Title: Babysitting II. Somersaults
Author: Binky
Written: February 1998
Rating: R
Category: SRH
Spoilers: none
Disclaimer: Rah Rah Rah (Venetian for "I don't own these Scully and Mulder people, Corny Carter does.") Duh!(Saturnian for "But I do own Damien, Ruth and Emily.)
Keywords: Mulder/Scully romance

Summary: Part two of 'Babysitting', The next morning our heroes have some fun in the....

Warning: one naughty word...ohh no child! wash your mouth out with soap! And suggestive whatever you call it I just remembered- comments. if you are language and thought sensitive, or not a shipper, you may leave. I thank you.

For Sarah the meanypoo, don't throw paper at my head! no matter how tempting it is! and to whoever else needs to be thanked...Mimi Rettie 'cos I said so! D.D and G.A for portraying M&S so well uuuum...yeah.

Sorry here's another thank you, it goes to Lisa Reeves because it does. "The night was dark and stormy, the firelight was dim, the wind did howl and a cat did prowl as I put my deposit in....hmm not quite sure why I put that in, I should be over toilet jokes by now. *smack!* Maybe it was an impulse.. I deny everything! it wasn't me!!! "Fire is eternal damnation." uhhhhm sorry keep goin off course, this time I promise.


She did love him after all didn't she?

Mulder woke up the next morning to a mass of shiny auburn hair.. very familiar auburn hair to be exact. He smiled and he remembered the kisses they had shared last night on the incredibly comfortable sofa not to mention the amusingly innocent questions Damien and Ruth had put to them. Scully rolled over and rubbed her eyes sleepily

"Wasshatimemulderstarbucshleepinshtikl,l" she mumbled and buried her head in his chest.

"Morning sunshine, sleep well?" he asked and lovingly brushed a stray strand of hair behind her ear. She traced a finger across his bottom lip.

"Why of course my lord, never better. And you?"

"Haven't slept better

in all my life. You fill the empty space Samantha left.. I love you, Scully."

"So you've said, does this mean your giving up on the X files and Sam?" she sounded a little disappointed.

"NO of course not beautiful, I would never give up on you, you know that. Just like I' ll never give up on Sam," he said and Scully pulled his head down to steal a kiss. "You kissing me Scully?" he asked.

"Why of course, is it really so much to ask for a repeat performance of last night? you were good." She looked up innocently at him.

"Your wish is my command my fair lady," he said and rolled on top of her, pinning her tiny body beneath him and kissed her slowly. They continued on from there until they heard abouncy kind of 'thud.' enimate from the children's bedrooms. "What was that?" Mulder asked.

"Ohshnothing, just the kids getting up come back here, G- man."

"With pleasure."

Two little heads poked around the door of the bedroom where two lovers did the deed with much pleasure and moans of excitement. "Is ant Dana awake?" Ruth asked Damien.

"I fink sho, Roof, I fink she's playing shomersorts wif uncool Focsh."

"Are dey eatin eech over agen?" Ruth whispered.

"I don't know oi can't shee vem, Roofie, deyre under veh cuvvers" "

Maybe we shood wait for vem to finish pwaying cos mummy sez interrwuptin ith wude."

"Yeh come on, wets go watch "Babe'" The two children went

on thier daily pilgrimage to watch the almighty talking pig thing.

The two lovers finished their 'game and rolled over. "Time to get up, G-man "

Scully said , still breathing hard after they'd finished. "OK G-woman, you takin a shower first?"

"Not unless you'd care to join me."

Mulder's face lit up "deal!"

"Fine, coming?"

"Ooooh Dana, you're a

tigress" "thank you."

"You're welcome." Mulder stepped into the shower behind Scully, "Can I do your back?"

"I've already done it. "

"Can I do your front?"

"Yes of course, you seem to not be able to get enough can you?"


"Quick Roofie, get ver bandage, I don't fink Schmooies gonna make it! yelled Damien from the kitchen. The two were playing 'Toy hospital ' and their latest patient 'schmos' had a decapitated head as a result of being backed over.Schmooie had been admitted straight into intensive care and his chances looked slim. Disaster had struck when they'd found out that the kitchen was out of badages and the nearest supply was the main bathroom where Dana and Fox were showering.

""But antie Dana ith thtill in vere," Ruth said and looked worried.

"Wew jutht open ther door and get ver bandids carfulley, ven maybe thye wownt notith," replied Damien.

"Okay Daims, here goth..." Ruth tiptoed into the bathroom and went to the cupboard get the precious bandaids.

"Ooh yesssssss," came from behind the closed shower curtain.

"You like that, beautiful?" a voice that sounded like uncle Fox said next.

"Oh.. oh god yes!..Fox.. oh.. oh..GOD!" she heard her aunt say.

Ruth grabbed some band-aids and tiptoed quickly out of the bathroom.

Fox had Dana securely held in his arms and was sliding her up and down his soapy body, enjoying her cries of pleasure and her just plain enjoying it.

Ruth handed her brother a band-aid and he re-attached Schmooie's head in the nick of time. "Good work nurth Roofie," Daimien said and shook his sister's hand in congratulations.

"I think Schmooie will live long enough to see anover weel agen," said Ruth.

Another moan came from the bathroom.

"I'm hungry," said Damien.

"Tho am I, whenth ant Dana getting uth brekfatht?" asked Ruth. "Go tell her to huwwy up coth mummyth gonnsa be here thoon."

"Okay " Ruth went back into the bathroom and pulled open

the shower curtain. "ant Dana..eeew whot are you dooing?" Ruth asked with a disgusted look on her face. Scully unwillingly wrenched her mouth from Mulder's and Mulder dropped his exploring hands from Scully's body like a hot potato.

