Title: The Animated Figures
Author: Chesa B
Distribution: anywhere, I suppose
Spoilers: 3, Never Again, Fight to the
Future Rating: Um- I'll go with PG-13.
Classification: S,R,H
Keywords: Mulder/Scully Romance

Summary: Scully's teenage niece and Mulder's cousin visit and make life interesting.

Disclaimer: They're not mine. I don't own them. I'm not making money off of them.

Author's Notes: I dedicate this fanfic to the two guys in my church- one who I will name as Scruffy- the guy who thinks that Marilyn Manson is God and the other who I will name as Chewy- one who goes through girlfriends like Mulder goes through Sunflower Seeds. You two are losers because I got my driver's permit before you two. Ha ! I win ! I win, I win, I win ! :-)

I am truly pathetic. I know that, I always say that I'm going to rectify that. That I'm going to get myself a social life.

But does it look like I have a social life?

No. That's what I thought.

I sigh- a sigh of aggravation.

I also need to get laid.

I mean- the last time that I got laid was- I don't even want to think about that bitch. God damn vampire want-to-be.

She just thought that she was a vampire- but I knew that she was just a psychopath. A psychopath with a group of little psychopath friends, who also thought that they were vampires as well.

Now ain't that just pathetic? Yep. Yep, it is. Really pathetic.

And when was the last time that Scully got herself laid?

Ed Jerse.

Or- of course that's the last time that I know of. There could have been others. Hell, for all that I know, she could be getting laid right at this exact moment.

God, Scully. Please tell me that you're not getting laid at this, exact moment.

I know that this is pathetic, but I just have to call her- and make sure that she's not getting laid.

I picked up the phone- feeling like the immense jack-ass that I already am, and punched in her number.

There's a set of a consecutive 3 rings, and then her beautiful voice.


I close my eyes, and cheer mentally.

"Hey, Scully."

"Hi. What is it? Is there a new case?"

"No. I just- you know. Wanted to call."

"Oh. Are you coming down with something?"

"No. I just- wanted to talk to you. Is that okay?"

"Of course. Are you sure that there's nothing wrong?"

"Yes, Scully."

She grows silent, and so do I.

"So- what are you doing right now?"

"I was watching a movie, Mulder."

"Which movie?"

"Um- The Waterboy."

"The waterboy? That doesn't seem like your type."

"It's not. I'm watching it with my niece, Felicity. Or- I was watching it with her. But she fell asleep."

"Your niece? From your younger brother?"

"No. It's Billy's daughter from his first marriage."

So the asshole wasn't so fucking picture perfect as I thought.

"Oh. How old is she, Scully?"

"She just turned fourteen."

I smiled, and shook my head. Picturing Scully with a fourteen-year-old girl made me smile.

"Oh. Is she staying with you?"

"Um- yeah. For a week. If we don't get a case, that is."

"How come you didn't tell me about it?"

Did I come off to insistent?

"Um- well, I never thought that it would have interested you."


There was some silence again, and then I heard her speak.

"Why did you call, Mulder?"

"Because. I wanted to talk to you."

"About what?"

"Nothing in particular. I just- I missed your voice, Scully."

She giggled.

Scully giggled?

"Oh, is that so?"

"Yep. I missed you terribly."

"Me- or my voice?"


"So- the Waterboy. Is it entertaining?"

"Oh, oh yeah. Really entertaining. Watching Adam Sandler pretend to be some little high school guy- with a hell of an arm is really entertaining."

"I saw it. I liked it, Scully."

"You saw it?"

"Yeah. With my- uh- I think that it's my second cousin. It's my father's- youngest brother's oldest son."

"Um- that'd be your second cousin, Mulder."

"Yeah. That's what I thought. He usually just calls me Mulder."

I can't help myself from smiling. Talking to Scully- when there really isn't anything to talk about- it just makes me smile.

"Mulder- I'm sorry to interrupt our conversation about nothing- but I've got a call on the other line."

"Expecting your boyfriend?"

"Yeah. Something like that. Good bye."


She left the line, and I just sighed.

Yep, Mulder. You really, really, really need a social life.

