Title: Angie I: Under the Southern Cross
Author: X FireLady
Written: April 1997

Author's note: Okay guys I started writing"Love is In the Air" and I realized that there was too many questions asked in that one so I wrote this one as a prequel When you have finished the next in line is "Love Is in the Air" Also I previously published this under another name of X Lover anyone who has read it don't worry I'm not trying to steal from myself. Send any comments. Flames will be ignored.
Classification: S
Rating: G
Disclaimer: Mulder, Scully, Cancerman and Skinner, oh and Kim, belong to Chris Carter and 1013 productions No amount of wishing they were mine will ever make them so yadda yadda yadda On with the show. Oh Dr Andrews and Angela Galeano are mine.

Summary: While in Australia, Scully meets an old friend and Mulder finds a new one.

J Edgar Hoover Building
FBI Headquarters, Washington DC
Assistant Director Skinner's Office

Skinner scowls at the man sitting there smoking his damn cigarettes. If he ever smells another one it will be too soon.

"Now, I want them to take this case in Australia" he blows the smoke over in Skinner's direction. Damn I love doing that, the more it pisses him off, the happier I am.

"Why? It's just lights, and it isn't our jurisdiction." Skinner is suspicious that Cancerman is going to harm while they were so far away.

As if reading his mind Cancerman said "Don't worry, I'm not going to harm them. But if they stay here then..."

The intercom buzzed. "Yes."

"Sir, Agents Mulder and Scully are here to see you."

"I'll be right with them. You'd better leave now or I won't even try to hold Mulder back."

"Just be sure they aren't in Washington for the next two weeks." With that he stubs out his cigarette and leaves through the side door.

Skinner puts the butts and ashtray into his drawer and buzzes Kim to show the agents in.

Mulder instantly recognises the smell of stale Morleys and goes on the defensive immediately. Scully also recognises the familiar smell but ever the professional shows no fear "Sir you wanted to see us."

"Yes Agent Scully This is your next case, you will be assisting the Australian Securities Intelligence Organization with some suspected UFO sightings."

Agent Mulder, ever suspicious, wonders aloud "Why Australia. Why now."

"Agent Mulder, even I have orders to follow and those orders are that you are to assist ASIO. Here are your tickets you will be leaving on the 5:30am flight to Brisbane Australia." With a curt nod he dismisses the two agents.

On an Airplane
Somewhere over the Pacific

"Scully, this just doesn't add up, why would we be sent to investigate..." Mulder said, looking down at the file. "'strange light shows at night', plus it is all the way in Australia."

"Mulder, It is like Skinner said, even he has orders to follow. Think of it as a vacation, we are leaving the dreary winter for glorious Summer."

"Why Scully, I do believe you are daydreaming."

"Not about you that's for sure."

"Ouch, that one hurt." He feigns injury to the chest. "So tell me why are you so eager to get to Brisbane?"

"Well you know that my father was transferred a lot and the family followed him around. One time he was actually transferred to work out of the Brisbane embassy office overseeing Australian/US wargames. We were there for 2 years, it was great, and I met this girl at school..."

"Oohhh Scully I never knew you liked girls..." Scully jabs him in the ribs. "Ouch..."

"We were both new and became really close friends. Her parents were killed in a car crash by a drunk driver. She survived and was sent to live with her grandparents. My mother felt sorry for her and she spent a major deal of her time at our house."

"What did her grandfather say to that."

"Don't get me wrong he is really nice, but to a 13-year-old he was ancient. Plus I think that she missed her parents so much that she needed to be a part of a family."

"How long has it been since you've seen her?"

"Seen her... about six years, but we talk often by email. She's offered her house for us to stay in. Should keep the hotel bill and Skinner's expense account down."

"Um Scully, Don't get me wrong but can she be trusted?"

"Mulder I trust her completely, everything that we tell each other is 100% confidential. I don't even tell my priest everything I tell her." She can't help but laugh at the memories.

"I trust your judgement Scully, but..." He doesn't want to upset her but he can't judge this person without meeting her.

Arrivals, Brisbane International Airport

Mulder and Scully walk out of customs and see an old man holding up a sign saying "Dana Scully."

"I'm Dana Scully, can I help you."

