Title: A Conversation with Dana
Author: Girlie_girl7
Rating: PG
Date: August 2002
Category: M and S, baby fic
Spoilers: Like it really matters anymore, Post Existence then AU
Archive: Anywhere
Disclaimer: Fox owns them not me and no I haven't gotten over that awful episode William yet.

Summary: What if Dana Scully had a friend who could get her to really open up.

Today finds Dana Scully at home. She'd been working at the bureau earlier in the week but today is her day to spend time with William and tend to things around the apartment. Suddenly she hears a soft knock on the door. She opens it to find a surprise standing before her.

"Dana? Dana Scully?"

"Yes, oh my god! Gale!"

"That's me!"

Staring back at Scully is a woman with long dark hair, dark brown eyes and a winning smile.

"Gale Kavanaugh, how are you! Please come in." Scully moves aside to allow Gale to enter her home.

"Thanks. I took a chance that you still lived here and might be home."

Scully closes the door. "It's been too long. What ten years?"

"At least. Last time I talked to you, you had just joined the FBI."

"And you were about to marry Kenny Haskins."

"I did marry Kenny and divorced him three years ago. Know any available men," Gale says with a laugh in her voice.

"Same old Gale. Come on, I'll make us some coffee." Scully leads her friend into the kitchen and pulls out a chair for her.

Scully takes a can of coffee out of the cupboard, pouring a spoonful into the coffee maker. "So what are you doing now?"

"I work for Trent and Lochmund Advertising."

Scully looks over at her old friend. "Seriously?"

"Yeah," Gale says as she fiddles with the centerpiece on the table.

"I wasn't cut out to be a physical therapist. I discovered I didn't like sick people." She grins up at Scully. "And I have a big mouth and you know me, I'm nosy!"

"Do you like it?" Scully says sitting a cup of coffee in front of Gale.

"It's a job, but it pays well."

"So how are you Dana. Ever meet the man of your dreams?"

Just then the air is pierced by the wail of a child.

Scully sets her cup down, "Hang on Gale, I'll be right back."

She leaves the kitchen in haste, and heads down the hallway.

Gale wanders around the kitchen surveying the spotless counter tops and the shiny utensils. She hears Scully returning, "Dana, you always were a neat-" Gale turns just in time to see Scully holding a soft reddish-brown hair, baby boy clad in a blue sleeper.

The child yawns and tugs at his ear. "Who is this!" Gale says with a wide-eyed stare.

Scully turns Will toward Gale. "This is my son, William," Scully says, beaming down at Will.

"Dana! He is so cute!" Will grins at Gale.

Gale leans down to examine the baby closer. "Aww, he's got teeth."

"Say, 'I've got four teeth'," Scully says looking at her son.

"Oh Dana, he is so adorable. Does he have a father?"

Scully looks at Gale with a surprised expression on her face. "Of course he has a father. Surely not all of your medical training has slipped your mind."

"No I just mean, in this day and age it is possible."

"Well Will has a father who loves him very much."

Gale laughs. "Dana Scully, you have some 'splainin' to do. Can I hold him?" Gale tentatively asks.

"Sure. Let me get him a bottle of water and you can feed him."

Scully rests her chin on her palm with her elbow on the table, watching the other woman feed her son.

"So you gonna spill the beans or what?" Gale smiles.

"There isn't much to tell really."

"Dana, I know you. Do I have to drag it out of you?"

Scully shifts in her chair and plays with her coffee cup. "Umm, His father is, or was I guess, still is my FBI partner."

Gale looks up from feeding Will. "Your partner? Isn't that illegal or something?"

Scully laughs. "No Gale it's not illegal, it's not encouraged but it's not illegal."

"So what's his name?"

"Mulder. Actually its Fox William Mulder but he prefers I call him Mulder. He hates his first name."

"Fox. Is he?"

"I'm sorry Gale, is he what?"

"A Fox!" Gale grins at Scully.

"Gale! I don't know. He's just Mulder," Scully says, a little embarrassed by the question.

"Well tell me about him." Gale says sitting back and getting more comfortable in the chair.

"Umm." Scully drops her head, looking away from Gale.


Scully gets up and leans back against the counter. "What do you want to know?"

"Dana! What's he like, where did he go to school, is he cute.

You know, the important stuff!" Gale laughs.

Scully pushes away from the counter, crossing her arms over her chest. "Okay. Fox William Mulder, born October 13,1961 in Massachusetts. Attended Oxford University, graduated first in his class with a degree in psychology, was recruited by the FBI, graduated first in his class at Quantico, was considered the best profiler the FBI had seen in 60 years. He left the Violent Crimes Unit to open his own department known as the X-Files. He investigated strange and bizarre phenomenon and in 1993 I was assigned to work with said Fox Mulder."

