damn curve, they'll never fit!" she smiled finally getting the skirt off and re-hanging it on the hanger. "I know, that's why I love those suits on you!" he laughed. She giggled with him for a moment and pulled down another suit with slacks, the biggest pair she had, which wasn't that big, the slacks were a size nine and she usually wore seven's. "We'll have to do some shopping today!" he chuckled and left the room. Scully struggled with the next suit, yanking it up over her hips and zipping the zipper. It was extremely tight, but she managed to get the button closed, she sighed and tried to breathe. They were so tight it was going to be hard to sit down! She threw on a white tank top, her favorite one, it was so comfortable and then she pulled on the suit jacket. Luckily it buttoned with ease and she walked to her dresser mirror to view herself. "Not bad, I think this is hidden pretty well, no one will suspect I don't think," she talked out loud while smoothing the suit down over her figure. Thank God it was black, it made her look a lot thinner than she really was. Scully flipped off the bathroom and bedroom lights and walked to the kitchen, where she found Mulder making coffee and watching the morning news on tv.

Chapter 25- Sneaking a Peek "Mulder, coffee?" she asked with an arched eyebrow while entering the living room.

"Yes, coffee, is that okay?" he asked sarcastically but with a smile.

"Yes, but it's just so tempting," she told while digging in her purse for her vitamins.

"Tempting? Why should it be tempting? Here have some," he handed the cup out to her.

"I can't have that! The caffeine is not good for the baby's development," she tried to explain.

"Oh, I am sorry, here I'll get rid of it," Mulder sighed and went to pour his cup down the drain.

"No! No, it's okay Mulder," she shouted at him before he was able to empty the cup. "You can have it..."

(In Scully's Head;) Gosh he's really being sweet, the poor guy. I swear he's so clueless it's almost funny. Almost!

"Are you sure? Because I am sure that the smell of fresh coffee would kill me and..." Mulder began.

"Shut up, don't remind me!" she chuckled and popped a large dark brown pill into her mouth and drank some orange juice from the carton.

"Scully!" he scolded. "What are you doing drinking from the carton!" he chuckled. She grinned at him and put the cap back on and returned the carton to the refrigerator without saying a single word. "Are you ready?" he asked.

"In a moment," she answered and walked up to him. Scully reached up for his shoulders and his arms comfortably slid around her waist. "I'm scared," she softly admitted.

"Scared? There's nothing to be afraid of, I'm here right?" he smiled and looked into her glittering blue eyes.

"Yes, you're here, that's why I am hanging onto you. I don't know what to expect out of this, and I know you're going to get a shock," she answered truthfully.

"You're right I don't know what to expect, but whatever happens, we'll deal with it, together," Mulder reassured her.

"Right, we will, and then what," Scully whispered, laying her head on his chest.

"And then we'll go shopping and tell Skinner," Mulder finished off the agenda, but it was not really the answer she was looking for. Even so, she shrugged it off and tried not to question it.

"Let's go," she pulled away and put on her jacket. Mulder followed silently as they left the apartment.

Dr. Rebecca Trite's Office

8:35 am

"Oh God, here!" Mulder whined as they approached the front doors.

"Yes Mulder, what's wrong?" Scully asked pulling open the door.

"This is a woman's gynecology office," Mulder observed.

"Well, I sure hope it ain't men's," she chuckled at his remark. "It's also an obstetrician office Mulder," she answered he followed her to the front desk. He watched her sign her name on the chart and then she turned to smile at him.

"This is embarrassing!" he laughed a bit and his face turned a rosy shade of red. "I mean look at this stuff, pictures hanging on the walls of...of...that!" he pointed but didn't have enough "maturity" he guessed, to say it. Scully just chuckled and pulled on his jacket for him to sit next to her, thank God there wasn't anyone in the waiting room with them. He finally sat next to her and her grabbed her hand from her lap. "Your palms are sweaty, are you okay?" he acknowledged and rubbed the tops of her hands in a soothing motion. She looked down in her lap and her cheeks began to turn a shade of red.

"I told you I was scared," she whispered.

"Yea, but Scully, out of the times I've grabbed your hand to drag us to get away from some kindof monster, I'm sure you were scared and you never sweated like this," he explained playing with her finger nails.

"Okay then, I guess this is just nervousness, anxiety even, not fear," she sighed and held his hand completely.

"Dana? Would you come on back?" a nurse asked while opening the door.

"Come with me," she replied and pulled on his hand to kept their limbs connected. The nurse smiled as they made their way through the doorway. Scully stopped in the hallway because she knew the nurse was going to weigh her next. Mulder stood behind her helplessly, but with a gentle hand on her back.

"How are you feeling?" the nurse asked while gesturing for Scully to get on the balance.

"I am feeling a bit nervous at the moment, but everything seems to be okay," Scully answered truthfully while stepping up onto the balance.

"Let's see, on your last visit a week and a half ago, you weighed one hundred and eighteen pounds and now you weigh one hundred and twenty one pounds. You gained four pounds in almost two weeks, that sounds really healthy," the nurse commented shaking her head and writing on the clipboard. Scully and Mulder both smiled but didn't see each other smile. Scully nodded then they followed the nurse into an examination room. At the doorway Scully whirled around and threw her arms around Mulder's neck and pulled their bodies close. Her head rested on his shoulder and she squeezed tight.

"It'll be okay, I'm here for you," he whispered and rubbed her back with his callused palms.

"I know, I just need to hold onto something for a moment, it's all so overwhelming," she whimpered for a moment and then let go, pulling back to look into his eyes.

"Yes it is overwhelming for any couple," the nurse smiled, "The first baby is always the most worried about, simply because the couple has never done it before," the nurse continued her wisdom. The lady was averaged height with dark brown hair, probably in her late forty's.

"That's us." Mulder smiled simply as Scully proceeded to the curtain where she would change into her examination gown.

"The doctor will be in, in a few minutes," the nurse told Mulder and then left the room, shutting the door completely. He heard the sound of her putting the clipboard in the little box outside the door and then her footsteps down the hallway. Then he focused a bit more while sitting, and he heard the sounds of Scully shedding her clothes and the itchy paper gown being put on her body.

(In Mulder's Head;) I am so excited, I can't wait. I don't want Scully to be scared, I think everything will be okay, she needs to enjoy this pregnancy a little more. Um, listen to that sound, she moaned, okay so it's not the kindof moan I wanted to hear but hey, it's her, it's her voice. Oh please be done soon, I want to see you Scully, I want to look at you forever, I am so afraid that one day I'm gonna wake up and this is all a dream, oh please no!

"Scully?" Mulder called, he started to scare himself with his thoughts and was trying desperately to interrupt them.

"Yes?" she peeked her head out of the curtain and then finally emerged in her ugly paper gown. But even Scully can make that look attractive, Mulder thought. Scully advanced to the table and hoped up onto it and then positioned herself so that she was facing Mulder.

"So what exactly is she going to..." Mulder began but was cut off.

"Hi Dana, and this must be...?" Rebecca asked entering the room with smiles in her white doctor's coat and the clipboard in hand.

"This is Fox Mulder, the baby's father," Scully replied with a smile.

"Nice to meet you, I am Rebecca. Dana do you want him here when we do the exam?" the doctor gave a questioning look.

"Yes, he can stay, I don't mind," Scully answered and laid down on the table as Rebecca stood over her, reaching her hands out to Scully's tummy.

"Feel free to ask questions Mr. Mulder. So Dana, how is everything going? Any aches or pains yet?" Rebecca asked while pushing on Scully's tummy, hard and then soft, wiggling her fingers around.

"Everything's been great except, lately when we have...sex, I get this sharp pain in my lower abdomen, is that normal?" Scully asked and Mulder nodded his head in agreement.

"I'll be sure to watch for anything wrong, but it's normal. The fact that you were having orgasms made your muscles expand and contract and in turn your uterus stretched to accommodate the baby," the doctor explained while rubbing her thumbs into Scully's sides. The whole process made Mulder's sides and tummy hurt, it looked rather painful, but Scully wasn't wincing or anything.

(In Mulder's Head;) Oh gosh I can't believe they talk about this stuff! And they use those words that I can't eve say!*note to self; I've gotta work on that!* And just hearing her say that I made Scully have orgasms just makes me hard. I mean I know I do but just realizing it, because someone else actually said it. Okay Mulder, shut up, I'm here to focus on the baby.

By the time Mulder jolted himself from his daydream, he looked up to see something he didn't expect. Scully with her legs in stirrups and the doctor poking something around at her lower anatomy.

"Oh gosh!" Mulder bursts with a quick reaction at what he saw. Both woman chuckled, the doctor more so. "I didn't expect this Scully, why didn't you tell me?" Mulder chuckled. Scully just laid back and tried to relax with all the joking and intense air that was in the room.

"Sorry Mulder!" she answered and the doctor finally finished prodding around. The doctor pulled her gown back down and he watched Scully wiggle around for a moment, he guessed because of the awkward feeling.

(In Mulder's Head;) Poor woman, I have gained a lot of respect! But I wish some things could be different, I mean why can't men carry the child, I'd love to have that privilege! Okay I think I need to stop analyzing why God chose females to bare children.

"Are you ready for the first sonogram?" Rebecca asked, making eye contact with both Mulder and Scully. Mulder grinned from ear to ear and Scully just smiled nervously. Mulder pulled his chair over to the table , on one side of Scully. He picked up her hand and held it, feeling her sweaty palms again, he loved it.

"Okay Dana, this is it. Now, I'm going to put some of this slimy stuff on your belly to help the transmissions work," Rebecca explained. She pulled a tiny screen over to them and then lifted up Scully' gown once again. Scully gripped his palm tighter and looked at him smiling. He leaned down to her and kissed her forehead lightly and then looked at the screen. "Watch here, and I'm going to scan over your abdomen and the sound waves bounce off of your baby and onto the screen. I don't know how much background either of you have on prenatal sonograms, but don't expect anything looking like a human baby," Rebecca chuckled and Scully smiled, Mulder just got this serious look on his face.

"Mulder! Mulder look," Scully whispered but in an excited tone, squeezing his hand. Tears entered the corners of her eyes and fell with release, making a trail down her cheeks following the creases to her mouth. She tasted the salty tears and licked her lips as they kept flowing slowly, burning hot paths along her face.

"Our baby!, Oh my Gosh, that thing is mine!" he laughed. Scully's face was in complete awe, so happy and surprised and amazed all at once.

"Yes, that 'thing' is your baby, see the head and tiny limbs forming off of the body cavity," Rebecca pointed her latex fingers at the screen. "Now, since Dana is a doctor, I can do this with you two. Dana hold the Doppler right here," Rebecca instructed and moved the Doppler over Scully's tummy until she could reach it. "I'm going to push on your tummy to get the baby to move, and Dana you hold the Doppler there so that it's transmitted to the screen, then you two can see the baby move, although you can't feel it yet,"

Doctor Trite moved her fingers and then dug the in to the left of Scully's belly button. Scully flinched a moment at the pressure but kept focused on holding the Doppler.

(In Scully's Head;) Oh my God, I can't think, it's all so overwhelming. It feels like a dream to be so happy. This is amazing, look at our baby. Me and Mulder. Mulder and me. Our living life inside me, and it moves and it's all ours, no one can take this away, I won't let it happen, ever. I wonder what Mulder's thinking, I can only read his twisted mind when we're on cases, this is totally out of my ballpark.

Scully glanced back over to Mulder to see the intense expression in his face and eyes. His bright green eyes were starring at the screen, impatiently awaiting his baby to move. And then it happened, the doctor poked the right spot and the baby flinched as if it had been awoken from a deep sleep. Scully smiled a big smile and grabbed for Mulder's hand with her free hand. He met her half way and pulled her hand to his face, kissing her palm and rubbing it against the stubble on his cheeks. His eyes still focused on the screen, he watched as the baby moved again, this time actually kicking. A small appendage flicked outward in a kicking motion and Scully's eyes glittered and starred at the monitor.

(In Mulder's Head;) Look what I could've missed. Look what I would've missed if I had never told her I love her. If I never initiated our first kiss. We would have never had the nights we've had, and this baby would have never been. I could have missed loving her and my child. My child, I never even had thoughts about a child, until this happened and I am so grateful that it did. My baby is kicking, moving around inside Scully's tummy. In her TUMMY! I mean think about that Mulder, nature is such a wonderful thing. This is absolutely amazing, I don't want this moment to ever end.

"I've never seen a couple so quiet, most people are so happy they're screaming, are you guys okay?" Rebecca asked, taking her hands away from Scully's tummy.

"Yeah, I am speechless that's why." Mulder smiled and looked at her then into Scully's eyes. Something in her eyes translated to him, and he leaned down to her and kissed her shivering lips. He sucked on her bottom lip and she kissed back, pulling his head to hers a bit. Then she finally pulled back, even though that was the last thing she wanted.

"We have one more thing," Rebecca added with a hand gesture in the air. She bent down to the floor, grasping a plug and then putting it into the monitor. "Are you ready to hear the heart beat?" Rebecca questioned with a quiet smile. Scully and Mulder were still embraced loosly and held each other listening as the doctor put the Doppler up on Scully's tummy once again. Smiles grew upon everyone's faces as they could hear the fait sound of a heart beat. It sounded like tiny galloping horses on asphalt, pumping and beating so loud and fast, life...it sounded like life.

"Wow, it's so strong, the beating is very loud, is that normal?" Scully observed and asked.

"Yes, more like above average, but it is normal, I was surprised we found the heart beat this early, but a lot of it has to do with that fact that you were thin before you were pregnant. The more fat you have, the harder it is to locate and hear. Your baby does sound very strong and that's a good sign," Rebecca explained.

After a few minutes Rebecca took the Doppler away and gave it to a standing by nurse for cleaning.

"I want to talk to you both a bit, but don't forget on the way out, at the desk, they'll have printed out pictures of the sonogram and a cassette tape of the heart beat," the doctor instructed while rubbing the goo off of Scully's tummy.

"Oh wow, that'd be great," Scully smiled, completely on cloud nine she could barely think.

"Sounds like that's our family's greatest hits!" Mulder tried to joke, thinking of the baby's heart beats. The doctor just chuckled and pulled Scully's gown back down and moved the chair into an upright position more suitable for chatting.

"I just want you to be aware that your mood swings are going to really kick in high gear in these next few weeks, so Mr. Mulder, be patient! And Dana, in about three weeks, if you use your stethoscope on your tummy you'll be able to hear the baby anytime you want to. And I am sure you've already noticed the weight gain, it will also be coming faster than you realize at first, but everything looks wonderful and healthy," Rebecca finished with a bright smile. "Do you have any questions?"

"When will I feel the baby move myself?" Scully asked, her hand massaging her tummy.

"At about seventeen weeks is probably the earliest possible time, it may feel like little flutters in the beginning, you may not even notice. By about out fourth meeting, I'll show you some things you can do to play with the baby so that is something you can look forward to, for now, I want you to eat healthy and you'll be fine," Rebecca explained using hand motions throughout the whole lecture.

"I have a question. How...is it okay for us to..." Mulder stopped as his face turned red and his palms became sweaty. Rebecca just chuckled and Scully licked her lips and smiled.

"It's fine, just be careful of course, don't go until your exhausted Dana, and we don't want you to be sore either. Um, as you get bigger, positions will change to have fun and feel free to experiment, since we'll have many visits, I'll let you know if and when you should stop having intercourse," Rebecca explained once more, watching Mulder's face the entire time because it was so comical to see him blush. "Is that all?"

"Yes, I think we're okay!" Scully smiled and leaned over to brush the side of Mulder's shoulder.

"All right then, I am going to leave now and let you two have a few minutes alone, you can get dressed and take as much time as you need. Stop at the desk on your way out to make another appointment and get the cassette and pictures, okay?" Rebecca smiled some more as she snapped off her latex and threw them into a waste bucket. She then exited the room and closed the door. Mulder looked over at Scully, as if she knew what to do.

"What?" she grinned and smiles danced across her lips.

"I love you." He smiled lightly and caressed her cheek with his index finger and thumb. Her hand came up and rested on top of his on her cheek.

"I love you, thank you for giving me this wonderful experience and being here for me," she replied.

"I would miss it for anything. I am here for you and my child forever," he said leaning down to kiss her lips once more. The kiss grew passionate very quickly and Mulder was pushing her down in a laying position. She moaned at his breathtaking kisses and entered her tongue in return. They laid there together 'making out' for a few minutes and then decided they didn't have time for adolescent behavior.

"Later Mulder, later," she pushed on his chest and he got off of her and stood. She sat up, taking a deep breath and holding her head in her hands.

"Are you okay?" he asked concerned.

"I'm fine, I just can't believe this, it's so incredible...would you mind going out and making the appointment and stuff while I get dressed?" she questioned while moving to a standing position.

"Sure," he replied simply and leaned to kiss her neck quickly.

"Stop that!" she snapped with a smile.

"What? You like that!?" he smiled back.

"Yes, but you know what that does to me and this is not the place for that!" she smiled back gritting her teeth with emphasis on some of her chosen words.

"If I must!" he smiled and left the room. As soon as the door closed, Scully turned around to see the monitor once again, with a frozen image of her baby. Her hands fell to her tummy, like someone hit her, it was that overwhelming. She rubbed her tummy while she walked toward the screen, starring into the black and white photograph.

(In Scully's Head;) This feels so right, having you inside me. I love all of this, seeing you. You are absolutely beautiful and I am so happy. I didn't know you were so strong little one, your little heart beat was really loud! That makes me feel a lot better about you, knowing that you're okay. I love you.

Scully continued talking to the baby in her head while she got dressed and then headed out the door.

Chapter 26-Who's the boss?

Scully walked into the waiting room to see a woman seated in a chair and she had to be at least seven months along.

(In Scully's Head;) God, I hope I don't get that big! [she smiled and chuckled quietly]

"Are you ready to go to the office?" Mulder asked greeting her.

"No!" Scully answered quickly and gave Mulder a worried look.

"Why not? I thought we were going to tell Skinner?" Mulder recalled.

"We were, but I've changed my mind, I am not ready to handle things with him," she confessed shaking her head for effect.

"No, I'm tired of this, we can't keep running around pretending this isn't happening. You saw that baby Scully, you heard it's heart beat, it's there and our boss deserves to know," Mulder put his foot down and explained what he meant. "Let's go," he insisted and yanked on her hand and drug her out the door.

"Mulder let go!" she shouted at him as he walked quickly to the car. He did as she wished and kept walking again. "What's gotten into you?"

"Nothing's gotten into me. I am just tired of 'sneaking' around so to speak. We need to stop running from our problems Scully, whether or not we're scared, we can handle it together," he continued, facing her and explaining using hand gestures.

"Fine, for once I guess you're right. I am tired of fighting. We've only been doing it for a minute and it just hurts too much, stop," she shouted at him and opened the car door and hopped in.

(In Mulder's Head;) Damnit, why does she get mad at me? I am right this time, we have to tell Skinner, or sooner or later he's gonna find out the wrong way! I don't care if she's mad!

In the Taurus

Heading to the FBI field office


Mulder opened the driver's side door and stepped inside, securing his seat belt and starting the car. He looked over at Scully who was looking out the window with pursed lips and attitude spread across her face. Mulder also noticed water droplets on his windshield and flipped on the windshield wipers and then backed out of the parking space.

"I am sorry to upset you, but I have been going along with everything you want to, and now it's time to do something we have to. What's happened to you, normally I'd want to blow Skinner off and you'd be yelling at me," Mulder began the argument again.

"Yea, well I have my reasons, you're not the one who's pregnant. It's not you're fault, I should've been responsible enough to use protection anyway," she muttered quietly to herself.

"Is that what you wanted? No child?" Mulder retorted, confused by her choices of words.

"No Mulder, not at all! But you don't understand how I feel, this is very hard for me to face Skinner. I let this happen, my entire reputation is screwed, not that I care, but it is!" Scully raised her voice again, turning her head to face him, but his eyes were focused on the road.

"What reputation, how has that changed because of this?" Mulder raised his voice a bit too as he answered back.

"Mulder, in Skinner's eyes, I am no nonsense Scully, strong and rigid, but now that I have gone and slept with you, that goes against exactly what he'd thought I'd never let happen," Scully tried to explain, her voice getting cracky with emotion.

"So you're saying, you think Skinner is going to trust you less because you screwed up and slept with me?" Mulder tried to confirm his interpretation.

"Well, sort of. I don't know what I mean anymore, all I know is that I am scared of his reaction, I am scared to tell him, and I would rather just avoid this whole situation," Scully confessed.

"But why avoid it when it's going to smack us in the face if we don't take control. If we wait to the last possible moment to tell him, he may be more pissed off then if we would've been honest in the first place," Mulder argued.

"Mulder, didn't I just tell you a few minutes ago that you're right and to go to the office anyway and that I'm tired of fighting, don't you ever listen?" she mumbled the end of her comment and looked back out the window.

"Number one, I never listen, and I'd think you know that by now. Number two I am going to the office whether or not you like it. And number three, I don't care if you're tired of fighting because I am not done," Mulder continued. Scully leaned back into her seat and shut her eyes as they came to a red light in town. Mulder was so upset that he even lost his train of thought and didn't say anything next. He kept driving until they reached the office, he parked in the back and turned off the engine. He looked over at Scully who had relaxed a bit, with her head back and her eyes closed, yet she still had the barriers around her by her crossing her arms, Mulder could tell. He got out of the car and began walking towards the back door, he glanced out of the corner of his eye to see if she was coming and she just sat there, her eyes open now, but not showing any signs of moving from that seat.

"C'mon!" Mulder shouted in an angry tone, waving his arms for her to get out. She ignored him and he kept walking, he trudged through the basement hallway which was piled sky high with boxes and books. "The FBI's most unwanted," Mulder mumbled to himself, clearly ticked off. He flipped on his office light and sat down in his chair. Mulder opened his desk and took out his dull pencils and began sharpening them.

(In Mulder's Head;) This is killing me. How could she even think the Skinner will blame her? I am always the screw up, he's going to blame me. What happened to the Scully I used to know? I used to be able to read her mind, know exactly what she was going to say or do. She's been surprising me a lot lately. I don't think I've lost her, I think most of everything that comes out of her mouth is hormones talking. I just wish she could talk to me...I mean she does, but she never tries to work out the problem together. I wonder if I should wait for her to cool down and come in...'cause we have that meeting in fifteen minutes, and I will go alone if I have to. Did she really mean what she was saying in the car? That she wished she'd never slept with me and made a child. She couldn't. This was her dream, she couldn't mean that.

Once Mulder was out of sight Scully got out of the car and slammed the door shut. Her heels clicked as she stomped her way into the large building and made a left just before Mulder's office door. She headed to the ladies bathroom and walked in, tears starting to form in her eyes as she glanced in the mirror.

(In Scully's Head;) I don't understand why he doesn't understand what I am saying. Yea, it's pretty obvious that I don't know what I'm talking about right now, with everything happening, I'm so confused, but damnit Mulder, you're suppose to know! Your suppose to understand me, you used to...what's happened? I am so scared I am going to make him really mad and lose him, but I don't mean to. I know what Skinner's going to think, he's going to blame me, 'cause he knows this is something I'd never let happen, and I did, I made a mistake. He's never going to trust us again, we're going to be split up and lose the X-Files and Mulder will be furious with me forever. I don't know what to do.

She viewed herself in the mirror, hot tears flowing down her face faster than she realized. She took a paper towel and wetted it with cold water and pressed it against her warm face. After she cleaned up and fixed her make-up the best she could, she used the bathroom and washed her hands. Then she left the bathroom and began her journey down the familiar hallway. It all felt so soothing in a way. So many times have her and Mulder stood in a hallway discussing cases or arguing or "kissing", and it felt very comfortable to be back at the FBI building. Her heels clicked once more as she entered the office to see Mulder tossing sharp pencils at the ceiling.

(In Scully's Head;) Is this how he thinks? Tossing pencils at the ceiling makes him feel better? Gets his thoughts out? Sometimes, he really is spooky!

"Hi," she said quietly. He swiveled his chair until he faced her completely and he laid the remaining pencils in his hand on the desk.

"Hi," he answered back, noticing her walls and the tenseness between them. "Are you okay now?" he asked concerned, but he was afraid to say that, knowing she'd yell at him, and he was correct.

"What are you talking about? No I'm not okay! Our little fight isn't solving anything!" Scully began shouted, clearly frustrated, the tears were there again but she tried to blink them back.

"Well you know what? I am tired of your walls! If you don't stop that we can't solve anything!" Mulder shouted back standing up from his chair.

"What's going on in here?" Jeffery Spender asked while walking by the door.

"Nothing, Scully's just being a bit hard headed as usual!" Mulder shouted giving her a glance and then settling on Spender's eyes. Scully glanced back at Spender.

"Keep him in line Scully," he nodded and smiled, thinking that it was Mulder who was being hard headed. Spender walked back out in the hallway and began going through some boxes.

"See that! Everyone blames me! They think it's me, all the time, what the hell are you worried about?" Mulder yelled at Scully.

"God you two sound like a married couple!" Spender shouted from the hallway and then chuckled.

"Listen, we'll take care of this later, in a more private area, let's go to the meeting," Mulder suggested and walked over to the door.

"Why more private? So you can throw me in bed and make love to me until I can't think and I do whatever you want," Scully retorted, more quietly so that Spender couldn't hear.

(In Scully's Head;) What the hell am I lowering my voice for, once we tell Skinner the entire Buearu will know, what does it matter?

"I don't do that and you know it!" Mulder protested in an angry tone. She's heard that angry tone from him before, but never directed at her and it was rather intimidating, but she held her ground.

"Yes you do! My brain turns to mush everytime you kiss me!" she snapped back, their faces about a foot from each other, each had their hands on their hips with lips pursed in anger.

"Maybe your brain is already mush, did you ever think of that?" Mulder used some reverse psychology he learned, although he hated doing it, his comment was rather harsh. "Maybe I shouldn't kiss you anymore, is that what you want?" he yelled at her with the same tones she was using with him.

(In Mulder's Head;) Why is she doing this to me? It's killing me, it hurts so bad.

"No, yes, I don't know...I don't know anymore Mulder!" she shouted at him, moving her hands up into the air into a 'I don't know' gesture. Mulder noticed the tears that finally escaped her glassy eyes.

(In Mulder's Head;) Oh God, I'm making her cry! No, stop it, stop it Scully!

"Don't cry, please don't, stop doing this to me, Scully it's killing me," Mulder pleaded as he tried to embrace her but she just pushed away.

"I don't mean to do this Mulder, but you're just not understanding where I'm coming from, please," Scully pleaded as well, wiping her tears away with a tissue she retrieved from her coat pocket.

"I understand, that you're confused and hurt, but if you don't let me help you, I can't do anything, you're not listening to my suggestions, you're not thinking clearly Scully, this is for the best, we need to go," Mulder explained motioning to the door. She tucked the tissue back into her pocket and made a sniffling noise then she walked to the door. Mulder followed, he notice she didn't chicken out and stop. Their footsteps could be heard walking down the hallway then they stopped at the elevator. As it began, Scully grabbed her tummy quickly at the fluttering sensation elevators give. Mulder noticed and watched intently to make sure she was okay. She kept her hand on her belly the whole way up and she finally glanced at him when the elevator stopped. It was an intense glance, that she was still mad and upset. It bothered Mulder to see that she wasn't cooling down any. They walked down another hallway and entered Skinner's office.

"You two may go in, I believe Mr. Skinner is ready for you," Kimberly informed the two Agents. They walked the familiar carpeting into the office, and proceeded to the chairs in front of Skinner's desk. Scully had switched positions on purpose and was now behind Mulder as much as possible. They sat in the soft chairs, Scully closest to the door and Mulder on the other side. Both Agents detected the faint smell of Morley's in the room and Mulder noticed the ash tray on Skinner's desk, with one recently lit cigarette.

"Sir," Mulder greeted nervously.

"Agents," Skinner greeted back finally looking up from a file he had. "You requested to see me?"

"Yes Sir," Mulder answered, he glanced at Scully who seemed nervous and speechless. "We have to tell you something that will change a lot of things, and I want you to think before you yell okay?" Mulder tried prompting Skinner.

"Heh, Agent Mulder, what'd you do now?" Skinner chuckled a bit, but neither Mulder nor Scully found anything humorous of their situation.

"Scully, Scully and I have become more than just partners Sir," Mulder blurted out, wanting and needing to get it off his chest. Scully's eyes were trained down to the floor, she was petrified to see Skinner's face.

"You're kidding right?" Skinner chuckled and threw his pen down on the desk. He glanced over at Scully, whom he noticed was very quiet and wasn't making any eye contact. "Agents...I don't know what to say...how long has this been going on?" Skinner began questioning, his tone getting more frustrated with every word.

"Roughly two months Sir," Mulder continued answering, Scully obviously wasn't jumping in to help him.

"I can't believe you two, and Scully, how could you let this happen?" Skinner looked at her and her eyes moved up to meet his cold stare.

"Me? Why are you blaming me? It takes two people you know?" Scully began getting defensive and Mulder noticed her frustration.

"Agent Scully, I'm not blaming you, I just never thought you'd let this happen, you were always the one to keep him in line, what were you thinking?" Skinner began lecturing her.

"That's enough Sir," Mulder tried to jump in, he realized Scully was right, Skinner did blame her, and he knew it was very hard for her to handle, and that if he didn't stop this she was going to be in tears.

"Excuse me Agent, I am talking," Skinner snapped.

"Well maybe you should stop talking, since I'm not done explaining," Mulder snapped back getting really angry. Scully shot Mulder a glance like 'your in more trouble now you dumbass!'

"You are way out of line Agent Mulder," Skinner retorted.

"Sir, please would you let us explain, I swear you don't want to use up all you're anger, we have some worse news," Scully tried to keep Skinner from yelling at Mulder. She felt a sharp pain in her stomach, probably from not eating breakfast, and the stress. And the gut wrenching feeling from calling the baby 'worse news'.

"I don't want to hear anymore, it doesn't matter now, you two will have a meeting with OPR, as soon as your four week suspension is up Agent Mulder,"

"Sir please, this isn't effecting our work at all, just give us a chance, we just wanted to be honest with you," Scully kept on pleading with him.

"That's not up to me Agent Scully. I can't keep that kind of info from my superiors, reviews of this department is coming up soon and I can't lie, once they find out, you will be re-evaluated and I promise, whether or not it effects your partnership does not matter to them," Skinner explained.

"Listen, could you just keep this quiet until review time comes, please?" Mulder jumped in a begged.

"I can't promise anything, as long as you promise it won't effect your work," Skinner was beginning to compromise. Mulder and Scully both nodded in re- assurance. "What was your worse news Agents?" Skinner continued, he seemed to have calmed down quickly, for the moment.

"I, um...we..." Scully stuttered nervously, with flushed hot cheeks.

"She's pregnant," Mulder blurted out once more and Scully put her face in her hands, completely embarrassed and upset.

"You're going to have a baby? Are you sure?" Skinner asked with wide eyes in complete shock. He knew Scully was 'supposedly' barren, and this came as a complete surprise, as it did to Mulder and Scully as well.

"We are positive," Mulder whispered, somewhat afraid to speak.

"Oh Gosh," Skinner was taken aback, and leaned back in his chair, his eyes focused directly on Scully's tummy. "I mean I am very happy for you Agents, but this is just not going to work. And to think all of the trust I had in you, especially you Dana," Skinner once again blamed Scully.

"I-I," she stuttered, "I can't take this anymore," Scully jumped up from the seat with her hands covering her wet face, she ran out into the hallway.

"Now look what you did!" Mulder jumped up from his seat completely upset that Skinner did that, it also surprised him. "Scully wait!" Mulder shouted from Skinner's door.

"Agent Mulder! Let me talk with her!" Skinner shouted after him, he pulled Mulder back into his office and then maneuvered out the door, to find Scully sobbing in a quiet hallway.

"Scully, it's okay, we'll work things out," Skinner tried to reassure her, to make her feel a bit better.

"I just don't know what to do anymore," Scully cried, her face still in her hands, not wanting Skinner to see how badly she was crying. Skinner bent down to her, she was sitting on the floor, her knees pulled into her chest as tight as they'd go. He pulled at her arms, for her to show her face, she looked up at him, her eyes bloodshot and her pretty face smudged with tears and make-up. "Sir," she started and just looked at him. "I have lost control, I can't control myself, I can't keep Mulder in line, I can't do it anymore. Things have just gone too far and I know you don't trust me anymore...but you just have to understand, we have worked day and night, side by side for nearly eight years, and I love him. I am sorry I let my personal and physical needs get in the way of us working together, I just..."

"Shushhhh," Skinner tried to clam her sobs, that were becoming more frequently and hard for him to hear her words. He pulled her body to his in an awkward embrace, and she cried into his shoulder.

(In Skinner's Head;) I have never seen Scully break down like this, she is completely sobbing in my arms, and digging her fingernails in back as if she were going to fall off a ledge and she's just holding on. I feel really bad, I've got to be able to do something.

" I didn't mean to blame you, I just didn't know that you had those kinds of feelings and...well, never mind you don't need this right now, I am very sorry for what I did. Dana, just go home and get some rest, why don't you take some time off, I think you need it," Skinner suggested by whispering into her ear. She was still holding onto him like he was her only friend. She felt so overwhelmed and the fact that her a Mulder were fighting made her feel alone, and she wanted him back. But she knew this wasn't an issue she was going to take lightly with him. She had been crying so hard, that again, there was no noises coming from her throat.

"No, no, I can't. I want to save my vacation time for when the baby comes," Scully breathed, finally pulling back but still starring at the floor.

"Don't worry about that, you'll have as much time as you need when that time comes, I can promise you that," Skinner expressed. "Go home Agent Scully,"


Meanwhile Mulder hung out in Skinner's office, very curious as to what they were talking about in the hallway. After a few minutes of standing at the door and not hearing a single word, he moved back into the office. He found himself extremely bored and worried, and then he noticed the Morley that has recently been snuffed out in the ash tray. Mulder pulled a plastic baggy out of his jacket pocket and turned it inside out so that it covered his fingers like a glove. Then he reached into the ash tray and picked up the cigarette and then wrapped the plastic baggy around the cigarette until he could close the bag and stick it in his pocket.

(In Mulder's Head;) Hum, I wonder who's finger prints are on this? Could it be...CGB Spender? Of course! And what does he want with Skinner? Does Skinner know, is he in on all of this, this thing with the Bounty Hunter? Okay, here comes the paranoia, is this just a complete coincidence or am I just smart for figuring this stuff out?

Mulder stepped back over to his chair and then something caught him out of the corner of his eye. Skinner's trash can only had one small piece of paper in it, and it was usually always full. He pulled it out of the trash can and opened the crumbled letter. It read; Walter, we need to speak privately. About a certain lady Agent.

The letter was not signed, but there was a cigarette burn at the bottom, sortof like a trademark. Mulder became furious and shoved the letter in his pocket then marched out of the room. Mulder came into direct contact in the hallway.

"How could you! You lied to us, you knew about this the whole time!" Mulder began rambling, shouting and pointing his finger all in one.

"Agent Mulder calm down, what's you're problem?" Skinner asked trying to keep his outrage to a minimal volume.

"You, you are working with them...CGB Spender ring a bell. How does he know about Scully?" Mulder ranted.

"I have know idea what you're talking about Agent, I swear," Skinner tried to convince him, but Mulder wasn't in the mood to listen.

"I don't have time to deal with you, although I will have you later. Where's Scully," Mulder demanded.

"I sent her home, she was upset, I thought she could use some time off," Skinner answered truthfully.

"Home! She doesn't have her car!" Mulder shouted, completely frustrated.

"Well, I guess she took a cab!" Skinner yelled back, now getting frustrated with Mulder's tone and he decided to match it. Mulder just gave Skinner the dirtiest look of disgust he could and stormed out of the building.

Chapter 27- Darkness Falls X

Scully's Apartment

Georgetown, Washington DC

4:30 pm

"Who is it?" Scully yelled from her kitchen, responding to the knock on her door. She had just came from the bathroom, more frequent trips, and then to the kitchen for more water. She had been wondering when Mulder would call or come over, outraged at her leaving the building without even telling him she was going home.

"Scully...it's me," Mulder yelled so she could hear him. She walked to the door and stood with her back against it.

"Mulder, please, I need some time alone," Scully began, squinting her eyes at the pain of telling him to leave when she wanted him so badly.

"I'm not leaving until we talk, Scully...we need to talk," Mulder informed, pressing his hand against the door, as if reaching out for her. He heard some rustling around and then the door handle clicked as she opened the door, letting him inside. He walked directly forward at first and then turned to face her. She had just closed the door behind him but hadn't made eye contact yet.

"What do we have to talk about," Scully muttered as she looked at him. "It's seems you're the one who's going to do all the talking, and me always the one to listen, Mulder when are you ever going to listen to me?" Scully began with her angry charade.

"You're right...your right and I'm sorry I didn't listen to you at the office, but we needed to tell Skinner, whether or not he did what he did," Mulder confessed.

"What he did...Mulder did you see what he did, do you know how much that hurt me? You didn't give this enough time, we were so happy, and I knew it couldn't last, I knew if we told him, he was going to react that way. Once again I am right," Scully threw her arms up in the air and walked over to the other side of the couch, which was now a barrier between them.

"Scully, I am sorry, how many times do I have to say it?" Mulder pleaded.

"You've only said it twice, maybe about a million more times!" she shouted at him.

"Okay, obviously you can't forgive me that fast, I understand, but can we get past this for say...just a minute," Mulder suggested.

"What?" Scully said calmly waiting for his next topic.

"I have been suspended, and you're on personal days, so what I'd like to do is go after this bounty hunter," Mulder began, and he noticed her eyes get very wide.

"Mulder! How? We have nothing to go on!" Scully argued back.

"I know, but we've done this before, go on instinct and then find things, we could do it," Mulder acknowledged.

"My instinct is telling me this is trouble, and I don't want to go about this the way you want to," Scully disagreed.

"What do you mean?" Mulder asked a bit confused at her choice.

"Mulder, you just aren't getting it, why?" Scully questioned in a frustrated tone. He shrugged and waited for her to continue.

"We don't have anything!" she replied very sarcastically and slowly.

"Okay, fine, I'll go out and find him, you can stay here since you are obviously still mad at me and don't want to cooperate," Mulder snapped.

"Yes I am still mad, but that's not why we can't go Mulder, we have nothing! This is not a regular squabble between us Mulder, we have a child involved now, please you need to think about this,"

"I am thinking, I've been doing a lot of that, and I am protecting our child by finding this guy and making sure he never touches you again!"

"Mulder, he's not going to come back, he's not!" Scully yelled back more frustrated.

"How do you know that Scully? How can you say that?"

"Scully listen to me, when you were in the hallway talking with Skinner, I found this..." Mulder pulled the crumbled letter from his pocket.

"Mulder, who is this from?" was Scully's immediate question.

"Look at the cigarette burn at the bottom!" Mulder grinned.

"You think it's the smoking man?" Scully glared at him in total shock. Mulder folded the note and put it back into his pocket.

"Scully, he has something to do with this, I swear he's behind all of this, they know you're pregnant and they are trying to get to you," Mulder kept his voice low, almost to a whisper.

"Mulder..." she gasped lowly, just trying to wrap her mind around this assumption, theory, whatever she called it.

"I wouldn't know where to begin in proving this," Scully acknowledged and turned to him.

"I don't know either, but I want to go out looking for him, searching for a lead," Mulder explained.

"I don't like the way you want to handle this, it's too dangerous for either of us, let's just wait until we get a lead," Scully suggested, thinking she didn't want to lose Mulder, and that could happen in his risky attempt to find this bounty hunter.

"And you think a lead on this subject is just going to fall out of the sky Scully?" Mulder asked sarcastically.

"Well yes, you never know Mulder, the truth is out there," Scully smiled, trying to lighten the whole mood, not liking the thoughts crossing her mind, about aliens or abductions, or anything to harm Mulder, herself or the baby. "Mulder...I...I still love you," she confessed holding her head down.

"I still love you too, you think out fighting is going to change that?" he questioned. There was a moment of silence as Scully backed away from him a bit, her conscience had suddenly became aware of how close they were to each other.

(In Scully's Head;) God I want him so bad, I want to feel him on my lips, and touching me. I want to go to sleep tonight and have his naked body pressed to mine, him whispering in my ear and sending shivers down my spine. I want you Mulder. But I can't, I can't, I'm not ready to not be mad. I am very upset with him and I will not let him get away with this so easily.

Mulder noticed this sudden shift in her body language, and he wanted to reverse it. Ever so slowly he held out his hand and let the end of his fingertips wisp across her creamy white neck, until he held her head just behind her ear. Mulder massaged the back of her neck with his fingertips, giving her that shiver sensation. Their eyes met, Mulder knew what he was doing to her, and Scully knew that Mulder knew.

(In Scully's Head;) Is he trying to seduce me? Oh my God, I can't believe he's doing this!

Mulder bent gently, slowly kissing her neck and ran the pad of his thumb along her cheekbone. His hot lips met her skin, melting her into a puddle of jelly, and they both were we aware of the effects he was having on her.

(In Scully's Head;) Okay, sleeping with Mulder, or sleeping alone? Ummm, sleeping with Mulder....or sleeping alone in that cold bed? Mulder? No Mulder?

"Mulder," she panted at his sweet seductive torture. He continued very slowly, over her neck and throat, kisses that quickly turned from pecks to open mouth. The other hand not on her neck began to move. Slowly up under her shirt, sliding along her hot flesh, her hips, then her waist, and to her bra cup. Mulder squeezed gently, but enough to let her know her was there, and she jumped a bit.

"No, no Mulder, stop!" she breathed and tried to pull away. He immediately pulled his hands and lips away from her skin, with a disappointed grin on his face.

"What's wrong?" Mulder pressed.

"I-I can't do this with you, you're not forgiven and you're not getting anything from me," Scully held her ground, which was shaking beneath her.

"Don't let our fighting effect our intimacy please. I still love you and I still want you," Mulder pleaded, moving closer to her once again and pulling on her hips until she matched up with his own.

"I am very angry with you right now," she acknowledged but put her hands up in his hair, caressing the back of his neck and his silky brown hair.

"I know," he acknowledged also, and bent to kiss her. His lips lingered , their lips barely touching, both of their mouths open. Quickly he decided not to wait for her protest, just kiss her, so he did. He let his lower lip fall into her mouth as he took her upper one into possession. She kissed back with more passion than she meant to lead on. That gave Mulder the clue that she was dying inside, that she couldn't hold out, she wanted him as much he wanted her. She pulled his head to hers, running her hands through his hair and around to his ears, cupping his lobe using her thumbs. His arms grasped her tightly around her waist and lifted her from the ground a bit. She moaned as she realized she wasn't standing anymore, he was holding her.

(In Scully's Head;) This is so wrong. I am getting good at doing wrong acts. I can't let him do this to me, I can be strong, I don't need this. Who am I kidding...I need him! I need him to hold me, I want to wake up in the morning and watch him drool! I want to be with him all the time.

(In Mulder's Head;) She's trying to fight it, she's trying to fight me, I know it. I can tell, by the way she's kissing me. Isn't that weird how I can tell, I know everything about her, even what she means by her kisses. She's horny as hell yet she doesn't want it because she's mad at me. I can read her so well.

Mulder moved his hands to her bottom to support her dangling limbs better. She wiggled at the tickling sensation his fingers made on her buttocks. She arched her back and wrapped her legs around his hips so she wouldn't fall. He grabbed her under her thighs, extremely close to where all his ministrations were piling up. His head darted for her blouse, that was low cut because of the tank top underneath the jacket. He tried kissing her sensitive skin that was just begging for him. But he'd noticed her moaning, it wasn't pleasurable moaning. She was also pulling back on his head a bit, and by these clues, Mulder realized he was going too far. He stopped and looked up at her eyes.

"Please put me down," she managed to choke out. He did as she wished but stayed quiet not sure to apologize or wait for her next comment. "I want you to go, please," she breathed, her one hand on her head trying to steady herself.

"I-I can't believe..." Mulder stopped shaking his head, rather disappointed. He turned for the door, yanking it open.

(In Mulder's Head;) I can't believe she's doing this, she doesn't want this, her pride is in the way. She's not ready to forgive me. I guess I should just give her some space.

Mulder left Scully's apartment, leaving the door open, she didn't come after him. She closed the door behind him and sat down on the couch.

"Oh Mulder," she gasped, tears filling her eyes but she blinked them away.

(In Scully's Head;) Why does he have to make things so hard? I love him, he's everything I want and need, he just doesn't listen to me. And now he wants to go off and find this bounty hunter, where does he think he's going to get?

Scully laid back on the sofa and shut her burning eyes. She was exhausted from the emotional roller coaster.

Friedmans's Bar and Grill

1200 Bay Street


"Agent Mulder, you've been here for nearly four and a half hours and you haven't said a word except 'more'. What's going on?" Vinny the bar tender asked.

"Everything's wrong," Mulder stated with blood shot eyes and motioned for him to pour him some more tequila.

"No more," Vinny sighed, "You've had well over you're amount, what's wrong?"

"My 'girlfriend' is mad with me, I should be home right now holding her and talking to her tummy," Mulder confessed easily.

"Talking to her tummy? Are you really that drunk?"

"She's pregnant you ass!" Mulder chuckled and gave the shot glass a shove towards him. The other man chuckled as well.

"Sorry," he apologized while wiping the bar off with a wet rag. "Since when did you get a girl, let alone her being knocked up?" Vinny chuckled once more.

"Don't use that phrase. I didn't knock her up, we made a child, something you know nothing about. She's my partner," Mulder explained.

"Scully? The woman you always talk about when you come in here?" Vinny gave a questioning grin.

"Yes," Mulder stated simply when something caught him out of the corner of his eye. A dark black man standing in the corner of the bar in a trench coat, he looked familiar.

"I'll see ya," Mulder replied and pulled out a twenty and a ten and slammed it on the bar table. He didn't make eye contact with Vinny, as the man he was eyeing stepped out the back door. Mulder stood up quickly and jogged to the back of the room to the back door. He entered a dark and misty alley. Puddles of rain under his feet, splashing his shoes as he walked. The only light was coming from the highway at the far end of the alley. Mulder listened closely as he heard footsteps approaching him, although he couldn't make out any kindof shadow or silhouette.

"Mr. Mulder," the familiar deep voice greeted.

"Why are you here? Why did you want to contact me?" Mulder began his interrogation.

"I am here to help you Agent," the dark voice boomed. "You need to save you're unborn child, before it's too late," the man warned and began walking away from Mulder. Mulder jogged a bit to catch back up with the mysterious helper.

"How?" he questioned simply. The tall black man handed Mulder a piece of pink paper and then turned to walk again. Mulder stood there, looking at the paper in his hand, and then it dawned on him he wasn't done his questioning. Before he knew it, the alley was filled with headlights, beaming and bouncing off of the brick walls. Mulder jumped back to the edge of the bar building as a black Mercedes came to a screeching halt in the small alley. The man who'd given Mulder some information had jumped into the passenger side extremely fast and the car squealed off down the length of the alley and onto the main road. Mulder ran after the car for a few feet and then decided it was hopeless. He stood against the building brick wall once again, out of breath, and completely drunk. He glanced down at the small pink unlined paper he had received.

Chapter 28-Players in the Game

The dark alley


Mulder read the paper Mr. X had given him. The only thing it had on it was an address; Manhattan New York City and a small symbol, a colored computer image of DNA swirling around a small picture of a human fetus. Mulder stood their for a moment, just trying to read into what this message meant. For the first time, Mulder was very scared for their baby, and it was not a feeling he wanted to keep in his body for long. He needed to find out who was working against them, who was trying to get to Scully and why. Mulder turned for a moment and walked back into the back door of the bar. He pushed through the crowd of dancers, the music was louder than he remembered, of course it could also be that migraine headache he has, Mulder thought. Mulder maneuvered his way through the bar until he reached the front door. He immediately headed for his Taurus, not even thinking about how drunk he was. He didn't feel drunk, but he felt like nothing could stop him and that's a side effect, he recalled. He jumped in his car and sped off quickly.

FBI Evidence Laboratory


Mulder used his badge to gain entrance and made his way to the front desk.

"Hey, A.J., could you test a few things out for me right away?" Mulder requested to the man standing behind the desk.

"Sure Agent Mulder, I think I can squeeze you in," A.J. replied and held out his hand. Mulder handed him the plastic baggy.

"The cigarette I need dusted for finger prints and examine the chemicals to make sure they are normal Morley's, and the letter, dusted as well, I want to know everyone's finger prints that are on either of those items, and if you find anything else let me know!" Mulder ordered walking away from the man towards the men's restroom. Mulder relieved himself and the splashed his tired eyes with cold water.

(In Mulder's head;) I hate drinking, I feel so sick, and please God don't make me throw up! I wish I could be home with Scully, holding her, making love to her in our warm bed, why does this have to be so complicated. Why is my life like this, can't they just leave us alone and let us be happy? Of course not! God when I find CGB Spender so help me God, I'll kill that son of a bitch!

Mulder left the restroom and proceeded to the main counter once more.

"I'm done, that wasn't hard at all!" A.J. mentioned with a smile.

"Yeah." Mulder grinned, waiting for the sheet of information," A.J. handed a thick packet of papers containing a forensic analysis of his evidence. Mulder leafed through the papers, quickly skimming the words.

(In Mulder's head as he reads;) No other than CGB Spender's prints on the cigarette. Skinner's, Scully's, and my prints on the letter...hum? I wonder! Okay, I'm outta here, Scully has to know about this. Maybe it'll change her mind.

Scully's Apartment

Georgetown, Washington D.C.


(In Scully's Head;) I can't sleep, I can't sleep without him! Mulder please...okay Dana, think about how you fell asleep before you ever slept with Mulder. Ha! I didn't sleep, I remember now, I'd lay awake at night thinking about him, and dreaming of what it would be like with him. And now I'm right back where I began damnit!

Scully lay in her bed, her eyes closed lightly, but she was fully awake. Her bed soft and cozy, but yet empty of any feelings. She tossed and turned until she ended up stretched out, taking up her side and Mulder's. That's when it really dawned on her that he wasn't there. She turned on her tummy, her face to the side, one arm curled at the elbow, the other underneath her body cupping her belly. She began thinking once more, trying to lull herself to sleep.

(In Scully's head;) Okay little one, I hope you're getting a nice night's sleep, 'cause your mommy's having a rough time. Do you think I should forgive your daddy and call him? No, no that's what I thought you'd say. I am strong, I shouldn't' be so dependent on him, I don't need him every single minute, right? I am capable of feeling safe at night in my own home. Right, I'm fine, just go to sleep Dana, think of something else besides Mulder and the baby. Hum...what can I think about? That's my life, they are my life, I have nothing else! C'mon! I'm so tired! Hum...think...flowers...a lake..uh this is nice...damnit Mulder! Why did you just have to pop in that dream! Okay...shopping...I'm going on a shopping spree, aww look at the baby clothes! Damnit!!!!!!! This is hopeless, I'm never going to fall asleep!

Scully got out of her bed, bare feet hitting the cold floor, feeling the drafty air of the apartment. She went into the bathroom for another frequent trip. As she finished up her 'bathroom; routine, she heard a knock on her door.

"Who could that be?" she whispered to herself and traveled to her door and peeked out the looking hole. "Guess he couldn't sleep either!" she chuckled quietly to herself and opened the door for Mulder. He stumbled in with no words spoken to her. Once he was half way in the living room, her ran to her bathroom and hurled over the toilet. Scully followed him, completely alarmed. She stood and watched Mulder throw up his liquor and then she rinsed a clean washcloth with fresh cold water. Mulder flushed the toilet quickly and she handed him the washcloth. Their eyes finally met, and she had no sympathy for him and he just grinned. An unspoken connection came from both of them. "What did you expect from me Scully?" was in Mulder's eyes. And Scully just glanced back thinking "I can't believe you...getting drunk over me!" Mulder answered her eyes saying "I drink over you all the time when we fight"...finally, enough eye gazing had gone on and Scully was tired of it. She made her way out of the bathroom and into the living room.

"Why did you come here Mulder?" Scully questioned as he followed her.

"Something happened at the bar...do you remember Mr. X?" Mulder replied.

"Who?" Scully grinned thinking that Mulder wasn't even sober enough to know anything.

"The black man who has helped us before?" Mulder waved his hand, "Anyway, we met in the alley and he gave me this Scully," Mulder handed her the pink piece of paper. She read it quickly and traced her thumb over the symbol. "We have something Scully,"

"Mulder, all we have is a city, one of the largest cities of the United States, what do you expect us to do," Scully retorted.

"Scully, I have to go there, there's something there, this is a clue, a piece of the puzzle, look at the symbol, don't you want to solve this?" Mulder questioned, wrinkling his forehead.

"Yes, I do, but Mulder...get my point here, this is New York City! Downtown Manhattan! Where exactly are we supposed to go?!" Scully shouted, getting frustrated again.

"I don't know!"

"Exactly!" Scully nodded, her lips pursed once more.

"Fine, I'm leaving," Mulder decided and got up.

"Mulder, please, I just don't understand how you're going to find anything?" Scully explained, stopping him with her hand.

"I'm going to New York, I'm gonna get a hotel room in Manhattan, I'm going to search and search, until I find something, this symbol means something. Who knows, maybe I'll get another clue easily. C'mon, don't you wanna play clue? You be Scarlet and I'll be the Professor!"

"Mulder, this is not a game, this is our lives," Scully whispered.

"Our lives...the life I am trying to save Scully," Mulder mentioned as he grabbed her hands in his. "Mr. X told me I had to save my unborn child. Someone doesn't want us to have this baby, and I'm going to do everything in my power to protect you. I know it's dangerous to have you with me, but I'd be even more frightened to leave you here alone, please come with me Scully,"

Scully was very quiet for a moment, as Mulder rubbed the tops of her hands with his thumbs.

"Please," Mulder whispered desperately.

"Mulder, I...I," she glanced up at his face, that had so much disappointment.

"You're still angry with me?" Mulder dropped her hands.

"No, yes, I don't know about that right now," Scully stated, clearly confused about her feelings. "I'll go, but we aren't going to fool around. This is clearly business, I want two hotel rooms," Scully requested.

(In Scully's Head;) I've got to stay strong. I want us to be safe before we indulge ourselves, I'm not letting my guard down by sleeping with him. It clouds my judgement too damn much! I can never think!

"Are you serious?...Scully...Scully I miss you," Mulder whispered. She shook her head 'yes'.

"I miss you too Mulder...a lot but," she whispered back, not meaning to speak the word 'a lot' out loud.

"Then before we leave, can I please just kiss you, once? Mulder began.

"Not with liquor throw-up on your breath." She smiled at his completely stupidity.

"On you're cheek?" he whispered bending down to her. She lifted her head to meet him he places a small kiss in her hot cheeks and then turned his face parallel to hers. She felt his cheek brush against hers, his thick stubble scratching her, but to her surprise she didn't mind. Scully stood up to hug him as their cheeks stayed connected. Mulder held her around her waist tightly, his other hand holding her head to his.

"I love you," Scully whispered. Mulder felt her words vibrate through her cheek to his.

"I am in love with you," Mulder replied.

"Do you always have to be better?" she chuckled quietly with more vibrations.

"No, it's just the truth," Mulder continued as he pulled up face away from hers and looked in the sparkling blue eyes. "Scully, when I look in your eyes, I see the man that I want to be, I try, it's so hard, I don't know what I'd do without..." Mulder stopped speaking as Scully's index finger hit his upper lip.

"Don't say it, I'm here," she hugged him again, pulling him close, and just then he felt her tummy against his.

"You're getting bigger," he acknowledged, sliding his hand over the fabric of her satin pajamas.

"I am...we are," she replied with a smile.

"Did I miss anything?" Mulder asked with a puppy dog face.

"No, I would have told you, even if I were mad at you. I'm not upset about that anymore, I just want to take a break, take things slow, we have to focus on this case and not let our guard down, because if we do, it could mean more danger," Scully explained, jumping from one conversation subject to the next.

"I understand, but you realize it's going to me next to impossible to keep you away from me," Mulder smiled.

"We can do it," Scully smiled and headed off to her bedroom, "I'm going to get some things together, then we can leave," she said before closing her door. Scully went to her dressers and pulled out sweat pants that would be comfortable during the drive. Then she opened her dresser drawers.

(In Scully's Head;) Um what should I bring? Not good lingerie, then Mulder would be a kid in a candy store, but having old stuff would give him more of a reason to get the dreadful stuff off of me, right? Oh whatever. (she threw some panties, socks and bras on her bed.) Bathing suits...ugh I didn't even know I still had bathing suits, did I put them in this drawer? I don't think I could even fit in this bikini! (she held up a light sky blue bikini with string sides.) I guess I should bring something, New York hotels have next to everything! When I get there, I am going out and buying a one piece!

Scully threw the light bikini in her bag, even though she doubted it fit, but it was the only one that was really comfortable and looked good on her. Scully began changing into her sweatpants when she heard her door crack.

"Mulder?" Scully asked, her back to the door.

"Yes?" he asked quietly.

"What are you doing?"

"Watching you dress,"

"Why?" she asked sarcastically in a high pitched voice while yanking the sweats up over her growing hips.

"Because I want to see you," Mulder answered truthfully. Scully stood back upright and then pulled her shirt over her head, her back still facing him. He stood at the door and let out one gasp when he saw her shift a bit. Not very much, but enough to see the outline of her curvy breast. She giggled lightly and put her bra on and reached around to clasp the back. Mulder noticed she was having a bit of trouble getting it hooked, so of course he walked over to help her. No words were said as his hands slid up her back in a ticklish way. She flinched a bit and then settled as his fingers worked the clasp. Once he hooked it, his hands traveled to her shoulders, massaging them lightly, making her gasp and breath harder.

(In Scully's Head;) Hum...okay we haven't left for our "business trip" yet, so I guess this doesn't go against my rule? Ahhh...umm.....that feels so good. Okay, we've got to stop this now!

Scully began walking and his hands slid down her back as she moved and then parted when she got too far away. She leaned down on the bed to retrieve one of Mulder's gray t-shirts, she put it on and rolled up the sleeves. Mulder stood watching her move about the room, throwing some of his clothes in the suit case with hers. She grabbed toiletries from the bathroom and held up the tooth brush for Mulder.

"Go use this now," she ordered and he smiled.

"Why, do you want to kiss me that bad?" he chuckled, knowing her answer, the one that she wouldn't admit to him. Once he did, they finally left the apartment and hit the road. Scully slept most of the time, or they just listened to music, not much conversation at all. The roads Mulder took seemed to be quiet and empty, so he did like eighty miles per hour the whole way up through Pennsylvania.

Flatotel International (luxury hotel)

Midtown Manhattan, New York City


Mulder pulled into the parking lot of a popular New York hotel near fifth avenue. Luckily the sign said 'vacancy'! Mulder left Scully, sleeping in the car, while he went into the hotel lobby to get two rooms. He talked with the clerk and decided he wasn't getting two rooms, it was too expensive. The clerk handed him a stiff room card, Mulder glanced on the back of the card. It had a similar recognizable symbol. It had a circle with a picture of a DNA double helix inside, but no fetus this time.

"Sir, what does this symbol mean?"

"I am sorry, I'm not sure," the clerk shrugged and smiled. Mulder smiled back and left the building to get Scully.

"Scully, Scully wake up," he tickled her neck with his fingers trying to rouse her. She opened her eyes and then closed them again for a moment, sleepily. Mulder walked around to her side of the car and opened the door. She rolled over towards him and he scooped her up in his arms the best he could. He realized she wasn't even aware of anything that was happening, she was so tired, and she finally got some sleep because Mulder is with her.

(In Mulder's Head;) God damn, I'm gonna break my back, she's so heavy! I didn't realize she had gotten so heavy, she doesn't look big!

Mulder carried her through the lobby, which was empty except for the sleepy clerks. Her carries her into the elevator and held her then too. Finally he made his way to their room and laid her on the luxurious bed. He pulled the covers over her limp body and kissed her cheek. Mulder than shut the room's door and proceeded back downstairs to get their stuff from the car. On the way, he was shaking his arms out, they had fallen asleep from carrying her all that time. Once Mulder retrieved their stuff, he settled in the chair directly across from the bed, deciding that if he crawled into bed with her, she'd be mad at him in the morning for crossing the boundary line of 'business'. He watched her sleep, her eyes moving beneath her lids, dreaming, vivid colorful. Her breathing slowed, Mulder could barely hear her. He starred for a long time at her face and body, until he found that he was sleeping with his eyes opened, when a myoclonic jerk hit him, he finally kicked off his shoes, closed his eyes and drifted off to sleep.

Chapter 29-Stubborness

Flatotel International (luxury hotel)

Midtown Manhattan, New York City


"Mulder....Mulder please...NOOOOOOOOOOO!" Scully screamed loudly, kicking and swatting in bed. Mulder jumped from being woken from a deep sleep. Immediately he was by Scully's bedside. "My...my...oh God...Mulder where are you...please help me.......ouahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh," Scully breathed heavily and screamed, her eyes closed, sweat forming on her forehead and cheeks.

"Scully, Scully I'm here, wake up, it's just a bad dream," Mulder tried to calm her, but everytime he tried to sit, she'd kick him away.

"Mulder...Mulder, I can't find you, please he's chasing me....ouw...nooo!" she screamed in a deafening pitch, her hand coming down to rest on her belly. She kept kicking some more but Mulder put up with it. He sat on the bed and put his arm under her neck and back to pull her up into a sitting position. She reached around and embraced him, shaking uncontrollably, her nails digging deep into his upper back. Her cheek rested against his, as he heard her whimper and cry through the vibrations.

"C'mon Scully, wake up!" Mulder shouted, starting to get frightened that she was still in such a deep sleep. He held her and rubbed her back slowly, with gentle long stokes. She cried quietly, squeezing him with everything she had. After a few minutes, Mulder noticed that her nails in his back were slowly falling and releasing his throbbing skin. Her crying had stopped and she was just holding him, her head resting on his chest. His t-shirt was soaked on his left shoulder from her salty tears.

"Are you okay," Mulder whispered, still stoking her back and holding her as close to him as possible.

"Yeah, I am sorry," she sniffled, her nose beginning to run from crying.

"It's okay, it was just a nightmare," Mulder comforted her. He kissed her forehead, which was clammy and hot. His other hand came up to stroke the side of her face in gentle light caresses.

"Where are we?" Scully asked in a throaty whisper.

"A hotel room in Manhattan,"

"How did you know to come over here?" Scully began questioning, still laying on his chest.

"I didn't get two rooms, it was too expensive, I was in the chair when you started screaming," Mulder explained quietly. Mulder pushed on her a bit and she laid back down on the bed, he sat there for a moment and held her hand. Then he got up and headed towards the chair.

Only then did Mulder even notice the city lights shinning through the curtains. He listened closely to hear the hum cars and buses, taxis, and limousines.

(In Mulder's Head;) The city never does really sleep! I bet it's beautiful.

Mulder walked over to the door to the balcony and peered out, thoughts crossed his mind to stand out in the cold night's fresh air, but something stopped him.

"Mulder," Scully whispered.

"Yes?" he answered her, turning around to face her. She laid on her side facing him with very sleepy droopy eyes.

"Would you hold me?" she requested while wiping away remaining tears. Mulder nodded and proceeded to the other side of the bed, he crawled in under the warm blankets with Scully. He wrapped his strong muscular arms around Scully and her hands rested on his. Mulder bent his head close to hers and kissed her neck making light puckering noises.

"Sleep, I am here, I will hold you until you tell me to let go," Mulder replied in a soft voice.

"Don't ever let go," she whispered and closed her eyes. Their breathing became one as they both drifted into sleep once again.

Hotel Room


(In Scully's Head;) Hehe, he's drooling again! Gosh that's so funny. Look at him, he's just laying there with a bed head and his mouth open!

"Get up!" she yelled and lightly pounced on the bed playfully.

"What?!" Mulder sprang up alarmed and becoming frustrated with her wake up calls. "Scully," he sighed smiling.

"Mulder, why were you in my bed this morning?" Scully turned serious, a question that had been on her mind since she first woke.

"Because, last night you asked me to hold you," Mulder answered truthfully, noticing the walls building around her. The image of her saying 'no fooling around' ran through his head.

"I did?" she gasped with wide eyes.

"You don't remember?" Mulder questioned, becoming confused.

"I don't remember even waking up," she replied honestly.

"You had a horrible dream, God you dug your nails in my back for nearly twenty minutes, and you don't remember?" Mulder chuckled a bit at the beginning.

"I remember you telling me you slept in the chair, and then here I wake up and find you next to me, drooling!" she chuckled a bit also.

"I don't drool!" Mulder snapped with a funny grin. Scully just smiled and nodded, biting her lip as she did. "Scully," he whispered as he noticed her beginning to get off the bed. She turned her head before she got up. He quickly darted towards her, ready to kiss her, and she pulled back, knowing what he was about to do. As she pulled back, she did so a little faster than she wanted to and her momentum carried her until she landed, laying on her back. And guess who fell right on top of her? Mulder looked into her eyes, kneading his hands through her perfect red hair.

"Mulder," she breathed. She put her hand up to his lips, "No," was all she muttered, and then wiggled out from under him easier than she thought she could at the moment. Scully walked into the hotel bathroom and Mulder heard her gasp, the minute she flipped on the switch.

"What's wrong?" Mulder recited, as he has done in the past.

"This is marvelous!" she smiled and walked around the large room, touching the curtains and tapping her bare feet on the soft carpet. She glanced in the mirror over top the sink. It covered the entire wall, it was huge. She looked at herself for a moment and almost didn't notice her size. She still relatively skinny, compared to what she would be facing in about another month.

"Now you know why I didn't get two rooms," Mulder raised his voice for her to hear him.

"Yeah, I know why," she said sarcastically and closed the door, just as he was about to come in.

"Oh Scully, dammit don't do that!" Mulder cursed, getting very frustrated with her. "Why do you always think that? I got one room 'cause it's expensive...heaven forbid you think that I want to be with you," Mulder shouted as he turned in the room, looking for his suitcase...well their suitcase.

"I didn't mean it like that Mulder," she replied, peeking her head out the door.

"Sure," he said coldly and continued rummaging through the clothes.

"Mulder, I am sorry I have to do that...I don't trust myself," she confessed quietly.

"What don't you trust?" he inquired.

"I can't keep myself away from you, that's why I have to do silly things like requesting two rooms and building up walls around myself,"

"Why is that such a bad thing to be near me?" he asked quickly.


"Because why?"

"You know why!"

"WHY!" he shouted at her.

"Sex, Mulder!" she shouted back him.

"And why is that bad?"

"Because I can't think!" she shouted once more. Their argument clearly serious and frustrating.

"Well neither can I!" Mulder shouted.

"Exactly my point! How do you expect us to carry out a case when we're so wrapped up in each other?"

"How do you expect us to carry out a case, when we can't think because we are trying to stay away?" Mulder retorted.

"Okay so you're saying...it's worse to stay away because we'll be thinking about it," Scully rephrased his point quietly.

"And your saying, it's worse because if we do it, our guard will be down," Mulder followed her logic.

"Okay, so we agree?" Scully raised her eyebrow, unsure if they had gotten somewhere or not.

"We agree on two problems, staying away and not staying away. What do you suggest we do about it?" Mulder questioned, licking his lips in a sarcastic manner.

