Title: Childhood Memories
Author: Chloe D.
Spoilers: None
Disclaimers: You know who they belong to, so don't sue me.

Summary: A pre X/F story with Mulder and Scully meeting at Sam's b'day party

3:45 PM
Friday, 10th January, 1969

Fox Mulder walked along the road, his head down and his hands jammed into his pockets. It was raining, and he had forgotten to bring his rain coat. His clothes were drenched and his clothes hung off him. He dreaded going home. He looked up and the cold rain hit him harder on the face, streaming down his neck and onto his chest. He trudged along the pathway, stepping in the deep puddles that had formed. His shoes and socks were already drenched, so there was no point in trying to keep them dry. The traffic that had been going past had slowed due to traffic lights. Fox looked inside the cars to see happy families, enjoying the warmth and dryness. Some of the people were class mates. He saw a window roll down and someone called out his name. He looked up hopefully, expecting someone to offer him a ride home. Instead, he was taunted.

"Ha, ha. Look, it's a drenched Fox." The car sped off and Fox was left standing in the cold. He sniffled and continued to walk. How he hated his name. Kids at school would call him 'Fox in >Sox' and all sorts of other names. He was almost a year younger than most of him. Being nine years old in the middle of the fifth grade wasn't a good thing. Most of his classmates were already ten or eleven years old. He dreaded going to school. He had no friends their. Everyone hated him. He didn't know why. He walked into his street and shuffled up the pathway that led to his house. He wished his mom could pick him up from school like the other kids. His mom didn't have a car and his dad was always to busy at his job. But it wasn't a far walk for his mom to make anyhow. Fox shuffled up the steps. He opened his front door and stood their, dripping wet. His mother appeared and gasped when she saw him.

"Oh, my God, Fox. What happened?" she asked, kneeling down to his height and brushing the wet hair out of his hazel eyes. "You're soaked!!!"

She hurried him up the stairs and stood him in the bathroom. She peeled his clothes off and ran him a hot bath. Fox remained silent through the whole ordeal.

"I'm sorry, mommy. I didn't know it was going to rain and I didn't have my rain jacket. I'm sorry," Fox said, then burst into tears. His mother leaned down and hugged him.

"Oh, honey. It's okay. You didn't know it was going to rain. Shhhh, stop crying." But Mrs. Mulder knew the boy wasn't afraid of catching a cold, or a minor ailment like that. He was worried about his father's reaction. She lifted his chin up and he sniffled. "We won't tell your father about this, okay? It'll be our secret."

He gave her a small smile. She kissed the top of Fox's head and proceeded to wash his little body. After he was dry and had his pyjama's on and even though it was still very early, Mrs. Mulder tucked her son into his warm bed. He had his thumb stuck firmly in his mouth and clutched his old Paddington Bear under his free arm. He was a little old for both, but it comforted

him and kept him happy. Mrs. Mulder smiled tenderly down at her son.

She stroked his soft hair and sang him a soft lullably. Fox's eyes became droopy and he soon drifted off to sleep. Teena heard the main door slam downstairs. She knew her husband was home. She left her son,shut the door and tiptoed down the stairs.

"TEENA!!!" belowed her husband from the kitchen.

"Hello Bill," Teena said, forcing a smile onto her face.

"Teena, when will dinner be ready?" he asked impatiently.

"Uh, about 6 o'clock."

"Where is the boy?" His menacing glare turned back to Teena.

"Uh, he's in his room," she stammered.

"What the hell is he doing up there? He should be down here, doing his chores!" Bill exclaimed, heading for the stairs.

"Bill please, he's asleep," Teena blurted out. Bill turned halfway up the stairs.

"Why?" he asked accusingly.

"Uh, he...he was very tired, so I sent him to bed," Teena exclaimed, averting her husband's glare.

"Liar. Fox, FOX!" he shouted as he continued up the stairs. Fox's eyes shot wide open. 'Oh, oh.' he thought 'Daddy's home.' The door burst open and all Fox could see was his father's sillhouette. Fox was petrified.

"Fox, what are you doing in bed?" he asked, stopming over to the bed. Fox looked up at him, his thumb still hin his mouth. Fox began to whimper uncontrollably. "Take your thumb out of your

mouth and answer me!" he shouted.