Gale stares at Scully with an open mouth, then breaks out in a big grin. "Now was that so hard."

Scully chuckles as she takes William from Gale and carries him to the living room. Gale follows with her cup of coffee in hand.

Scully sets William on the floor and brings out a basket of toys.

He immediately turns it over, spilling the contents. Scully looks at him as if there is no one else in the room. Gale smiles at this.

"So Dana..." Gale says, snapping Scully out of her trance.

"You have any pictures of 'your Mulder'?"

"I don't have many of just Mulder but I'm sure there are some of him and Will in the baby book." Scully walks over to the bookcase and retrieves a blue book. She sits on the couch next to Gale with one leg drawn under her. Will is contently chewing on his rubber duck. Scully opens the book and out falls, a sonogram.

Gales grabs it. "I take it this is NOT Mulder."

"Actually it is but not the adult one." Scully chuckles then fingers the gritty photo as her face turns sad. Gale picks up on this. "What? Was he born okay, Dana?"

Scully lowers the photo and her head. "I was saving this for Mulder."

"He didn't go with you to the doctor?"

Scully catches herself and regroups. Gale always did have a way of getting her to talk. "He was away at the time."

"On a case?"

"Something like that," Scully says, placing the photo back into the book.

Turning the page, they see William just days after his birth.

Gale 'oohs' and 'awes' as Scully flips the page to find a photo of Mulder holding William while looking down at him. There are two more pictures of Mulder cradling the baby in his arms and beaming at the camera.

Gale's eyes fly open. "This is Mulder!" she says, pointing to the picture.

"Yes. Why?" Scully in now a little concerned.

"Damn Dana! He is a fox!" Scully blushes as Gale looks a little closer at the pictures.

"So when did you two get together?" Gale catches herself and laughs.

"I mean how long have you been a couple."

"Umm, we'd been friends...best friends, then a couple of years ago we realized we were more than just that." Scully becomes uncomfortable and pauses. "I got pregnant and nine months later William was born."

"So the baby wasn't planned?" Gale says, then adds. "I told you I was nosy."

"Oh I know that!" Scully teases then grows quiet. "It's just that I thought I could never have children so Will was a surprise, a very welcome one, but a surprise non-the-less."

"Dana, you were unable to conceive? I didn't know that."

Scully becomes maudlin and withdrawn. Then she softly begins, "I was taken, in the line of duty. Things, things were done to me while I was missing that left me unable to conceive."

"Oh my Dana! I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to bring up bad memories."

"It's okay, Gale. I think it helps to talk about it. I've never been a very open person and it's only been lately that I've even opened up to Mulder."

Gale grasps Scully's hand. "So you and your Mulder are happy?"

Scully looks into Gale's eyes with a warm smile on her face. "He makes me so happy it frightens me sometimes."

Gale flips through the rest of the book. "And he is so gorgeous.

He must be tall, not that I could tell standing next to you," Gale teases.

"Gale, I'm not THAT short, but yes Mulder is six feet tall with hazel eyes and chestnut hair."

Gale swoons, "Dana this guy could be a male model or work in a strip joint."


"I'm serious. Do they put out a FBI beefcake calendar? He is definitely 'Mr. July'."

Scully just rolls her eyes and shakes her head.

"What? You don't think he's sexy?"

"Of course I do but...I don't know." Scully notices she is getting a bit warm.

"Dana, you're blushing." Gale laughs. "You have seen him naked, right?"

Scully sits back into the couch. "Now I remember why you got kicked out of first year biology."

Gale smiles and also leans back. "Could I help it that Professor Kline was a stud muffin and well hung to boot!"

Scully's mouth drops open. She and Gale laugh and Will laughs right along with them.

Gale nudges Scully with her elbow. "So is he good?"

Scully turns red and bites on her bottom lip. Gale doesn't wait for Dana to reply. "Now my Kenny, he tried, bless his heart but he just wasn't well equipped."

Scully laughs. "You had to know that before you married him."

"I did, but I always thought he was just tired or cold," Gale teases.

"And he wasn't?" Scully snickers.

"Dana, I turned the damn heat up to 90 and let him sleep for 16 hours but to no avail. He still couldn't keep up with me, if you know what I mean."

Scully and Gale both break in the giggles. "Oh and get this Dana, he wears a size 7 shoe."

