Title: The Cocktail Party
Author: Nadia S
Rated: Adult, for suggestive conversation
Spoilers: S8
Keywords: Doggett/Scully Relationship

Summary: Doggett encounters his pregnant partner at an FBI cocktail party....

"I knew you would come!" Agent Dana Scully announced smugly to Agent John Doggett as she approached him at the FBI's annual Christmas cocktail party, held at the Mayflower Hotel in Washington. She was wearing a jade green shift that set off her red hair. Doggett was wearing the same dull suit he had worn at the office that afternoon.

Shit... he thought to himself. What a woman. If only she weren't pregnant, I'd have the concierge book us a room.

"I felt it necessary to make an appearance for Skinner's sake," he said gruffly. "This kind of thing isn't my scene. I won't be staying long..." he added as he attempted to avoid her interested gaze.

"Let me get you a cocktail," she offered as she steered him toward the bar.

"Beer, Agent Scully!" he said, annoyed. "I don't like fancy drinks!"

Scully ordered a manly beer and snatched it from the bartender before he could remove the cap. She immediately put the beer bottle into her mouth and snapped the cap off with her teeth.

"There you are, John..." she said quietly as she handed him the bottle and stared at him suggestively.

Doggett wasn't going to play along with her sex games. He wiped the rim of the bottle with a napkin and took a swig of the beer.

A ripple of disappointment crossed Scully's face and Doggett knew he had at least won this round.

"Oh, well..." she sighed. "There'll be other opportunities to taste my lipstick, Agent Doggett." she promised.

"Is that all you think about, Agent Scully? Sex?" Doggett asked judgementally. "Shouldn't you be thinking about having a baby instead of a man?"

Scully blushed with pleasure. She loved it when Doggett lectured her.

"Of course...." she assured him. "I think about the baby all the time...and there is someone who is taking care of me. He got me baby furniture and all the things I'll be needing. Paint for the nursery and so on. You really do need a man to help you with those things.."

Doggett grabbed her by the wrist. "Who is this guy????" he demanded loudly. "Skinner? He's got a permanent hard-on for you, lady!"

Doggett's raised voice prompted Skinner to finally approach them.

"Agent Scully..." Skinner said disapprovingly as he removed the cocktail from her hand. "It's time for you to get something to eat at the buffet. That's an order."

"Yes, Walter.." she said obediently as she threw sensuous glances at both men before heading for the buffet table.

"So you're her sugar daddy - I thought so!" Doggett said cynically. "You're just biding your time until you get a crack at her!" he accused.

"You're in big trouble, Mister. She's pregnant, and you let her drink, you idiot!" Skinner charged angrily.

"Agent Scully knows what she wants, sir," Doggett replied. "Good night."

Doggett was somewhat relieved that he could now leave the party while avoiding Scully. Yes, he did enjoy the forbidden urges he felt when he was with her, but he was not sure he enjoyed being a victim of her obvious sexual come-ons. She had a knack for turning men into pussies, and he was determined that this was not going to happen to him. In this relationship HE was the one who had to be in control. She would learn that once he had bedded her, he concluded as he caught her eye before leaving the party....

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