"Bill, please, he's just a little boy," Teena pleaded.

"You stay out of this!!!" This silenced her, nothing more could be done. Fox removed his thumb from his mouth and stammered.

"I........I got sick, daddy. "

"Sick from what?"

"I......I got wet when I walked home from school," Fox stammered, still clutching his Paddington Bear.

"And why were you wet?"

"Be..... because it was rained."

"SPEAK PROPERLY. THAT'S WHY I SEND YOU TO SCHOOL!" he bellowed. "Why weren't you wearing your rain jacket?" This is where it would begin.

"I..... I forgot it," Fox whispered.

"How stupid are you? They were forcasting rain. Now you've gone and gotten yorself sick. Pathetic," he said disgustedly. Fox just stared up at him with his big hazel eyes which were wide

with fear. He held his bear even closer. "Give me that bear. Your'e too old to be sleeping with such a stupid thing," he snarled as he snatched the worn bear from his son's arms.

"Daddy, no!!!" Fox yelled. He then suddenly drew back. Now, he was going to get it. Fox looked at his mother, standing at the doorway. He knew she couldn't do anything about it now. She

just turned away and left the room. Bill closed the door, pausing, then locking it. Fox was terrified.

He knew something bad would happen. His father was still holding the bear and suddenly, with one quick movement, he ripped Paddington's head off. "No. Daddy !!!!!!" he shouted. He got out

of bed and charged at his father, but Bill was an adult, and Fox was just a little 9 year old boy.

Bill shoved his son hard and he fell against the wall. Teena could hear the commotion from downstairs, contemplating whether or not to call the police. She just blocked her ears, waiting

for Samantha to come home from her ballet lessons.

Meanwhile, upstairs, Fox was lying on the floor in a heap.

"Get up!" his father barked. Fox continued to cry. "I said get up. Stop being such a weakling, NOW GET UP." Fox couldn't get up. His heard hurt too much and he could feel something warm

trickle down his forehead.

Bill came up to him, ready to belt him, when he heard the door open and a voice shout.

"Helloooooooo. Daddy, Mommy, I'm hoooo-ooome." It was Samntha, Bill's five-year-old daughter. He left Fox in his room and went downstairs. His mood changed now, seeing his daughter in her

blue rain jacket and rain hat. She removed her wet things and hugged her father. "Hello, Daddy. "

"Hello munchkin. How was school?" he asked, picking her up.


"How was ballet?"

"Great. Guess what daddy? We're gonna have a ballet concert and I get to dance in front of everyone and I get a prize and a ribbon at the end and lots of other mommy's and daddy's will

come. Will you come and see me dance?" she asked, her big brown eyes looking up into her father's.

"Of course. Now go upstairs and get out of your school clothes," Bill said. Samantha scooted up the stairs and past her brothers room.

'Fox should be home from school by now.' Samantha thought. She could see from under the door that the room was dark. She quietly opened the door and peeked in. It was so dark. She walked

over to the little lamp, but stood on something on the way. She picked up what was left of Paddington Bear and its head, with stuffing flowing out everywhere. Samantha dropped it when she

saw Fox lying in the corner. She kneeled down beside him and saw the blood.

"Fox," she whispered. "Fox, wake up."

He groaned and sat up slowly. He had a deep gash on his forehead.

"Fox, what happened?" Samntha asked.

"SAMANTHA!" Oh, oh. It was her father. She ran to the top of the stairs. "What are you doing, honey?"

"I was just in my room. I have to go to the bathroom," Samntha lied.

"Okay, sweetheart. Look, your mommy and I are going out to the Peterson's for dinner. We'll be back in a couple of hours. Order a pizza. The money's on the bench."

"Bye Daddy, bye Mommy," Samantha shouted. And with that, they left.

Samantha ran back to Fox's room, where he was still sitting. She helped him up and led him into their large bathroom where she made him

sit on the closed toilet. "Fox, what happened?" she asked. She was the same height as him when he was still sitting down. She looked deep into her eyes. "Was it daddy?" Fox nodded. Samantha

went to the first aid cupboard and got some antiseptic and bandages. She cleaned his cuts, like she had seen her mommy do it, and then bandaged them. "Fox, I'm sorry about Paddington,"

Samantha said quietly.