Both woman collapse into a fit of laughter.

Scully dries her eyes and smirks. "I don't have to worry about that, Mulder wears a 12."

Gale stops, frozen in place. "Really?" Scully blushes and nods her head.

"Brains, good looks and the proper equipment, Dana Scully you are one lucky woman."

Scully rolls her eyes and shakes her head. "Come on, I need something cold." Gathering up Will, she heads for the kitchen.

Gale follows along. Scully places William in the high chair and gives him a cookie.

"So Dana is he good?" Gale laughs, never taking her eyes off Scully.

Scully turns toward the fridge and pulls out two bottles of water.

"Dana?" Gale dips her head, trying to see Scully's face.

Scully sits down across from her friend. "Gale what do you want me to say? That he makes me tingle all over, that he is warm and gentle. And at the same time aggressive and bold. That he makes me forget every other lover I've ever had, that he leaves me breathless and sated?"

Gale's eyes grow wide. "Well, does he?"

"Yes he does," Scully says with a confident smile as she takes a long drink from the bottle of water.

"Holy crap," is all Gale can say as she sets her bottle down.

"He sure beats that old dust in a lab coat you were seeing in school."

"That was a big mistake," Scully says, emphasizing it with a point of her bottle.

"What was his name? David, Dennis?"

"Daniel, Daniel Waterston."

"That's it! What ever happened to him?" Gale says as she chugs her bottle of water.

"Funny thing, he's partly responsible for where I'm at today."

Gale looks puzzled. "How so?"

Scully fingers the label on her bottle. Just over two years ago I ran into him in a hospital, as a patient. It was right then that I realized that what I wanted most in my life was already in my life."

"So you made the first move with your Mulder?"

Scully has a far away look in her eyes. "I guess you could say that."

"But your Mulder was ready?"

Scully smiles. "I guess you could say that too."

"So you two married?"

"Not yet," Scully sighs, "but we have discussed it."

Gale scrunches down in the chair. "Got cold feet does he?"

"Mulder? No, I know we'll always be together. I guess we just don't need a paper to prove it."

Gale looks over at Will who is eating his cookie. Scully pulls a bottle of juice out of the fridge and hands it to the baby.

He takes it from her as she runs her hand across his downy head.

"I do want to marry Mulder. I don't want Will to have to answer difficult questions at school."

"I'll bet your mom is upset that your Mulder knocked you up and hasn't made an honest woman of you." Gale laughs.

Scully looks surprised.

"I'm sorry Dana, you know me." Gale's face turns red.

"No, my mom loves Mulder. At times I think she is closer to him than to me."


Scully picks up the cookie that has fallen to the floor.

"Mulder lost both parents a few years ago. They were never very close to him, as a boy he didn't receive much love. Oh I mean, I'm sure his mom and dad loved him but..."

"But not like your folks loved you," Gale finishes.

"I guess so."

Gales straightens up in her chair. "And Dana, I'm sorry about your dad. I was out of the country when it happened and I didn't hear about it 'til much later."

"It's ok." Scully's eyes turn red.

"You think your dad would have approved of your Mulder?"

"I've thought a lot about that, Gale. I know he wouldn't approve of us not being married yet but I think he'd like Mulder. Mulder is a good man with a soft heart, and a hard head." She adds with a soft laugh.

Gale remains quiet sensing that Scully needs to talk about this.

"He is so devoted to me, to William, to his work, that sometimes it's scary. He's driven and at times single minded but he is also open to extreme possibilities. He has been so beaten down by life that at times I wonder how he manages to carry on but he does.

Dad would have respected him for that." A smile crosses Scully's face. "When we're in a crowd he always seeks out my company and I catch him watching me from across the room. I know Dad would like the way he cares about me." Scully blushes and rubs her hands together.

Gale finally speaks up. "Wow Dana, he sounds perfect."

"Mulder? He's far from it but where it counts, yeah I guess he is perfect."

"Does he have a brother?" Gale pipes up.

"No, he had a sister but she was taken from him when she was 8 and he was 12. He never got over it."

"Taken from him?"

"Abducted, kidnapped, whatever."

"Did he ever find her?"

"We've found indications that she died at the age of 14."

"Oh my! The poor guy. He must have been a mess."

"No, really it was more of a relief to him. Mulder's cause had always been to find his sister or at least find out what happened to her." Scully sighs. "When he did, he was able to move on."

"That's good."


Scully picks up William and takes him to the sink. She gently washes off the dried cookie from his face and hands. "Gale I need to put William down for his nap." Scully is hoping her friend will take the hint and leave.

