Title: Barbara, Jack, and Kyle
Author: Pattie
Rated: PG
Category: AU, Kidfic.
Spoilers: Post series. Many from my imagination. My Alternate Universe.
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Summary: Fancy meeting a nice remarried lady with a youngster, and finding out you never really knew a new colleague until he was partnered with another new one. All you knew was his son was murdered and he had been married. Hmm.


Every once in a while, Monica Reyes and John Doggett kept in touch with the Mulder and Scully family and had managed to marry and start their own family. Doggett had managed to divorce Barbara Doggett and it was on good terms. Grieving over their son's murder had been hard on both of them. So hard that they found no choice other to go their separate ways. The man became immersed in his work at the FBI and worked so well he was assigned to the X-Files Office and partnered with a beautiful lady, Monica Reyes. This time, it was a role reversal: Doggett was the skeptic and Reyes the believer. Well, of sorts. She had an amazing sixth sense at times. These people were role-reversal Mulder and Scully.

They had made a fine team, and after the X-Files Office was re-opened, they were assigned to mainstream cases .Doggett had decided he had healed enough to fall in love and marry Reyes. In time, they had had a daughter and began to think about another child.

The plotting had ended, the Consortium and alien situation, all had ended. Life went on for all. Will, Scully and Mulder had the antibodies to create an antiviral, and the magnetite was spread all over the world. Nothing left but the Good Lord had given us, even if the people had ruined what was Paradise.

Barbara Doggett had gone on with a new life as well and was on speaking terms with her ex-husband. After all, they had families and in-laws. As time passed, she, too, remarried. Then they decided friendship would just bring back old memories which would subject John especially to bad memories. Like Mulder, he felt that he had let family down. As he had been in the service, then law enforcement during the time of his only son's murder, he knew that feeling of helplessness. He never spoke much to anyone about Luke or his failed marriage. He just went on.

As before, Mulder was back to his usual morning routine of an early run, but now had to shower before the hot water ran out, eat, take the van when Scully saw the youngest off to school and James to preschool. She was, after all now part time. That was essential as crime stats were high this year.

Just as he was on his last block, he recognized a woman in her forties walking a three-year-old boy to a corner store. "Pardon me, do I know you?"

The woman smiled. "Barbara."

"John Doggett's ex-wife. I remember your picture. Fox Mulder," he said, offering his hand.

"FBI. We don't talk much after the divorce or Luke's murder. I'm married again. John knows about this one, Kyle."

The child was silent.

"Well, since what happened, and everything these days, we tell him not to talk to strangers."

"Good plan. Dana Scully and I have a family now as well."

"So I was told. We're running late, but it was nice seeing you, and I recall seeing you and your partner. Maybe I'm being overly protective, maybe not. Out of milk. Gotta go." For some reason, Mulder sensed the woman was perturbed.

"I'll tell John... "

"No. He knows I'm well and happy with Jack Stevens and Kyle. Tell your wife I said hello."

"I will. Work day. Please, keep in touch."

"Don't worry, I will." She was about to walk away, but Mulder's voice stopped her.

"Look, I know the divorce was rough, but John has gone on with his life. New wife. You met Monica."

"Yes, seems good for him. Really need to go."

"So do I. Bye." Mulder ran on home to the family after a look at his watch.

Scully was furious. "What took YOU? The hot water's all gone now."

"That's okay. Just boil a pot and I'll make do with a sponge bath. I just ran into Doggett's ex with a new kid. Married to one Jack Stevens."

As she filled a large pot at the sink, she didn't appear surprised. "She already told me about Jack and Kyle two years ago. We were so busy with the kids and cases I should have said something. We keep in touch with John and Monica. This week, they're tied up in Boston. VCU needs 'em. Water's ready and you are running late. Need help at the Hoover today?"

"As a matter of fact, yes. You know that."

"Mandy and Alison are getting the others up, James has eaten and is ready to go. Will had an early class. Don't worry. He ate. Get a move on, please."