The old man looks puzzled and then breaks into a smile "Dana, my you have grown tall haven't you..."

Dana looks at Mulder daring him to say something, but he just grins and looks the other way. "Do I know you?"

"Oh Angela didn't tell you. She couldn't make it so she asked me to come and pick you up. Recognise me yet...?" His eyes smile.

Dana breaks out into a wide smile and wraps her arms around the old man. "Grampa G! Why I didn't recognise you? Last time I saw you I was 15 and, wait a minute, it was right here that I last saw you waving goodbye with Angela beside you."


"Oh sorry, Grampa this is my partner Special Agent Fox Mulder. Mulder, this is Grampa G."

"Nice to meet you young man, has this young lady been behaving herself." He tweeks Scully's cheek.

Scully goes a bright red as Mulder replies "It's a tough job keeping up with her, but somebody's got to do it."

"I like him. Come, the car is over here."

"So Grampa, where is Angela..." Scully plops her bag down on the bed.

"She couldn't get a shift swap at such late notice, so she had to work. She did say that her car is in the garage and you are to feel free to use it while you are here."

"Won't she need it?"

"Aahh I see she hasn't told you about the bike yet..."

"Hey Scully come in here..." Mulder yells from the kitchen.

"You better go and see what he wants. Angela is stationed in the city now so if you want to stop by..." Grampa hugs her and goes out the front door.

"Okay Mulde..." She walk in to see him stripping down to his boxers and jump into the pool out the back "Mulder what are you doing?? I thought we were going to report in."

"I couldn't help myself Scully, the water was just soo inviting." He swims over to the side and grabs her ankle. "Come on in the water is WET!" With that he yanks her into the pool fully clothed.

They come out of ASIO regional HQ into the bright sunshine. Mulder puts on his sunglasses "Well Scully that was a waste of our time."

"Mulder how was Skinner supposed to know that it was just a couple of kids after attention. Plus he did say that we could have two weeks paid vacation over here. Just relax and give me the keys I'm driving."

"Oh no, I'm still shaking from the last time."

"Okay get a taxi then." She makes a lunge for the keys and grabs them before Mulder knows what hit him. "HA HA."

As they pass the fire station Scully makes a U Turn and pulls into the backyard.

"Scully what are you doing..."

"Mulder, I'm just stopping to say 'G'day', you should come in to and thank her for letting us stay with her."

"Oh all right."

As they walk in the door a fireengine pulls into the bay beside them. "Hey Angie, what's your car doing outside?" Around the back of the fire engine a group of firefighters is arguing.

"No I told you I left it at home for my friends to use..." She sees the pair standing there. "Dee is that you... AAAAHHHH." she runs over and picks up Dana in a hug bear hug.

"Angie, put me down... Hey no fair you grew taller than me." She playfully punches her friend's shoulder.

Angie puts her down and looks over to see Fox and starts to blush immediately.

"Dana you said his name was Fox not he was a Fox" she whispered in Dana's ear.

Dana couldn't help but laugh. She knew that Mulder was exactly Angie's type, tall good looking and a killer butt "Don't look now but I think he is thinking the same about you" she whispers back.

Mulder is just dumbfounded he didn't expect Angie to be such a knockout. Before he could make a fool of himself he held out his hand "Hi I'm Dana's friend Fox I just wanted to thank you for letting us stay at your house."

Dana's eyebrow shot up when she heard him introduce himself. he must like her, he'd never call himself Fox otherwise, hmm this could be interesting "Hey Angie, our case got wrapped up earlier than expected but our boss has said that we can stay for a two week vacation."

"Awright, wait here for a moment." Angela runs upstairs to the Commanders Office. Turning to Mulder, "Why Fox..." Dana can't help but smile at his uncomfortable look. "Okay, Okay, I know, she seems nice." Before he could say anymore Angela comes bounding down the stairs.

"Cool, Boss has let me take two weeks early leave so I can show you guys the sights." Not that I wouldn't mind taking in the sights of Fox. rowwr. "I'm off at 1800, I mean 6pm, so I'll meet you guys back home."

7pm that night

"Hey guys could you come and help me get this stuff off the bike."

Mulder comes running out to help "Here let me get that."

"Cute and house trained..." She tweeks his butt. "Sorry it was just calling out for it."

