Title: Baby Girl
Author: Nadia S.
Keywords: Scully/Krycek
Rating: Adult Spoilers: S8

Summary: A continuation of a series begun with "Dana's Desires"

Notes: In this universe, Mulder has not yet been found and Krycek is the in vitro father of Scully's baby.

"A girl..." the stunned Krycek repeated. He was bitterly disappointed but tried not to show it. "You should have told me sooner, Dana," he scolded.

Dana Scully had arrived home from work early and given Krycek the news she had been keeping from him for months.

"I didn't tell you because I was afraid you'd be be mad! she sniffed as she brought forth crocodile tears. "She's our baby, Krycek! Don't you care?"

Krycek was always completely suckered by her tears. "Of course I care, Dana," he said guiltily as he handed her a kleenex from his pocket. "We've got plenty of time to give her a brother..." he added impulsively, as if to appease her.

Dana Scully felt the thrill of victory. She now knew that her goal of marrying Alex Krycek well within range. Truthfully, it would have been easier if their baby had been a boy, but this was a challenge she had embraced. No more difficult than getting him into bed, she thought deviously.

"I suppose you don't want to marry me now!" she said gazing tearfully at him. She knew it would make him crazy with desire...

Although Krycek hated to admit it, the manipulative siren now had complete control over his life. His original plan had been to impregnate her, make her his mistress, and visit her twice a week. Instead he was now living with her, running her household and bedding her almost every night. He knew that if he stayed much longer, he would succumb to her marriage demands.

"We'll talk about it later, Dana darling." He gulped as he handed her more kleenex before hurring to her door. "I'll come by tonight when you're not so upset!"

She followed him to the door determinedly. "You'd better make up your mind, Krycek..." she warned, "...because John Doggett wants to marry me!" she declared as she slammed and locked her suite door behind him.

Dana Scully leaned against the door and smiled contentedly. She was not at all worried...

Alex Krycek didn't go far - he sat alone in the stairwell of Dana Scully's apartment building, banging his head repeatedly against the wall. Their baby was a girl! It was not her fault. HE had not done the job. He would have to try again for a son. He knew she would agree to another pregnancy - all he had to do was to ask her in bed, he thought chauvanistically. But he knew that her price would be marriage...

He could do worse. She was everything an ambitious man wanted in a wife. She was beautiful, intelligent and accomplished, and she was great in the sack - the perfect Playmate. And he was crazy about her.

She was a sought-after prize and even though his enemies Fox Mulder and Walter Skinner had coveted her, it was he who had won her. He had made her forget the missing Mulder. Best of all, Dana Scully wanted him. He congratulated himself on his successful pursuit of her. Why not indulge in the spoils of his victory?

But she wanted a husband, and he knew that she had been chasing Doggett as well. Well, he would never let another man have her.

His decision made, Krycek returned to her apartment...

After using a gadget he had invented to disable the locks on her doors, he found her in the kitchen, preparing dinner. She was wearing a low-cut negligee and she had redone her make-up. She looked beautiful, and Krycek broke out into a sweat at the sight of her.

She stared coldly at him. "Give me that thing!" she ordered curtly as she held out her hand.

Her frosty FBI demeanor aroused him beyond belief. Krycek knew exactly what it would take to turn the ice queen into a tigress...

"Okay..." he conceded, handing over the disabler. "I can always break in. You'd like that, wouldn't you, Red?"

Scully felt her colour rise and her heart begin to race. Krycek never failed to find new ways to seduce her.

"What are you doing back here so soon?" she demanded. "If you think I'm going to cook for you..."

He took a deep breath and interrupted her.

"I've got an engagement ring in my pocket, Dana darling." he replied amiably. "I've been carrying it around for weeks. I stole it and had it sized for you. It's yours if you're a good girl and say all the right things to me..."

Dana Scully blushed with excitement as her eyes darted towards his pockets...


(to be continued in "Stolen Property").

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