Mulder ran up the stairs thinking *I hope I won't have to help host another kid's birthday party again*. He remembered Scully's godson's blown party with the nauseous guests. He hated to hurry, but had to. Even though they and Kersh had made peace with the man, the old Marine in him would never go.

9:15 A.M.

Yes, Scully saw by the load of folders on both desks there was a lot to do. "Mulder, if you had told me yesterday, I would not have stayed home."

"I figured you needed the time off. You have enough on your plate with the kids. Let's prioritize things. You choose the most important one, and I'll do the same."

"What did Kersh say?"

"Basically, as a team, you and I each choose, compare and see which one comes first." He began to go through his stack; Scully started her assessment. "By the way, if there are any out of town cases, which may be so, I'll can see if I can get another agent or, if need be, a team."

"Good idea. I wouldn't want to leave the kids too long. This looks nearby. The DEA has a fentanyl crisis twenty miles away. Nine deaths."

Two hours later...

Mulder rubbed the bridge of his nose. "Break time. We need to get some fresh air. Krispy's. The biggest I found is a serial murder in Nevada. They definitely asked for me to profile. Hopefully Kersh will bless me with a team. Looks like a recently released psychotic who frequently misses his meds. Five hospitalizations within the year."

"Yeah, you'll need a secondary profiler and a lot of back-up. Let's go."

"No shop talk."

"You bet. My eyes are sore, and oncoming headache. Why all those files, Mulder?"

"Kersh said something about short staffing. Judging by the headlines, I believe it. Let's go."

When they returned from break, they continued to read the folders. Mulder saw Scully's frown. "What's up?"

"I'll have to turn the fentanyl file over to Shirley Banes. She's as good as I am with forensic pathology. Brace yourself."

"Okay." Mulder drew a long breath. "Well?"

"Someone's after a Doggett, and not John."

"Extended family?"

"Not exactly." Her tone was sadly serious. "Someone threatened to kidnap Barbara's little boy, Kyle Stevens."

"I sensed something when I was out running and met her. All she told me was she had advised him not to talk to strangers. He just looked at me."

"Apparently, it's often said to go by your 'gut feelings' and you were right."

"We'd better get upstairs with both files now. I wish we had more recruits, and even the academy has lower than usual enrollment."

"Let's just get going."

At lease Kersh was free. He was only closing a few completed casefiles when the pair knocked on his door.

Kimberly ushered them in.

"Yes, Agents? I know you're overloaded. Sorry. These days we're low on employees. Have you made your choices?" Good. He was calm.

"Sir," Scully began, "I found one that sort of involves one of our own." She showed him the open file.

"Don't let him know about it, Scully. I'll find you a team and see about Banes. Second to you, she's well-seasoned. You may consider that a compliment."

"Thank you, Sir. I do. She knows her business. Classmate at the Academy."


"Nevada. Psycho Nedwell is out again as usual, you know his routine. Likely not taking his doctor's advice. I'll need help with another profiler, and I estimate a team of five field agents. Last seen in a small town twenty miles from here."

"I'll see who I can dig out of vacation. I wish there were more graduating. It's hard on all of us. Knowing you have the family, I should ensure your safety. You have good records, both of you. Even Skinner's in the field. I hated doing that. Older former Marines with resolved PTSD do not need it."

"I know," Mulder agreed. "Don't worry about our kids, the eldest could practically be parents. Scully being Navy has been quite strict in a loving way."

"I saw that at the house last Wednesday."

"We'll be quick. The other cases are easier than these two. We'd better start today. Just tell us when the others are ready to go."

"I will. Pack the flack jackets, both of you. Um, Jones is here soon."

"We're going," Scully recovered the folder. "Hopefully you won't be needed."

"Don't count your chickens... " he advised them as they left.

As Mulder and Scully entered the elevator, he quipped, "Gee it's good to be back home again."

"So it is," Scully added. "How can I approach her?"

"Soothingly. We know she only lives a few blocks away. The predator may already be in the city. Maybe welcome to our crazy house, maybe, if she agrees. I believe she knows."

"Washington PD surveillance immediately. Nobody needs to know the unmarked cars. I can ask them to rotate."