"Not staying away," she whispered and then jumped towards him, pushing him down on the bed and planting a full kiss on his lips. Mulder was so completely surprised, yet thrilled and began kissing her back. Her hands held him behind his head, and Mulder moved his fingers up under her/his t-shirt. Touching her sides and her belly, he continued, but their bodies were too close together for him to go any higher. He entered his tongue into her mouth with passion, licking her teeth and tasting mint...she had gum! Gum! Mulder exclaimed in his head, completely surprised. Their kiss slowed by Scully, who was not accepting his tongue as much as Mulder had wanted. He settled for sucking on her bottom lip for a few moments and then pushed her head back from his a bit.

"You're still confused, but you just want to give me what I want, don't you? Scully, I don't understand how you think you can hide this, I can feel it when you touch me, I can feel the rate of your heart beat against my chest, it bothers you,"

"I am sorry,"

"Don't be sorry, just don't tease me like this, you come to me when you're ready. When you make up your mind," Mulder told and then got up from the bed and began dressing in silence. Scully walked over to the suitcase, perched on the chair, and began sorting through it looking for suitable undergarments. When she selected some, she began dressing and by now Mulder was done and watching her. "More teasing!" he moaned with a smile.

"Oh well! Deal with it! You don't think you tease me when you dress in front of me?" Scully asked, rather moody and serious.

"As a matter of fact, do I?" Mulder muttered.

"Yes, you do tease me. Mulder I feel like a teenager again, dammit, it's like sex is the only thing on my mind! And I hate it!" Scully yelled, while bouncing up and down trying to get in her suit pants. She finally got in them, and to her surprise, buttoned them with ease.

"Really?" Mulder quipped, completely intrigued with one hand on his cheek, as if he were pondering.

"Yes, I think about it all the time," she confessed, her cheeks turning a light shade of red as she turned to the suit case once more. Mulder moved up to the back of her, grabbing her lightly around the waist.

"What happens to you when you think about it?" Mulder began questioning, reveling in her confession.

"You know what happens, I start requesting two rooms," she said seriously, although Mulder chuckled.

"I mean physically,"

"You know, Mulder," she stated simply, trying to wiggle from his grasp, but he wouldn't allow it.

"I do know, but I want to hear you tell me," he insisted as he whispered in her ear.

"I-..." she stuttered, completely embarrassed, "It makes me hot Mulder, my cheeks burn, and I sweat a lot, and certain areas seem to throb, are you happy now?" she asked sarcastically and finally escaped from his grip.

"Oh yeah, I'm happy, I'm glad to know I'm not the only one thinking about sex all the time and getting hot off of it," he chuckled and hopped on the bed. Scully threw him a nasty look and began folding the clothes in the suitcase. Mulder flipped on the television and began flipping. He came across and episode of "60 minutes" and attempted to leave it there, until commercials started. He flipped around some more as he heard Scully rummaging and wondering around the room, relieving stress her way, he thought....NOT my way! Mulder kept flipping until he came to a local newscast station. Something caught his eye, a new attraction in the heart of New York.

"Come see Manhattan's subway murals, beautiful paintings done by Asonge' Batonali. He's an Italian painter, hired by Mayor Giuliani to paint these murals in the subway tunnels. During each station stop, passengers have the option of getting off and viewing these murals and then catching the next train," the news caster informed. Mulder watched attentively as he noticed something. In the pictures they were airing of the murals, Mulder noticed that one was a circle with the double helix inside of DNA. It was absolutely beautiful, more than one would expect, but Mulder saw something in it, some kind of meaning, although he wasn't sure what. He pulled the room card from his pocket, as well as the note from CGB to Skinner. He looked at the symbols again. The one on the room card looked exactly like the one on the tv, and the one on the letter, was only somewhat different, due to the human fetus inside.

"Scully, C'mere," he firmly ordered, and she obeyed at his tone of voice.

"What is it?"

"Shushh, watch this," Mulder directed her vision to the program that was still going on. Scully watched the screen as they promoted the murals. Once it was over and they moved to a new topic, Scully looked down at Mulder. "Look at these symbols and the one in the mural on the tv, they're almost the same," Mulder pointed out the obvious to her, and she just grinned.

"So you think that something has something to do with these symbols?" Scully prompted confusingly. Mulder chuckled.

"Maybe," he stated and got off the bed. He went into the bathroom and shut the door. Scully stood there, grinning at his behavior. Then he emerged and she gave him a funny look.

"What are you doing?" she questioned his actions.

"Um, I just went to the bathroom, I think that's still legal in this state," Mulder joked.

"You know what I mean!" she moaned in frustration.

"Well, I think maybe you should go down to the Midtown Manhattan library and see if you can find out what this symbol means," he began.

"And what are you going to do?" she grumbled.

"I'm gonna go have a picnic breakfast in Central Park with Hilary Clinton, c'mon Scully!" Mulder chuckled in a sarcastic manner. "I'm gonna go to this subway station and check out this painting," he finally compromised.

"Fine," she huffed and grabbed her purse and headed for the door. Mulder was there first, leaning his frame against it, putting his arm across so that she couldn't open it. "Move!" she shouted at him. He leaned in quickly and captured her lips in his, she was fighting him horribly, but the suction of their lips gave him the advantage to keep her there. Scully tried to back away more, but his other arm had crept around her waist and was holding her tight. She decided she wasn't getting out of it, so she just let him kiss her, but she didn't budge, not one lip movement on her part.

"A little moody this morning aren't you?" Mulder smiled as he broke the kiss. He observed her eyes, bright, blue and ferocious.

(In Mulder's Head;) Why is it, that even when she's mad, I get so turned on? And wasn't it just a few minutes ago when she kissed me and pushed me down on the bed? Phew, what mood swings, I'm becoming scared of her!

(In Scully's Head;) If he does not let me leave now, I'm going to hurt him!

Mulder didn't bother trying to say anything else, he knew she was pissed and he knew he should quit while he was ahead. So he moved away from the door and she was gone.

Chapter 30-Murals

Underground Subway, Manhattan N.Y.C.


Mulder had grabbed an early fast food lunch on the way to the subway station. He obtained an all day ride subway ticket and proceeded onto the tram. Once he sat in a very comfortable chair, he noticed that there weren't that many people joining him.

(In Mulder's Head;) Well, that's very odd. New York subways are always packed! And since they're promoting this new Mural thing, shouldn't there be tourists flocking there? Okay, I'm confused!

Mulder took out the letter once more and viewed the symbol. He happened to glance up and notice this symbol again, it was imprinted in the metal of the tram car, as a trademark. Mulder stood up to get closer to the symbol on the wall, but he felt a shudder of the tram taking off and was jolted quickly, falling back onto the floor of the car. He laid there for a moment, in a bit of pain. Mulder looked over under the seats and saw the symbol once more. On the bottom of each of the seats, only he also found something else.

Goo, clear-like, draping and oozing over the double helix. Mulder pulled out his evidence kit quickly and scooped some of it up and placed it into a clear test tube container. He immediately got up off the floor, and about this time, the train stopped. Mulder exited the car with delight, for motion sickness was over coming him.

Mulder walked onto the gray cement ground of the station. He looked up and read the large sign "Mural Station" and one beneath it "Stop # 7". Mulder looked from side to side, noticing two ways he could go. Both paths lead into dark hallways, but which one? Mulder decided to go left. He walked, hearing his feet click on the building floor, no other sounds around, except the hum of cars above the station and birds trapped, chirping in the rafters.

The darkness engulfed him, and he pulled out his trusty flashlight. Once he did, he noticed another sign, which was bright red, "Please do not enter, this section of the mural paintings are not yet open to the public". Of course, Mulder ignored the sign and kept walking, shinning the light onto the walls. It was eerie and cold, Mulder got shivers as he could hear droplets of water coming from somewhere. Mist, from the cold and hot air mixing, swirled around Mulder, almost in a way that is looked like a movie.

There was evidence that the artist had begun painting this section. There were bits and pieces of full scenes, Mulder proceeded, his eyes grazing over every image. Until he came to the one he was looking for.

(In Mulder's Head;) Why would they advertise a particular painting on the news that wasn't open to the public yet? Was that piece just meant for my eyes only? Mulder held the light directly beside the wall mural of the DNA. The rays of light shone on the painting in just the right spots. The ring around it was white and pure, then starting at the top was a long strand of blue DNA, curving down to the bottom. In the other side, a strand of red DNA, intertwining itself with the blue. The artist had used his paints elegantly to make special effects and such. As Mulder looked closer, he noticed a faint outline of a child, a fetus. It was an allusion of a child created by glow in the dark paint, Mulder figured. He flipped off his flashlight and indeed the fetus appeared to glow with radiant light. The paint appeared to move, like it was dripping, or that it hadn't dried yet. Mulder advanced towards it, reaching out his index finger to touch it. It was gooey, not at all like paint. He then realized that this wasn't paint, it was similar to the ooze he found in the train car, under the seat. Mulder flipped back on the flashlight and instantly, the image of a child disappeared and the wall was completely dry.

(In Mulder's Head;) What in the hell is going on here?

Mulder retrieved his evidence kit quickly and then flipped the light back off, and once again the image appeared to him. He scooped up a bit of the fluorescent goo and secured it into a clear glass test tube.

Midtown Manhattan Library

11:25 am (meanwhile)

Scully walked into the very vacant library and made her way to the medical section of the institution. She found herself getting side tracked by pulling out up to date, recent medical books and leafing through them.

(In Scully's Head;) Okay Dana, focus, find out what that symbol means. The sooner I do that, the sooner our case will be over, and the sooner Mulder and I can have back what we had.

Scully took a few heavy books from the shelf and advanced to a back corner where everything was peaceful and quiet. She sat at a large business table, neatly tucking her tummy in as she slid in her chair. Scully leafed through one book, which didn't seem to help her, so she switched to another.

She flipped through until she came to a section completely on DNA only. It intrigued her, she slid on her glasses and began reading the information. Most of it she knew, but it was nice to refresh her memory, since med. school felt like forever ago to her. Finally she found the symbols and read up on them. There was one, which had an embryo inside, but not a fetus. It was the only one she found remotely close to what they were looking for. The symbol was particular to a group back in the 1940's, who had begun projects with DNA on unborn children, still in utero. These doctor's would perform unnecessary operations or experiments on the mother, extracting DNA from the baby's tissues and then re-inserting other strands of DNA. All of the doctor's were eventually prosecuted and the children who did survive the horrible operations, had birth defects and odd traits that enabled them to somehow be immune to things like the common cold or flu. It was a great idea for preventing those types of incurable illnesses, yet the children and parents had to suffer the consequences of the birth defects.

Scully decided to take that specific book and sign out, so that her a Mulder could look at it more closely. She got up out of the most comfortable chair, and returned the other books to their place on the shelf. Then she advanced to the sign out counter.

"Ma'am, may I help you," a man asked as she approached the counter slowly.

"Yes, I'd like to sign this book out please?" Scully answered in a quiet voice. She gingerly handed the man the heavy leather bound book and he stamped the back of it.

"I'll need to see you're hotel room card, or receipt of some kind," the man continued in a deep, somewhat familiar voice. He was very tall and skinny, not at all a body builder. Scully nodded and pulled the room card she'd taken from Mulder that morning from her purse. Then she handed it to the man, who was grinning from ear to ear, for some odd reason. He viewed it, Scully watched his eyes glaze over it and hold his stare for quiet sometime.

"Flatotel International, wow, that's a great place. You must be wealthy?" the man asked her with surprised eyes.

"Not exactly, I'm here on business," she answered quickly. Scully was feeling a bit queasy and felt funny vibes from this man. As he smiled and turned his head towards the computer screen, she noticed a small scar at the base of his neck.

"Here you go ma'am," the man gave Scully back her room card and her credit card, "Before you leave, I must say, I know you'll think this is weird, but you are a really beautiful woman," the man commented, blushing somewhat behind his goatee.

"Wow, um...thank you," Scully smiled and nodded, then hurried away as fast as she could.

(In Scully's Head;) That was weird! No one's ever told me that except my father and Mulder. Not even any of my old boyfriends!

Scully made her way down the street a ways and then back to the hotel room. As she walked through the lobby, she noticed a clear door that said "Hot tubs, spas, and pools". She could see some people in the large room, swimming and having fun.

(In Scully's Head;) Maybe I should go and relax, I don't feel all that well anyway.

Mulder hadn't returned yet and Scully was becoming worried. It briefly crossed her mind to call him, but she decided not to, maybe the peace a quiet she'd receive while he was gone would help her calm down. Scully rummaged through her bag, and came across that bikini.

(In Scully's Head;) Damn, I meant to go shopping for a new bathing suit. Oh well, I'll just wrap a towel around me, I'm not that fat!

She began changing into the light blue bikini, and as she did she looked into the mirror.

(In Scully's Head;) I can't believe I ever wore this, it's too sexy! Oh well damnit, I can have fun right?

She patted her tummy and thought, "I've gotta have fun, even if I look ridiculous in a bikini being pregnant". Scully grabbed a hotel room towel and slipped on her tennis shoes.

Flatotel International Hotel

Hot tubs, spas and pool room


Scully walked into the misty room, and saw that most people were not relaxing in the pool, but the spas were filled with woman, and some men drinking wine and beer. Unfortunately, Scully knew she couldn't get in the hot tubs because of the baby, but she really didn't mind the heated pool afterall. She lowered herself into the shallow end of the Olympic size pool, and sat on the steps, leaning her arms and head back, closing her eyes in the relaxation.

Mulder had finally gotten back to the hotel and by chance he glanced over to the room titled "hot tubes, spas and pools" while walking through the lobby. And something stopped him dead in his tracks. He noticed a woman in the pool, closest to the door. Mulder walked over to the glass and stood watching. The woman had her eyes closed, and she leaned back into the water. It came swooshing up and covered her chest, little beads of water ran down inside the bathing suit top, making the woman's nipples become erect. Suddenly it dawned on him, the red hair.

(In Mulder's Head;) Could that be Scully? Nah, that woman's way to thin and God damn hot! Well, Scully's hot, but I don't really know. I wish I could see her face.

Mulder opened the glass door, and suddenly heat and steam engulfed him. He walked over slowly, and tried to get a peek at the woman's face before she opened her eyes to notice that someone was watching her. Once Mulder realized it was really Scully, he grinned with a big smile.

(In Mulder's Head;) God damn, she's hot! Why did I have to make her mad at me? I want her so bad! Jesus, look at her nipples, she must be cold or turned on! I hope it's the second one! Oh Mulder, just shut the hell up!

Mulder shed his shoes and crept up behind Scully. He kneeled very close to her head and noticed her eyes still closed. He quickly put his hands on her shoulders and began massaging them. She jumped out of her fantasy world quickly at a stranger's touch. Whirling around she yelled, "Jesus Mulder!"

"Hello to you too," he chuckled. She took a handful of water and began splashing him for scaring her. She laughed the whole time his face was becoming drenched. He never moved or flinched at her childish water play. When her arms tired and she was finally out of breath, she stopped and got out of the water. Her hair was pulled up, some pieces fell and curved around her face, in wet little ringlet's of red curls. Mulder watched her every move, as she walked to a sunbathing chair where her towel lay. He watched her hips sway, like he'd never noticed before. He paid a lot of attention to her ass as it moved across the room. He noticed her hourglass figure that was still beautiful even though it was distorted by the baby's growth. The shade of the blue bikini made her eyes appear bluer and more glittering than ever. He finally got close enough to her, to look in them, drown in them, fall in love with her all over again. "You didn't have to get out you know," he mentioned as she wrapped the towel around herself and grinned at him.

"You scared the hell out of me!" she muttered with her eyes down as she fidgeted with the towel to stay around her.

"I am sorry. I saw you through the door and you were so pretty, I had to come in here and see you," he confessed, getting mushier than he expected to. "Your body really is beautiful Scully, I'm glad you're wearing a bikini,"

"I shouldn't have wore this,"


"Because it gets me in trouble,"

"You're not in trouble,"

"Heh, that's what you think," Scully chuckled under her breath. She began walking towards the door but Mulder's strong hands stopped her.

"Tell me Scully, what's going on?"

"No, it's very personal, I know why I wore it, but you don't need to know," she snapped and wiggled out of his hands.

"I want to know personal things about you Scully. How can you get more personal than making love to me? You might as well just tell me!" he pressed. Once that sunk in her brain, Scully decided, maybe telling him would shut him up and get him off her back.

"You really want to know?" she asked, glancing around the room, thank God there wasn't anyone near them. Mulder nodded. This bathing suit, I wore to a beach party when I was twenty, I still have it, I've always kept it. It's practically brand new, I only wore it once," she began.

"And..." Mulder prompted.

"I wore this...when I lost my virginity to...to my boyfriend at the time...on the beach that night," Scully stuttered, her eyes shut afraid to see his face, her cheeks very hot and red from embarrassment.

"Wow, um...I didn't expect you to say that," Mulder replied, looking away from her, trying to give her some space.

"I know," he whispered.

"Having...< >...on the beach, well...that...sounds better than my first experience. Did you like it?" Mulder continued, he figured it was out on the table, he might as well interrogate since he's always wanted to know.

"Mulder!" she shot him a threatening glance.

(In Scully's Head;) I can't believe he's asking me this! I can't believe I'm telling him this! Well if I won't let myself have sex with him, why not talk about it? Oh Dana, what are you doing, definitely getting in way over your head, just shut up right now!

"Never mind, I don't want you to be uncomfortable," Mulder managed to choke out.

(In Scully's Head;) Why does he have to be so sweet? He doesn't want me to be uncomfortable! Ughr...well, he's actually the only person making me uncomfortable at the moment, but he's make me uncomfortable without him, so what the hell?

"Mulder, this is not the place, let's go upstairs," she answered simply and gave him a short glance. Mulder followed Scully to the elevator. On the way up, no words were spoken, Scully was still completely embarrassed and Mulder just couldn't get over Scully, being outgoing enough to agree to have sex on the beach with her boyfriend!

They finally reached their room and entered it, also in silence. Mulder sat down on the bed waiting, he truly didn't know what to do with himself. He didn't know her boundaries, he didn't want to intrude as he had already done enough damage for one day.

Chapter 31- Learning Improves Communication

Hotel Room


"Do you still want to talk about this? I thought maybe that's why you suggested coming up here," Mulder began.

"Okay." He smiled lightly, "I don't really mind telling you, sometimes I just need my space Mulder,"

"I understand, I'm glad we can talk because...um, I'm having a bit of trouble picturing innocent Dana doing this?" Mulder confessed while shifting on the bed, his clothes still damp from Scully's water rampage. Scully came over and sat beside him, holding the towel still close to her body.

"Back then, when I was young, I had just gotten out of Medical school. I was very disciplined to stay away from drinking and drugs and...sex. Once I got out, that summer, I wanted to live a little. My boyfriend and I went to this beach party, I told you and we decided to take a walk on the beach at sunset. No one was around and he started kissing me," Scully began explaining and then looked away, getting the blushing sensation once more. Images and memories of what she was about to explain flooded her mind.

"Don't be embarrassed, keep going," Mulder tried to encourage her.

"So we kissed and he laid me down in the surf. I wasn't comfortable at all with the place we were in, and I told him that. Unfortunately, I did have a bit to drink that night and he convinced me to stay...and all of the sudden, it happened so fast, he was on top of me and we were...having sex," Scully finished and actually looked up at his eyes, to his surprise.

"What was it like Scully? How did you feel?" Mulder asked, trying to keep his prying to a minimum.

"I was glad we did it, I needed the release, and I wanted him so I never felt any regrets, which was very good," she answered.

"Did it last after that?"

"We dated for another six months I think, and that's when I joined the FBI, and got partnered with you the very next month." She smiled.

"Heh, wow, irony?" he smiled and chuckled a bit.

"What irony?" she asked, somewhat confused.

"Just that you met me so long ago,"

"I know, I feel like I've been with you forever...Mulder, that was my first time and only time, until Jack Willis, so if we really think about it, I think I've only done it like five times...except for you," she corrected.

"Who was better?"

"You, of course you," she gave him a playful slap on the arm, "It's always been you," she finished and rubbed her lips on his cheek for a moment.

"So why did you wear the bathing suit?" Mulder kept on.

"Because it made me feel sexy, and God knows I need that right now. The baby is taking over, and it's not exactly as pleasant as I thought it'd be,"

"It's very pleasant. Do you know what I thought when I saw you? I'll tell you, it turned me on big time, I thought you looked very sexy and it threw me a curve...a whole bunch of curves," he chuckled and rubbed his finger around the side of her breast, which was still covered by the towel.

"Really Mulder?"

"Please don't tell me you thought that I didn't like you're body...Scully," he used his index finger to tilt up her burning face.

"It crossed my mind, but I didn't really think that, because you seemed like you wanted me," she confessed.

"I did want you...I do want you," he acknowledged and leaned in to her. He pursed his lips a bit, indicating a kiss was about to occur, then he pulled back teasingly, and her lips darted out for him. But she was unable to capture his lips, and he leaned in again, and did the same thing, teasing her by getting his lips barely touching hers and then pulling away. Everything was so quiet, Scully realized she was holding her breath in anticipation of his sweet kisses. He pulled back a little further and smiled.

"What's wrong?" she smiled in a seductive way, yet still questioning.

"Nothing...I still can't picture you naked on the beach," he chuckled and put his head in his hands.

"Who said I was naked!" she laughed. He shot her a surprising grin.

"You weren't?" he gasped.

"No...I kept the bathing suit on," she explained.

"Then how...?"

"Mulder!" she cut him off, "I am sure you're quite capable of figuring out how we managed that!" she chuckled.

(In Mulder's Head;) Yeah, I can imagine. Oh my God, this is a major turn on, Scully rolling around in the sand, having sex...but the other guy part doesn't help me much. I can just pretend it's me!

"Scully, what did you feel, when we first made love? Was it enough for the first time?" Mulder began questioning.

"Oh Mulder...that was so completely different. I am in love with you, I wasn't in love with my boyfriend when I was twenty. It was so much more meaningful, we shared so much together and we gave each other a part of us, physically, this baby," Scully patted her tummy and smiled.

"Yes, I totally agree with all of that, every word...but I mean, physically, did I satisfy you?" Mulder asked innocently, his hands folded in his lap like he was embarrassed or ashamed.

"Yes, completely, I think it was the first time I ever came in my life, I promise you have nothing to worry about in the bedroom department, at the moment,"

"Now what does that mean?"

"I am just saying that you're satisfying me just fine, that's all," she looked down at her legs. Mulder looked over at her as well, and noticed that she was now shivering from the cold draft and her wet skin from the pool.

"You're cold, you should get out of that wet bathing suit," Mulder suggested. She nodded and stood up, pulling the towel off of her, shivering as she felt a drop of cold water drip from her hair and roll down her chest. At that feeling, once again, her nipples perked up, "Scully, wow!" he smiled as he noticed that change, and then became serious as he gave her the once over. He noticed how the strings on the bikini tied and hugged her soft hips, and her breasts hung delicately, so full and round, taking the shape of the material. "I can see why this guy wanted you, if you looked anything back then like you do now,"

"Thanks," she giggled a little. Mulder retched out and used his index finger to trace over her hipbone and finger the knot of strings at her side. He decided not to remove her clothes for her, incase she still wasn't ready (although he desperately wanted to). Mulder recalled telling her to come to him when she's ready. But he moved his fingers across her abdomen and discovered a light brownish line extending from her belly button all the way down under her bathing suit, which he assumed it went the whole way.

"What's this?" he asked quietly, touching it, following it's length with his finger. The light touches made her flinch because it tickled.

"That is called the linea nigra, it's a line that shows that my uterus has risen above my pelvic bones, it's normal," she re-assured him.

"Are you sure?"

"Yes," she answered in a whisper. He leaned in and kissed her bulging belly and then kissed his way up, until his nose grazed across the bottom of her breasts. She put her hands on his head, massaging her fingers through his thick dark hair, guiding him to keep kissing her. Mulder did not hesitate; he opened his mouth and sucked her hard nipple into his misty hot mouth through the material. Obviously she was very sensitive and surprised by his actions. Scully curled up on her tippy-toes, pulling his head to her even more, trying to hang on, for all of this was teasing her, turning her on, and making it so unbearable to 'stay away'.

"Mulder?" she breathed heavily.

"Um-hum," he moaned, kissing and licking her clavicle, teasing the sensitive skin there.

"I really...hate to ruin this...but..." he cut her off by darting his tongue into her mouth quickly, making her gasp for air and pull his head to her mouth more. She kissed back passionately, more than he expected from her in their given 'business' situation. He felt her shiver and wasn't sure if she was just turned on by his ministrations or she was still cold. One of his arms dipped down to stroke her under her thigh, she flinched at that touch as well, but that telling him that she was turned on was only one of the answers he was hoping for. The other answer; was when he felt goose bumps on her legs, she is cold. Their lips slopped together in wet but long kisses, tongues plunging in and out, running along each other's teeth and the roof of their mouths. Scully pulled back and held his head so that she could look in his sparkling green eyes.

"I'm hungry." She smiled. Mulder immediately chuckled.

"I can't win can I?" he laughed, "Why don't we both get into warm, dry clothes and I'll take you out to a nice restaurant," Mulder suggested, "And I think you mentioned shopping a while back? The night's still young." He smiled.

"Mulder, do you mean it?"

"Of course I mean it! I'd do anything for you, and hey, if my baby needs food, than you better give it to him!" Mulder chuckled. Scully smiled and proceeded to the bathroom, her bladder felt like it was going to burst, but for some reason a few moments ago, that's not what was bothering her in that lower area. In fact, that lower area still was making her uneasy but she tried to ignore it as she dressed into more decent clothing for the night.

"Mulder, nothing too fancy, I didn't bring many 'dress-up' clothes," she shouted through the door.

"No problem!" he smiled although she couldn't see it. He changed out of his wet suit and hung it up, hoping it'd dry by tomorrow morning, since he only brought one! Mulder quickly pulled out his cell and made a few secretly quiet phone calls. And finally, Scully emerged from the bathroom.

"You look amazing as always!" he smiled and wrapped his arms around her waist.

"Thank you. Mulder during all of this 'talking' and 'making out', I never got a chance to ask what you found in the subway," she recalled.

"I know, I never got to ask what you found in the library!" he chuckled, "Listen, I have to drop something off at the local FBI crime lab here in New York on the way to dinner. Then while we're eating we can tell each other about our discoveries," Mulder proposed.

"Sounds like a plan G-man!" she giggled. Then Mulder and Scully left the hotel room and advanced to the 'rented' Ford Taurus.

Chapter 32-Dinning In City Lights

Italian Tower


Mulder and Scully stopped by the closest FBI crime lab, located (luckily for them) right in Manhattan. Mulder dropped off the evidence quickly, more eager for his night out with Scully, than anything else.

"Mulder, I told you nothing fancy!" Scully chuckled a bit to herself as his hand on the small of her back maneuvered them to the entrance of the restaurant.

"I know, it's fine, just enjoy yourself," he encouraged as a waiter greeted them. "Something on the balcony please," Mulder requested. Scully smiled at him in amazement and then followed the waiter to a small booth, right on the balcony. Once Scully walked through the patio doors, the light night breeze hit her face and her hair blew in the refreshing wind. Her eyes closed for a moment as she felt Mulder's hands on her shoulders, holding her.

"Beautiful city, isn't it?" he commented, looking out across the black sky that was lit up by nothing but bright lights. She opened her eyes and followed the same path, viewing all of the tall buildings, the light sparkled and danced across the sky, painting a wonderful picture that was almost unreal to either of them. "Shall we sit down?" he asked and pulled back a chair for her.

"Mulder, this is so nice," she answered as she sat down across from him. There was no one else on the balcony and it was very nice and comfortable to be alone. "I am still amazed at how you're able to separate romance from work, we're in the middle of a personal case for God's sake!" she chuckled.

"It's not hard, you seem like you needed something to cheer you up a bit," Mulder began.

"It's kind of chilly out here," she rubbed her arms and tried to put up with it, it was all so romantic. Mulder said nothing, but got up and threw his jacket gently around her shoulders. He kissed her neck quickly as he smoothed her golden red hair over the jacket, "Thanks," she acknowledged. Scully then noticed two wine glasses with a red liquid already set out on the table.

"I hate to be...what's the word, um...I'm not going to drink this alcohol honey." She smiled.

"Well honey, I did think of everything tonight, just taste it," Mulder suggested.

"Mulder," Scully raised an eyebrow, he gave her a look back saying 'trust me' and she picked up the wine glass and took a sip. "Grape juice, hehe how cute Mulder," she giggled in delight. Mulder smiled.

"I told you I thought of everything. Now Scully, on the way here, I thought of something else personal I'd like to ask you about,"

"Oh really? How come I get the feeling I'm not going to like this?" she licked some juice from her lips and set the glass down.

"I don't want you to feel that way, I just need to know some things about you, things we've encountered but always buried before we could talk about them,"


"What went on between you and Daniel Waterstone?" Mulder blurted out insensitively. Scully took a big gulp of air and glanced out over the edge of the balcony at all of the lights.

"Okay...I knew this would come up one day," she breathed.

"Take your time," Mulder encouraged.

"About a month after my little beach fling, I entered my second semester of Med. school, where I met Daniel as being my Human Anatomy teacher," Scully glanced up at Mulder's eyes, he was very focused on her and her words, so she continued. "I went to that class for a long time holding in my feelings, he was very attractive and I was young. My hormones back then really disgrace me, I felt very bottled up and needed to get it all out, do forbidden things," Scully continued, she stopped to take a breath and than began again.

"Eventually, there came a day when I had to stay after, for some trouble I was having, and something really sparked. We kissed and it was mutual, neither of us really initiated it,"

"Go on," Mulder prompted when he noticed her struggle.

"We went on like that for a while, small kisses here and there when no one was around, and some light touching, until eventually it was too much to handle. When the semester came to an end, he took me out to dinner, sortof a nice celebration for what I had achieved. Somehow he convinced me that we belonged together, and deep down I really did love him. He took me back to my apartment and one thing led to another," she stopped, her face a light shade of pink, her eyes slid shut for a moment. Mulder reached out his hands and grabbed hers.

"Tell me,"

"I-, it was a very big big mistake. We had sex only twice I believe and I didn't enjoy it at all, I felt guilty the whole entire time. Somehow, I don't know how, but somehow his wife found out that we were seeing each other. I got scared, I was way in over my head, and I ran, I ran as far away as I could get. I quit medical school, just under getting my Ph.D. I got away for a few months, away from family and friends and tried to find myself again. Once I did, I went back to school, got my Ph.D., just to have it, not really for myself. After that, I went to the FBI...Jack came into play and the others that followed, the rest is history,"

"Wow, Scully you were a wild child huh?"

"A piece of my past I tend to keep hidden, you are now the only other person besides myself and Daniel that really knows what happened, not even my mother," Scully began in a serious tone. Her voice was a bit emotional and she paused to take a sip of her drink. Some relief cut the tension when the waiter finally reappeared. Mulder ordered something expensive that Scully had never heard of. She ordered some kind of spicy pasta dish with garlic battered Calimari. Once the waiter refilled their drinks and then left, the conversation resumed.

"Now Mulder, you've pumped me on my past, tell me about your first time?" she muttered.

"Oh God...I knew this was coming," he chuckled. She smiled at him, nervously awaiting his explanation. "I think I was...seventeen, and it was senior week. I was very drunk and I found out that a lot of my organs don't work very well when I drink." He smiled.

"You mean...?" she raised her eyebrow, hoping he'd get her drift.

"Yes," he answered plainly, a faint blush was appearing that almost made her feel bad for him.

"Oh...how embarrassing!" she laughed trying to lighten the mood while bringing her glass up for another sip.

"Yeah, I told you it wasn't all that great. With a lot of effort, I came and then I threw up, and that was my night, I never saw this girl again," he confessed.

"Well, I must say, I was much more coherent than you were,"

"You always are Scully." He smiled There was a silence after that, which lasted a little longer than either of them expected it to.

"Mulder...I know it's a little early to be talking about this, but we have some things to discuss about the baby," she confessed.

"I sensed that, it's been bothering you?"

"A little," she continued, and then finally looked him in his eyes, "What are we going to do about work once the baby comes?"

"We'll do whatever you want to do. Have you thought about what you want?" Mulder queried.

"I have, I want to be with the baby a lot, I don't really want to offend you, but once the baby comes I don't want to work for the Bureau anymore," Scully began, and ended in an ashamed whisper. Just then their dinner arrived, interrupting their intense conversation.

"I take no offense, I think it's a very good idea, I don't want you in danger anymore either. In fact, I know you Scully and you're still going to want a job, am I right about that?" Mulder questioned.

"Yes, I need to work, it's in my blood," she chuckled. She picked up her fork and began twisting pasta onto it.

"Well, I think you should go be a doctor, get a job at the hospital or maybe a practitioner's office, maybe you could even be a coroner for the Bureau. Staying with the Bureau would give you more money, and the work wouldn't be any harder,"

"I have thought of that and I think I will do something in medicine, Mulder, I haven't lost my passion for the X-Files, I just want to be able to be with the baby more. Our job is so demanding and I just don't think I can do it anymore,"

"I agree with you. Maybe Skinner wouldn't mind if you helped me out on light cases, ones that need a medical examiner. This way, you'd have a 'part-time' well paying job and you are still involved in the things you love, the X-Files, medicine and me, of course." Mulder smiled and then reached for his cell phone which had been ringing for quiet sometimes, and neither of them noticed.

"Mulder," he greeted.

"Fox, is Dana with you?" Maggie Scully's worried voice came through the receiver.

"Yes, we're fine, would you like to talk to her?" Mulder replied. Then he handed the phone to Scully and mouthed the words 'your mom' to her.

"Mom?" Scully answered.

"Dana, where are you? I was worried," Maggie questioned.

"I am sorry, I forgot to tell you that Mulder and I decided to take a little vacation," Scully began only being half truthful.

"Thank heavens, seriously, I hadn't heard from you for a while, I was..."

"Worried," Scully finished her sentence with a smile, "Thanks for you're concern, but you're kindof interrupting our dinner, so I'm going to let you go mom," Scully tried to be polite.

"Okay sweetheart, I love you,"

"Love you too mom, I'll call you when we get back," with that, Scully hung up and handed the phone back to Mulder.

"Where were we?" he began with another smile. Mulder took another bite of his food and then a sip of the grape juice.

"I have no idea," Scully realized as she did the same.

"What did you find out, in the library?" Mulder began with the next topic on his mind.

"The only thing I could really put my finger on was a symbol of DNA with an embryo inside, not a fetus. It's a trademark for a group of doctor's in the 1940's. They did experiments on unborn children, removing their DNA and inserting other strands. That's all I found," she finished with a gulp of her drink. What amazed Mulder the most, was the ease that she spoke on this topic, he was surprised that she felt comfortable with everything, since she's pregnant.

"Well, glad to hear your journey was more believable than mine," Mulder commented with a grin.

"What do you mean...Mulder...what did you find?" she began her questioning, with the raised eyebrow.

"It was very bizarre," he answered.

"Well that's nothing new with you Mulder," she commented in a serious manner.

"I went and saw the 'famous' murals, and I have to admit they were quiet astonishing. Although there wasn't one tourist, which certainly got my attention," Mulder explained.

"Not one? C'mon Mulder,"

"I am serious Scully, in fact, the damn subway was like an old ghost mill, there wasn't a sole in sight!" he exclaimed, "I saw a mural, of the symbol in which we are linking to the bounty hunter. I flipped on my flashlight and saw it, it was exactly like the one we've found in other places, only, it had the absence of a fetus. Once I flipped the light off, an image of a child appeared in like this fluorescent goo," Mulder used hand gestures to try and get his point across.

"Fluorescent goo Mulder?" Scully questioned skeptically.

"Yes, seriously," he tried to reassure her, "I gathered some of it, that's what I dropped off at the crime lab, I am very curious to see what it is," Mulder informed.

"So am I," Scully agreed.

"Are you okay with this?" he asked concerned.

"With what?"

"I am sure trying to handle this personal case, being pregnant and all must be difficult," he muttered.

"It's hard, but it'd be harder without you," she answered truthfully.

"Listen Scully, why don't we 'can' this serious crap, let's have some fun." Mulder smiled.

"What exactly did you have in mind?" Scully asked with a sly grin.

"Well, that's a surprise, but first, have you had enough to eat?" Mulder pressed.

"Yes, I think the baby is satisfied now. It seems to like Italian, nice choice Mulder," Scully complimented as she patted her tummy.

"That's my baby. And you know Scully, when he or she is born, I'm gonna have to get them started on subs and sunflower seeds!" Mulder joked and laughed.

"Oh no you don't!" she laughed with him. Their eyes met for an intense moment.

"God, you're absolutely glowing, you're so beautiful." He smiled, rubbing the tops of her hands on the table.

"And you are just as handsome as ever. It's surprising, the look you get in your eyes when we talk about the baby," Scully replied.

"Why surprising?"

"I don't know...I just...it's a look that I've never seen on you before. It's very new, but somehow it's a familiar comfort for me," she answered. Mulder leaned over the table as far as he could, she met him half way unexpectedly. He kissed her cheek lightly and she turned her head a bit to access his inviting lips. They were just about kiss when Mulder felt a presence...the waiter had returned.

"Another damn bee," he mumbled, "Hum can I help you?" Mulder smiled at the waiter. Scully pulled back and looked back over the view of the city, letting the fresh air engulf her once more. The waiter left the bill for Mulder and he turned to Scully.

"Are you ready to go?" Mulder asked with bright green eyes.

"Where to?" she questioned with a smirk.

"A girl's best friend, I'm guessing...a mall?" Mulder smiled.

"That's one of my best friends, which mall?"

"Manhattan mall, or we could go to Times Square, and do some shopping in Macey's or Saks or hell Bloomingdales', I don't care, as long as you're happy!" Mulder chuckled, grabbing her hand again.

"I am happy." She smiled and placed her other hand on top of his. Scully got up from her seat and hesitated for a moment.

"Are you okay?" Mulder noticed her anxiety.

"Yes, I'm fine...um, I'm going to use the restroom before we leave," she answered. Mulder smiled and nodded, then watched her as she made her way back into the main section of the restaurant.

Chapter 33-Calm Before the Storm

Manhattan Mall


"Don't you just love New York? The malls like stay open forever," Mulder chuckled as they walked up the entrance together. Mulder yanked open the heavy glass doors and let Scully go inside first. It had gotten down right chilly out, and Mulder could see his own breath in the air, as well as Scully's.

"It's great, I have been looking forward to some real 'girl time'," she confessed.

"You call this 'girl time'?" Mulder asked surprised.

"Shopping is a girls' downtime Mulder, for you, relaxation is like staying at home drinking beer and watching those movies you swear aren't yours," Scully chuckled.

"I've changed a lot Scully...I don't think I've watched one of those videos for maybe four months!" he chuckled.

"Ah hah! So you admit it! They are yours and you do watch them!" Scully laughed, as she caught him in the lie. He followed her into a department store to the woman's section, and then finally answered.

"Okay, so maybe I do watch them, but they're from Frohike, I swear I never bought one!" Mulder laughed, trying to be completely truthful. He watched Scully finger a few suits in the woman's business attire section.

"This is a bit depressing, I don't like getting bigger!" she replied as she looked at the tag on a black suit.

"It's depressing because you're making it depressing, now stop it! Just look at it this way, it's only for a while and for the well-being of our child. And you get new clothes out of this deal, c'mon what more could you want?" Mulder laughed. His eyes drifted over the clothing in front of him. Scully took the black suit from the rack and began walking away. "Where are you going?" he asked quickly, jogging to catch up.

"To try this on," she stated simply, immediately a boyish smirk appeared across Mulder's lips.

"I'm there!" he smiled. She shrugged him off and proceeded to the dressing room, once again there was no one around, and Scully was thankful for the peace. She entered on of the tiny rooms, which were decorated nicely, and had a place to sit inside. Mulder stood right outside the door waiting. There was no conversation at the moment, Mulder was enjoying the sounds of Scully shedding her clothing. To think that she was half naked behind a two inch door was driving him crazy. Finally, he noticed by looking at the bottom of the door, the new suit's dress pants were being slipped up her smooth legs. "How's it going in there...need my help?" Mulder asked.

"Oh I'm sure you'd just love that wouldn't you," Scully retorted.

"Well, actually yeah!" Mulder chuckled, "Let me see," he instructed. Scully shifted the clothes over her curves a bit more and glanced in the mirror. Once she was satisfied, she gave the door handle a tug. Mulder heard it creek as it opened and his mouth dropped.

"Stop that, I don't look that good." She smiled and used her index finger to raise his jaw back up in place. Mulder stared at her, and rubbed her arms with his hands, and then they finally made their way to rest on Scully's hips.

"I definitely think you should get these." He smiled and rubbed her hips in small little circles.

"I think I will," she replied with a smile and turned to go back into the dressing room.

"Where do you think you're going?"

"To take these off," Scully said, trying to ignore his comments.

"But it's my job to take your clothes off Agent Scully." Mulder grinned, fingering the jacket buttons.

"At the hotel Mulder, not here," she answered firmly, but he said nothing and began unbuttoning the buttons.

"Mulder...Mulder, stop!"

"There's no one around, where's your sense of adventure?" he chuckled and slid the jacket off her creamy shoulders, then he realized she had no shirt on underneath.

"That's enough," she raised her voice, becoming annoyed. He backed off right away and she went back into the dressing room.

(In Scully's Head;) I love him dearly, but God! He can't keep his hands off of me! What am I going to do with him?

(In Mulder's Head;) Okay, I guess she's not in a playful mood. Damnit, she's just so...irresistible, I want to touch her.

Mulder wondered around outside of the dressing room, being attracted to the woman's lingerie section close by. Scully emerged from the dressing room, holding two size eleven suits and began searching for Mulder. He wasn't hard to spot either, he was the only man in the woman's section to begin with.

"Hey Scully, I think this would look great on you," he winked, holding up this little tiny red negligée.

"Mulder, there's barely anything to that!" she acknowledged the tiny, slinky piece of red lace.

"Well, sometimes that's good, you know, there wasn't much to that bathing suit of yours and you saw how handy that became!" Mulder chuckled and joked.

"Hey, don't start making fun of that! If you crack another word, you'll never see me in anything that revealing," Scully threatened.

"Oh, so I*did* have a chance?" Mulder smiled, walking through the isles searching for something that was more*Scully*.

"Maybe," she answered simply as she stopped at a bra rack. She picked up one that had several different things about it. You could change how tight or lose it was and the front opened easily as well. Scully looked at the tag and realized that it was a nursing bra, and she began to ponder what she was going to do on the subject, she'd never really thought about it before. Mulder came over and stood a bit behind her, reading the tag as she did.

"What are you going to do Scully?" Mulder asked her curiously.

"I...uh, I think I am going to nurse, I'm not sure yet, would you mind if I did?" Scully questioned, meeting him with bright blue eyes.

"I wouldn't mind, whatever you think is best, you're the mommy." He smiled and kissed her cheek.

"I want to think some more, we have plenty of time," she continued and began walking around some more. She picked up a new set of panty hose, she'd never had much luck keeping the damn things together, so she figured a new pair couldn't hurt.

"Why don't you get something new Scully...something that will make you feel good?" Mulder motioned to the wide selection of lingerie.

"This is embarrassing!" she laughed with a bright red face, her hands coming up to cup her cheeks for a moment.

"Scully," he began.

"I'm sorry," she began also.

"Would it help if I picked out something?" Mulder asked, taking his eyes from her to give her time to get composure. She didn't answer, but she followed him as he fingered various types of materials. He found a short slip type negligée, it was made of satin, and he knew she liked satin. "Something like this more your type Scully," Mulder asked as he held it up to her body, "Oh yeah," he gasped and smiled. She couldn't help but laugh at him.

"Listen, why don't you go somewhere, maybe the electronics or men's department, while I look around? I might be able to find something we'll both like," she suggested, needing some breathing room. Mulder nodded.

"Let me carry your suits, so you have free hands to look around," he offered, taking the suits from her hands. Scully watched as Mulder left the woman's section, then she turned her focus to the garments in front of her.

(In Scully's Head;) Oh God! I am so glad he's gone, ugh! Watching his eyes run over everyone of these things and filling it with my body has got me so...um, there's no word for it, I just can't believe men do that! It's very flattering but I am not used to all of this. I have a way to get him back...I'll make him shop for his own underwear with me trying to pick out funny things for him. I can just see it now...how about this Mulder and then hold up a pair of men's bikini's, then he'd know what I feel like, and he'd understand why it's embarrassing! Okay, focus Dana, something sexy.

Scully tried to end the little daydreaming slide show in her head and focus on her task. Scully's eyes raked over the selection and she finally found something. It was not as revealing as the little red thing Mulder held up, and it wasn't as conservative as the satin slip thing either. It was in the middle and just right for her. Scully ran her fingers over the see through lace of the breasts and trailed it down to the hem at the bottom. It was short, iridescent light blue lace everywhere, with little royal blue satin strings that laced up the middle cleavage area, and some going down on either side of the hips. The straps where small and thin, the same royal blue color.

As Scully stood there fingering the piece of clothing, she realized that it was making her feel sexy, and that made more images of her and Mulder making love flood through her mind. She lifted the garment from the rack, and began cursing herself for not keeping the suits with her, that way she could easily hide this piece of lingerie under them. Not that she was embarrassed, although it certainly does stir some bashful emotions.

Scully made her way to the counter and paid for the garment quickly. Once it was safe, tucked away in a bag, Scully proceeded to find Mulder.

"Hey, did you find something?" Mulder greeted.

"Yes, I did. Did you find something you wanted?" Scully questioned.

"No, that's okay, I don't need anything. I'll go pay for your suits." Mulder smiled and turned in the direction of the registers. He paid for her suits using his credit card and they were just about to leave the store when the infant section caught Mulder's eyes. "Hey Scully, do you want to go look around in there?" Mulder offered.

"I don't know Mulder. It's very early to even start thinking about buying baby stuff. I'm still not out of the woods of miscarrying, I don't want to jinx us!" she chuckled, although being very serious.

"Okay, I guess I was just really excited," Mulder frowned and returned his hand to her lower back.

"That's okay, I am very excited to, but we can't get to ahead of ourselves, we'll have time for all of that Mulder," Scully explained. They walked out the doors and got into the car, throwing the bags in the back seat.

"So are you going to show me what you bought?" Mulder smiled his boyish grin and brought his hand up to move her hair off of her shoulder. She was quiet for a second, although a smile appeared on her face.

"I'm not going to show you, until it's on me," she answered, her cheeks turning a light pink as she smiled devilishly.

"That sounds really good to me. When we get back to the hotel, I want you to take a nice bath in that huge tub. Then when you get out, I am going to massage your back and every other area with lotion. Then you can put on whatever you bought in that bag, and we'll see where it goes from there." Mulder smiled and explained. The whole time he talked, her eyes slowly drifted shut from the pure bliss of thinking of a massage. He heard her moan lightly when she heard him say her back.

"That sounds heavenly Mulder. My body really is starting to hurt from the changes," she mentioned when finally opening her eyes. He kissed her lips quickly and started the car.

The Hotel Room


Scully stood up in the bathtub, rather anxious to get out. The left over soap suds and bubbles trickled down over her delicate creamy skin. She used her hands to swipe some away and then grabbed a towel. Once she finished drying, she wrapped herself in a free hotel robe. Then Scully emerged from the bathroom to find Mulder laying on the bed in just his boxers. A devilish grin dancing across his features as he saw her.

The room was illuminated with candles, the scent of lavender flooded from the bathroom. With no words, Mulder patted the bed for her to come, lightly rolling the lotion bottle around in his hands.

"Are you okay?" Mulder asked, confused by her body language.

"I am okay, I'm just a little nervous," she admitted, eyes trained away from his gaze.

"Why nervous, it's just me Scully," Mulder tried to comfort her. She sat on the bed, holding the robe together. Mulder brought one hand up to rub her back for comfort.

"I know, I don't know why I am. I think it's just because, it feels like the first time again, since we haven't done it in a while," Scully confessed.

"It'll be great, let's just take our time, we don't need to rush this. I want to go slow with you tonight, I want it to last," Mulder explained. She nodded and he sat up, moving aside for her to lay down. She stood with her back to him and slipped the robe down until it dropped to the floor. She felt his eyes glued to her, and that was a bit nerve racking, to know that someone is watching you naked, even if it is your lover. She covered her breasts with her hands instinctively, and then laid down on the bed, only putting light pressure on her bulge of a tummy. Mulder sat beside her and moved her hair off of her back, then he shook the lotion. He squeezed some out onto her back, and she arched up quickly at the coldness of the substance.

"Sorry." He smiled, and she settled back down. Scully closed her eyes, anticipating the feel of his hands on her achy back, massaging out all of the knots of stress and anxiety. Mulder reached out, he began at the shoulders and neck, pulling and rolling her skin around in his hands. Very gentle at first and then pressing harder until he could feel her ribs and shoulder blades under his fingers. She couldn't hold in a moan any longer and it made Mulder smile and want to continue. He moved his hands down her rib cage and then darted out to her sides, squeezing the flesh there. It felt incredibly good for Scully, and it was relaxing her more than she'd intended to let it. Mulder kept his fingers moving, also using his thumbs and knuckles every once in a while to press harder in certain areas. Mulder added a bit more lotion and then let his fingers drag the cool liquid down over her behind. She flinched a bit at that unexpected gesture, but settled back down when he told her to. Mulder used his fingers once again to knead her skin, pushing it up and out, massaging her lower back, hips and butt muscles. Her moans and groans were becoming much more frequent and a bit louder, her breathing became ragged, and Mulder could barely hear her say his name in a whisper.

"Turn over Scully," he instructed, and she did, but with a curious look on her puzzled face. As soon as she got situated once more, Mulder eyed her swollen breasts, her nipples a dark pink color and pointed to small peaks of arousal. Mulder squirted more lotion in his hands, rubbing it around, making it warm this time. He began at her feet, massaging the soles of her feet and running his fingers in between her toes. It tickled her and she kept squirming back, inching up the pillows towards the headboard. Giggles came from her throat and Mulder smiled and gazed at her, never letting her eyes leave his. He continued up her soft skin, massaging her legs, knees, and upper thighs. He would tease her by dipping a bit low, into the inner thigh, coming so close to her light auburn curls and then retreating. His hands slid up over her hipbones to her belly. Mulder leaned down to kiss her belly button and then continued caressing her tummy. Suddenly, he decided it was time to really touch her, somewhere that he knows she likes. So Mulder let his fingers drift up her torso, up through her cleavage, and then used both of his hands to clasp her breasts. She leaned into his caress as his hands held and squeezed, feeling their weight, their softness and tenderness. He gently used his thumbs to brush across her nipples, making them stand up more, becoming unbearably hard and throbbing with pain. Scully's breathing was now very torn due to this torture, her arms grabbing him around his shoulders, but he refused to get closer. His thumbs traced her curves, as he dipped his head low and took one of her erect nipples into his misty mouth. She arched her back, causing her breasts to smash into his face, he suckled hard, pulling on her nipple with his teeth. Once he released it, he used his thumb and forefinger to pinch it and roll it around, while his mouth gave attention to the other nipple. She winced in the pain, but he knew it was one of those things that hurts and feels good at the same time. Her hands were holding his head to her chest, her back arching to meet his mouth as he continued licking and flicking her nipples. Her breathing short and fast already, her eyes closed and moans came from her throat. Mulder left one of his hands drop and nudge her thighs open as he lifted his lips to hers. She opened her eyes for a moment and then closed them again. Scully leaned her head to his, letting her lips mesh together with his. Her tongue darted in immediately but slowly, moving across his teeth and tickling the sides of his mouth. Scully pulled his head back from hers before his hands reached the curls between her thighs.

"Slow Mulder," she breathed and looked into his dark green eyes, full of lust, love and desire, "Let me go put on what I bought," she suggested as he rolled off of her. She was shaking, her arousal was so strong, she'd wanted to make love to him for some time now. Mulder noticed her unstableness and smiled, knowing inside that he was feeling the same way, if not more so.

(In Mulder's Head;) Phew...breathe...breathe...breathe. She's so incredible, how anyone knows to kiss like that. And her body is so gorgeous, just the right amount of soft skin to fill my hands. I am so glad she finally let her guard and walls downs and put her pride back in a box! I want to make love to her tonight, slowly, very slowly. I want her to feel me, I want everything to last. It has to be perfect.

(In Scully's Head;) God, I've never felt like this before! Thank God I stopped him, I almost came! He just knows how to make me melt, and I love it. I want to touch him though, he always touches me and while I'm not complaining, I like giving as much as receiving. I have a feeling this is going to be the best night I've had with him yet.

Chapter 34- Heated Passion

Scully stood in front of the bathroom mirror admiring her glowing skin beneath her new lingerie. She stood for a moment, her face close to the mirror, staring into her own blue eyes as if in search of something. Her hands were sweaty, her face already flushed from the previous foreplay. Her muscles shook and quivered from nervousness, she was so happy and so engrossed in the emotions that making love to Mulder brings out in her. They were overwhelming and scary to her, because she didn't want to fall apart, break down and cry just because they were about to have intercourse. She had a hard time explaining these feelings to Mulder before, it wasn't that she's unhappy, and she wasn't scared of him or making love. It just meant so much for them to be together like that, being one with each other. It made her want to cry and just hold him forever as if she'd never see him again.

(In Scully's Head;) Nothing's changed Dana, just go out there, face him, and be with him. I don't understand, why I feel the need to give myself a pep talk, but damnit, this is just frustrating. I am so nervous, like it's our first time and I'm afraid to disappoint him. But he was out there all over me, and it just felt like things were moving too fast, that's why I pulled away. We have always had fast, I want tonight to be different, slower, I want to enjoy everything he gives me. Mulder loves me, and I love him, that's all we need tonight, right?

Scully turned to the door handle and placed her hand shakily on it, stalling for a moment and then turning. As soon as she entered the room, she saw that Mulder was just where she'd left him, lying on the bed, only he had rolled onto his back. Her hair fell just under her chin, curving around her angelic face in a familiar way. It seemed to shimmer in the candlelight, fiery red and the contradiction of her ice blue eyes piercing his body as she watched him. She smiled shyly at him as she neared the bed, trying to reassure him she was okay, before he would ask. He sat up to greet her, pulling her into his lap slowly, her legs straddling his knees and crotch. Her arms floated up around his neck and she began playing with small curls of hair at the base of his head. His large hands began caressing her open back as he spoke, "I don't know about you, but I want to take things slow," Mulder stated his thoughts.

"I agree, I want you to make love to me, slowly," she whispered, gazing into his dark green eyes, "Mulder, I-," she hesitated, scratching his skin with her thumb on his shoulder, her eyes focused there, "I know we talked about me not doing certain things to you, but I really want to touch and feel you, not just with my internal body," she confessed.

"What are you saying Scully, are you talking about...that?" Mulder tried to restate the topic but failed. Scully didn't respond with words immediately. She trailed her feather light fingers down his torso, tracing his muscles until they ended, pressing lightly against the bulge in his boxers. Her hands fingered and traced the elastic around his waist then she began pushing the fabric down in the back.

"Oh my," Mulder gasped, feeling her chilly hands touching the top of his behind.

"Lay down," she commanded and pushed on his chest with on hand, the other still trying to claim territory. Mulder obeyed quickly, lying on his back. As his head hit a soft pillow, his eyes drifted shut for a moment and he sighed in contentment, but then his mind drifted back to the anticipation of Scully's actions.

"Talk to me," Mulder stated, a ragged breath as she lowered his boxers. He lifted his hips to help her remove the material and then she looked back up, noticing his erection at full attention, almost reaching his belly button.

"Well, if you want me to talk to you, I guess that can be arranged. I must say, I don't usually favor in boosting men's ego's but Mulder, you are so..." she paused as she crawled on the bed up to him, letting one of her legs drag over his and she came to rest on top of him. Taking his manhood losely within her gentle hands, so not to startle him, she began again, " You are such a big man. I can feel how thick you are, and I can't wait to taste you,"

(In Scully's Head;) Oh God...I can't talk dirty, this has got to stop! I'll try to keep it light because me saying these things really gets me out of this romantic mood we've created and it shoves me back in other experiences where we had a hard and fast kindof fling. Although, everything I just said, I intended to be true. He is big and thick, very thick. Somehow I think different moods makes his body arouse differently. Sometimes, when we've made love, he was incredibly long, but now, he's thicker than I have ever seen him.

(In Mulder's Head;) Our damn communication kills are lacking here! I don't want her to talk dirty tonight and I'm not sure what she thinks; although it's turning me on, because I've never heard her talk like this, it's just not what we need tonight. I wanted this to be romantic, and she seemed to enjoy that a lot and was very turned on by it. I must admit though, the things she is saying to me has got me rock hard and it hurts! Oh God, Scully, wow what are you doing to me?! Ahh, that feels so good...so good!

Scully wetted her palms using a method that was rather surprising yet arousing by Mulder. She reached between her own legs, slipped her hands under the blue lace fabric and drew moisture for her hands and then grasped his hard on with a squeeze. Mulder arched his back immediately and she knew her caresses wouldn't last long. She lowered her head to him, kissing his red swollen tip with her lips, lightly blowing air out onto it. She felt him shiver and heard his first moan, as his hands came down into her hair. Her sticky hands slipped down to cup his testicles, and her index and thumb made a ring shape around his base. She massaged his delicate sac in her hands, molding his flesh in her hands. Her hands came up, pressing the skin folds inward, squeezing his whole length tightly, as her tongue began it's journey down the underside. Her path followed a thick purple vein bulging out and pulsating with hot blood. She teased a sensitive tender spot just below the head, and then finally took the whole head into her wet hungry mouth.

Mulder just about lost it there. He arched back again, his feet digging into the mattress and pushing himself back towards the headboard. Luckily she was still straddling him or he probably would've gotten up and ran from the torture. His hands pressed on her head lightly as she sucked him into her mouth as deeply as possible, until his dark curls were tickling her nose. It took all he had not to push on her head, and he bucked his hips a few times and she let him, in fact, most of the time, she encouraged him. She felt his penis twitch within her mouth, she ran her top teeth over his tight tip and then licked the small bead of milky fluid that had escaped. Mulder began bucking his hips uncontrollably and pulled on her head to release him. She knew they'd talked about not swallowing his fluids because of the baby so she decided to honor his wishes. She let his erection pop out of her mouth, trying to savor the small taste of him that she did manage to steal. Scully crawled onto him a bit further, laying on his side and leaning on her side enough to watch his lower anatomy. Her right breast lined up exactly with Mulder's nipple, which was unintended but she felt it, and she pressed her breasts to him harder because of the throbbing relief she was receiving. Mulder was groaning in animal vocals, his eyes closed, sweat glistening on his chest and forehead. Scully cupped him around his neck, feeling the perspiration and his damp, wet, curly hairs.

"Do you still want me to talk to you," she breathed heavily in his ear. He groaned in response and wrapped his arms around her back, pulling her body completely on top of his.

(In Mulder's Head;) It is...taking...all I have...not to come. Oh God not here, please not here, inside of her, don't ruin this Mulder...damnit, don't! C'mon cock, listen to me!

Mulder tried to coach his erection, he wanted things to be perfect so badly, that strangely enough, he was able to keep himself from falling over the edge. He tried concentrating more on Scully than himself and the pain he was in. Mulder slipped the royal blue satin straps off of Scully's clammy skin. She helped him by pulling her arms out and letting the top fall off of her. Mulder leaned his head up a bit and sucked a nipple into his mouth, pulling and tugging the other way as she arched her back.

Suddenly, it wasn't enough, he pushed her back and rolled her over, until he was laying on his side, half on her. Her eyes were wide with anticipation, but a bit dreary from the intense stimulation. His hands grasped her hipbones firmly so she couldn't wiggle around as much. Her breathing was fast and torn as he finally swooped in to kiss her swollen lips. As he did, his hands worked at pulling the rest of her negligée down over her belly and hips and finally off of her legs, landing on the floor. Mulder was glad that she hadn't put on any panties and his hands drifted back up, until they settled in between her thighs. Her inner thighs were sticky with hot arousal, his hands gathered the moisture and proceeded directly to her opening.

"You feel incredible," he breathed as he suckled her neck, his fingers gently probing into her wet folds and then quickly darting down and inside her with ease. She angled her hips immediately at the feel of two of his fingers sliding into her warmth. Finally a significantly louder moan came from the back of her throat as she began moving her hips with his fingers. He lay on top of her now, her breasts pressed into his chest, making her feel like she actually had some. They were much fuller now that she's pregnant and she noticed their sensitivity right away. Mulder kissed her lips with the light brush of an occasional tongue, soft sensual, gentle and tender, making her feel like she was treasured. Scully felt his erection prodding in her wet auburn curls, squirts of his fluid peppering them in white snow.

She finally reached her hands down between kisses and slowly guided him into her body. Inch by inch, she felt her internal muscles expand and contract, trying to fit him into her perfectly. Ultimately, Mulder broke the kiss to breathe for a moment as he felt her walls squeezing him in deeper than he thought he could go. His hands curved and rested on the bed around her head, his body lined up with hers. Scully's arms where under his, curved around his body and holding his back tight, her legs spread wide as she cradles him between her thighs.

Slowly, Mulder began to move his hips, pushing into her and then retreating.

(In Scully's Head;) Oh my this is so different from anything he's ever done. By this point in our love making, he's usually completely erect in front of me, pounding into me as fast as he can. This time, he's actually laying on me, pulling and pushing my body as he moves. Sometimes, it's rather lonely lying here, when he's over there concentrating on pleasing me, this is more pleasing. Having him down here, with me. And he's kissing me, wow, he's actually kissing, normally our kisses are before and after, but he's actually kissing me while were having sex. I never realized how much more I am enjoying this.

Mulder kept his torso touching her tummy the entire time. He kissed her, lips touching, sticking for a moment, and then pulling away to breathe heavily. Scully was in a constant moan state as he filled her more completely than ever before. She felt more involved by him lying on top of her instead of being on his knees pounding into her. Mulder kissed her chest, licked and suckled her nipples for longer than ever, pulling and tugging, all the while he still kept thrusting.

Scully was in a complete state of bliss as Mulder licked her neck, just under her chin where the skin was sensitive. He suckled some more, thrusting hard into her and stopping for a moment to take her ear lobe into his mouth. Once he got the rhythm, he kept thrusting while he suckled. After a while, she felt him loosing strength, so she bucked her hips up to meet him in each thrust.

(In Mulder's Head;) She likes this, she likes this way of making love. She likes me on top of her, rubbing against her with every move. I*will* do this more! I can feel myself growing week, wanting to come so much, but I want to wait for her. Just a little bit longer, her walls are already pulling me in so tight.

Mulder kept at his pace, pulling his erection in and out of her warmth, her hands around his back, creeping down to full each palm with his butt. Once she got a good grip, she pulled on him, pushing his hips into her, causing his penis to penetrate deeper, and in turn she pushed her hips up faster. The pace was becoming agonizing slow at that point and both of them loved the chase but needed the release. As he got her hint and picked up speed, she closed her eyes for the first time that night and gritted her teeth. Amazingly, Mulder kept on with his "taste every piece of Scully" routine, which she wasn't complaining at all!

At last, they climaxed together, their hot sweaty bodies rubbing against each other in a sloppy slippery motion. Scully could feel Mulder's fluids heating her core and sending a tingle (that she loved) all the way through her body. Just moments after, she came, crying out his name and piercing his back with her fingernails. Reluctantly, Mulder was still lying on her, one arm around under her back, and the other holding her head in the position to kiss. When he felt her shudder with her orgasm, he kissed her, long and hard, passionately. Cries from her throat continued into his mouth and they slowly decreased to small whimpers. She convulsed beneath him as he held her through it all, lying on her, yet keeping his weight off of her abdomen for obvious reasons. He kept kissing her, licking and suckling on her neck and ears. Mulder watched her face, flushed and rosy pink, sweat glistening and dripping from her hairline.

(In Scully's head;) Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God, oh...my...God! Wow! Ahhh, God, that feels so unreal, that was so perfect, ummm, Mulder, ahhh don't stop, please don't stop. I can't believe this, he kissed me when I climaxed, he held me and rode the waves with me, he laid on me the whole time...the WHOLE time!!!!! WoW!

"Oh my God," Scully gasped for air, as she held his head to her neck. She wanted to say something, tell him what that felt like even though he was there and felt it too, that was the only coherent thing her brain could even get out, "I love you Mulder," she breathed, closing her eyes. He stopped kissing for a moment and laid his head on her shoulder, trying to catch his breath.

"I love you to Scully," he lifted his head to look her in the eyes and smiled. By now the candles have gone out except one. The room was barely lit, as their breathing slowed to normal pace and the aftermath left their bodies. Mulder had shifted lightly and Scully felt warm liquid dribble down her inner thigh and coat her bottom. She moved a bit more and his semi-erect penis slipped out of her body. She pushed Mulder lightly, with a hand on his chest, encouraging him to lay on his side, and as did she. His arms enveloped her and she did the same, one leg resting between both of his.

"We weren't supposed to exhaust ourselves remember," Scully breathed into his ear, her head resting just above his heart. She could feel it pulse, sending out vibrations that were felt through her ear, the sound was so comforting to her.

"I am exhausted, if you are, I am very sorry," Mulder apologized in a little boy manner. Scully made a light chuckle and then began;

"I am, but don't be sorry, that was so completely worth wait,"

"I hate to ask, 'cause you'll probably get mad, but is the baby okay?" Mulder hesitated asking the question, especially asking it directly after they'd made love.

"The baby is just fine," she sighed with contentment and tried to nestle her face into his chest more. His arms held her tight, caressing her back in light long strokes that lulled her to sleep. In fact, he was asleep before her, but his hands kept moving, practically all night long.

Chapter 35- The Storm

N.Y.C. Hotel room

Manhattan, New York


Mulder laid beside Scully, curling his body around hers in an elegant and comfortable fashion. His arms enveloped her in a warm embrace. He was awake, watching her dream. She stirred at the light touch of his index finger tracing her cheekbones.

"Mulder?" Scully asked sleepily, rising her head up and back to look over at him. He smiled and chuckled lightly to himself; she's so cute, he thought. "How long have you been watching me?" she questioned self-consciously.

"For about an hour I think, why?" Mulder asked, rubbing his fingers along her soft neck, pushing pieces of red hair behind her shoulder. She shook her head and did not answer why. "Scully...last night was...better than ever before," he began, Scully got the impression Mulder wanted to talk about their lovemaking. She shifted, feeling the need to face him. Scully maneuvered her body until it was turned around, facing him, and she began rubbing her hands lightly over his muscular chest.

"It was the best time I've ever had in my life," she admitted quietly and shyly blushing. Mulder leaned down and kissed her lips lightly, and then pulled back. Her eyes had closed, reveling in the feeling, trying hard to swallow.

"I love kissing you," Mulder whispered as she opened her eyes. She smiled and leaned in, pulling at his head, until her lips met his quickly, but then slowed as they both moved their lips with each other. "That seems to tell me, you're agreeing?" Mulder smirked as he pulled back.

"I think that's a very educated interpretation!" Scully exclaimed, pushing the covers down off of her. Mulder smiled, starring at her, noticing something in her eyes, as if he could see that she was thinking hard about something.