Angie grabs one of the bags and stomps into the kitchen. "Dee look what I got for us..." Holding up a bottle of tequila "Our favourite. Oh and Fox these are for you." She throws him a bag of sunflower seeds.

Scully grabs the bottle out of Angie's hands and pours three shots. "I'm set, what do you guys want..."

Mulder can't believe his eyes Scully is usually so much more...more...professional but now it's like she is completely different. oh well if you can't beat em, join em. He grabs one of the shotglasses "Bottoms up."

Later that night

Scully is unconscious in the spare bedroom and Mulder lying on the couch. Oh god I can't belief that I drank so much and still can't sleep. Out of the darkness a piercing scream can be heard.


Mulder races into Angie's room only to find her huddled in the corner in the fetal position rocking back and forth. He feels as if his heart is going to break and realizes at that moment that he is in love with this frightened lady. Rushing over to her he picks her up, only to have her fighting him.

"Stop, get away, no. I want my Mommy Daddy, wake up please. I don't care who you are. I want my mommy and daddy."

Oh god she is reliving the accident, what do I do. All of a sudden Angie is blinking... "What...? Oh god not again. I'm so sorry you had to see this."

"Believe me, I'm not sorry. You see I too lost someone and can't seem to stop reliving it."

"Yes Dee told me about Samantha. I'm sorry. Normally I'm all right but today we had a car accident and well they always seem to bring on the nightmares."

"Yeah I know what you mean, whenever we are covering an abudction especially a child abduction I... Well you know."

"Look, I don't know you real well but, could you just hold me until I get to sleep."

"Of course." He scooted over onto the bed and held her in his arms As they lie there in each other's arms they finally find peace...

Standing in the doorway, Dana smiles I knew they were meant for each other and goes back to her room.

The End...

Title: Angie II: Love is in the Air
Author: X FireLady
Written: April 1997

Author's note: Okay guys this is the 2nd in my Angela series, but actually it was written first. Please be kind I am a newbie fanfic writer. Now we left when Fox and Angie's romance was starting. It is now 1«years later and, well you'll have to read on Also I previously published this under another name of X Lover anyone who has read it don't worry I'm not trying to steal from myself. Send any comments. Flames will be ignored. Oh and I purposely left the ending open for a Angie III.
Classification: S
Rating: G

Disclaimer: All characters (bar Dr Andrews and Angela Galeano) belong to Chris Carter and 1013 productions No amount of wishing they were mine will ever make them so... Oh and also I Borrowed the Title from the John Paul Young song...

Summary: Fox/Other romance Fox has a surprise for Angie, but Angie has her own surprise up her sleeve.

Fox surprises Angela with a visit to see her in Australia. He booked a hotel suite on the Gold Coast.

When they arrived she found the room is filled with all her favourites. Red roses, champagne, a nice candlelit Italian meal and "Love is in the Air" playing softly in the background After dinner they decide to go for a walk on the beach It is a beautiful moonlit night, but all of a sudden Fox stops and points to a billboard. "Look."

Angela looks up to read

I love you with all my heart
and want to scream it too the world "Marry Me."

"Is that meant for me?"


"Are you sure What would all your fans say?" She gives him a wry smile.

"Angela I care about you." he gets down on his knee and pulls out a velvet case. "Marry me."

Angela looks at the perfect ring, she is torn in two, her head is saying is this what you really want but her heart was screaming SAY YES. "Fox it is beautiful, but I really need time to think," before he could turn away... "But that doesn't mean I'm saying No."

His face lights up "Okay, I've got to leave tomorrow anyway, so you keep the ring and when you are ready to tell me..." Angela stops him with a kiss.

They walk hand in hand back to their suite.

One Month later

Wiping her face, Angela looks in the mirror and feels like hell. I must have the flu or something. She turns to go and watch television. Fox was true to his words he did not ring her to push her answer. But the more she thought about it she realized that she was being silly and that yes she would marry him. A wave of nausea flowed through her and she just barely made it to the bathroom.

Dr Andrews Surgery

"Well Angela there is no doubt about it. You don't have the flu." Dr Andrews looks down at the test results.

"Then why am I so ill and tired all the time?" But before he could answer her, she realized why and went white.