"Good plan. Almost lunch. A&W?"

"Quickly. Gotta be fast on our feet."

By mid afternoon, Mulder was advised the team was called in, some from vacation, and a fellow profiler. They met on a floor other than the basement.

Scully had made several calls, pathologist Jones and team were ready, and the police and her team had made several conference calls. It was decided the Scully-Mulder family would not be exposed or involved. She could go home to sleep, yet the hours would be long. Her day would be spent in Barbara's home.

Mandy managed to make a deal with her boss for a few days, no explanation needed, family matter, and would be seeing James, three, to preschool and picking him up. Alison wasn't as lucky. Alison was told not to take the usual route home and that it would be talked about after the case was over. "Snacks, and no junk food," she was advised. "Dad will be out of town, I will be home around six."

"Yes, Mom. What do I tell Alison? Since she's here these days, she can help."

"Just tell her I'm overloaded with later hours with Dad away. I cannot tell you anything more. Piles of paper work. Call Mrs. Evans if you need help. By the way, you may have your ipod upstairs, but please take good care of your sisters and James. You'll both get a little money out of this."

"I'd love it!"

"Good. Both of you have learned from the last time."


Mulder bade the family adieu with bags in hand. "Be good. Good luck on the job, honey."

"Don't worry. My prayers are with you."

"Okay, early drive. Luckily we're car pooling. Will, please feed my fish."

"Sure Dad. Right after school."

Mulder had to wonder about the case he had as he was leaving.

After Meg, Samantha Ann, Alison and William had left, Scully dug out Barbara's number.

"Barbara, it's Dana Scully. How are you?"

"Fine, I suppose." The woman did not sound fine.

"Look, our family is doing very well, and I will be paying you a visit today."

"Um... why?" The woman wondered if Scully knew a threat was out on Kyle.

"Later. Are you ready to see me around nine?"

"Sure. Kyle would love to see you again."

"I'll be there. There's something we need to talk over."

*Oh no,* the woman thought. *They know.*

Scully called the Washington PD and Kersh and ensured surveillance would be in place then met the unmarked car a few houses down from Barbara Stevens' home. "Okay, I'll be at the Stevens house. When's shift change, officer Murphy?"

"Four. We'll move the cars every twenty minutes, have a partner run an errand for coffee or snacks. Agent Scully, don't worry. We all have the photos."

"Good. Call if you see the suspect. My cell is on for this and the family. Six kids."

Murphy chuckled. "Two is enough for me."

"I'm off. I know you'll have your eyes out." Scully walked to the house, hoping she wouldn't need her weapon. She rang the doorbell.

Barbara opened the door a crack. "Dana. Just a sec, I'll unchain. I know you'd love a tea."

"Yes, I would. You have a gorgeous home." She saw the woman looking tired. "We need to talk."

As Barbara put the kettle on, she asked, "About what?"

"You and Kyle. We know. Right now, I am working."


"Here. This is my assignment."

As the woman poured the tea, she said, "How did you find out?"

"At the Bureau. The file was on my desk."

"Oh. Yeah, someone wants revenge on John. Please don't tell him. Kyle, meet your Dad's friend, Mr. Mulder's wife."

"Hi. Mummy, can I have some juice?"

"Sure." As the woman was in the kitchen, Scully peered out the front window. Only a few women, one with a stroller.

Barbara returned with the tea and juice. "So, what now?"

"I think it would be a good idea if I spent the day here, got to know Kyle. Please, go on with your everyday routine. I will go home around six. We have unmarked cars on rotation. We know who he is."

"I am so grateful for that. Jack has to work with a big mortgage. The price of raising children these days... "

"I know." As they sipped their tea they talked family while Kyle worked on a coloring book.

"Kyle, when you need to go to the bathroom, please, go and wash your hands."

"Okay, Mommy. Can I watch Bugs Bunny?"

"All right, but the TV goes off when it's over. Dana, I try to limit tube time."

"Good idea. We did that with ours. So, it looks like you've been losing sleep. I can watch Kyle after his nap and do my job as well."

"That would be appreciated."