(In Scully's Head;) He's right, last night was incredible, but it's just so hard for me to talk about. I'd love to be able to tell him what it felt like to me, but it's just a little too personal, even though we share everything. I think deep down, he knows me well enough to know how that affected me. God, all I can think about is, him kissing me during our love making, he's done that, but not as much as last night and it really had an affect. Maybe I could manage to tell him that, that way he does it more often. Yeah, that's what I'll do...

"Mulder...I want to tell you how much I enjoyed the kissing while we...made love last night," she confessed.

"So I noticed, you melted like butter when I kissed you right...here," he explained as he bent to lick and kiss her ear lobe. Her neck squinted trying to push him away.

"Stop it!" she giggled, pulling back from him. He just laughed with her, and sat up in bed. Before Mulder even realized what Scully was doing, she brought a pillow up over her head, and hit him in the back with it. Mulder slumped over for a minute from the impact and then started laughing.

"That was a mistake Agent Scully," he chuckled, not facing her yet. She got up on her knees, her pillow ready for the next strike. Her arms holding the pillow just above her head, her breasts lifted with the arm muscles. He turned around to face her and she hit him right on his head, his hair became static and stood on end. Scully laughed hysterically at the affect and kept pounding at him with the pillow. Finally Mulder took charge and pounced at her, pushing her down onto the bed, "You didn't actually think I was going to let you beat me up without a fight did you?" he smiled into her blue eyes. Her arms were pinned, curled around her head by his hands holding her. The pillow separated their naked bodies, covering Scully's breasts. Unfortunately the pillow wasn't quite long enough and Scully could feel Mulder's erection prodding at her nest of red curls.

"Well, it's a good thing you began fighting back, because I was winning...

G-man," she whispered under her breath the end.

"What was that? Who's winning now...Ice Queen," Mulder whispered the ending as well, throwing out nicknames to compete with her.

"I am, Spooky," she laughed as she retorted with another nickname. And Mulder had run out of nicknames for Scully.

Unexpectedly she fought back and took Mulder by surprise. Scully wiggled out of his tight grip, somehow, he'll never know, and began digging her fingers in the side of his ribs. He tried to fight back, grasping one of her hands in the air and holding it, her other was still intently trying to use pressure points to hurt him. Their breath became heavy as they fought playfully, Scully now in a sitting position, one arm suspended in the air by Mulder's grasp. Mulder lying across her lap, the back of his head losely supporting itself on the side of the bed. As Scully realized Mulder's torso was much to hard for the pressure to bother him, she took advantage of the arm that was up in the air holding hers.

Something she learned when training for the FBI, she pressed her thumb hard into his armpit, making him squeal for a moment at the sudden change, causing him to release her other arm. Scully gave Mulder one small push and he began sliding off of the bed, head first onto the floor. She sat there, laughing in all her glory. She heard Mulder finally come to rest on the floor with a "thud" and leaned over the edge to see his pitiful face. In all the laughter, Mulder pulled on her arms and she ended up falling down on top of him. After a few minutes, once the childish giggles seized, conversation began again.

"I love you," Scully stated simply, her head resting against the crook of his neck.

"I love you," he answered back, rubbing his hands along her sides, feeling the differences in her belly. He fingered small little raised lines on her sides and then pushed Scully over a little so that he could get a glimpse at what he was touching. He noticed little red squiggly lines on the sides of her belly and hips. Mulder frowned thinking that she probably wasn't too happy about these changes.

(In Mulder's Head;) She's still beautiful to me, she always will be, even when we're old and gray, she'll be beautiful.

(In Scully's Head;) What is he thinking. I feel his hands tracing those ugly stretch marks, why is he doing that...ugh it tickles!

Scully raised up off of Mulder quickly, hoping it would make him stop touching her. She stood up and walked to the bathroom in silence.

(In Mulder's Head;) Uh oh! Is she mad at me? Did I do something wrong by discovering those stretch marks?

"Scully, are you okay...I didn't mean to-," he stopped at the door, trying to explain himself but he couldn't find the words. He did not regret detecting the changes in her, he loved it.

"It's okay Mulder, I am fine, really, I'll be out in a minute," she answered and he heard her flush the toilet. Mulder backed away from the door quickly and then heard a knock at the hotel room door. Abruptly, Mulder threw on his boxers and jeans that he retrieved from the floor, and a white t-shirt that was also nearby. He advanced to answer the door.

"Hi, I am here to clean the room, is this a bad time?" the well-dressed janitor began. Mulder glanced out in the hallway and noticed his bin of cleaning supplies and a cart full of dirty linen.

"Um, let me ask my-," Mulder stopped, unsure of what to call Scully and proceeded to get her.

"Scully, the hotel janitor wants to clean the room now, do you want me to tell him to come back later?" Mulder asked shouting through the door.

"Well," he heard Scully's voice as she pondered the situation.

"That won't be necessary, if I could just take the bed sheets, it will only take me a minute," the janitor replied, hearing the uncertainty in their voices.

"Okay," Mulder answered to the man, then the janitor disappeared to bring his cart closer to the room. "Scully this guy is just gonna take our sheets. I'm gonna go downstairs and get a paper okay?" Mulder informed.

"That's fine Mulder," Scully answered and with that re-assurance, he slipped on his tennis-shoes and left. Scully heard the man rummaging around and she decided to see that he was up to what he said he'd be doing. She emerged from the bathroom wearing a full-length hotel robe, appropriate garments underneath and her make-up was finished.

"Hello ma'am, sorry to bother you this morning," the janitor greeted her as he pulled the covers off of the bed; which didn't take much due to the twisted nature of them from Mulder and Scully's previous activities.

"Oh that's okay," Scully re-assured him as she walked over to the dresser. She picked up the library book and sat in a comfortable chair, flipping to the page she was last reading. The janitor continued about his business, removing the pillow-cases and tossing them into the cart. Scully looked up to study the man and noticed a scar at the base of his neck, it was becoming something she looked for often and it was becoming more scary as she discovered more of them. The man noticed her starring and uneasiness and thought to start a conversation.

"You were the lady that came into the library the other day weren't you?" he began, and the question startled Scully.

"Who are you?" Scully questioned, disturbed of the strangeness of the whole situation.

"Heh heh, no need to get alarmed, I work two jobs here in the city. I work as the cashier at the library during the week and on weekends I do the janitor thing here at this hotel. It's much better money and I have nothing better to do with my life. Ma'am do you remember when I said 'Flatotel International was a great place and that you must be wealthy'? Well, this is how I know," the man explained.

"I do remember, so you work here too huh?" Scully nodded in understanding, she was becoming comforted by his motivation to explain things. The man nodded back.

"Do you mind telling me what you're reading, I don't often see people taking out heavy medical books such as that," the man pointed to her lap where the book lay.

"Well, I am a medical doctor," she answered.

"That explains you're wealthiness," he whispered and shrugged.

"I am not a practicing medical doctor," she corrected herself.

"Oh, okay then, that doesn't explain that, sorry." He smiled.

(In Scully's Head;) I am not sure what to make of this guy. Should I trust him? I am not sure I want to reveal that I am a FBI agent, something still feels funny and I don't want to let my guard down.

"Oh I'm just reading up on some things that's all. Can you tell me, do you know about the new murals in town, down at the subway station?" Scully began interrogating.

"I do, I paint them," he acknowledged.

"You paint them?...Gee Sir, you have an awful lot of talents around here," Scully became skeptical.

"Yes, I realize it's probably weird, but I help my friend who is the main artist down there, only when I can of course,"

"Um hum," Scully sarcastically listened. "Do you know about this symbol?" she asked, pointing to the DNA picture in the book.

"I am afraid I don't, why?" he asked with alert eyes.

"Oh never mind," she halted the conversation, learning that something was very weird and she was secretly frightened.

(In Scully's Head;) Okay Mulder, where the hell are you? This is getting freaky and I don't like it. This guy, I think he's the bounty hunter. Damnit, where's my gun?

Scully scanned the room searching for her gun, which obviously wasn't in sight. Suddenly, she noticed the man was rather close to her face, his eyes looked like he was in a trance. He leaned in further and Scully felt completely frozen, like she didn't know what to do. The man touched his lips to hers, trying to kiss her, but it wasn't working as smoothly as he'd expected, obviously he didn't realize Scully's strength. She pushed him away from her but he kept on. He pulled a needle from his pocket, his other hand pushing the robe aside so that her belly was visible. She frantically pushed his hands away, trying to fight to get him off of her.

(In Scully's Head;) Somehow I freaking knew this was going to happen, and damnit it's one of those things I couldn't stop. Even if I'd have tried to kick him out, he would've advanced on me sooner. The best way I can look at this is that maybe I bought enough time for Mulder to come back. What...a needle? What the hell is he trying to do to me? Is he trying to extract DNA from my baby? Oh God!

The janitor aimed to poke the needle directly into her belly, but Scully fought and wiggled to keep him from stabbing her with it. Before she knew it, Mulder burst through the door and the man, at last minute decided to get the needle in Scully anyway. She noticed his face as he starred quickly at her belly and then moved his arm to insert the needle, Scully pushed his arm away and the needle dropped, stabbing her in the thigh just as Mulder pulled the man off of her.

Scully was in a bit of a daze as her life seemed to flash in front of her. She didn't notice the struggle Mulder was having with the bounty hunter, it didn't even dawn on her to get up and call for help. She reached down and looked at the needle, it grazed her skin lightly, barely entering her flesh and then exiting, leaving only a think slice of skin damaged. Scully pulled it out quickly, the pain soaring through her, then she got up on wobbly legs, still shaking from the events that had just occurred. She laid the needle on the dresser, wanting to keep it for evidence later.

Mulder had the bounty hunter, his face pushed down in the bed as Mulder rummaged frantically for his handcuffs. Without warning, the bounty hunter gained some kind of energy and forced Mulder to fall on the bed. Scully screamed and ran to try and catch the bounty hunter. In an escape, the bounty hunter ran out into the hallway, Scully pulled Mulder's gun from his jeans and ran in pursuit to catch the bounty hunter.

"Stop!" she yelled, it was the only thing she could think of, but she knew shouting was not going to stop him. She stood in shooting stance in the hallway, aiming for a kill shot to the base of his neck. The bounty hunter attempted to jump over a balcony railing. Scully didn't think he'd jump, since they were nearly two stories up, but she was mistaken. With a leap, the alien bounty hunter jumped out into the cold air and fell to the New York traffic below. By this time, Mulder had recuperated enough and had seen what happened. Mulder and Scully stood in awe in the hallway, glancing at each other in disbelief.

"I'm going down there and find him!" Mulder shouted as he ran toward the elevator.

"Mulder...Mulder, it's no use! He'll be gone by the time you get there!" Scully shouted after him. Mulder ignored her stubbornly and proceeded into the elevator and Scully ended up following him quickly. In the elevator ride, that seemed to take forever, Scully began to feel queasy and sick to her stomach.

"Are you okay?" Mulder asked, concerned at her pale face.

"I-I feel really sick," she answered, bracing herself with one hand on Mulder's chest. Mulder was scared, but he decided against telling Scully to go back upstairs, she'd yell at him for not letting her come and his luck, leaving her alone again would turn out badly.

The elevator doors opened and Mulder ran to the hotel front doors, pushing the heavy glass open. Scully followed much slower, holding her robe shut, waiting for Mulder to find something. A few agonizing minutes passed and Mulder came back into the hotel lobby where Scully was foolishly waiting in her robe.

"Scully, that was prefect," Mulder replied in a daze.

"What are you talking about?" she asked, finally meeting his eyes.

"We killed him, I swear, I know he's dead,"

"How do you know? Did you find his body?" Scully asked with wide, fearful blue eyes.

"No, I didn't. I found green goo in the shape of a circle with a picture of DNA inside," he explained, using hand gestures to help.

"Then how do you know he's dead?" Scully continued questioning as Mulder noticed people starring at them.

"Scully, anytime you have an affect on the alien bounty hunters, their "blood" (Mulder used his fingers in a quotation mark gesture) or green goo is lost. There's no way he survived," Mulder whispered.

"Mulder, I don't want to assume that, but those are liable facts," Scully answered. They both sortof became aware of their surroundings. The desk clerks were glaring at them, Mulder holding a gun and Scully wearing her robe. Mulder gave a sweet smile as a hotel security officer approached him. Mulder held up his badge quickly and began to answer, "I am sorry, this whole thing was a bit of a misunderstanding,"

The police officer nodded and spoke little words as Mulder put the gun back under his shirt into the waist of his jeans. Then he naturally put his hand on the small of Scully's back and escorted her back upstairs to the hotel room.

"Mulder...I want to go home," she replied shyly and quietly. He nodded as they entered the messy room.

"I agree with you, not to be funny at this sortof moment, although I'm famous for that, I don't think I can afford this place any longer," Mulder sighed as he glanced around the room. Mulder pushed the cart out of their room and slammed the door shut in frustration and anger. Scully quickly threw on a shirt, and noticed a tiny bit of blood seeping out of the small wound from the needle. She scurried to the bathroom and attended to the cut, applying cleansing liquid and then ointment, topped with a band-aid. Mulder watched her the whole time, sitting on the bare bed.

"Did he hurt you Scully?" Mulder asked concerned once again, he could see the obvious that she was hurt, be he didn't know of any other injuries she may have gotten from the bounty hunter.

"I'll be fine. I have the needle he tried to stab me with, over on the dresser. I want it analyzed right away, I want to know what kindof liquid he was trying to insert into the baby," Scully kept her voice very professional, she tried to hide how this was affecting her. She prided herself on her strength and it was taking her everything she had not to break down and cry right there. It was hitting too close to home for her, her life, was this baby and Mulder. Anyone that tries to mess with that was really taking on a lot. Scully was very determined and tried to keep that cool exterior visible. But Mulder, being as close to Scully as he was, knew that she was doing just that, hiding her feelings, shutting him out, of all people. For some reason, he didn't retort, he left the subject alone, trying to give her time to fully understand their complicated situation. He knew in time, she would once again open up to him, but if she couldn't protect herself physically, then this was her way of making herself feel better, protecting her emotions and Mulder respected that.

Mulder gathered their things quietly, as Scully took their belongings from the bathroom. He saw the clear needle on the dresser with a bright exotic looking orange liquid inside. Mulder slipped it into a plastic baggy and made a reminder in his head to take care of that for Scully.

"You know Scully, it's funny. We get the clues, we know whom, we know when and where and how, and sometimes we even learn why, but we can't do a freaking thing about it! We know it's cancer man, and the bounty hunter, we know it's DNA and cloning and somehow removing our baby from existence, but we can't catch either of the men, we can't stop this, and I just don't know what to do anymore. I try to protect you, and look where it gets me," he stood, facing himself in the mirror, starring at his plain reflection, questioning himself. He noticed Scully's reflection appear behind him in the mirror.

"Don't you start doing that!" she began, wrapping her hands around his waist, leaning to the side so that he could see her reflection and she could see his. Hot tears streamed down her pale face as she held him for his comfort and her own. "Don't doubt yourself, I need your strength as much as you need mine. We can't give up Mulder, this will all end one day. Mulder this is our child, we will live and we'll be happy. Don't worry about protecting us, you can't always be there, it's physically impossible," she sniffled her tears back and continued, "I am just thankful that your timing is great and that you do save me. Mulder you've saved me in every single way any woman can be saved, not just physically but emotionally, and you've been there with me and I know you will continue to be, so don't lose that faith," her quieted as her tears became too frequent and too hard for her to speak. Mulder turned around to her and held her in his arms, rubbing her back until her crying had faded into small whimpers and then finally stopped.

"Let's go home Scully," Mulder said as he kissed her hair and held her for another moment. They both turned to gather up their things and then proceeded out of their hotel room door and to the elevator. Mulder returned his room card at the front desk and asked a clerk there if he could return the library book, once that was taken care of Mulder and Scully left the hotel.

Chapter 36-Three Hearts Beating

Rt 422, Pennsylvania


On the excruciating four hour drive home, Scully laid in the back seat and slept, exhausted physically and emotionally. She lay, on arm draped across her growing belly, that was quite visible from the angle Mulder could see her. The other arm, straight down her side like a soldier, Mulder's leather jacket curled up into a ball behind her head as a pillow. At one of his own bathroom stops, he laid a small blanket over her, it extended from her knees to her chin. Mulder returned to his task of getting them home. He wanted to leave the radio off to give Scully the most peaceful sleep should possibly get, but the silence only made him tired, and that wasn't good. So he left the radio on very low and held back the urge to sing or drum his fingers on his thighs or the steering wheel. They were only about an hour from home, Mulder figured somewhere close to Harrisburg, between Reading and Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

Mulder pulled into a little carry-out diner, and glanced back at Scully who was sound asleep, curled up, her head nuzzled into the seat. Mulder decided not to wake her, so he got out and went in to get a take out order. He brought back a large pizza, he had this funny feeling, if Scully woke up, she'd want her usual craving. The four-lane highway was rather vacant, which surprised the hell out of Mulder, since it was the weekend. He'd figured people would be traveling at the moment, but nonetheless, he had the whole road to himself, except for the occasional speeding car. Mulder thought pizza would be difficult to eat in the car, but he had some weird craving for it too. Since there were no other cars around, Mulder used one hand to hold a slice of pizza, then he took a big bite out of the small end and chewed while returning his eyes to the road. The smell of cheese and sauce must have roused Scully, because she sat up just a few minutes after Mulder devoured his first piece.

"Pizza Mulder?" she questioned, sitting up in the middle of the back seat and leaning her head through the middle so he could hear her.

"Yeah, I even got all the grease you don't like off with a napkin, here have some," he pointed to the box sitting on the passenger's seat. Scully chuckled with a smile and reached around to lift the lid of the box. She took a slice of cheese pizza and then sat back in the seat, devouring it.

"I am so ungodly hungry," Scully breathed as she downed the last piece of her crust.

"Ahh damnit," Mulder cursed, Scully raised her eyebrow in response.


"It's starting to snow," he acknowledged as he flipped on the windshield wipers. "Hey Scully, we're coming into Harrisburg, do you want to stop and do anymore shopping?" Mulder offered as he drove down a ramp that took him onto route 83 south.

"That's okay Mulder, I think I have enough, I just want to go home," she answered.

"We'll be home in about an hour," Mulder responded as he turned up the radio a bit more now that she was awake. They finished off the pizza together and Scully went back to sleep for a little while longer, while Mulder kept driving until he finally made it back to Washington D.C. The snow had turned to rain once they hit the State line and Mulder felt much more comfortable, since he was used to rain.

He pulled into the parking lot of Scully's apartment building and began getting their stuff from the trunk. Scully re-awoke with the racket and helped Mulder carry some things up to the apartment.

"Oh it feels so good to be home, not that New York wasn't great for a while," Scully sighed as she entered her apartment and dropped everything in her hands on the couch. Mulder did the same just to follow her as she proceeded to her bedroom. She kicked off her heels and plopped down on the cool sheets, right on her belly. She squirmed and stretched like a little child until she eventually bundled the blankets up around her. Mulder stood at the door watching this whole scene unfold before his eyes as Scully came to rest and moaned as she did so.

"Feel good?" he smirked and walked over to the bed.

"For the moment, I am going to get a hot shower and go to bed!" she smiled as she got up and headed for the bathroom. The phone rang, but Mulder mouthed that he would get it and she continued into the bathroom.

"Hello?" Mulder greeted.

"Fox, how are you?" Maggie Scully's voice was emitted from the phone.

"I am doing just fine, and you?" he asked quickly, trying to be polite.

"I really miss you guys, where have you been?"

"Scully and I have been on a case in New York, she didn't tell you?"

"She told me that it was a vacation," Maggie's voice had curious nature in her tones.

"Well...it was sortof but then we got drag into a case up there," Mulder tried to cover up for Scully's tiny lie. He knew why she did it though, if her mother knew she was on a case, Maggie would worry even more than she does now!

"Oh, um, can I talk to Dana?" Maggie requested.

"Well, she's in the shower at the moment, can I have her call you when she gets out?" Mulder asked, as if he'd recited that a million times.

"Sure...Fox...how is she? Really, I mean, emotionally and with the baby?" Maggie asked completely concerned for her daughter.

"She's coping, everything will be okay, I just think she needs a little re-assurance," Mulder acknowledged.

"Yes, I hope you will be patient and gentle with her, I know the side of her that she never shows to anyone and that's when she can have you really scared. She holds everything in from everyone but when it comes out, she really breaks down Fox," Maggie explained to Mulder, who was nodding his head the whole time.

"Yes I know, I think I'm the only other person besides you that has seen her like that. I am trying really hard, I think we're doing okay though, thank you," Mulder mumbled.

"Good, take care of her for me and have her call me when she's done," Maggie finished and after a few normal 'goodbye's', they each hung up.

Meanwhile, Scully stood in her bathroom, turning on the water and peeling dreadful clothes off of her body. In the mirror, she noticed a large circular purple bruise around the wound from the needle that had penetrated her thigh. She lightly rubbed her thumb over it and then proceeded to get in the shower.

The warm water splashed her face, and she closed her eyes and let it trickle over her features. She found herself propping her back up against the shower wall so that the front of her body was completely under the hard spray.

(In Scully's Head;) Wow, this feels different, no Mulder! Hehe, he's not in here with me shoving me up against the walls, it's very weird being alone. It takes getting used to but I'm enjoying this. The water feels so incredibly soothing, I could just stand here all day with my eyes closed, letting that water run over me.

(In Mulder's Head;) Is she moaning in there? Hum...what in the heck is she doing?

Mulder stood outside the door, his head close, listening for signs that could give him a clue. He heard another small moan come from deep in her throat and he couldn't resist the thoughts it provoked.

(In Mulder's Head;) She is not really in there, pleasing herself...is she? Nah, it couldn't be, she wouldn't do that if I was in the same apartment and I am!

"Scully? Are you okay?" he asked, with a boyish smirk on his face.

"Yeah...why?" she answered as she opened her eyes.

"What are you doing?" Mulder asked curiously.

"What normal people do in the shower...why?" she replied.

"And that would be?" Mulder tried to coax her into admitting what she was doing.

"Washing my hair Mulder," she giggled to herself.

"Then why are you moaning?" he asked, shifting his weight to his other knee.

"Because the water feels good," she snickered some more. "Mulder...you didn't really think that I'd....?" she began.

"Well..." he sighed and chuckled embarrassingly. "Listen, your mom just called, she wants you to call her when you get out and there was a message on your machine from Tara," Mulder changed the subject.

"Okay," she answered as she began washing her body. Mulder noticed her silence and he stood listening closely once again. She manipulated the bath sponge around her curves, lathering every inch of skin. Then she shaved her legs, underarms and bikini line, which all three desperately needed to be done by her standards.

Mulder had retreated into the kitchen after a few minutes of listening to shower water beat on the bathtub floor. It had crossed his mind to go a join Scully in that wonderful shower, but he decided to give her some privacy, especially when they chatted through the door, she didn't initiate an invitation.

"Mulder! Mulder come here!" Scully yelled from the bathroom. He heard the shower stop and he immediately ran at her call. He threw open the door and saw he standing, still dripping wet and completely naked with her hands on her tummy.

"What, what's wrong?" he asked as he came to her and put his hands on top of hers.

"Mulder, I felt the baby move, I felt it," she looked up at him and smiled, tears forming at the edges of her eyes. She moved her hands to her sides a bit, her fingers still stretching around enough to touch her belly button, "Right here, oh I hope the baby does it again, I want you to feel it...hell I want to feel it again,"

"Oh Scully," Mulder sighed with a goofy idiotic happy smile. She took his hands and placed them on her tummy, and pressed them hard into her flesh. "Don't push my hands, I don't want to hurt you,"

"You're not going to hurt me, it's the only way you're going to feel it, because she's not that strong yet," Scully explained.

"I don't feel anything," Mulder sighed, disappointed.

"I know, he's not doing it, he'll be more active from now on I'm sure, you'll feel him," Scully smiled. Mulder leaned in and kissed her lips tenderly, as both their hands remained on her belly. Mulder broke the kiss and smiled and then left the bathroom so she could get dressed. Once Scully finished, she decided to call Tara first.

"Hi Matthew, is your mommy there?" Scully greeted in a childish tone.

"Yeah...um...uh...Aunt Dana...is that you?" Matthew stuttered.

"Yes sweetheart, it's me," she answered with a smile. Scully heard the phone fall to the floor and Matthew's big voice yell for his mom. She heard in the background Bill yelling for Tara to pick up the phone.

"Hello?" Tara greeted.

"Hi Tara," Scully answered.

"Dana, how are you?"

"I am feeling so good...Tara I just felt the baby move," Scully smiled and took a deep breath, still trying to remember the tiny feeling.

"Congratulations, it's the most wonderful feeling isn't it?"

"Yes, but it only did it once and I want to feel it all the time, and Mulder didn't even get to feel it," Scully explained.

"Don't worry, he'll be kickin' the hell out of you in a few more weeks and then you won't want to feel it!" Tara giggled. Scully laughed along with her and then changed the subject.

"Mulder told me you called, was there any specific reason?" Scully began.

"Actually yes, this Saturday Bill and I have a Christmas party at his work, would you and Mulder mind babysitting Matthew for a few hours, I'm guessing you could use the practice?" Tara questioned.

"No problem, we'd love to, I need to get back into normal family things, work is just not too comforting right now," Scully admitted, thinking back to the dangerous events in New York just earlier that morning.

"Oh I am sorry. Well, why don't you and Mulder come over here about four thirty on Saturday, is that okay?"

"That's perfectly fine, we'll see you then," Scully finished.

"Good luck Dana, and have fun with the baby okay, she'll move more for you," Tara re-assured her.

"Thanks...bye," Scully hung up the phone. She picked up the receiver once more, preparing to dial her mom.

"Dana?" Maggie greeted, hoping it was her daughter.

"Hi mom! Sorry I was a bit busy earlier," Scully apologized.

"That's okay, I just haven't seen you in a while, are you getting big?" Maggie began the game of twenty questions and Scully really didn't feel like playing.

"A bit, I had to buy some bigger suits and mom...I felt the baby move today," Scully smiled, so happy to be telling everyone.

"Oh Dana, that's so great, I am so happy for you,"

"Thanks, I'm gonna have to cut you off, Mulder and I just got home and by the looks of things he wants me all to himself," Scully acknowledged as she felt a pair of hands slip around her waist. Mulder nuzzled his head into her neck, kissing her sensitive spot, she arched her back and tried to hold in a little squeal.

"Okay honey," Maggie finished and Scully was thankful, because Mulder was really putting the moves on her.

"Bye mo-," she was cut of by Mulder, who took the phone from her hand and turned it off. Scully gave him an evil look, but figured his gesture didn't do too much harm, atleast she was finished her conversation.

"I want you now," he whispered, pushing her back towards her bed. Scully looked in his eyes, smiling and toying with his shirt at the collar.

"I don't want this now," she whispered back, trying not to hurt him too badly.

"You don't?" he asked with a puppy face, still pushing her towards the bed. Her shins hit the side of the bed and she sat down, him towering up over her smirking.

"Maybe later?" she smiled, standing back up and pushing him back, with her hands on his chest.

"Are we doing a little dance here Scully?" he moved his arms in a wide spread indicating the fact that he moved her to the bed and now she's moving him back.

"I really just have too much on my mind right now to actually concentrate enough to get in the mood," she admitted, taking her hands off of his chest and maneuvering around him until she was able to leave her bedroom and make her way into the living room.

"Well what all do you have on your mind?" Mulder asked, contently following her into the living room. She gathered their suit case and took it into the laundry room. He watched her throw clothes into the washer as she awaited an explanation.

"Well..." she began as she wondered around the apartment, picking up their clothes off of the floor, from previous acts of passion. She ashamed that they had even left her apartment that messy, "We have a doctor's appointment tomorrow, which I was just reminded of when I glanced at the refrigerator. We have some things to discuss Mulder," Scully began.

"I'm listening," Mulder acknowledged as he tossed the downy ball into the washing machine.

"For starters, this he/she thing is getting frustrating, do you want to find out the sex of the baby? Or do you want to wait?" Scully asked Mulder's opinion as she made her way back to the kitchen.

"Well, I agree it's frustrating but from the beginning this baby has been a surprise, so I think we should keep it's gender a surprise," Mulder answered as he got a soda from the refrigerator.

"Okay, what about the breast feeding issue? That came up this week?" Scully pointed out.

"I don't mind what you do there, it's your body," Mulder held out his hands sortof pushing towards her in a gesture as if he was saying 'it's your thing'.

"It's better for the baby,"

"I'm not arguing," Mulder detected a mood swing coming on, she was getting rather defensive over nothing. "What's really on your mind Scully,"

"No, never mind, I don't want to do this," she shrugged him off as she began washing dishes. Mulder stood there with his arms and legs crossed, thinking of what to do with her.

(In Mulder's head;) Uh oh! She's building up those walls and pushing me away!

"Oh no you don't, you're not getting off that easily," Mulder responded.

"You know how they say doctor's never make good patients?" Scully began.


"Well, I am not a very good patient," she confessed.

"What does that mean? Are you nervous about tomorrow?" Mulder inquired.

"Nervous, scared, whatever you want to call it! She's going to do an amniocentesis tomorrow and I'm going to have a hell of a time with that!" Scully admitted as Mulder picked up the drying towel and helped her.

"Well you've had needles before, you'll be fine,"

"But this is different, they are going to stick a needle in my stomach, I am really worried, what if they accidentally hit the baby, it could damage her, it's a very dangerous procedure,"

"I'll be there for you, everything will be fine, just remember that it's for the baby's own good, okay," Mulder set down the towel and pulled on her shoulders until she turned around to face him. "Everything will be fine," he tried to comfort her.

"Mulder..," Scully whispered. She moved his hands that where on her hips, to her tummy.

"Did it move again?" Mulder asked excitedly, putting his hands up under her shirt so her could feel her warm skin.

"Shush, just wait," she hushed him, as if they could actually hear something.

"Oh wow, Scully it's incredible," Mulder gasped as he felts little tiny pressure against his hands. Scully looked down at her tummy, where Mulder's eyes were glaring as well, and they stood for another moment, waiting. "What does it feel like Scully?" Mulder asked curiously.

"Little tiny butterflies, at least he's not kicking yet, it feels like he's moving because he's not comfortable." She smiled. He hands came up and rested on his.

"There, it did it again," Mulder laughed as he bent down so that her tummy was to his eye level. Scully weaves her fingers through the soft curls of his hair, he leaned in and kissed her belly right where he felt the baby move, then he turned his head to put his ear up to her tummy.

"I love you baby," Mulder whispered, and his hot breath hit her tummy and made her shiver. Mulder looked up at Scully, she had hot salty tears streaming down her face, her eyes were closed as if she were trying to hold them in.

"Oh God," she breathed, he eyes still closed at the intense emotion she was feeling. Mulder stood up and held her in his arms, she laid her head on his shoulder and finally let it all go. He cried with her, more silently, but there were tears trickling down his face as well, as he played with her hair gently.

"I...would not want to share this experience with anyone else, thank you for giving this to me Mulder," Scully breathed through her tears, "Thank you for making me a mommy," she cried.

"Thank you for making me a daddy," he answered her as he pulled back enough to wipe her tears away with the palm of his hand. Mulder picked her up, one arm around her back and the other under her legs. She still held him around his neck, her head resting against him, tears still falling. He carried her to their bedroom and put her down. She lay under the covers and he crawled in beside her, and then turning off the light. Mulder held her, his hands found her bulging belly once more and held the baby in his hands.

"Goodnight," she kissed his lips ever so lightly and Mulder kissed back, his lower lips shaking from emotion as well.

"Night," he breathed and she cuddled up to him as they both drifted off to sleep.

Chapter 37-Is This Really Happening?

Scully's Apartment

Georgetown, Washington D.C.


Scully felt a familiar prodding in her lower back and laid contently with her eyes closed, waiting for Mulder to do something. She felt his hands caress up her sides, underneath her satin pajamas. His head neared hers, Mulder's lips in her hair, kissing and toying at it with his teeth.

"Are you trying to get something?" she asked with a cute smirk, although he couldn't see it.

"Maybe, you gonna give something?" he smiled, kissing her neck. She wiggled and squirmed away from him a bit.

"Uh...ahh...Mulder," she gasped a bit more as he worked his magic on the hollow of her neck. "Ummm," she moaned as he gently crawled on top of her, the blankets slowly being pushed down so that their bodies were touching. His hands traveled the length of her body, teasing her thighs through the material, caressing her hips by sliding her bottoms down. His lips paid particular attention to her soft skin of her neck and breastbones, outlining them and sometimes pushing her gold cross out of the way.

Scully's hands found their way to his back, massaging over his shoulder blades, and then moving down to play with the elastic of his boxers, trying to push them off. He felt her hands and pushed them away, Scully glanced at him, wondering why he did so and he just smiled. Mulder leaned down, straddling her shins, pulling her bottoms and panties down in one sweep. Glaring at her, he tossed them to the floor, forgotten in an instant.

"You're getting good at this Mulder." She smiled with a naughty grin. And expression he hasn't ever seen on her.

"I must admit, it takes a while to master a red-head," he replied back, kissing his way slowly up her legs.

"You think you have me mastered?" Scully asked, raising her eyebrow as Mulder made his way to her inner thigh with his hot lips. He eyebrow dropped and her eyes closed quickly when his lips neared her center.

"Oh yeah, I've got you down to a tee," Mulder chuckled into her skin, she felt the vibrations and they ran wild through every nerve ending of her body. Scully was perched up on the pillows, one hand on her tummy, the other pressing hard into the mattress, trying to steady herself, to keep from going insane from his ministrations.

"You know, I could keep you guessing if I have to," she murmured. He crawled up beside her, letting his fingertips drag along her heated skin, following the path which his wet lips left behind, until Mulder dipped his palm over her mound of dark red curls.

"Go ahead, I'm all game Scully." He smiled as he bent his head to kiss her. As he did, she inhaled his bottom lip, pulling and tugging hungrily. Urging him to move his fingers into her folds, she bucked her hips up to him, but he refused for a moment. The kissed deepened more as Scully entered her tongue into his moist mouth. Mulder kissed her back, forcefully pushing her down into the pillows more. Moans emitted from their throats as he moved over her body, pushing his fingers through her slick folds at last. Scully pushed her hips into his hands more, wanting the pressure against her throbbing nerves.

(In Mulder's Head;) Oh my...phew, breathe...God she does keep me guessing! I never knew her tongue was so delicious! Um...oh God, she's so good at this, I don't understand where she ever learned it, since she was still rather inexperienced when we first made love. I know I didn't teach her! I don't even know how....um...to do that with my tongue!

Mulder pulled back for a moment to catch his breath, their eyes opened and gazed deep into one another's.

"Wow, you are so..." Mulder stopped and Scully became alarmed by his facial features. His gaze left hers as he watched his fingers dip and enter her body. Her hips shift so that he penetrated comfortably. Something was different about her, Mulder noticed. He moved his fingers within her slowly, and Scully watched as well. Mulder felt her liquids on his fingers, although she wasn't moaning as frequently as she normally would by the time he felt this much wetness. Mulder removed his fingers and looked at them and that at Scully, who had her eyes closed. He noticed a brownish-red tint to the liquid lubricant on his fingers. He kept touching her, so that she wouldn't open her eyes and become alarmed, but Mulder lowered his head to examine her more carefully. As he parted her folds completely, he saw a bit of red liquid dripping from her vagina.

"Scully...Scully, something's wrong," Mulder removed his fingers entirely as she sat up.

"What Mulder?" Scully asked with a hurt and concerned look in her eyes.

"You're bleeding," he answered with a worried and frightened look in his face. He held up his two fingers for her to see, a horrified look came over her face and she jumped up from the bed immediately. Scully ran to the bathroom and sat on the toilet, so the blood wouldn't make a mess anywhere else.

"Mulder...Mulder get the stethoscope from my doctor's bag at the bottom of my closet...hurry," she cried in a panicky voice. Tears fell from the edges of her eyes as she sat, anticipating Mulder's return. He grabbed a tissue quickly, wiping the blood from his fingers and then ran full speed to her closet. He returned with a cold green stethoscope, tossing it to her as he whirled open the door.

(In Mulder's Head;) Oh my God, what's happening, what...oh God Scully!

Scully put the ear-piece in her ear and looked intently to her tummy where she placed the stethoscope to the right of her belly button. Mulder sat down on the bath tub edge waiting impatiently.

(In Scully's Head;) Oh God no...I don't hear anything, please, c'mon sweetheart...please...where are you?

Scully moved the stethoscope around to the left of her tummy and yet she still didn't hear a heartbeat.

"Oh dear God...noooooooo," she dropped the stethoscope to the floor, crying hysterically, tears falling from her eyes fast and hard. Mulder got up and held her, hugged her tight, as she cried on his shoulder. He put his right hand on her tummy,

"Scully, we can't give up, she's in there," Mulder insisted. Ignoring her persistent crying, Mulder picked the stethoscope up off the floor and put it on, placing it on her tummy, right up near her right breast. After he heard nothing he moved it to her right side, where the last place they felt the baby move to. Then he heard it...a galloping heartbeat, muffled, but beating.

"Scully...Scully..." he tried to shake her out of her shock, "It's okay, I hear her, listen, just listen," he pushed the stethoscope to her and she was so dizzy from crying so hard, that he had to put it on for her. He laid the warm end- piece on her right side, and her breathing calmed so that she could actually hear.

(In Scully's Head;) Oh my God, my baby, I hear you, you're okay...please be okay!

Her hands fell to her belly, cupping it, holding her child as much as she could, Mulder did the same in the spaces that her hands didn't cover.

"Everything is fine," Mulder whispered and kissed her cheek lightly.

"Ahh, that's the most beautiful sound I've ever heard," she cried as she continued to listen to the baby's heartbeat through the stethoscope.

"Why are you bleeding?" Mulder asked, he obviously had no clue, since the most apparent answer had just been ruled out.

"I don't know...call the doctor for me?" she asked, as she got up to get her panties from the floor of their bedroom. She pulled them on and stuck a pad in them while Mulder went to call the doctor.

"This is doctor Trite's office, this is Loretta speaking how may I help you?" the secretary greeted.

"Um, hi, I am calling for Dana Scully, she is bleeding...um...vaginally," Mulder stumbled over embarrassing words for him but he knew he had to be thorough.

"Has she had any cramping?" the lady asked nicely. Mulder saw Scully standing next time, she obviously heard the question and was shaking her head 'no'.

"No, we immediately got the stethoscope to listen and we found the baby's heartbeat, we just experienced it moving for the first time last night,"

"Ahh, that is most likely the problem. Having the baby move for the first time is a great experience, it sounds to me that the baby has pushed against her mucus plug and perhaps let some blood slip by. It's a common thing and if you are sure you heard a heartbeat, there's nothing to worry about. But I would advise you making an appointment right away to be sure," the lady suggested.

"Actually we have an appointment scheduled for today," Mulder mentioned.

"Well, we just had a cancellation, if you'd like to come in an hour early, that'd be fine, I'll reserve the time slot for you?" the woman proposed.

"Yes, we'll be in right away." Mulder grinned, feeling more comforted.

Rebecca Trite's Office


"Dana, I heard you had a little scare this morning?" Rebecca opened to door and gestured for her and Mulder to come in the examining room.

"Yes, we did, but your secretary convinced us that everything was okay," Mulder piped up, putting his hand on the small of Scully's back. Scully sat on the table lined with white paper and watched as Mulder took a seat next to her.

"How are you feeling?" Rebecca began with the usual questions.

"My nerves are a little on end, but I think I feel okay," Scully answered. Rebecca just chuckled.

"So you felt the baby move?" she smiled as she looked down at her chart.

"Yes, it was-," Mulder barked in and then stopped when he realized the question was for Scully. They both looked at him and smiled.

"Go ahead Mulder," Scully smiled and reassured him. Only then did Scully realize that Mulder wanted to be part of this whole process.

"We felt the baby move twice last night and it was so comforting," he finished, smiling. Doctor Trite nodded and smiled.

"I want to explain to you, more in depth about the bleeding you experienced this morning," she began. "Did you discover it when you woke up, on your panties, or was there something else?"

Scully's face became flushed bright pink as she looked away.

(In Scully's Head;) Why does she need to know this? Ugh....man...okay, you're a doctor, talk in a doctor's sense that always seems to work.

"We were escalating...we were about to..." Scully stuttered.

"Say no more, I understand." She smiled. "Well, what happened, was the fetus wiggled around a bit and most likely pushed on your organs and possibly the mucus plug, losening it and letting some blood leak out, and it should stop by tonight if it hasn't already. I will check when I do the exam for anything abnormal. As for the agenda, I want to do an amniocentesis first," she finished, flipping papers on Scully's chart.

"I want to talk about that before we do it. I understand there is a high risk of miscarriage," Scully began expressing her concern.

"Well, there is risk with any procedure. When this process was discovered, it was extremely risky. I can reassure you, our technology has changed a great deal and your risk has been lowered to about fifteen percent,"

"Well, that's more comforting than the understanding I had in my head," Scully conveyed.

"It shouldn't take me long at all, and we'll keep a close eye on things. I have reviewed your chart and my secretary has ran the dates you've given through the computer. Your due date as of now is June 6th, you are nearly five months and that's great!" Dr. Trite informed.

"Phew that seems awful soon," Mulder breathed.

"Is someone nervous?" the doctor winked at Scully and Mulder smiled, "Now Dana, you did say that Mr. Mulder here is the child's father?"

"Yes," she said, it felt so natural slipping off her tongue.

"In that case, I'd like to take some of his blood to analyze so that we can find out the blood type of the baby in comparison to you two," she began, using hand gestures. "I also like to have a bit one hand during the delivery, if worse comes to worst and the baby needs blood directly after delivery, I want to have it on hand," the doctor explained while setting up a sonogram cart.

"Could you talk me through what you're going to do? I may be a doctor, but I hate needles and the fact that you're putting it in my uterus doesn't make me too fond of you at the moment," Scully mentioned honestly with a small smile.

"Well, right now I am looking for a pocket of amniotic fluid that is far from where your baby is laying," The doctor pointed to the screen and Mulder looked at it with amazement, everything the doctor was saying was going out the window.

(In Mulder's Head;) Wow, that baby is starting to look like a baby. God I am so happy, I can't wait to meet her. Oh look, my God she moved! On her own this time, no doctor prodding around to make her move, wow, she's so beautiful and comfortable in there!

"Mulder, Mulder look," Scully tugged at Mulder's arm.

"She's gorgeous Scully," Mulder remarked.

"She?" the doctor raised eyebrow with a huge grin. Mulder and Scully met her infectious gaze, "When did I ever tell you the sex of this child?" she smiled mischievously.

"Well...hehe, we've been switching back and forth on that one," Scully responded.

"You haven't sensed the gender yet?" the doctor smiled, while rubbing the Doppler around on the swell of Scully's tummy, watching the monitor for large pockets of fluid.

"I am afraid to guess at what I'm feeling, because I don't want to get my hopes set on something and then be wrong,"

"I understand, I guess I am lucky you don't read sonogram pictures well, because it's so obvious to me what your baby is," the doctor smiled.

"Uh oh Scully, start looking for a wee wee," Mulder chuckled starring at the monitor. Scully smiled and blushed at bit at Mulder's childish use of words.

"Ahh, there we are," the doctor gasped as she found a pocket that she felt comfortable with.

"Okay, all I'm going to do is insert this needle in this pocket right here (she pointed to the screen) and pull out some of the fluid. I'll be as fast as I possibly can. You'll feel a very intense stinging sensation and it'll all be over before you know it," the doctor prompted Scully. She gave Mulder an apprehensive look and held his hand.

"This is not going to be good, I'm warning you Mulder, I will scream if it hurts!" Scully warned.

"It'll be fine, don't get yourself so worked up," Mulder tried to help her, "C'mon it's practice for the endurance of the pain of giving birth." He smiled at her as she gripped her hand, noticing the doctor getting close to her with it. "Now, hey...no don't do that!" Mulder used his hand to guide her chin to his face, making her look into his eyes, "Look at me, don't think about that, look at me and think about other things, like Langly with his shaggy blond hair...or...Skinner with no hair!" Mulder began rambling, trying to take her focus away from the doctor. It wasn't helping much, Rebecca pushed the needle into her stomach and Scully screamed out, throwing her head back against the bed and closing her eyes, gritting her teeth so that she wouldn't scream again. Mulder felt her squeeze his hand so tight, and it worried him for what childbirth was really going to be like with Scully. He might not have any hands left when they're done! "It's okay, Scully your all done," Mulder whispered tenderly in her ear as he kissed her neck for a moment. She let out a deep whimper and a sigh and then finally breathed again.

"It's all over Dana, everything went very very well. And something to cheer you up, if you look up at this screen and open your eyes, your baby is sucking it's thumb," Rebecca replied with a nod of her head as Scully opened her eyes. Mulder's eyes were hooked on the screen in a matter of moments of the suggestion.

"Oh God, that's so incredible, look Mulder, she's moving her hands around, like waving,"

"She's saying hi," Rebecca smiled as she put away the collected fluids and became cleaning some things up.

"I still can't believe this happening, look, what's that? Why is it doing that?" Mulder began with the questions as he witnessed the baby's chest rise and fall as if he were choking.

"Oh it's okay, that motion of the chest is your baby swallowing fluids, it's sortof practicing and getting it's lungs ready for breathing," the doctor butted in, to answer their questions, "Now Mr. Mulder, it's time for your shot!" the doctor giggled.

"Haha, now we'll see who yells and screams," Scully snickered.

"Are you kidding? I'm cool as ice..." Mulder gave her a quirky smile as the doctor wiped an alcohol pad over a spot on his bicep. Scully watched his facial expressions intently waiting for him to crack, as Rebecca quickly put the needle into his upper arm. Mulder's eyes slowly slipped shut and his forehead wrinkled, trying to hold back to pain. The doctor finished and tapped on his arm.


"See, cool as ice..." Mulder quipped. Scully just smiled as the doctor put two containers of Mulder's blood in small box, then turning to Scully and pressing on her tummy, locating the top of her uterus and the fetus. At that point, the doctor felt the baby move beneath her touch, and Scully flinched a bit at the sensation.

"God I love that! It feel's like it's popping pop corn in there," Scully smiled glaring at her tummy.

"Yes, she seems fairly healthy..."

"She?" Mulder and Scully gasped in unison.

"Or he," the doctor smiled.

"Was that a slip up?" Scully glared wondering if it really was a girl or not.

"I'm not telling, remember, you didn't want to know," the doctor smiled. "Dana you can get dressed now, I think we're all done here,"

Scully reached for her undergarments and her clothes that lay on a table in the corner. The doctor smiled and began once more, "We'll call you with all the results of the tests in about three days. Drink plenty of water and get some sleep as often as you can, this baby is going to become very active in the next few weeks, goodbye," she finished as she handed Scully print out sonograms of the baby in different poses and then headed out of the examining room. Scully sat for a moment studying the sonograms whispering to herself something Mulder couldn't make out.

"What are you doing?" Mulder asked curiously since he didn't catch her words.

"Mulder look at this," Scully pointed to a piece of the picture showing a little outline of a limb. "Could that be what I think it is? I mean, could the doctor have said 'she' because it was really a 'he'?" Scully questioned as she fingered the picture, rubbing her index finger over certain areas.

"I think it's best to question it Scully, whatever God gives us," Mulder spoke.

"Mulder...that sounds like something I would say...did we just switch roles or something?" she chuckled as they left the examining room and headed for the car."So what are we going to do now?" Scully asked as Mulder turned on the engine and pulled out of the parking lot.

"Well, I want to stop by the crime lab, drop of this gruesome needle that freak tried to stab you with. And then I figured we'd swing by the office, see if Skinner wants us back yet, my suspension is almost up, I think,"

"Sounds good, I really kindof miss the office," Scully admitted, starring out the window.

"Okay then." Mulder smiled as his right hand drifted to caress her thigh. Her head turned quickly from the window to his face, eyes still on the road. That hand moved up and down her thigh in an agonizing tingle to Scully, then moving up to 'sit' on her belly for the rest of the ride.

(In Scully's Head;) Oh God he better stop that or I'm going to throw him in the back seat and...well...okay stop it! Your not a teenager and you are certainly too big to be doing that in a car.

"What are you thinking about?" Mulder questioned her starring.


"Liar." Mulder grinned, rubbing her tummy.

"I am a feeling a bit hormonal at the moment, not in the mood swing kindof way, but the other way and I am trying to avoid the thoughts that your touching is provoking," Scully answered honestly.

"I figured that much, I am not oblivious to the sharp intake of breath you take when I touch you. Are you uncomfortable?" Mulder questioned as he turned into the crime lab parking lot.

"No, I just...it's not that I don't want it, I just want it so badly and I know I can't have you at this very moment,"

"Hey there's a back seat," Mulder chuckled. She grinned at him to spare her and he just gave an infectious smile.

"Later though, I just don't want to risk anything with just having the amnio done today,"

"That's completely fine Scully, don't stress out over our sex life," Mulder comforted.

"I'm not like worried, I'm just frustrated, all I have to do is hear your voice and it shots right...there," Scully admitted.

"Okay, obviously this is a problem I'll fix when I get back, just let me go in here and drop this off," Mulder grinned and hopped out of the car quickly.

Mulder took the needle into the crime lab to drop it off and then returned. As soon as he hopped back in the car, Mulder pulled himself as close to Scully as he could get, quickly taking her mouth to his, but tenderly. Their kisses remained gentle, but the urge to buck and thrust became more apparent as their breathing turned erratic and ragged. Mulder pushing himself on top of her as much as he could, his hand slipping his hand down beside the seat to make it recline.

(In Scully's Head;) Whoa! He's getting very bold here, He just jumped in the car and started kissing me senseless! And what's this? He's grinding his hips into me like he's desperate too.

"Hey you two!" a voice came from outside, a small knock on the glass window with a knuckle. Mulder stopped kissing her but kept his eyes closed, her arms stopped moving in his hair, her lips 'popped' away as she looked up and out of the window. She saw a police office smiling and she grinned as he walked away.

"We should go Mulder," Scully suggested as she threw her hands above her head, basically pushing him off of her using her torso and breasts. He groaned in disappointment and crawled back into his seat, started the car and left for the office.

Chapter 38-Rules and Games

FBI Building

Washington, D.C.


Mulder stomped the halls of the offices, enjoying the sound of his feet on the hard floor, similar to a child. Scully followed him, nervously, into Skinner's office. Kimberly was not at her desk; Scully's first instinct was to sit and wait, but no...she followed Mulder as he intruded.

"Sir, I-," Mulder stopped immediately as he noticed a faint cloud of Morley smoke in the air.

"Agent Mulder!" Skinner sounded somewhat enthused, "Agent Scully, have a seat," Skinner instructed. Scully sat, gratefully taking the pressure off of her aching calves and lower back. "I see you're coming along," Skinner smiled, tapping his pen on the desktop.

"Yes, five months now." She smiled, her eyes glittering like he'd never seen before.

"Well, people tend to change after four week suspensions," Mulder chuckled, and of course no one understood his dry sense of humor.

"I suspect you've done your own investigations? I know you well Agent and you always do, I'm beginning to think it improves your judgement, taking time to pursue your own things," Skinner began, eyeing him up.

"We have. Scully and I have been investigating a few things, that are still unexplained, yet we have more knowledge now," Mulder told.

"Well, what are these investigations about Agent?" Skinner restated his question.

"You won't believe us, why does it matter?" Scully piped in with a angry tone, her mood suddenly changing.

"Agent Scully, if you believe, then I assure you I will," Skinner insisted.

"No...you won't and it's rather sensitive and personal. This is between Mulder and I, and since he was on suspension, I see no reason why he is obligated to tell you," Scully began ranting.

"Scully...shush..," Mulder whispered during her speech.

"Agent Scully, you are a bit out of line here," Skinner implied in a calm and patient voice.

"Sir, please...it's these mood swings, please forgive her," Mulder tried to save Scully.

"Mulder, how can you blame this on mood swings? I'm being serious!" Scully bantered.

"Okay, everyone just calm down. I don't want any fighting between any of us. I apologize, Agent Scully. Now, I would like to give you a case that came across my desk just a few days ago, involving the Shenandoah caverns in Virginia. They have dead bodies, people claiming they've seen things. It's right up your alley Mulder, why don't you have a look?" Skinner questioned as he handed Mulder a case file. "If you pursue this one, I am giving you permission to begin after Christmas, after all it's only one day away,"

"I'll look into it," Mulder debated as he leafed through the file and then glanced at Scully, "You okay?"

"Yes," she answered and looked at Skinner.

"While you two are here, I have a few things to discuss," Skinner pointed out, "I want to set some ground rules and lay out a foundation for Agent Scully's maternity time," both Agents starred at him, waiting for him to call the shots.

"First of all, there will be no intercourse or sexual conduct here at the office, or off on a case somewhere," Skinner elaborated. "Personal lives, stay at home, when you come here, I expect you to be professional. I will go easy on you as long as you don't abuse the rules,"

"Yes Sir," Mulder responded.

"As for Agent Scully's time off, Mulder I have arranged for you to basically 'train' a new Agent, coming right out of the academy," Skinner's eyes moved from Mulder's to the papers on his desk. Mulder was about to retort, but then decided against it. "Now, is there anything, either of you would like to add?" Skinner asked.

"I would, but I'd like to do it privately," Mulder mentioned as Scully flashed him a shocking look.

"This isn't private enough for you Agent?" Skinner opened his arms to indicate the vacant room.

"That's not what I mean. Just you and I, Sir," Mulder hesitantly tried to avoid Scully's intense stare.

(In Mulder's Head;) Oh God, she's pissed at me! Why does she always assume I'm trying to keep something from her? Well I am, but that's beside the point, it's for her own good!

(In Scully's Head;) What in the hell is he up to? Why would he not want me to hear something he's going to tell Skinner? I want him to be honest with me and if he's going to do this little childish act, I'm going to have to show him a piece of my mind! Oh God Dana, please calm down! God, you've got me on a hormonal high today and I'm not dealing with it very well!

(In Skinner's Head;) Geez, it's getting' scary in here! A hormonal Scully and a Mulder who wants me alone! Okay, I don't want to come between them, and from the looks of things, Scully is rather pissed at Mulder. I guess I should just give him the benefit of the doubt right?

"That's fine Agent Mulder. Scully, why don't you meet Mulder in the office when him and I are through?" Skinner suggested.

(In Mulder's Head;) Oh that's not good, she's hiring a firing squad right now, I can see it! As soon as I approach my office door, I'm going to get scorched by painful Scully words, her attitudes, her hormones! I'm scared! And to think, I'm doing this for her!

Scully stood up, her face expressionless as she exited the office.

"So what is it Agent Mulder?" Skinner questioned.

Scully entered Mulder's office and proceeded to sit in his comfortable chair behind his heavy wooden desk.

(In Scully's Head;) Should I be mad with him? Hum...maybe I should trust him, he wouldn't lie to me would he? He wouldn't say something to Skinner that he hadn't already told me right? Now I know why I never kept a romantic relationship, it's too much trouble!

Scully leaned back and closed her eyes, her hands coming up to caress her belly. Her hands weave their way under her shirt until she felt the warm heated skin protecting her child.

(In Scully's Head;) What's taking them so long? You want your daddy don't you? God, I cannot wait to see you, I want to hold you and kiss you. I want to give you a name so I don't' have to call you 'he', 'she', 'it' and 'baby' anymore! I want to see you smile and hear you cry, I want to feed you and sing to you. Everything a good mommy does, I'm going to try, I promise, I'll try. I've never really been around small children, I hope you make it easy on me. What's that? (Scully felt the baby move) You think I'll do okay? Well I may be your intellectual FBI Agent/doctor, but I am no mother figure. I don't know what I'm going to do!

Scully continues stroking her belly with the palm of her hand, feeling the light movement of her child beneath her skin. She heard nothing, no warning, as Mulder crept up to her face and placed his lips on hers lightly. Her eyes opened instantly and she pushed him away.

"No 'sexual conduct' here Agent Mulder," Scully gestured in quotations and scolded him for kissing her.

"The door's locked." He smiled as he tried to keep her from wiggling out of the chair.

"Mulder..." she hesitated.

"I know, you want to know what I told Skinner, but it's a secret! Actually two secrets!" Mulder chuckled as she managed to break free of his grip and stood up, "Because, they are surprises for you. Something I've been working hard on for a little over a year now," Mulder specified.

"Mulder, we haven't even been romantically involved for a year, it's only been like eight months!" Scully exclaimed.

"Well, if you recall, when we first made love, I told you that I had wanted you for a long time, and that I've always loved you," Mulder noted.

"Yes, I remember. So you're saying that you've had something planned, even if I didn't love you back?"

"No, I knew you loved me back, that wasn't the problem. The problem was getting you to admit it. And I knew that was inevitable, and once that occurred, I'd already have my surprises well...prepared for," Mulder explained.

"Okay, we're just going to drop this. I have some clues as to what's up your selves and I-," Mulder cut her off.

"You have no idea Scully, honestly, you don't have me figured out that much." Mulder grinned, tossing the case file into his brief case. Scully stood there, mouth dropped, shocked that he had even suggested that she wasn't smart enough to figure him out!

"What? Are you taking me seriously here?" Mulder chuckled as he whirled around and caught a view of her body language.

"Mulder, I don't know what the hell to think, or take seriously!" Scully was obviously becoming upset.

"Listen, calm down and don't worry about it. They're good surprises that I hope you'll enjoy when the time is right. Now let's go and grab a bite to eat before we go babysit Matthew, okay," Mulder suggested as he hugged her.

Bill and Tara Scully's residence


"Tara, why are Mulder and Dana here?" Bill yelled, after peeking out the front windows.

"I asked them to watch Matthew while we went out to dinner and your party," she confessed as she neared the door, pulling a scarf around her shoulders to accent her red dress.

"You're really pushing me here, letting him stay with Matt?" Bill squabbled.

"It's just Mulder, God Bill, stop being so immature! Mulder is not a monster. Besides, Dana is here as well, you've got to call a truce to this Bill, it's very annoying," Tara admitted. She opened the door to greet Mulder and Scully.

"Hi! Wow, Dana, you're looking quite the mommy these days," Tara smiled, opening the door for their entrance.

"I know, I'm getting bigger, but c'mon, I'm not that big!" Scully chuckled nervously as Mulder pulled on her jacket, "Bill," Scully acknowledged with an anxious smile.

"Hi Dana, how are you feeling?" he asked, trying to be polite.

"I feel like I should feel, and that I am very grateful for," Scully answered as he took her jacket and Mulder's.

"Well, Matthew is in his room playing. There is a tv dinner in the freezer that he picked out. Um...he could use a bath if you don't mind and bedtime is at eight-thirty," Tara instructed with hand gestures and smiles.

"I think we'll be fine," Mulder reassured her.

"We'll see you both around ten, all right?" Bill asked, holding out Tara's jacket to her.

"Ten is fine," Scully answered as they stepped out of the doorway and Scully closed the door.

"So, what's next?" Mulder asked as he made his way to the couch and sat down nervously.

"I guess we wait for him to come bug us, in the meantime..." Scully gave one of her naughty smiles as she sat down and put her hands on his chest.

"Oh no no Scully, I'm not getting caught making out with you by your big brother," Mulder chuckled as he slipped his arm behind her back.

"Why Mulder, I can't believe you'd suggest such a thing, not while Matthew's awake anyway!" Scully giggled. Just then they heard tiny footsteps coming down the stairs, Mulder and Scully's eyes were locked in a glare on Matthew.

"Aunt Dana...you look so different," Matthew mentioned as his eyes looked at his aunt's belly.

"C'mere Matt," Mulder offered a hand and the child advanced and stood, leaning against one of Mulder's legs, "Matthew, your aunt Dana is going to have a baby," Mulder tried to explain.

"Really? Like the ones on tv?" Matthew questioned.

"Maybe, like the ones in diaper commercials!" Mulder laughed.

"Where is the baby? I want to play with him,"

"Well..." Mulder wasn't sure how to explain this one and Scully came to his rescue.

"Actually, the baby is in my tummy. And you can play with him, do you want me to show you?" Scully asked, smiling and taking Matthew's hand in her own. He nodded as she placed his tiny white hand on her belly, only a thin tight shirt separating the skin to skin contact. Scully was praying for the baby to move so that Matthew would feel it. She was very lucky, not only did the baby move, but it kicked, and it hurt! Scully arched her back with a sharp intake of breath...the first kick. Matthew smiled and looked at his hand in wonder of what he felt.

"See, he's kicking you. I think he likes playing soccer?" Scully told Matthew as she glanced at Mulder.

"That's really cool!...Hey Mr. Mulder, can you come upstairs and play trains with me?" Matthew's attention span switched to the more masculine man sitting next to his aunt.

"Trains...sounds great! You run up and get everything ready, I'll be there in a minute." Mulder smiled as Matthew leaped from the couch and up the stairs he ran with pounding footsteps.

"Did that little tiny baby hurt you?" Mulder giggled as he slipped his hand up under her shirt.

"Yes it hurt!" Scully smiled as she punched him in his upper arm. He pushed her arm away quickly after she hit him and he leaned in to kiss her. Their lips met quickly, Scully opened her mouth, wanting him, urging his entrance. Mulder slid his tongue along her teeth and then met hers, sucking lightly. As he did, his fingers caress her tummy and he felt the baby move beneath her skin, pushing against his palm as if it were playing with him.

"I...thought...you weren't going to...have a make out session here, Mulder," Scully breathed in between breathtaking kisses as his lips quickly trailed down her neck.

"Damn! I did say something like that didn't I?" Mulder huffed as he kissed her cheek once more and got up to go upstairs.

Bill and Tara Scully's residence


"Matthew, stop splashing!" Mulder laughed as the child splashed a toy boat around in the water. Scully watched from the bathroom door, amused by how well Mulder actually did with children. Mulder squirted some shampoo into Matt's hair and began working it into a lather, white mounds of bubbles ended up everywhere. Matthew stood up quickly, the water trickling down his shivering body, a few clumps of white bubbles stuck in his hair and under his neck, dribbling down his legs. His tiny genitals bobbed up and down as he jumped around in the bathtub, waving his hands in the air and singing some sortof jibberish. Scully couldn't help but laugh when Matthew swiped his hand across his own head, gathering bubbles, and slapped them on Mulder's clean, dry hair. All he could do was laugh too, but then he made Matthew sit, for fear that he would slip and fall.

"Can you be the shark?" Matthew asked, holding up a big rubber animal, looking like a great white shark.

"Well, I've never been a shark, so I don't know how. Why don't I be the pirate, here," Mulder held up a toy figurine that looked like a pirate with a sword in his hand.

"Geeerrrrr," Matthew grunted in a shark tone, bringing it's mouth up to the head of the pirate.

"Ahoy mates....'er need some help out here....ahhh, the sharks gonna eat me...ahhh!" Mulder yelled in his best pirate voice as Matthew tried to make the shark chase him through the water. The water was splashing everywhere, but neither of them cared, they were having too much fun.

"What are these Matt?" Mulder asked, pointing to little sticks of different colored soaps on the edge of the bathtub.

"Scribble sticks! Watch...I'll show ya!" Matthew exclaimed, picking up a blue one. The little boy stood up in all of his naked glory and leaned one hand on the wall for support. He used his right hand to draw a cloud looking shape with the blue soap. "Could you draw me a train?" Matthew turned to Mulder with puppy dog eyes, handing him the crayon, which was slightly crushed from the child's often use.

"I can try," Mulder began drawing three boxes in a row on the side of the tub. Then using the red one, he drew another smaller box on top of the first one. Next Mulder used the black to draw puffs of smoke coming from the front train car and the draw circles for wheels. "There you go." Mulder smiled as he laid the crayon back in the dish, and then rinsing his hand in the murky water.

"I think the train needs a conductor, how about you?" Matthew insisted as he grabbed a bathtub hat from his bath toy chest right near the tub. He tossed it on Mulder's head, and before Mulder could resist, Matthew brought the black crayon up to his face and began drawing a mustache. Mulder closed his eyes and chuckled a bit, and let Matthew have fun.

"Can I call you uncle? I mean, well...Aunt Dana is my aunt, aren't you my uncle?" Matthew queried.

"Well I'm not your uncle yet, but I hope to be someday. But you can call me whatever you want," Mulder answered back, watching Matthew's tongue lick his lower lip in concentration.

(In Scully's Head;) This is the cutest thing I've ever seen in my life! Neither of them know that I'm standing here, watching. And it's so funny to see how Matthew acts around people he likes. All walls go down, no shyness and he certainly doesn't get that from the Scully side of the family! Aww, did he just ask to call Mulder uncle? God that breaks my heart, he's so sweet! And look at his imagination, gosh, it's a bit scary, I wonder what our baby will be like. And Mulder, God bless him, I've never seen him put up with such things. Obviously deep down he's a big softy, a child himself...he looks kindof sexy with that crayon mustache! Stop it Dana! Wow, he really will make a great dad!

"Excuse me...boys, I hate to spoil your fun, but it's time for bed," Scully jumped in as Matthew finished his face painting. Suddenly Matthew jumped out of the tub and cling to Mulder with both arms around Mulder's neck. The child was still soaking wet, including bubbles, and Mulder's t-shirt was also soaking wet, with a print of a child's body on the front.

"Matt, wait here, there's a towel," Mulder shrugged him off and wrapped a towel around the shivering child. His little body wiggled from the cold as he stepped up to the sink to brush his teeth. After that little escapade was over, Scully offered to clean up their mess while Mulder put Matthew to bed.

Matt had just skipped out of the bathroom and down the hallway to his room butt naked when Scully finally turned to Mulder, "Nice mustache," she smirked as she pulled the bath toy hat off of his head. Scully got up on her tippy-toes and sucked on his bottom lip for a moment, and he immediately kissed her back, causing the black soap to smere and once Scully got a yucky taste of it, she pulled back. Mulder and Scully smiled into each other's eyes and then proceeded to see what the child was up to.

"What are these Matt?" Mulder asked, pointing to a stack of white things that looked like very big diapers.

"Pull-up's!" Matthew smiled and jumped up on the bed, reaching for one off the top of the dresser. "See, the big star goes in the back," the child was enthused and stood on the floor and put them on. "See...pull...up!" he struggled and then began putting on his pajamas, backwards.

(In Mulder's Head;) Hum...the things they make these days! I will have to remember these for our baby!

"Lay down," Scully instructed as she pulled the covers up over his tiny body.

"Goodnight Aunt Dana," Matthew threw a kiss with his hand and Scully smiled in delight.

"Goodnight Uncle Mulder," Matthew whispered quietly as Mulder came down to hug him. The little child gave Mulder a tiny peck on his cheek and then the adults left the room.

"He really likes you," Scully acknowledged as they made their way down to the living room.

"Everyone likes me!" Mulder chuckled, displaying his ego. "Now..." He began as he turned down the lights and sat on the couch.

"Now?" Scully repeated in confusion. He didn't answer right away, but brought his hand up to touch her cheek and run his fingers along her jawline.

"Now, it's time for our make out session." He smiled just as his lips touched hers lightly. Scully closed her eyes and took a deep breath as he laid her back on the sofa, in an angle that he could lay on her but not the baby.

