Title: Blue Eyes Behind Gray Bars
Author: RLO
Written: 2017
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Spoilers: Three Words

Summary: The last person you would expect to need to be bailed out of jail.

Author's Notes: Just wanted to say that this is my first attempt at fanfic. I fell in love with these characters a really long time ago and still love them. You know the drill, these characters are NOT mine, they never will be, nor will I ever have claim to them. Not writing for profit, just for fun. Anyhoo. . . here we go, on with the show. Season 8 missing scenes challenge/alternate universe, YOU KNOW!

Downtown Washington DC
7:11 pm

Mulder walked down the long and very dimly lit hallway of the county lockup facility. He passed several empty cells. As he approached the last cell, he couldn't help hearing the familiar sounds of someone losing their lunch. He grimaced in disgust, then made the final strides to the cell where she was. Scully.

Coping with his abduction, his miraculous resurrection and recovery left him with little time to deal with the other changes that had occurred during his absence. First and foremost was the obvious state of his partner. He nearly had a heart attack when he realized that she was pregnant. Wow. Special Agent Dana Katherine Scully was pregnant. Very pregnant. The next thought that entered his mind was how? Last time he checked, she was barren. She had been robbed of her ability to conceive a child. He should know. They tried to have a baby through IVF. He was honored that she considered him to help father her child. He assumed it didn't work or did it? He wasn't sure of anything anymore. On top of that, he came to find out that he was no longer assigned to the X-files. Someone else had been put in charge of them. As if that wasn't enough, this new agent, John Doggett was Scully's new partner. This considerably pissed him off. While he thought about it, he wondered if jealousy was playing a part in his anger. Of course it did. Scully was his partner and no one else's. As always, he acted like a complete ass to her. A regular asshole. All she wanted to do was support him and he lashed out at her. Perhaps it was best that the child she was carrying was not his, or so he thought. Sometime between trying to get back at the forces responsible for his abduction and trying to make sense of his new situation, a sly comment directed towards him by Langly, which insinuated that he did have a part in the creation of Scully's unborn child, he was floored. Scully had given him this smug look as though she was saying 'Duh, you're the father'. Another wow moment. He was going to be a father. Spooky Mulder was gonna be a dad. Not only that, he was having a baby with Scully. What a lucky bastard he was. Time wasn't on his side. Most expectant fathers had months to get used to the idea of having a baby, he did not. It wouldn't be long until she gave birth. He didn't know what scared him worse. The fact that they were going to be parents or that Scully was trusting him with the responsibility of raising a child with her. A baby was a big responsibility. He hoped he had what it took. Keeping out of trouble was no easy task, especially for a guy who was always at the center of a government conspiracy. Good luck.

It took a lot to surprise Mulder, that much was true. When he was sitting on his couch in his apartment, wondering what Scully could be up to on a Saturday night, he didn't need to wonder anymore. His phone rang and he was surprised to hear that it was the Downtown precinct informing him that his nearly eight months pregnant partner was currently sitting in a cell waiting to be bailed. He thought the call was a joke. That's when the officer gave him a description of her. Petite, red head, blue eyes, heavily pregnant, carrying her service weapon, which they promptly confiscated during the check in process. Not to mention the fact that she identified herself as Special Agent Dana Scully, to be clear. He smiled and shook his head and wondered what kind of trouble a pregnant woman could get into. He never thought that he would have to bail her out of any jail. Looks like the shoe was on the other foot. Surprise indeed.

"Never in a million years would I have pictured being the one who bailed YOU out of jail," he said to her as he stood in front of her cell. She rolled her eyes at him. He grinned, taking in the picture of his pregnant partner in a jail cell. Although she was angry, he couldn't help notice that she looked adorable.

She waddled towards the bars. "If you are done making fun of me, can you please pay the bail so we can go?"

Mulder smirked. "Scully, what the hell happened?"

Another patented Scully eye roll.

"I was at the grocery store, I was minding my own business until one woman decided to stop me and ask me intrusive questions regarding my pregnancy, my marital status, so I respectfully declined to answer and I was on my way until she decided to touch my belly without asking and that's when you can say that I may have. . . overreacted," she said shyly.

Mulder scratched his head and nodded. "And what do you mean by overreacted?," he asked nonchalantly already knowing what the answer was going to be.

"If you must know, I took out my weapon and pointed it at her face and told her to back the hell away from me," she admitted shamefully. At this point, she held onto the bars and looked him square in the eye. He chewed on his lower lip.

"It's perfectly understandable. I couldn't say that I would've reacted the same way if someone was trying to touch me for no reason. You want your space and you should have it. Just because you are pregnant doesn't mean that you become public property, I get it," he told her.

Her eyebrow went sky high. "Don't try to make excuses for me. I pulled my gun on some random woman and you think that I was right? That's bullshit Mulder. I fucked up, plain and simple," she said as she rested her forehead on the bars.

"I'm out of control. This pregnancy has taken all of my control away and I desperately want it back. The truth is, I'm scared shitless," she said softly, her voice barely above a whisper.

Mulder got closer and touched her hand through the bars.

"What are you afraid of Scully?"

She looked up to meet his soulful hazel eyes. "What if I'm not cut out to be a mother? What if the idea of becoming a mother turns out to be the opposite? What the hell was I thinking Mulder? I may have rushed into something that I'm not fully prepared for," she sobbed softly as she looked at the floor.

"Scully, there is no one more prepared to be a mother than you. You take care of my sorry ass everytime I get into trouble. You've never backed down from a fight. You're not a quitter, so don't start quitting on me now. Who the hell is ready to have a baby? No one. I can't promise that I won't screw up from time to time, but I will be there with you every step of the way," he said as he ran his hand through her silky red hair.

At this she looked up, tears brimming in her eyes. "Are you sure?"

He sighed frustratedly. "Of course woman, now let's get you out of there, jail is no place for the mother of my unborn child," he joked as he lightly stroked her swollen belly.

"Of course, if you happen to get out of hand again, I won't hesitate to call the cops on you," he chuckled as he deftly avoided getting punched in the arm.

"Just wait until I get my hands on you," she growled.

He furrowed his brow. "Is that a threat?"

She tried to reach for him. "Mulder!!!!!!"

The End

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