"Because you are pregnant. Congratulations Angela!" He looks up and sees that she is not happy. "I take it that this wasn't planned?"

"What, um, sorry Dr Andrews. No it was definitely not planned, Fox only just proposed a month and a half ago and now I'm..."

"So I take it the Fox doesn't know." Dr Andrews looks at her quizzically. He has watched Angela grow up, ever since her parents died when she was a teenager he had looked upon her as his own daughter. She had always come to him for advice, he felt honoured that she had told him about Fox and had no intentions of betraying that confidence.

"No he doesn't even know my answer to his proposal." She looks down at her hands. "Dr Andrews you have always been there for me, but what do I do?"

"Angela you know you are like a daughter to me, but sometimes... Okay firstly, do you love him?"


"Do you want to marry him?"

"I didn't know at first but I realize that, yes I do. hmpf does that sound corny." She smiles at her own joke.

"Angela normally I wouldn't give this type of advise but because I care for you, I think you should go to him and tell him that you will marry him and that he is going to be a father. Then you should BOTH decide what is going to happen."

Angela gets up and hugs him. "Oh Dr Andrews, I don't know what I would do without you."

Same time
FBI Headquarters, Washington DC
X Files Division

Dana looked over a Fox, she was starting to worry about him Ever since he returned from Australia he had been moping about like a love starved puppy. She realized that he needed to talk to someone but obviously wasn't going to ask for her help "Mulder..." no answer. "Mulder..." okay this is serious, time for the big gun "Hey Fox" His head jerked up instantly at the sound of his name.

"Scully I told you..." realizing that she only said it to get his attention he looks at her sheepishly "I think I'm suffering from lost time syndrome."

"Mulder..." She pulls her chair over to his desk "Mulder I think you need to talk about her."


"Mulder, don't pull that puppy face crap with me You know perfectly well I mean Angela."

"Scully... I don't want to talk about it."

"Tough, I say you do." with an exasperated look "Ever since you came back from Australia you have been jumpy. Everytime the phone rings you grab it, but lately you have been acting like a wounded bull. What happened..."

Fox realized that he wasn't going to get out of it that easily and sighed "Scully, I asked Angie to marry me and she said that she needed to think about it It's been over a month now and I'm starting to feel like..."

Scully finished his sentence "Like her answer is no..."

He looked up and for a minute it looked like he was about to cry, but managed to hold it back. "So what if she doesn't want to marry me. There are plenty of fish out there."

"Oh Mulder..." Scully felt like her heart would break in two, yes they were partners, no actually they were more than that they were close friends. She hated to see him like this after all he had gone through with Samantha's disappearance... "Mulder look at me. I don't think you have a lot to worry about Angela needs time, I know for a fact that she loves you but it is a big step for her. She has to leave everything to come here. What is left of her family, everything that she has worked so hard for It will be hard for her here, there aren't many job openings for female firefighters, are there."

"Your right Scully, damn why didn't I even think of that. I shouldn't have put her into that position..."

"Mulder you both know that you couldn't go on any longer the way you have. This was the next logical step."

Rinnnggg Riiiinngg. Scully grabs her cellphone "Scully..."

"Dana, It's me Angela. Don't let on that it's me okay."

"Yes mom."

"Look I'm got to say something to Fox and it isn't right that I do it over the phone I'm on my way over there and I was wondering if you would pick me up at the airport... I... I need to get a woman's point of view before I tell him..."

"Okay mom, I'll be there..." She rings off...

"What did you mother want?"

"Oh she just wanted to know if I would be able to come to lunch on Saturday."

Mulder knew that she was lying but didn't take it any further.

Dulles International Airport

Scully looks up to see a very pale Angela being escorted to the door by a customs official. Striding over she shows her ID "Dana Scully FBI What's going on here?"

"No problem mam. The flight didn't seem to agree with this young lady and we were helping her to her ride."

"I'm her ride. Thank you I'll take it from here."

"Dana thank god That flight was horrible... I know I get airsick but that was ridiculous."

"Okay I'm taking you to my mother's place." Seeing the questioning look "Mulder won't find you there..."

"Thanks I don't think that I could see him just yet..." Stretching... "I think that the jetlag is getting to me early."

"Okay, but I'm giving you a checkup when we get to Mom's."