The kisses began light and gentle and then grew hungry with force. Mulder refused to let her tongue in and he kept kissing the corners of her mouth. She whimpered in frustration and wiggled beneath him, trying to rub herself against his body. Something overtook her that made her forget all rationale that she had. She was not aware of how easily Matthew or Bill and Tara could walk in. All Scully could focus on was trying to breathe and finding access to Mulder's mouth completely. She felt him grind his hips into her, his erection tented his tight jeans and pressed against her palm.

"Mulder...Mulder...do I detect a clue of urgency?" she snickered, realizing the ball was in her court, she had the power.

"Damnit, you want it too!" he mumbled as he kissed her neck and up and down her chin. "I can feel how wet you are," he mentioned as he cupped her mound through her pants. She gasped quickly, not expecting him to do that. Mulder began massaging her misty center through the material as he heard little tiny moans escape from her, "Make love to me...now," Mulder breathed as he continued kissing, trying to nuzzle his nose into the opening of her blouse.

"No...No Mulder! This is my brother's couch, it's his house, that's gross!" she wailed, eyes wide open, trying to pull his head back, but Mulder kept on kissing.

"Please?" he whined and pulled open two buttons on her blouse.

"No...Mulder how would you feel if I asked you to make love to me on Samantha's bed?" Scully hesitated mentioning his sister's name, but it was the only real example she could think of in her state of mind.

"That's sickening," Mulder admitted and didn't let his sister's name affect him. He sat up, leaving her to button her shirt and concentrate on breathing regularly again.

"I didn't tell you to stop, I just told you that we aren't going all the way," Scully whispered with a slight smile.

"Well, since you put it that way!" Mulder laughed a little and then pushed her back down on the couch, their lips and tongues meshing once again in a hungry kiss.

Chapter 39- Mulder's surprise "Aunt Dana?" a little voice came from the stairs. Scully pulled Mulder's hands out from under her shirt and they both sat up, luckily the room was somewhat dark.

"Yes Matthew?" she answered as she tried to regain composure.

"There's a monster in my closet,"

Scully and Mulder just smiled at each other and Scully got off the couch and proceeded to take Matthew back to bed, hand in hand.

"All better," Scully explained as she searched the closet and then shut the door.

"I knew you'd get rid of them, since you're a Agent," Matthew acknowledged, that piece of information probably coming from an adult conversation he overheard.

"Of course I could!" Scully kissed Matthew goodnight and shut the door.

Meanwhile, Mulder had been trying to entertain Bill and Tara who had just walked in the door.

"How was he?" Tara asked with a smile as she hung her jacket on the coat rack.

"Just wonderful, he's such a creative and imaginative child. I enjoyed this," Mulder began and Bill actually smiled at his words.

"Where's Dana?" Bill and Tara asked in unison.

"She went to tuck Matt back into bed, he claimed there were monsters in his closet,"

"Ahh, I guess we forgot to warn you guys about that," Bill chuckled as he walked into the kitchen.

"Matthew's been wanting Dana to come over to kill these monsters. He claims she's the only one who can, since she is an Agent," Tara chuckled as Scully came down the stairs.

"You ready to go home?" Mulder asked.

"Yeah, thank you so much Tara, Mulder and I really had a good time," Scully smiled, all of the sudden she spotted the innuendo in her comment, in which she hadn't meant to be there. Mulder of course picked up on it, but didn't say anything. They exchanged good nights and Mulder and Scully left for home.

Scully's Apartment

Georgetown, Washington D.C.

Christmas Eve


"You finally awake sleepy head?" Mulder smiled as Scully stumbled into the kitchen. Mulder had himself propped up on the couch watching tv, with a can of soda in his hands.

"Yeah, I didn't sleep very well, since someone trying to get it on, I won't mention who," Scully mumbled as she took the orange juice from the refrigerator.

"Hey, could you blame me? You were all ready for it yesterday but last night well..."

"I was tired!" Scully answered sarcastically.

"And I tried this morning and..."

"I was tired!" Scully mumbled again in the same sarcastic tone.

"You were tired," Mulder chuckled for a long while and Scully turned around to him, her hands on her hips.

"What's so funny?" she asked, getting a bit annoyed.

"Nothing...nothing, hehe, I love you," Mulder laughed as he tried to hug her, she just punched him in the chest and Mulder toppled right back on the couch. "Scully, you know something I just realized? It's Christmas Eve and we have no Christmas tree!" Mulder chuckled.

"I have one, it's in a box in the closet, wanna set it up?" Scully acknowledged as she began fixing a bagel in the kitchen.

"That'd be great, but you know...not having a Christmas tree up by now makes me wonder where you're hiding my Christmas presents!"

"Your Christmas present is what I didn't give you last night or this morning," Scully mumbled as she watched Mulder open the 'tree box'. "Come to think of it, I wonder why my mom hasn't called me yet today, that's unusual,"

"I meant to ask you if you'd go over there today for a little while,"

" 'If I'd go over there'...what the hell does that mean?" Scully grumbled, clearly not in the best of moods.

"Look, I just have to do some things and I kindof don't want you here," Mulder tried to explain without giving away any information.

"Mulder...I don't like when you do this, why can't you be honest with me,"

"Scully, it's Christmas, I have some wrapping and stuff to do,"

"Then why don't you go to your apartment," Scully retorted.

"Why do you have to make this difficult?"

"Am*I* the one who's making things difficult?"

"Yes, yes you are, just go Scully, I'm sure you wanna get away from me for a while anyways,"

"You know what, I do, your really ticking me off," Scully snapped and walked towards her room.

"Geez, moody woman this morning!" Mulder mumbled under his breath as he set up the Christmas tree. Luckily it was small and didn't take him long. Mulder strung the lights and hung some ornaments, and finally Scully stormed out of the apartment, leaving him to his mischief.

Unknown Location at this time


"Scully...Scully where the heck are you?" Mulder asked, yelling through his cell phone.

"I went to my mom's, we spent a little while together and now I'm just driving,"

"Just driving?"

"Yeah, you know, something you do when you need to think," Scully answered sarcastically.

"Will you come home. Obviously you're upset and if it'll make you feel better, I guess I can give you my surprise now,"

"Mulder, this was a Christmas surprise? You didn't make it seem that way," Scully responded.

"Listen, just go home. You'll be utterly shocked and disgusted when you walk in, but I left you a note, read it and I promise, by the time it's all done, you'll be happy...I hope,"

"Mulder where are you? Why aren't you at my apartment, like you said you'd be,"

"Would you stop asking so many questions and just do what I told you to do," Mulder asked, getting frustrated.

"Sure, fine, whatever," Scully recited and hung up the phone. She pulled into her apartment building lot and parked, hurrying up the stairs in anticipation. She unlocked her door and stepped inside, flipping on the light. Her mouth dropped in horror and amazement, she walked through her apartment in a daze.

(In Scully's Head;) Am I in the right apartment? What did he do? And how, and why? Where is everything?

Scully scanned the empty room, there was virtually nothing in the apartment. She bent down to retrieve a piece of yellow paper from the floor in front of her. It read: Okay, I know you're so pissed off right now, wondering what in the hell I did, but just trust me. I wasn't sure if you'd like this, since we have never talked about this situation yet, but I really wanted to do something totally surprising. And I know the way I chose to do it is leaving you with a lot of emotions of anger at the moment, towards me. But I wanted it to be romantic and sweet and I hope it turns out that way. So here is your Christmas present. Hey, by the way, have you ever seen Miracle on 34th street? 1013 Apex Drive, Arlington, VA...I love you.

(In Scully's Head;) What in the hell kindof charade is this? Does he want me to go to this address?

Scully stormed out of her apartment in a hurry. She sped the whole way, until she reached a neighborhood of new houses in Arlington. Once she approached the house number 1013, she noticed Mulder's car in the driveway.

(In Scully's Head;) He couldn't have! Did he? Oh I get it, Miracle on 34th street, he couldn't have bought us a house for Christmas?

Scully stepped out of the car and was greeted at the door by Mulder, smiling in his cleverness.

"Took you long enough!" Mulder chuckled as he let her inside.

"You didn't?" Scully was in awe, still trying to figure this whole thing out.

"I did," Mulder acknowledged as he shut the door behind him. Scully wondered through the first floor of the house, noticing all of their belongings and furniture.

"How did you this stuff here, and so fast?" Scully continued.

"Surprise!" a group of people yelled as Scully finally made it into the living room. Her first instinct of surprise was to grab her tummy, then her face tinted pink as she saw Skinner, Langly, Byers, and Frohike standing there, grinning from ear to ear.

"You guys?" Scully choked out the question, still a bit confused.

"Yup, we helped get everything over here. Now you know why Mulder was being so secretive at the office yesterday," Skinner remarked with a smile. Scully turned to Mulder and threw her arms around his neck, burying her face in his shoulder. His arms cupped her around her back and he buried his face in her golden red hair, smiling at the guys.

"Thank you," she whispered in emotion. Scully turned back around to face the rest of the group. "How did you manage this? It's Christmas eve,"

"Well, I didn't really have much to do," Skinner chuckled.

"Yeah, we didn't mind putting off our egg nog parties," Langly answered.

"It's all ours Scully." Mulder smiled at her again, noticing the tears in her eyes that she refused to let go.

"Hey guys, we should probably get outta here and let them be alone," Byers suggested.

"Oooohooo," Langly punched Mulder's biceps as they all began clearing out of the living room towards the door.

"I may be your director, but I came here to today as a friend. I wish the best for you two, just be careful," Skinner smiled and hugged Scully lightly before leaving. Finally, once the door was shut and everyone was gone, Scully whirled around and punched Mulder hard in the chest, pushing him down on the stairs behind him.

"Whoa...oww, what was that for!" Mulder looked a bit angry, but he wasn't.

"I can't believe you did this! All the secrets! You are crazy!" Scully laughed as she wondered the house some more, walking into the kitchen.

"So why'd you hit me?"

"Because...I can't stay mad at you, and that's so frustrating for me!" Scully responded, as she sat in the dining room.

"So do you like it?"

"Do I like it? Mulder it's so perfect! Are you sure we can afford this?" Scully mentioned.

"Well, I told you I have been planning for over a year now, and as you know, FBI Agents make damn good money, I've got it covered," Mulder explained, "Scully, I know we never talked about this, but I don't and didn't want to raise our child in apartments,"

"I-I agree,"

"Let's go upstairs, I have a few surprises up there as well." Mulder smiled as he took her hand, leading her up carpeted stairs.

The house was decorated rather elegantly, anyone could tell Mulder had taken time and thought into making their house and home. At the top of the stair well was a huge glass window overlooking the Potomac River banks. They passed the first room, which Mulder had obviously claimed as an office; Scully noticed his old leather couch remembering their first time. As they continued down the hallway in silence, one bedroom door was closed and Scully was about to open it when Mulder stopped her.

"No, this surprise is for last, tomorrow, Christmas morning," Mulder explained with a proud smirk as he ushered her to continue down the hall. Finally, Scully made it to the master bedroom. Her bed was against the far wall, sheer white curtains hung from the windows, accompanied by two nightstands and dressers. She stumbled to the walk-in closet and peered in, Mulder's suits on her left, and her clothes hung neatly on the right.

"Mulder...this is..." she stuttered speechlessly.

"If you want to redecorate and paint, that's fine, I thought you'd like to," Mulder acknowledged.

"Maybe later, but everything the lay out...everything is so spacious, so exquisite. It's so perfect,"

"Wait until you see the bathroom," Mulder chuckled as he opened the door for her. She walked in cautiously, and saw a huge square shaped bathtub, a bath had already been drawn. White mounds of bubbles piled up in a scent of lilies, as she watched jet blowers circulate the water beneath. Mulder dimmed the lights quickly, candles on the sink glowed and flickered, bouncing off of the walls and mirror. Scully felt Mulder's hands on her shoulders, pulling her jacket off, letting it fall to the floor. Her eyes closed for a moment as his hands came around the front of her body, pulling and opening the buttons on her blouse. His fingers trailed down the tops of her breasts, following her cleavage until her blouse was lose enough to slip off. Mulder lowered his head and began kissing her neck, tickling, making her wiggle.

"Wanna get in that warm bath Scully?" he whispered as she began moaning so lightly, "I've got dinner over there," Mulder mentions as she opens her eyes to scan the room once more. She noticed a little tray, with wine glasses, apple juice, and two plates of food, which looked like a chicken platter with assorted vegetables.

"Who are you and where is Mulder?" Scully chuckled as he reached around her, his hands trailing over her bulging belly, outlining her hipbones and coming to rest on her slacks button.

"I think you've got it backwards Agent Scully, you've uncovered the real Mulder," he responded. Mulder slipped her slacks over her hips and they fell to the floor. He trailed his fingers back up her thigh, taunting and torturing by making feather light touches on the inside of her thigh, then settling on her mound, massaging the fabric of her panties back into her wet skin. He held fell back over his shoulder, her neck at his eye level and he swooped in to suckle and kiss her tremulous skin. She shivered, and the sensation made him go wild with desire to please her.

(In Mulder's Head;) This all is still so unreal. I'm making her shake and shiver with arousal, I've never been that effective on anyone! It's all me! God, the way she makes me feel sexually, makes me think about re-evaluating my life so that I can stay in bed with her forever. Do I do that for her? Has this evening been the right way to start off a new life together? Or should I have given her the other surprise first?

(In Scully's Head;) ughhhhhhhhhhh, okay, coherent thoughts, where are you? God how does he do this to me? I go from being a professional FBI doctor to a puddle full of jelly that will jump at his beck and call! I can't believe he did all of this. He actually got Skinner and the guys to move everything in one day! And he bought a house! Has he gone crazy? Oh wait, I think I already established that he has. This is absolutely wonderful, I never thought Mulder would be such an incredible lover, let alone a hopeless romantic!

Mulder kissed lightly, unclasping her bra from the back, letting her breasts fall from lack of support. He cupped the sides with his hands, feeling their increased weight and heat. He rubbed his fingers along the curve, relieving tension in her muscles. She reached down quickly and grabbed her tummy as her eyes opened bright and wide, fully alert.

"Is something wrong?" Mulder asked concerned.

"No...no, the baby is kicking me," Scully smiled, as his hands fell from her breasts to her belly, he to wanted to feel, "You know...he's going to be interrupting our love making a lot more often now," Scully whispered, a bit shy about pointing out the obvious.

"I know. Why don't you get in the tub, maybe the warm water and jet propellers may soothe and calm him," Mulder suggested.

"We can try." She smiled and stepped out of his grasp. Turning to face him, she slowly peeled off her panties and stood naked in front of his feasting eyes. Shyly she blushed, running her finger tips lightly through her red curls, just enough to stir them, then up over her belly quickly, to her dark pink peaks, covering them with her entire palms. She too noticed the weight difference and tenderness that engulfed her breasts. Stepping back a bit, her eyes never leaving his gaze, she lifted one leg and then the other into the lukewarm water. "Can I confess something to you?" she asked as she sat down, letting the water and bubbles slide over her swollen breasts.

"Yeah, but isn't that w Reverend McCue is for?" Mulder grinned as he sat on the edge of the toilet seat and removed his shoes.

"This is not something I want to confess to my priest, it's something for you," she continued, getting rather shy by the look on her face.

"What is it Scully?" Mulder asked, noticing the eerie tension in the air.

"Well...I've kindof had this...fantasy...for a while now, and I'd like to-,"

"Say no more! I want to! Tell me Scully!" Mulder got rather excited and smiled.

"Well, I want to watch you undress, but not normally, in a strip tease kindof sense,"

"You mean like my videos?"

"Well..." Scully mumbled.

"Just look at me when you do it," she blushed more as he stood up, preparing to begin her fantasy. Mulder lifted his head so that he starred her in the eyes. Two fingers perched in front of her mouth, trying to hold back the laughter and giggles. Mulder pulled his gray t-shirt overhead hastily, then let his hands travel south, lightly grazing his nipples quickly. He wasn't very good at being a show boy, so he decided against singing and dancing around her. Mulder tugged on his belt, unlatching it as he watched Scully's eyes, which were contently following his hands.

"Take them off Mulder," she instructed in a low tone, and Mulder grinned happily. Mulder pulled the belt out of the rings and continued with unbuttoning and unzipping his jeans. He slipped them down his legs carefully, and as he bent, his bulge became even bigger. Scully let out a light moan and a little squeal as he stood back up.

"You better stop that!" Mulder chuckled at her.

"I-I can't help it! Hey it's my fantasy," Scully retorted.

"Is this the part you've been waiting for Scully? To completely embarrass and laugh at me?" Mulder chuckled and smiled.

"I wouldn't laugh at you!" Scully giggled, her fingers still trying to cover her smirk.

"Yeah right, I will bet you anything that you will laugh!" Mulder began in the back, sliding his boxers down and then slowly using his hands to move the material down over his erection. He continued until the boxers where laying in the pile of clothes and then stood up straight, waiting for some sign from Scully.

"Well," she tried to swallow, her face bright red, her mouth covered so she wouldn't squeal, or worst of all, laugh. "Um..." she tried to speak, but the giggles just welled up in her throat, but she didn't want to lose this bet.

"Stop it!" Mulder whined and then smiled like a little boy.

"Mulder could you and your package please come over here?" she joked, taking her hands away from her mouth, a wide grin on her face. Mulder slowly walked over to the edge of the tub, and Scully met him there, purposefully reaching out to grasp his manhood.

(In Scully's Head;) Now this is the way to live life! In a perfect house, in a huge bubble bath, with the most perfect child growing inside of you, with the most perfect man standing nude in front of you! Ahhh, what did I do to deserve this? Damn, he's looks yummy...um, he is good and hot!

As soon as Scully's mouth enclosed over his tip, he jumped back, pulling out of her grasp.

"What'd you do that for?" Scully breathed.

"We talked about this, and I believe I let you do it a while ago, but you're not going to do it again,"

"Mulder...it's my fantasy!" she exclaimed, becoming annoyed that he'd stopped her.

"I don't care. I'll let you do anything you want after the baby is born but not now," Mulder replied. Scully sat back in the tub, the water swishing over her body once again. She was disappointed, upset and angry with him.

(In Scully's Head;) Why did he just have to ruin that? I mean seriously, is it really that much of a turn off to him?

(In Mulder's Head;) Why is she ruining this perfect atmosphere? We talked about this, we agreed. Why doesn't she understand?

"Listen, I am sorry. I don't want to ruin everything you've done for us tonight, get in here with me?" Scully apologized. Mulder stepped in and sat down, pulling her on top of him. Scully straddled his waist, her belly pushing against his abs and torso. "Kiss me," she breathed and lowered her mouth to his, her arms laid around his neck, playing with his hair. Mulder pulled her close and touched his bottom lip to her mouth, as she inhaled his skin with her lips. The urgency came as she pushed him into the water more, trying to line his erection up with her opening without using hands. Mulder groaned at the sudden surprise of her need, when she finally broke the kiss to push him into her properly. "Mulder please," she sobbed as she threw her head into his chest.

"Are you okay?" he asked, rather concerned at her behavior.

(In Scully's Head;) God, I hate when this happens! Why do my moods change like this? I just need him so badly right now, my body is throbbing for him. But I'm whimpering like a baby and we haven't even begun. It's like I'm so sensitive and I hate it, this is not me! I don't feel like myself!

"I'm okay, just make love to me," she breathed into his chest, his hands cupping her head and hair. Mulder was beginning to love their bathtub, the bottom was molded so that you could sit in like little seats. He nestled her into one of them, and began driving into her the best he could. The water splashed more lightly then he'd expected, but he didn't want a mess on the floor. Scully threw her head back and held him by his shoulders. They both went into a constant moaning state, which sounded ridiculous but neither of them could stop. Finally Mulder lost his rhythm as he climaxed, he fell limply onto the side of the tub, pulling away from Scully.

"Argh God," he groaned, wrinkling his forehead with his eyes closed. Scully laid there in the water for a moment, breathing. "I'm gonna go to sleep now," he chuckled and joked.

(In Mulder's Head;) Whew, sex submerged in water is very difficult. I've never done that and it really wore me out!

Scully opened her eyes for a moment and glanced over at Mulder's sweaty body. Then she remembered the dinner Mulder had gotten and how hungry she was. Scully pulled the tray over and sat it on the edge of the tub. She took the fork and jabbed off a piece of the boneless chicken.

"This is the best! Food, making love and you!" she chuckled as she ate. She watched him, his eyes never flicked open. His chest rose and fell with each deep breath he took. She ate and supervised him so that he did not drown while he slept.

(In Scully's Head;) The poor guy. He must have worked really hard today. I love him so much. Ow! Would you stop it in there, I'm eating already! I feel you, really sweetheart, and I'm chowing down as much as I can. Would you like a preference? Carrots or green beans my little one?

Chapter 40- Test Results

The House

1013 Apex Drive

Arlington, VA

Christmas Day


"Please stop kicking me," Scully whispered in frustration as she smoothed her hands over her bare belly.

(In Scully's Head;) If this child does not stop...! It's 3:30 in the morning! She's kept me up all night! I think I've only gotten twenty minutes sleep between Mulder drooling and her kicking! I guess I'll get up and drink something. Hum, I've got a craving for some chocolate milk, maybe I'll get some of that. Um, and peanut butter, oh that'd taste good right now!

Scully pushed the covers aside, pulling her pajama top down over her tummy. She made her way through the new house with ease, noticing the moonlight fading behind clouds, causing the shadows on the floor to disappear. She opened the refrigerator and wasn't surprised to see that there wasn't much in there.

(In Scully's Head;) I guess Mulder is entitled to forget a few things? I wish we had some good food! I guess I'm settling for orange juice since there is no milk or chocolate syrup. God, please let there be something as simple as peanut butter in that cupboard!

Scully opened the wood cabinet to find it completely bare.

(In Scully's Head;) That's it, I'm going out to get some food, I'm starving! Ow! Stop kicking! Seriously, I love you to death and I'm trying sweetie, but your being really hard on mommy tonight. Ow, I think he just rearranged the setting of my liver.

Scully held her side in pain as her active baby moved inside of her, pushing it's feet and hands in every direction possible. Scully began walking back upstairs in an attempt to get dressed to go to a mini mart that was open at this hour. On her way down the hall, she stopped at the closed door, just begging her, calling her name to open it.

(In Scully's Head;) I really shouldn't, it's Mulder's surprise, I wouldn't want to ruin everything for him. He really seems to enjoy the look on my face when he does things like this, I think that's why he keeps on doing it! Oh, just maybe a peek, it's dark, I won't be able to see much so that doesn't count right?

Scully placed her shaky moist palm on the door-knob and began turning it slowly, when she felt a hand on her shoulder and jumped, grabbing at her chest over her heart.

"Jesus Mulder!" she shrieked in fright.

"What are you doing?"

"I was-,"

"Peeking," Mulder interrupted.

"Well..." she grinned innocently.

"Naughty Scully, am I going to have to handcuff you to the bed to keep you there?" Mulder chuckled quietly. "I–I couldn't sleep," she sighed.


"The baby is very active tonight, he keep kicking me. It feels like he's rearranging organs in there. And I was hungry,"

"Oh...shh...ooot, I forgot to stock the fridge, I meant to," Mulder remembered.

"It's okay, I'm going to get dressed and go out and get a few things," Scully informed.

"No let me go get it, what do you want?"

"Mulder, really it's fine, I'm quiet capable," Scully responded.

"I-I know, I just would rather have you here, in a warm bed, trying to sleep...please, I could you use fresh air anyways,"

"Are you okay?"

"Yeah, I'll be fine, I don't feel so well though,"

"All the more reason to let me go, now go back to bed Mulder,"

"No, just let me go," he insisted and walked back to the bedroom to get his keys and a jacket.

"I want peanut butter, and apples, chocolate syrup and milk, okay?" she shouted to him as he walked down the corridor leading to the front door.

"Okay," he replied as he shut the door.

"Be careful!"

The House

1013 Apex Drive

Arlington, VA

Christmas Day


"What in the hell took you so long? I was worried!" Scully shut off the tv and met him in the kitchen.

"I'm sorry, I got more than you asked for, we needed food anyway so I just went shopping," Mulder apologized, as he let four grocery bags fall from his hands onto the floor.

Scully rummaged through the bags, putting most items away in the cabinets but keeping out the ones she wanted to have a taste of. Making a salad, some sliced apples with peanut butter spread and mixing herself some chocolate milk, Scully sat at the kitchen table.

"Thank you so much!" Scully smiled shyly, embarrassed at the strange combinations of food she was eating at this hour.

"You're welcome,"

"You don't look so good, c'mere," she stood up from the table and placed her palm on his forehead, "Mulder you're burning up!" she marveled and wetted a paper towel with cold water.

"I'll be fine," he shrugged it off. She handed him the cloth and stood on her tip-toes, kissing him on his flushed cheek. She turned her head to give him a peck on the lips but he immediately pushed her away before her lips met his, "Don't kiss me," he warned, "I have a sore throat,"

"Oh my, I hope your not getting sick,"

"Well, I have the best doctor around!" he smiled sleepily.

"Why don't you go to bed, I'll be up in a few minutes,"

Christmas Day


"Mulder...I want my surprise!" she whispered, running her finger over his lips, trying to wake him.

"Ugh," he groaned, turning over away from her. Scully got up from the bed and used the bathroom, then tip-toed down the hallway, like a child on Christmas. She opened the door slowly and peeked inside. The room was elegantly white, one big window where the bright morning sun shone through. Along one wall, a beautiful pine wood baby crib and a changing table next to it, along another, sat a bassinet, completely encased in white lacy bedding. Scully walked to the crib, running her hands over the smooth polished wood, noticing tiny little marks on the railing.

"I didn't get much, I thought you'd want to pick stuff out," Mulder moaned quietly as he stood in the door frame.

"Mulder, it's wonderful, I love it,"

"The crib was mine. I found it in my mother's attic when she died. See the marks on the side, that was me, my teething was pretty bad according to my mother," Mulder whispered.

"It's cute. We'll go shopping soon to buy more to furnish the room. Are you still feeling badly?" Scully turned to him, concerned.

"Yes, my throat is so sore, it feels closed, I don't really feel like talking a lot," Mulder mumbled as he stepped out of the room, Scully following, closing the door. They both walked downstairs, heading for the kitchen, when both of them were surprised to see presents under their Christmas tree.

"Santa came?" Mulder tried to joke, but he wasn't feeling so well, it didn't come off right.

"Yeah, Santa came?" she questioned a bit herself as they walked into the living room together. Mulder sat down, picking up a few presents, he handed some to Scully for her to open.

"I got these for you, they're little, since I believe this house was your biggest and earliest present!" he tried to chuckle, holding his throat with one hand. She smiled taking the presents.

"You shouldn't have Mulder. Yours are right there," she pointed to a pile of neatly wrapped gifts. Most of Mulder's gifts were new clothes, he needed them, Scully knew and he hated shopping for his own clothes. New t-shirts a few pair of jeans, and of course, boxers and socks. She also got him a nifty watch, which he seemed to be very fascinated with. Mulder had gotten her more scented candles and bubble baths accompanied by a small gold rope bracelet. It was rather plain but beautiful, he noticed Scully didn't wear too much gaudy jewelry. She had a very hard time not kissing him for the bracelet, and settled for a hug. After their gifts were opened and everything was cleaned up, Scully got out the flashlight to look into Mulder's mouth.

"Hold still!" she managed to mutter as she pressed his tongue down with a yucky tasting wood tongue-depressor.

"Wahht do you see?" Mulder tried to talk as she raise her eyebrow, looking deep into his throat.

"I see red, lots of red. No patches though, let's hope it doesn't get any worse," she answers and releases him. Just then Mulder heard Scully's cell ringing from her coat pocket. He grabbed it quickly while she was putting away the flashlight.

"Hello?" he greeted in a funny tone due to his injured throat.

"Is Dana Scully available?" a somewhat familiar voice boomed through the phone.

"Scullleee," Mulder moaned, as the pain to raise his voice began. She ran to grab the phone and greeted the person.

"Dana, this is Doctor Trite, I'm sorry to interrupt your Christmas," Rebecca apologized.

"No, no it's fine. What's going on?"

"I really debated on calling you, I don't want this to ruin your holiday, but I received your test results of the amniocentesis we did four days ago,"

"Something's wrong?" Scully's voice became a bit panicky.

"Well, I'm not exactly sure, I was hoping you could shed some light on this. I ran the baby's blood type against yours and they don't match. So obviously Mr. Mulder's would be the only other choice since you claim he's the father. No match there either. I went ahead and did a paternity test just incase, because something wasn't adding up. Mr. Mulder is not the father of your child," the doctor finished in a quiet voice. Scully was horrified and speechless and Mulder was now watching her face intently, trying to figure out what was going on.

"It's impossible, Mulder is the father, he has to be, he's the only one I've had intercourse with in over six years," Scully protested.

"Dana, you know these tests are very accurate. Mulder is not the father,"

"Then who is? Who else could it be?" Scully's eyes were tearing up, her voice shaky with emotion.

"I don't know, I'm guessing that's something you must ask yourself," the doctor continued in a professional manner.

"I-I need to see the results myself, can...can you Email them to me as soon as possible?" Scully kicked into scientific mode.

"Yes, I'm at home at the moment, since, the holiday you know, but I can Email them right now if you'd like,"

"Yes please, thank you,"

"Dana, don't hesitate to call me back if you have any questions,"

"Okay," Scully hung up the phone, not letting the tears drop.

"What's going on?" was Mulder's first response.

(In Mulder's Head;) I heard something about me not being the father, what's up with that?

(In Scully's Head;) These results have to have been tampered with or inaccurate, there's no way anyone else has fathered this child, this is Mulder's baby, I'm one hundred percent positive.

Scully did not answer, but made her way up the stairs to the office and switched on her lab top, that was setting on the desk next to his. Instantly the Email popped up and she opened it eagerly. Her eyes scanning the data, the descriptions of the amniotic fluid and what it meant.

"Abundant amounts of phosphorous selenium combinations, what the hell is that?" Scully spoke out loud as she read. Mulder had followed her and was now leaning over her shoulder, reading as well.

"Do you understand this Scully?" Mulder commented, wondering if she had ever come across something like this in her science.

"Well, something's wrong here, because nutrient metals would not be combining in your body in the way this is describing. It's great that the baby has these two ingredients but they shouldn't be chemically active," Scully explained, her eyes still glued to the screen.

(In Scully's Head;) Oh my God, why didn't I figure this as an option before. That needle that went into my thigh, maybe fluid did get into my blood stream, maybe it's effecting the baby. Oh my God, we've gotta find out what this stuff is and how to fix it! God, sweetie I hope you're okay.

Scully held her tummy with her left hand and maneuvered the mouse with her right.

"Mulder...Mulder I have a hunch,"

"Scully?" his eyes bugged out, "A hunch?" he made a fake astonished face and held his hand to his chest.

"Shut up!"

"I'm sorry, you're right, I should be serious, this is our child,"

"I think this has something to do with the needle I was injected with, remember the bounty hunter in New York?"

"I remember, but how?"

"Well, it was injected into my skin, so eventually it'd get into my blood and the baby's,"

"We need to find out what was in the needle," Mulder stated the obvious once more, "I dropped it off at the crime lab, but no results yet,"

"Well we've got to get results,"

"Scully, it's Christmas, they're probably not open," Mulder pointed out.

"Don't they do shifts just like other government employees on holidays?" Scully asked.

"I don't think they do that anymore Scully, atleast not the crime labs,"

"Mulder, I can't just sit around here and do nothing,"

"Well neither can I. This could be affecting the baby, God only knows what the bounty hunter had in there,"

"What are you suggesting Mulder?" Scully asked, eager for a plan of action.

"I have an idea, but we're usually not this bold,"

"You usually are bold in everything that you do, but at this point, this is my child Mulder, we've got to do something,"

"Scully, what did the woman mean by me not being the father, there isn't something you're..."

"NO! How could you think that? I think that whatever liquid was injected into me messed with the test results...Mulder...you are the father," she whispered with emotion at the end, it hurt to even think that he wasn't. He nodded with a grin as she began, "Mulder...your idea?"

Christmas Day


Scully sat in the passenger's seat, conveniently looking at the print out of the results the doctor had sent to her.

"Mulder...I know it's a bit off topic, but...guess what's on here?" Scully murmured, a small grin playing at the corner's of her mouth.

"I don't know," Mulder answered plainly.

"Mulder...the gender,"

"Oh? What does it say?" Mulder queried rubbing the underside of his neck.

"Sixty percent boy, forty percent girl," Scully read the figures with a smile.

"I don't like that, I shouldn't have asked," Mulder remarked.

"You don't want a boy?" she questioned him with a shocking glare.

"I didn't want to know really, I wanted a surprise, and I really don't like having percentages. Because it could go either way and I don't want my hopes on something and then not get what I want,"

"I understand," Scully nodded, sliding the papers into Mulder's side pocket on the door. Just then Scully's cell began ringing and vibrating in her jacket pocket.

"Scully," she answered loudly.

"Dana? Honey are you coming for dinner this evening?" Margaret questioned with hope.

"Mom, I know it's Christmas, but Mulder and I can't make it," Scully uttered, feeling upset inside for the timing of this whole ordeal.

"Why not, you always come over on Christmas, I was surprised you weren't here earlier,"

"I know mom. I have so much to tell you, but now is not the time," Scully replied with a grimace in Mulder's direction. He grinned and kept driving.

"Dana, is something wrong?"

"Well mom, we've got a situation on our hands at the moment," Scully answered honestly.

"What's wrong? Don't tell me you accepted a case on Christmas?" Maggie pondered, becoming upset with her daughter's actions.

"Mom, it's hard to explain. But it's not a case, it's more like a personal case that's come up, I'll tell you more when I have more facts," Scully elaborated slightly, "I have to go...I love you mom," Scully answered and then hung up.

"Is everything okay?" Mulder asked concerned.

"Yeah, I took care of her. Shouldn't she be getting used to this from me?" Scully chuckled.

"Did you bring your gun Scully?" Mulder asked, turning serious.

"Yes, I did,"

"Good. We're going to get to the bottom of this, as soon as we get there," Mulder stated, reaching to hold her hand, "I want you to be careful Scully, I'm not exactly comfortable with the way we've set on doing this,"

"I'll be fine Mulder...we'll be fine..." Scully finished, looking up at him. His face could be described as a pain-associated grimace as he rubbed his neck, "Still have a sore throat?" Scully questioned.

"Yeah, it's hurts really bad. I'd love to be sleeping right now, but we have a job to do," Mulder stated, determined to get to the action.

Chapter 41-In the sack Arlington Police Barracks


(In Scully's Head;) God damnit, there seats are so cold, I'm starving, and I've gotta go pee! The baby is so active that's it's starting to make me nauseous, and not to mention the whinny drone of Doggett's voice mixed with Mulder's angry sarcasm. God I need something for this headache!

Mulder and Scully sat in cold metal seats watching Doggett dial Skinner's home number. Mulder was still in handcuffs, which to him and Scully, they didn't seem any point to him being cuffed.

"He's not answering," Doggett hung up, turning to Mulder and Scully's angry faces.

"Gee, I wonder why? A holiday springs to mind!" Mulder remarked sarcastically.

"We're going to have to keep them," another police officer concluded.

"Damnit...why?" Mulder pondered.

"Agent Mulder, regardless of your rank in the government employees, you and Agent Scully have broken the law. You entered a highly secured Crime lab and stole evidence," answered the young police officer.

"Highly secured'? I don't think so! There isn't even an alarm, did you know that?" Mulder brought forth this issue.

"We'll take care of that," Doggett sighed, getting back to their situation.

"And it was hardly stealing, the evidence was ours!" Mulder was outraged, standing up and getting close to the other two men.

"We're sorry, we're going to keep you at least until we get a hold of A.D. Skinner," Doggett stated.

"Please, at least let Scully go. She didn't do anything , this is all my fault then," Mulder reported, begging for Scully's release.

"No, Mulder, I want to stay with you," she answered, standing up from the chair quickly. All three men looked at her as she grabbed her tummy quickly and her face turned clearly to a painful expression.

"Are you okay?" Doggett inquired, beating Mulder to the inevitable question.

"I need a bathroom and I need it now!" Scully announced. Mulder noticed by the way she was acting, that it was going to be hard for her to get there. The other officer took Scully back a hallway while Doggett took Mulder to a holding cell.

"You're actually going to lock us up?" Mulder chuckled as Doggett opened the door. He nodded and Mulder walked in with no resistance, he sat on the tiny bot and put his face in his hands. Doggett removes the cuffs as Mulder sat cracking up that their whole situation.

Just then Scully came into the cell and sat down on the edge of the bed, Mulder was lying there with his eyes shut and his hands clasped over his chest. She slowly leaned down close to his face and kissed him lightly on his cheek, his eyes opened slowly, as he knew she was there all along.

"Can you believe this? Getting thrown in jail on Christmas Day!" Mulder chuckled, taking the whole situation as if it were a mean and dirty trick played on April's fools day.

"I'm starting to believe it. Our luck can't get any worse," she responded, scratching her itchy tummy through her thin white t-shirt.

"Oh it can get much worse Scully," he answered. Mulder sat up, with no words he pushed on Scully's shoulders for her to lay on the cot.

"Why...[Mulder clears his throat] why don't you get some rest. I'll see if I can get us out of here," Mulder replied, tugging at his neck and throat.

"Don't do anything stupid...your throat still hurts?"

"Yeah, I think it's getting worse. I guess I'm going to have to go to the doctor's soon," Mulder whispered and she nodded. He bent down and rubbed her hair, pulling it around her angelic face, then caressed her over her eyes with his index finger until she closed her baby blues.

"Mulder," Doggett called, standing at the entrance to the cell, "I got a hold of Skinner. He says to let you go, but your are to call him the minute you get home,"

1013 Apex Dr.

Arlington, Washington D.C.


Mulder had stopped on the way home, getting himself and Scully something to eat. Things were rather silent between them in the car, tension had built.

"That was a really stupid idea of yours, Mulder," Scully finally pointed out, "Maybe I wouldn't have gone along with it if I was my normal self,"

"What the heck does that mean?"

"I mean, I'm having a very hard time focusing, keeping you in line," she confessed.

"Really? What on Earth could cause that?" Mulder mocked. Scully took a few more bits of her salad as they pulled into their driveway. They carried everything inside and the conversation resumed, "What's going on with you Scully? I mean, you seemed perfectly focused looking in those microscopes,"

"I was focused, I knew what to do. What I mean is you, you! And I don't know what to do about that,"

"Me? What am I doing?" Mulder began getting defensive.

"Mulder...I-I find that I'm looking at you a lot when we're working. And the urges are coming more frequently," she admitted.

"Urges...you mean like...?" Mulder faltered. She nodded and stepped closer to him.

"I think about it all the time. Whether we're in the middle of a life threatening case-as we are now- or not, I think about it,"

"What do you think we should do about it?" Mulder asked slyly as he put his arms around her waist. She leaned her head up to him as far as she could, their bottom lips pressing ever so lightly against one another. Both of their eyes open, watching each other, when Mulder finally pulled away.

"No kissing, remember," Mulder reminded. Scully pulled back completely, putting one hand to her forehead then rubbing her hot cheeks.

"I can't do this! Mulder, I'm getting you to a doctor, because I can't handle not kissing you anymore,"

"You did it before we got together, just go back to that,"

"I don't know how I ever did that,"

"Listen, why don't you call Skinner and Rebecca, let them know what's going on," Mulder suggested, "That'll get your mind off me," he chuckled, realizing her problem, and he thought it was cute.

(In Mulder's Head;) I've had to deal with thinking about her constantly for so long, and thinking about kissing her and making love to her, at least now she knows how I feel!

"Oh no, I'm not calling Skinner. This was your plan to break into the Lab, you call him,"

"Admit it, you just want me to get in trouble? You want your name clear!" Mulder chuckled.

"No, I'll take responsibility for it, but you should be the one who tells him," Mulder picked up the phone and dialed Skinner's number. Bracing himself, he cleared his throat and swallowed hard as his saliva pushed down his tight sore throat.


"Agent Mulder...I just saw you last night, how could you have gotten in trouble already?"

"Sir, we didn't do anything wrong!"

"You broke into the lab...why?" Skinner calmed his voice.

"We needed the evidence-,"

"It couldn't wait?" Skinner interrupted.

"Sir, those results affect our child, Scully needed them,"

"How does this effect you guys?" Skinner asked confused.

"Our personal case? Well, I'm not ready to hand in a report, but we've got something," Mulder acknowledged.

"Let me talk to Scully," Skinner demanded.

"Sir, she's busy, and she specifically asked me to call. You don't believe me?"

"I believe you, it's just she's easier to read," Skinner admitted with a tiny chuckle.

"Heh, that's what you think," Mulder chuckled back.

"Look Agent, you will have consequences to this big mistake, but for now, all I want to do is get back to my holiday. You too stay home and stay out of trouble, or your really going to piss me off more, Merry Christmas," Skinner finished and hung up before Mulder could say anything. Mulder turned around to see Scully lying on the couch talking on her cell. After a few moments of listening, he realized she was talking to Rebecca. Explaining as much as possible without sounding like a crazy alien freak, Scully told Rebecca how the solution had messed up her test results.

"Sure, in a week...uh huh that's fine, thanks...bye," Scully finished the conversation and flipped off the phone, letting it lazily fall from her hand to the floor. Mulder stood leaning against the doorway frame, his arms crossed and a tiny smirk playing at the edges of his mouth. He watched Scully as she sighed lightly, closing her eyes and rubbing her tummy.

"That baby's getting big," Mulder whispered. She opened her eyes and smiled.

"Six months this week, it's getting closer Mulder," Scully informed. He advanced towards her, sitting beside her as she sat up, "We never did solve my problem earlier," she mentioned.

"And what problem was that again?" he smiled mischievously.

"I'm not getting enough of you, c'mere," she grinned and pulled on his shoulders. He leaned into her as she hugged him, her hands running along his neck, playing with the tendrils of hair. Her breath teased at his skin, making each tiny hair stand on end and a shiver entered and traveled his body, from his head to his groin.

(In Scully's Head;) Yes...I made him shiver. Ahh his body is so warm and hard, no wonder I get these urges to lay on him or push myself against him. God I need him so much, he's so sexy and my hormones are running wild!

(In Mulder's Head;) Phew how does she do that, I'm just hugging her and she sends shivers down my spine into my groin! I can feel the baby pushing against my torso, oh that's an amazing feeling. Oh my...is she suckling my ear. Oh Scully don't...ummmm, God I'm getting such a painful hard-on. Come to think of it, we haven't Christened our couch yet!

Mulder pushed the coffee table out of his way using his foot, and kneeled down in front of Scully. Her eyes were wild with anticipation as he tugged at the sides of her slacks.

He unbuttoned them and she lifted her hips to help him, there eyes never leaving each other's. He darted up quickly, capturing his favorite spot on Scully's neck, suckling and tickling her. She giggled a little and tried to cock her neck so that he couldn't suckle anymore. It worked, but then she retreated letting him kiss her neck again, it was just part of her game. Her breathing became erratic as she felt his hand trailing up her legs, starting from the back of her calf, tickling under her knee and then on her inner thigh. He drew ovals with his fingertips, dragging them ever so close to her panties and then retreating.

Her hands tickled his back in light strokes from top to bottom, massaging his muscles, tracing his ribs and spine repeatedly. Her moaning began when he slipped his hand under her shirt, immediately cupping her breast in his hand.

"Mulder," she gasped, his name already on her lips. Her kept working on her neck, kissing and suckling, occasionally darting down to outline her breast bone with his tongue or dipping it into her cleavage to make her breathe harder.

Scully began tugging at his clothes, harshly pulling his gray tee over his head in a hurry. He noticed her eagerness and wanted to slow her. After the shirt was off, her grabbed her wrists tightly, looking into her eyes.

"Am I going to have to cuff you?" he asked, his face completely serious. She grinned, she knew he was playing his own game and she couldn't help that she was loosing. He resumed the kisses, pushing her hands until they were behind her back, pressed between the lock of his hands, the sofa and her back. Mulder tore his gaze from Scully's eyes, held her hands tight and used his teeth to pull open the buttons on her blouse. She was wiggling now, moaning in loud labored breaths, pushing herself against his torso. Her legs were pushed apart by his body, and he cradles between her thighs, licking his way down her cleavage, pulling at the wire connecting the two cups, just to torment her.

"Mulder...Mulder please!" she begged, trying to free her arms, all the while bucking her hips against his torso, trying to relieve the throbbing pressure.

"Isn't this what you wanted Scully?" a rhetorical question Mulder mumbled as her kissed her belly button, which had now poked outward because of the baby. He kept moving down her body, his face getting closer his destination. He could smell her musty arousal, so sweet and inviting. Goosebumps appeared on her body, and Mulder realized that she was getting cold.

(In Mulder's Head;) I'll keep torturing her a bit more and then maybe we'll stop and build a fire. It is cold in here, I can't wait to cuddle up with her. Um...damn she smells so good, lily shampoo and that other ingredient that just makes Scully smell like Scully. I couldn't live without it!

Mulder lowered his mouth skillfully to her crotch, noticing the wetness soaking through her panties. Darting out his tongue, Mulder licked at her through her underwear, pulling and tugging at the fabric, sucking out all of her juices from it's fibers. He ran the tip of his tongue along the bone connecting her legs to her pelvis, lining her panties up to her hip, then back down. He lapped at her again through the material, pushing his tongue against her, the fabric being embedded in her moist wet folds and curls. Mulder dipped his tongue teasingly inside the side of her panties, letting the tip run over her entrance, tracing the circle of skin that led inside of her body.

"Mulder...Mulder...please I need...you...NOW!" at last she screamed, as he finally released her hands. She pressed her hands in his hair, smoothing the soft locks back into place. Mulder kept teasing her with his tongue, tasting her thick, creamy wetness, occasionally suckling again using his lips to drag her folds and the fabric into his mouth.

"Mulder...you don't have to...do that...your...throat," she groaned, wiggling on the couch, holding onto the sides, gripping some fabric in each of her fists.

"Your coating my throat Scully, it tastes...good," he swallowed and he lifted his head to hers. Their eyes meeting, his hands coming to rest holding her head, his thumbs in front of her ears, the rest of his fingers supporting her. Scully's lips quivered, waiting for him to move, and he didn't, so she leaned in to kiss him but he pulled away.

"Don't...Don't kiss me," he reminded in a raspy deep voice.

(In Scully's Head;) Don't kiss him...DON'T KISS HIM?!!!!! I need to kiss him when we're doing this. God, his mouth on mind turns me on so much, more than I am already and he's got me going. It's rather embarrassing, I can feel the heat in my crotch, tiny beads of my wetness coating the insides of my legs and soaking my panties. That's a bit much, how does he manage to do that to me?

"May...maybe this wasn't...such a good idea," Scully stuttered, her head falling back against the couch.

"Scully, my cock isn't sore, my throat is! Now damnit, let me make love to you!" Mulder became frustrated, breathing in a few deep breaths before leaning back.

"Maybe is I kiss it, it'll be better, both your throat and..." he voice trailed off, a bit embarrassed to use the word he chose.

(In Mulder's Head;) God why do my plans always backfire on me? I love to tease her and I get this far, now it's her turn and I just can't handle it. I'm ready and it hurts like a bitch!

"Scully, please..." he pleaded as she opened his jeans belt.

"Now Mulder...now!" she panicked, sliding the jeans down his hips effortlessly. He helped by pulling down the boxers and his hard painful erection sprang free and neared his belly button. Scully couldn't help herself and she darted her head forward quickly, taking his manhood into her hot mouth and immediately starting sucking hard. Mulder was extremely surprised and instinctively bucked his hips forward when he felt her mouth on him. Her hands traveled back up his legs and she let her fingernails scratch his thighs until she came to his swollen sacs. Cupping them, she massaged them lightly, changing pressures everytime he gasped. She could almost feel the blood pumping through his engorged veins, making him hot and wet.

"Scully.....Schuuuhh llleeeeeeee...ahhh, stop....stop...stop...I'm gonna....come," Mulder yelled loudly, pulling out of her mouth as fast as he possibly could. Without further thinking, he roughly threw her back against the sofa, and sunk into her hard and fast, not giving her any time to adjust. The moment he was completely inside of her, she felt his hot liquid spill into his body. His orgasm hit him so hard and fast that he lay on her, his body limp, his head curled into her neck. She massaged his wet curls at the base of his neck, his body was glazed over in a sheen of sweat. The hot liquid filled her and began running down the sides of her inner thighs.

"Mulder..." she breathed quietly into his ear, and then began suckling on his ear lobe. At the sound of his name, he buried his head deeper into her neck, his hands pushed deep into the sofa supporting himself as he began to thrust into her. She wrapped her legs around him quickly and pulled him deeper, her pushed into her hard and face, only looking up at her occasionally. Her eyes were shut tightly, teeth clenched, one of her hands cupping her abdomen, pressing her fingers, massaging her tight skin. Her other hand is lazily throw around Mulder's body, holding onto his back. With each thrust, their bodies collided, brushing against every inch of each other's skin, "Mulder!" Scully screamed, pulling him down on her so that he stopped thrusting, her breaths in short loud pants as she tried to swallow. His damp hands came around her body and held her close as she whimpered into his shoulder. It almost sounds as if she were crying, her body shook and shivered in his arms and hot wet droplets of tears fell from the corners of her eyes.

"I love you...not matter what happens Scully...we'll be together, I'm here for you," Mulder whispered into her ear when she stopped sobbing.

"I love you too," she answered. Mulder didn't want to move, he was perfectly content lying inside of her, between her legs. He only tugged the blanket down off of the back of the couch, and pulled it over their bodies. Things felt a little awkward only because Scully still had her bra on, but neither of them cared to move to even take it off. They did however shift enough to their sides so that Mulder wasn't lying on the baby at all.

"Do you realize we've been making love for two hours?" Mulder mumbled as he caught a glimpse of the clock.

"What time is it?" she yawned.

"Seven thirty," he murmured, kissing her neck lightly, enjoying the feel of his lips on her soft skin. Mulder had on of his cheeks pressed to hers and he could feel how hot they were, accompanied by the dampness of sweat drying.

"Do you want to sleep here tonight? Because I really don't want to get up," Scully yawned again.

"Stop that, it's contagious!" Mulder chuckled at her yawns, "I guess we could stay down here, but it's going to get cold,"

"Build a fire," Scully suggested while she rubbed his back.

"But then I have to get up! So then we might as well go upstairs!" Mulder laughed as he rolled off of her. He quickly pulled on his boxers.

"Come to think of it..." Scully sat up, gathering her clothes, "Let's go upstairs because this couch has wet spots and I'm not lying in them!" she chuckled, lightly blushing. Mulder smiled.

"I guess I'll be scrubbing that couch tomorrow?" he laughed as they made their way up the stairs. They climbed into bed, naked once again, loving the feeling of their warm skin touching.

"Merry Christmas Mulder, I told you I'd give you that as a present!" she replied as she felt him slide himself semi-erect, back into her.

"And what a lovely present, I want that everyday Scully!" he chuckled and kiss her cheek, "Merry Christmas," he sighed and closed his eyes.

Chapter 42-Cemetery

1013 Apex Drive

Arlington, Washington D.C.


(In Scully's Head;) Okay...I can't put up with this any longer! Mulder, you poor thing. He's so sick, he's been breathing through his mouth all night because of his sore throat, making heavy breathing noises and drooling all over my breasts! I feel bad for him but it's all starting to become unappealing and disgusting. Not to mention the fact that he hasn't let me move all night, his head lying here over my breasts, his hands wrapped around my belly. I've got to get him to get off of me, I need to go to the bathroom! I can feel the baby, at this very moment, pushing his tiny foot into my bladder!

Scully lifted Mulder's head from her chest, rising to a sitting position as she did, then gently lying his sleepy head back on her pillow. Once that was accomplished, Scully tugged at Mulder's morning erection, pulling it from her own body. She winced in pain, soreness from their evening and nightly activities. She finally untangled his legs and arms from hers and threw the twisted sheets over on him. Scully bolted for the bathroom and closed the door.

She came back to see Mulder's head, buried in her pillow. The edges of his mouth could been seen, with a sheen white film outlining his lips from drooling. His hand instinctively wrapped around his throat trying to ease the pain of swallowing.

(In Scully's Head;) As much as I love him, this is gross! I can see I'll be washing bed linen today!

"Mulder...Mulder get up! I've let you sleep too long!" she insisted, tugging the covers off of his naked body. He groaned instantly at the exposure, and then grabbed at his throat once more as he tried to swallow.

"Ouch," he whispered lightly, squinting his eyes.

"You need to call your doctor and get an appointment today," Scully instructed.

"I...I don't have a doctor...I...don't...get sick," he mumbled as he sat up and ran his hands through his tousled hair.

"Then I'll call one of mine!" Scully answered quickly as she dressed in a comfortable navy blue suit, tailored to the baby's every curve. He staggered to the bathroom and closed the door. Scully did her morning duties, straightening the house, stripping the bed and even cooking a light breakfast. She also made her phone calls, beginning with her mother.

"Hey mom!" she smiled into the phone once her mother's comforting voice was heard.

"Dana! I'm so glad to hear from you! What's going on?"

"A lot's been going on mother. I could use someone to talk to," Scully mentioned, "What do you want first, good news or bad news?"

"Well, whatever is easiest for you to tell me, I suppose," Maggie advised.

"Okay, then of course that would be the good news. Mulder...Mr. Romantic...bought us a house! And surprised me with it on Christmas Eve," Scully chuckled, still overwhelmed at the extent he went for her.

"I was aware of this," Maggie laughed lightly.

"You knew?" Scully questioned, with the drop of her jaw.

"Everyone knew, he had such a hard time keeping it from you until Christmas!" Maggie chuckled, "I would've helped move, but I had the party to get ready for,"

"I can't believe you! You didn't tell me?" Scully exclaimed.

"I wasn't going to ruin it Dana, he loves you so much. You know he always has," Maggie recalled, "So the bad news?"

"Well, the reason I couldn't talk the other day was because Mulder and I were on a case, involving an incident with our baby," Scully responded.

"Is the baby okay?" Maggie quipped in immediately.

"Yes, the baby is fine and I'm sure he'll be fine,"


"Well, we think so, it's a little early. My test results were screwed up and that's the short of what we were investigating," Scully explained.

"What did your doctor say?" Maggie began the game of twenty questions.

"Well, the results of my amnio said sixty percent boy, but I don't think I trust that, for scientific reasons and for intuitive reasons," Scully continued.

"Why don't you admit what you want?"

"I-I don't want to get my hopes up. Mom, the odds have been threatening this baby all over the place. I guess you could say, I'm trying not to get too attached," Scully confessed.

"Dana, please don't tell me-,"

"No...no mom. I-I just try very hard not to think about the baby. I'm afraid if I do, something will happen. It's so hard, I catch myself talking to him or thinking about him. And now that he's kicking me a lot, I am thinking about him all the time. I don't really know what to do,"

"You need to enjoy him Dana, please don't do this to yourself. Pregnancies are emotional enough, let yourself talk to him,"

"But you don't understand, I know it's emotional. That's why I'm trying to not get attached,"

"Dana, it's all bottling up inside of you and you need this kindof release, you need to talk to him. Because no matter how bad things feel, knowing he's inside of you kicking, will comfort you, you won't be alone," Maggie explained.

"Thanks mom," Scully said, noticing herself in a sortof daze after her mother's words sunk into her head.

"Anything else honey?"

"Mulder's sick," she blurted out quickly, as if popping out of the daze at the sound of her next question.

"What's he sick with?"

"He has a sore throat. It's lasted three days now and it's getting worse. I personally am getting worried. I've checked his throat and it's always red or pussy. I figured it was just a little bug and I was going to prescribe him something, but now I'm not so sure I want to fool with this,"

"What does it look like?"

"At first I thought it was Strep throat, but now I'm not sure. I think he's got a bad case of Tonsillitis. They're so swollen and sore that he can barely breathe at night," Scully concluded, "I haven't told him this yet, 'cause he's playing the big macho man act, but I'm getting him a doctor's appointment today,"

"I hope he does okay Dana. I'm sure whatever it is, you'll take good care of him. Call me and let me know how it goes,"

"I will mom. I love you...bye," Scully hung up the phone to see Mulder doubled over on the couch, looking like he's about to die. His pouty lower lip protruding, his puppy dog eyes, green and hazy.

"I'm taking you to a throat specialist," Scully announced as she turned around and looked at him. She had lots of sympathy for him, but wasn't showing any of it.

Dr. Beller's Office

1:05 pm

"Well Fox, I'm gonna give you some medication to try, but what you have may take more. It's a serious throat infection and I'm not sure if an antibody is going to do the trick," the young doctor concluded as he signed some forms at the small desk in the room.

"What do you think it is doctor?" Scully queried.

"I'm kindof leaning towards Tonsillitis, in the middle stages of it's assault on his immune system. You said he's had this for how long now?" the doctor continued to question.

"About a week and a half," Scully answered, rubbing Mulder's back with her hand. He sat looking like a child who was very sick and sad.

"Well Dana, you can take this prescription, get him home and get fluids into him. You know what to do," he winked as he knew her background in the medical field. Scully took the piece of paper and helped Mulder off of the examination bed. He wobbled slightly but walked on his own out the door. Scully followed, keeping a hand on her belly, the baby was kicking her ferociously again.

1013 Apex drive

Arlington, Washington D.C.


"C'mon Mulder, you have to take this medicine," she held up a pill to him and a warm glass of sprite.

"That pill is the size of Texas Scully," he moaned, "I don't want to drink,"

"You have to drink or you'll dehydrate yourself,"

"I don't want to swallow," he whispered in a strained voice, holding his throat with both of his hands.

"At least try to eat some soup or something,"

"No," he grumbled and rolled over on the couch, burying his head in the cushions. Mulder could faintly smell their sex from the night before, he liked it, but it wasn't what he wanted at that moment. It only depressed him more that he wasn't healthy enough at the moment to make love to Scully again, on the couch.

Scully sat the pill and drink on the coffee table and proceeded into the kitchen.

"Mulder...Mulder, I'm going to go run some errands, you think you'll be okay?"

"Aahhiughhhsuuureeeee," he groaned. Scully picked up her car keys and left the house.

Annandale, Washington, D.C.

Annandale National Cemetery


Scully got out of her car, walking through the small parking lot of a cemetery. Her short heels clicked on the pavement as she approached the soft, surprisingly green grass for this time of year. There was an eerie haze was cast upon the rich green fields. Brightly colored flowers burst up in front of melancholy gray headstones. Scully continued walking towards a specific headstone, grasping her tummy lightly, her face becoming distorted with anger, frustration, loss and emotion with each step she took.

(In Scully's Head;) I've needed to do this for so long. I don't know what overtook me to drive an hour and leave Mulder at home, sick. But I need this. I need someone to talk to, someone who understands me. That person still lives inside me, I miss her so much, but at least it's someone who will only listen, and not talk back. Although I will always miss her voice.

"Missy...oh God," Scully breathed as she sat on the soft chilly ground, right in front of her sister's headstone, tracing her fingers over the engraved lettering. Scully held her tummy with both hands as she felt her baby kick lightly, but so frequent as if she were talking as well. The tears formed in the corner of Scully's eyes as she searched for the words.

"Missy...so much has happened. My life is harder than it has ever been, and you know how hard it used to be. Everytime, I'd come to you with a crisis. You always told me that Mulder and I were meant for each other, I just could never admit it. It happened Missy, it just did. And now...I am in the worst possible position of my life, I almost wish it never happened. I know, you're yelling at me right now, but I'm just so scared. Your asking why I don't tell Mulder when I'm scared, but you know me, I don't tell anyone. He's very sick, he doesn't need anymore problems. He's got to deal with me and my hormones and mood swings and that's enough to toughen any man. Melissa, I can't believe I'm pregnant, I just can't. It feels like a desperate dream and that I'm denying that I'm dreaming, in order to keep in the dream. Within the past eight months or so, my life has done a three-sixty, and somehow all of my dreams came true. I got Mulder, I got a house, and I've got a family, a child. I don't understand how or why God threw this all at me at once. I don't understand why I deserve it. I'm scared that it's all going to be taken away from me again, especially this baby. Whatever they did to me, has caused weird test results, I'm worried to death. I've done my own investigations, my own procedures, and science just doesn't make sense to me anymore. It used to be all I knew, but now, I feel like I know nothing. It's all changed, the boundaries of science have changed, I just can't prove them. Heh, alien sperm...I saw it, Mulder saw it, but it's gone, the proof. I don't know how, or who, or where, but during all the confusion at the Crime Lab, it's gone.

Scully paused for a moment, sensing the light breeze of fragrant flowers blowing in her face, the sun shone down in streaks among the graveyard, the sky was as blue as it could be, clear, calm and fresh. Scully shivered a bit, as the winter, icy wind began to blow harder, chilling her bones as she sat in front of her sister's remembrance.

Off in the distance stood a man, in a dark suit, one hand resting in his warm pants pocket, the other, gingerly holding a cigarette.

"Missy, I wish you had some advice, I feel like I'm losing myself. Like I'm fast falling into a pit of despair. I feel moody and cranky, and I just don't know facts anymore, and facts comfort me," Scully paused again, hearing fait footsteps approaching her. She glanced up and noticed the man towering over her.

"What? What are you doing here?" she exploded, jumping to her feet in anger.

"Why Agent Scully, nice to see you too," the man answered in sarcasm, puffing his cigarette. Scully grinned at him and reached out, taking the cigarette from his hand and threw it to the ground, pounding it with her shoe, "That wasn't very nice,"

"Well it wasn't very nice of you to kill my sister...threaten my child," Scully yelled, her voice rather loud, stern and strong.

"I never threatened your child," he quickly jumped in.

"Then who is behind this? Who sent the bounty hunter after me? Who wants this baby?" Scully persisted.

"They do Agent, they want your child, not me. I have nothing to do with any of it,"

"You're a liar,"

"Well, now what would you have me do to prove otherwise?"

"This is a waste of my time," Scully acknowledged and began walking away.

"On the contrary Agent Scully, I know things that may be of interest to you," the cigarette smoking man answered in a deep husky voice.

"Don't you always?" Scully protested, her back still to him.

"Someone's been helping you. I don't pretend to know who, but you're getting too close,"

"Too close to what!!!" Scully screamed, whipping around her hands in the air.

"You're one of their abducties, did you think that after one time it was all going to go away?"

"No, I didn't. What's your point?" Scully argued.

"My point is that this whole thing was planned and you know it. Agent Mulder knows it. They intended to take your ova for the soul purpose of making you infertile for just a time being. Coincidentally, they messed up by not being successful in taking all of them. So now they're trying to cover up their mistake. They were planning to take you again and impregnate you,"

"But why does any of that matter now? I'm still pregnant one way or another, isn't that what they wanted?"

"Agent, think about it. They wanted an alien human hybrid for colonization, if you beat them to the inevitable, then they must have sacrifices. You must have sacrifices,"

"I've-I've gotta go," Scully stuttered, feeling her strength diminishing. She knows not to trust this man, he's screwed with her and Mulder over and over, countless times. And he wasn't making sense, 'round and 'round in a circle of never ending lies and tales.

"You can't run away from this, they will only follow you," he shouted as Scully neared her car. Scully jumped in and squealed away, wanting to be home.

(In Scully's Head;) Was it just my rotten luck that he was there? Why would he be at my sister's grave? And how did he'd know I'd be there? This is a bunch of BS, I don't know what to think anymore! I'm just going to go home, crawl in bed and make sure Mulder gets better. Maybe I'll go shopping for baby stuff be I need to get my mind off of this. It's so confusing, you hear one thing, see another, know something to be true to have it all taken away, I just don't want to think about it. If there's anything I learned from that conversation with Melissa, it's I need to go and enjoy my baby and Mulder. I am so lucky to have them.

Chapter 43-Blue Ink

1013 Apex drive

Arlington Washington, D.C.


Scully lazily stumbled into the house, hanging up her coat and tossing her car keys on the kitchen table as she passed. She glanced into the living room noticing Mulder curled up on the couch just where she had left him.

"Mulder...Mulder you've gotta get up!" Scully stated. She walked over to his side, kneeling, and ran her forefinger across his forehead, pushing aside a lock of brown moist hair. His forehead was soaked in a sheen of sweat, tiny beads clung to his pale skin. Scully placed her palm on his forehead, looking to find his temperature.

(In Scully's Head) God he's burning up! I bet it's like 103 degree temperature, he's completely dehydrated himself and he didn't take that pill like I told him! Stubborn men! If he would've taken that pill, it had a very good chance of fixing his tonsillitis! But not now! What am I gonna do with him?

Scully moved her hands down, touching his neck, she leaned in close to his face and noticed his chest was not rising and falling in a normal breathing fashion. It wasn't rising nor falling at all!

"Oh my God Mulder, please breathe!" she cried, while immediately ripping open his shirt and moving him to a flatter position. Jumping into medical doctor mode, she opened his crusty mouth with her thumb and began blowing hot air into his lungs. Then Scully pressed both of her hands together, palms down on his upper chest, pressing and pushing then blowing more air from her lungs to his. But the CPR was not prevailing, and Scully was getting frustrated, tears beginning down her cheeks,

"Mulder! Mulder breathe....breathe!" she screamed, pressing her hands into his hard chest.

Arlington Memorial

Emergency Room


"Dana, what happened to him?" one of the head doctors of the ER came to her, asking.

"He's had tonsillitis for about two weeks now. We got him medicine but by then his throat was too sore to even swallow anything,"

"He never took the medicine?" the doctor rephrased her answer.

"No...when I got home I found him like that, unconscious and I applied CPR for nearly fifteen minutes until the ambulance came,"

"You did great Dana, listen I think what we're gonna do is call his doctor and prep him for surgery,"

"Surgery?" Scully was a bit surprised they'd do it so soon.

"Dana, his throat is completely closed, he's not breathing on his own, if we do not remove them, he'll die," the doctor explained. Scully nodded in an emotional understanding, her arms resting on her swollen belly and her eyes glassy from holding back tears.

(In Scully's Head;) That means Mulder will be in the hospital over New Years! God could this have happened at a worst time, I mean it's a holiday, I know he's not gonna be happy about this. Honestly we really have no choice. Ouch, it's okay in there. Daddy will be back soon, he's going to get better so that by the time you're here he can play with you. Ouuuhh, God that sharp pain in my side! And my back...ughh I better sit down.

Arlington Memorial Hospital

New Year's Eve Morning


Scully had fallen asleep in a chair just outside of the operating room. She had been offered to come in, watch or help, but Scully declined, already dead on her feet. Everything ached from her swollen ankles to the frequent pains in her sides and back, not to mention the baby kicking her rather often. Her eyes fluttered open and she looked around lazily, not quite sure what had woke her up. A passing nurse carrying a tray had stopped to chat quietly.

"I didn't mean to wake you." She smiled, "Would you like some orange juice? I have an extra carton left over from my breakfast," she offered.

"That'd be nice, thank you," Scully smiled sleepily and sat up more.

"Are you waiting for a family member in surgery?" the nurse asked curiously, she'd never really seen someone wait directly outside of the room.

"Yes, I am," Scully answered.

"If you don't mind my asking, how far along are you?" the nurse smiled, her eyes staring at Scully's belly.

"Six months," she answered.

"That's really sweet, do you know the sex of the child?"

"The doctor's are saying it's a boy,"

"You're belly is really noticeable for six months, I can see that you're carrying him like a basket ball!" the nurse chuckled.