The Next Day

I woke to the sound of my god damn telephone ringing constantly.

I really hope that this isn't Skinner. Or anything that has to do with work.

"Mulder," I pronounced groggily into the phone.

"Hey- Mulder. It's Rosemary. I have the hugest favor to ask you."

Rosemary. My aunt. Or- she's supposed to be my aunt. My dad's brother's- wife is supposed to be my aunt. But she's really only 5 years older than me, as well as my uncle Chris.

"Um- shoot, Rose."

"Chris has to go to New York on business, and I was scheduled to go on a field trip with the high school that I teach at- and they'll be in California- and your mother lives too far away- and your uncle is too unreliable- and both of our parents and dead- and- God- I'll owe you forever if you could watch Carter for the week."

"Yeah. I'd love to."

Holy Shit. How ironic could this be?

I ran to the door, and saw Rosemary, and Carter standing there. Carter was carrying two bags, and Rosemary had a stressed look on her face.

"Hey," I said as I ushered them in.

"Mulder- I really can't thank you enough," she said frantically as she threw her arms around me.

I just smiled, and squeezed her back.

"No biggie, Rose. I'm just delighted to have Cart here- aren't I ?"

The teenager just grinned and nodded his head.

She sighed, and shook her head.

"Carter-Douglass, I want you to be good, clear?"

He just nodded.

"Crystal, Mom."

Rosemary gave him one final look, kissed him on the forehead, and left.

As soon as the door shut, Carter turned to me.

"So- Mulder. Are there any babes in this apartment of yours?"

" Mulder."

I flipped the channel to ESPN pool.


To MTV- where KoRn's video, Freak on a Leash was playing.


Next, to the International Channel, where they were covering the German weather.


"What?" I asked as I turned my head to him.

He was sitting there, with his headphones hanging off of his neck.

"Let's go do something."

"It's raining."



"So- it's raining. Can we go do something?"


"Cuz' I'm bored, Mulder. Let's go have some fun. Let's go meet some babes. I know you need to find a babe."

Is this kid from the psychic network, or something?

"When the hell did you get so into girls, Carter?" He hadn't been the last time I'd seen him.

He shrugged.

"All that I know- is that they are my only interest now."

I smirked.

"Have you actually had a girlfriend?"

"Um- three of them."

I smirked.

"That was more than I had in high school."

"Oh- you weren't a stud in high school?"

"Nope. So- what was your last girlfriend like?"

"Ah- Erika was great. She was my favorite. She had short- brown hair, deep green eyes. She was short- but that was even better."

I just smiled. "So- what happened?"

"She moved to England."

"I'm sorry."

"S'okay. We're still friends."

"That's nice."

He shook his head, and rolled his neck around.



"Let's go do something."


He sighed loudly. "I'm going to go take a nap on that awesome waterbed of yours then."

"You go do that."

"I will," he promised as he started to walk towards his bedroom.

Where did I put my video collection again?

T.V. was getting boring, and Carter fell asleep.

Now, I was ready to go somewhere.

As I stood up to go and wake him up- I heard four sharp knocks at my door.

That's either got to be Scully- or Rosemary.

I ran to the door immediately.

Oh, I was wrong.

It was Scully- and the niece that she spoke of. What was her name again?

Felicity. That's it. Like the name on that T.V. show.

God- she looks exactly like Scul-

"Mulder? Are you home?"

Shit- I've been standing here like a jack-ass, saying how much Felicity looks like Scully.

I opened the door quickly.



My head snaps down to Felicity's.

"You're Felicity?"

"Yep. You're Mulder- never to be called Fox?"


I can't help myself from smiling.


"You're probably wondering why I'm here."

"Um- kinda. Not that I'm complaining."

"Yeah. Sure. Skinner dropped by my apartment."

"Oh? And?"

What the hell did he want?

"Our latest report needs to be completely redone because- being the dumb-ass that he is- Skinner lost it."

I shook my head.


"I hope you don't mind- I brought Felicity, because I didn't want to lose her," Scully said as she looked down at her.

"What did I do?"

Scully flashed her a look- that I've never seen in my entire life.