"I don't mind. I'll tag along."

Scully smiles meekly at her friend while she takes Will to his room and removes his pajamas and changes his diaper. She leaves him in his tee shirt and places him in his crib. Will rolls over on his side and puts two finger into his mouth.

Scully rubs his back. "He's cutting more teeth. The fingers always go in his mouth when he is." She kisses him lightly and quietly steps from the room. Just then the phone rings.

Gale plops down in a living room chair, listening to the one-sided conversation, taking place.

"Hello...Hey Mulder...Not much. An old friend of mine has stopped by and we're having a nice chat...Yes Mulder my old friend is a female...I miss you too...When will you be home...I'll make dinner for us...no its no bother, you need a decent meal.

I know the crap you eat on the road...okay, I'll see you then...I

love you too." Scully hangs up the phone.

"Your Mulder?"

"Yes, that was 'my Mulder'." Scully smiles. "He was working on a lead in Buffalo, New York. He's just landed."

"Aww that's sweet," Gale snipes playfully.

"Jealous?" Scully fires back.

"Hell yes! So what do you and your Mulder do for fun, I mean besides make cute-as-button-babies?"

"I don't know. We spend time together, we take Will to the park, we read and discuss cases pending."

"That sounds really boring," Gale jokes.

"It is and I love it."

"I've got to admit being married to calendar boy there and having a cute kid does sound appealing."

"You should try it, Gale. Who knows you might like it."

"You going to loan me Mulder?"

"No, you can get your own. I've worked too hard for this one."

Scully jokes, sitting down across from Gale.

"So you and your Mulder going to have anymore uber Mulders?"

Scully laughs and shakes her head.

Gale looks puzzled. "What's so funny?"

"Once about five years ago Mulder told me to 'find a man with a spotless genetic makeup and a high tolerance for being second guessed and start pumping out the little uber Scullys'"

"And did you?"

"I think so."

"So are you planning anymore ubers?"

"We've talked about it and if it happens, it happens." Scully smiles at Gale. "Mulder wants a whole damn ball team."

"I hope for your sake he means basketball and not football."

Scully laughs. "Gale I never could keep up with you. You know, you're a lot like Mulder."

"So he's crazy too?"

"His nickname at the academy was Spooky."

"Spooky? Why Spooky?"

Scully rubs her hands down her thighs and licks her lips. Gale smiles, she knows Dana is getting wound up now. This is something Dana wants to say and she is prepared to listen. "Mulder has an innate ability to get into the mind of the person he is profiling.

He seems to be able to almost read their minds and know what their next move will be. It's down right..."

"Spooky," Gale chimes in.

"Right." Scully tucks a strand of hair behind her ear and continues.

"The trouble is he's too good at his job and it began to affect him emotionally. He hates to profile now and it takes a special case for him to get involved."

"So what's he doing now?"

"He's on a special task force set up by the FBI to prevent future terrorist attacks. The work is right up his alley and he's getting the respect he deserves."

"So he likes it?"

"He loves it. It challenges his mind and he feels like he is making a difference."

Gale moves forward in the chair and rests her elbows on her knees.

"So what about you? What is Dana Scully doing besides taking care of her uber Mulder?"

Scully pulls her legs up under her. "I work for the bureau but not full time. I just work on an as-need basis. Forensics and autopsies, that sort of thing. I won't take over-night fieldwork.

Mulder's schedule is so fluid and I often don't know when he'll be home. My mom comes to DC to care for Will when I need her."

"Oh I'll bet she hates that." Gale chuckles.

"Right. She'd move in, in a minute if I'd let her. But it is nice to know she's there for us."

"And Melissa? Is she the doting aunt?"

Scully runs her fingers across the nap on the couch. Suddenly fascinated by the pattern it makes. "Missy was murdered seven years ago."

"Oh Dana! How?"

Scully's eyes grow wet. "An assassin mistook Missy for me. I was the one who was supposed to die," she says with her voice trailing off.

"Dana, I'm so sorry." Gale sees the pain on Dana's face.

Scully wipes at her eyes. "Its okay. I'm finally able to move past it. Hell, it hit me right after Mulder's mom died; he has no one, no mother, no father, his sister's gone. I at least have Charlie and Bill and their families and of course my mom. I've stopped feeling sorry for myself and decided to love those I have left. Both dad and Missy would have wanted it that way."

Gale tries to lighten the dower mood that now hangs over the room.

She sits back and chuckles at Scully. "How is old Bill?"

Scully lets a small smile cross her face. "He's fine. He and his wife Tara have a son, Matthew."