"Angela, why didn't you tell me. This is wonderful." She hugs her friend...

"I haven't had a chance to tell anyone. Only Dr Andrews and you know."

"No wonder the flight was rough, air and morning sickness YUCK..." Scully screws up her face.

"You should be on my side of the symptoms By the way does Mrs Scully have any dry crackers or something I am famished."

"Right away madam..." Scully walks out the door giggling.

"Wake up sleepy head." Mrs Scully is tapping her on the shoulder.

"Mmmm G'day, Mrs Scully. How long have I been asleep?"

"Oh about 10 hours. Dana had to go but she said to tell you that don't worry your secret is safe."

"10 hours. Oh shit, scuse me..." Angela rushes for the bathroom. "Angela I hope you don't mind but Dana told me about the baby."

Coming out of the bathroom, "That's okay. I know that you won't tell anyone. Actually I was wondering if... seeing as my mother..."

Margaret knew what Angela was going to say and cradled her in her arms. "That's okay dear I know you need a mother to talk to."

Angela didn't know why but all of a sudden she couldn't stop crying...

FBI Headquarters, Washington DC
X Files Division

"What Scully..."

"Oh nothing..." She didn't realize how hard it would be to keep this from Mulder.

"Scully you have been staring at me like I'm under a microscope for the last 2 hours. Now what is going on?"

"Umm..." Briingg, phew saved by the bell. "Scully."

"Dana honey it's Mom."

"Mom is everything okay?"

"No, actually I think you better bring Fox over here Angela is... She is an emotional wreck and needs him."

"Okay mom we'll be right there."

"What's wrong with your mom." Mulder looks worried.

"Okay you wanted to know why I've been staring, well this is your chance to find out. Let's go".


"I'm up here Did you bring Fox?"

"I'm here Mrs Scully, what..." bounding into the room he sees Angela lying on the bed. It is obvious that she had cried herself into exhaustion. "Angie..."

"Fox, I think we need to talk..." Scully tries to pull him to the door.

"No... Why is she here?" He pulls his arm free of her.

Margaret lays a hand on Mulder's shoulder "Fox she needs her rest right now Dana will tell you everything downstairs. Don't worry, I'll be right here and call you when she wakes up."

Reluctantly Mulder lets Scully take him to the kitchen. "Okay, what's going on..."

"I don't know the whole story, she was fine when I left for work, but..."

"Dammit Scully just tell me what is wrong with her..."

"You, you big idiot." Scully was angry at Mulder for putting her friend through all this. "She's pregnant."

Mulder slides down the wall with a thud "Oh god..."

"Believe me you are not God... Look Mulder she has been having very bad morning sickness on top of that she gets airsick. So when she flew over here to tell you..."

"Fox... She's waking up."

Mulder runs up the stairs two at a time and comes to a sliding halt at Angela's door.

"She's in the bathroom..."

Angela starts to walk out but when she sees him she faints. "Fox."

Mulder bounds over to catch her just before she hits the floor and places her on the bed.

In a hospital room
2 days later

Everything is blurry, but she can sense he is there. As her eyes get accustomed to the brightness of the room she looked into the brightest eyes she had ever seen.

"Hey there..." Mulder brushes the hair out of her face.

"What happened? Last thing I remember is seeing you in the doorway and..."

"Shhh. Everything is going to be all right. Why didn't you tell me you were coming and why didn't you tell me you were pregnant?" His face fills with mixed emotions.

"I wanted to surprise you. Surprise... Actually I wanted to tell you in person that, yes I'll marry you, oh and by the way you're going to be daddy Mulder." Angela realized that she was in hospital. "What about the baby, has something happened to it..."

"No. You had food poisoning from the airline food, that on top of the morning sickness and jetlag wore you down... Wait a minute did you say that you would marry me?"

"Yes. I love you and want to marry you. That is if you still want us."

"Us... I like the sound of that." He smiles at her "Are you sure, I don't want you to ever regret your decision."

"With you at my side how could I ever regret it. Anyway the only person left there for me is Dr Andrews ever since my parents died..." She looks down...

"Darling, we have our own family now." With that he slips the ring onto her finger.

"There is something I need to tell you first though..." Before she could go on Dana Scully burst through the door.

"Angie, your up... How are you feeling?" Scully goes into full Doctor mode to check her.

