Title: Coward
Author - Char Priolo
Archive: Anywhere and everywhere (just let me know)
Rating - PG-13 (for now) Category -V, A (Angst), MSR & DSR
Spoilers -US8 CComments: This is the first of what might be a number of short stories, I'm not sure when the next one will be done. Who knows maybe in a day or two, or in a few weeks.

Disclaimers: None of these characters belong to me. I'm just borrowing them and I promise to return them in good or excellent condition to their original owners.

Summary - How I think Mulder will be writing out of the show for season 9

Two days after Will's big entry. 5:30am

She woke to the cries of her son wanting to be fed, slowly she rolled over hoping he stayed last night. She opened her eyes to find the other side of the bed had not been slept in, with a sad sigh she slipped out of bed to her son. After feeding and burping Will, she placed him back into his crib as she went to the bathroom to get ready for her first day back to work.


She gathered Will's bottles, diapers and toys into the big blue diaper bag that her mother gave her. As she finished getting ready to leave she saw a piece of paper with her name on it on the dining room table. She dropped all her things and picked up the letter, a tear rolled down her face as she read the letter.

I know I'm a coward for not talking to you face to face about this, but with all that's happened in the last year, I can't face you. There is so much for me to deal with, from the missing time, the torture, and the dreams, being dead and buried, coming back to life, and being a father. I'm sorry to lay this on you now, but I can't handle all this. I feel like I'm losing control of my life, I feel trapped, I need to get out, to break free from all this. I'm taking a job teaching at Oxford that was offered to me last year, a week before I was taken, I've decided this might be the best for my mental health. I want you to know that I DO love you and Will, the two of you ARE my family, but I need to get away, please understand and PLEASE don't hate me.

Love always, M

As she finished reading his goodbye letter, she slid down to the floor and cried into her hands and her son cried too.

Dana's first day back

John paced back and forth reading the new case file as she came into the small, dark office. He placed the folder down on his desk as he watched her put her things away.

"Welcome back," he said cheerfully.

"Thanks," she said in a sad whisper.

"What's wrong?" He said as he walked over to her.

"He's gone," she said with a sad sigh.

"What do you mean 'Gone'?" he asked as she handed him the letter. She slid into her chair and placed her head in her hands while her elbows rested on the desk. After a while she folded her hands and let her thumbs rested under her chin.

"Read that., she murmured.

"I can't believe this. How can a man see all he's seen and be scared away by a baby?" John said as hope soared though his soul. How can his heart dare the think it have a chance with someone who just had the rug pulled from under her.

"Well he is." She let out a sad sigh and said. "I'm glad I prepared myself for being a single mother. I just wish.."

John was angered at this sight, a tough cookie being turned into a defeated little girl. 'If I ever see him again, I will kick his ass' he thought to himself.

"Why don't you just take off, go home. I'll cover for you, go play with that beautiful little boy," John said as he grabbed her hands from her face and pulled her up off the chair. "Go. Play hokey."

"I can't John, it's my first day back. Skinner probably wants to see us about a new case. Right now that's what I need, keeping myself busy. Thanks for your concerned," Dana said as she slipped out of his grip, she turned back as she walked out of the office. "Ready?"

"Yep. Are you sure?"

"Yes, let's go."

The End (For now)

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