"I know, it surprised me too, there's no fat here, just all baby!" Scully smiled, patting her tummy, "He's got the hiccups at the moment,"

"That's very sweet, I hope everything goes well for you," the nurse finished smiling as she walked away.

"Now what are you doing up so late huh? You poor little thing, got the hiccups! Do you want anything? Maybe some water would calm you?" Scully began to talk to the baby outloud for the first time when the doctor walked out of the operating room.

Scully's eyes grew wide, worrying as she stood to greet the doctor. He put his hands up in a gesture, "No need to stand." He smiled, as he recalled overhearing her conversation with her child, "Are you okay?" he acknowledged her worried look and the protection of her hands over her tummy.

"Yes," she sighed.

"The surgery went great, they're taking him to a room now to get him stabilized. You may see him now if you like, although, as you know, he's still asleep from the antithetic," the doctor explained, "Is there anything I can get you? You look kindof..." the doctor stopped at loss for words.

"Nah, I'm fine, I'm fine," she tried to reassure him, luckily he didn't know her well enough to know that she was lying. Scully smiled and followed the doctor to Mulder's room.

She entered the icy cold hospital room, it was dark with a tiny light on just above Mulder's bed. He had tubes down his throat and in his nose, the white blankets were pulled up to his chin and tucked neatly under his body.

"Hey, you're going to be okay now. I-I miss you Mulder," she began, holding his hand with her own, staring at his pale white face, "I have so much to tell you and we've only been apart a few hours. I swear I don't know what I ever did without you," she lifted up her shirt a tiny bit and slid his hand underneath, laying his palm down on her abdomen.

"He's kicking Mulder, he knows you're here, and he can hear us now, but you can't talk to him. I want you to feel him Mulder and hang on to everything you have. I know we've been in worse shape in hospitals but this was a major surgery and you need to be strong. Be strong for your son and me Mulder. Please," Scully lamented, the tears beginning to fall, "I'm going to stay here all night, and keep your hand here so you can feel him. I love you Mulder," she kissed the side of his cheek and leaned back in the chair, holding his hand to her belly.

Arlington Hospital

New Year's Morning


"Good morning," Scully smiled as she saw Mulder's eyes open. He lifted his hand from her belly and then began rubbing it over her smooth skin, "I guess I'll get you some paper so you can talk to me?" he nodded slightly in response. She handed it to him along with a blue ink pen, and he struggled to sit up more.

This sucks!

Scully read Mulder's 'chicken scratch', a mix between cursive and print.

"I know it sucks," she chuckled and handed the paper back to him.

I hope you know this really ruined my plans for New Year's. I really didn't expect this.

"I understand, I expected surgery but not this soon,"

You thought I'd have surgery?

"Yes, you wouldn't take your medicine. God you scared the hell out of me Mulder! I came home and you were unconscious!" Scully told him.

Where did you go? You never told me...

"I went to Melissa's grave. I needed someone to talk to. Mulder, I don't think this is the right time, but I have something to tell you,"

Is it about the baby? He eagerly held up the pad of paper for her to read.

"No not really. When I was at the grave, the cigarette smoking man was there,"

Oh what'd that bastard have to say? He didn't hurt you did he? I hope you shot him Scully! even through writing, Mulder conveyed his sarcasm, anger and humor.

"He didn't have much to say. More lies and threats. I decided not to let him get to me. I left and I didn't dwell on anything he told me. I just wanted you to know, I want us to continue to be honest with each other," Scully continued.

More threats? He better not have threatened you or the baby, or I'll kill him when I get outta here.

"Sshh, Mulder, never say that you're going to kill someone in writing!" she chuckled.

Scully...how are you feeling?

"Mulder, don't worry about me. How are you feeling,"

I feel like you'd expect. Now tell me...honesty remember?

"I'm a little worried, about everything in general. I kindof miss our old life where everything was happy,"

What life are you talking about, we never had that!

"Yes we did, for a while,"

Well Scully, you have nothing to worry about. If I wasn't in here, everything would be happy right now. And I'm still going to make you happy, I'm not going to let this spoil my plans for tonight.

"Mulder, just stop, you're sick. You can't do anything. Don't worry about New Year's Eve, big deal,"

It is a big deal. It was your other surprise!

"I can wait Mulder,"

No, not unless you'd like to wait another year, because I intend not to wait that long, but I need it to be on New Year's Eve.

"Why on New Year's?"

Stop asking so many questions, you'll see...but I need you to do me a favor.

"What's that Mulder?" she raised her eyebrow as he pulled the pad of paper back down to his lap and began writing again.

I want you to go home and get some sleep...NO ARGUMENTS! And I need you to call The Lone Gunman. Get one of them down here to see me, I don't care which one, but I need one of them.

"That second part is a strange request, but I think I can handle it. You've certainly have me curious Mulder. You know though, you keep giving me surprises and I feel bad, what can I give you?"

In three months, you can give me the surprise of my life, my baby...our baby Scully. That's all you can give me right now. I love you.

Scully smiled, and leaned down to kiss Mulder on the cheek.

"I love you too. I'll go home for a little while, and I'll call Byers. Do you want the tv hooked up Mulder?"

Yeah, tv would be nice, I could watch the parade...yippy! I'll see you later.

Arlington Hospital


It's about time you got here! Mulder tossed the pad of paper at Byers as he entered the room.

"Sorry Mulder, the guys and I were working on a project,"

A project? What is it now...washing Frohike's clothes or getting Langly to cut his hair?

"Heh heh, not quite," Byers chuckled, "Agent Scully called, she said you were asking for me?"

Yeah, well I kindof need your help. You're the only one who knew what I had planned for tonight.

"I'm not taking Agent Scully to dinner for you,"

You duffass, I don't want you to do that!

"I'm not giving her your present either!"

I don't want you to! Could you let me get a word in? I can't even talk and you interrupt me!

"Sorry Mulder...I was just joking!"

Me too. All I need is for you to bring me a few things. Roses, grape juice, the present-it's in the bottom drawer of my desk at the office and those nifty candles Langly made, the ones that light up by electrical sockets.

"Heh heh," Byers laughed at Mulder's requests, "Light up candles? Grape juice? Haha!" he chuckled some more, "I think I can do that, I'll get on it right away,"

I know Scully's coming back here later, make sure she doesn't see you with that stuff okay?

"Don't worry G-man, got it covered!" Byers smiled and left as Mulder leaned back in his bed, completely satisfied with himself.

(In Mulder's Head;) Come to think of it, I think giving her this surprise on New Year's Eve and being in the hospital on top of it, couldn't have worked out better! What's he doing here?

Mulder looked up and saw AD Skinner peering down at him.

Sir, what are you doing here? Mulder quickly wrote and held up the paper to him.

"Just coming to see the most paid Agent for no work being accomplished," he chuckled.

Sorry about that Sir. Scully and I will start on the case soon, as soon as I get outta this joint.

"Mulder, you can't work until you can talk and that'll take atleast a few weeks?" Skinner brought forth.

Scully can talk for me, and I'll do the running for her, see we make a great team! K, Skin-man?

"Heh, yeah. A great team. How long is she planning to work?"

I'm thinking until like March maybe a bit earlier depending on how she feels.

"Okay, I was just curious. Now I wanted to talk to you about Officer Doggett,"

Oh please don't mention that man's name to me!

"Agent Mulder, he's applied to the Bureau...and they hired him!" Skinner informed.

Oh Lord!

"I had to tell Director Kersh about Scully and you. He agreed that you both stay on the X-Files as long as correct conduct occurs. The down side is, he wants to put Doggett with you when Scully goes on maternity leave,"

You're not serious? You know how much I hate training Agents, besides Doggett doesn't even belong down in the basement of the Hoover building, let alone being on the X-Files, that's my work and he doesn't deserve that.

"I know, that's what I tried to tell Kersh, but he is set on it, so it's a done deal. Agent Mulder you're just going to have to learn to get along with him. The only good thing to come out of this is that maybe you will teach someone to respect the X-Files like you and I and Scully do. He's already proven himself an Agent, your job is to give him field experience and keep him in line. I will be accompanying you on real X-File cases,"

You've made my day Skinner, thanks. I'll deal with it later, right now I have other things on my mind.

"How's Scully?"

I sent her home a little while ago, she looked absolutely exhausted. I think she's doing okay though, the baby has been kicking the hell out of her and she can't sleep.

"That's too bad. I hope she takes care of herself. I've known you two for so long, I really hope everything works out, I know what you've been through,"

Yeah, our life is like one big game, it's absolutely horrible and I feel bad for her. But honestly, it's all we've known, so it's not so bad. I want everything to work out too though, mainly for her sake, I know how much this means to her and so do you.

"Yeah, I agree. Same with me. Well, I'm gonna take off, I've got a meeting at six,"

Bye Skinner left the room silently, shutting the door behind him. Mulder threw the blue ink pen and the pad of paper down on the bed and leaned back once more.

(In Mulder's Head;) Damn, my hand hurts!

1013 Apex Drive

Arlington, Washington D.C.


"Oh My God!" Scully sprang up from her bed in a cold sweat.

(In Scully's Head;) That was a horrible, absolutely horrible. God my heart's beating so fast it might jump out of my chest. It seems my dream disturbed the baby too, he's moving around in there. At least he's being gentle at the moment. I wonder why I would have dreamed that Skinner was chasing me like that...and that he wanted to take my child? And I went into labor right there and couldn't run from him anymore...oh God that was such a freaky and emotionally upsetting dream!

"I guess I'll get back to the hospital. I wonder what he's up to! Ohh boy," she whimpered, half talking to the baby on the last statement as he completely shifted from one side of her belly to the other in one swift movement.

Arlington Hospital

10: 30pm

Mulder and Scully sat in the hospital room, writing back and forth on their pad of paper, which was slowly dwindling down to no paper at all.

"I'm gonna go get some more Mulder," she announced, standing up from her chair and beginning towards he door. Mulder began banging on the side of his bed to get her attention.

Get me the nurse.

"Do you need something Mulder? I can get it," Scully muttered.

It's part of your surprise, just get her for me and go walk around the hospital for a little while, so I can get everything ready.

"You're really starting to scare me. You don't need to be doing this, you just had surgery Mulder!"

TRUST ME SCULLY! I feel fine, a lot better than I did yesterday before the surgery. Now go!

Scully once again left the hospital room and traveled down the long corridors, full of nurses, carts of food trays or linen off to the sides. She found herself being lured off to the maternity section of the hospital, curious as to what she would encounter in a few months.

Scully ran her fingers across a big wooden board, it had colorful wood pieces in different baby shapes, with ton's of children's names and birth dates. She turned around when she heard a nurse leave a patient's room, holding a crying newborn.

"Hello, can I help you ma'am," the young girl asked, while cradling the baby, all swaddled in a warm white blanket.

"I was just looking around. Could you show me one of the birthing rooms?" Scully hesitated in asking, but followed though.

"Sure, I have some time to give you a tour, I was just taking this little one to the nursery, his mommy wants some sleep and all he wants is food! Why don't you come along with me?" smiled the nurse. Scully followed the nurse, watching her pull the baby close to her chest, cuddling and sway it as she walked, "What's your name?"

"Dana Scully," she answered quietly, looking at all of the colorful pictures and even letters from mother's thanking the doctors.

"Are you thinking of having your baby here?" asked the nurse sweetly as she opened the nursery door.

"Yes, I have about three more months, I was here because my...boyfriend is sick," Scully winced at the thought of calling Mulder her boyfriend, it was all so incredibly weird.

"Oh I'm sorry to hear that. Would you like to feed this little boy? His name is Daniel. Maybe you could use the practice,"

(In Scully's Head;) His name is Daniel? Is everything in my life a coincidence?

"Sure I'd like that," Scully answered as the nurse gently laid the baby in Scully's arms, "Gosh I haven't done this for so long," she sighed.

"Oh is this your second child?" the nurse questioned.

"No, I've just had family members that have had babies, I remember helping out with the feedings and diapers, although I have a feeling this experience will be somewhat different,"

"Yes, it will, but you'll be fine and you'll love. I only hope that your boyfriend is going to help out?" the nurse began.

"Oh it's not like that at all. Him and I have a weird relationship, we've been partners at our work for nearly eight years, and just within the last year we really found comfort in each other. It sounds bad but..."

"No, not at all. Very often times, co-workers and colleagues do end up becoming couples," the nurse answered as she watched the baby boy suck furiously on the bottle, making slurping noises all the while.

"Yes, they do,"

"You don't seem so happy,"

"I am very happy, not to be rude but you couldn't possibly understand what I've been through, I'd love for someone like you to know, but it just takes days to explain!" Scully chuckled a bit as the baby made a pop noise and left go of the nipple.

"It's okay. I am just here to make sure you are comfortable with your pregnancy and the birth of your child. Have you looked into childbirth classes?"

"No, I think I will, while I'm here," Scully answered as she handed the baby over to the nurse once more, "Thank you for your help, it's made me feel better, really," Scully acknowledged.

"You're welcome and good luck. I'm sure I'll see you in three months," the lady chuckled as Scully left the room. She slowly made her way to the gift shop to buy Mulder some more paper and pens and then stopped by the cafeteria for a snack.

Chapter 44-Proposal Arlington Memorial Hospital

Arlington, Virginia


Scully came back into Mulder's hospital room to get a shocking surprise. The lights were dimmed, there was a table set, electric candles, roses in a vase and dinner for Scully.

"Mulder...I can't believe...how did you..." she stuttered over her shock and Mulder immediately began writing on his trusty note pad.

Read the note on the table, then you can stutter.

Scully walked a bit closer, holding her tummy for comfort, as she was anticipating yet another "Mulder surprise".

I know you're thinking I'm crazy for going through so much trouble, but this is what I had planned for tonight. Actually I had much more planned, but you know, operations just happen everyday ;-). It has ironically seemed to work out for the better, since I'm in the hospital. And we were in a hospital on New Year's Eve when I first kissed you. This marks our one year anniversary of us both finally admitting what we feel for each other, and I think it's time everyone knows. I am rather upset I can't tell you this, I wanted to say this to you, but perhaps writing may be more romantic? Okay, so you're yelling at me to get on with it...I love you, I've always loved you and I will always be in love with you. There is so much I could re-hash in this "love letter" but I'd rather not. The main thing I am concerned with is that my child have my last name, legally before we bring him into this world. He is a complete miracle Scully, and not only do I want to be with you because of him, I've always wanted to be with you. Will you marry me Scully? Will you give our child my name? Will you put up with me for the rest of your life and be my wife...instead of me having to call you my "girlfriend" or "my very close friend"...aren't you tired of that? It has a nice ring to it, "Scully...she's my wife". I'm sure you wanted this to be more romantic, that's why I over did it with the flowers and what have you; but truly, you've always had my love, and you've always been my wife, my other half, just not legally. Hopefully if I timed this right, it's now midnight and you can kiss me, sealing our love for one another, I don't care what the doctors say, I feel perfectly good enough to kiss you, please come to me...I love you Scully...marry me... Love, Mulder

The room was completely silent, nothing could be heard, not the hum of heart monitors, nor the people in the hallways. The only thing, that seemed to stand out was the loud ticking of the clock...ten, nine, eight, seven...Scully looked up at the tv screen which was on mute, she saw many people anticipating the ball drop in Times Square. Her eyes were already glazed over with tears as she turned to look at Mulder, who was grinning lightly, not sure what she was going to do. Before he knew it, she had advanced to his side...four...three...two...their lips met slowly, as the ball hit the bottom on the tv screen. Their eyes instantly closed as their lips collided for the first time in atleast a week, Mulder held his lips still, still sore, but the pain did not bother him. Scully pressed her lips lightly against his bottom lip, licking it with the tip of her tongue, Mulder responded by pushing his lips to hers more and his breathing labored. The sound of his breaths instantaneously alarmed Scully and threw her back into doctor mode, she was worried that he was having a hard time breathing. She pulled away slowly and their eyes opened, meeting in a strange passion, millions of conversations flying back and forth between teary eyes.

"Yes," she replied simply, tucking the letter into the palm of his hand, "I will be you're wife, and the mother of your child, and your partner forever,"

Here, let me put this on you. Mulder wrote quickly, holding up a small black velvet box with as he raised his an eyebrow. He took her soft white hand in his, and pulled an engagement ring from the box. The band was thin and plain, rather small to accommodate Scully's tiny fingers, the diamond was much more exquisite than it's band. The bright clear diamond glittered in the soft candle light until Mulder thought to turn on the light so that she could see it. With one flick of the light switch, the diamond seemed to sparkle, elegance in the cut and clarity.

"It's too big," she marveled, tears easing down her pale cheeks as she held her left hand in front of her, pressed against Mulder's chest.

It's perfect on you, I hope you like it, and it's not too big, I'd give you anything. It's beautiful and only adds to your beauty.

"God, I must be dreaming aren't I? I've got to call my mom!"

I think you should do that, but I'm warning you she already knows! She was the first person I told. After you talk to her, promise you'll come back here and eat dinner, so that our little one grows and hopefully comes to meet us sooner!

"Mulder, I'm seein' a whole new side of you, so secretive and romantic, I never would of guessed that "Spooky" Mulder would be this endearing!" Scully smiled brightly and hurried out into the hallway to find a pay phone.

"MOM!" Scully chuckled loudly into the phone, clearly giddy.

"Congratulations honey, I waited up, I knew you'd call," Maggie answered the telephone a bit sleepily.

"I am so happy, did you see this ring he got me?"

"Yeah, quite a gemstone huh?" Maggie chuckled.

"I never knew he could afford such a thing!"

"He'd do anything for you Dana, I want you to know that,"

"I know mom. I'd do anything for him, I hope you know that," Scully reassured her mother of her feelings.

"I'm letting you know, I have a baby shower planned for you next month, February the third, it's a Saturday afternoon," Maggie jumped to her favorite topic, her grandchild.

"Dana, it's coming soon honey, I want to get you set up you know,"

"I'll be fine mom, We'll be fine,"

"Glad to hear your getting confidence, you will be fine," Maggie replied.

"Mom, not to bring us down from this high, but I want you to know Mulder's in the hospital. He had his tonsils taken out unexpectedly, but he's doing great,"

"Glad to hear it, tell him to get better soon, goodnight honey,"

"Night mom," Scully finished with a soft smile and hung up the phone. Scully sleepily wondered back into Mulder's room and sat down at the small table in a daze.

What are you thinking? Mulder tossed her the pad of paper, it landed on the table in front of her with a poof of air blowing her hair a bit.

"I'm thinking that I'm so happy it's scary. If anyone would have told me a year and a half ago that I'd be pregnant and getting married to you, I would have probably slapped the person silly or laughed,"

Which one?

"I'd laugh, I guess. 'Cause I wouldn't be able to believe it, as I'm having trouble with that now. But I love you, and 'I want to believe',"

You're becoming too much like me! [laugh]

"Heh, is that a bad thing?"

Not at all, I still see you, deep down. You'll never change Scully and I don't want you to. No matter how much you trust me, with your whole heart, there's just a part of you that shields yourself away from things, protecting yourself, and in a funny way, I respect that, don't ever change.

"Thanks Mulder," she replied with a wiry smile, "Have you thought about names Mulder?"

Baby names? Is that what you mean?

"Yeah, for our baby boy...boy names,"

(In Scully's Head;) A boy, that's starting to grow on me. I love little boys but I just wanted...oh shut up Dana, whatever it is as long as it's healthy and happy!

Whatever you pick is fine, as long as it isn't Fox or Bill, or William!

"I agree, we're not naming our baby after our fathers or my brother! And Fox is very different, but I understand your opinion on that one,"

How about something normal? Our life is crazy and wacko enough, can't our kid have something normal, something common?

"Sure, I don't mind common names for boys. What do you like?"

It's hard to find something that goes well with "Mulder".

"I don't care if it matches. As long as we like it,"

I want you to name the baby Scully, I've never been good at these kinds of things.

"Okay...I admit I've been thinking...Joshua or Nicholas...what do you think?" Scully asked shyly.

Joshua, definitely Joshua...it sounds better and it's definitely normal!

(In Mulder's Head;) I still can't believe we're having a little boy! My own son, I am so excited it's unheard of!

"It's settled then, we'll have to find a middle name, I guess. But I'm just happy to be able to call him something!" she chuckled.

Well get over here woman, so I can put you and Joshua to sleep.

Scully smiled shyly, her face blushing light pink as she moved towards him.

I'm going to write what I want to say to him, and I want you to go home to get some sleep, and before you go to sleep, read this to him, and talk to him.

"I will, I promise. I wish I didn't have to go home alone, but everything will be fine...right? I'm still the same Scully right?"

You are better than the same old Scully. Tell Joshua I love him, that I want him to grow some hair, and that he should sleep tonight so that you aren't tired. And that he should sleep tomorrow night so that his daddy and mommy can have some fun. Rub your tummy a lot to put him to sleep maybe sing him "Jeremiah was a Bull Frog"??

"Damnit, you're going to make me cry again. And we're not making love until you are much healthier than that. I'll make sure he gets your message, Good night Mulder. I love you," Scully smiled, and kissed his lips lightly before leaving the room.

Arlington Memorial Hospital

Arlington, Virginia

January 1st 2001


"I just talked to the doctor, we can go home now," Scully entered the room, and clearly from her body language she hadn't had a good night.

Home? Home this soon? Really? What's wrong with you? You seem upset?

"Yeah, this was a pretty standard operation, you're fine to go home, just don't try to talk for like atleast a week or so and I guess I'll stock the freezer with ice cream?" Scully chuckled a bit, finally emitting a tiny smile. Scully was wondering around the room, gathering his clothes and personal items from the bathroom.

You never answered my other question, are you okay? Mulder tossed her the pad of paper once more after he finished writing.

"I'm fine," she replied as she entered the bathroom and closed the door.

(In Mulder's Head;) "I'm fine"...yeah freaking right! I swear, I never really noticed how different she is now that she's pregnant, especially lately, those hormones are like taking over. I've never seen Scully belt out attitudes or break down and cry at any given moment for no reason. I really feel bad for her, and I don't know what to do. I've been keeping my feelings way inside just to keep her from falling apart, but the truth is, I'm scared to death about becoming a father!

I know you better than that Scully, tell me what's going on with you. Bad night? Mulder handed her the paper again as she emerged from the bathroom, looking much more comfortable.

"I did have a bad night, and I'm exhausted. I kept having frighteningly vivid dreams, yet I couldn't tell you what they were about because I don't remember. And my blood pressure going up like that, made the baby stir every time," Scully explained while sitting beside him on the bed.

I'm sorry he's giving you a lot of trouble. Maybe while we're here we should ask someone if there's anything we can do, so that you can get some sleep.

"It's no big deal Mulder. This is normal, and it'll pass, they say the second trimester is your most comfortable stage, I'm sure I'll be fine,"

So you want me to keep putting up with you?

"Oh gee thanks!" Scully snickered in awkward attitude.

I didn't mean it like that Scully. Now don't get mad with me...I can't argue on paper, it's just not fair. Please don't pull away like you just did, come back here and sit with me.

"I'm sorry. It's all just so weird and...confusing," Scully admitted as she re positioned herself, sitting next to Mulder facing him. Mulder desperately wanted to talk to her, but luckily he could tell she was getting exactly what he wanted to say, just by looking in her eyes. Scully glared at him, at his eyes for a few moments as both of their heads tilted simultaneously together. Their lips met gently, touching and holding for a moment, as Mulder brought his hands up under her shirt, caressing her belly in light strokes. He immediately felt the baby do a tiny summersault beneath his fingertips. Mulder's lips broke into a smile that still touched her lips, she smiled too as they both opened their eyes for a moment.

She found herself falling more into Mulder's lap as she missed feeling him touch her, her hands pressed firmly against his chest as he cradled her in his strong arms. The kissing continued, slowly and carefully, only an occasional tongue from Scully, outlining his lips. She noticed that she was turning him on, his gasps for air were labored, his mouth completely dry and his struggle to not use his vocal cords in some form of a moan.

"Excuse me....Agents," Skinner gave them an awkward look as he peered in at them from the door. Scully jerked away slowly from the kiss but fast from the bed. Mulder's hands slipped out from beneath her shirt and fell to his lap as if he were completely innocent. A warm flush of embarrassment washed over Scully's glowing face, ashamed of Skinner catching them making out; as Mulder just stared intently at the AD, not at all embarrassed at what he was doing before being interrupted.

"Yes Sir," Scully choked out with a raised eyebrow. "I have decided to pair Doggett with you Agent Scully, until Mulder returns to work. In which then you two may resume the X-Files together until your expected time off arrives, in which Agent Mulder will then pick up with Agent Doggett," Skinner bluntly stated his point for coming and his decision in which was not negotiable. Mulder glanced at Scully with a look saying 'you better argue for me', but she tried to ignore him.

"When...what will we be doing?" Scully quipped.

"Well, he's in training. I'd like you to teach him how to do background checks, database searches, maybe educate him on writing up case file reports and such," Skinner dictated.

"Sure I could do that," Scully mentioned, as Mulder gave her another 'if looks could kill, you'd be dead' glare.

"I'd like for you to be at work tomorrow," he responded, then peering over at Mulder, who was clearly not happy with the situation, "Agent Mulder, how are you feeling?"

Mulder grabbed the pad of paper and ripped a piece off, crumbling it up into a tiny tightly-packed ball and chucked it right at Skinner's chest. Scully's jaw dropped in horror, completely surprised the Mulder had just childishly thrown a paper ball at their boss. Skinner just looked down, watching the paper descend his torso and land on the floor with a light thump. Then he looked back up, his hands perched on his hips, starring eyes gazing through his glasses. Mulder was shaking his head up and down, biting his lip.

(In Mulder's Head;) This might be my only chance to ever hit him, why not? Damnit he pisses me off! Giving Scully and new partner, let alone Doggett! And she goes along with it like a duckling following it's mother!

"Obviously your frustrated," Skinner observed.

"Heh, yeah he wants to talk...really bad," she gave a wiry smile, trying to cover Mulder's real frustration. Her facial expressions changed frequently, trying to get Mulder to cooperate and eventually he did, knowing it was a loosing battle anyways.

"See you tomorrow," he nodded at Scully. Immediately after Skinner left the room, Mulder was scribbling on his pad of paper.

Don't you find it kindof odd that he had to come here to tell you that? Couldn't he had just called and left a message or something?

"Mulder, he probably just wanted us to be clear on everything, I don't find that so odd,"

Admit it Scully, he's checking up on us, and he's taking advantage of this Doggett situation to keep us in line.

"I think you're blowing this way out of proportion,"

Well maybe so, but I don't want you working with him.

"Well that's tough Mulder. Boss' orders," Scully shrugged realizing his jealousy...or was that over protectiveness? "C'mon, let's go home,"

I'm tellin' you Scully, it better be all work!

"Mulder...you don't trust me? You propose to me and then think I'd actually run off with someone else,"

I trust you, it's him I don't trust. And I'm not talking about that kindof relationship with him, I mean don't let him know any of our secrets, keep him away from the X-Files and definitely out of our personal lives.

"Mulder, I won't...he barely knows anything about the X-Files,"

All the more reason to be curious don't you think?

In the Car


"Why don't we stop by the mall? I mean we have nothing to do the rest of the day and I'd like to buy some things,"

Baby things? I'd love to Scully, sounds like fun to me, I need some cheering up.

"Do you feel up to it?" Scully asked, suddenly realizing how hard it was to read his writing while driving.

Yeah, I mean my throat is sore, but I've been going around for a few days like that anyway right, I'll manage.

Arlington Square Mall



"This is not easy, I just don't know what to buy," Scully acknowledged while walking through the isles full of baby clothes.

Yeah tell me about it. I never seen so much stuff in my life, you really think we need all of this? BTW...writing to you while shopping is not fun! My hand is killing me!

"Hehe, don't write anything. Let's see...we're going to need these. I remember Tara telling me to buy lots of onesies," Scully chose a pack of baby bodysuits in neutral colors, "Are you ready to max out the credit card Mulder?" she glared at him as she thought about everything she's like to buy. Mulder nodded yes and held his arms wide open, gesturing that she could have whatever she wanted.

They moved to the catalogue on a side table, Scully chose a light wooded changing table and a dresser to match the wood of Mulder's pine crib. Then she selected a few specific things such as white curtains and baby bath towels. After ordering those items, she was reminded about her baby shower and decided against buying anymore.

Chapter 45-The Miraculous Light Scully awoke in the morning, bright and early, ready to return to work. Mulder was sleeping soundly next to her, curled up in the warm bedsheets. She leaned over and kissed his ear lightly, the rolled out of bed to head for the bathroom. She indulged in a hot shower, although she'd wished she'd had enough time for a cozy bubble bath in their tub fit for kings.

Scully found herself getting out of the shower earlier than usual because of her growling tummy. She left Mulder a note in the kitchen, strict instructions of his own care and saying goodbye.

FBI Field Office

Washington, D.C.


The J. Edgar Hoover building was much more comforting than Scully had expected. As her confident heels clicked on the hard floor, she advanced down the hallway towards the director's office. Scully was beginning to notice the glances and stares from fellow male and female agents congregating in the halls. Her bulging belly was certainly noticeable. Her skirt fell just below her knees, the black suit jacket trailed down slightly trying to conceal the intimacy of the curves and changes in her body. She shyly pushed a lock of red hair behind her ear, blushing a tiny bit as she passed, finally entering AD. Skinner's office.

"Sir," she greeted.

"Agent Scully! Nice to have you back, take a seat," Skinner commented, gesturing towards two chairs in front of his desk. Scully glanced at Doggett, how quietly occupied one of the chairs.

"You know Agent Doggett?" Skinner acknowledged him with a glance.

"Yes, we've never been introduced under ideal circumstances, but nonetheless," Doggett interjected.

"Scully, first I'd like you to begin showing Doggett around the building. Show him the research and computer facilities. Teach him procedure for background checks, paper work, and filling out forms," Skinner assigned Scully.

"I think I can handle it Sir," she interrupted, not meaning to be rude, but it slipped in a tone that had only been meant for her thoughts. Scully sensed her own mood swing this time. Being told for the second time, how to do her job, was ticking her off. Both Doggett and Skinner threw her a surprised glance and her integrity demolished.

"That should take the first part of the day. You both may leave at three this afternoon," Skinner continued instructing, ignoring Scully's first tiny outburst of attitude.

"Sounds like fun. You ready Agent Scully?" Doggett asked, standing up from his chair. Scully nodded and stood up as well but Doggett was already by the door.

"Scully," Skinner called, "Sorry I had to be so authoritative. Please keep in mind we're at the office now and this is my job,"

"Sure," Scully answered with a sweet accepting voice.

"How's Mulder doing and the baby?"

"We're at the office now Sir, I don't think that's a relative question. A bit off task don't you think?" Scully remarked and pushed by Doggett, who was standing in the doorway, watching Scully's moods unfold. He had concluded that this woman was not going to be easy to get along with, she was very "high strung", independent, clever and of course the pregnancy must be playing into her horrible moods and attitudes.

"She told you!" Doggett mumbled under his breath, chuckling as he closed Skinner's door.

(In Skinner's Head;) When did I lose control of my Agents? First of all Mulder never listens, but he was being good for a while there. Now Scully's getting sarcastic and then Doggett goes and follows her lead with that comment!

"So Agent Doggett, the tour huh?"

"Yeah, the tour. This building looks really big, you ever get lost?" Doggett questioned.

"I only get lost in the insane conversations that go on here, not the rooms. This corridor... "A" section, leads to the research lab, I guess we'll start there?" Scully commented. They entered the large room together, "On the right wall we have reference books, left wall are past and recent case files," Scully pointed to each side, one wall with books the other with large gray steal file cabinets, "Any questions so far?"

"Yeah, are these case files for reference also, or do I just pick one up and start working on it?" Doggett asked.

"Boy you have a lot to learn," Scully observed.

"Yeah I thought that's why you're here...am I right?"

"Yeah," she mumbled.

"Look we certainly got off on a bad start and you're obviously in a bad mood so let's get it out on the table shall we?"

"I'm sorry, this stuff is old hat to me, and I still don't know why Skinner assigned me to you,"

"Ahh gee thanks," Doggett responded.

"Well, can you blame me? We've certainly had bad meetings in the past,"

"Yeah, but you're not giving me a chance Agent Scully. I assure you I'm not like what you've seen, you don't even know me. I bet I could be a pretty good partner," Doggett explained.

"You're not my partner," Scully assumed that's what he was implying.

"I know. Look, I don't know you, I barely know anything about you. Why are you acting like this? Is it a mood swing or what?"

"You could say that...you're right, I guess I am out of line, I'll try to be a little more respectful, how's that?"

"That's all I ask," Doggett continued.

"Can we move on?" Scully politely gestured.

"Sure," he answered. They continued on the tour, down the hallway towards a large double door. As the two Agents pushed through, Doggett noticed the bright lights in the room. The light being transmitted for probably over a hundred computers. There were many Agents perched at them, some researching and other's fooling around playing computer games.

"Computer lab...is it safe to assume you can work a computer?" Scully questioned. He nodded and followed her to a bulletin board, "Here on this board are where websites and database codes are posted. You may use these for research, it's normally standard procedure and pretty easy to handle,"

"Sounds easy enough. We had to do some police research, but I imagine this is much more complex?"

"Yes it is, but you'll get the hang of it. If you'll excuse me, I need to use the ladies room," Scully excused herself.

"By all means. I'll wait for you here," Doggett stated. Doggett stood outside the restroom waiting for Scully, she finally reappeared after a few minutes, "You okay?" he asked, concerned.

"Yeah, I think so. Why don't we head down to my office and I'll show you the paper work thing," Scully suggested. They both walked to the elevator and stepped in. The ride down to the basement floor was awkward, neither of them said a word, but glances were being passed when the other wasn't looking.

"Here you go," Scully handed Doggett a bunch of forms as well as others that were already filled out, "Just kindof make up a case out of fun so you can fill in the blanks, and you can follow the ones I've done. I'll be over here at Agent Mulder's desk if you need anything," Scully smiled and sat back in the chair. Doggett sat at another desk in the room and began working on the papers. After about a half hour, he glanced back up at Scully who had her forehead propped against the front of the desk. Her body was hunched over and her hands were trying to massage her lower back.

"You okay?" Doggett commented politely.

"Augh, yeah, I'm just having some back pain right now," she answered.

"When are you due, if you don't mind me asking?"

"Three months, April 6th," Scully answered as she flung herself back in the chair and closed her eyes.

"You look really bushed, why don't you go home to Agent Mulder?" Doggett offered.

"I better not, Skinner would kill me," Scully responded.

"Are you kidding me? You've got that guy wrapped around your finger. I've never seen a boss act like that towards a woman,"

"What do you mean?" Scully asked, somewhat offended by the comment.

"Scully, let's just day he definitely has a soft spot for you. How long have you known him?"

"Eight years," she answered plainly.

"Yeah..." he grumbled nodding his head. She sighed once more and rubbed her tummy for the moment he wasn't looking, "Go home," he mumbled again, "I will finish these. It's almost two anyways, one hour early isn't so bad,"

"Maybe you're right," Scully answered and got up to gather her things.

1013 Apex Drive

Arlington, VA


As Scully entered her front door, she was greeted by a floor full of paper.

"Mulder...what in the hell are you doing?" she yelled as she pushed some paper balls aside. He was sitting at the kitchen table, eating a bowl of vanilla ice cream and making paper airplane "Apparently you've had no one to talk to, is that why you're shredding your pad of paper into baseballs and airplanes?" Scully chuckled as she grabbed a bottle of water from the refrigerator.

Yeah, it's not fair you get to carry that kid with you all day, atleast you have company.

"Yeah, well your little boy has a good kick on him. I feel like my back is going to break! But how are you?" Scully questioned, sipping her water.

I feel fine...just board. My throat feels fine if that's what you're asking.

"How good do you feel? I mean..." Scully blushed slightly.

What are you asking Agent Scully? Is it what I think you might want?

"NO! Well yes, but no. I was wondering if you'd be up to a childbirth class tonight? I figured we could go and then get the doctor to check your throat after?" Scully explained.

Yes, I'd love to go tonight, it will certainly make me feel better. I am really nervous about this Scully, it's coming so fast...I'll go get dressed.

Mulder stood up after she read the note and leaned into her. She flinched unexpectedly, she had no idea what he was doing; until she looked at his eyes. He smiled a little and licked his bottom lip, taking a deep breath before he leaned into her again and captured her lips with his. Scully kissed back tenderly and after a few moments, her was already probing his tongue into her mouth. She accepted at first but then pulled away, always reverting to the thought of his throat surgery. He reluctantly pulled back too, sensing her apprehension. Mulder proceeded to get dressed.

Arlington Memorial Hospital

Birthing Center


"This is embarrassing," Scully giggled as they entered the large room, with parents to be sitting in chairs around the room.

"Welcome. Can I have your name and the coach's name please?" a sweet young lady asked Scully, handing her a clipboard. Scully signed her and Mulder's name and they went to sit down. Although Mulder could not talk, there was this goofy proud smile written all over his face.

"Okay, we're going to begin on the floor. Coach's or dad's sit with your legs open, and mom's sit in the middle with your back against the dad's chest," the lady instructed while people began sitting on the floor and positioning themselves. Mulder sat on the floor, propped against the wall with his legs open in classic male style. Scully smiled, her face completely cherry red and tears in her eyes from giggling. She soon settled between Mulder's thighs, her legs on the outside of his, their ankles touching to support each other. Her hands fell on his upper thighs and his held her lightly at the shoulders.

"This is nice." She smiled, leaning her head at a weird angle to almost kiss his chin. He dropped his head and kissed her neck gently, but his attention shot back to the teacher who was now giving more directions.

"I see everyone is situated. Tonight we're going to start with the uterus massage. Dad's place your hands on mom's tummy and begin working her muscle's. Don't be afraid to push your fingers into her, it won't hurt. Feel the outline of your baby, try to determine where the head and arms are. You should do this procedure in the beginning of labor to help ease the painful contractions,"

Mulder began as asked, placing his large hands over Scully's growing belly. He began working his thumbs and fingers into the flesh as Scully's head tilted back to rest in the crick of his neck. Mulder smelt the lilac shampoo in Scully's hair as it brushed against his cheek and caught onto his stubble. She quickly pushed the strands behind her ears and sighed, closing her eyes.

"Make sure you relax, take your time. See if you can get the baby to move. Often times many parents need to know how to move their baby in case of emergency problems during labor,"

Mulder ever so lightly began licking Scully's neck in tiny little nibbles, he closed his eyes too and poked at her tummy more with his index fingers, not sure of what he was feeling. Scully strained to keep from giggling at the ticking sensation of Mulder's tongue and brought her hands up to her belly as well.

"The head," Mulder's screeched out in an awful sounding whisper. Scully's eyes flew open and glanced up at him. His eyes were closed, his forehead wrinkled from a bit of pain, he had just wanted to try to talk.

"Mulder...shh don't do that. Your vocal chords are not ready yet," she warned him with bright eyes. He nodded and moved her fingers to the spot, and she spoke, "You're right, I feel the baby's head,"

Her long shirt was stretched tightly over her tummy as they massaged her belly, revealing her round shape that resembled a large basketball. Her eyes reclosed once more as his hands continued, almost lulling her into a sleeping state.

"You're going to do this tonight to put us to sleep, you know that?" she mumbled, her eyebrows going up to indicate a response, yet her eyes stayed closed. She couldn't see him, yet knew he nodded when she felt him move.

"Okay, as relaxing as that was, I want both partners to sit facing each other. We're going to begin breathing, two sharp intakes of breath and then one out," the woman instructed once more. Mulder moved so Scully had the wall to support her, and he sat in front of her smiling. She smiled back and felt so foolish to even be doing this. He decided to encourage her by breathing first, and she giggled a little. Finally the serious-Scully took over and she began her breathing as well, Mulder continued with her, the sounds were perfectly synchronized. Her eyes closed again and Mulder hated the loss of contact. His hand crept from his thigh to hers where her hand was resting. He picked up her hands and held them in his own, her eyes opened at the gesture and she smiled.

(In Scully's Head;) This has to be the most intimate thing ever, more than making love. When he was touching me like that, my belly, the baby was moving around and kicking gently. Now he's holding my hand and actually breathing with me! No matter how bad he feels and that he can't talk, he's trying so hard to do everything. God I love him so much. My hands are sweating, I feel like a geeky teenager, I'm still nervous even holding his hand!

The class continued on with various methods of preparing a couple for birth. Scully and Mulder enjoyed their time, in which they could focus on their baby and nothing else...no life threatening situations, no X-File, no work.

One Hour Later

"How does it look doctor?" Scully asked, as the doctor prodded at Mulder's mouth, examining his puffy throat.

"Looks good, he's healing up nicely. I expect he'll be speaking in about a week or two, but don't rush it Mr. Mulder," the old man chuckled as he wrote on his chart.

"Otherwise, he's fine?" Scully tried find out what she wanted to hear without asking.

"He's fine, he can do anything he normally did except eating spicy foods, sugar and hard foods like candy or pizza crust. Whatever he feels up to eating," the doctor explained. They both nodded and finally left the hospital.

1013 Apex Drive

Arlington, VA


"That was fun Mulder. I was really surprised," Scully mentioned as she hung up their coats. Mulder walked to the kitchen and grabbed his pad of paper and blue ink pen from the counter.

That was absolutely incredible. It was fun getting to Joshua. I want to do it again tonight okay?

"That's fine, it felt really good to feel him move like that," she lowered her head as she put some tea on the stove.

What's wrong?

Mulder noticed the tiniest change in her facial expression which clued him in.

"It really dawned on me tonight, that in less than three months we're going to have a baby. I don't feel ready, we haven't done near what we should have done by now,"

What are you talking about? We've done a lot!

"Not really. The nursery needs to be painted and decorated, we've got to go to more classes. I'm so scared Mulder, I don't know what to do. Labor is getting closer and closer and I'm worried," she finally let lose her real frustration.

I'll paint the nursery while you're at work. Atleast I'll have something to do. But don't worry about labor. It's hardly something someone can teach, although they try. I'll be there with you and we'll all be just fine in the end.

"I hope so, but that still doesn't help much!" she sighed, sitting at the table with a mug of tea.

Scully...how'd work go today...you know with Doggett?

"It was a long and boring day. He's actually pretty nice Mulder, but I was in a bad mood and nearly bit his head off, not meaning to of course. After a while, we got along. He seemed very concerned for me, he actually made me come home early!" she explained.

Ahh, I still don't trust him. He seems to cocky for me, like just because he was a cop automatically qualifies him to be and Agent!

"I doesn't, but it helps. He went through the academy just like we did Mulder,"

I know, but you know what I mean. So all you did was background checks and tours?


What'd Skin-man have to say?

"You know, thinking back on it now, I think I was a major bitch this morning. But I can't help it!"

What'd you say to him? What'd you do?

"Nothing really, I just had an attitude for everything he said!" she chuckled. Mulder smiled, "Boy, it's boring here,"

It's nine thirty, what do you expect?

"Can we play a game?"

Sure...but where did that come from?

"I don't know, I'm just kindof bored. I feel like doing something, but a movie would put me to sleep!"

How about strip poker, Scully? I recall back in Minnesota you telling me we'd rekindle that some other day!

Mulder wiggled his eyebrows as she made eye contact with him. She smiled wickedly and stood up. Mulder followed her into the living room. She opened the coffee table's drawer and pulled out a deck of cards while Mulder made a fire and lit some candles around the room. They both removed their shoes and socks like they had done the previous time they'd played this game.

"You ready?" she giggled. He smiled and nodded, grasping the cards she tossed at him.

(In Mulder's Head;) Let's get it on...let's get it on, let's get it on...yeah let's get it on! I got two pair, yea ha!

(In Scully's Head;) He looks rather happy with his hand, let's see...the queen of hearts, the king of hearts and the jack of hearts...that's three of a kind! And what a coincidence, the queen, the king and...maybe the baby?

Scully laid down two cards and Mulder dealt her two from the top. He did the same, laying down three cards.

"Okay, time's up, show 'em!" Scully chuckled as he complied. He smiled, knowing she defeated him, but either way he didn't lose, "I guess I'll start with your pants!" she giggled. Mulder raised his eyebrow, surprised of her choice. Scully crawled over to him and retched out for his waist band. She hooked her fingers in the waist and tugged apart the button. Then she slowly pulled down the zipper, he raised his hips to her a bit and she slid his jeans down his long runner's legs. She let her finger nails make a red trail down his hairy legs until the jeans were bundled at his ankles. She tossed them to the side and sat back, admiring her choice. She watched his crotch, wondering what was going on in there. His boxers were sortof tight, his form was noticeable, but it seemed like Mulder was trying to hold back his erection.

You are really cruel! You're gonna pay, you know?! Next deal G-woman!

Scully smiled after reading his scribbling and began to deal the cards once more.

(In Scully's Head;) Hehe, I am so slick! He feels so awkward, it's hysterical! I hope I win again...let's see I have...no way! A straight flush!

(In Mulder's Head;) Her facial expressions are really bugging me, I think she has something good, and god only knows what I'll be loosing next!

Scully lowered her cards face up in victory, smiling, she crawled towards him again, purring like a cat ready to feast. Before Mulder even had a chance to react, she was caressing him through his boxers. Her hand cupping his testicles and journeying upward, following his length to it's tip. His shaft grew hard immediately and Scully was thoroughly enjoying the affect she had on him. A gutteral groan came from deep in his throat and it alarmed Scully, thinking that he shouldn't be making any noise, but then again, what did she expect? His eyes told her to continue, even though one of his hands was creeping closer to holding his throat. The other of his hand made lazy strokes along Scully's back as she tugged the boxers down to his knees. His erection laid heavy to the side of his right thigh, the head completely engorged with blood.

Mulder was beginning to feel awkward, still having a polo shirt on and Scully was completely clothed. She lowered her head to him and stuck out her tongue, licking a tiny vein from the underside to the top. His hand fell to her head and held her to his erection as she swirled her tongue around his tip, tasting hot flesh. Finally she opened her mouth wide, pulling his length deeper into her throat and sucking as hard as she possibly could. Mulder suddenly pulled at her head and she let him go with a audible "pop".

"What's wrong?" she sounded disappointed. Mulder felt foolish when he grabbed for his paper, but it was his only way of communicating.

I can't do this. Please...I can't do this without making noise and it's going to hurt my throat. I really want you to, but it's obviously impossible.

"I understand Mulder. I'm sorry. I didn't think about the making noise aspect," she blushed, realizing how hard it would be not to moan or talk or scream in any type of sexual act, "Maybe this wasn't the best game to pick, how about when you're better?" she suggested. He nodded and tugged his boxers back up, cupping himself, trying to relieve the painful hard on. She watched him as he closed his eyes, squeezing himself tightly, but not pumping, not even moving, just trying to relieve the pressure and blood. When his eyes finally opened, Scully had cleaned up the cards and was sipping her tea.

New game Scully...let's play with the baby instead?

"Sure," she chuckled, "But how?"

I was reading on the internet today, when I was bored. We take a flashlight and shine it on your belly. We move it around and the baby is supposed to follow it!

Mulder put on his jeans as Scully read.

"Really? This works?" Scully asked, amazed.

I don't know, let's try it. Here's a flashlight.

Mulder held up a black flashlight, one he always has with him. He slowly lifted Scully's shirt, until it rested on the "ledge" or swell of her tummy. He flipped on the flashlight and bumped it right against her belly button, which was poking out from the baby's growth. Nothing was happening at first, but without warning, the baby pushed his feet against Scully's tummy, leaving a very noticeable imprint in her skin.

"Oh my gosh, look at that Mulder!" she said almost breathlessly. She'd never seen the baby's limbs imprinted in her belly, it was absolutely amazing and made it all seem very real. Mulder moved the light to her left side and waited. About a minute later, the imprinted feet disappeared and one hand print appeared on her left side. Mulder put his hand up against the baby's hand and traced it lightly. It tickled Scully and she jumped a bit. Mulder pressed two fingers hard in the baby's tiny palm, and the baby seemed to push back. Mulder smiled, his face glowed in the candlelight as they watched their baby squirm inside Scully's abdomen.

"God I love you," she whispered and he leaned up a tiny bit to kiss her tenderly. "I love you" he mouthed and deepened the kiss, still touching the baby's hand. The light had fallen to the floor during the kiss and the baby moved again after a few minutes.

"Let's go to bed Mulder, I'm really tired," she admitted softly as she broke the kiss. Mulder blew out the candles and put away the flashlight as Scully sleepily staggered up the stairs to their bedroom.

Chapter 46- Life is Good


"Ummm," Scully moaned as she stretched her arms above her head. As she did Mulder did something she didn't expect, his head fell to her breasts and he began suckling her nipple through her shirt. She had thought he was asleep! "Oh my!" she gasped as she realized what he was doing.

"Good...morning," he breathed, kissing her neck.

"Mulder, you talked!" she smiled, thrilled with this fact.

"Yeah, it's a bit sore, but I think it's gonna be okay," he managed to say as he tugged at her shoulder to pull the fabric away from her clavicle.

"Mulder...Mulder that tickles!" she wiggled away from him but he forced himself upon her again.

"I can finally talk, all I want to do is tell you how much I love you," Mulder breathed into her ear. A tiny shiver ran down her chest, emptying into her fluttering tummy.

"I'm...so glad...it's Saturday," she whimpered near the end of her speech as Mulder became more fierce in his kissing, making her breathing quicken.

"Yeah, no work and all play Scully," he answered as he crawled into her gaping legs. Of course her belly was in the way, but Mulder made his body fit to hers like a glove, covering every inch of her skin, kissing her jawline. His hands began roaming her body she flinched when one of his large palms gripped one of her breasts.

"Oooo, Mulder, please...stop...please," she moaned, some syllables in pain and some in pleasure.

"Am I hurting you?" he asked concerned, lifting his gaze to her striking blue eyes.

"Yes...I'm becoming very sensitive there. Would you mind if I asked you not to touch me like that?" Scully shyly admitted.

"No, it's okay. I understand, I'm glad you told me. Did the sucking hurt?"

"Not if you are gentle," her lips curled into a naughty smile as her hand came up to cup his neck in the back. Pulling his head to hers, their lips met in a perfect gentle morning kiss, sensual and sweet. After ten minutes of making out, Scully pulled away to regain at least some control.

"You don't want this do you?" he observed, lying on his back, looking at the ceiling. She sat up on her side and looked at his face.

"I do," she clarified.

"You don't, we've kissing for so long and you show me know signs of furthering our actions," Mulder sounded a bit upset and disappointed.

"I-I'm sorry," she stuttered and paused, "I just want to talk to you first. I haven't heard your voice in over four days, I miss it Mulder," she confessed.

"I'm sorry too, I don't mean to push you but I miss you,"

"You know, a lot of sleepless nights, I would lay awake listening to your voice on my answering machine, over and over and over,"

"Why couldn't you sleep?" Mulder asked curiously, finally turning on his side to face her.

"Because I was so frustrated over you, mentally, physically...emotionally. I loved you and I wanted you. Your voice did a lot for me, it kept me going. I don't know how I've coped the last few days but I have!"

"I have the same confession, only your voice did more physical things to me," Mulder lightly blushed in a cute grin.

"Really?" Scully gave a smirk. Mulder picked up her soft delicate hand and lowered it under the bedsheets, pushing her palm directly into his crotch.

"See," he smirked, as he rubbed her hand against his hard erection.

"I think the morning did that to you, not me," she chuckled, thoroughly embarrassed, because they both knew it was her that had done that for him.

"It's funny, after all this time, your still shy," he noticed, letting her hand drop, she picked it back up and held him by his hips.

"I have my moments of being bold...but the shyness, I can't help it, it's just me," she shrugged.

"And it's just me, you don't have to be shy." He smiled, his hand caressing her cheek. They stared into each other's eyes for a few moments, like a trace overtook them, but they were smacked out of it when the phone rang. Mulder reached to his side of the bed and grabbed the ringing phone.

"Yeah," he gasped into the phone.

"Fox, how are you?" Maggie sounded rather cheery at this hour of the morning.

"You interrupted, how do you want me to feel?" he chuckled jokingly. She sensed the humor and laughed.

"Can I talk to Dana?" she asked. Mulder looked over to Scully, who was expecting it to be her mom.

"Hi mom," she sighed.

"Honey, how are you feeling. I feel like I haven't seen you in ages again. I'm sure I wouldn't recognize you!" Maggie chuckled.

"Yeah, we're coming along way. We've begun childbirth classes," Scully explained, giving Mulder a glance. He had perched his arms behind his head and was lying comfortably, gazing directly at her tummy. Her silk pajamas fell over her bulging belly, but what Mulder was noticing was the baby moving. Her skin ripped a tiny bit, pushing up here and there, making the fabric move as well. He lowered his hand over her bump and lightly drew lazy circles with the tip of his index finger.

"How's that going?" Maggie asked.

"Oh great, but I still don't feel ready for this," Scully mentioned her apprehension.

"Oh, you'll be just fine. You just call me if you need me you know?" Maggie offered.

"Yes mom, thank you...bye," Scully finished, anxious to get back to Mulder, whom had now pushed up her pajama top and was sprinkling her swollen belly with tiny kisses, "Let's go downstairs and get some breakfast!" Scully enthusiastically began pushing the covers down. Mulder immediately pounced on her, pushing her back into the mattress, holding her wrists beside her head, his lips sucking on her neck.

"Why don't we stay up here...and...make love," he suggested.

"Ummm," Scully hummed as she thought, "Why don't we go downstairs, eat, and make love?" she tried to persuade him.

"Only if we make love first!" Mulder smiled as he sat up, leaving go of her wrists.

"But then I won't have any endurance or strength!" she chuckled, following him downstairs.

Mulder opened the refrigerator door and pulled out a bowl of purple seedless grapes and a bag of oranges. Then he took some bananas from the counter and began cutting the fruit up, slicing the bananas and oranges and halving the grapes.

"What are you doing?" Scully asked, sitting at the dinning table, amazed at his one track mind.

"Making breakfast!" he answered, as he kept on at his task.

"What if I told you I don't want that?" Scully asked shyly, while standing up, leaning against the table to watch him.

"Who said it was for you?" he snapped playfully.

"Hey!" Scully laughed as he turned around with a bowl full of sloppy, juicy fruit. He took a slice of banana and tossed it in his mouth as he made his way to the kitchen table.

"Now you see how this works? I make love to you, while you eat?" he told her, with the most serious face she's ever seen, it almost made her crack up laughing.

"I don't think I could do that!" she smiled lightly. He wouldn't take "no" for an answer and put a grape up to her mouth, sliding the juices all over her bottom lips. But before she could swallow the piece of fruit, Mulder bent his head and licked the juice from her lips and began kissing, stealing the grape from her mouth and swallowing it himself!

"Hey! I thought I was supposed to be eating!" she whimpered as he crunched the grape in his teeth. He leaned back and popped one in his mouth and returned his lips to hers. Her tongue swooped out and took the grape, yet he willingly allowed her to do so. Mulder began opening her pajama top, the buttons making light popping noises as he made his way down her chest, nosing his way into her cleavage. His one hand darted out and popped a slice of banana in her mouth, her other hand holding onto him. Without warning, Mulder cupped his hands under her bottom and picked her up, pushing her up on the kitchen table.

"I'm too heavy for this Mulder," she complained.

"No you're not, we can manage it!" he reassured her, pushing the top off of her shoulders. The silk fell to the table and slicked off onto the floor as Mulder pushed her down into a laying position. He crawled on the wobbly table beside her and moved the bowl closer to her fingers.

(In Scully's Head;) This is absolutely insane! This table is gonna break like any moment! And he actually expects me to eat while he's kissing and touching me like this? God, I don't know if the baby is going to let me get that far, he's kicking me for food! Great, is this what my life's going to be like? Two men, wanting me to do something for them at the same time!?

Mulder made a swift move, pulling off her pajama pants and began kissing his way back up the inside of her legs, tickling her inner thigh, making her wiggle and moan. She tried to continue eating, getting as much into her stomach as she could before he went too far. Mulder began lapping at her clit through her underwear, pushing his tongue under the elastic, scrapping across her hot opening. He tortured her that way for a little while, but then retreated to kissing her belly, squeezing some of the oranges on her tummy, then lapping the juices up with the flat of his tongue. Some dribbled down hill to her panties and her breasts, he licked there too, enjoying the scent and taste he was receiving.

"Okay Mulder, I can't hold up much longer here!" Scully mentioned, a little frustrated with her position, the table was really hard! She sat up and he pulled her bottom to the edge, tugging off her moist panties and letting them fall to the floor. He lowered his head to her abundant red curls.

"Getting a little bushy down here!" Mulder chuckled as he stuck out his tongue, running it through her wet folds.

"Yeah, well I can't exactly see to shave there anymore!" she answered, one hand holding her tummy.

"Mulder...Mulder....ahhhh...can...we...please....ahhh...please!" she groaned and whimpered as he pushed two fingers into her core, wetness dripping and damping the ends of her curls. She let out a few screams or shrieks, as he became slightly forceful, then completely retreating , putting his fingers in his mouth and sucking away the juices.

"Now that's breakfast!" he smiled. She gave him a look, but it didn't have it's effect it normally would have, mostly because she was in a complete lazy state.

"Please, can we do this?" she whimpered then threw her head back against her neck and closed her eyes. Mulder noticed her impatience and quickly pulled down his boxers. His engorged cock throbbed as he slid the head into her folds. Her eyes opened in amazement and watched him as he pushed into her tight body.

"Ahhh," a guttural groan came from his sore throat as he closed his eyes.

"Yeah...you better enjoy this. I won't be this tight in three more months!" she breathed quietly, grabbing his shoulders for support. Scully wrapped her legs around his waist, pulling him in deeper, as her belly slid against his torso.

"We've got to hurry Mulder," she mentioned, as he began to thrust into her slowly.

"Why damnit?" he cursed, pushing into her harder.

"We have a doctor's appointment at ten...it's nine...seventeen," she strained to see the clock and still stay coherent enough to read it.

"Ahhh man!" Mulder groaned, thrusting harder and harder as she encouraged him. They finally climaxed together, after much effort, and Mulder pulled out of her quickly, dropping to his knees on the floor to rest. Scully slid off the uncomfortable table and lay on the floor next to him. She felt foolish, being naked and huge, lying on the kitchen floor, but he didn't look any better.

"I'm going to get cleaned up," she managed. He leaned over to her, trying to put his arms on hers to hold her, but she pulled away. He found this peculiar.

"Are you okay?" he asked concerned at her behavior.

"I'm fine," she answered as she waddled down the hallway, holding her pajamas in her hands.

"Are you sure?" he raised an eyebrow.

"Yes," she groaned as she scurried up the stairs.

Rebecca Trite's Office


"Dana! Nice to see you!" the doctor greeted them at the door, encouraging them to enter with an arm gesture. Mulder grinned and followed Scully into the examination room.

"So what are we doing today?" Scully questioned, going through the normal routine of dressing in a more exposing garment.

"Well, I'm going to check the baby's weight and length today. Where he's positioned and a few other things, nothing too big. But you do have a choice. There's only one sonogram left unless there's an emergency, would you like it to be today or in two months?" Rebecca explained.

"Today Scully, please today?" Mulder whined, but in a sensitive cute way.

"Okay, I think we'll do it today, because I have some questions," Scully ignored Mulder and only took her own reasoning. Scully laid back on the table and relaxed her body, this was becoming normal routine for her. The doctor strapped on latex gloves and began pressing into Scully's tummy.

"Rough estimate, I'm saying he's about two pounds now and maybe fifteen inches long. Petite baby Dana, especially for your belly size!" the doctor chuckled.

"Nothing wrong with him being small is it?" Mulder asked.

"No, for now, he should be okay, he still has roughly...at least two more months of growing time," Rebecca replied and then pulled out the monitor for the sonogram. Placing cold jelly and the doppler on Scully's belly, an image appeared on the screen.

"What a wonderful picture! You're baby is absolutely beautiful!" the doctor marveled.

"Can you tell us the sex...I'm just curious, because we've been assuming it's a boy," Scully examined the screen, voicing her thoughts.

"Well actually. I see the problem here. The umbilical chord is between the baby's legs, you see? Determining the sex of the baby, in it's position is rather difficult for me even, at the moment," the doctor admitted, observing the screen. She moved the doppler to Scully's left side, "Let's see if we can get a different angle?" the doctor chatted as she maneuvered the tools.

"This is hopeless!" Mulder laughed, noticing the doctor's facial expressions.

"Yeah, it's not rare, but I haven't had a hard time telling for a long time. Your baby has been very active I can tell, especially since he's got his legs tangled in that chord," the doctor acknowledged. She began cleaning up the materials and hit "print" on the computer. "So you've begun labor classes?" the doctor continued.

"We have, they're quite comforting," Scully admitted, deep down, she was truly scared.

"Yeah, they can be. But once you get in that situation for real, you'll just know what works for you," Rebecca explained while writing on her chart, "Are you planning on an all natural birth, or do you think you'll need some kindof anesthetic?"

"Well, I'd like to try it naturally, but if thing become too hard...you know?" Scully tried to convey her feelings and the doctor was already nodding her head "yes".

"And breast feeding? You're planning on that, correct?"

"Yes," Scully answered shyly, blushing her cheeks a light shade of pink, and Mulder grinned at her. It still amazed him at her shyness, he's the one who should be blushing at this conversation!

"I believe we're finished for the day then. You and your baby look very healthy. I'm looking forward to the delivery, it looks as if it should go well," the doctor was very positive, smiling as she showed Mulder and Scully out of the room.

Chapter 47-Four's a crowd J. Edgar Hoover Building

Washington D.C.


"Hey Skin-man!" Mulder exclaimed, while he jogged into his boss's office.

"Agent Mulder?" Skinner questioned as he stood from his desk, his eyewear perched low on the bridge of his nose, "You're talking already? I was beginning to enjoy myself," he mumbled jokingly.

"Yeah, I feel fine. Back to the old me, can't you tell?" Mulder gave a smart-ass grin and took a seat as Skinner did, "I came for the Luray case. Is it still open?"

"Yeah, it's still open. You can have it. But I'm a little skeptical on how you're going to go about this?"

"What do you mean, Sir?"

"Well...is Agent Scully going to be accompanying you?" the A.D. gave a questioning stare from under his lenses.

"Of course she will, Sir," Mulder acknowledged.

"Well, that's certainly okay, I'm just a bit concerned for her. You know, the few days she's been back, while you were on sick leave, she's been extremely snappy with me, and I don't appreciate it," Skinner explained.

"I understand Sir, I'll have to talk with her. She's really pushing seven months here and things are only getting worse. Please forgive her mood swings," Mulder pleaded.

"I will take them lightly. It's just that Doggett seemed to go along with her on the sarcasm and such, and I certainly don't want you to follow as well. I don't need you out of hand anymore than you already are half the time," Skinner chuckled. And it was the first time Mulder ever heard Skinner joke about him being 'out of hand', "Speaking of Agent Doggett," Skinner began.

"Uh no! No, you're not gonna..."

"Yes Agent Mulder. He's coming with you," Skinner stammered.

"Why? This is an X-File, what right does he have in this division?" Mulder began to protest.

"He needs experience...with GOOD agents, like you and Scully. You're right, he has no real talents for this division, but I did not put him here,"

"Then who did?!" Mulder shouted.

"Kersh," Skinner frowned and handed Mulder a manila folder with case information, "All the info you need is in there, including Doggett's number. I'll contact him and tell him to meet you in your office," Skinner concluded as Mulder strutted out the door, one hand on his hip, the other holding the folder open in front of him.

"Mulder?...Mulder what's going on?" Scully asked suspiciously as she eyed her partner plopping into his desk chair and raising his hands to his head, "You didn't get the case?"

"No...I did," he mumbled.

"So what gives?" Scully stood behind her desk, her fingers pressed against the hard grained wood of the surface, turning her knuckles white.

"Doggett has to come too,"

"Oh well. That's our job Mulder, don't worry about it,"

"That's not our job Scully. We are not here to train Agents, we're here to find the truth, or have you forgotten that?"

"I haven't forgotten that Mulder. I just don't know what you're so bent out of shape for. He's a nice guy and it's not going to be as bad as you think,"

"What's the sudden change in mood? Skinner just got done telling me that you were..." Mulder decided to shut his mouth, knowing it'd end in a fight with her.

"What? What did Skinner tell you?" Scully raised her eyebrow, skeptically waiting an answer.

"Nothing," he mumbled as he flipped through the papers in the folder.

"Mulder..." she prompted in an angry tone, just when there was a knock on the door.

"It's Agent Doggett, may I come in?"

"Sure," Scully answered him, noticing Mulder's childish grin. As the door opened, the tension grew between the two men.

"Nice to see you again Agent Mulder...Scully," Doggett acknowledged them both.

"I wish I could say the same," Mulder mumbled. Scully shot him a warning glance but he was not looking, probably because he knew she would give him a glare.

"It's nice to see you. Listen I want to apologize for the other day," Scully began.

"No need," Doggett held out his hand in a gesture and smiled, "I understand pregnant woman. I've been there and it's okay,"

"You've been there?" Mulder chuckled.

"Yes, I used to have a son," Doggett answered sadly, and Mulder just peered at his computer, putting his reading glasses on.

"Used to?" Mulder asked, giving him a glance, finally meeting the other Agent's eyes.

"Yeah, it's a long story, but shall we get on with the case?" Doggett frowned and glanced at Scully. She gestured her hands for him to sit in front of Mulder's desk and her herself pulled a chair over to join the discussion.

"You're first case huh?" Mulder mused, pushing the manila folder towards Doggett.

"Honestly Agent Mulder, I know some about you. I know the X-Files are yours and I don't want to intrude. But I'd enjoy being on this case with you and learning how things work,"

"Well Doggett, I don't know anything about you. And I don't care to. You have a lot to learn about the X-Files, just don't get scared." Mulder grinned, thinking of all the things that Scully and him had encountered that scared the shit out of them.

"So what's this case about anyways?" Scully interjected, trying to change the subject.

(In Scully's Head;) I cannot believe Mulder! He's metamorphasized into a childish jealous arrogant asshole! I may have been disrespectful the other day with Doggett but at least I have a damn good excuse! I mean I know we've met on bad terms in the past, but can't he just let it go?

"This outline says that a twenty two-year-old boy named Alexander Demetrakis reported seeing apparitions in the pit of Luray Caverns, in Shenandoah Valley Virginia," Doggett read it with disbelief.

"Not just one apparition, several over the past months. This boy is a tour guide for the caverns. The largest and most popular cavern on the east coast of the United States. You can imagine the uproar?" Mulder babbled on.

"So what is going on now Mulder? Have they closed the tourist site?" Scully predicted.

"They've scheduled to close within the next month. Needing time to get out messages and make arrangements, they plan to have the place investigated. Of course it is a natural tourist site and they will lose money in the process, that's why they contacted the FBI," Mulder explained.

"So what? We're going ghost busting?" Doggett remarked, skeptical of the possibility of real ghosts.

"Look Doggett, you don't have to believe me, but if you don't, then leave because I've got a case to crack here,"

"Mulder!" Scully scolded, shooting him another bitchy look.

"Skinner wasn't us to head down there. We're supposed to pose as tourists the first day and enter the caverns, lightly poking around for anything unusual. Of course we interrogate Alex Demetrakis and we'll see where it goes from there," Mulder instructed, "Any questions?"