Fox just gave her a small smile. "Where's mom and dad?" he asked.

"They're out. We can get pizza," Samantha offered, leading him out of the bathroom and downstairs. Their parents had left $20 to buy the pizza with. Fox's head hurt a lot. He felt really

dizzy and had to sit down.

"Fox, are you okay?" Samantha asked.

"Yeah, it's just that my head hurts a lot," he answered, the pain worsening.

"Fox, maybe I should go next door and get Dr. Mannard. Maybe he can help you Fox," Samantha said, putting her winter coat on.

"No, Sam........Sam, don't......" and with that, Fox fell from the chair and fainted.

Samantha's eyes grew wide and she screamed. She shook him violently. "Fox, FOX. Wake up, please..... " She didn't hesitate any longer. She ran out the door into the rain and ran next door. She clambered up the porch and banged on the front door. "Dr. Mannard. Mrs. Mannard. Hello. Is any one home?" The porch light switched on and the door opened.

"Dear child, Samantha, what's wrong?" Mrs. Mannard asked, opening the outer door.

"Please, it's Fox. He's not waking up, what should I do? Help, please," Samantha cried.

"I'll get the doctor," Mrs. Mannard said, going back into the house.

Samantha was sobbing now. Dr. Mannard came to the door with an umbrella and his black doctors bag. He and his wife held Samantha's hand as they scurried over to the darkened house. Dr.

Mannard rushed over to Fox and felt his pulse while Mrs. Mannard tried to calm Samantha.

"Call 9-1-1," the Doctor told his wife.

The ambulance would be there soon. Mrs. Mannard took Samantha upstairs to get her things so she could go with Fox to the hospital. She saw the disformed Paddington Bear on the floor and

quickly picked it up and placed it in Samantha's backpack. As they walked down the stairs, the ambulence was just arriving. Dr. Mannard gave the medical team the details and they were soon

off to the hospital.

Fox and Samantha's parents were contacted and they rushed into the room where Fox was being held. The doctors had put stiches in the large gash on Fox's forehead. He had been stuck down

with a case of pneumonia and was lying in bed, sickly and pale, looking as thin as he had ever been before. Teena rushed over to him, while Bill just stood in the doorway.

"Oh, Fox. Fox, are you alright, honey?" Teena asked as she carressed her son's stitched up forehead. He opened his eyes.

"Yes, mommy, I'm okay. I'm just a little sick," Fox answered quietly.

"What ever happened to your forehead?" she asked worriedly. Fox looked at his father and saw his eyes narrow.

"Um..... I just fell in the bathroom and hit it on the tap," Fox lied. He looked back at his father and saw him smile. He walked over to Fox's bed and ruffled his hair.

"You've got to be more careful, Fox. Okay?" Bill said.

"Yes, sir," Fox answered. He looked at Samantha sitting over at the far side of the room. She knew what had happened and her eyes were wide with fear.

Fox went home soon after and he had his stitches removed. Other than that, things went back to normal. Samantha continued to get all the attention, and Fox continued to get all the

beatings. He hated it when he went to school and people would ask him what happened. He would have to lie about it, and say he did something stupid, like walk into a door, or fell down some

stairs. So Samantha continued to be her happy, bright self, while Fox remained sad and quiet.

It was about a week before Samantha's birthday when she came tearing through the house after school. Fox followed behind her.

"Mommy, Daddy. Where are you?" Samantha yelled, dropping her backpack, which wasn't very heavy, considering she was only in kindergarden.

"We're in the kitchen, honey. Is Fox with you?" Teena asked.

"Yes, the 'Fox in Sox' is with me," Samantha teased.

Fox hated it when she called him that. He shuddered and followed his sister.

"Mommy, you know how it's my birthday in about 7 days?" she asked.

"Yes. What's on your mind?"

"Well, could I please have a party? Please? I could invite all my friends and we could play games and get a magic man and have all kinds of yummy food. Could we? Could we please?" Samantha

blurted out.

Fox left the room. He didn't want to hear it. His father didn't care when it was his birthday. His mother had bought him a new book, but there was no party, no cake, no nothing. Fox trudged

up the stairs and into his room.

Meanwhile, downstairs, Samantha was telling her parent her plans for the party.

"Well, I guess you could have a party. Seeing this is the first year at school for you. We might go down to the store now to buy some invitations, okay?" asked Teena.