Ruth looked down and her eyes grew wide. Realising they were displaying incriminating evidence to inoccent eyes, they hugged each other close to cover themselves.

"Uhhm Ruthie dear, what do you want?" asked Dana trying to keep her voice calm.

"We're hungwee, when are you making bwekfatht?"

"Um, ant Dana will be out in a minute, why don't you go out and watch babe while Ant Dana gets dressed? and close the door please, dear."

"Okay aunt Dana," said Ruth obediently and she left the room.

Dana and Fox looked at each other and realised how stupid they must look, they let go of each other and burst into laughter. They got dressed and went ton the kitchen where Damien and Ruth were waiting angelically for them.

"We want CoCo popths please Ant Dana!" they shouted.

"Ok ok here you go," Scully placed two bowls in front of them filled with the 'crunchy chocolate milkshake' and set two bowls of cornflakes in front of her and Mulder.

Breakfast went by quietly until Ruth piped up.

"Ant Dana, what weer you doing? you thtill havert told me." Ruth pouted.

Scully's spoon made it halfway to her mouth and dropped into her bowl.

shit! what did she just ask? she thought to herself suddenly it dawned oh damn! I forgot about that! come on Dana, what are you gonna say? you haven't even got kids yet and you're already giving the 'birds and bees' talk.

Ruth and Damien stared up at her expectantly. "Come on ant Dana, we want to know, mommy sayth knowledge ith good. You know, somersaults, we thaw you playin it thith mornin, but thith time you were thandin up" They saw that? oh my god how irresponsible was that?

"I uh.. we uh .. um.." Scully stammered. Mulder came to her rescue. "Guys, has mommy told you where babies come from yet?"

Ruth and Damien shook their heads. "Dosnt the sdork bwing vem?" Damien asked.

"Uhm no actually they don't, you know how people love each other like your mom loves your dad?" Mulder asked. Ruth and Damien nodded and Damien crawled into Scully's lap like he always did when he was being told a story, Ruth climbed timidly into uncle Fox's and rested her head on his shirt.

"Wath vat go to do wif babies?" asked Ruth.

"Well, it takes a man and a woman, just like your mom and dad, who love each other very much, ummm.. it usually starts when they kiss, showing their love and then they go and make love, and then, a baby starts to grow inside the mother. In nine months, the baby is ready to be born, that's how you were made too. Ruth, do get it now?"

"Tho you mean the thdork didn't bwing

me?and my mommy did?" asked Ruth in awe.

"Yep," said Mulder.

"And tho vat meens vat you and Antie Dana were making a baby?"

"Yes..." Mulder cast a

glance at Scully who was blushing bright red but also had a look of complete adoration in her eyes.

"doth vat meen you and Antie Dana are gonna have a baby?" Ruth said in excitement.

"I don't know, we'll see won't we?" asked Mulder.

"Okay thath cool," said Ruth and gave her uncle Fox a hug and ran off with Damien to watch for their mom.

Scully stood up and Mulder walked to her side "I'm impressed," she said.

Mulder placed a hand over Scully's abdomen. "So what do you think it'll be?" he asked.

"What makes you so sure were having a baby?" Scully asked skeptically.

"Why? do you regret doing this?" Mulder asked.

"Oh no.. definitely not! I would love to carry your child. I just want to know what makes you so sure."

"Hey they don't call me Spooky for nothing!"

Scully looked upset. "What's the matter beautiful?" she looked up at him with tears in her eyes.

"I used to sit and laugh with the others before and I joined in their jokes about you and your wild beliefs and off-the-mark opinions, I knew that the names hurt you but I did it anyway, I'm sorry."

Mulder hugged Scully's head to his chest and noticed how she fit perfectly under his chin." It's okay sweetheart, It's okay, whatever you do, your forgiven." They walked back to the living room where the kids were yet again watching Babe sing 'la la laaaaa ' at the top of his little lungs.

A key turned in the lock and Emily walked in "mommmy!!!!" screamed the kids and ran up to greet her with hugs and kisses.

"Hi troops. Have a nice time while mommy was away?"

"Yeth mom! ant Dana and

uncool Foxth towld us how baieth are made. And vey fink that vey moight be havin one too!!!"

"Is that so?" Emily looked to Dana and Fox for an

explanation. "I uh um we kind of made out on the couch and they caught us at it. They wanted to know, so we told them, hey Em, consider it, we saved you a good lot of embarrassment," Dana quipped.

Emily started laughing "Dana Katherine Scully, I will never understand you! hey since I'm here now why don't you two lovebirds go home? Thanks for minding them, Day, here's your money."

Fox went and got their bags from the room and followed Scully out the door.

Emily grabbed Dana's arm just as she walked out the door and said, ""When he asks you to marry him, don't forget to call me!" and grinned.

"I won't."

"Bye Em! seeya later! " Dana called as she got into the Taurus "Bye antie Dana and Uncool Foxth!" yelled the kids and waved as their car pulled into the road and drove off.

Up in heaven a child's soul wept for joy as it was told it could move on to another life.

: : ring ring: :

The phone rang out in Emily's house, begging to be answered, Emily ran to get it.


"Hi Em, it's Dana, guess what!!!?....

Dana grinned into the phone and could almost see Emily jump for joy...

END!!!! hahahahahah! part 3 coming soon, don't worry : ))


I didn't like that one very much, but that's not your problem to solve, if you liked the story, send me feed back, if you hated it, send it any way : P

Hope you enjoyed it!


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