"Okay- so I snuck out once- and got my navel pierced. That was a long time ago- Day."

Scully squinted

"That was last month, Felicity."

She sighed.

I laughed and shook my head.

"Of course not. Come in."

I moved out of the way, and they both entered my apartment.

Felicity ran to my couch, and put on her discman over her ears.

I turned to Scully- and smiled.

"My perception of Felicity was that she was- an innocent, quiet- bookworm of the sorts when we talked yesterday."

"Like hell she is." Scully smiled, and turned to Felicity. "But she does remind me of myself. And we get along really well. She's my favorite niece or nephew."

I was about to tell her about Carter- but then she turned to me.

"We need to re-discuss the case, but by law, we're not allowed to discuss it in front of Felicity."

"I know. But she's got her head phones on."

"It doesn't matter, Mulder. You know that."

I sighed.

"Um- have you had dinner yet?"


"Let's go order a pizza- and pick it up, and we can discuss it on the way there."

I nodded, and shrugged.


As I sat on the couch- listening to a CD- I was suddenly approached by a male figure. I jumped, and screamed.

It scared the shit out of me.

"D-Don't scream," he said quietly as he knelt down in front of me.

I gazed at him as I threw off my head phones.

"Who are you?"

"Who are you?" he asked me.

"I'm- Felicity. Felicity Scully. And you are?"

"Felicity Scully- What are you doing in Mulder's apartment?"

"Um- I'm his partner's niece. They had to go discuss a case, and picked up a pizza. Who are you- and what are you doing in his apartment ?" I asked as I arched an eyebrow up at him.

"Carter. Carter Mulder. I'm Mulder's- um, second cousin, I think."

I took his offered hand, and he took a seat next to me.

"So- what were you listening to?"

"Nine inch nails."

His eyes widened.

"Love them. What song?"

"Closer," I simply replied.

He grinned.

"Great song. So you're into rock?" he asked me curiously.

He was cute. Actually- he looked like Dana's Mulder. His nose needed some work- but the rest of this guy in front of me was cute.

"Of course. Total rocker-chick."

He chuckled softly.

"Cool. Can I see your CD's?"

I nodded as I pushed my hair back, and handed them to him.

" You did get a large- right?" Scully asked me as we stood third in line at Godfather's Pizza. "Because you eat a lot- and there are two other people to feed," she added.

I gasped.

Oh Shit.

"You got a medium, didn't you?"

"I forgot about Carter!"

"Huh? Who?"

"Carter. I totally forgot all about him."

His eyes widened.


"He was at my apartment- sleeping. He's there with your niece."

"Who the hell is Carter, Mulder?"

"My second cousin that I was telling you about on the phone yesterday."

"How old is Carter?" Scully asked me as we got off the elevator.

"Um- he'll be 16 in a couple of months. Why?"

Scully shrugged.

"Just curious."

I simply nodded, and approached the apartment.

She opened her mouth, and I put my hand over her mouth.

"Shhh," I whispered quietly.

I unlocked the door as gently as I could, and opened the door. I walked into the apartment, and Scully followed behind me.

And just as I suspected--

I turned to Scully, and flashed her a smile.

She just shook her head.

Just as I thought would be here.

Felicity was under Carter- and they were making out.

Majorly making out, with their tongue's deeply down each other's throats- with Felicity's hands on Carter's ass, and Carter's hands placed roughly on Felicity's breasts.

How fucking typical.

Oh God. Bill Scully would murder me if he knew about this.

"We're back!" I shouted loudly.

Just the reaction I expected.

Carter jumped off of Felicity, and landed directly on the floor.

I shook my head, and sighed.

"So- enjoy yourselves?"

Both of their faces were red.

I turned to Scully.

I would imagine that she would have been upset, but she seemed relaxed, and amused. Actually, she seemed very amused by all of this.

Scully reached for the light, and they stared at us.

"How far did that go?" I asked with a demand in my tone.

"How far did what go?" Carter asks.

I arched my eye up at him.

"Nowhere. What you saw- was all of it," Felicity replied calmly.

"You know your dad would kill me if he found out about this," Scully told Felicity.