"Oh, yay. This will be the best party ever. Thank you mommy, thanks daddy."

she said, giving her parents a hug. Bill smiled affectionatly at her and patted her head. Teena was worried about leaving Bill alone with Fox, but shrugged off the idea after what had

happened before.

Teena and Samantha returned from the store soon after with some supplies. Fox was downstairs now, having a glass of juice and some cookies. He sported a new bruise on his right arm, and a

large, angry red welt on his left arm. The baseball bat was standing at the top of the stairs. Teena knew what had happened. She felt a tug at her blouse.

"Mommy, can I tell you who I want to invite?" Samantha asked, looking up at her mother.

"Of course dear."

"Well, I want to invite Christine, Lauren S, Elizabeth, Teenaa, Helen,

Naomi, Caitlin, Sacha, Lorna, Simone, Lauren R, Maha, Lucy, Jessica, Collette, Nina, Shannon, Nat, Claire and......and..... oh yeah. There is this new girl, Dana Scully, and I want to

invite her, because she's really nice and really funny and really cool and she has two brothers and a sister and I want you to meet them all. So can I invite them?"

"Of course. Make it a family party. Now let's go into the study to do those invitations," Teena said, not giving her son another glance.

It was a good day for a party. The sun was shining and it wasn't too warm, but it wasn't too cool. It was strange end of winter weather. The last snow had melted and everybody was looking

forward to a good spring. The large, pretty back garden was decorated with balloons and half the guests had arrived already, bringing a present with them for Samantha.

No-one had really noticed Fox, so he went up to his bedroom to read. Shortly, he heard a knock on his door and Mrs. Mannard from next door stepped in Fox's small room. He turned around,

about to blast her for coming in, but she saw the package she held in her hands. He scowled.

"Samantha's presents go downstairs," he said hoarsly. Mrs. Mannard smile.

"Fox, this belongs to you, honey." She handed the package to Fox. It was medium sized and Fox hastily undid the paper. Their, in a mound of tissue paper, sat his Paddington Bear, with his

head on. Fox stood their with his mouth open. "I found it when your sister came to get us the night you were sick. I sewed the head back on. I'm sorry I didn't give it to you earlier. Don't

let your dad see it, okay?"

"Okay....thanks. a lot," Fox said and smiled up at her.

"Now, come downstairs and enjoy the party," Mrs. Mannard added, as she took Fox's hand. Mrs. Mannard was still relatively young. Maybe in her mid-thirties. She was kind, but had no children

of her own. She knew Fox's father belted him, but her own husband told her it was none of their business. Fox walked out into the yard. Her sister was talking to some friends of hers. As he

passed them they shouted out "FOX IN SOX."

Fox just keep walking. He looked around. All he could see were happy people. All of Samantha's friends were wearing party dresses, most of them were pink, but some were blue, yellow and

white. 'Yuck. They look like marshmallows. ' Mulder thought. He walked round to the front of the house where he saw a little girl with curly red hair, wearing a pale blue dress sitting on

the porch. Obviously, no-one had notice her absence. She looked sad. Fox crept up on her.

"BOO," he said. The little girl screamed.

"Don't do that. Didn't your mother ever tell you not to sneak up on anyone like that?" she yelled.

Fox looked hurt."It was only ment to be a joke. Sorry. "he turned away. 'God, I can't do anything right' he thought.

"Wait. Come back," the girl said, realizing how much she had hurt him. Fox turned around to look at her "I'm sorry I yelled. I'm sorry. Please, come back here. What's your name?" Fox felt

better. But he didn't want to tell her his name. He would get the same reaction from her as he did with the others five year old girls his sister knew. He paused. "Come on. Tell me your

name. I won't laugh."

"My name is Fox. Fox Mulder. I'm Samantha's big brother." He cringed, waiting for a smart alec comment about his name.

"What's wrong with your name? I think it's just fine," the girl said. Fox smiled.

"Well, what's your name?" he asked.

"Dana. Dana Scully. Pretty boring, huh?" Dana said.

"No, I think it's a beautiful name," Fox declared.

"Well, I think your name is just as good." Dana grinned at him.

"Why aren't you playing with the rest of your friends? Don't you like them?" Fox asked as they sat on the porch.