"Dana, stop that I'm fine. Actually your timing couldn't be better, there is something we want to tell you Fox..."

"Scully she said yes. We're going to be a family." He was beaming.

"And I want you to be my maid of honour, just like we promised all those years ago."

Scully was beside herself with joy, her two best friends in the entire world are going to get married. "Mulder, Angie, this is wonderful, congratulations. See Mulder I told you so, I should have made a bet on it..." she sticks her tongue out at him.

Everyone starts to laugh, but just as suddenly Angela starts to cry. damn hormones.

"Honey what's wrong..." Mulder sits on the bed and holds her in his arms.

From the doorway Margaret Scully pipes up. "I know." Looking at Angela she asks, "do you want me to tell him?"

All Angela can do is nod her head.

"When Angela found out that she was pregnant, Dr Andrews also found out something else. Who she thought were her parents were not. She was adopted. Her real mother died during childbirth and her father was an American marine who left town after the affair."

Angela picks up the story, "So you see all these years I thought that I had a family and now I find out that it was all a lie..." She starts to sob again.

"Ssshhh, It will be all right I won't ever leave you We'll be your family, won't we, Scully?"

"Of course, you know you have always been like a sister to me, ever since we were kids."

"I know, it's just...these...damn...hormones..." With that everyone starts to laugh...

Three Months later
FBI Headquarters
X Files Division

"Oh god." Mulder slams the phone down and looks up at Scully.

"What Mulder..."

"I've been trying to find out who Angela's father was, or should I say is..."

"Mulder..." Scully gives him that look. "Angela doesn't need this aggravation, not so close to the wedding."

"Well you see I thought that if I found him, they could get to know each other and maybe she wouldn't be walking down the aisle alone."

"Why you romantic you..." her eyes twinkle.

"Well that was Frohike, it seems that they have found her biological father. You will never guess who it is..."

"So long as it isn't some maniac."

"I wouldn't go quite that far but it's..." The phone rings.

"Scully, Yes sir we'll be right up. That was Skinner he sounds ticked off and wants us in his office NOW."

"Scully, Skinner is her father..."

"Agents Mulder, Scully" He gestures to the seats with his head. The two agents meekly sit down. "Now tell me why in gods name are you having my private life investigated I don't recall that it was ever an X-File."

"Sir..." Before he can go any further Dana pipes in. "Sir what Agent Mulder is going to say might be shocking and I think that you should sit down."

"Believe me Agent Scully there is nothing that Agent Mulder could tell me that would shock me at this moment."

"Okay sir," she mumbles under her breath you asked for it.

"What was that Agent Scully..."

Mulder interjects this time "What Agent Scully said was, You know that I'm getting married, right."

"Yes I do and commiserations to the unlucky lady." He half smiles...

"Well sir. Umm. You see." Mulder just can't seem to get the right words when the intercom buzzes.

"Yes Kim."

"Sir there is a young lady here saying that she need to see Agents Mulder and Scully."

"Tell her to wait."

"Sir, um she says that she is Agent Mulder's fiancee."

"Send her in." He holds the door open and a look of shock comes over his face...

"Hello I'm Angela Galeano, you must be Assistant Director Skinner" She shakes his hand. "I'm so sorry to barge in like this but I got a weird phone call from some guy telling me to get right over here."

Mulder gets up to let her sit in his chair "Angie please sit down, we were just talking about you."

"I think I will sit down Agent Scully..." He sinks into his chair. He looks as if he has seen a ghost.

Mulder turns to Skinner "Sir, I think you have already realized what I am about to say is that Angela is your daughter."

Angela looks at Mulder and then at Skinner and faints...

Four Months later
at the Church

"Oh god I look like a beached whale..." Angela turns side on to look at her reflection.

"No you don't, you look radiant. I wish I looked as good as you do now." Dana smiled at her friend.

"If I wasn't over the morning sickness I would swear that was going to throw up."

Mrs Scully looks in on the two... "You're just nervous. There is someone here to see you."

She steps back and Dr Andrews walks in. "Dr Andrews, ooh it is so good to see you!" She hugs him, as tight as her expanding girth would allow.

"Angela, you know I always said that I would dance at your wedding now didn't I? Hmm I see that the twins are doing fine..."