"Yeah Mulder...can I see you in the hallway for a moment?" Scully insisted, raising an eyebrow and gesturing towards the door. Somehow Mulder lost his authority quickly as he stood up and stepped out into the hallway.

"We'll be right back," Scully gave a comforting smile to Doggett and then left the room.

"What the hell Mulder! You're being a complete jerk!" she began shouting at him the moment the office door shut.

"What do you mean?" Mulder put on an act, as if he didn't know.

"You're being a jerk, I know you don't like him, but get over it! We're adults!" Scully yelled, moving her hands as she spoke in anger.

"I don't understand what you want me to do?" he uttered.

"I want you to be mature. Stop dropping rude comments, it's not his fault he's here, so stop taking it out on him!" Scully exclaimed, her blood pressure rising notches every minute.

"Look I'll try. But I really feel invaded here, this is my work, not his. And he obviously knows nothing about the paranormal. He doesn't believe in ghosts Scully!"

"Well neither do I Mulder and that never stopped me from working with you!"

"What are you talking about, you don't believe?" Mulder bantered, "Do I have to remind you of Christmas Eve 1999? You remember the ghost house? The bodies in the floor boards?"

"Mulder, we were hallucinating. Remember right before we got out we discovered we didn't shoot each other," Scully retorted.

"Ahh for cryin' out loud! I don't have time to argue about this," Mulder ran his hand through his hair, pacing around the hallway, not facing her.

"Mulder...all I ask, is that you cut him some slack. I haven't seen you be this harsh on someone for a very long time. I don't know what's gotten into you and it's scaring the hell out of me," Scully argued.

(In Mulder's Head;) She doesn't understand! God please...give me the words to make her understand! I don't like Doggett, I don't like Kersh! He doesn't belong here and he doesn't even believe, how can you do something you don't believe in? I know Scully believes, she can deny it all she wants, she does it all the time. I just have so much on my mind right now with her and the baby, it's so difficult for me to talk to her. I don't want to make her more nervous or scared, but I feel like I'm falling apart in here!

"Fine...I'll try," Mulder hesitated and then pushed the door back open and entered the room, "Sorry," Mulder muttered as he sat back at his seat.

"It's okay. You guys were being rather loud. I understand why you're not too fond of me. But let's be honest, we have to work together, so can we please make the best of it?" Doggett asked, tossing the folder back onto the desk.

"Yes we can, and we will...right Mulder?" she prompted him.

"Yeah," he uttered.

"Listen Agent Doggett, why don't you go home and pack. If you don't mind riding with us, we'll pick you up?" Scully offered, Mulder shot her a irritated glance.

"Yeah, I guess that'd be fine. How about eleven? And then we'll stop along the way and eat somewhere," Scully suggested.

"Sounds great. Here's my address," Doggett scribbled on a piece of computer paper and handed it to Scully, who looked more favorable in attitude at the moment. With that, Agent Doggett left the room and proceeded to the parking lot. Meanwhile, Mulder and Scully began arguing again.

"Why did you invite him to ride with us?" Mulder questioned in a calm voice.

"Why not? There's no reason he needs to drive alone, it's only three hours away. That way the bureau doesn't have to pay to rent another car and gas," Scully justified her reasoning.

"Yeah but...."

"But what?" Scully threw out a tone of voice that actually scared Mulder, he sensed the sudden change in attitude. He was merely discussing and suddently she changed her tone, maybe a mood swing again?

"Then we can't be alone!" Mulder answered.

"Big deal Mulder, life isn't just about us you know?" Scully began bantering.

"I know it isn't. You don't have to tell me that. I would just feel awkward kissing you and stuff in front of him...being another Agent and all. He's a thrid wheel Scully, I'm sure he won't be comfortable either,"

"Well then you'll just have to keep the kissing "and stuff" (she gestured quotation marks) to a minimium until we are alone. I'm positive you'll live Mulder, you did it for seven years,"

"Just because I survived not kissing you for seven years doesn't mean i wasn't dying inside,"

"Well that makes two of us Mulder, but we won't die, because we know we love each other," she finished and picked up the case file, heading towards the door, but Mulder's hand retched out to grasp her by her bicep.

"I want to kiss you," he announced, firmly pulling her body to his. Mulder leaned his head down to her short frame, and touched the tip of his bottom lip to her closed soft lips, "Please," he whispred. She closed her eyes and opened her mouth, smashing their skin together in a light sensual kiss. The basement was silent except for the sounds of lips locking and then breaking, as their kiss deepened with Mulder pressing a firm hand against the back of her neck to hold her in the embrace. Her one hand held the folder and the other grasped him around his ribs, tracing every flexing muscle that rippled under her touch. She could feel his breath escape from their kiss and send a wave of warm moist air down her jawline and sensitive neck, producing shivers of excitement to run through her body, tingling all that way. His hands found her sides and he ran his knuckles up her sides, tickling the curves of her swollen breasts. She jumped instantly unto his touch and he cupped one, gently cradling her sensitive flesh hin his calluced hand. Her ran his tumb over her puckered nipple, but couldn't feel it because of her thick suit jacket.

"Mulder," she mumbled through his kisses, "Let's go home and get ready," she pulled away, knowing they could be caught at any moment and were also pressed for time.

1013 Apex Drive

Arlington, VA


"Mulder...can you get this suit case down please? I'm too short!" she chuckles as he comes behind her, pushing her body into the clothing of the closet as he attempts to retrieve the case from the top shelf.

"There you go. You gonna pack for me too?" he asked as he set it down on the bed.

"I can...if you go into the bathroom and get the toiletries," Scully instructed. Mulder obeyed and disappeared into the bathroom, switching on the light and pulling back the shower curtain.

"What all do you want me to bring? I'm mean, do you need your shaving stuff?" Mulder smirked, picking up the bottle of shaving cream and pink razor.

"Sure, ya never know Mulder. I distinctly remember you compaining the other morning. Maybe you could help me with that later?" she mentioned, smirking as she folded clothing and packed it neatly into the suit case.

"What about this?" Mulder held up a bottle of clear liquid and she glanced up at him.

"Yeah, I guess," she wavered and continued packing, "Phew," she breathed deeply, letting out large puffs of air.

"You okay?...Scully...Scully?" Mulder called a few times then lifted his head to peer out of the bathroom door. Scully was lying flat on the bed, her eyes closed and her hands were traveling over tummy in quick waves. His gaze was stuck to her belly as she seemed to be comfoting the baby with her soft movements of her palms over her exposed skin. Her suit jacket opened and her shirt bunched just below her heavy breasts, as Scully pushed on her side, feeling the baby's foot pushing back against her. Obviously she didn't realize Mulder was watching, she began to talk to the baby.

"Joshua...it won't be long now. I know you're getting cramped in there and I am certainly getting tired of you stretching your leg under my lung! But I love you anyway. God I've never been so excited for anything in my life, I want to see you so badly. Knowing that you're okay...I want to hold you in my arms and feed you...and even sing to you if I have to...or if your daddy makes me, which ever comes first," Scully whispered as she made lazy circular motions with her palms and then her thumbs, alternating back and forth. After a few minutes, Mulder noticed that he was beginning to drift off into sleep, her breathing had slowed, hand movements had slowed. He hated to wake her, but knew he had no other choice. Once he finished packing and loading the trunk of the car, he woke Scully up and they left their house to pick up Agent Doggett.

Chapter 48-Ghost Music

Route 211 South

Luray, Virginia


The Agents had all stopped for lunch at a tiny diner and were now proceeding once again towards the Shenandoah mountains. Scully had asked for the backseat so that she could rest more comfortably and bow Doggett was occupying the front seat with Mulder.

"So Agent Mulder, how do we go about killing ghosts?" Doggett quipped while glancing at a map.

"That I don't know, we'll have to see," Mulder answered lamely, like Doggett would believe him if he did have an answer. Mulder glanced in his rear view mirror and saw Scully sound asleep, her red hair sparkling in the sunshine peering through the window.

"Do you want to question Alex Demetrakis first, or would you like to start with the tour?" Doggett speculated.

"I think, the tour. I want to check it all out first," Mulder answered.

"I think you got about fifteen more miles and the caverns should be on your right," Doggett instructed. Mulder glanced back in the mirror again, catching a glimpse of Scully licking her lips.

Luray Caverns Entrance


"Wake up Scully," Mulder mumbled as he patted her knee. Doggett got out of the car and laid the map behind his seat.

"We're here Mulder?" Scully asked, as she rolled out of the car, stumbling to her feet. Mulder held out his arms, gesturing towards the entrance sign.

"All Right, a free tour, benefit of the Federal Bureau of Investigation!" Mulder laughed as they all entered the building.

"The next tour begins in ten minutes, please meet over by this door," a lady directed the Agents to gather in a hallway just outside of dark gray steps descending to a metal door.

"Scully, I want you to be careful in here, the floor is probably gonna be wet and slippery," Mulder explained, concerned.

"I will," Scully mumbled as the doors opened for them to enter the cavern. Their group consisted of about seven people, three being the Agents. Surprised by the lack of tourists, Doggett was thrilled to enjoy the caverns without the crowds. Descending the wooden steps, the walls around them slowly went from wallboard to the earth. The lady shut the cavern door and everyone gathered in a room, surrounded by stalagmites and stalactites . The room dropped in temperature and the murky air was abundant. A swift breeze blew, circulating from the ceiling of the cavern to the floor. Mulder looked up, noticing the droplets of water, falling from a limestone formation.

"It's beautiful in here Mulder," Scully whispered to his ear as the tour guide began spitting out facts about that particular room and then men who discovered the cavern. Mulder nodded and smiled at Scully, as Doggett turned to him.

"So what exactly are we looking for," Doggett whispered.

"Anything unusual," Mulder hinted. They all followed the group through the cavern, viewing the magnificent nature sculptures of rock. The ceiling had been carved out by a under ground river long ago, formations revealing secrets of the past times.

"Mulder..." Scully pulled on his arm as the rest of the crowd entered another room.

"What is it Scully?"

"Look at that!" she pointed up into the side of the wall. There was a bright white formation, faintly, you could see a symbol carved into the rock. The symbol appeared to be a circle, with a rope like picture twisted in the center.

"Aww, man, it can't be?" Mulder breathed, marveling at the coincidences.

"What do you think it is?...ouch!" Scully grabbed her belly quickly and looked down.

"You okay?"

"Yeah, I haven't felt him move all day and all the sudden he kicks me...hard!" she chuckled, rubbing her tummy trying to soothe her child.

"I don't know...we'll have to check it out later. Right now let's get back with the group," Mulder suggested. They hurried to catch up and met the crowd in a small, secluded hallway like passage. The tour guide was showing them the natural "wishing well" type pool of water. A deep sea green shimmered through the water, low lights bouncing off of the glittery coins at the bottom of the well.

"You seein' anything yet Mulder?" Doggett asked as they all began walking again.

"Nope," Mulder answered, as he decided not to tell Doggett about the symbol in the wall, he wouldn't understand. Finally they made it to a room with the world's famous organ. And actual organ was to the far corner of the room, and the tour guides play it, using the hollows of the stalagmites and stalactites for different pitches. "Cavern music" as some refer to it. The tour guide had just begun to walk over to the organ, when something incredibly mysterious occurred. The organ began playing all by it's self. Low hum's of the cavern walls were admitted into a familiar song, it sounded like a Christmas carol of some kind. The tour guide was beginning to freak out, walking over to the organ and pulling up the lid over the keys. The ivory's were moving upon their own accord, making pitches rumble out through the cavern walls and floors. Immediately the tour guide pulled the walkie-talkie from her jeans belt and called to the front desk, wondering what was going on.

"Could that be our ghosts, Scully?" Mulder suppressed a grin and walked over to the tour guide.

"Listen, I'm special Agent Fox Mulder, with the FBI. I'm here to investigate this strange matter and I'd appreciate if you'd clear everyone out of here now. And stop all other tours today," Mulder demanded.

"Sir, I don't know if we can do that," the girl answered in a small voice.

"Ma'am you have to, there's something very wrong here," Doggett stepped in.

"Okay. I'll take them back up, will you be staying to investigate or shall I lock the door behind you?" the woman asked, her eyes wondering nervously over the cavern walls as the slow mourning pitches kept on.

"No, we'll be following soon after," Mulder finally answered after a pause, when he noticed that the music had stopped. The keys on the organ had stopped and the cavern was once again filled with an eerie silence, except for the trickling of water droplets. The entire crowd hurried through the remaining cavern rooms and exited the cave. Mulder advanced to the front desk, leading the way.

"I'm Fox Mulder with the FBI, I need an emergency closing of the caverns for the rest of the day," he explained.

"Sir, what's going on here," A man asked, walking up to the desk to greet Mulder.

"You contacted the FBI to investigate these mysterious sounds and apparitions?" Doggett reaffirmed.

"Yes we did, but we were under the impression we would not have to close," the manager spoke in an unhappy tone.

"Well, we couldn't really guarantee that," Scully interjected.

"Listen, you're last tour ends at 5pm, it isn't going to be such a loss to close it down now. We're going to get hotels in the area and some dinner, then we'll be back later tonight to check it out, when there are no tourists around. Perhaps if we crack the case tonight, you may re-open in a few days," Mulder explained.,

"A few days!" the man exclaimed, "Don't you understand how much business we'd be loosing, people travel here from all over the United States, we cannot do that!"

"Sir, this is not negotiable. We are federal officers and you will close this cavern until this is settled," Doggett commanded.

"But..!" the manager stalled.

"You close this place or I will!" Mulder shouted.

"Okay, I'll make the announcement in a few minutes," the man finally cooperated. Mulder and Doggett stepped away from the counter and watched a worker lock the entrance doors.

"Listen, I'm gonna stay here and make sure everything keeps in order. Why don't you and Scully go find a hotel...she looks really tired," Doggett mentioned. Mulder started to give him a smug grin but then complied by nodding his head in the positive. Mulder turned to Scully, who had heard every word. She was scratching her tummy subtly when he grinned in a sweet smile.

"Let's go," she responded, then he put his hand on the small of her back, guiding her out of the building.

"Wait Scully," Mulder stopped her, thinking of a possible problem, "How are you going to get back if we have the car?"

"Ahh, I didn't think of that," Scully raised her eyebrow, meeting her gaze with Doggett's.

"I can just find a ride, I don't know. You can come back and pick me up," Doggett answered.

"Why don't we just stay," Scully suggested, holding on to Mulder's elbow.

"Yeah but Scully, I think you need some rest," Mulder replied.

"No, I'm fine, I slept in the car remember?" she recalled.

"All right, let's get these people out of here," Mulder turned, looking around at the workers still in the building and tourists leaving.

"Mulder, I'm gonna lurk around and see if I can find Alex Demetrakis," Scully murmured, wanting desperately to participate in this case.

"Scully, no. Just stick with me," Mulder demanded.

"No! Mulder I'm not helpless," she began to shout in an angry tone.

"Just leave her go Mulder," Doggett tried to reassure him with a hand on his forearm, while nodding his head.

"No," Mulder shook his arm so that Doggett wasn't touching him, "I'm not letting you go around here alone," Mulder vowed.

"Why not Mulder. I'll be just fine," she answered. Mulder pulled her arm lightly so that they had moved away from Doggett, Mulder's back to him as a barrier.

"Remember the symbol down there? I don't have a good feeling about this," Mulder tried to communicate, his expressions began to worry her.

"Mulder...surely you don't think that..." her eyes were tracing his, trying to read his thoughts.

"It's possible Scully. I'm..." Mulder paused and lowered his voice to a whisper, "I'm scared. I don't want you alone," he explained.

"What's your problem Mulder? Let her go, she just wants to solve this case as bad as you do!" Doggett interjected, he was starting to get mad about how overpowering Mulder was being towards Scully. Mulder's eyes grew wide, he turned his head to the side, he could see Doggett from the corner of his eye. Scully saw it in Mulder's face, she could tell by the way he was squeezing her hand, he was pissed off.

"Mulder, don't! I'll talk to him," Scully whispered nervously, waiting for Mulder to lose control at any moment. Mulder dropped her hands and walked passed her to another corner of the room, he instantly began talking with a group of people congregating there.

"You don't understand, please don't say things like that to him, you'll just make him angry," Scully began.

"Why is he so demanding of you? It's like he won't let you do anything alone, and his temper. I'm worried about you," Doggett explained. Scully let out a tiny chuckle.

"You don't have to worry, honestly. Mulder and I have worked together for seven years now. I promise you he'd never hurt me and he never has. He doesn't yell at me either. I don't know how I could possibly explain this to you, you'd never understand. But I feel I have to try because you won't let up, obviously," she explained, "The long and short of things, the reason he's so protective is because I guess you could say I'm being stalked right now, by a man. The other reason, of course is our baby,"

"You're being stalked?" Doggett was rather surprised and suddenly understood Mulder's actions.

"Yeah, you could say that. That's why Mulder doesn't want me alone, it's understandable, his fear,"

"I'm sorry. I didn't know. I was just looking out for you, I just noticed his behavior and it worried me a little," Doggett admitted.

"That's okay, it's nice to know you're looking out for me. At least you and I are getting along now," Scully chuckled.

"Yeah, it was a little shaky there in the beginning," Doggett gave a deep chuckle. Scully smiled and looked around for Mulder who was ushering people out of the building, "Please tell him I'm sorry," Doggett answered as they both stood watching him.

"Why don't you tell him?" Scully answered calmly.

"Because I particularly don't feel like taking a bullet from that pistol on his hip!"

"Okay," she chuckled lightly and began walking over to Mulder.

"Mulder, I feel like I'm in the middle of you too. Please don't take things so personally, he doesn't know you. He doesn't know us, what was he supposed to think?"

"Don't even start that crap with me Scully. If he doesn't know us, then he shouldn't say anything," Mulder argued.

"Yeah well, he did, so I dealt with it. Can we please just try to get along?"

"I am trying, didn't we have this conversation this morning. Please don't ask more of me than what I can give, I'm trying. He just assumes things, he's so damn ignorant of this whole field of work, it bothers the hell out of me!" Mulder vented.

"I know, I know. It won't be long Mulder, we'll have this case wrapped up and we can go back to our fantasy life okay?"

"Yeah," he mumbled and they walked over to Doggett, who was standing at the front door entrance, watching tourists walk to their cars.

"Everyone's out, except the employees," Doggett informed. "What's that?" Scully asked, her eyes moving over the steps descending to the cavern.

"What?" Mulder asked.

"That sound...don't you hear it?" she whispered, walking towards the steps. Mulder and Doggett followed.

"It's the organ, it's playing?" Doggett realized.

"Listen to that tune...I think it's the Phantom of the opera song?" Mulder listened closely, their mouths all agape. Mulder stepped down to steps and Scully grabbed his arm.

"You're not going down there," she stammered.

"Yes I am," Mulder responded while stepping down more of the stairs. He reached the bottom and Doggett and Scully peered down at him. Mulder pressed his right ear against the cold metal door and felt vibrations through the walls and door.

"Get the manager, I need a key to get in," Mulder shouted. Doggett immediately took the order and went to the front desk. Scully began to descend, her eyes traveling over the walls, which were tremoring lightly with the deep hum of the organ. Once she reached the bottom, she curled her hands around his waist, pulling him into her. He turned in her arms and hugged her.

"We're gonna be all right, just like old times, okay Scully?" Mulder reassured her, placing a kiss into the top of her head, inhaling the freshness of her hair. Just then they heard footsteps, Doggett and the manager came into view. The music had stopped the moment the key entered the lock. Mulder glanced back at Doggett.

"Go find Alex, I want him down here with us," Mulder ordered Doggett, he nodded and the manager followed him back up the stairs, "You ready?" Mulder asked Scully, she nodded and they both entered.

The door slammed shut with a frightening boom causing Scully to jump, as the entire cavern went dark from the lack of the open door. Mulder turned to see the door close of it's own accord. Scully let out a big gasp and held her belly. Mulder gave her a light smile. He held her hand and flipped on the flashlight, shinning the beam onto the walls. They walked, hearing only droplets of water, their footsteps and their heavy breathing. The cavern had a draft of cold air circulating in the crevices of the formations. A murky stale smell came from the earth as they crept deeper into the cavern. Mulder shone the beam on the ceiling and then let it fall to the wall in front of them. There it was, the symbol. He flipped out the flashlight and let go of Scully's hand, This alarmed her since she could not see him or feel him anymore.

"Mulder?" she called, making sure he was still with her.

"Yeah, look," he answered, noticing the bright neon green glow of the symbol, the circle with the rope-like strings inside. Flipping back on the flashlight, Mulder retched up with his index finger and touched the circle, feeling the moist water droplets and condensation forming on the walls.

"It's not gooey, like what I found in New York. But do understand the link here?" Mulder marveled.

"What you found in New York was under the subway. Under ground...just like here, it's underground," Scully connected the clues.

"Yeah. But the goo in New York was there, and here it isn't. I have no idea what's going on here. I can't even figure out why they'd want to do this? It's purpose?" Mulder questioned. He kept walking following the slick dirt path through the earth-pockets, "Scully?" he called, "...Scully?" he called again, she had not answered. He turned around quickly, seeing her standing behind him, holding her belly, hunched over, but not saying a word.

"What's wrong?" he panicked.

"I have a pain in my side," she breathed in and out heavily.

"What can I do?" he hunched down beside of her, rubbing her back with his hand.

"I need to sit down," she breathed. Mulder didn't want her to get dirty, so he sat down on the floor and motioned for her to sit in his lap, opening his legs to cushion her legs. Her head fell back against his shoulder, his cheek touching hers. She moaned so lightly, and rubbed her hand over her side, pushing her skin lightly.

"You're not going into labor are you?" he questioned.

"Oh God no, I hope not!" she chuckled. Mulder remembered childbirth class and how he massaged her belly. Moving his hands to her, he began lazy circles, manipulating her muscles, "Oh God, that feels better,"

"Good," he kissed her neck and nuzzled his nose into her hair as she relaxed more into his arms.

"Why isn't he moving Scully?" Mulder asked, surprised that touching her belly like that wasn't causing the little one to stir.

"I don't know," she whispered, closing her eyes as his hands kept moving.

The flashlight laid on the floor, the beams traveling along the dirt path and then hitting the wall, climbing it then bouncing around in the ceiling, lighting up the cave. Mulder's eyes wondered the walls, trying to notice anything and everything. He was still focused on the case and a little worried of what was in store for them, but his main concern was Scully. He noticed her breathing had slowed and she had cuddled her face into the apex of his neck and shoulder. She had twisted slightly and her arm rested on his chest, his one hand held her around her back, the other kept massaging her belly.

"Scully?...Scully?...I told you, you were tired," he murmured, chuckling to himself inside. He knew they should get up and that she wasn't that burned out. He thought that maybe the intimacy just made her feel safe and comfortable. So Mulder held her, thinking about the case and trying to come up with theories while she slept, taking in all of the cavern's beauty as he did.

Chapter 49- The Cavern Lake "Agent Mulder!!" Doggett screamed, bagging hard on the cavern's entrance. Mulder was startled out of his light nap and jumped to his feet, gently helping Scully up.

"What's wrong?" Mulder shouted through the door, tugging on the handle hard, "It's locked!"

"Yeah it is! I've been banging for an hour!" Doggett exaggerated.

"Why did it lock?" Scully asked, pulling on Mulder's sleeve.

"I don't know, it must have done it automatically!" Mulder answered, searching his pants pockets for the cavern key, "I can't find the key!"

"Agent Mulder. They have a spare key but only the owner has it, and he's not here. But the alternative is there is an emergency exit in the room with the organ," Doggett directed through the door.

"Ahh darn, I was secretly avoiding that room," Scully mentioned, Mulder just looked at her for a moment.

"Just go there and I'll meet up with you guys there?" Doggett determined.

"Yeah," Mulder answered and grabbed Scully's hand, "Enough of your cat naps Scully, there wear off on people around you!" Mulder commented as he pulled her beside him.

"Sorry," she sighed, "You just made me feel really comfortable,"

"It's okay." He smiled, putting one hand on the small of her back.

"How deep into the cave do you think it is?" Scully questioned.

"I dunno, it's pretty far in here, but maybe there is a shortcut along here," Mulder suggested.

"Mulder, maybe we shouldn't get stuck in here, let's just stay on the paths,"

"Scully, I'm serious. It's impossible to get stuck in here, the whole freaking building would be in here searching for us when we don't show up!" Mulder concluded.

"Not necessarily, I didn't see employees rushing in here to catch the ghosts, and I don't see them rushing in here in the near future to rescue us," Scully retorted.

"Well, hey, we can rely on Doggett, he doesn't believe, so I'm sure he's not afraid of silly ole "make believe" ghosts?"

"Mulder, why are you so hard on him? I wasn't a believer, and to tell you the truth, I still don't know if I am or not,"

"Yeah, maybe so. But you believe in me, and he doesn't," Mulder pointed out. He tightened his grip on her hand and pulled her to the side.

"Let's try this passage, it might be a short cut?" Mulder pulled her in. She was barely able to fit through, her big belly protruding, almost touching the formations of the wet walls.

"Mulder, you're gonna get us lost. If I go into labor in here, I'll have you head!" Scully scolded.

"You better not go in labor yet!" Mulder exclaimed, leading her through the tight tunnels.

"Man, my back really hurts though," she mumbled.

"I promise, if we get back to the hotel, I'll give you a full body massage," Mulder offered.

"You mean 'when'...when we get back to the hotel,"

"Sure, fine, whatever Scully," he joked, finally pulling her to the end of the tunnel. Poking their heads out, Mulder and Scully had made it to an edge, cliff-like dirt floor, just slightly below was the beginning of water. Their gazes spread out across the large chamber. A lake of dark pooled water lay in front of them, the ceiling's reflection in the water, making an image looking as though the floor and the ceiling's stalactites and stalagmites were growing together, when in actuality, the floor was merely a lake of underground water. There were cascades of white crystalline limestone formations, hanging above the Agents heads in magnificent glory.

"Whoooa!" Mulder exclaimed as his foot came very close to slipping into the water.

"What in the world have we stumbled upon?" Scully marveled.

"I'm hopin' they know this is here?" Mulder replied, putting his right arm in front of Scully as a protective gesture.

"Well, then why wouldn't they put it on the tour?"

"Good question Agent Scully,"

"So now what Mulder? I mean...we're lost! And not to mention that we haven't reached the organ, which is where our so called 'ghosts' are!" Scully began pacing, one both hands perched on her hips and back.

"Calm down Scully!"

"Well Mulder! You do this all of the time!"

"Yeah, you'd think you would've learned by now,"

That comment earned Mulder a 'Scully look' including the raised eyebrow as a warning.

"I'm sorry Scully. I just have more things on my mind right now then I can handle. I didn't mean that,"

"What is all on your mind Mulder? Have any theories?" she questioned.

"No theories. All I'm thinkin' about, is how I'm starting to hate my job Scully. All I want to do is go home with you and say the hell with this crap. Kersh, Skinner, Doggett...what's the use?"

"Oh my God, where is the real Mulder?" Scully joked.

"I'm serious,"

"I'm serious too," she responded.

"I mean, there is still purpose for me here, but I'm getting more heartache and pain than I am outcomes and answers,"

"You're just now figuring this out? Why couldn't you have stopped long ago then?"

"That's the thing Scully. As much as I'm not into this right now, I don't think I could ever stop, I...I-,"

"What?" Scully prompted.

"Nevermind, this is gettin' to be a deep conversation, I don't even know how it got started. Let's get back to the case so we can get out of here?"

"No Mulder, tell me?"

"Nothing, I don't even remember what I was going to say,"

"Well that's BS," Scully looked away in a sarcastic sense.

"C'mon, let's find something around here, this is such a boring case, I haven't seen one apparition yet!" Mulder chuckled, dropping the serious conversation and began walking down the side of the 'river bank' to where it was wider. The water was so peaceful, smooth as clear glass, once again only water droplets could be heard falling from the formations. Mulder sat, pushing his back up against the cave wall, staring out over the water.

"Now what? How do we get outta here?" Scully pondered.

"I don't know,"

"We definitely don't want to go deeper into the cave since we don't know where we are,"

"Yeah, but they're not gonna find us here, if this is uncharted area?" Mulder explained.

"Let's just stay here Mulder, someone will find us," Scully decided, tucking her arm under his. Mulder turned his head to hers, and their eyes met in a sweet glance. They stared into each other's eyes, truly stared for the first time in many hours. At that point, their surroundings faded and it was only them, holding each other. Surprisingly to Mulder, Scully leaned in and began kissing him. His tongue naturally darted out and caressed her bottom lip, sucking the flesh into his mouth. A soft little moan escaped her throat as she gripped his bicep, feeling the hard muscle flex below her touch as he held her neck skillfully.

"Scully," he mumbled.

"Ummm," she groaned in an answer.

"I just had a wild idea," Mulder uttered between kisses.

"No," she answered simply, trying to guess exactly what was going through his mind, deciding 'no' was the best answer to start with. He pulled back, surprised that she said 'no' right off the bat.

"You don't even know what I was going to suggest!" he laughed, running a hand through his hair.

"What is it Mulder?" she asked, watching him as he stood and bent at the knee. He stuck his hand into the water, swishing it around a bit.

"Just what I thought...this water is so warm, because it's underground. The cavern is like a dome to heat the water,"

"Feel free to get to the point Mulder," Scully was unclear of his connection.

"Let's go skinny dipping," Mulder suggested with a sly smile as he turned around.

"Ohhhh no Mulder!" Scully shook her head in the negative.

"Ohhhh why not?"

"I can think of a million reasons. Our luck Doggett will come looking for us and find us, number two, Skinner said no fooling around on cases, and number three.....Mulder! We're on a case! And underground no less!" Scully stood up and stepped towards him. Mulder put his hand up to her face and pulled her to him once more, embracing her in a tender kiss.

"Just let go...maybe something good will come out of this. It did last time we got outrageous...remember...strip poker," Mulder continued his seduction.

"What has come over you Mulder?" she pushed his chest away lightly.

"I just want some fun. When else are we gonna get a chance to be alone in a cavern to be outrageous like this?"

"True," she nodded.

"We don't have to be long, let's just let loose," Mulder persuaded.

"Okay, but we can't be too long. I don't want to get caught!" Scully stated.

"But that's the thrill Scully," Mulder gave a toothy grin, eager to have his fun. His arms slipped down to her shoulders and began pulling off her light jacket. Her eyes darted up mischievously, her fingers tugging at his neck tie.

"Hurry up!" she giggled, when finally her jacket fell to the floor. He quickly unbuttoned her blouse, sliding the comfortable cotton material over the swell of her belly. He rested his hands on her tummy just below her breasts, feeling for the baby, while she skillfully manipulated the buttons on his collared shirt.

"Your really sexy. I don't understand why some men loose interest when their wives are pregnant. It only makes me want you more," Mulder confessed. Scully smiled shyly, blushing as she started on his slack's zipper and button. Finally they fell from his hips, revealing his muscular thighs and runner's legs. He continued working on her clothing, her slacks falling to the ground after some effort of tugging them over her curvy hips. Mulder unsnapped her bra, pulling the wires from beneath her heavy breasts. Her nipples puckered instantly at the cold draft wondering through the cavern. Mulder's breathing picked up, he had held it in and then breathed out in a large sigh. He ran his fingers lightly across the curve of her breasts, feeling the swell and fullness.

"I love the changes Scully. Nature is so beautiful,"

"Geez...I never pictured you'd be this romantic. And so considerate of me, Mulder. This really takes getting used to!" she chuckled.

"I love you, I'll do anything you want,"

"Well in spontaneous situations, such as this, don't be so considerate! Pretend I'm not pregnant, how would you treat me then?"

"What do you mean?" Mulder grinned looking perplexed.

"You're being too gentle. Not that I mind, don't get me wrong. If we were at home, I'd prefer that. But we're acting crazy so we should be crazy Mulder,"

"Tell me what you want Scully," Mulder responded, a small eager smile played at the edges of his mouth.

"I want you...to...touch me...harder. Not so gentle, I'm not going to break, you seem to forget that?" Scully ran her fingernails up the sides of Mulder's arms, raking his dark brown arm hairs. Without words, Mulder lifted his hands to her breasts, cupping them and squeezing; Running his thumb over her swollen brown nipple, pinching it. She quickly responded to his touch, pushing her chest into his hand and laying her head on his chest. Mulder's hands slid down her back, tugging at the elastic on her white silk panties, pulling them down over her hips.

"Let's get in the water," he mumbled as he tilted her chin to his until she met his eyes, then he lowered his lips to hers.

"Gotta take these off first, silly," she lightly giggled, pulling his boxers down his legs. Impressively, Mulder's erection was heavy and stood as high as it could, reaching for his belly button, "My you impress me everytime. How do you manage it Mulder?"

"I've always been good at getting hard-ons, I wasn't always good at getting it up though!" Mulder shyly chuckled.

"Well, I think you solved that problem by the time you and I did this!" she smiled, holding his hand as he stepped into the water. He helped her in, and once their bodies were buoyant in the water, he held her in his arms.

"This is crazy. This is not us Mulder, we'd never do this!"

"It is us Scully, we've changed," Mulder observed, "And we are crazy you know, so who cares!"

"Yeah but...ahh God I just know we're gonna get caught, maybe we should get out," Scully wiped her wet hands over her face in effort to conceal her embarrassment and worried thoughts.

"Well be fine. Hey Scully, you know something I didn't think about?" she raised an eyebrow and he continued, "Isn't there some kindof big-ass fish that live in caves?"

Suddenly Scully burst out in a fit of tears and laughter.

"No Mulder...animals can't survive down here without...light," she said between giggles.

"Good, 'cause I don't wanna loose any dangling pieces of my body!" he chuckled.

"Ahh, Mr. Innuendo is making his appearance!" Scully chuckled.

"Now this feels right Scully. Holding you, laughing, this is what I want, forever," Mulder replied, letting his finger tips drag along the sided of her breasts. Her hands dangled around his neck and little waves of water splashed their chests as they kicked to keep afloat.

"It does feel good Mulder," without warning Scully looked down into the water, peering at her belly.

"What is it?" Mulder noticed her worried glance.

"The baby, he's moving." She smiled, glancing back at Mulder's eyes with tiny tears in her own.

"Seems he's enjoying it too huh?" Mulder smiled, rubbing his palms over her belly, feeling light kicks against his hands. Mulder kept his hands in place on her abdomen as he kissed her again. This time, a hungry eager kiss, pushing his tongue along her sensitive palate. Suddenly he noticed an intense tang of iron, blood from her mouth. Instantly Mulder thought that he was being too rough and completely pulled away from her mouth. She noticed it too apparently and gave him a weak smile.

"It's okay," she reassured him, "You didn't hurt me. Sometimes women with sensitive teeth...their gums bleed when they're pregnant. I guess I'm one of those women...I'm sorry," she apologized.

"It's okay, I understand. I was just scared for a moment!" Mulder smiled.

"I think it's gone now, can we try that again? I really liked that kiss," she admitted softly. He nodded and returned his mouth to hers, this time entering his tongue slowly but with the same amount of passion. He had pushed her to the edge of the lake's side, her back was pushing against the smooth rock as he positioned himself to enter her. Scully complied without thinking, wrapping her legs around his waist, her belly pressing against Mulder's torso lightly. She moaned rather loud when she felt his force pushing into her. Her moan echoed in the cavern, as well as his, making an interesting sound effect in their current interlude. Mulder's flashlight was left forgotten on the ground, yet still beaming light; It bounced off the walls as well, illuminating the sparkling crystal formations and the soft ripples in the clear water.

"Uh God," she breathed, "This is so crazy!" she mumbled into his shoulder, as he put effort into moving inside of her. She began to suckle his ear lobe and the sensitive skin just behind his ear, with that, he seemed to perk up more; driving into her at an agonizing, teasing rate, due to the water preventing his skillful movements. "Mulder...ahh Mulder...we've gotta...hurry!" she moaned, holding onto his back in a death grip, her fingernails gauging his skin. Mulder didn't make an effort to answer, he just continued to groan and grunt as he used his upper arms, pushing against the rock behind Scully, using it to aid his movement's pace.

Without warning, a spooky tune of the organ began playing. Mulder halted in his tracks and met Scully's worried eyes with his own.

"Oh my God," she breathed, too many things happening at once. She felt his quick light release; flooding her insides in a lukewarm liquid, but then she also dealt with the creepy sound of the organ that jolted them back to reality. Mulder's eyes changed from dark brown to his sparkling green rapidly, as his thoughts switched.

"I can't take this anymore!" Mulder shook his head, pulling out of her and crawling onto the bank. He helped her out quickly and they began dressing, trying very hard not to make their clothing any wetter than it had to be.

"Mulder...Mulder, there it is!" she pointed, not believing her own eyes, "Do you see it?"

"Yeah...what the hell is it?" Mulder asked, astonished. He slowly moved towards an iridescent, irregular figure. It had no shape really, just moving in a slow pace towards the Agents. The organ continued it's howling, screeching out creepy notes that bounced off the cavern walls and echoed through the catacombs.

"Mulder, we've gotta get out of here," Scully panicked, pulling on her suit jacket nervously.

"Not yet," Mulder inched closer to the misty white figure.

"Mulder, how can we get rid of it, if we don't know what it is? Please, we're going to get hurt!" she shouted. Mulder ignored her, putting her in the background and concentrated on getting closer to this figure. Scully stood and watched in awe as Mulder was about to touch the intimidating creepy frame. When his forefinger entered the cold mist, the shape disappeared before his very eyes. The organ stopped playing it's threatening music. He stood in amazement, his back to her, wondering if he really saw what he did.

"This is unreal!" Mulder dropped his hands to his hips and turned around. He noticed Scully's eyes go blank to an answer and he mouth was still agape, "Did I see that?"

"Um...I don't know?" she cocked her eyebrow in a questioning manner.

"Did you see that?" he asked. She shook her head in the negative, still in disbelief.

"Agent Mulder...Agent Scully?" Doggett called, his voice echoing through the halls of the cave.

"We're here," Mulder responded, keeping his place. Scully was still speechless with her mouth hanging open, eyes wide to Mulder's gaze.

"Where?" Doggett called.

"I don't know. We're near a lake," Mulder answered, finally moving closer to Scully, using his forefinger to lift her chin, so that her mouth would close.

"I don't believe that," she shook her head once more and turned to the sound of Doggett's voice. Mulder noticed a flashlight coming through a tunnel, and advanced to greet their other 'partner'. Doggett immediately noticed Scully as he entered the room. She was flushed and yet pale as a ghost. Instantly he questioned his own visions.

"So, we got a little side tracked," Mulder mentioned to Doggett.

"It's okay, I found you, the entrance actually, is not far from here," Doggett explained, watching Scully's body language, wondering what was going on with her, "I was able to find Alex Demetrakis," Doggett pointed to the man standing behind him.

"Mr. Demetrakis," Mulder nodded.

"Please call me Alex, Sir," the young boy nodded.

"Doggett, did you hear the organ a few minutes ago?" Scully interjected.

"No, why? Did you?" he asked with a raised eyebrow.


"No!" Scully cut off Mulder as he was about to answer. He shot her an angry look, searching her eyes, asking her 'what in the hell are you doing?'. Mulder shrugged it off, deciding he'd pick that bone with her later.

"Alex, we got your statements, would you tell me again what you saw?"

"Sure. I was giving a tour about a week ago, to a group of school aged kids on a field trip. We were in this very room, when I saw the ghosts. They don't look like people, and they haven't hurt anyone. But the room gets majorly cold and drafty," Alex explained, pointing around the room here and there as he spoke.

"Well what about the organ?" Doggett questioned.

"The Great Stalacpipe Organ? I have no idea Sir. We hadn't gotten there yet,"

"No, he means did the organ play?" Scully clarified.

"No, actually when I got there, it wouldn't play when I turned it on. We concluded that it was just an electrical malfunction," the boy answered.

"How about this chamber, with the lake?" Mulder pointed, he noticed Scully blush out of the corner of his eye, "Why hasn't it ever been on the standard tour?"

"Well, sometimes it isn't here. This is natural ground water for many cities around here. Usually in the summer months, it's so hot that the water down here is scarce. Even though the winter months will be ending soon, the lake is still here," Mulder nodded understanding the boy's explanation.

"So have you heard the organ play by itself, you know...like a few hours ago?" Mulder began the interrogating once more.

"Yes, I heard it. I have no explanation. When I was younger, my brother's used to scare me, by telling me that the ghosts of the tinsmith who discovered this cave, was still lurking around inside of here. I work here now and am obviously not scared of such a thing, yet I wouldn't waver that as an explanation," Alex told.

"What's this I hear about Pluto's ghost?" Doggett questioned. The young boy began chuckling instantly.

"Heh, Pluto's ghost is a formation. All the formations have names. It was named that after the God of the underworld, Pluto," Alex explained.

"Well, guys this is all good, but I still have no clue what's going on here!" Scully finally interjected.

"I agree," Mulder mentioned. Alex nodded and Doggett kept a straight stature, not knowing how to respond.

"I think they should call the FBI back, if and when something significant is seen or someone gets hurt from this charade," Doggett concluded.

"Well that's dumb. You want to wait until someone gets hurt?" Mulder argued.

"Well what else can we do? There's nothing here. Maybe just a malfunction in the organ and maybe mist rising from this lake? There's no ghosts, no suspects, no dead bodies, no case," Doggett argued back.

"Yeah, but it's still an X-File," Mulder pointed out, "How would you even know?"

"Mulder...stop. I think he's right. If nothing else we need to go back to the hotel and sort this out. Maybe we're missing something?"

"Fine," Mulder mumbled, agreeing with Scully but not wanting to admit it. He grabbed her hand calmly and proceeded to a tunnel exit.

Chapter 50-Be my Valentine

Days Inn

Luray, Virginia


Scully had gotten herself ready for bed while Mulder sat in a sulky mood on the bed watching television.

"What's wrong Mulder?" she prompted, knowing he pissed off about the case.

"Nothing," he mumbled. She eased herself in one side of the bed, pulling the blankets up to her shoulders and laying on her side. She faced the wall, closed her eyes and sighed. Mulder flipped off the television and the lights, coming to rest under the covers as well. He quickly noticed her silence, which was not normal at all.

"What's wrong with you?" he inquired.

"Nothing's wrong with me, it's you!" she answered, tucking her hair under her right cheek.

"I'm sorry. I don't mean it,"

"Why won't you talk to me?" she gasped in frustration, feeling tears well up in her eyes as she held her tummy, her hand concealed beneath the blankets.

"I just, don't want to put any more pressure on you, I guess I just don't want to bother you with my feelings," Mulder admitted.

"Bother me? Mulder, I need to know what's going on in that head of yours so we can fix things...together. Mulder, I believe you've lost the definition of a partnership? Do we have to go back to that, to get you to talk to me?" Scully turned over in the pitch dark, feeling her forehead rub against his hard torso.

"No...no, I'm sorry, I'll tell you. Just don't threaten to leave like that,"

"I'd never leave Mulder," she reassured him.

"I just don't see the point here. There's something in that cave. Even if the organ has malfunctioned, then why didn't they have that checked out in the first place? And explain the symbol, and the apparition we saw...I know you saw it Scully, and the lake, why it isn't on the tour. There are so many unanswered questions here," Mulder explained.

"I agree with you. But I honestly don't see us getting anywhere, there are no leads. Like Agent Doggett said Mulder, no bodies, no real concrete evidence, no suspects, it's a dead end Mulder," there was a pause, a unique silence, as if Scully could tell he was not happy, "This isn't about the case, is it Mulder?" she sensed.

"No...I mean yes...argh! I see what you mean about it being a dead end, but I have no idea how to begin writing a report. It's almost as if this were a big waste of time, we know nothing more than before we came here,"

"Mulder that happens to us a lot on some cases, why are you stressing out about it? This is not about the case, what is wrong?"


"Tell me Mulder," she prompted, as she ran her palm down his chest, her head began to nuzzle the crook of his neck.

"I'm nervous," he gasped, his hand ran up her arm that was perched on his chest.

"About what?"

"Being a father. I'm scared Scully," his hand immediately came up to cup the side of her swollen tummy and Scully closed her eyes in sympathy. She gulped, trying to think of what to say.

"Mulder, we'll do this together, you won't be alone I promise. I know you're scared, I probably am more so than you," she answered gently.

"But you've carried him for nine months, he likes you! What if he doesn't like me?"

"He'll like you to, you're his dad. We'll find ways for you to feed him and you can do certain things with him so that he gets used to you," Scully rationalized.

"But what if I'm not good enough for him? My dad never did anything with me, I had no role model, I have no idea what to do," Mulder continued.

"I don't know what to do either, but everyone keeps telling me that "I'll know", so I'm sure you'll know what to do to. If nothing else Mulder, we have each other, it's going to be fine. This baby was given to us for some reason," she paused, grasping his hand with her own and moving his hand way down low in her abdomen, where the baby was kicking. She giggled lightly as she felt the baby kick his hand.

"But what...what about labor? What if I'm not strong enough for you?"

"Mulder, where is this coming from? I've never seen you doubt yourself like this,"

"It's different now, I have someone who loves me, who depends on me. I would die if I let either of you down," Mulder explained.

"Mulder, just hold my hand, and let me scream. We'll make it through everything, I promise. I'm so glad you told me, it's no wonder you've been so protective and quiet!"

"Yeah," he moaned nuzzling his nose into her hair, breathing her thick scent.

"Are you gonna be okay now?" Scully questioned, her eyelids drooping for tiredness.

"Yeah, thanks Scully...I love you,"

"I love you too Mulder...very much," she squeezed his torso the best she could, pushing her own body into his, molding them together comfortably.

Days Inn

Luray, Virginia


"C'mon guys! Get up!" Agent Doggett banged on the door making Scully shoot up in the air, startled out of her sleep. She grabbed her chest and closed her eyes, breathing. Mulder sat up next to her and put on hand on her shoulder. Then he got up to answer the door.

"What in the hell? Did something happen overnight?" Mulder asked, a bit ticked that he was woken at such an hour, but nonetheless curious.

"No, nothing happened. If we're leaving today, we have to be checked out by seven," Doggett informed.

"Seven?!" Mulder glanced down at his wrist watch, "Fine,"

"I'm goin' over to the lobby and get some coffee, meet me there when you're ready," Doggett proposed.

"Yeah yeah yeah," Mulder drowned and shut the door, turning to Scully who had been watching the whole conversation, "Well, I guess this is it, well failed at an X-File once again,"

"We didn't fail Mulder. Perhaps we'll be called back next month with a lead. You know as well as I do some of these cases last years!"

"Yeah but what are we gonna tell Skinner?"

"BS," Scully chuckled, Mulder smiled and walked over to his suitcase.

"I kindof miss home anyways Mulder," Scully confessed.

"You do huh? What do you miss?"

"I miss, your leather couch in the den, and our bed and our bathroom,"

"And all these things have something in common," Mulder joked, smiling as he pulled out a pair of clean boxers. Scully got off the bed and came up behind him, her palms trailing over his shoulder blades. He shivered and pulled away quickly.

"You better not do that. I don't want to be in pain the whole ride home. We don't have enough time!" he chuckled. She giggled lightly and wobbled into the bathroom, peeling off her silk blue pajamas, piece by piece. She knew he was watching her, but didn't intend for it to be a seduction. She looked down at her bare stretched belly and rubbed her hands across the taunt pale skin. She found a hand print low on her abdomen and touched it, it pushed back. She giggled at the sensation of her baby playing back, and Mulder was grinning, suddenly realizing how she will be a great mother.

(In Mulder's Head;) I've never really witnessed her playing with the baby upon her own accord. It's absolutely precious and God, she was made to be a mother, she really was. I still love the no nonsense image about her, but her sensitive side is very new to me. I think maybe I have gotten her to feel again, she cries more, she laughs more. Two more months feels like an awful long time.

Scully held the curve of her abdomen tightly with her palms, as if she were holding the baby in her arms. A clear tear fell from her eye and landed on her belly, trickling to her protruding belly button.

"Stop looking at me," she chuckled and then sniffed in her tears.

"Sorry," he replied, smiling. He changed into his boxers and then walked into the bathroom. She was still sitting on the toilet lid, rubbing her belly. Mulder kneeled down and took her tummy in his hands, kissing it with butterfly kisses that danced all over the expanse of her womb.

"C'mon, what are you guys doing in there? Don't make me guess, please! It's 6:50!" Doggett banged on the door again. Mulder glared up at Scully, still smiling the same smile, but she knew he was becoming annoyed. She shot him an eyebrow, saying 'behave' and then he got up and finished dressing.

"We'll be out in a few minutes Agent Doggett," Scully yelled as she continued getting dressed.

"Hey Scully. I was just lookin' at this old planner in my suitcase. In fact a bunch of them. It's weird, it's more like a diary of mine when we were out on cases, I forgot I even did this," he mumbled, becoming embarrassed and regretting even telling her.

"Really? Read me one?" she asked, while pulling her slacks on.

"February 14th, 2000...no I can't this is too embarrassing," he stopped reading, putting the book down. He was actually blushing.

"Mulder, read it to me! That's Valentine's day last year, and I want to know what you were thinking." She smiled, trying to encourage him.

"No you can read it tomorrow,"

"Why tomorrow? Why not now?" she protested.

"Because tomorrow is Valentine's day," she mumbled, hiding a smirk from her.

"It is?" she inquired, surprised.

"I really lost track of time on this case haven't I? I guess we've been in our own little dream world, a lot of it," she admitted, buttoning her jacket covering the baby's growth, "I feel kindof bad now, I have to run out and get you something,"

"No you don't. You've given me everything I've ever wanted. I don't want anything. Besides I only got you one thing and it isn't even that much," Mulder explained.

"You got me something? Mulder, no you've really made me feel bad!" she glared at him seriously.

"Yeah, but I was kindof hoping this case would last one more day, because if we get home today, then you'll see it. Because I told Byers what to do before we left, so I wouldn't forget," Mulder confessed.

"Oh my God, you've really got me curious. No harm in getting it early, is it?"

"Not really I guess," Mulder chuckled, "But don't expect anything tomorrow night!"

"I hadn't expected anything. Although you keep doing this stuff...you're making your own standards here." She smiled.

1013 Apex Drive

Arlington, Virginia


"Ahh God, finally! I'm really tired of driving and Agent Doggett!" Mulder groaned, as he got out of the car and stretched.

"Help! Somebody help me! Please!"

Mulder and Scully heard a man's voice screaming for help. Their eyes scanned the neighborhood and noticed a man in his backyard. He was on the ground hovering over a small boy. Mulder began running, and Scully did to, holding her belly as well as she could, trying to take away the pressure. She resorted to walking fast and was somehow able to keep up with Mulder's long legs.

"I found him in the pool!" the man was panicked, he got up and Scully knelt beside the boy.

"Scully let me do it," Mulder commanded, but it was too late. She had already begun tilting the head and giving one slow breath to watch his chest rise and fall.

"Mulder, he has no pulse, do compressions for me," she instructed, her doctor mode kicking, "You, go call 911," she commanded the man standing above her. He did so and she continued breathing for the young child. She was grateful Mulder was doing compressions, her belly was way to large and got in the way, but luckily after a few trails, the child began to gag. Scully and Mulder rolled him over in a recovery position as the young boy coughed up water. The man came running back quickly and saw that his son was breathing.

"Thank you, oh my God, thank you," he cried, holding his son the best he could.

"You're welcome," Mulder answered.

"What happened here?" Scully began with the usual interrogation.

"I have no idea, I came home for lunch break and found him in the pool, face down," the man trembled.

"Stay with him until the ambulance comes," Mulder instructed and then helped Scully up by her hand. They walked back to their house together, holding hands. Scully was trembling and shaking. Her palms were sweaty and she kept looking down, closing her eyes.

"You okay?" he prompted.

"That was the hardest thing I think I've ever done. The baby kept kicking and kicking and kicking me when I was trying to breathe for that boy... and his kicking made me lose my breath,"

"Oh my God, why didn't you let me breathe?"

"Because I couldn't do compressions because I'm so big,"

"Well I could've done both," Mulder pointed out.

"Yeah, but you don't understand-," she was interrupted.

"I do. I do understand. I knew you couldn't shove down that doctor instinct, I knew you had to feel involved. It's okay,"



"You know me that well? This is a little spooky Mulder,"

"That's my name! Why would that surprise you?" he chuckled.

"I don't know, I just never realized how much you know about me,"

"I know everything about you, when it comes to your emotions, pretty much," he replied, dropping her hand as they neared the front door.

"So where's my surprise?" she was curious, since there wasn't anything out of the ordinary outside the house.

"Right here, two feet inside this door," he opened the door and tried to block her surprise, but it wasn't working. Scully's jaw dropped at the sight of pink and red rose petals trailing up the stairs.

"Mulder," she gasped, clutching her chest and staring at the silky fresh petals.

"Follow, you're path Scully. It's fate." He smiled. His hand fell to the small of her back and guided her up the stairs. She stopped half way up and grasped a small amount of petals in her hand, feeling their silky texture. She turned around to him on the stairs.

"Can I kiss you?" he asked, cupping her face in his hands.

"You don't have to ask anymore," she giggled with tears in her eyes. Mulder closed his eyes and slowly lowered his head, taking her lower lip into his mouth slowly. She kissed him back gently, her mouth quivering from excitement and nervousness. His one hand fell to her back and lowered her to sit on the step, never breaking the kiss. He kneeled between her legs and kissed her lips more fiercely, pulling her head to his. She whimpered a moment and then her hand came up to his head, running her fingernails through his short brown hair. Her lips trailed down his neck instinctively searching for his hot spot, just behind the ear. His cheek pressed against hers as she licked and planted open mouth kisses on his neck. Finally a deep moan from him and he went ridged with excitement. Scully felt him jolt, as if electricity had run through him. He pushed himself against her at the sensation and became more eager to touch her body.

Mulder began opening the jacket buttons and she fumbled with his tie, not meeting each other's eyes. Scully knew if she looked at him, she'd blush madly from wanting him so much. At last, Scully freed Mulder from the tie and managed to slip his collard shirt from his shoulder. His tan biceps bulged proudly, blue veins rising to the surface of the skin as his muscles flexed while he slid her shirt off of her.

"God this feels...so good," she breathed harshly, as he kissed his neck and she rubbed her face against his.

"Ahh yeah," he groaned.

"Mulder...hang on Mulder," she tried to stop him, pushing her palm on his chest.

"You okay?" he asked concerned.

(In Scully's Head;) Should I tell him? Or...should I let him find out on his own? No that wouldn't be good...but his face would be so funny! Hum, I don't know what I should do!

"I'm more than okay Mulder," she gave a quirky smile. Mulder stayed at a distance where eye contact was comfortable, yet he fingered her bra straps. And then he noticed something different, that there were little tiny hooks at the tops of the cups.

"Just another change, I'm assuming?" Mulder grinned, and she giggled lightly, two fingers perched in front of her mouth, "Is there something else you stopped me for Scully?" she giggled some more.


"Well?" he grinned.

(In Scully's Head;) Why am I having such a hard time forming these words? I'm a doctor for Christ's sake! But he's a man...a man that wants to...oh gosh! I have to tell him!

"Mulder...don't, um, don't suck on my nipples very hard. And that's your warning," she giggled a bit more and blushed a dark pink color. His grin turned to a smile as he blushed.

"This is so funny!" he laughed, putting his hand to his forehead and sat more comfortably on the stairs.

"Yeah," she laughed, "I'm sorry,"

"Don't be sorry. I'm thrilled you're having my baby, but I just-It's hard to believe we had such little time to get to know each other and then all these changes happened! Sometimes, it's like I never know what I'm going to get out of you everytime we make love,"

"Well all you're gonna get outta me is the beginnings of milk!" she giggled, "I understand, I never know what to expect every morning I get up. Don't worry, one day we'll know exactly what we're getting." She smiled.

"I hope so!" he smiled.

"Oh man, it's really hard to get back in the mood now," she replied.

"I can get you there. All I gotta do is look at you like this and then kiss you," Mulder answered, giving her a serious, 'I wanna kiss you' nervous kindof look. She watched him as he lowered his lips near hers, and she could barely keep from laughing at him. At last his lips met hers and the seriousness was back just as quick as it left. His hands retched around her back and unclasped her bra and then slowly peeled it down her arms, not breaking his kiss. He threw it behind him and by accident it landed on the bottom railing post. Her head fell back on the stair above her, and his kisses trailed down her tender neck, her arms were hooked under his, pulling him up onto her.

Scully positioned him comfortable on top of her and ran her fingers over his abs, feeling the stubble of hair trailing from his belly button into his pants. She losened his belt and heard the clinging of the metal, combined with their kissing noises and harsh breathing.

"UMM!" she groaned and pulled back from him, grabbing her belly at the bottom of her abdomen.

"What is it?" he breathed, leaning back to give her some space.

"The baby has the hiccups. It's very distracting," she confessed with a smile.

"Do you want to stop?" he asked, looking disappointed.

"No! No, I don't," she answered quickly, trying to mold her face into a serious look again.

"Okay," he replied and leaned back down and began planting light kisses on her breast bone, licking around her cross necklace.

"You're cross. I didn't notice you still wear it," he mumbled, while continues licking her chest.

"I'm trying to make love to you and you bring up my faith, what a turn off!" she chuckled. He began laughing, his face still pressed to her chest, the sound vibrations rippled through her body, giving strange sensations.

"We've never laughed this much while trying to make love, that's for sure," he leaned back, watching her face, while he unbuttoned her slacks.

"Maybe we're getting really comfortable?" she asked, as he slid them down her smooth pale legs.

"I wouldn't say that. I'll always be nervous around you Scully," he mumbled as he let his fingers lightly trail up her legs, dipping into her inner thighs.

"Oh my!" she breathed, sucking in her breath fast as he tickled and teased the sensitive skin of her inner thighs, "Why are you...ner..vous?" she tried to put together a sentence, but it was becoming harder everytime she tried.

"Because I don't want to mess up, I love you," he replied, as he lowered his head to her apex. Her bright red curls peeked out of her panties through the edges, he could see a wet spot on them where her arousal pooled.

"Oh God," she gasped, anticipating his tongue, she knew he was close to her, feeling his hot breath his the insides of her thighs, making her even hotter.

Mulder slid his forefinger along her opening, pulling the elastic away from her skin, teasing her and spreading her wetness around in her wiry curls. Then he stopped and pulled them off of her, revealing to himself just how aroused she really was.

"Oh God, I can't take this Mulder," she moaned and squirmed on the stairs, almost pushing herself up another stair just to get away from his teasing. He hook his hands under her thighs and put her face to her bundle of nerves, licking between her folds and massaged her throbbing sex. Scully grabbed her belly low and held it there, praying to God that the baby would stop hiccuping. It was really ruining her mood and she didn't want Mulder to get discouraged.

"You're coming Scully, there's so much, it's so good baby," Mulder shouted to her and her other hand came down to hold her belly.

"Ahh God please" she screamed. To Mulder, it was a good scream, but really she was asking God to make the baby stop!

Mulder continued tasting her, but couldn't handle it much more. When he released his old on her, she sat up and rubbed her belly with one hand, and with the other, helped him pull off his pants.

"Hurry...Mulder," she breathed, completely exhausted already. His jeans were successfully thrown on the floor, but neither of them could wait much longer. Mulder tugged his boxers to his knees and then pushed into her hard and fast.

Mulder felt his release right then and there. The powerful surge of liquid blasted into her womb, covering her insides his sticky fluid.

"Wow, that was fast," she gasped, her baby blue were wide and large, staring at him. His eyes were closed as he felt himself pulsing within her, and then he slowly laid down half on her, half beside her.

"Hell, I didn't even get to move!" he chuckled a little and then tried to catch his breath. Scully looked over at him, his eyes were closed, his hair line dripping with sweat.

"I had you that turned on huh? I didn't do much," she chuckled, pulling the damp locks of hair from his eyes.

"Oh my God Scully, you have no idea. You did a lot. All you have to do is look at me just the right way...and oh God you're such a good kisser,"

"I am?" she was surprised and he finally opened her eyes to look at her.

"Yeah, really good," he confessed with a shy smile. Scully closed her eyes for a moment, stroking her belly once more.

"Is he settled?" Mulder asked, putting his hand on her tummy.

"No, when is he ever? He's your son!" she chuckled, pulling him out of her and sitting up. She plucked her panties from the banister with an perplexed look on her face. She pulled them on and turned to Mulder, who had spawned out on the staircase. She picked up some rose petals and trickled them from his pecs all the way down to his crotch. His eyes opened quickly when he felt them hit his limp penis.

"Am I good at this or what?" he referred to the Valentine's surprise, although she didn't take it that way.

"Good? Mulder you couldn't even make it to the bedroom!" she laughed.

"ME! You started it!"

"I didn't, you kissed me!"

"But you looked at me, you know that look Scully," he insisted, smiling.

"What look?' she laughed denying her seduction gazes.

"That look! See! There, right there!" he pointed at her.

"I don't look like that right now!" she laughed shaking her head at him.

"Uh huh, look, look at what you just did to me!" Mulder was serious now, pointing to his groin at a full erection.

"Oh my God, that's really spooky!" she laughed, getting up and gathering their clothing. She began walking up the stairs, trying to finish following the trail of roses, when Mulder grabbed her calve, stopping her. He was lying directly under her and having fascinating thoughts about the proportions of her body at the say time saying "Hey you're not gonna leave me like this are you?!"

She gave an evil laugh and continued up the stairs into the bedroom following the roses. There on the bed, was a hug pile of them, so silky and fresh, making the room smell like a sweet summer day. Mulder came up behind her, grabbing her around the shoulders, and pressing his hard-on into her back.

"That is really beautiful,"

"Not as beautiful as you. I say tonight, we make love in every room of this house?" he proposed.

"Not every room! We better stay out of that nursery!" she giggled as he spun her in his arms and pushed her down on the bed.

"We're finally home, and we're alone, and I am ready to make love all night long," he announced crawling onto the bed. She moved so that once he laid she could be on top.

"Oh God this is really fun sometimes," Scully giggled, falling on top of him. He laughed with her and kissed her neck.

Chapter 51-Contractions

1013 Apex Drive

Arlington, Virginia

3:01 am

(In Scully's Head;) God I just can't sleep! Joshua, please settle down! I wonder why he does this? Am I not keeping him up enough during the day? I guess that's ridiculous, he's a baby, but geez!

Scully turned her head towards the windows, watching the moonlight stream through the clear, icy cold window pane. Her hands rubbed her belly softly, as her baby boy seemed to roll around, every so often pressing his foot hard against her abdomen as if he were stretching. Scully tossed and turned, she couldn't get comfortable, making the bed creak with her every move. She listened for a few moments and heard Mulder's steady, deep breathing. She cuddled up to his back and ran her hand over his side, finally holding him. He moaned, sensing her presence, or at least someone's presence, trying to wake him.

"Mulder," she breathed into his hear gently.

"Hum," he moaned sleepily.

"You awake?"

"I am now," he mumbled, but he stayed still.

"Would you do something for me?" she asked.

"Depends," he uttered.

"Go to the store?" she replied.

"Ugh...whattya want?" he groaned, tossing the warm covers aside and stumbling to his feet.

"Oatmeal, and cooked carrots," she explained shyly.

"Cooked carrots?!" Mulder winced, wondering why in the hell she wanted that combination.

"Yeah," she confirmed, as she sat up, watching him throw on boxers and sweats. She pulled the thin sheet up around her breasts and continued watching him.

"I'll be back," he mumbled, leaning on the bed to kiss her. One small quick peck on her lips, and he pulled back. He quickly knelt beside the bed, with his hand on her belly.

"Hey lil guy, I'm really gonna have to teach you food combinations aren't I?" he chuckled, and then proceeded out the bedroom door. Scully sat for a few moments, holding her seven-month belly in her hands.

"Well, since you won't let me sleep, I might as well do something," Scully talked out loud. Her eyes caught their overnight bags, forgotten on the bedroom floor. She scurried out of the bed and bent to retrieve the small planner that was left in Mulder's pocket.

"Hum, I wonder what he really wrote about me! I didn't even know he wrote, well I new he wrote. He's very intellectual, but a diary?" Scully talked to herself. She sat on their bed and opened the first page.

February 14th 1999

Well here we are, in Kroner, Kansas. Another kooky case I've been assigned to and I drug my partner along once again. All this talk about Valentine's Day has me really sick, just thinking about it. I feel bad for Scully, she deserves someone to love her and be romantic with, especially on this day. God, when Sheila kissed me today and Scully caught me, I was mortified. I wished it was Scully I was kissing. She's so beautiful, and I know I can never tell her. She'd probably kick me to the curb faster than I can say 'conspiracy'. I know how much her work means to her, and she'd never let the kind of relationship I want with her, come between that. But nonetheless, I am sitting here in my hotel room, by myself, alone on Valentine's Day, when I want to be next door, in Scully's hotel room, kissing her, making love to her.

"Oh my God!" Scully gasped, letting out the breath of air she was withholding while she read.

February 16th 1999

Well, last night, I didn't end up making love to my partner, no...a fucking cow came crashing through my ceiling! No lie, a horrible tornado here in the corn fields of Kansas last night. I think Holman Hardt has some kindof power, I think he's controlling the weather. Can you imagine Scully's face, if I told her that? Probably almost as shocking as if I told her I am in love with her. Look at this....my mind strays to her in moments, I don't even know what I was writing about. But I am in love with her, I have been, I just don't know how to tell her. Sometimes, my want for her gets so painful, both physically and emotionally. It scares the hell out of me, because sometimes I can barely control myself around her. The physical attraction is the hardest, I am around her and just wanna throw her down and make love to her. Mentally, I keep struggling with the fact that I'm in love with her and I cannot tell her. I wonder how she feels about me? Often times I catch moments where I sense her own sexual frustration, but does she love me back?

"I cannot believe I'm reading this! He wrote this about me?" Scully continued to speak out loud as she read on.

(In Scully's Head;) He could sense the tension too? God I wanted him so badly sometimes. I remember that night, Valentine's Day. I was lying on my bed, after just getting out of the shower. Completely naked, totally debating on taking the risk, but I didn't, I didn't know how he felt. All that time, he loved me and I loved him. And he fantasized about kissing and making love to me! He thought about kissing me, when he kissed Sheila! Oh wow!

"Scully?" Mulder's voice echoed through the downstairs hallway, as he entered his house, "I'm back,"

"I'll be down in a minute," she yelled, and tucked the planner under her pillow. She got up and waddled downstairs, briefly stopping to pick up some of the smashed rose petals from the stairs.

"Hey, you okay? Your face is all red," Mulder noticed, pressing a hand against her cheek as he leaned in to kiss her. She didn't let him kiss her and pulled away to walk into the kitchen.

"I'm fine, I'm hungry!" she chuckled nervously. Scully ate her oatmeal and cooked carrots, and Mulder just sat with a cup of coffee. Finally they finished and decided to try and go back to bed.

While Scully was in the bathroom, Mulder took to stretching his body across the bed. His hands fell under Scully's pillow and felt a book of some type. Pulling it out, Mulder realized why she was blushing, if she had read the planner.

"You are such a sneak!" he shouted, as the bathroom door opened, "Why did you read this?" he asked, she had a hard time determining his tone of voice.

"You said I could! Last night was Valentine's, but you told me to read it today!" she recalled.

"Yeah but, aww man!" he groaned.

"What's wrong? No big deal, I really enjoyed it Mulder,"

"Yeah but probably think I'm some kindof a pervert! How much did you read?"