"Bill found a woman who could tolerate him? She must be a saint."

"She is. I'm closer to Tara than I ever was to Melissa. Tara is a sweet woman who makes Bill whole. She rounds off his rough edges."

"Sounds like you and your Mulder."

A grin crosses Scully's face. "Bill hates Mulder. Well, he use to hate him, now he's just irritated with him."

"It upsets Bill that he knocked up his sister?"

Scully pushes back a strand of hair. "Bill met Mulder under bad circumstances. It was when I was fighting my cancer..."

Gale sits up straight in the chair. "Dana, you had cancer?"

"Five years ago I was diagnosed with nasopharengeal cancer.

'Oh god Dana! Even I know the odds with that form of cancer!"

Scully smiles and softly says, "I beat the odds, what can I say.

Bill hasn't liked Mulder since."

"Why? It wasn't Mulder's fault."

"It's complicated Gale, but Bill had already lost one sister and he couldn't bare the thought of losing another, so he lashed out at Mulder."

Gale shakes her head. "Poor Mulder."

"Yeah. He handled it well on the outside but I knew it hurt him.

Mom knew this too and took him under her wing."

"Sounds like he needed it."

"He did."

Just then a soft cry is heard.

"Sounds like my uber Mulder is awake," Scully jokes.

Gale jumps up from the chair. "Let me get him?"


Gale heads to Will's room, slowly opening the door. She sees him standing in his crib, holding on to the bars to steady his self.

His face is red on one side from being pressed into the mattress.

Will flashes' a toothy grin at Gale and holds out one tiny hand.

"Hello Sir William, you want to get out of your cage?"

Gale lifts William out of the crib as Scully appears in the doorway. "He'll need changed." Scully takes William from Gale and quickly changes him. "Let's get you dressed, your dad will be home soon." Scully pulls off the tee shirt and puts William in a one-piece jumper.

Gale leans against the door frame with her arms crossed. "Dana, you are so good at this. You amaze me."

"Really. Why?"

"I never pictured you as a mother."

Scully smiles, picking up Will. "Mulder once said the same thing."

Gale grins. "That is 'spooky'."

Scully carries Will to the living room with Gale trailing behind her. She places the baby on the floor. He immediately crawls over to Gale.

"Hey Sir William, you like me?"

"That's unusual. He normally shies away from strangers."

"Are you shy?" Gale says to William as he holds out one small hand.

"Mulder says I'm over protective. I try not to be. I know it affects Will."

"You can't be too careful in this day and age," Gale says, scooping up the baby.

"And I tend to be..."

Just then a click is heard at the door. It swings open and a tall, dark-haired man with a cute grin is standing there.

Scully immediately walks toward him. He sets his briefcase down and scoops her up. She loops her arms around his neck. They hold each other while he strokes her back. Not a word is exchanged.

He draws back and smiles down at her then moves in, kissing her on the lips.

Gale stands up, holding William. "So this must be your Mulder?"

Scully glances over her shoulder and back at Mulder. "Yap, this is my Mulder."

Mulder and Scully part, taking his hand she leads him over to Gale. "Mulder, this is my friend Gale. Gale this is Mulder."

Mulder thrusts out his hand. "Nice to meet you Gale." Gale returns his shake. "Nice to meet you too."

"Gale, its uncanny but I have a son just like the one you're holding."

Gale laughs, looking down at Will. "Yeah, well I found this one wandering the streets and decided to take him in."

"Da!" Will grins up at Mulder and puts out his hands. Mulder scoops up the baby and holds him over his head. Will giggles and screams.

"Now that's one happy kid." Gale smiles.

Mulder takes William into the bedroom with him.

Gale follows Scully into the kitchen, grabbing her by the elbow.

"Holy shit, Dana! He is gorgeous! I think I just felt my ovaries rattle."

Dana laughs while Gale fans her face with her hand.

"I could get him jobs in advertising. It's big money."

"Who, Mulder?"

"Duh, yeah!"

Scully opens the cupboard and takes out a box of spaghetti.

"You want to stay for dinner?"

"No I need to get back but think about the offer. He could make some easy money."

Just then Mulder come in. He's taken off his jacket and his blue dress shirt hangs open. His hand is resting on his white tee shirt.

"Scully have you seen my blue Yankees shirt?"

"It's in the dryer."

Mulder turns around to go get his shirt then turns back to face Gale. "So you knew Dana..."

"Back in the day," Gale finishes with a laugh.

"Ewww." Mulder smiles. "We need to talk."

~ The End ~

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