"No he wouldn't."

Scully chuckled.

"Oh, yeah he would."

Scully turned to me.

"Wouldn't he, Mulder?"

"He'd kill me next."

We both dissolved in laughter, and turned back to them.


Scully looked over to me. What were we supposed to say??

Felicity and Carter were embarrassed about what Scully and I caught them doing. They just sat there- quiet. Scully and I found that- under the circumstances- immensely funny. I mean- who wouldn't?

But we went and finished our report, while Felicity and Carter watched MTV on my couch. On the opposite sides. But they were holding hands.

I couldn't help but think about all of this. This entire situation. I mean- a Scully and a Mulder. Together. God.

The weirdest thing was- that it wasn't Scully and I.

It was the younger versions of us. Our prototypes.

When I woke up that morning- Carter was already dressed, and fixing his hair.

And that's because Scully and I agreed to go to the movies with them. Mistake? Scully and I will find out soon enough.

When I went to bed last night, Mulder, and Carter, and Felicity kept me up. Not because of what Mulder and I walked in on.

I mean- that's a natural teenage thing to explore their sexuality. But what really kept me up was the fact that it was my niece, and Mulder's cousin. Second cousin. Whatever.

I mean- a Mulder, and a Scully? And it wasn't him, and me?

The thought didn't even strike me- until I got into bed.

Felicity Scully, and Carter Mulder. Wow. What a novel thought.

Then, of course, my brain flicked over to Mulder and I.

Dana Scully, and Fox Mulder????

No. It couldn't happen.

It could only be Felicity Scully and Carter Mulder. How fucking weird.

" I'm nervous."

I turned to Felicity, who was sitting in my passenger seat- her hands folded in her lap, and she was staring at the road ahead of us.

"Why? I mean- you did make out with him."

Felicity just smiled.

"That was just making out, Dana. This- this is a date. This goes beyond making out."

"I know."

"I don't know what it is. He's- He's-"

"He's what?"

"I don't know. He's wonderful."

I smiled, and nodded.


"Yeah. I've never met anybody like him."

I could say the same about Mulder.

"I can understand that," I said.

"With you and Mulder- how do you do it?"

My eyes brightened.

"Excuse me?"

"Oh- come on, Dana. Don't tell me that there isn't anything between you two. You'd be lying if you said that."

"No I wouldn't."

She snorted.

"You guys have to be involved."

"We're not."

"Yes, yes you are."

I shook my head.

"No. We're not."



"Well. I'll be damned," she said.

I just smiled.


Carter smiled.


The two of them just smiled, and turned to Mulder and I.

"You're not going to see the same movie as us- are you?" Carter asked curiously.

"Of course. We're going to see that movie with Sandra Bullock- and Ben Afleck. What's it called again, Scully?"

"Forces of Nature, Mulder."

"Yeah. That's it. Are you two going to see that as well?"

"Mulder-" Carter said, turning to him in a protest.

Mulder just shook his head, and rubbed Carter's head..

"You're not going to see the same movie as us- are you?" Carter asked curiously.

"Of course. We're going to see that movie with Sandra Bullock- and Ben Afleck. What's it called again, Scully?"

"Forces of Nature, Mulder."

"Yeah. That's it. Are you two going to see that as well?"

"Mulder-" Carter said, turning to him in a protest.

Mulder just shook his head, and rubbed Carter's head.

"No. Of course not. We're going to see some movie- Playing the Heart- something like that."

"Playing by Heart, Mulder."

"Yeah. That's it." Mulder turned to Carter, and bowed his head down.

"You're not going to have yourself kicked out of the theater because of inappropriate jestures, or indecent exposure today- are you ?"

"Mulder !" Carter exclaimed, his face increasingly growing red.

"Well- Rosemary said that I had to make sure that you didn't get yourself in trouble."

"I won't. We won't."

Felicity nodded.

"Good bye," she said as she took Carter's hand, and they headed towards their movie.

Mulder turned to me, and grinned.

"So I guess that it's just you and me, Scully. You don't want to get thrown out for indecent exposure by chance?" he asked sarcastically.