"No. I like them. They're just playing some dumb, girly games that I don't want to play, that's all," Dana said quietly.

"What, don't you like games like that?" Fox asked.

"No. My brothers have a BB Gun at home. But they won't let me use it. They say I'm too little and I'd put someone's eye out. I'm not that good at it. I can't aim good enough," Dana sighed,

tugging at her dress. "I hate this thing," she muttered to herself.

"Do you want to change?" Fox asked, an idea forming in his head.

"I don't have any other clothes."

"Well, my sister has some jeans and a shirt you could borrow. You can give them back to her at school," Fox said.

"Can I? I hate wearing dresses. So uncomfortable," she added, standing up. But before going into the house, Fox picked up a handful of dirt and smeared it all over the front of Dana's

dress. She gasped.

"Fox. What are you doing?" Dana asked. Not that the dirty dress wasn't a bad thing. But her mother would go nuts!!!

"We'll say that you slipped in the mud, got your nice dress all dirty and that you had to change," Fox said, grinning at her. She followed him into his house and up the stairs. He went into

Samantha's room and found a pair of jeans and a checked shirt that may fit Dana. He locked the door and handed her the clothes.

"It's best if you got changed in here. Someone might use the bathroom and see you. Then we'd both get into trouble," Fox explained.

"But...." Dana started.

"Don't worry. I'll turn around. And I won't peek," Fox said, reading his mind. Dana paused a moment before slipping the muddy dress off. She hastilly pulled on the jeans and shirt, plus a

pair of sneakers that Fox had given her as well.

"I'm done. You can turn around now," Dana announced. Fox turned around and smiled.

"Much better," he said.

"I feel better," Dana said, then the two hurried out into the yard.

As soon as Dana's mom saw her, she rushed over. "Dana, honey, where's your dress?" She looked up at Fox.

"Mrs. Scully, my name is Fox Mulder, I'm Samantha's big brother." He held his hand out and shook hers.

"Why, hello Fox. How are you?"

"Fine thanks. Mrs. Scully, Dana slipped in the mud and got her dress all dirty, so I lent her Samantha's clothes. My mom will wash Dana's dress and she'll get it to you on Monday. It's

already soaking in the tub," Fox said.

"Well, thank you Fox. You're very kind. Now why don't you two run along and play," Mrs. Scully said, turning back to another woman with whom she was having a conversation with. Fox and Dana

walked over to were two older boys were kicking a soccer ball around. Dana ran up to the older one.

"Look, Bill, I got some nice clothes to wear," she said proudly, showing off the lent clothes she was wearing.

"Good for you, munchkin," Bill said, ruffling her hair. "Who's your friend?" He gestured at Mulder.

"Don't call me munchkin. This is Fox. He's Samantha's big brother," Dana said proudly. Bill walked up to Fox and shook his hand.

"Hi. I'm Bill Scully and this is my brother, Charles. Would you like to play some soccer? I'm sorry if my baby sister has been a pain," Bill said.

"I'm not a baby. Can I play too?" Dana asked.

"No. You're too small. Any you'll make me or Charles lose."

"She can team with me?" Fox said, uncertainly.

Bill and Charles looked at each other and shrugged.

"Sure, if you don't mind playing with a loser like her," Bill joked.

Dana hit him playfully. "You bully. You've never seen me play before. We're going to go and devise our tactics," she explained haughtilly. So the two teams separated.

Fox and Dana stood under a tree and talked. "So why don't you play with your sister ever?" Dana asked.

"Umm..... all she wants to do is play dumb girls stuff, like dress ups and dolls and tea parties. It makes me want to barf," Fox said, hoping he hadn't offended her by what he had said.

"I know. It's icky. All that stuff is dumb. And I don't like it either. My aunts and uncles but me dolls and stuff but I hate them. So I give them to my sister, Missy. She likes that

stuff," Dana said.

Fox was surprised. He had never met a girl who hated that stuff.

"C'mon, Dana. Lets play soccer," Fox said. The game began. Dana was really good, which surprised everyone. She was small and quick. She had a strong kick and set many goals up for Fox. By

the end, it vas Fox and Dana :4 , Bill and Charles :2. They were all panting when they returned to the house, looking for something cold to drink. Most of the guests were still there and

they loked like they were having a good time. Fox smiled. For once, he felt good.