"About two entries, from when we were on the Fontaine-Hardt case in Kansas," she answered. She finally sat on the bed next to him, he was holding his head in his hands trying to think.

"Thank God you only read that!" he mumbled.

"Why?" she retorted, "Mulder...tell me. I promise, I won't think anything less of you,"

"I-I kindof wrote some very intimate things about you in there," he admitted.

"Like what? What did you know back then?" she argued.

"Well, I have seen you before...naked, and my imagination went a little overboard," he confessed, not meeting her eyes.

"Oh God, wasn't your porn enough Mulder?" she asked. His eyes shot up at that remark and they finally locked on hers, the blushing heat rising in both their faces.

"I-it was sometimes. Not when we were on cases. I always thought about you, no matter where I was...but when we were on cases and you were just a thin wall away from me, it was extremely hard,"

"I know," she admitted softly, tilting her head down to look at her hands fumbling together nervously.

"Look, maybe we should just go back to sleep. I don't think we need to rehash this out anymore," Mulder suggested, still incredibly embarrassed.

"No, not yet. I want to know how you felt, entirely,"

"You know how I felt, because you felt the same way,"

"I did feel the same way Mulder...but I did something to help me through that and I was wondering if you did too?" she explained, her voice very low and scratchy.

"I did, I wrote about you,"

"But- but...is that...all?" she blushed more.

"Are you asking what I think you're asking?" Mulder grinned, trying to read her face, but it was tilted down and away from him. He took his pointer and middle fingers on her chin, pulling her head up to meet his eyes wither hers, "Yes, I did,"

"You did?" she acted surprised, yet pleased.

"Did you?" he asked curiously.

"Ahh, this is embarrassing. I couldn't help it Mulder." She smiled weakly, her face hot and sweaty just thinking about it.

"Don't be embarrassed. If you ever wanna get turned on Scully, read one of these, I'm telling you there's some wild fantasies in here. But you have to promise you won't get mad at me for writing things about you like this," Mulder explained. She blushed as he leaned back in bed, switching off the light. She sat there, starring at the book in her hands, and then picked it up and opened to a random page.

May 20th 1999

Today, Diana Fowley (bitch) quarantined Scully and I at Ft. Marlene military base. She is trying to keep Cassandra from me, but I will not let her, she's such a kniving witch! I am grateful to her, however, for the mandatory clean-up session. Today was the first time I had ever seen Scully, in her full birthday suit. I thought I was going to pass out. We were forced into showers together, a wall separating us, although that did not keep us from being able to see each other in all our glory. The steamy hot water trickled down over her chest, dripping off her nipples. If there weren't camera and people watching us, I'm not sure I could've contained myself. She has curves, like you wouldn't believe! It's amazing to me how she hides a body like THAT in her suits. This case is hard on me, and when things get hard on me, mentally, I resort to my own world. My own world is nothing but her. She's absolutely gorgeous, naked or not, and I love her. God, this is so agonizing, I wish I could tell her. It gets worse and worse everytime I see her, the tension, the lust, the love, I need her.

(In Scully's Head;) I cannot believe he called Diana a bitch! But she is....and those things he wrote! I have concluded he'd be a great poet. I never knew he looked at me that much, that he had so much trouble keeping his hands off of me. God knows I wanted to have him in that shower as well.

Scully glanced back on the bed, Mulder was curled up, his eyes closed completely in a deep sleep. She laid the book inside her nightstand drawer and laid down. She cupped her belly for the usual comfort and then stroked the side of Mulder's face. She could smell him, his clean, sexy masculine scent. Scully curled up to him, burring her head into the crook of his neck, falling into sleep.

Saturday Morning

10:13 am

"Mom?" Scully questioned, speaking into the phone.

"Honey, where on earth have you been?" Maggie Scully instantly asked.

"Sorry mom, we were on a case,"

"A case? Honey you're nearly eight months, you shouldn't be working,"

"I'm fine mom. Mulder's helping me,"

"How is Fox?" she inquired.

"Why don't you come over and see him yourself?" Scully proposed.

"Well, I have to finish dusting and the dishes, I'll be over,"

"Great. If you wouldn't mind, I'd kindof like you to help me with the nursery? I know absolutely nothing and could take some pointers from a great mom,"

"Thanks sweetie. That makes me feel good, especially since you're my only baby girl left. I can't wait for this grandchild!" Maggie exclaimed.

"See you soon mom," Scully concluded and hung up the phone. She continued spreading her cream cheese on her bagel and watched Mulder on the floor, looking under the couch for something.

"You know, you have a great ass," she whispered lowly, watching his behind bend and flex under the tight blue jeans.

"What'd you just say Agent Scully?" he asked, raising an eyebrow as he sat up.

"I said, what are you looking for," she covered up, chewing on a piece of bagel.

"My wallet. I think it fell out of my back pocket," he answered, finally finding it between the couch cushions, "Your mom coming over?" he asked as he approached her.

"Yup," Scully answered.

1013 Apex Drive

Arlington, Virginia


"Dana, oh my you're huge!" Maggie exclaimed as she entered the house.

"I know. It's a lot of water weight, the baby is actually small,"

"Oh, I'm sure it's ok,"

"He," Mulder stepped in smiling.

"We think," Scully interjected with a smile as she led her mother up the stairs. Instantly erotic visions flooded back to her, thinking of how good it felt when Mulder made love to her on the stairs. She blushed but tried to keep walking, until she made it down the hallway to the nursery.

"I just wanna get things set up," Scully announced as she opened the room. It had white walls and no curtains, one pine crib on the far wall and a matching changing table. There were many bags full of things Scully and Mulder had bought, clothes, baby books, bottles, you name it, it was in there.

"Are you going to paint Dana?" Maggie asked.

"I wanted to, but were not at all sure of the sex,"

"Why don't you paint it neutral?" Maggie suggested, picking through the bags.

"Yeah, I know. But I really wanted to paint it blue or pink, depending on how things come out!" she chuckled, "I just want you to tell me if I have everything? I feel completely lost mom," Scully sat on the floor next to her mother, going through the bags of baby clothes.

"You'll do better than you think. Have you chosen any names?"

"Joshua," she quickly answered.

"What if it's a girl?"

"I don't want to get my hopes up," Scully admitted, "Plus, nothing goes with 'Mulder'," she laughed.

"You really want a girl don't you?" he mother detected, as Scully's head sank lower and her eyes starred at her hands, folding the clothing.

"It doesn't matter really. I'm glad that God gave me a baby to begin with," she explained.

"Have you been to see Father McCue lately?" her mother questioned.

"No, I haven't been to church for an embarrassingly long time. Which reminds me, I've been thinking a lot about this lately, and Mulder and I need to get married before this child comes. I don't want a big wedding, so I think maybe we'll just go to the court house," she mentioned, standing up and rubbing her hands on the blankets in the crib.

"Dana, that is nonsense. Why wouldn't you want to me married in a church?"

"Because mom...it's just not me. I haven't been there for ages, and I would be very embarrassed about the rules I've broken. This baby did not come after marriage like it's supposed to," she began to sob, obviously a painful wound in her heart.

"But your baby did come from love Dana. You love him, and Mulder loves him. And he'll have a house and a mom and dad just like any other Catholic child,"

"But it's not the same. What will they think of me?" Scully began to cry and Maggie's arm held her by her shoulder.

"Hey...look at me, everything will be fine, trust your mother,"

"Is everything okay?" Mulder asked, concerned, as he peeked his head in the door.

"Everything will be fine," Maggie nodded, still pressing Scully's head into her shoulder. Mulder nodded and closed the door with a frown on his face, wondering what was wrong with Scully.

"Sit down," Maggie instructed and Scully backed up and slowly sat in a rocking chair, "You and Fox need to pick a date, and I'll make the reservations,"

"I...I don't know, I'll have to talk to him," Scully replied, wiping her tears away and blinking her watery eyes.

"Haven't you talked to him about this yet?"

"Not really, we haven't had any time," Scully frowned, knowing she should have made time. Maggie Scully stood up quickly and walked to the door, she opened it and coincidentally, Mulder was standing right there.

"Hi," he gave a goofy 'I'm busted' smile.

"Were you listening Fox?" Maggie asked.

"Yeah...I was worried about her," he admitted, motioning towards Scully.

"I'm fine," she answered in her normal tone. Mulder walked passed Maggie and he kneeled in front of her.

"We need to pick a date Fox...to marry you," Maggie clarified.

"How about, today?" Mulder chuckled.

"No, not today!" Maggie laughed.

"Why not? We have time, and I want to marry her...because I love her," Mulder stood up and kissed her on her head.

"My you are so sweet. I'm so happy for you too...if only your father was here, Dana, and Melissa," Maggie thought.

"I know mom...Mulder..." she began.

"That's me!" he smiled.

"Today, I think we should. I changed my mind and I want to be your wife, now," she admitted.

"But honey, you don't even have a dress,"

"Mom, I doubt I could find one that would fit, it's no big deal,"

"Have you thought about a honeymoon yet?" Maggie questioned. Scully began to blush and Mulder covered for her.

"I think we should leave that up to me, I'm great with surprises." Mulder smiled in pride. Scully smiled too.

"Well, then. I guess I'll go call the church and see if they have an evening opening. Are you sure you want to do this Dana? None of your friends or family will be there," Maggie pointed out.

"I'm sure mom. It doesn't matter where I am, or what I'm dressed in. It matters that I love him, and I do," Scully elaborated as she stood up, taking a hold of Mulder's hand.

Arlington Catholic Church


Scully stood in the ladies bathroom, checking her make-up and hair. She wore a normal FBI suit, which fit her the best out of all of her clothing. Luckily though, it was a light tan color, which helped get back to the traditional white; although she was no where near a pure virgin.

(In Scully's Head;) This is it. I never thought I'd get married, especially after I found out I had cancer. So much has changed, yet I've been with Mulder for so many years. I know him, I feel comfortable with him, more than anyone else. I find myself clinging to him more and more. It scares me that I'm loosing control, I don't know how to live by myself anymore. I don't know what I ever did without him, I do love him. Oh...I feel you kicking in there Joshua. You're making my butterflies worse, now stop it! Are you ready to go see daddy?

Scully exited the bathroom and walked down the isle with her one hand on her belly. Mulder stood at the other end, watching. Maggie stood next to him, and the Reverend stood waiting and watching, as well. Scully waddled down the isle, until she met them at the end, blushing.

"Let's get this over-with," she chuckled, they al smiled and chuckled too. Mulder noticed Scully's clingyness to the baby, she had not moved her hand from her tummy since they arrived.

"You okay?" Mulder asked, grinning and glancing at her belly.

"Yeah," she gave an awkward, nervous look and rubbed the underside of her belly.

"I don't suppose I need to tell you how I feel about you. You already know, but Scully, you will never understand the depth of it. I love you so much, I want to be with you forever, and I love the baby we've created. I'm so happy, I can't even think of anything to say," Mulder began his vowels. He watched Scully's face, holding her hand as a tear pooled in the corner of his eye. Scully already had glassy eyes, trying to hold them back.

"You...you don't have to say anything Mulder," she sniffled, "I can see it when you look at me. I can feel it when you hold me. We know each other so well, that we don't even use words anymore, it's funny. But I love you too, and I want to spend the rest of my life with you and our baby boy," Scully finished, Mulder slipped a wedding band onto her left hand, and her tears started to fall, one landing on his hand as she watched him. He looked up and so did she; Mulder's hands drifted to her cheek and wiped away her tear drops. She put a ring on his finger and they turned to the Reverend.

"By the power invested in my by the Catholic Church, I now pronounce you, husband and wife. You may kiss your bride," the Reverend recited. Mulder leaned down to Scully, as she was much shorter than him. His lips met hers in an embarrassingly hungry kiss. Scully pulled back quickly, not expecting his tongue, especially in front of her mother! He just smiled and she blushed.

"Ahhhhh," Scully gasped, grabbing her belly a few seconds later.

"Scully?" Mulder leaned towards her, holding her belly too.

"Dana, honey, what's wrong?" Maggie tried to help too.

"Ahhouuuu," she moaned, slowly bending over, holding her huge tummy, "I like I'm...I'm going into premature labor,"

"Should I call 911?" asked the Reverend, concerned.

"No it's okay," Maggie answered.

"What are you talking about Maggie? We've got to get her to the hospital!" Mulder yelled, alarmed.

"Fox, calm down, she'll be fine," Maggie tried to clam him. Scully settled on the floor, leaning against the booths. She was breathing hard, holding her head down, eyes shut, trying to endure the pain.

"Breathe Scully, remember to breathe," he coached her, holding her hand.

"Time it Mulder!" she demanded, her breaths becoming labored.

"Dana, it'll be over in a few seconds," her mother kneeled beside her. Finally it was over, and Scully sighed, small balls of sweat forming on her neck.

"I don't think this is...labor mom," Scully gasped, holding her belly.

"I don't think so either. Perhaps it's false contractions?" Maggie suggested.

"I think so, that was too fast. And the baby is way too high right now. He hasn't dropped yet," Scully breathed.

"Fox, I want you to take her to your doctor's, right now," Maggie instructed.

"Where are you going mom?"

"Back to your house I believe, and finish up on that nursery for you. I'll be there when you get home, if you like,"

"Okay," Scully breathed as Mulder helped her stand up and leave the building. He held her around the waist, and she was bent, holding her belly as she tried to wobble out of the church.

Chapter 52-Doctor's Know Best

In the car


"Are you okay,"

"Oh God it hurts!" Scully breathed and screamed. Mulder drove with one hand on the wheel, the other, holding her hand.

"You're scaring me Scully. Is this it?!"

"I don't know!" she shouted, getting frustrated.

"We'll be there soon. Hang in there Scully, I know you're tough,"

"Mulder, please...just...shut up," she whimpered, bending over in the seat to crouch up into a ball. Mulder stopped talking, he knew she was upset and scared. Some of her screams worried him, the pitch made his ears ring in the confines of a car. The contractions were coming at about seven minute intervals, Mulder tried to time, them, but it was hard, while he tried to drive and comfort Scully.

Arlington Hospital


"Rebecca...thank you for meeting me here," Scully managed to choke out, as she stumbled to the woman. Mulder was standing behind her, his arms wrapped around her waist supporting her walking.

"Okay Mr. Mulder, tell me what's going on, while they get her in the examination room. A few other nurses came and surrounded Scully. Other male doctor's helped her climb, painfully onto the bed. Once she was lying on her back, Scully had to take a moment to breathe deeply.

"We...were...we were at church," he stuttered.

"Then what?" the doctor prompted quickly.

"She hunched over, moaning that she was in pain,"

"Okay, a lil faster," the doctor was getting antsy.

"Um, she said she thought it was false labor contractions or something like that. We timed them in the car, and they have been coming at like seven minutes then five, then nine, then back to seven,"

"Okay, that's all I need to know. Excuse me, Marrisa, get this man in a scrub please," Doctor Trite commanded a nurse walking by.

"Is this it? I'm not ready yet!" Mulder began to panic.

"Calm down Mr. Mulder. She will not have this baby today unless something goes majorly wrong. You just have to be in uniform before entering the facility, and I figured you wanted to be with her?" the doctor explained. Mulder nodded, speechlessly, and breathing hard. Little tiny beads of sweat hugged his hair line, soaking his dark locks. The nurse pulled on his arm to follow her and he did.

"Dana, the nurse has been timing the contractions since you got here, they are very irregular," the doctor concluded as she sat beside Scully on the bed.

"Yeah...I feel better know, especially since she laid me on my side,"

"You're left side. Remember that, it increases blood flow to your uterus and helps it relax," the doctor explained.

"What's going to happen?"

"Well, once we get the contractions under control, I definitely want to examine you, see what's going on with this baby,"

"Why did this happen?" Scully kept up the questions.

"Most likely, you were dehydrated and you didn't even notice. It's very common, I would not worry. Everything will be just fine," as she said that, Mulder entered the room. He looked scared to death as he slowly walked over to Scully's side.

"That face Mulder...you panic face," she chuckled, remembering a discussion they had on his 'faces'.

"Are you gonna be okay?" he asked almost instantly.

"Yeah," she breathed and smiled. Her arms lifted to grip his biceps, "Hold me,"

She moved slightly to give him room and he sat on the bed, leaning down and hugged her.

"I love you," he breathed into her ear in a whisper. She squeezed him tighter and he noticed her tiny sniffles.

"I love you," she answered back.

"Sorry to interrupt, but I'd like to examine Dana now," the doctor interjected, strapping on latex gloves. Mulder stood erect and helped Scully roll over to her back.

"I'll just sit over here," he mentioned nervously.

"Open your legs for me sweetie," the doctor instructed, tapping on the inside of her leg. Scully awkwardly complied and the doctor examined her anatomy.

"You're not dialated at all, this was definitely a false labor. I'm amazed at how calm you stayed, despite Mr. Mulder," she chuckled as she finished prodding around.

"I'm sorry." Mulder smiled at Scully, who was watching his face through the whole examination, even though she was blushing.

"Have you felt her move lately?" the doctor asked.

"Yes, he moves all of the time. I just felt him about an hour ago," Scully answered, knowing that was a good sign. The doctor nodded and changed her gloves, then opened Scully's gown from the front. She molded her long fingers into Scully's flesh, feeling for the baby.

"Let's see...ahhh...there he is. He should be about four pounds right now. He is upside down, which leads me to believe he could've started the contractions when he dropped," the doctor continued.

"Doctor, have you figured out the sex yet? So far we've been considering it a boy and have given him a name, I just don't want to be wrong,"

"Honestly Dana, I feel foolish to tell you, I don't know. Everytime we've had a sonogram, the baby has been in a bad position for retrieving that information. Especially when the umbilical chord was in the way. Do not count out the possibility of a girl. I have seen many parents take a doctor's word for that and it ends up being the complete opposite," the doctor explained and paused, "But, if your baby is a boy, this week in pregnancy, his testicles are almost formed,"

Mulder looked away, blushing now as bizarre images popped into his head.

"However, I do predict this baby will come early," she continued, as she pushed on Scully's sides, "Judging by his position and the false contractions, perhaps our due date calculations were a bit off," she concluded.

"It's possible," Scully shook her head, knowing that she never really keep good track of her menstural cycle.

"So what do we do now?" Mulder asked, walking over to the other side of Scully. Scully suddenly felt closed in, like she was under a microscope when they both stood above her.

"Well, I think we've been successful in stopping the contractions, she can go home in about an hour," the doctor explained. Mulder smiled in relief and held Scully's hand. After a few moments of silence, the doctor began again.

"See, you have me very perplexed. Your breasts are full, I know your due date is much sooner. I'm going to go back over the calculations and I'll have the secretary give you a call tomorrow," the doctor concluded as she shut Scully's gown. Just then, Mulder felt his cell phone vibrate. He looked at the screen and saw a text message from the A.D.

"Scully, I gotta go take this," he mentioned as he walked over to the doorway. Scully finally felt comfortable once no one was around her.

(In Scully's Head;) Oh God, I never thought I'd say this, but I wish this baby would come. I'm so tired of worrying over him, I just want him to be safe. Oh God, that's an incredible feeling when he moves.

"Hey baby," she whispered rubbing her belly, "Are you causing mommy trouble today?" she asked. The baby lay still for a few moments, but Scully kept stroking.

"Hey Skinner, what's up?"

"Mulder, I need the repots on the Shenandoah case,"

"Ahhh Shii-shooooot!" Mulder grumbled, "Can we get them to you on Monday?" Mulder questioned.

"Agent, I need them today,"

"Well, I can't get them to you today. I'm here with Scully at the hospital,"

"Is she in labor!" Skinner jumped at the comment.

"No, it was false labor, I'll be taking her home soon. But we'll be at work tomorrow and I'll give you the reports then,"

"Deputy Director Kersh is not going to like this Agent Mulder, I hope you know that,"

"When is he ever happy with me?" Mulder replied sarcastically.

"Yeah well. Could you at least turn in your travel expenses, drop them off on your way home, so I don't get my ass chewed out?"

"Sir, we don't have any expense reports,"

"Why not?" Skinner asked, shocked.

"Well, I paid for our hotel room while we were there, I don't mind. Because I want this to help convince Kersh to let us on the X-Files,"

"Agent, he's putting up with you and Scully being together-," Skinner was cut off.

"We're married now," Mulder informed.

"Oh..." Skinner gasped.

"I just figured this one time, I'd pay for it, maybe that'll get us some brownie points?" Mulder replied.

"Okay, so all I have to file is the form, so you still have to bring it by and I'll get Agent Doggett's expense reports as well,"

"Sir, they're on my office desk, you can get them," Mulder explained.

"I'll never find them then," he joked.

"Listen, I need to get back to Scully Sir,"

"Sure, I'll make everything nice with Kersh for you. And you take care of her,"

"I will,"

They said their good-bye's and Mulder left the pay phone and advanced towards Scully's room.

1013 Apex Drive

Arlington, Virginia


Mulder opened the front door for Scully and she waddled in sleepily. An aroma hit them like a heat cloud, Maggie Scully had been up to something.

"Maggie?" Mulder called.

"In the kitchen," she answered. They took off their jackets and walked down the hallway into their kitchen. Scully could barely keep her eyes open, but saw her mother fixing dinner.

"Mom," Scully sighed with a smile.

"I thought maybe you'd be hungry by the time you got home," she explained, "It's your favorite, I knew my cooking would make you feel more comfortable,"

"Oh mom" she gasped, giving Maggie a hug.

"What did the doctor say?" she asked casually, as she mashed potatoes with a spatula.

"False labor. But she thinks my due date is off and that it will be sooner," Scully answered as she finally sat down at the dinner table. She peered over the hard wood and the place mats and suddenly had visions of her and Mulder making love. She blushed, closed her eyes and looked towards the wall away from Mulder and Maggie.

"Well that will be nice," Maggie responded.

"Yeah," Scully choked out and Mulder noticed her lack of vocal chords. He looked at her face, which was a pink, flushed look. He gave her a glance that asked 'are you okay' and gave a weak smile and mouthed the words 'I'll tell you later'.

"Okay honey, I'm gonna leave and let you two alone. The only thing you have left to do is paint the baby's room, but I remember when you said you wanted to wait," Maggie recalled.

"Thanks Maggie, you're such a wonderful mom," Mulder hugged her. Maggie walked over to her daughter; they hugged and smiled. Then Mulder escorted her out. By the time he returned, Scully had eaten a few bits of food.

"Hungry?' he smiled.

"Tired, but hey, I'll eat anything anytime these days," she chuckled.

"What were you blushing about?" he grinned.

"Our kitchen table fling!" she began blushing again and she cursed her Irish complexion.

"You're so cute when you blush Scully,"

"I hate it," she chuckled. She played with her food with the fork for a few moments while Mulder stood staring at her.

"Are you sure you're okay with all of this...baby stuff?" he questioned, concerned.

"Yeah, I just wish he was here. I'm really scared for all of this to be happening,"

"Me too. But we'll be fine. Why don't we go upstairs and take a nice bath and I'll give you a massage,"

"That sounds good...but can I take the food?" she grinned shyly.

"What ever you want G-woman,"

They walked upstairs together and the conversation began once more.

"I can't go anywhere in this house with out thinking about a time we've had sex!" She chuckled after she whispered her comment.

"That's the fun of it Scully," he responded, helping her up the stairs. They opened the door to their bedroom, and Scully was amazed that she left things in such a mess! Well, at least there weren't clothes on the floor, that she was greatful for because she couldn't stand that.

"I don't want a bath Mulder, I'll fall asleep," she admitted as he heated up the water. She sat on the bed, tugging her shirt over her head. Mulder came towards her, grinning like something was on his mind. He sat directly beside her and put one of his hands on her cheek. She saw his green eyes turn dark with desire, his gold flecks seemed to pulsate as he looked into her own eyes.

Mulder leaned in a little more, until his bottom lip was touching hers, he felt her lips quiver as if she wanted him really bad, but was nervous to move forward. He meshed his lips to hers in a hungry but gentle kiss, sucking her lip out and then letting it spring back into place. She moaned and opened her mouth to him, the sounds of their lips smacking, echoed through the room. Before she knew it, he had slowly pushed her down on the bed and was lying beside her, still kissing. She felt a sudden gush of arousal and butterflies in her belly. His hands were so firm, holding her head to his, supporting her back with the other.

She finally pushed her tongue into his mouth, surprising him with her move. Although the kiss was full and intoxicating, it remains gentle and loving. After about five minutes of making out, Mulder's hands were drifting along her low abdomen, searching slowly towards her juncture. She felt his hot hands, she knew what he was about to do and she pulled away from the kiss, grabbing his hand and moving it away from that sensitive area.

"I don't want to do this," she breathed, burying her head in his chest to hide her embarrassment.

"I wasn't going to. I was trying to feel the baby kick, didn't you feel him?" Mulder questioned, trying to get her to lift her head.

"Yes, I felt him, but I try to ignore it when we're doing this," she answered, waving her hand between their chests.

"Oh," he shook his head, and placed his hand back on her belly.

"Mulder! The bath water!" she sprang up from his arms glancing into the bathroom from the bed.

"It's fine, you've forgotten it's a big tub and I never plugged it, you said you wanted a shower?" he reassured her. Scully grinned a little and got up, peeling the rest of her clothing off quickly as she walked into the bathroom.

"I'm gonna let you take your shower Scully. I think you need a little time alone," Mulder noticed her insecurities.

"I won't be long, I don't think I can stay awake that long." She smiled, hugging him quickly then closing the door.

Once refreshed by the warm water, Scully emerged from the steamy bathroom wrapped in her fuzzy thick robe. She saw Mulder lying under the covers, he had a piece of paper on top of a hard book, in order to write. His chest was bare, which lead Scully to wonder what else he was lacking, clothing wise. He had his reading glasses perched on the end of his nose, and suddenly she noticed that he was very sexy in them. She went to her dresser and put on some silk baby blue panties. She looked up in the mirror and noticed that Mulder was watching her.

"C'mere," he said in a deep voice. She recognized the tone and it sent a wave of hear through her. She turned silently and padded to him on bare feet. Crawling in bed, he moved the blankets back for her and she lay on her side, facing him, "Let me rub your back." He smiled, nuzzling his nose and mouth in the crook of her neck.

"In the morning," she sighed, "Just hold me," she requested. Mulder put his book and paper on the nightstand, took off the glasses and turned out the light. He spooned her up as well as he could, the baby made that difficult, yet somehow perfect.

Chapter 53-Almost Caught

1013 Apex Drive

Arlington, Virginia


"Good morning," Mulder whispered into Scully's ear. He was lying on his back, his long, strong arms encircled Scully's shoulders, as he back pressed on his chest, she was practically on top of him. Her head fell in the groove of his shoulder and neck, his cuddled near her face, as he drew lazy circles down her arms, connecting the light red freckles. She stirred for a moment, her head falling onto the pillow next to her, her body gently falling with her weight until she was spooned to him on her side. "Scully?" he whispered gently into her ear, pulling back a few locks of auburn hair that had fallen over her angel face. She hummed lightly, breathing out and then moved her arms to push the blankets back. He stopped her and held her one hand in the air, "Where you going?" he asked.

"Bathroom," she moaned, sounding miserable. She slide out of bed the best she could, not evening opening her eyes as she walked towards the bathroom. An instant chill ran through her, as the cold draft his her naked breasts, causing them to swell and her nipples to pucker. She brushed her hair behind her hairs instinctively with her fingers and cupped her lower abdomen, cradling the baby as she waddled in and shut the door.

(In Mulder's Head;) Wonder what's up with her? She doesn't look so happy and cuddly this morning. Maybe she's not feeling good?

For a long while, she stayed in the bathroom, fumbling around in the drawers and turning on the bath water and other various appliances. Finally, Mulder gave up on any hopes of her coming out soon, so he got up and dressed in a dark blue collared shirt, black dress slacks, and blue and black stripped tie, and shoes. For once, he actually made the bed, knowing Scully would not enjoy the mess, so he tidied the room and put everything in it's place, trying to fill up his spare time.

Mulder stood next to his nightstand, the paper he was writing on the night before had caught his eye. It was the case report that was due today, actually it was just a rough outline of his version of the facts, he would type up the dull report once they were at work. He took the paper and folded it into quarters, then slipped it into his pants pocket. At last he heard the hair dryer click off. A few more moments of silence as Scully placed each golden strand in it's place, then she emerged from the heated bathroom.

"You okay?" was the first thing Mulder could ask. He was kindof disappointed that she didn't want to cuddle this morning, but perhaps her hormones just wouldn't allow her?

"Yeah, I'm okay, why?" she questioned, as if his disappointed puppy face wasn't obvious.

"You just seemed upset when you woke up, you didn't cuddle?" he pointed out.

"I know, I'm sorry. I just wasn't in the mood, I didn't sleep well," she answered as she slipped on her slacks and a black shirt.

"I noticed. You were clinging to me all night long. A couple of times you were talking in your sleep," Mulder mentioned.

"I did?" her eyes grew wide.


"What did I say?"

"Nothing I could make out, that's for sure. Do you know any foreign languages Scully?" Mulder joked. She smiled for the first time that morning.

"You ready for work Mulder?" she questioned, noticing his horrible bed-head.

"Yup." He grinned. She walked over to him, standing on her tippy toes she tried to smooth down the little boyish spikes of hair in the back.

"Let's go," he shrugged her off, feeling like a school boy with his mama.

J. Edgar Hoover Building

Washington, D.C.


Mulder and Scully came in the basement doors, walking along the familiar corridors of the FBI's most unwanted. Mulder stopped in front of the wooden door to his office, unlocking it. Once opened, he flipped on the light, murky air hit them, and astonishment made their jaws drop as they peered at the office.

"Oh my Lord," Scully gasped, her eyes wide, jaw dropped as she scanned the room.

"I guess they did some housekeeping upstairs," Mulder dryly joked as he shut the door. Scully starred at Mulder's desk in disbelief, it was piled high, end to end full of old case files that needed to be put back in Mulder's cabinets. Obviously they had been across various desks, Skinner, Kersh, perhaps Krycek or Cancer Man's or even Doggett's. And someone finally gathered them up, and personally delivered them to the heart of the X-Files, Fox Mulder's murky office.

Scully glanced at her own desk, which was also filled with large brown boxes, lose case files, and even extra office supplies.

"I cannot believe this mess! Look at all this stuff Mulder!" Scully marveled, gripping an extra-terrestrial sightings book, holding it up in the air and then sarcastically plopping it back in the box with a thud and a cloud of dust. Mulder could tell Scully was not happy with all the work they were going to be doing today. It would probably take nearly an hour or so just to clear her desk enough to turn on the computer, and by then it'd be another hour or so writing her report for Skinner. As for Mulder's desk might take days, all that junk was added to his previous, endless pile of junk that he never cleaned up. Taped to his desk lamp, Mulder found a handwritten note from Skinner:

In the course of your absence, the Bureau has had it's annual cleaning day. Here are all returned case files and reports, that must me accounted for and re- filed. As well as some boxes of new office supplies, from which you can choose to keep anything you like and return the rest to Agent Miller.

Assistant Director

Walter Skinner

"Here ya go Scully," Mulder folded the letter in a paper airplane, and childishly threw it to her. Her face frowned, she raised her eyebrows in a threatening glance, although the gesture was loosing effect on him.

"This is a bunch of BS, I didn't even know we had this many freaking cases!" Scully vented as she began pushing boxes off of her desk.

"Hey look, stop it. I don't want you lifting this crap!" Mulder shouted, walking over to her desk.

"I'm not lifting it, I'm pushing it!"

"Well, stop! I'll do it,"

"You've got enough of your own junk!" she argued in a loud tone.

"I know, but let me do your desk first, so that you don't catch hell from Skinner about your repot being late!"

"What purpose would that serve? Then yours will be late,"

"If you haven't noticed, I don't really give a damn!" Mulder shouted at her, getting upset with himself for loosing his temper.

"Well maybe you should Mulder, this is our job,"

"Well I didn't hear that come out of your mouth two seconds ago. When did you become so accepting?"

"Mulder, please stop fighting with me,"

"Well stop being so...so....just let me help you," he expressed.

"Mulder! I'm fine!" she screamed, closing her eyes. She let out a big sigh, putting her hand to her forehead almost covering her eyes.

"You are really loosing it Scully. You're not making any sense anymore, you're just shouting. Please talk to me," Mulder pleaded. She kept her eyes closed, unable to face him. He came around her desk, and placed his hands on her shoulders and began massaging the knotted muscles. He gently leaned down to kiss her neck and nuzzled her hair, that was so fragrant with her shampoo.

"You worry me," she admitted, pausing and then continued, " The other day, at the doctor's. Mulder you were really scared, I don't know how I can handle that,"

Mulder pulled his hands off of her shoulders and proceeded to dump the junk off of his chair so that he could sit. He leaned his elbows on the edge of the desk and put his head in his hands.

"I'm not mad at you Mulder. We just need to talk about this, because when this baby comes, I don't want either of us panicking like that,"

"I know," he mumbled. She came by his side, her bulging belly right beside his head.

"Lift that head Mulder, I'm not upset,"

"Yeah, well, I'm embarrassed. I wasn't there for you like I should have been,"

"Yes you were," she corrected with a gentle touch on his shoulder, "Didn't you notice during the whole examination, I was looking at you! Listen, we just need a plan,"

"Those childbirth classes helped a lot Scully, but everything flew right out the window when I thought you were in labor," Mulder confessed, finally lifting his head, looking forward to the wall of files in front of him.

"We'll just have to remember, and be more prepared. I heard you tell the nurse you weren't ready Mulder," she chuckled, "We are ready, I guess I should have told you this before. At the bottom of our closet is a bag, with clothing and stuff for you and me and the baby. Bring that to the hospital when it's time," she explained.

"I'm not worried about that, although it's one less thing for me to do. Like in the car Scully, you seemed mad at me when you were having those contractions, I didn't really know if you wanted me or not, I didn't know what to do,"

"It's going to be like that Mulder. During labor, one minute I'm going to be yelling at you and the next I'm going to want you. I just know that's how it'll be and that's what you have to endure and overcome, in order to help me,"

"I will...because I love you," he finally glanced up at her, meeting her eyes. She felt relief by seeing him, she nodded and smiled while fighting back tears.

"I love you too," she reciprocated, "Mulder...what if this baby isn't a boy?" she asked.

"I will still be happy, trust me," Mulder replied with a nod and a smile.

"No, I mean a name, we can't call her Joshua," Scully chuckled.

"Joshina?" Mulder joked, "Let's just pick her name when she comes, so we can see what she looks like!" Mulder smiled.

"Okay, but I have a confession to make," Scully began, "If this kid's a girl, you are painting her nursery pink! Got it!" Scully chuckled.

"You wanna be a girlie girl Scully?" Mulder grinned with a smile.

"Yes, it'll be the only little girl I'll ever have Mulder," she realized, softly lowering her head.

"Now that's not true. Miracles happen twice," he tried to reassure her, she just smiled.

"We need to get back to work," she changed the subject abruptly.

"This is gonna take days, I'm in no rush," Mulder explained, standing up. Before Scully could say a word, he grabbed around her waist and picked her up to sit on the edge of his desk, a piece that was not occupied by files.

"What in the world are you doing," Scully asked, her hands pressed again his chest, fingers slipping through the button-holes, feeling his chest hair.

"Well, you're too short and I'm too tall, so I fixed it," he joked as he cupped her face. He leaned down slowly and began kissing her neck, pulling and stroking her bones and tendons with his lips. A feather light, hot breath floated up her skin, making goose-bumps appear and she shivered. Surprisingly to Mulder, she returned the caresses by tilting her head down to his ear and began kissing and sucking on his ear lobe.

"I want to make love to you, right now," he whispered into her ear, as her stroking hands on his back, stopped.

"Mulder, we can't-," he cut her off, hugging himself to her, trying desperately to mold himself to her body.

"Please, I need to feel you," he begged, kissing her jawline with enthusiasm. Her hands lifted up to his hair, curling her fingers around the light brown strands.

"Mulder, we're at the office. We cannot do this, what if we get caught?" she argued.

"Then we get caught. Like they're really gonna do anything. No one in this building has any balls anyways,"

"You do," she giggled under her breathe with her innuendo, "Mulder, they could throw us off the X-Files,"

"Nah...c'mon, just don't think. Remember 'we're gonna make contact, we're not gonna think, just let if fly Scully'," Mulder repeated a familiar phrase to her.

"Mulder...just....ugh, okaaaay, just quick one," she breathed, but was obviously still coherent enough to know that they were still in their office and in the FBI building.

"How in the hell are we gonna do this?" she spoke her thoughts out loud, thinking about how big she was and how there was lack of room in their office at the moment.

"The floor," Mulder concluded, kicking most things out of the way, so that there was room for her to lay beside the desk.

"If I get down there, I will never get up!"

"I'll help you, don't worry," he answered, holding her hand and arm as she sat on the floor. She noticed that once she was down there, no one would be able to see her if they walked in. Nor Mulder, perhaps, for the stacks of files and books was overwhelmingly high. Mulder lowered himself to the floor, lying next to her. Her eyes looked like she was in a trace, like she wanted to make love to him, yet she was holding something back, thinking to herself. Mulder noticed her eyes and the questioned in them. He whispered to her "Trust me," and then began kissing her again. Her eyes finally closed and she felt a sudden urge to press her body against his, her arousal becoming hard to manage. So was his apparently, for she felt his hard erection tenting his thin slacks.

"Hips before hands, baby," he mumbled jokingly into her ear. She giggled and cupped the back of his neck, holding his head to her. Scully found his lips with her own and the kiss exploded in a very passionate hungry release.

Scully knew they didn't have all day to make love and needed to get it done. Her eagerness drove her forward as she reached down between their smashed bodies to unbutton and unzip his slacks. Mulder groaned into her neck, feeling her cup his erection as she breathed out. He obviously couldn't take the tension any longer, he rared back to his knees and pulled his slacks down, along with his boxers. Scully wasn't even looking, her eyes were closed and she already felt her walls clenching. She concentrated very hard to wait for him, as he cupped himself, trying to relieve some of the painful pressure. Then Mulder pulled her slacks all the way down to her ankles. The desk drawer next to him-in which he'd bumped his elbow on through all of this-gave him an idea. He remembered through a foggy mind that there is a blanket in there, along with his own clean shirts and possibly some of Scully's panty hose left behind, when she would take them off for a comfort factor. He pulled the screechy drawer open quickly and pulled out a white sheet, and laid it over top of Scully so that she wasn't as exposed.

"Mulder, please!" she whispered, trying to keep quiet. He pulled her legs around his body, holding her tightly by the bottoms of her thighs. He realized he'd had left her panties on by accident, while fumbling through the obstacles of trying to get undressed. He decided to just hold them aside for now, it would do.

Mulder used his forefinger to hold the panty elastic aside as he pushed his erection into her. Scully's sweaty hands covered her face for a moment, wiping away the sweat and heat. Once he began moving, her fingers searched for anything to hang onto to. One perched high on one of the file cabinet handles, the other gripped the sheet lying on top of her. To her surprise, they were being very very quiet for their normal love making routine. So quiet, that she even heard the elevator bell.

(In Scully's Head;) The elevator bell....did I just hear that? Oh God!

"Mulder, Mulder someone's coming," she gasped for air as she communicated to him. Mulder stopped all together and listened for people as he pulled out of her and pulled up his pants, that were becoming annoying bunched at his knees. Scully pulled the blanket over her exposed bottom half and laid silently, panic running through her. Mulder stood up, just as they heard the door creek open.

"Agent Mulder, how are you?" the A.D. asked him.

"Just fine, putting away the FBI's unwanted junk," he choked out.

"Where's Agent Scully?"

"Bathroom," Mulder quickly answered. The only thing he was thankful for, was that where Skinner was standing, he could not see Scully at all. There were so many boxes and junk all over the floor and luckily his desk was enclosed at the bottom.

"Oh, well I just came down to get your reports," Skinner gleamed, noticing a look in Mulder's eyes, "You don't have them do you?" Skinner shrugged, as if he'd expected as much, from Fox Mulder.

"No Sir, all of this junk in our way kindof kept us from the damn computers!"

"Well we have a computer lab, go up there!" Skinner suggested, waving an arm holding a folder at the door.

"I wouldn't write anything on that computer, God knows that's how leaks get out and rumors get started," Mulder argued.

"Well Agent, my butt is on the line here with Kersh, and so is yours and your wife's, if you two do not produce two reports by then end of the day," Skinner explained in an angry tone.

"Do you want what I've started, that way you can at least save your butt?" Mulder asked, holding out a piece of paper from his pocket. Skinner took it and opened it, reading over the scratch notes.

"You know he won't except handwritten papers," Skinner told.

"Yeah I know," Mulder shrugged, "We'll get them to you today Sir," Mulder replied, trying to find any excuse to get him to leave, realizing that arguing with him was keeping him longer. Skinner nodded and his eyes reflected that he didn't believe Mulder, though he turned and headed for the door. As soon as Mulder thought he was leaving, Skinner turned around at stare at Mulder once more. Mulder felt himself shaking, from the aftermath of being caught during orgasm, on top of it, it was his boss!

"Yes Sir?"

"Why are you sweating?" Skinner asked curiously. Mulder licked his lips, tasting Scully, lingering there, as he tried to come up with an answer.

"Uhhh, all this work, of course!" Mulder deadpanned.

"Sure," Skinner remarked as he walked out the door closing it as he left. Scully and Mulder both sighed loudly at the relief of Skinner leaving. Mulder ran to the door and locked it, upset that he'd forgot it in the first place, how could he have done that?!

"Oh my God!" Scully breathed, pulling her panties back in place and slacks back up, from underneath the sheet.

"Yeah," Mulder agreed in a sigh.

"I can't believe we did that!" she blushed as she stood, water in her eyes from the sheer realization.

"I can't believe we didn't get caught...well sortof." He grinned. He advanced towards her and leaned in, a cloud of warmness had settled in the room, "You smell so good after we do that,"

"Oh God, you're ridiculous!" she exclaimed, thinking about how his mind never leaves the topic of sex, when she's around. He smiled, knowing her thoughts, and finally began kissing her lips again.

"Hummm," she hummed and then pulled out of the gentle kiss, "We really need to get to work,"

"Work? That was work! What I just did was work!" he chuckled.

"Paper work!" she clarified with a full smile.

"Yeah," he looked around the room, then at his feet. The blanket lay crumpled and damp in some spots. He coiled it up quickly and stuffed it into his work bag, that had everything else in there that he had intended to take home at some point. Scully noticed that that's what it was for and decided not to let him get away with leaving it pile up any longer.

Moving back to her desk, she sat in her chair, and sighed, wiping her face with a tissue and putting her head in her hands. Her body was still shaking, shocked from the intense waves, happening so quickly, in order to accommodate their time schedule. Scully pulled her hands away from her face and glanced up at Mulder, he was sitting in his chair, looking down, hands on his forehead, reading lenses perched on his nose. The images and feelings couldn't leave her mind or body, she wondered if he felt the same way.

He felt her eyes on him and glanced up, but quickly she lowered her head and pretended that she was actually reading something. Mulder chuckled quietly at her fake attempt to cover up that she was checking him out.

"What's so funny?" she inquired.

"You checking me out." He smiled.

"I was not!" she deny it right away, but smiled, "Okay maybe I was, but Mulder...I can't stop thinking about that!" she blushed, and rolled her eyes.

"I know...that was...hot!" he chuckled, now blushing himself.

"Let's get back to work," she managed, always retreating to a safe place, their work. She knew if the conversation kept on, she'd probably end up on the floor again, whether it was actually making love or just foreplay, she didn't know, but she knew something would happen. She pulled her purse from beneath her desk, checking her weekly planner. Only then did she notice a few things that were in store for them.

Chapter 54- The Baby Shower

Saturday morning


"Hummm," she hummed lightly as she felt Mulder kissing her neck. He had spooned her up all night long, his strong arms wrapped contently around her arms, tightening and pulling her chest to his. His nose nuzzled her hair as he kissed around her ear and the sensitive taunt skin on her neck, as he did, it created a tickling sensation that was driving Scully crazy. She was jolted at the feel of him, suddenly thrown from sleep land to incredibly aroused land. Soft kissing puckers and the feel of his soft lips sucking on her light sent her into a squirming fit and he would not let go. Before either of them knew it, they were laughing. Mulder tickled her lightly, teasing the inside of her thighs, as he knew that was a sensitive spot on her.

"Stop it, Mulder....ahhhh, please!" she giggled and whined as Mulder cuddled her and settled down. He kissed her twice on her lips and then snuggled his face into her hair that spilled out on the pillow.

"What time is it?" she questioned, trying to see over his shoulder at the clock.

"Ten," he mumbled in the pillow.

"TEN!" she shouted and sprung up in the bed. She gripped her huge belly and tried to maneuver in such a way, that she could actually land her feet on the floor.

"Scully...what's wrong?" he asked, sitting up in bed, readjusting his boxers because of his morning erection.

"The baby shower at my mother's....is at twelve," she explained, breathing hard as she wondered around the room like a chicken with it's head cut off.

"Would you calm down? We have plenty of time," Mulder tried to reassure her as he entered the bathroom.

"No we don't, I have to get a shower and dressed and breakfast and..." suddenly she was cut off...by lips. Mulder's lips, who had caught her when she entered the bathroom, rambling like an idiot. She began kissing him back, sensually pulling on his bottom lip with her own lips. She moaned softly as he broke the gentle kiss.

"You're very uptight this morning huh?"

"No, you're just more playful then usual!" she grinned, seeing him holding a can of shaving cream.

"Nah ah uh!" he put his hand with the shaving cream behind his back as she reached for it, noticing her wicked grin.

"C'mon...I need to at least try to shave!" she smiled, knowing that she'd never be able to reach her legs if she wanted to.

"You can't reach your legs, so I don't even wanna hear it," Mulder mentioned as he turned to the mirror and squirted some shaving cream into his hand.

"Yeah, but I have underarms!" she chuckled, knowing that's not what she wanted it for. She stood there watching him, as he lathered his up cheeks and throat, noticing he was not giving her the can. Finally she jumped up at him and smeared the cream all down his chest, raking the white foam through his light chest hair.

"That's it, you're going to get it, if you don't stop it!"

"What are you talking about," she chuckled, "You know I can kick your ass anytime," she turned away chuckling to herself as she grabbed a bath towel. As her hands rose to lift the towel from the rack, Mulder's hands came around her, grabbing the hem of her shirt, pulling it over her head without any warning. She was caught of guard, lost her balance but he cradled her with his slippery chest and heavy arms.

"Who are you kidding? I am the master of sensual acts." He grinned, pulling her hips against him. One of his arms moved to gently lay across her upper chest, his hand holding her right shoulder. The other hand, she saw, coming up in front of her with lots of shaving cream. She watched slowly, as his hand fell against the curve of one breast, spreading the cream over her erect nipple, pinching it as he did. Suddenly, she was jelly in his arms, her head tilted back on his shoulder as his hands traveled down over her belly, smoothing more cream over her protruded belly button.

"Don't even think about it," she mumbled, her eyes closed.

"What?" he whispered into her ear.

"I know where you're going," she mentioned as his hand hovered over her light auburn curls.

"Yeah, I was just gonna help you shave Scully, that's all," he chuckled lightly to himself.

"Sure, that was your intentions," she nodded smiling.

"Always good intentions with you," he replied. She turned in his arms to see his gleaming face, his eyes, the darkest green she had ever seen. He pushed her away from his chest a little and lowered his creamy hands to her big belly. He smoothed the wide expanse of skin and then removed his hands. Scully was about to interrupt his fun when he held up his pointer finger for her to wait. Then he used his finger to draw on her belly, making a distinct shape of a baby. He drew eyes, nose and mouth, eight fingers, two thumbs, ten toes and a belly button. She started to giggle around the time that he started on the baby's hair, making it stand on end like a funny cartoon. She laughed when he did and grabbed him by his neck for a kiss.

"C'mon, we've gotta et movin' here," she mentioned, realizing the time was getting away from her.

"Yeah baby," Mulder joked as he grind his pelvis into hers.

"Hehe...stop it!" she giggled some more after he let go of her and turned around to the mirror. He was ridiculously covered in white foam, literally from head to his belly button, "Let me shave you," she offered, coming up beside him and grabbing the razor from his hand.

"Hey! No woman is shaving me!" he retorted quickly.

"Why not...you let me do everything else to you...you know the occasional gunshot to the shoulder or the 'out of this world' vaccines I've given you or..." he voice trailed off as her eyes took a detour to his groin.

"Oh, so you think because I let you handle things in life threatening situations that that gives you enough authority to put a cold razor blade to my skin?"

"Why not? I've put some cold knives through that skin before," they bantered in fun.

"Yeah well...it's the one thing I have left!" he chuckled as he began shaving his left side.

"I'll make you a deal? You let me shave your face and I'll let you do my legs...trust, Mulder,"

"Heh heh, you only want that deal 'cause you know you can't do your own legs yourself!" he chuckled, "Here," he handed her the blade as he sat on the toilet lid.

"Now Scully, nice and slow, don't be gauging my face up," she joked. Scully raised one eyebrow and gave him a wicked grin. Finally he pulled her down onto his lap, which was very uncomfortable for her, yet straddling him was very arousing. She continued to shave him, getting every piece of hair. She worked seriously, as she does with any task and then finally smiled in the end as she dried his face.

"See, and you thought I was gonna hurt you!" she smiled, kissing his lips lightly.

"You're turn!" he grinned as she stood up. Scully glanced out the bathroom door and saw the clock: 10:45am.

"Mulder, maybe we shouldn't, I mean there's not much time," she chickened out.

"Plenty of time G-woman, now sit down!" he commanded her. She gave a light sigh and sat on the toilet lid. Mulder began lathering her legs, feeling the soft, long, feathery hairs sticking up from her goose-bumps. I should've just waxed, she thought for a moment, when he made the first stroke the wrong way.

"Mulder, sweetie...you have to go up from the bottom," she giggled.

"Don't start with me," he gave a serious face, but she knew he was joking. Finally he did it the right way and got both of her legs smooth with not nicks. But as he dried her legs, he let his head fall towards her knees where her legs were barely parted. Then he started licking the insides of her thighs, using the flat of his tongue and then small little tickling strokes. She felt a sudden dizzy feeling as a familiar hot rush of twinge hit her, pooling in liquid desire.

Her hands were pressed back, one on the sink and the other on the edge of the toilet, supporting herself as Mulder and his lips made their journey to her apex. His hands held her legs apart just enough for his head to fit cozily. As soon as she felt his lips sucking on her through her panties, she almost lost it. One of her hands came up to push his head away, betraying what her body was feeling.

"You okay? Did I do something wrong?" he asked, completely alarmed by her facial expression.

"I'm no very comfortable,"

"With this?" he asked, trying to motion what he was doing.

"No, not that. The position. I'm sorry, the baby...it's just so big and awkward,"

"It's okay," he chuckled. He looked up at her chest and then down at his own, "I guess we should probably get showers," he mentioned noticing the shaving cream, dried and was starting to flake off. She nodded.

Margaret Scully's Residence


"Dana, honey where have you been?" her mother greeted her in the front yard, obviously frustrated.

"I'm really sorry mom. We had a bit of trouble this morning,"

"What kind?" Maggie asked, ushering her daughter and Mulder into the house. There were about ten cars parked outside in the front lawn and Scully felt the overwhelming feeling of social anxiety come over her. Mulder followed them inside and hung up their coats.

"Oh mom, the decorations and all...you shouldn't have!" Scully marveled, looking around the hallway and glancing in a few rooms, "Who all did you invite anyway?"

"Oh, I have a few surprises for you!" Maggie sounded rather excited, "Some people are here that you didn't even expect to be.,"

"Oh God help me," she muttered under her breath. Maggie left go of her daughter's shoulder and went ahead to let the guests know that she was here. Mulder gave a weak smile, obviously he was nervous too. She took his hand, noticing right away that it was sweaty.

"And you were the one telling em to calm down this morning." She smiled, wiping her hand on her pants. Mulder settled with walking behind her as they entered the kitchen. Scully was greeted with a loud "hi" and "hello" from the guests that were congregating on the couch. Her eyes scanned the room and she did notice people she did not expect to be there. Maggie stood beside Scully, when she looked over asking 'how did you get them here' with her expression.

"I talked with Assistant Director Skinner and told him you'd be happy if he came," Maggie answered. Skinner being there didn't surprise Scully as much as another person did.

"What is Agent Doggett doing here?" she asked her mother, keeping an even tone.

"Skinner told me that you and Mulder had worked with him. He was there when I talked to Skinner and he asked if we would mind if he came too," Maggie spoke, as Mulder listened in on the explanation as well, "Go have a seat," Maggie instructed. There was two chairs sitting to the far back of the room, the rest of the seating seemed to circle around, so that everyone could see those chairs. One had a bunch of pink balloons tied to the back and the other had blue ones. Scully opted for the rocking chair, which looked comfortable and had the pink balloons. Mulder took the blue chair next to her.

"Oh gosh, this is weird," she gasped. Everyone broke out in chuckles as they noticed her embarrassed red face. She had one hand protectively laid over her belly, also shielding the size of it.

"So when are you going to tell us if it's a boy or a girl?" Langly asked, as he sat down on the sofa. Scully was completely in a dream world, her baby shower was more complied of men, than women. It was quite comical but she was enjoying it, since they were her friends.

"We don't know actually. We've tried to find out but this kid doesn't like to pose correctly for the cameras," Mulder joked.

"How much longer Agent Scully?" Byers asked, curiously.

"Any day, I'm sure." She smiled as she began to rock the chair unconsciously.

"Hey Dana," a familiar face peeked around the corner. Then he came walking through the room to where she was sitting and he actually smiled and hugged her; it was Bill. Shocked as she was, she smiled and hugged back. Just behind him, was Tara, who looked noticeably pregnant by now, at least five or six months.

"Dana, you look absolutely wonderful!" Tara hugged her and then went with Bill into the kitchen.

"Okay everyone, I am going to start with gifts and then we'll all eat and hang out!" Maggie chuckled and motioned for Mulder and Scully to begin. There was a pile of gifts in front of them and Scully felt overwhelmed, she had never liked people fussing over her. There was a vacant seat next to Scully and Doggett moved there.

"How are you doing?" he asked her.

"I'm doing really good, thank you for coming,"

"I hope you don't mind that I'm here. I just want you to know, even though we haven't worked together long, I do care about you,"

"Thank you, that means a lot to me." She smiled as he handed her a gift. Meanwhile, on the other side, Mulder was joking with Frohike about something that had to do with the New York Knicks basketball team.

Scully opened the pretty pastel baby shower wrapping, and inside was a tiny little sleeper, light yellow and white. Scully smiled and she felt herself tearing up and she knew she couldn't get emotional in front of all of these people.

"Thank you Agent Doggett, this kid does need some clothes!"

"Why, You're welcome Agent Scully. I did have a kid once, so it wasn't hard to pick something up. I know Skinner had a harder time with it, you should ask him about it later," Doggett laughed. Mulder picked up the next present, which was titled to him, specifically.

"Is this for me?" he asked the crowd in front of him.

"Yeah," Skinner nodded. Mulder opened the box and found a baby t-shirt that said 'I bet my daddy is spookier than yours'. Then it had a little picture of an alien spaceship and a background of beautiful stars that looked as if they glow in the dark. Mulder began laughing and held it up for everyone to see.

"It is a joke Mulder," Skinner laughed but tried to make sure Mulder understood. Scully began laughing too as she continued with opening her presents. She had piles of clothing and blankets at her feet, baby toys and rattles, teddy bears and packs of newborn diapers, everything you could imagine, she got; a nice variety.

"How about names Dana?" Tara asked, and Mrs. Scully listened closely to a response that she wanted to hear.

"We've got a boy name, but we haven't talked much about girl's,"

"So then it is a boy?" asked Frohike.

"No, we don't know!" Mulder chuckled, getting frustrated.

"So?" Maggie was still waiting for an answer.

"The boy's name is Joshua Ryan Mulder," Scully finally answered.

"Oh I like that," Maggie sounded pleased.

"Yeah well, not much goes with 'Mulder'," Mulder chuckled, "That's one of the reasons we haven't discussed girls!"

Scully stood up and made her way into the kitchen. She had been smelling the appatizers for about an hour and she was so hungry. Everyone else continued congregating and they even turned on the tv to watch the baseball game that was on.

"Mom," Scully called.

"Yeah honey,"

"Can I talk to you a minute? In the hall?" Scully requested.

"Sure dear...what's wrong?" Maggie questioned with wide eyes as she pulled her daughter into the hallway.

"I-I want you to be at the hospital with me. Not...in the room, but I want you there incase I need you and I want you there to see him or her right after he or she is born," Scully tried to explain her request without offending her mother.

"Whatever you want. Having just Mulder with you will be much more special and intimate," her mother responded. Scully looked away and began to blush at her mother's comment, "So, what's it like Dana?"

"What?" Scully looked at her mother with astonishment.

"How is he, with you and that?"

Scully was a bit embarrassed at her mother's question, but she knew she had the choice of words, which means she did not have to reveal too much.

"He's...he's great mom. He knows just how to do everything right,"


"And he's supportive and very comforting. Mom, you know it's hard for me to talk about this kindof stuff, but somehow it's all so right. He's always been comforting to me, ever since I met him, and now, when he holds me, I'm so overwhelmed by the feelings I have for him,"

"Love is like that. I'm glad you finally found something so perfect. I definitely think it was something you needed and he was the only one who could give it to you,"

"Yes, I think so too. There's like this weird but comforting thing that happens when he touches my belly...the baby...he moves and kicks just at Mulder's touch,"

"God works in mysterious ways, doesn't he?" Maggie smiled and left her daughter with that thought as she trailed back into the kitchen to see what was going on.

"Hey, you okay?" Mulder asked, walking down the hall, noticing her blank stare, her concentration, thinking and her hand rubbing her belly rhythmically.

"Yeah, I'm just...so...happy!" she gave a little smile and leaned up to kiss him.

"Agent Mulder," Skinner called, entering that hallway. Mulder and Scully pulled away from their escalating kiss and embrace, "I'm afraid I have so bad news for you, something you're not going to be happy about,"

"Oh, I was waiting for the shoe to drop!" Mulder chuckled.

"By Director Kersh's orders, I am sending you and Agent Doggett to a team semeniar in Chicago,"

"Me and Doggett?" Mulder asked, confused.

"Well, yes. Kersh decided that since Agent Scully will be on maternity leave, that Doggett is you're new partner. And regardless of your fighting, I personally think you make a great team," Skinner threw in his own two cents.

"Yeah, but Sir...I can't leave, what if Scully goes into labor," Mulder was concerned and upset.

"I thought of that as well. The best thing we can do is keep in contact with each other," Skinner held up his cell phone, "And Kersh has agreed to let you leave the conference semeniar early if in fact, this case arises,"

"Oh how generous of him!" Mulder said sarcastically.

"Hey, I don't wanna hear that. I argued with him for over an hour for you," Skinner explained.

"When do they leave?" Scully asked.

"Tomorrow morning, flight's at 7am,"

"But...but, Scully don't we have a doctor's appointment tomorrow?" Mulder asked, becoming more upset by the minute.

"Yeah, but it's no big deal Mulder. She's gonna do that same stuff she always has, you won't miss a thing,"

"No! I don't wanna miss anything. I'm not leaving tomorrow Sir,"

"Mulder, you have to. The flights have been made, the activities start tomorrow afternoon once you arrive. If you don't go tomorrow, Kersh will suspend you,"

"Fine," Mulder mumbled and scratched his head.

"I'm goin' back to the party now. Congratulations, again," Skinner finished and walked away.

Mulder paced around the hallway for about a minute.

"Mulder, it's no big deal, really,"

"Scully you don't understand. I don't want to miss anything, I'm scared to death here. You're to close to having this baby for me to go away,"

"I'll be fine. I'll call you every hour if you want. And if the baby starts to come, I promise I'll hold it in there!" she chuckled.

"Please try for me," he asked, as he hugged her, "Is there anyway we can change the appointment date?"

"No. She needs to look at the baby, since it's getting close," Scully said sadly.

"Damnit. Well when I call you, you better tell me every little single detail!" he smiled and let go of her.

"I will." She smiled and they walked back to the party together.

Chapter 55-The Flight

"Mulder...it's six o'clock," Scully mumbled as she rolled from her back to her side sleepily. "Hummmm...noooo, just five more minutes please," he begged as he spooned up to her. She twisted in his arms and cupped his face.

"You have to go," she told him simply and grinned. Before she could think another word, Mulder had swooped in a kissed her long and hard. He pushed his way into her mouth and she leaned back on her back. He slithered his way on top of her the best he could and his hands were roaming fiercely in one last desperation of touch and taste. She began moaning, in pleasure and at his roughness.

"C'mon," she breathed, trying to be the sensible one. He slowed his kissing so that is was more meaningful, making her gasp for air in the process. He felt her hands pushing him away, firm on his chest."I'll go, but I don't have to like it," he mumbled, as his hands fell upon her belly. Her skin rippled for a moment, the baby pushing and then settling, "You better call me today, I want to know everything!" he insisted.

"I promise, I'll call. But you have to promise me one thing..."

"What?" he asked, starring into her eyes.

"Be nice with Doggett, don't be jerk Mulder. Just because I can take maternity leave doesn't mean you can, okay?"

"I know I've been a jerk and I'm sorry. But this is my only chance too. I wanna be here for everything," he explained, rubbing his palms over her swollen belly.

"You won't miss a thing, I will keep you informed," Scully finished, just as Mulder kissed her belly quickly and got up off the bed. He stumbled to the bathroom and Scully watched him dress through lazy eyes. First, Mulder slicked his hair back with water and then applied a light amount of gel. Then, he brushed his teeth and changed his boxers. Scully was surprised at how inviting he looked, even when he wasn't turned on. Once he was finished, Mulder was decked out in a black suit with a blue collared shirt.

(In Scully's Head;) He is certifiably eye candy! Man, I don't want him to leave. It's not that I can't survive by myself, but that's what I used to do. When I was alone, I was surviving, now I'm living and it's much nicer. But I guess I'll dig up my tough act from somewhere deep and I won't let him know that I don't want him to leave. He already knows that, we know what each other is thinking. It's ironic as hell, our minds are so different; but it works.

"I guess I better go," he mumbled, glancing in the mirror as he assembled a tie around his neck. He watched her frown through the mirror then he turned to face her.

"I'm not quite sure which is the better method, wishing to go into labor that way you get home much earlier. Or, wishing that I wouldn't go into labor so that you don't miss anything!" she chuckled.

"Was that what you were laying there thinking this whole time?" he chuckled too. "Some of it...sorry." She smiled as she cuddled a pillow to her face. "Stay in bed all day Scully, don't move!" Mulder told her. "Heh, you can't expect me not to live 'cause your not here," she retorted. "Hey, stop that mood swing. I only meant for you to get some rest!"

"Oh, I'm sorry, I guess I was getting a bit defensive,"

"Yeah, well I don't want a fight before I leave and I think we're about due for one, so I better get outta here," he chuckled as he kissed her cheek. Once he backed away slightly, he changed his mind and kissed her lips too. Slowly, teasing her and then completely pulling away. "I love you, see you in three days, or before." He smiled and headed for the bedroom door. "I love you too," she answered and watched him walk out. Scully listened closely, the sound of his footsteps going down the stairs. The clanging of bowels and silverware in the kitchen from him finding some breakfast; and the hollow sound of him shutting the front door behind him, starting the car and driving away. Scully slowly rolled out of bed until her bare feet padded the floor. She walked from her room down the hall to the nursery and entered. The place was sky high with boxes of gifts that Scully had yet to sort out and put away. (In Scully's Head;) Geez! I guess I have a lot of work to do today! This nursery doesn't even have room for a baby!She pushed a few things out of the way and sat down in the middle of the entire room. She looked around, in a sortof dream state, trying to imagine what it all would be like. All of the major furniture had been pulled back a couple feet from the walls. Mulder had put down a plastic sheet, so that when it comes time to paint the room he wouldn't get any on the carpet because everyone knows he isn't a painter. In fact he'd never painted a room in his life! Scully began going through the boxes, awing at most outfits and then cutting the tags off. She got all of the clothing sorted by their colors and then threw them into a laundry basket. Eventually, she got the place in order enough to walk. Toys in one corner, baby books on a shelf, she even had gotten a neat little light that spins around on the ceiling so that the baby can watch it as it falls asleep. Scully threw all of the boxes into the hallway and then took the infant clothes to washing machine. Upon her return, she peered in one last time, trying to imagine what she wanted to paint the room. She had a few ideas but she was secretly wanting a baby girl really bad. Then she turned the knob until the door shut and proceeded to get a shower for her doctor's appointment.

Flight 97 To Chicago Illinois 9:45am "Hey Agent Mulder," Doggett said as he sat down, returning from the men's room. "Hey," Mulder mumbled and continued typing away at his lab top. "What are you doing?"

"Ahh a little research,"

"On what?" Doggett asked. "Labor," Mulder looked up and chuckled. "Ahh...it's been a long time since I've looked up that," Doggett nodded as he leaned back in his chair to get comfortable. "So, if you don't mind my asking, where is your family?" Mulder turned his head, facing Doggett with his question. "Well, it's hard to explain. I doubt you'd believe me,"

"I'll believe anything, don't you know that by now?" Mulder chuckled. "My son was killed. I joined the FBI looking for his killer. As a police officer, there were places I could not go and I knew that...something was different about my son's case. It wasn't normal, I don't know,"

"Right up my alley it sounds. And...your wife?"

"We split up, just after his death. She didn't like me looking for the person who killed my son. She just wanted to go on with life as if it never happened. I just can't do that. Not being who I am, not knowing that someone out there killed my son," Doggett explained, "I'm sorry, do you mind if we change the subject?"

"No, not at all. I'm sorry if I've upset you," Mulder mumbled. "No, it's okay. Why are you being so nice to me is what I'm wondering,"

"Let's just say Scully slapped some sense into me and maybe I grew up a little," Mulder answered as he continued pulling things upon the computer. "What did you have against me in the first place, truly. Was it that I was on the X-Files, on your turf?"

"Part of it. I don't like people here that are not willing to believe,"

"Agent Scully didn't believe, at first, am I correct?"

"Yeah, and you see what happened, I fell in love with her," Mulder chuckled. "So are you saying you might fall in love with me," Doggett laughed. "Heh heh, no I don't quite think that's the case. Scully was different. She was intimidating because she was so young. Not saying the you're old or anything, but you were different. Scully and I have been through more bad things than I can remember and all of them have brought us much more closer to each other than any of these damn seminars," Mulder remarked. "Have you been to many of these Agent Mulder?" Doggett asked, sipping his coffee. "Heh heh no I haven't. Scully and I have been assigned to go five times in our eight years together. We've never made it to one yet," he chuckled. "Never made it? What happened?" Doggett sounded interested. "Well, it was always something. The most memorable incident, we got stopped in traffic on a back road in the northwest "rainforest" of Florida. That certainly does demand attention when it's a damn back road that's backed up!"

"Yeah I bet, so what happened?"

"The long and short of it, Scully and I got trapped out in the woods at night being chased by two moth men,"

"Moth men?" he chuckled disbelieving. "Yes, it was a very interesting case, I must admit. And it was kindof fun out there, running around aiming my gun at whatever moved," Mulder chuckled. "Yes," Doggett nodded and thought of a new subject. "But besides all of that, I really don't want to make an appearance at this seminar either, so got any ideas?"