Scully turns to Angela with shock "Twins, oh god no wonder you are showing so early, does Fox know?"

"I told him last night. Now that is the first time I've ever seen him faint."

The door opens and in walks Walter Skinner, ever since he found out that Angela was his daughter they have become close. He was determined not to lose her like he lost Sharon "Are you ready?"

"Ready as I'll ever be."

The strains of the wedding march can be heard in the distance.

The End


Title: Angie III - Happy Families
Author: May 1997
Written: X Fire Lady
Classification: S
Rating: G
Disclaimer: All characters (bar Angela Galeano/Mulder) belong to Chris Carter and 1013 productions No amount of wishing they were mine will ever make them so...
Summary: Mulder/Other romance. Angie has the twins and some doubts.

Author's Note: Okay this is the third in my Angie series Angie I - Under the Southern Cross and Angie II - Love is in the Air For those who haven't read the first two Angie is an old friend of Scully's, she meets Mulder they fall in love and, well you'll have to read on for the rest.

Oh by the way did I mention that Skinner is Angie's long lost father.

Send any comments to X Fire Lady Flames will be ignored.

At the Church - Before the Ceremony

Mulder has been having doubts about if he is doing the right thing Yes he loves Angie and the twins Oh god Twins but what if Cancerman does something. He is just putting Angie and the twins in the line of his fire and giving Cancerman another bullet to use.

Stop it Mulder. You aren't the only one looking out for her. Scully and Skinner will be there too. He smiles at the thought of Skinner as his father-in-law and jumps out of his skin when the door opens.

Walter Skinner doesn't know what to say, Mulder looks like a cornered rabbit. "Agent Mulder.. I.. I wanted to thank you"

Mulder's head shot up. He's thanking me "I wanted to thank you for bringing Angela and me together I feel that I should explain to you why I.. why I left her mother stranded like that"

"Sir.." God I'm calling my father-in-law Sir. "You don't have to explain to me, you should be explaining to Angie"

"I've already had a talk with Angela, but I felt that you should know, we are going to be.." I can't believe I'm going to say this "family after all"

Mulder can't help but smile. Oh boy I could have fun with that But no he is still my boss

"Remember I told you that I was in and that near death in Vietnam Well my company had R&R in Brisbane before shipping in I met Angie's mother and we.."

Mulder starts to feel awkward "You really don't have to tell me.."

"No I want to.. Well Angies mother, Julie, and I fell in love, the night before I was shipped out we.. Well we had Angela We wrote to each other regularly, but after that near death experience her letters stopped When I returned to Brisbane afterwards she was gone Her mother said that she had died in a car crash. I felt like my heart turn to stone."

"Do you know why she said that.."

"It seems that when Julie found out she was pregnant her mother was furious She insisted that if Julie was going to keep the child she had to marry the boy next door By that time Julie had been told that I had died In those days a unmarried mother was classed as a non-person, so she married the neighbour It was when she was in hospital having Angela that I turned up on her doorstep Her mother nearly had a heart attack when she saw me She told me Julie had died so I wouldn't interfere in her marriage."

"I'm so sorry, for you and Julie You both deserved better."

"Thank you, son" Skinner smiles at his own attempt at humour.

"That's all right DAD."

"Very funny Mulder. Well it's time to get this show on the road." He leaves to walk Angie down the aisle.

Walter Skinner beams proudly at his daughter, he can't believe how much she looks like her mother Whenever he thinks about Julie he has a twinge of guilt for Sharon.

"Are you ready"

"Ready as I'll ever be"

The strains of the wedding march can be heard in the distance.

Just as they are about to walk down the aisle Angie stops. "Ooh"

"What.. what's wrong." Skinner looks concerned Everyone is turned and watching her doubled over.

"Ooh.. It was nothing, just a twinge I think one of the twins kicked me."

"Are you sure."

"Yeah I'm fine Can't have Fox think that I'm chickening out can I.

Let's go"

They continue down the aisle When they arrived at Mulder's side he looked at her with concern, her face was as white as her dress "Are you all right"

"I'm Fine Fox."

Just as the priest got to "Do you Angela Maree Galeano take Fox William Mulder to be your lawfully wedded husband.."

Angie screams out "I dooo OWW" and doubles over.