11:00 A.M.

Twenty miles away, Mulder and team were staking out the area. It was decided to form two teams, and check in with the local police often.

"Remember," Mulder advised the team, the meds are likely out of Jim Nedwell's system now, and he's likely armed."

Co-profiler Martin Ames nodded. "The guy's history is as long as his arm, and the only reason they decided on hospitalization is incompetency. Everybody know what he looks like."

The team members took their places in the small town, cell phones on hand.

One agent spotted him stumbling out of a bar and alerted the others. "He's stewed out of his mind. Smitty and I can grab him now. BTW, got the money holding up the bank on Cross Street. We should thank the local PD and turn him over. Here hey come!"

Mulder gave the go ahead. It was so easily done they were home by late that afternoon. Mulder couldn't believe that.

They met for lunch after checking in with Kersh. With any luck, there would be no need to unpack, so they all drove back to DC.

Washington, DC. 4:00 P.M.

Scully's phone jingled. "Scully. Any sign?"

It wasn't her team, "Honey, I'm home!"

"You're kidding. No sign of our perp yet. How did you do it?"

"He got stewed in a bar and was so easily taken!" Mulder snickered. "The kids are fine, except for Alison and Mandy. They're not getting enough money."

"I'll treat them to something. Be home by dinner. Barbara's resting now. She's lost a lost of sleep. Uh oh, I think Kyle just flushed a toy down the john. Gotta call the team to inform them I'm tied up," Click.

Mulder sat back and relaxed, waiting for the younger girls and Will.

Stevens Home 4:35 P.M.

Barbara Stevens woke from her nap to see Kyle snacking on oatmeal cookies and apple juice. "Any word?"

"No. Our people changed shift. Mulder's home. Sleep well?"

"Yes, and I certainly needed it," Barbara responded. "Time to make supper. You're welcome to stay."

"That's okay. I can wait. I go home later, but rest assured, we will not let anything happen to Kyle, and as for John, we did not let on."

Kyle was playing with his blocks when Scully's cell jingled.

"Scully. Yes. Good Perkins. I'll be right there."

"They got him?" Barbara asked as she poured coffee.

Scully smiled. "Yes, and he was armed and had a hotel room seven blocks away. I need to check in with the police and other agents."

"Thanks so much. What a relief!"

Jack Stevens walked through the door wondering why the door was unlocked.

Barbara ran into her husband's arms and kissed him. "We're all right. They got Adams."

Kyle ran into his father's arms. "Hi, daddy!"

"Hi! Been good?"

Yeah, but I flushed the rubber duck."

"Don't worry, while Barbara napped, I took care of it, and reminded him not to do it again," Scully reported. "Well, I have a report I can do at home, so I should be going. Everyone is welcome at our house. Barbara knows the address. I'm going."

"Thanks for everything, Dana. Now my wife can rest easily."

"You're welcome. Take care."

She happily walked home and found Mandy and Alison preparing dinner.

"It's going to be tough going tomorrow, Mulder. After closing two priority cases today, early night."

William walked through the door. "Mom, I don't feel so hot. Lumps on both sides of my neck."

Dr. Scully grabbed her bag from the kitchen and assessed her firstborn. "Swollen lymph nodes, fever, everything else is fine. Is there anything going around in school?

"A few have strep throat, Mom."

"Hold supper for me, people, and avoid your brother. I'll write a prescription and get to the pharmacy before it closes. Wash everything down. William, bed. You'll eat in your room."

"Aww... "

"You want a tongue depressor down there?" Mom asked.

"I'm going. I'm going." The youngster dragged himself up the stairs.

Mulder frowned. "Tomorrow's workload... "

"Sorry, partner. I'll be back as soon as I can, and make sure everybody washes up well before eating. Give my regrets to Kersh."

"Okay." He was on the phone to Kersh immediately. Sir, something's come up. I'll be there tomorrow but Scully's home." He explained the situation.

Kersh was not very amused, but family matters more than anything else.


Author's Note: Plot Generator Story: Mulder Finds Out Barbara Doggett Has A Child.

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