" Oh- oh yeah. It's something that every girl dreams of when going to the movies."

"See- that's what I thought."

"There's nobody here," Mulder whispered.

"I know."

"I guess this movie is pretty old," he whispered back.

"Why are you still whispering if there's nobody here?" I asked.

"I don't know. For your sake?"

"Pass me the popcorn, Mulder."

He handed it to me, and I dug my hand in there.

"Scully- do you remember what it was like making out at the movies ?"

"Yeah. A little too much."

"Oooh. Devil child, were you?"

"No," I protested.

"I wouldn't have believed you anyway."

I jerked my head up to his gaze.

"What the hell is that supposed to mean?"

He shrugged.


"No. I want to know. What did you mean by that?"

"It's just- you don't strike me as the type that would go to the movies, and make out with a guy. I mean- when was the last time that you went to the movies to make out with somebody."

"Ed Jerse."

He clutched his stomach.

"Ouch, Scully. You're wounding me."

I smiled.

"Seriously, Scully."

"That has nothing to do with the point. When was the last time for you?"

"I asked you the question."

"Um- sometime back in high school."

"Me too."

There was absolute silence between us.

"Wanna do it?"

I nearly laughed my head off.

"What the hell is so funny? I mean- I'm serious, Scully. We both haven't done this since- High school. We should go for it. For the sake of- old memories."

I just shook my head.

"Fine. Let's get it on, Mulder."

Let's see how he reacts to that one.

But he just smiled, and leaned forward.

His lips stopped right before mine. I could feel his warm breath caressing my lips.

"Let's get it on then, Scully."

He wasn't moving. He thinks that I won't go through with it.

He's so wrong. I'll do this just to spare my precious pride.

I leaned forward, and our lips connected.

Holy shit.

Our mouths stayed just like that for the longest time- until I opened my mouth, and darted my tongue against his lips.

Holy fucking shit.

This was really happening. If this wasn't happening- Mulder's tongue wouldn't be inside my mouth. Mulder wouldn't be wrapping his hands around my waist. Mulder wouldn't be lifting me off of my chair, and setting me down on his lap. This wouldn't be happening if any of this was unfolding before me.

My arms flew around his neck, and I laced my hands through his precious, cinnamon colored strands.

This is what we missed out on when I got stung in Mulder's hallway.

I bit Mulder's tongue gingerly, and slid my tongue around his.

Mulder groaned into my mouth. God. Oh. My. God.

I threw my legs around his hips, and now I was straddling him.

Holy shit, I was straddling him.

I felt him pull away- but he pulled me into his chest.

I leaned my head into the hollow of his neck, and sighed.

"This isn't a game anymore, Scully."

My head popped up.

I shook my head.

"No. No, it's not a game, Mulder."

His eyes seared into mine.

"I don't want this to be-" he sighed. "What I'm trying to say is- I want this- and I don't want to go back to the way we were."

"I don't either."

He smiled, and grabbed my head.

We kissed again.

This seemed right.

"So how was the movie?" Mulder asked them as we met them in the theater lobby.

"Great. How was your movie?" Felicity asked as she smiled brightly.

We didn't even watch the damn movie.

"It was really good," I said before Mulder got anything in.

We began walking.

"So- you guys hungry?" Mulder asked.

"I am," Felicity said.

"Ditto," Carter replied, glaring into Felicity's eyes. She just blushed, and smiled.

"Let's go and eat then."

"Yeah. Eat," Carter said.

The two of them stepped outside- and he opened the door for me, placing my hand on my back, like he always does.

But this time- his fingers tickled me.

I spun my head to Mulder's, and he just grinned at me.

I guess that we could add two Scully and Mulder's together on the list now.

"Hey, Scully."


"Wasn't that a fantastic movie?"

His grin was eating my alive.

"Yeah, Mulder. One of the best movies I've seen since high school."

And it was indeed the best movie I remember ever seeing.

The End

Teen Magazine's "Ten things not to tell your parents about college"

#1- It's ten degrees outside and you're not wearing your thermal underwear, heavy wool sweater, wool socks, puffy white earmuffs, or corduroy pants.

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