"Agent Mulder...I-," Doggett stopped and begin thinking. "Anyways, another reason I didn't like you was because you are a man. I felt threatened, only because of Scully. I've had so many people and things take her away from me, mind and body, that I was just afraid,"

"Afraid, that I'd take her away too?" "Yeah, I know it sounds stupid...but she convinced me that you wouldn't so I guess it's her you have to thank,"

"Well I know we've only been working together for maybe three or four months, but I do connect with her and you, believe it or not. I just hope we learned to work better,"

"Oh we will," Mulder nodded.

Dr. Trite's Office 10:02 am "Go ahead and get in a gown Dana, Rebecca will be with you in a few minutes," replied the nurse as she ushered Scully into an examination room. Scully nodded and proceeded to do the normal routine and then sat anxiously awaiting the doctor. "I feel you moving in there. I'm glad you do that, you make me feel better. I think something's wrong, but I'm just not sure," Scully talked out loud as she rubbed her warm, bare belly underneath the gown. "Hi Dana," the doctor said as she entered a few minutes later, "How are we doing?" she asked, eyeing up Scully's large tummy. "It's coming soon, I can really feel it now," Scully admitted. Th doctor smiled and nodded. "Lay back and let me have a look," the doctor instructed. Scully complied and the doctor put her hands on the huge bulge, "Baby feels healthy. I feel feet and hands and I can feel her kicking me," the doctor laughed. "Yes, she does that,"

"Gosh, she's got me really perplexed though," the doctor grinned, pressing in a certain area, trying to feel for something specific. "I knew something wasn't right. What's wrong?" Scully asked calmly. "Well, I am positive you are going to have this baby in just a few days, but she has not dropped into your lower abdomen. On top of all that, she's not upside down and her head is not facing your back. That worries me a lot, obviously she doesn't want to come out the right way," the doctor chuckled. "What do we do about it?" Scully was alarmed and frustrated. "Well, while you're here today, we're going to try and turn him,"

"Oh God," Scully breathed, realizing that that would be a hard task. "Stay calm, it's not as bad as you think. I will help you, but this is what I want you to do. First roll over and push on your belly with your fingers, try to get him to roll. Once we get him facing your back, then the easy part will be out of the way,"

"The easy part!" Scully grinned with her classic eyebrow. "Then...you're not going to like this but it's what you have to do. I need you to get up on your hands and knees and get your pelvis as far up in the air as you can. By tilting the baby upside down from where he is now, will cause him to move in the opposite direction, which would be head down position,"

"Okay, I can do this," Scully breathed and began rolling on her side. She lay comfortably on the soft table and started to massage her belly, pushing on the baby as much as she could so that he would turn over. Rebecca stood by her side, gently massaging just under her breasts where the baby's head lays. "This is taking forever," Scully noticed, until finally the baby began to move, but slowly, inch by inch. At last, the baby was on her own belly facing Scully's back. "Now, are you ready?" Rebecca asked, helping Scully roll enough to be able to perch on her knees. Rebecca began piling pillows upon pillows under Scully's belly to support her. "Do this for as long as you can or at least until the baby moves,"

"I'm fine," Scully recited, trying to relax as much as she could in such a position. About five minutes later, with no warning at all, Scully felt a swift fast movement as the baby did completely flip. His head was now down in her abdomen and the feet here sticking up in her rib cages. The doctor helped Scully lay back down on her back and made her rest for a few minutes while she went and got some supplies. (In Scully's Head;) I cannot believe that! Why wasn't he down there where he was supposed to be?! Gosh that was a little tiring, I think I'm gonna go home and sleep! Mulder's gonna flip when he hears how stubborn his child is being! Speaking of the devil... Scully picked up her cell phone and heard Mulder's voice on the line. "Hey Scully, why aren't you home yet? I tried to call the house," "Still at the doctor's-,"

"Is something wrong Scully?" Mulder cut her off, although he seemed calm. "The baby was not positioned right, his head was not upside down like it should be for birthing,"

"Oh lovely," he chuckled, using all his will not to panic, especially when he was with her. "I think everything will be okay now, we went through a whole bunch of stuff to get him turned around though,"

"How come we didn't notice he was turned?"

"I'm guessing because of all the tissue, we didn't know the difference I guess," she admitted, "I gotta go the doctor just came back in,"

"Okay, just wanted to let you know our flight has landed. I'll call you again tonight with my hotel number. Oh and Scully...go over your mom's so I don't have to worry about you,"

"I'll be fine. Go find out what the team seminar is all about!" she chuckled and then hung up.

Chapter 56-Conversations Margaret Scully s residence 5:30pm "Hey honey," Maggie greeted as Scully entered her mother s home. She hung up her light jacket and proceeded into the kitchen. "Hey," Scully answered as she laid her purse on the counter. "Soon you ll be carrying around a diaper bag," Maggie chuckled, as she set the table for two. Scully could smell the home-cooked meal. Steam boiled from the pots on the stove, the smell of freshly cooked vegetable soup filled the room. "Soup mom?" Scully asked, dismissing her mother s baby comment, not on purpose. "Yeah, you always liked my soup, I figured it d be good for you." She smiled as she began pouring drinks. "What would you like?" her mom glanced up. "Water," Scully said dryly, looking around the brightly lit room. Being at her mother s seemed more happy for her now than ever. It was bright and comfortable, noticing every little detail of the rooms was helping her feel right at home. "You okay? You seem a bit dazed Dana," Maggie noticed, as they both sat at the table for dinner. The sun was just beginning to set, Scully glanced out the patio doors and noticed the bright display of rainbow colors dancing across the horizon. "I m fine." She smiled weakly as she took in the beautiful sight, "You know, I ve never really had the chance, to stop, and just notice things. There s always something going on,"

"Yes, you are quite a busy woman my dear," Maggie admitted as she passed Scully a bowl of soup. "You know mom, I ve only been away from Mulder I dunno maybe six hours and I m surprised about how well I m holding up," Scully admitted softly as she stirred broken crackers into the steamy soup. "You ve always been self-sufficient, strong," Maggie agreed. "Yeah, I mean, I can feel myself weakening by the second. It s rather frightening,"

"Honey this doesn t sound like you!" Maggie placed a light hand on Scully s forearm. Scully gave a smile to reassure her mother then she continued. "I dunno maybe it s just pre-labor jitters? I just wish he was here, I m so paranoid, and for me to say that is like saying that there s life on other planets!"

"Ahh maybe you re more like Mulder than you think. Perhaps that s why you felt the need to distance yourself from him such a long time ago?" "What do you mean mom?" Scully arched her eyebrow, a bit perplexed. "Dana, do you remember about three years ago, you came to me and you were crying? It was when you decided that you were going to quite the FBI? Remember you and Mulder were being split up and you were to be transferred to Cleveland was it?"

"Yeah, you re point?" Scully asked. "You came to me, just before you went to see Mulder that night. You told me you loved him and that you couldn t be with him and not actually be*with* him,"

"I remember," Scully confessed as she sipped her soup. She was honestly thinking how did her and her mother end up in this serious of a conversation so fast? "Well, I ve watched you over this past nine months or so. And I can honestly say you two are more like each other than I and your father were," Maggie explained. "How so?"

"Well, I haven t witnessed too many fights between you two. You re father and I would always fight over things, whether it was the navy or you kids, always something. But you and Mulder, you always work it out,"

"I think that s from working together so long. We know each other all too well, that s for sure,"

"So is it just the security, or what s wrong?"

"I think it is the security I miss him already. I probably never would have made it in Cleveland without him. I don t know why I ever thought that would work,"

"You never told me what happened with that? When you told him, what did he say?" Maggie questioned, sipping her glass of water. The ice cubes clanged on the glass as the room went silent. Scully was obviously pondering how much she wanted to say. "He didn t have much to say, the same things I already knew. He told me how much I meant to him I I think he was about to say he loved me. I don t know I don t know why this whole moment keeps coming back to me. This morning I was absolutely fine with him leaving, but now it s hitting me," Scully explained. Her eyes were a bit glassy although she was making eye contact. "How long will he be gone for?"

"Three days," Scully answered. "Would you like to stay here, with me? Maggie offered. "Yeah, I think maybe that would be good," Scully couldn t hold back her tears anymore. Hot streams of liquid poured from her tear ducts, painting lines down her pale face, pooling in the crevices of her lips; she felt the saltiness at the corners of her mouth as her mother embraced her. "Oh mom, I don t know what s going on here. I I shouldn t be breaking down like this,"

"It s okay honey, I promise you this is all hormones,"

"God, I just was this baby to come, I just don t feel good anymore," she sobbed into her mother s shoulder. "Hey, hey calm down," Maggie rubbed the back of her daughter s head, smoothing the locks of shinny red hair, "You ll have a beautiful baby very soon, I promise. It s normal to feel this way, it s tiring, nine months is tiring," Maggie reassured her. Scully gathered herself for a moment and then pulled out of the embrace. She sniffled a moment and blinked away the rest of her tears. "I I went to the doctor s today," Scully stuttered. "Is everything okay?" Maggie s eyes got huge with worry, especially since Scully started crying first. Perhaps it was bad, she thought. "Everything is fine. Well, the baby was still upright and her head was facing my belly not my back," Scully tried to hide a smile, "We had to turn her, because she was dropped low but yet she was feet first,"

"Oh that s not good, did you get the baby turned?" Maggie questioned. "Yes, it was a long and a bit painful process but we got her turned," Scully informed. "Her? Dana?"

"So Agent Doggett, did you ever come up with anything to somehow get us outta this seminar?" Mulder asked as they entered a hotel lodge. "Hey, you re the brains of this operation!" Doggett chuckled. "I want two rooms for two nights please," Mulder requested. The teller rang up his request and took the bureau credit card from his hand. "Will that be all Sir?" the young lady asked giving him a flirty smile. Mulder glanced back at Doggett raising his eyebrow. Doggett smirked and chuckled a bit under his breath at the woman. "Yes, that ll be all, thank you." Mulder smiled and received the card back along with two room card keys. He walked towards Doggett, grabbing his bags off of the floor. "Remind me to tell Agent Scully how much of a ladies man you are," Doggett joked, he was enjoying teasing Mulder and he was happy that him and Mulder were getting along. "Don t you tell her nothing," he chuckled, " Thank God she hasn t been moody lately, at least not to the point of yelling at me," Mulder explained as they entered the elevator. "Oh you just wait Agent Mulder, wait until you re in the hospital with her. She ll be screaming and pretty much severing your fingers from her death grip!" Doggett chuckled. "Yeah, I m sure it ll be ten times worse actually. She has decided not to use any drugs if she can keep from it," Mulder continued. "Oh man, tough woman!" Doggett remarked as the elevator door opened. "Yeah, Scully is very tough. But I have faith she knows what she s doing, she is a doctor,"

"Yeah well, good luck," Doggett stopped at his room door, trying to enter the card, "What time do we meet tomorrow?" he asked. "Bright and early, I think Skinner said that they want us at the hall around five or so?"

"Damn!" Doggett sounded rather surprised. "Yup, so get a good night s sleep," Mulder suggested as he entered his room and shut the door. "Yeah, g night," Doggett entered his hotel suite as well. Mulder entered his room and threw his stuff into the nearest chair. He flipped on the television right away. Suddenly he had a feeling of d? vu, he was in a small room, alone, with the television on. Days of being on the road came back to him, or even being in his apartment, alone. He was something he was not accustomed to anymore. Scully was always with him now, television wasn t needed when he was with her. They d talk and cuddle or eat or something other than wasting time watching biased programs on television. It was rather a nice, temporary change of pace, but he would still prefer Scully over the television. "It s seven o clock already?" Mulder marveled as he watched the second s hand tick away on his wrist watch, "I guess I ll take a shower," he mumbled to himself, loosening his tie and throwing it over the back of a chair. (In Mulder s Head;) I don t think I ve had a shower alone in the past nine months! No, that s not true, but damn! I wonder what she s doing right now? I hope she went to her mother s. Yeah Scully s tough, but I have never seen her hormones so outta whack! If only this baby would come soon. I have enjoyed this, really I just I want things back to normal. That s a normal thought right? Doesn t everyone eventually get tired? Mulder stepped into the shower, he had turned it on to be ice cold. It gave him a chill and made him shiver as he ran his hands over his face and back in his hair. The coolness made him calmer, less frustrated physically. Just thinking of Scully made him semi-erect and jerking off without her present just felt like cheating to him. It did before he had ever been intimate with her but sometimes it just needed to be done, then afterwards he d totally regret it. He soaped his torso and underarms with a wash cloth, then paid careful attention to his groin, trying very hard not to make things worse than they already were. Ultimately, he shut off the water and pulled back the clear curtain. Droplets of water fell from locks across his forehead, they trickled down in front of his ears, following the path of his neck. He towel dried as quickly as he could, the cold draft made him hop around from arising goosebumps and shivers. He put on a pair of clean boxers and a plain white t-shirt then scurried out of the bathroom. The bed looked wonderfully comfortable, in a childish way he jumped onto the bed, settling into a dip in the middle. "Ahh, this ain t bad guess I gotta make the best of a situation huh?" he talked to himself, glaring at the television that was now showing a diaper commercial. A smile crept into the corners of his mouth as he watched the baby smile and jump around on the television screen. Mulder propped some pillows up behind his back and head, then watched intently until the commercial was over. Mulder laid there for a few moments, thinking. (In Mulder s Head;) Should I call her? I really miss her,. I dunno what s worse, if she was in the next room and I couldn t have her like the old days, or knowing now that I can have her but she s a couple hundred miles away from me! Oh what the hell, I ll call. Before he could even pick up the hotel room phone, he heard his cell ringing, quietly vibrating in his suit jacket pocket. "Mulder,"

"Hey," Scully s voice sounded weak through the phone. "You okay?" he asked. "Yeah, just a little tired. How s it going?" she questioned. Mulder laid his head back on the pillow, relieved. "It s going. I ll have you know Doggett and I are getting along,"

"Oh really? Good Mulder,"

"Yeah, he s not too bad. We had a few good talks on the plane ride here," Mulder explained. "I ve had a few good talks myself," Scully mumbled. "Have you? care to share?" he chuckled. "I m at mom s. It was really weird this afternoon, as soon as I came in, it s like I fell into a dark pit! Suddenly we were in this really deep conversation,"

"Wow Scully, I hope it was a good thing,"

"I think it was very good, for me at least,"

"What was it about?" Mulder asked, flipping off the television and turning on his side. "You. The same old conversation, but it was one that made me feel more comfortable," "Same old?" Mulder asked, she could hear his voice go up a pitch. "Yeah you okay?"

"Yeah," he gulped out, "Sorry, it s your voice,"

"My voice?" Scully was confused. "Okay nevermind," Mulder decided it d be easier for him to drop the subject. "I m sorry, I don t know what to think here. My mind does revert to certain things, but I don t want to be mistaken," she laughed. "No, go with those thoughts! Then you ll get what I mean," Mulder chuckled as his eyes drifted shut and then re-opened again. She laughed again, obviously his humor was cheering her up. "So what*are* you doing?" she asked, a smile on her face. "No, not that! I m just laying here talking to you," Mulder responded. "Oh,"

"What are you doing?" he asked with a smirk. "Laying in my old room. It s hard to believe, I get all these childhood memories, yet I m grown up, married and pregnant! It s quite weird being here,"

"Yeah, I bet it is," he mumbled. There was an awkward silence for a moment. "Mulder,"


"I miss you," she said softly. "I miss you, but hey I ll be back before you know it,"

"Just promise me, if it rains sleeping bags, you better not sleep with Doggett!" Scully chuckled. Mulder burst and she could hear his deep infectious laugh which made her smile and giggle. "That s two comments today about that and I didn t say neither of them!" Mulder chuckled. "Sorry, I couldn t resist,"

"I couldn t resist you,"

"Huh?" Scully asked, getting confused again. "That night. You were so gorgeous, that blue shirt made your eyes like ice," Mulder paused and breathed, "You don t know how hard it was for me that night," "Why don t you tell me?"

"Not much to tell, I just- had a hard time keeping the animal instincts to the animals,"

"Well, if I would ve gotten a hint,"



"You wouldn t have!"

"I did in Montana didn t I? In the snow, no less, don t tell me I wouldn t have then!"

"Aww man!" Mulder chuckled. "Ouuwww," Scully groaned lightly. "What was that?"

"The baby," she said simply as she rubbed her bare belly beneath her silk pajamas. She lay cuddled under the sheets of her old bed, holding the cordless phone to her ear. It was dark in the room, yet there was moonlight shinning through the shades. "I miss him or her. You re so lucky to be able to have her all to yourself all the time,"

"You can have her! Please, get her out of me!" Scully chuckled lightly. "I thought you liked being pregnant?"

"Oh I do! I m just tired, my back and legs are killing me," Scully explained. "Well, we ll be rewarded soon." Mulder smiled. "Dana?" her mother knocked on her door. Mulder could hear her in the background. "Yeah mom, hang on a minute," Scully shouted, "Mulder, I guess I better go,"

"Why, what s going on?"

"Mom and I are going to watch a movie," Scully explained as she flipped on the bedroom light and pulled her pajama top down over her huge belly. "Okay, call me tomorrow?"

"I ll be your wake up call, what time?"

"No, you re not getting up that early to call me,"

"Mulder," Scully gave a suggestive tone. "I m getting up at four thirty. The convention pow-wow starts at five. Maybe I ll call on lunch break or something,"

"Whatever," she chuckled at him. "I love you,"

"I love you too," she reciprocated. "Do me a favor?"

"What is it?" Scully asked impatiently. "Talk to the baby for me tonight. I miss her,"

"Talk to her yourself," Scully suggested. "How in the world-," Mulder was cut off by Scully. "I have a little time yet. Just start talking and I ll put the phone on my belly, deal?"

"Heh heh," Mulder chuckled, "Okay oh shoot I don t know what to say!"

"Exactly, that s why I won t talk for you!" she chuckled. "No wait, I ll think of something, just do it," he waited a moment and then began talking "Hey baby, daddy misses you and I d be really happy if you d come out! But uh, I know you re safe and warm in there. Go to sleep so mommy can sleep well and I ll be home soon," Mulder finished. "Now that was very sweet," Scully smiled as she spoke. "G night Scully,"


Chapter 57-It's Time

Margaret Scully's residence


"Oh my God!" Scully pushed the covers back and sat up, holding the side of her tummy, "Geez!" she breathed, waiting for the pain to subside.

(In Scully's Head;) Oww, owww, breathe. Okay.....good, it's over. I think...I think that was a contraction? It was only about twenty seconds long.

The sharp clenching pain she had experienced disappeared so Scully laid back down, trying to calm herself. She curled on her side, where it was more comfortable and lay with a perplexed look on her face. Glancing at the clock, she noticed how early it still was and she hesitated on calling Mulder. Perhaps is was just a pain and not a contraction? Scully laid in the warm sheets and rubbed her belly with her palms, only feeling her baby lightly kick. It was obviously too crowded in there for him or her to move. What disturbed her thoughts-more than the contraction- was where she felt the kick. It was not at the top of her uterus where the baby's legs should be. The kick was concentrated on her lower right side, in which she massaged trying to feel the baby's position. After about five minutes, her eyes drooped and she could no longer keep herself awake. Although, without warning, another sharp pain hit her lower back about twenty minutes later. It stirred her out of light sleep with a start and she sat straight up in bed, propping herself up with pillows.

(In Scully's Head;) Okay...be logical about this Dana. You're a doctor, you're a smart woman...oh God I'm getting scared. Oh please, just stay calm! It's not time! I cannot be, not yet...it's too soon. These contractions are not too close, I need to just go back to sleep!

Scully leaned back into the fluffy white pillows and stared at the ceiling, thinking, tears coming to the corner's of her eyes.

(In Scully's Head;) If Mulder were here right now, I bet he'd be calming me. I know that one time he freaked me out, but I truly believe then when it got serious he could handle it. I thought I could handle it and it's not even*that* serious yet!

She started to dose once again, her eyelids drifting shut as her thoughts and emotions battled back and forth in her head. The next time she had awoke with another contraction, it was about 3:54am. The contractions had come regularly, about twenty minutes apart for twenty seconds. She finally got up the courage to wake her mother.

Scully walked slowly down the hallway in her stocking feet. She reached her mother's bedroom door, which was open and inviting.

"Mom," Scully whispered, as not to startle her mother awake.

"Dana?" her mother asked, her eyes still closed, yet she was sitting up and attempting to focus.

"Mom...I think I'm in labor," Scully explained grinning and holding and rubbing her belly instinctively.

"How far? I mean, should we go to the hospital?" Maggie asked, alarmed, jumping out of bed and beginning to throw on proper clothing.

"I don't know mom! You tell me! You're had four kids for God's sake!" Scully smiled as she said it, yet she was clearly scared and frustrated.

"Okay, calm down. How many contractions have you had? When, how long sweetie?" Maggie asked, putting one hand on her daughter's shoulder and her other hand on Scully's belly. Scully flinched and then held onto her mother's shoulder for stability.

"They started around 3:14, I've had three, twenty minutes apart," Scully explained. Maggie rubbed her belly for a moment, but sensed that her daughter was uncomfortable.

"Okay, I don't think you're quite ready yet. Something that would help would be to go take a shower,"

"A shower?!" Scully exclaimed, amused by her mother's suggestion.

"Yes, when I was in labor with Chuck and it wasn't time to go, my doctor said to sit in the shower and relax. And it'll give you a chance to get clean, since you might not wanna get up for a while after you have the baby," Maggie suggested.

"Okay...but mom...are you sure?!" Scully asked, raising her famous eyebrow.

"I'm sure, I'll be right here if you need me," Maggie nodded as Scully hobbled to the hall's bathroom. She turned the faucets with shaking hands then undressed awkwardly. She peered in the mirror at her belly, for the last time she'd ever see herself pregnant. Tears came from her eyes yet she tried so hard to hold them back.

"Oh God...as much as I wanna see you...I'm really going to miss you kicking me. And playing with you. God this is much harder than I thought, I really wish Mulder was here," she sobbed, as she rubbed her belly, gripping it at the curve of her abdomen.


"Yes mom?" Scully asked, sniffling back her tears so that her mother couldn't hear that she was crying.

"Do you want me to call Fox?" she asked.

"Yes," Scully sniffled more just at the mention of his first name. It actually made her smile, just the thought of how odd it was. Finally she stepped under the luke warm spray and closed her eyes, just as another contraction hit her. She leaned herself up against the tiled wall, it was misty and wet from the spray and her back slide across it until she was trapped in a corner. Scully held her belly and gritted her teeth for a moment, but did not make one sound.

(In Scully's head;) I can do this. It will get worse, so don't be a baby Dana.

Convention Hall #2


"Today Agents, is the first day of the annual team building seminar. As you know, these games may seem a little childish, but you'd be surprised how much the experience will help you out in the field. The endurance it takes will build up your state of mind, you will learn to communicate better with you're partner and hopefully become a better team. Now, I'm sure you'd all like to get started so that maybe we can get back to our hotels early today," the director explained, as all the Agents lined up. There were Agents on one line and directly across from a man, was his partner, facing each other.

"This is bull shit!" Mulder chuckled quietly luckily only Doggett heard him as well as the two men beside him who chuckled too.

"Now men...and ladies, our first team building exercise will be carrying your injured partner across this muddy swamp. So when the whistle blows, pick up you're partner as fast as possible, carry him across and then stop when you get to the other side. Everyone understand?...Good,"

Mulder looked at Doggett with a smirk on his face, wearing a smile that said "this should be fun!" Doggett grinned back and prepared himself for Mulder to lunge at him.

"On you're mark, get set....."

"Uh excuse me...sir...sir?" Mulder stopped the director and all of the other Agents raised out of the lunging positions to hear what "Spooky Mulder" had to say.

"You...don't tell me...don't I know you?" the director asked, stepping over to Mulder, who was standing in line smirking.

"Yeah, you're Agent Kinsley, right?" Mulder chuckled.

"Mulder? Are you Agent Mulder?" Kinsley laughed nodding at Mulder, "I remember you!"

"Everyone remembers me," Mulder chuckled, "So what'd ya doin' here, you're the director?"

"Yeah, I realize the only way to have fun at these things was to be ahead of them!" Kinsley chuckled.

"Now you understand why I never came," Mulder replied as Doggett stepped out of the group.

"So you two know each other?" Doggett asked.

"Yeah, we do. We were supposed to go to one these together,"

"Yeah and once again, Agent Mulder took a detour," Kinsley added.

"So where's you're partner?" Mulder asked Kinsley, as the rest of the men in line began talking, loosing interest and patience.

"Oh Carla? We're still partners, she's over in another area doing more of these conventions. When we're not here, we're on cases," Kinsley answered, "So where's your partner? Agent Scully, was it?"

"Uh yeah, it's Agent Mulder now.but here's my partner, Agent John Doggett," Mulder introduced Doggett.

"Mulder? You.you.married?" the agent Kinsley asked confused.

"I guess you could say that!" Mulder chuckled and Doggett smiled.

"Well, now that's pretty cool. I always knew you had a thing for her. Carla said she noticed how you two acted around each other. She's definitely a match-maker, Carla,"

"Yeah, well I couldn't be happier." Mulder smiled.

"C'mon, let's get on with it, or we'll never get outta this place!" one man started shouting from one of the lines.

"Okay, okay," Kinsley laughed and apologized to his on lookers, "If everyone would get back in their places.on your mark, get set, go!" Kinsley instructed into the microphone. Before any of them had a chance to think, they were off. Mulder lunged towards Doggett and grabbed him by the legs, throwing him over his shoulder and trailing through the muddy 'pool'. Once they all struggled to the other side, Mulder and Doggett fell on the floor panting, leaning back onto the wall behind them.

"Now tell me that wasn't fun?" Mulder breathed, closing his eyes.

"Feels more like the boot camp I went through during navy training.

"Yeah," Mulder mumbled and stood up, offering a hand to his partner. All of the men and woman gathered back on the lines on the other side of the huge gym-like room. Doggett slide to the side near a secluded corner and answered his ringing cell phone.


"Agent Doggett?"

"Who is this?" Doggett asked, recognizing the voice but couldn't place a name with it.

"Margaret Scully. I'm trying to reach Fo.I mean Agent Mulder,"

"Uh, he's kindof in the middle of this whole thing. Can I give him a message?"

"Yes, I couldn't reach him, I guess he doesn't have his cell with him. But Dana has gone into labor,"

"She has?" Doggett asked with a slight smirk.

"Yeah, I'm sure she has a good five hours ahead of her, but he doesn't have all that much time. Please tell him to come home as fast as he can,"

"Oh don't you worry Mrs. Scully, he'll be there right away," Doggett finished and turned off the phone. Doggett began walking over to where the rest of the group was gathered and her tapped Mulder on the shoulder, "C'mere,"

"What? Who was it?" Mulder asked, knowing that Doggett's cell had rung.

"Scully, she's gone into labor,"

"What! Oh my God!" Mulder was astonished, "I can't believe this is happening! I thought she'd make it!"

"She's fine, Maggie said she has about five hours, so you have to hurry," Doggett explained as he and Mulder rushed to the door.

"Do me a favor and call Skinner, tell him we're leaving. I'll meet you outside the hotel in about fifteen minutes, think you can do that?" Mulder asked, in a hurry.

"Sure, I'll meet you," Doggett answered as they walked to their hotel room doors, which were located just across the street from the convention hall.

"A.D. Skinner please," Doggett requested as he entered his room with his cell phone held between his shoulder and ear, "Skinner?"

"Yes Agent Doggett, what is it?"

"Agent Mulder and I are flying back to D.C., Agent Scully has gone into labor,"

"Okay, then. That was the deal, so we'll see you back here I guess. You may have the rest of the day off and I'll reschedule a convention for you and Mulder. Tell him congratulations for me," Skinner explained.

"Okay Sir, thank you," Doggett hung up and frantically threw together his bags and met Mulder outside of the hotel.

"You think we can get a flight that fast Mulder?" Doggett asked as they walked to the car.

"They better gimme a damn flight! It shouldn't take too long, maybe two hours," Mulder replied.

"They'll be the longest two hours of your life," Doggett commented as they began to drive.

"This whole day and night will be longest ever for me," Mulder answered as they sped away.

1013 Apex Drive

Arlington, Virginia


"Keep breathing Dana," Maggie instructed as Scully sat in a chair to her kitchen table.

"I know mom, I'm okay, I'm okay," Scully breathed out as her mother ran up the stairs to fetch Scully's hospital bag.

(In Scully's Head;) I'm going to be okay. If I just keep telling myself that, everything will be absolutely fine. Mom's here, Mulder's coming, everything will be okay.

Scully continued coaching herself mentally as she breathed in and out trying to calm her jitters. Finally, the contraction had stopped and she was free to relax in the chair.

"They're fifteen minutes apart now," she spoke as she heard her mother's footsteps coming down the stairs, "Oh God..what is that feeling?"

"What, what do you feel?" Maggie asked as she rummaged through the bag, mentally checking that her daughter had everything she was going to need.

"I feel like I just urinated, but I know I didn't," Scully said, in an embarrassed way yet she really didn't care to hide feelings at the moment.

"You're water probably broke. Can you make it to the bathroom to check?" Maggie asked.

"Yeah, I can do it. But could you get me some clothes?"

"How about some pajamas, you'll be much more comfortable," Maggie suggested and headed back up the stairs. After a few minutes Scully had sat back down at the table and her mother had helped her dress.

"Was there any blood?" Maggie asked as she tied Scully's white sneakers.

"No," Scully answered, holding her belly, feeling like she was on the verge to another contraction.

"Well, that's a good thing and a bad thing,"

"What?" Scully was getting confused and frustrated not to mention she was beginning to sweat.

"The bad thing is that you're labor is going slowly, the good thing is that that gives Mulder time to get here," Maggie smiled as she helped Scully to the car.

Flight 1013 to BWI airport


"God damnit, this was a bad idea from the beginning!" Mulder cursed as he sat frustrated.

"Hey Mulder, pull yourself together, you'll get there I promise," Doggett tried to calm him by talking.

"Yeah well, I'm missing everything, I'm not there for her,"

"You will be, you're not missing anything. She's just at the hospital trying to relax right now,"

"I can't miss this, I've waited so long," Mulder put his hands through his hair, trying to focus.

"Please fasten your seat belts, flight 1013 will be landing in about three minutes," the stewardess came on the microphone and announced.

"See, there you go, well be landing in no time and the hospital is only about four blocks away,"

"Yeah.you'd think it'd be faster if I ran?"

"Ran?" Doggett asked, completely clueless to what Mulder was asking.

"Yeah, run, like when I get off the plane. Wouldn't running to the hospital be faster than waiting for a cab and all the traffic?"

"I don't know, it might be. You a good runner?" Doggett chuckled.

"Will you get my bags for me?" Mulder thought of ways to save time.

"Sure," Doggett answered.

The plane descended until they could hear the screeching of the airplane tires on the blacktop. As soon as they opened the gates, Mulder tried to be the first out of the plane. Doggett lagged behind, ready to take care of the luggage and other priorities.

Arlington Hospital

Maternity and Birthing section

Room # 12


"Breathe, Dana, breathe," Maggie coached her as she patted her daughter's forehead with a wet cloth. Just then doctor Trite appeared in the doorway.

"Oh.just the person.I wanna see," Scully breathed out as he contraction finally ended.

"Nice to see you too, how's everything coming along?" Rebecca smile and walked up to Scully's side.

"Good, I guess. I'm hanging in there, contractions are about ten minutes apart now,"

"Sounds like we'll have a baby sometime this afternoon huh?" the doctor chuckled, "Now who is this?" Rebecca asked nodding towards Maggie.

"Oh, sorry, I'm Margaret Scully, Dana's mother," Maggie piped up.

"Nice to meet you. Where's Mr. Mulder?" Rebecca asked.

"He's on his way. He was at a meeting in Chicago, his plane should be landing right about now," Scully answered, letting her head fall back on the pillows to rest.

"Well, I'm going to check you out and see what things look like and then I want you to try to sleep, you're going to need your rest,"

"Okay," Scully answered and Maggie got up from the chair and proceeded to the hallway. Once the door was shut for privacy, Rebecca folded back Scully's gown and pressed her fingers into Scully's right side.

"Oh my! What have we here," the doctor responded after pressing for a minute or so, "This little guy, or girl, must want to walk into the world!" the doctor chuckled.

"What? She's flipped again?" Scully sat up straighter, completely alarmed.

"I'm afraid so. This is not looking promising either. Her head's kindof lodged under your left rubs, can you feel it?" Rebecca asked as Scully began pushing on her own belly.

"Now what?" Scully looked frustrated.

"We'll have to move her again, although it may be harder this time. I'm going to do an examination first, see if I can get a better picture of what's going on in there," the doctor explained, "Just open your legs and relax please,"

"Okay, but please reassure me here, is everything going to be okay?" Scully questioned as the doctor began poking around.

"Everything will be fine, the only thing that may happen differently is a cesarean section, which I kindof doubt. You're body is little, you're baby is petite and she seems to move and not cause so much trouble. I can honestly say out of all the babies I've dealt with, this is not the most severe," the doctor began pushing two fingers into Scully and she flinted and arched her back to the table.

"Hold still Dana. Let's see, you are bleeding now. When we talked on the phone it was just your water that had broke, correct,"

"Yes," Scully closed her eyes and bit her lip and Rebecca pushed on her walls.

"I estimate about four centimeters dilation-," Rebecca was cut off when there was a knock at the door.


"Mulder?! It's Mulder.can he come in?" Scully asked the doctor. She had instantly perked up at the sound of his voice and was feeling more secure by the minute.

"Sure, just a minute," Rebecca answered as she pulled her gloved hands away from Scully's anatomy, "Okay, you can come in,"

The door slowly opened while Rebecca covered Scully and threw her latex gloves in the waste can. Mulder slowly walked into the brightly lit room with a grin on his face like Scully had never seen.

"Oh God Mulder!" Scully sighed, so happy to see him. He chuckled a little and made his way to her, wrapping his arms around her shoulders.

"I missed you,"

"I missed you. I told you I'd hang on didn't I?" she smiled as they pulled out of the embrace.

"I'm glad you did. I never ran so fast in my life!"

"Ran?" Scully asked with the usual eyebrow.

"Yeah, I ran here, from the airport," Mulder admitted and smiled.

"God I love you," Scully sighed again as she hugged him. Mulder's hands fell to her tummy and began to caress it lightly.

"How's she doing?" he whispered into her ear.

"Not so good," Scully whispered back and she pulled away and lowered her eyes to her feet.

"What's wrong?" Mulder asked, worry in his dark green eyes.

"The baby is flipped again," Scully sniffled and laughed.

"Well we'll just flip her back, right?"

"It's not that easy,"

"No it's not, but we can do it, perhaps you'd like to help?" Rebecca intervened.

"Yes I want to help. What can we do?" Mulder asked, turning to the doctor with his hands on his hips.

"Well, for starters, let's get Dana on her hands and knees on the bed, that seemed to work last time,"

"We need to hurry before another damn contraction hits," Scully breathed rubbing her belly. Mulder glanced at her, surprised at her choice of words and she shyly glanced away, knowing why he was looking at her.

"Heh heh," the doctor chuckled as she held Scully's hand. With a lot of effort, Mulder and Rebecca got Scully into a comfortable position, "Now I'm going to push on your belly Dana, see if I can move him,"

"Won't this hurt the baby?" Mulder asked as he steadied Scully.

"Not at all," the doctor answered. After about ten minutes of trying, Rebecca decided to give Scully a rest.

"He isn't budging this time," Scully breathed, preparing herself for the next contraction.

"Well, this contraction could help, the stronger they get the more it will push on the baby, he just might flip. If we can't get him moved in about another half hour, I'm going to call in back up for an emergency c-section,"

"Now wait a minute! A c-section? Can't she have this baby if it is upside down?" Mulder asked, while holding Scully's hand.

"No, she can't. It would do a lot of damage to her body and we could possibly loose the baby by letting such a thing happen. Just calm down Mr. Mulder, everything will go okay. I'm going to leave you two alone for a few minutes," the doctor finished and left the room.

"Hey Scully," Mulder started.

"Yeah," she breathed, her eyes closed, her head pushed into the pillow and one hand on her belly.

"What about that flashlight thing? Remember the baby moved where ever I put the light? Couldn't that help him turn?"

"I doubt it Mulder. When..ahhhh," Scully yelled out as she felt pain in her lower abdomen, "when.we tried that.the baby was smaller and.had room to move," she breathed, squeezing Mulder's hand.

"Okay, don't try to talk, just breathe, we'll figure this out once this contraction is over," Mulder insisted as he lowered his head to hers, "Just hang in there, you're doing great,"

"Oh man!" Scully breathed out a gust of air once the pain had subsided. Mulder chuckled and began to speak.

"Hey, you're the toughest woman I know. You can do this," he encouraged.


"Yes?" he asked as he wiped her face with a wet cloth.

"Could you go out and talk to my mom. I feel.kindof bad that as soon as you showed up she just kindof felt unwanted, I guess. Just make sure she's okay. She can come back in, at least until the real work starts," Scully explained.

"Sure Scully. But honestly, I think you mom understands,"


"When I come back in, we're going to try the flashlight thing, it couldn't hurt to try." Mulder smiled as he left the room quickly. Scully closed her eyes and licked her lips trying to relax.

Chapter 58-Delivery Arlington Hospital Maternity and Birthing section Room #12 7:39am Scully laid in her bed, the blankets pushed off to the edge. Her eyes were closed, she slept lightly, preparing for her journey into motherhood. "Scully," Mulder called as he entered the room. Once she was in view, Mulder could see she was sleeping so he just sat beside her in the chair. Tugging on her hand, he held it, clammy but soft. He slowly pulled her gown open so that her bare belly was exposed. Mulder leaned down and kissed her side gently and then returned to his position. "Hey baby," he whispered as he stroked the back of Scully's hand, "Are you going to come see me?...God I love you and I love your mommy," Mulder placed his hands on Scully's belly lightly, making circular motions with his thumbs right over her lower abdomen. "Listen, in order for you to come see me and your mommy, you need to move. Move down here, I promise it'll help a lot...just come down here where you feel me pushing," Mulder talked to the baby coaxing her to move. He felt the push of a limb and he smiled. Mulder pulled out a mini flashlight from his pocket, flicked it on and placed the bright end directly to Scully's lower abdomen. She stirred a bit, feeling how cold it was, but then settled back into sleep. Mulder pressed the light to her belly a little bit harder and began to move it in wave like motions across her taunt white skin. "I followed a light once. More than once. Different kinds of light lead you to different places. And you know me by now, I'm not just talking about spaceships, but light in general. I saw a different light in your mommy. I knew I loved her from the moment I saw her. She was so young back then. She's still beautiful and I'm sure you'll be just like her...whether you're a boy or a girl...I love you...and after I found that light in your mommy, something happened. Lots of things happened. But the best thing, was you. The miracle, that proves everything that's ever happened in my life, that proves I can love and I do love. You are my miracle and you're perfect. I just need to see you. It feels like anything can happen at any moment, that's how my life works. And call me paranoid...as most people do...but I'm just afraid we've come so close and now I'm going to loose you. We can't let that happen right? So please, follow the light for daddy," Mulder finished for a moment, waiting for a response. After about a minute he felt pushing against his hands, the baby had moved but not far enough. "Oh God, please," Mulder mumbled as he laid both of his arms over Scully's belly, as if he were trying to cradle the baby. He laid his head on top of his arms as a tear threatened to drop from the corner of his eye. He sat there for a few minutes and he noticed that Scully's hand was on his head, her fingers were pushing through his hair. "Keep talking," she whispered lightly. Mulder lifted his head just enough to see her face, her eyes were still closed, but she was awake and listening. She continued to stroke her hands through his thick brown hair, lightly playing with the little downy hairs on the base of his neck. "I...I feel you moving. This light right here, will lead you to me. Please follow it," Mulder began again, his lips barely above her belly. She could feel his hot breath on her skin and it made her shiver. After a few minutes of no response Mulder thought of a different approach, "Okay, you don't wanna move for me? How about moving for food? Here's the deal, you follow this light and promise once you come out, we'll give you the best milk in the whole world," at that, Scully chuckled at Mulder's humor, actually trying to bribe the baby already! Mulder chuckled as well and then lowered his lips to meet her salty skin. He hummed, he hummed some kindof tune, unfamiliar to Scully. Without warning, the baby did move, she moved towards his lips. Scully felt relief as the baby was well away from her lungs now and she could breathe better. "I think that did it Mulder," Scully sighed, rubbing her belly a little. "I hope so. Power of suggestion huh?" he smiled. "Ohhhh," Scully's eyes lit up and she held the side of her belly quickly. "Oh?" Mulder looked at her face confused, her mouth was hanging open and she was breathing hard. "Another...contraction..." she looked at him breathing and scrunching her forehead in a painful grin. Mulder picked one hand off of her belly and held it. "I'm here, squeeze as hard as you want," "Ughhh!" she groaned and closed her eyes. "Should I get the doctor?" Mulder asked, feeling helpless. "Ughhhh...ummm...pphhhew...eeewwww!" she moaned out as the pain hit her lower back hard and fast. "Okay, breathe...Scully keeping breathing, I'm gonna get the doctor," "No!" she screamed out quickly, holding his hand tightly, "Don't go...yet," "Okay." He smiled and began wiping her face with a cold rag. She was opening and shutting her mouth as if she were thirsty. Without hesitation Mulder put a few ice chips in her mouth, without being told to do it; this shocked Scully, even in her state. She had no idea he'd know to do that. Finally the contraction ended just as quickly as it came and Scully relaxed back into the sweaty bedsheets. Her face was flushed and sweaty and it was beginning to worry Mulder. He already didn't like seeing her in this condition. He pushed the call button for the nurse and one came within a few minutes. Mulder requested for the doctor to come in, but Scully remained non- sociable. "Okay, looks like we'll be getting ready soon," the doctor concluded as she raised up from examinating Scully, "Eight centimeters dilated and your contractions are two minutes apart, that's good," "Wonderful," Scully breathed out as she closed her eyes, "I'm already exhausted," "Hey, you're doing great!" Mulder smiled, one hand on her tummy. She glanced at him with evil looking eyes, "Don't look at me like that!" "Ugh," she moaned shaking her head with her eyes closed, "I think I'm gonna need some drugs," "No, you don't need them, you can do this. I've seen you go through much more pain than this Scully," "Have you?...then why don't...you get over here and have the baby," she exhaled. "I'm sorry, just trying to encourage you. That's what they say to do right?" Mulder frowned, trying to help. "It's okay Mr. Mulder, she's gonna be grouch for the next half hour," the doctor chuckled, "Let's not have you discouraged too okay?" Mulder nodded and smiled as the doctor continued, "I'll check back in a few minutes, you're just fine Dana. Just keep breathing and let those contractions roll. Before you know it, we'll have a little baby," the doctor smiled as she noted something on her chart and left the room. "Mulder?" she breathed lightly. "Yes?" he asked as he smoothed damp hair away from her brow. "Will you kiss me?" she asked looking into his deep green eyes. "Of course." He smiled and leaned in. He touched her lips gently at first, letting his bottom lip fall into the crevice of her mouth. She began sucking, pulling on his tender flesh trying to deepen the kiss. Mulder kept it all sensual and sexy by pulling her top lips out and just touching the tip of her tongue with his own; just enough to taste her yet give her space. The kiss did not last long, due to the interruption of another contraction. She gripped his hands as she pulled away from his lips, panting for air. "I...I can't...do this," she breathed in and out, feeling an overwhelming sensation flood through her. "You can-," "Shut up!" she hissed as she felt the need to push, "Oh my God!" she began to cry, tears staining her face as she resisted the urge. Mulder pushed the hair away from her face, damp golden red strands, curling around her ears. He wiped her face and fed her ice chips until the pain had flooded away once again. The door opened and both Mulder and Scully looked up. It was the doctor once more and this time she was here to stay, along with a team of assistants that followed her in. "Okay, how long was that contraction?" she asked, glancing towards Mulder. "Uh, I'm guessing about forty five seconds?" "That's good, very good," the doctor nodded, "Okay get me some instruments over here," she commanded as the assistants wheeled a cart over to the doctor. She was perched on a stool looking under the blue blankets covering Scully's lower half. "When?! When?!" Scully asked, frustrated. She sat up a little and felt more relief with that position. "Soon Dana, we're just about ready. Possibly on the next contraction," the doctor examined, "Now let me see where that baby is?" Rebecca smiled as she approached Scully's side. "I think we got her moved." Mulder smiled, recalling the things he had said. Rebecca pressed her latex covered fingers into Scully's muscled belly. "She's a little awkward, but it'll work. The only thing right now, is that it might hurt a good bit when her shoulders come out. Are you going to be okay Dana," Rebecca questioned with a glance. Scully just nodded and chewed on some ice that Mulder had handed her. "Oh God here it comes!" Scully groaned and gripped, one hand on the railing, the other in Mulder's palm. "Breathe...breathe," Mulder coached, as Scully latched on to his forearm with both of her hands, pulling herself into a sideways position. "Hold me," he whimpered and groaned. Mulder put one arm around her back pressing him to her, the other held her hand as before. "It's almost over Scully," Mulder told her, pushing her hair away from her face. "I gotta push...please!" she cried, burying her head in his shoulder. Mulder felt his shirt instantly wet from tears. "No Dana, don't push. Honey you gotta hang in there, don't push," "Oh God, please," she continued to cry, squeezing Mulder with all of her might. "Long deep breaths Scully...it's over," he calmed her, stroking the back of her head and she rested on his shoulder, her eyes drooped from exhaustion. "Good job Dana. Mr. Mulder, could you please go in the bathroom. A nurse in there will help you get into scrubs," Rebecca instructed. She glanced back at Scully, who was drowsy, she tried to take little cat naps, or at least rest her eyes. Mulder emerged from the bathroom sporting a green jump suit type outfit. He wore hospital green socks, pants and a t-shirt. When Mulder first glanced in the mirror, he felt like he was back helping Scully do an autopsy; but come to think of it, he's still be "helping" her. "Mr. Mulder," Rebecca whispered. Mulder stepped over closer to the stool she was sitting on. "Yeah?" "You're doing a great job. But this next part will be one of the important ones. Now I noticed how she was hugging you. The best thing for her would to be get on the bed behind her, let her sit in your lap and you can hold her that way, okay?" "Yeah, that sounds like a good idea," Mulder nodded and walked over to the bed. Scully opened her eyes for a few moments and smiled lightly at Mulder, who was starring at her. "Sit up Scully," Mulder instructed as he helped her lift her body. "What are you doing?" she asked, in her old sarcastic tone, enhanced with her lifted eyebrow. Mulder was hoping up onto the bed and settling himself. "Getting behind you, now I can go through pretty much everything you go through. All the pushes baby, I'll be here," Mulder explained, pulling on Scully's shoulders to get her to lay back in his lap. Scully laid back and her head fell, cradled by his shoulder, Mulder's knees came up around her knees and held them in place. Scully gripped Mulder's knees and his hands fell over top of hers, preparing themselves for the next contraction. "Let's see...okay...you've not really yet, not fully dilated, you cannot push okay," Rebecca shook her head, glancing up at Scully. "Oh God...ouuuwwwwww...he he hewww he he hewww," Scully screamed and pushed herself back into Mulder's chest hard. "Are you comfortable Scully?" Mulder asked as he held her close. "No! No I'm not comfortable...this...really hurts!!" she screamed, wiggling around in his lap. "C'mon, remember, to breathe, one...two...three..." "I gotta push, please let me push!" "Not yet Dana, next time, next time I promise," Rebecca answered. Finally the screaming was over and Scully settled back in Mulder's arms. "I love you, I love you Scully," he murmured into her ear as he massaged her shoulders with his thumbs and palms. Scully had slightly twisted from her wiggling and she was mostly on her side now, almost trying to hug him, "Just rest," he cooed as she stroked her sweaty back. "Oh...another one?...already?" Scully whimpered as she sat up a little bit. "Yup another one. They're coming about one minute apart. This time I want you to push when you feel ready to, understand," Rebecca spoke to Scully but kept her head down, "And open your legs, you didn't get a baby in their with your legs closed, you aren't getting' one out with them closed," she chuckled. Mulder chuckled a little as well, but then focused back on Scully who panting for air. "C'mon Scully, it won't be long now...c'mon push!" Mulder coached her on. They both lunged forward a little, hands woven tightly together until their knuckles were white. Scully high pitched scream rang out through the room and then descended into low little grunts and moans, "C'mon you're doin' it!" "Okay I can see the baby's head crowning, keep pushing," Rebecca directed. "Ahhh, ughhhhhh it's...burning," Scully cried as she gripped Mulder's hand and squeezed. "I know, breathe, breathe," Rebecca encouraged, "give me the scissors," she instructed, "have the blanket and bulb ready," The nurses around scattered and got requested materials, as Scully kept on howling and pushing. "C'mon Dana, almost there, I've got an arm," "Hear that Scully, you're doing great. Keep on...yeah...push!" Mulder grunted with her as the lunged forward for another hard push, "Bear down baby," "You're doing great Dana, breathe out," "Ahhhhhhhhh pppppuuuulllleeease!" she screamed and let her head drop to the crook of Mulder's neck. "Focus Scully, c'mon," Mulder whispered. "Why is this...taking so long!" Scully shouted becoming frustrated. "It's not taking long, you're doing very good. Just give me a few more good pushes," Rebecca directed. "C'mon let's go Scully," Mulder gripped her hand. She took a deep breath and gave a long drawn out push. On her exhale she began to scream. "Get...this baby out of me! Ahhhhhhhoohhhhhhh," she exhaled again and then she heard it, the cry she had been waiting for. The cry of her baby, the miracle they thought would never happen. Rebecca held up the red faced, screaming newborn, all flushed and coated in thin vernix. "Scully...Scully look," Mulder caressed the side of her cheek as she opened her eyes. The doctor only held the baby in the air for another few moments. "It's a girl!" Scully exclaimed, surprised. "She's beautiful." Mulder grinned. A nurse wrapped her up in a pink and white blanket and handed her to Scully. "Oh my God," Scully whispered as she starred at her tiny baby. Her eyes were closed and her hands were curled tightly in front of her chest. "Look at her red hair Scully," Mulder chuckled, thrilled to see a part of Scully brought out in their baby. Scully leaned down and kissed her baby's forehead and then up to Mulder. He caught his lips with hers and kissed her deeply. "Dana, I'm going to have you feed her. You're placenta isn't coming out and the best thing would be to have you feed her, that will help it descend," Rebecca instructed. "Already?" Scully was surprised that she'd be able to feed her daughter so soon. "Yes, just open your gown and lay her next to your skin. All you have to do is rub your nipple against her cheek and she will turn and begin to 'latch on', that's all there is to it. I'm going to go and give you some privacy, I'll be back in a few minutes," with that, Rebecca left the room carrying a bucket of bloody instruments that needed to be cleaned and sterilized once more. "Is this really happening," Scully whispered as the baby took her nipple into her mouth. "It is. She's all ours." Mulder smiled as he nuzzled her neck. "I didn't expect it to be a girl. All this time...I just can't believe..."

"I know. But I'm so incredibly happy. I love you,"

"I love you," Scully mumbled as she adjusted the baby's position, "What are we going to name her? We never even chose girl names,"

"I have a name. It's something I like because it's different and it actually goes with 'Mulder',"

"Let's hear it." She smiled, not taking her eyes off of her infant. "Hayden Melissa Mulder," Mulder stated. "Melissa? Oh Mulder, you don't have to,"

"No I want to. That's her name." Mulder smiled as he bushed his index finger over the little girl's flexing cheek. "I love it...ouuww she's sucking really hard! It's amazing!" Scully laughed. "Yes it is. I think she's falling asleep!" Mulder chuckled, noticing how Hayden's eyes were slowly closing. "Everyone okay in here?" Rebecca asked as she entered the room, "How's the nursing coming along,"

"I guess it's going good, she's sucking!" Mulder chuckled. "She's absolutely gorgeous, I can't believe her hair! There's not that much of it, but look how light red it is!" the doctor smiled as she smoothed her hand over the baby's head. "Mulder, do you want to hold her?" Scully asked him as the baby stopped sucking for a few moments, apparently she had fallen asleep. "I-I can't hold her,"

"Why not?" Scully asked with a raised eyebrow and the doctor began to chuckle. "She's so little...I-I don't..." Mulder stuttered. "You'll be fine," the doctor reassured him. Scully lifted the baby and handed her to Mulder, who had now gotten off the bed and sat in the chair. "Meanwhile, I'll get you cleaned up?" Rebecca smiled as she began wiping blood off of Scully's thighs. "God she's so tiny," Mulder marveled as he held the sleeping baby in his arms. Hayden made little tiny noises with her mouth as she continued to suck. "In a few minutes, a nurse will take her and weigh her and all. Then we'll bring her back for you. You may rest and eat something, or have the family visit, whatever you'd like," Rebecca finished.

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Arlington, VA

2 days later


"Home at last," Mulder remarked as he opened the door and carried in a baby carrier. He set the infant seat down near the door and turned around to get Scully. She was able to walk, of course, but he was always worried about her welfare.

"Are you doing okay Scully?" Mulder quipped as he put his hand on her lower back, same as always.

"I'm doing just fine," she grinned and smiled as they entered their home together. Just as they set foot into the house, they heard a few gurgling noises followed by a low whine.

"She's going to cry!" Scully laughed when she heard the noises. She peeked into the carrier to see her baby girl as snuggled in a pink blanket. Then Scully picked up the carrier and set it onto the kitchen table, carefully unbuckling the infant and taking her out, "Long first car ride huh? Are you hungry?" Scully cooed. Mulder stood watching, noticing her mothering instincts unfold like a flower. Scully slowly entered the living room and sat herself down on the sofa, cuddling the baby softly to her chest as she rearranged her legs in a criss-cross position. Mulder followed her to the doorway and kept watching as he leaned himself against the frame.

"Are you going to feed her?" Mulder asked, as he watched her rub the baby's cheek with the back of her finger.

"Yeah, I'm guessing that's what she wants," Scully looked up at him and smiled. Then she opened her loose blouse and put the baby to her skin. Instantly, she began sucking furiously and Scully giggled low for a few moments. She sat back in the sofa to relax and she closed her eyes slowly.


"Yes?" she asked, as she opened her eyes.

"Do you mind.if I watch?" Mulder hesitated, looking away from her.

"Mulder.of course you can. Why are you being so shy with me? Come over here and sit beside us," Scully patted the cushion besides her in sympathy. Mulder walked slowly but proceeded to sit beside Scully. She felt the cushion sink with his weight, as his head tilted down to watch his baby girl nursing.

"Wow, how does she know how to do that?" Mulder smiled, touching her tiny legs.

"I don't know. She just.does," Scully smiled once more finally tearing her eyes from her infant. Mulder did as well and caught her glance. It was an intense one, like the first time she knew that they were going to the next level in their relationship. A look of love and lust all bundled emotions and arousal, pooling in the coloring of their eyes.

Before they knew it, their breathing had increased. Scully's chest heaved up and down as she tried to silence the sound of her breathing. His head was descending closer to hers, his eyes trying desperately to hold her gaze.

"I-.I really want to kiss you right now," he admitted softly with a puff of air.

"I really want to kiss you too," she breathed and he quickly swooped in with his lips, crushing them to hers. He could lightly taste her saltiness but her familiar warm scent clouded his thoughts. He licked her bottom lips, sensually pulling and tugging on them with his own. She reciprocated, only choosing his top lip to focus on. It was so passionate yet gentle. Scully felt a pang in her crotch, the flush of arousal against her sore swollen flesh. She violently pulled back at the jolting sensation. It was all too awkward, especially to be nursing an infant at the same time as one tries to have an intimate encounter.

"I'm sorry! I'm sorry, I didn't mean to!" Mulder jumped off the sofa in the blink of an eye. Scully glanced up at him with a questioning look enhanced by her arched auburn eyebrow.

"It's okay," she chuckled, "Come back here, you didn't do anything,"

"Then why did you pull away like that?" he asked, hurt in his bright green eyes.

"I just.it's hard to explain," she started. She glanced down at Hayden, who had fallen asleep once again and had stopped sucking.

"Okay," Mulder nodded as he sat down, prepared for her to continue. When she didn't that obvious question came, "Are you sure you're okay?"

"Yes!" she chuckled as she pulled the quiet infant from her breast and returned her to the infant seat.

"I have another surprise for you," he mumbled, playing with his hands as if he were rolling something around.

"What on earth could it be now? Hehe, I already have everything I've ever dreamed of," Scully smiled and wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling herself into his chest.

"Well, I found one of our catalogues. I was looking for some ideas for the nursery, because, afterall I was going to be the one painting it!"

"And," Scully whispered into his ear, blowing warm air into it.

"I found that someone.not mentioning any names.someone had circled a few things she liked. So I called her mother and asked for some help." Mulder smiled against Scully's cheek.

"You didn't?!"

"I did!" he chuckled, "It's all finished too,"

"All finished?! How.when? We just had her two days ago!" Scully marveled as she pulled back and looked into his eyes, searching.

"While you slept yesterday, I came home and painted. And in the evening, your mom came over and fixed everything else back up.heh heh, it looks like a palace, fit for our little princess,"

"Oh lord this child is going to be so spoiled,"

"You bet! Daddy's girl all the way!" Mulder chuckled, "Well are we going to sit here and imagine it or go see it?"

Scully leaped off the couch, then grabbed her belly realizing she shouldn't have moved so quickly. She kept moving so that Mulder wouldn't take alarm. She noticed out of the corner of her eye that he had taken the liberty to bring Hayden along upstairs.

"Now, I tried my best, I really hope it's okay for you," he replied as she placed her hand on the doorknob.

"Anything you give me is always good enough." She smiled as she opened the nursery door. A gasp came from low in her throat as she walked into the room. The white wooden shades hung half way down the window, opened brightly to let the sun shine in. The walls were painted a light pink with a type of sponge design in purple, just over top. The trimmings around the edges of the room and the windows were light pink. There were little tiny purple butterflies stenciled, lining as a border near the ceiling. The infant's bedding matched in corresponding colors and patterns as the walls. The dressers and changing table had little decals of butterflies and flowers, making the room bright and happy.

"Oh my God, Mulder," Scully felt the tears fall as she touched the edge of the crib, marveling at the beauty in the room, "It's more.it's more than I could have ever asked for," she cried as she starred at the walls. She turned and waked to him quickly, laying her hand on his chest in attempt to steady herself as she gently lowered her head to his shoulder. Mulder brought his hand up into her hair and caressed her soft long locks as he lightly pressed, holding her to his body.

"I love you," he breathed in slightly as she shuddered from crying.

"I love you," she sniffled a little and pulled back from him.

"Why don't you go lay down for a little while, before dinner. I know you're still tired and remember we're having Skinner, Doggett and your mother over," Mulder reminded.

"Yeah, but I should cook,"

"No, I'm going to take care of all that. Your mom said she'd come over early to help me if I needed it. You go rest and leave everything up to me," Mulder kissed the top of her head quickly and placed a hand on her lower back to guide her out of the room. Once in the hallway, he realized he left the baby. She chuckled to himself and went back into the nursery. He took her out of her seat and gently laid her in her crib.

"I'll be back," he whispered, she whimpered for a moment and then settled, sucking on two fingers. Mulder left the room for a few moments, leaving the door open behind him.

"Can I tuck you in?" she chuckled as he entered the bedroom. He walked over beside Scully, she was laid on her side, eyes closed. The blankets were pulled up to her waist and she had loosed her blouse from her waistband. Mulder leaned down and kissed her lightly on the cheek and whispered in her ear.

"Thanks for making me a daddy." He smiled and pulled the covers up to her chin. He flipped off the light as he left to room and walked back to the nursery. He peered in with pride written all over his face. Proud to be a father, proud to have accomplished a normal life afterall, and really proud of that room he painted and decorated! He watched Hayden for a while, standing by her crib as she slept and suckled her fingers, then he got a backache and resided in the rocking chair in the corner. Before he knew it, Mulder had fallen asleep too.

Mulder residence


Maggie lightly knocked on the door for over two minutes and thought that maybe they were sleeping. She used her spare key to let herself in, to find the house completely silent. She walked into the kitchen and laid her purse on the table as she pulled off her jacket. Maggie preheated the stove, not wasting anytime in preparing her dinner. Just as she set a pot of noodles on to boil, she heard a faint whimpering sound. She followed it, until she found a baby monitor located on the end-table in living room. Maggie giggled to herself, excited that her granddaughter was crying, just demanding attention. She quickly tip-toed up the stairs and made her way into the nursery. There she was, all bundled up in her crib, with eyes open wide. Maggie saw Mulder slumped over asleep in the rocking chair, as she picked Hayden out of the crib and laid her on the changing table.

"Does someone need a diaper change?" Maggie whispered, cooing at the infant. She tugged open the buttons between Hayden's legs, that stirred the infant into a crying fit. Mulder jolted awake to see Maggie putting a fresh diaper onto his daughter.

"What time is it?" he asked, rubbing his eyes and standing up as Maggie picked Hayden up and handed her to Mulder.

"Dinner time!" she smiled and left the room, him holding a still crying baby in his arms.

"Scully!" Mulder shouted as he walked into the bedroom.

"Huh?" she asked, poking her head up from under the covers.

"She's hungry," he replied as he sat on the bed next to her.

"Okay," she said groggily, as Mulder handed Hayden to her.

"Your mom is here, I'm going to go help her with dinner, you'll be okay?" Mulder asked as he got up.

"Sure." She smiled and began to nurse the baby once more.


"Skin-man!" Mulder greeted with smiles as he opened the door to his boss.

"Look, that's gotta stop Mulder!" he chuckled as he entered.

"Congratulations," Mulder shook Doggett's hand as they all walked down the hallway.

"So, I hear you got a surprise?" Skinner asked as he took a seat at the table.

"Yes indeed a great surprise. It's a girl!" Mulder smiled at Maggie who had just set a bowl of salad on the table.

"Where's Scully?" Doggett asked, noticing her lack of presence.

"Nursing, she should be down soon," Mulder answered as he took a seat, "Hey, I'm gonna put the Yankees' game on, okay?" Mulder informed as he walked into the living room and flipped on the television. All the men turned their chairs so that they could see the game just as Scully entered the kitchen with a bundle of pink in her arms.

"Scully.wow you look wonderful!" Skinner smiled as he stood up and walked over to her.

"Thank you, Sir," she answered as she opened the blanket so that the men could view the sleeping baby girl.

"What's her name," Doggett asked.

"Hayden," Scully answered with a smile, "Would you like to hold her, Sir?" Scully asked, leaning the baby towards him.

"Ahhh, well sure," he hesitated but then took the infant into his arms.

"How are you feeling Dana," Maggie asked as Scully approached her.

"Okay, this takes a lot of getting used to though." She smiled as she tasted the sauce in the pan.

"You'll get it, you're absolutely wonderful at mothering," Maggie insisted.

"Right mom," she chuckled and went to sit down.

"So how is it, really Mulder?" Skinner asked, glancing at the baby then at him.

"Just great. Doesn't feel like much has changed. I just carry her around now,"

"Yeah, gosh she's so little," Doggett admired her.

"Six pounds, four ounces, twenty and a half inches long," Mulder stated proudly as he watched Skinner touch her hands.

"Heh heh, and her red hair!" Skinner smiled as he ran a finger over her head, smoothing down the feathery pieces, "No mistaking her mother," he chuckled. They all laughed and Scully jumped into the conversation.

"Yeah well, she acts like her father, so you tell me where the better qualities came from?" she chuckled. They all laughed and Mulder just smirked as they all made their way into the kitchen for dinner.

"So Mulder, when you coming back to work?" Doggett asked, as he took a sip of his iced tea. Mulder looked up at him and then to Skinner.

"Well.," Mulder began and Scully automatically sensed his uncertainty.

"It's okay Mulder. I talked it over with Kersh. Seems he'd much rather not have you there," Skinner paused, "all the trouble you cause," Skinner mumbled, "but nonetheless, he gave you two weeks to be home and then you must go back for a month, then he's granted you paternity leave if indeed Agent Scully returns," Skinner looked at Scully's blank face, obviously she hasn't even thought about work.

"Well, you can make that decision in two weeks, right sweetie?" Maggie patted her daughter's hand, trying to help her out of her intense thought processes.

"Yes.we'll talk about it later," she mumbled and took as sip of tea, as her mouth became suddenly dry.

"I hear the baby," Mulder mentioned as he stood up from his chair. He walked into the living room and picked up the small infant, cradling her to his chest.

"Uh Scully?" Mulder called.

"What is it?" she asked, walking into the room with alarmed eyes.

"I think she needs changing,"

"So change her,"

"I-I can't," he answered with sad eyes.

"Why not?" Scully asked as she stood, looking at the squirming baby.

"I don't know how.and besides, she's a girl, I can't be doing that!"

"Mulder, just because she's a girl, doesn't mean you can't change her!" Scully chuckled.

"Yeah but.she's different, she's a GIRL!" he insisted.

"I'll tell you what. Lay her down on the couch and I'll teach you how to change her," Scully suggested as she pulled a newborn diaper from the pack. Mulder slowly pulled her outfit open and began removing the diaper.

"Are you sure I'm allowed to do this?" he chuckled, feeling very uneasy.

"I'm positive! Now just take the baby wipes and wipe her from front to back,"

"Oh Lord," Mulder mumbled as he did so, "There! Gimme that diaper!" he laughed and took it from her.

"I'm going back into the kitchen Mulder, you'll be okay?"

"Uh huh," he mumbled, "There we go princess, all clean," he cooed as Scully left the room smiling.


Finally their guests had left and Mulder and Scully had time to their selves. Scully was lying on the bed, covers pulled up to her waist. Pillows propped her back and arm up as she nursed her newborn. Her eyes were closed but her hands clasped the baby tightly. Hayden sucked furiously, making wet sucking noises and heavy breathing sounds as her nose pressed into Scully's breast. Mulder turned out the lights and sat beside Scully on the bed. Once he got comfortable, he realized she wasn't moving, she was asleep.

Mulder leaned his head against the headboard and watched his daughter. His skin was light and flushed pink.the curse of her mother's complexion. Her soft downy hair, curled slightly behind her ears but stood on end at the top of her head. The lightest auburn hair he'd ever seen. When she opened her eyes, they were dark blue, just like Scully. He watched her cheeks move in and out, sucking, then resting for a second. The milk would dribble it's way out of her mouth and Mulder took his finger and wiped it away from her neck. He looked at it on his finger for a moment and then stuck it in his mouth.

"Yikes! Wow.don't know if I should have done that!" Mulder made a funny sour face and then settled back down.

(In Mulder's Head;) It's so interesting how Hayden knows her mommy. And she automatically likes the milk.why? It'd take a lot of getting used to for me! Oddly enough, I can taste Scully, but.not me.yuck, I hate milk. She's absolutely beautiful, more than I expected. Watching her do one of the most instinctive things in the world makes me really wonder about a lot of things. And here I am.how did I deserve all of this? Having two of the most beautiful females in the world.together, in my bed. I love them so much, and maybe that's what was supposed to happen. Maybe it was fate? All I know is I don't want to close my eyes or fall asleep.I don't want to miss a thing.

The End!!!!!!

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