But that feeling dissolved when he saw his father approaching him. Fox had no where to hide.

"Fox, son, come upstairs with me....NOW," he whispered sharply. Dana was bragging to her brothers and didn't notice Fox's exit. He rushed up to his room, his father close behind, and sat on

the bed. His father closed the door and looked at him.

"Where were you during the party?" Bill asked coldly.

"I..... I went to play soccer with some friends," he stammered.

"How dare you? This is your sister's first birthday party and you aren't even there for her." His hand rose up above his head and he hit Fox hard on his arm. "You ungreatful little sod... ." The beating continued, some blows bringing blood, some not. He didn't dare scream. It would just make things worse. Fox just sat their, cried and took the abuse he was so used to.

"Dana, honey, it's time to go. Go and find your dress. I'll take it home and wash it. And say thank you to Samantha for having you," Dana's mom asked. Dana thanked Samantha for a great party and went into the house to find her dress. She climbed the stairs quietly and heard thumps coming from the far room, Fox's room. She held her ear to the door...

"You stupid idiot. How could you? You were a mistake from the beginning......". She care full opened the door. The people in the room didn't notice her. She saw Fox on the bed. There was a lot of blood. His father was htting him. Dana was horrified. She screamed and made for the man, hitting him and grabbing his arm. He spun around, surprised.

"Stop it, stop hitting Fox. Stop it,Monster....monster....stop it. Don't hit Fox," Dana screamed. She was in tears. Bill didn't know what to do. He heard a commotion on the stairs. He saw Meg, Dana's mom and his wife, Teena, climbing up. Dana was still pounding Bill with her small clenched fists. Meg rushed in.

"Dana, what are you doing, what's wrong?" she asked, looking at her daughter, then at Bill, than at Fox, who's nose and lip was bleeding. He looked up. Dana was crying uncontrollably.

"He was hitting Fox. He was hurting Fox. Mommy, please take me home. Please, I wanna go home," Dana cried as she put her head on her mother's shoulder and continued to weep. Meg gave Bill and Fox one last look. She knew what had happened.

"Teena, thank you for having us," Meg said, giving her a smile. Then she left and walked down the stairs. Teena looked at her husband and left too. Bill turned around to Fox.

"Clean yourself up and help downstairs," he spat. Fox nodded.

"Yes sir," he whispered. Bill left the room and Fox hurried to the bathroom. His head ached and he cleaned up the blood. Then he went downstairs. Samantha saw him first and then looked down at the ground.

Fox's eye had already begun to develop a large, black bruise around it. He averted her gaze. He went outside and began to clean up the party area, which wasn't to bad. Every bone in his body stung. Every muscle ached. Fox didn't know where his father was, but he hoped he didn't return soon. After everything was done, he went back upstairs into his room. He lay down on the bed and hugged his Paddington Bear. He was so scared. He began to cry. It hurt so much.

He must of fallen asleep, because it was dark outside. He hadn't had his dinner either, but he wasn't hungry. He felt sick. Suddenly, her could here a tap on his windowpane. Then another. He got up to see what was making the noise. It was Dana Scully, the little girl he had been playing with. She was standing under his window, throwing little stones up at the window. Fox smiled momentarily, then crept down the stairs. His mother and father were heavy sleepers. An earthquake wouldn't of been able to wake them up. Fox quietly opened the door and kept it slightly ajar so he could get back in later. He ran around to the side and saw Dana standing there.

"Dana, what are you doing here?" he asked, half angry, half relieved.

"Fox, look at your face. Are you okay?" she asked, gingerly touching his eye and face. He cringed at her touch.

"I'm okay. A little sore. Do your parents know you're out?" Fox asked.

"No. I snuck out. But I don't care. I'm sorry about your daddy. If you want, you can come over and meet my daddy?" she asked, then instantly regretted it. She chewed on her lower lip, afraid of his reaction.

Instead, he smiled. "Of course. I'd love to meet your father. "

"Really? Great. Come over at 12. You can stay for lunch. Well, I'd better go. Bye." And with that she was off. Fox hurried back into the house and fell asleep imediately. One last though remained in his head: 'I have a friend....'.


I know, a pretty crappo ending. Anyone wanna do an alternative?

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