With that all hell broke loose, Dana, Skinner and Mulder rushes over to her side They all start to talk at once.

Angie yells out "No you don't, Fox we are going to be married now before these kids arrive. Get on with it father"

The priest looks flustered, this has never happened to him "Do you Angela..."


"Do you Fox..."

"Yes, get on with it."

"By the power vested in me I now pronounce you Man and Wife You may kiss the bride or at least take her to the hospital.."

Dana looks down at Angie with concern. "Father I don't think we are going to make it to the hospital Mulder help her into the brides room. Father we need some clean sheets, some blankets and call 911.."

With Mulder on one side and Skinner on the other Angie manages to make it into the brides room just as her water broke Mulder and Skinner just stand there in a daze not knowing what to do.

"Fox... ooooooohh" Angie hold out her hands and Mulder races over to her.

"I'm here."


Walter comes running over to Angie's and holds her other hand. "I'm here, don't worry I won't leave you again"

An hour later

The paramedics rush in to hear two babies cry..

"Congratulations Angela you have a healthy baby boy and girl." Dana hands over the boy to Angie and gives the girl to Mulder.

Skinner is beaming and crying at the same moment. "Oh honey they look perfect."

"Dad would you like to hold him."

Skinner can only just nod Angie passes the baby over to him "Fox, do you want to tell them the names we have decided on.."

Mulder looks up at his wife and sees the most beautiful person in the world. "I think you should."

"Okay, Dad, Dana, Mrs Scully, we've decided to call the boy Walter James and the girl Melissa Samantha"

Skinner looks down at his namesake and feels his heart fill with love. All he can get out is "Thank you."

Dana and Mrs Scully can't stop beaming. Mrs Scully pipes up "Melissa would have liked that."

One month later

They are coming home from hospital with the twins. Mulder looks at his wife. "I've got a surprise for you. Close your eyes"

"Fox.. I'm not really in the mood for surprises, I just want to get my babies home."

"You'll like this surprise, come on close your eyes."

"Oh all right, but if you lead me into a door you are dead."

Mulder pulls up in front of a house with a big bow wrapped around it.

Skinner and Dana are standing on the porch He gets out and leads Angie out of the car "Okay you can look now"

"Fox.. What.. Oh my.. is this for.."

"Yes. I realized that my apartment is small for the four of us and I.."

Before he can finish Angie is kissing him.

Dana starts to laugh "Watch out you two that is how the you got the twins."

The Mulder household - around Midnight

Angie just sits and stares at the TV, she has the volume off and is channel surfing Lately she hasn't been able to sleep and has found it harder and harder to control her temper She doesn't know why.

In his sleep Mulder grabs for Angie but cannot find her Slowly he wakes up and realizes she is not there He is afraid at first but when he gets up he sees the blue light of the TV coming from the living room.

Without turning Angie can feel Mulder standing there watching her. "What."

okay she's in a bad mood "Nothing, I was just wondering where you were."

"Well you found me." why am I picking a fight with him "I'm sorry, it's just that I couldn't sleep I didn't want to wake you so I came out here"

"Yeah, I know what you mean Before we met I used to do this nearly every night Why can't you sleep." He goes to the couch and pulls her up into his arms.

"Don't use that psychoanalyst bullshit with me." Angie pulls away from him. "Oh god, Fox I'm sorry, it's just that I.. I.. I really don't know why I'm being such a bitch I.. I think I just need a break from the kids.."

"Honey that's okay We'll.." as if on cue Walter junior starts to cry. "You stay here I'll get him"

"Thanks." She watches him go out and hears him rocking Walter junior back to sleep.

After what seems like hours, she turns the TV off Just before she is about to something on it catches her eye She turns the volume up and sits up On the TV the news is about a fire in an abandoned factory.

That's it. That's why I'm so damn moody I miss firefighting Unknown to Angie as she sits there watching with rapt attention, Mulder is standing there with Walter junior asleep in his arms. That's why Damn how could I be so ignorant, she misses her work. Before Angie can turn and see him there he turns to put the baby back in his crib.

The next Day - AD Skinners Office - FBI Headquarters, Washington DC Angie comes through the door pushing the twin strollers "Hi Kim."

"Angie, oh and these must be Walter junior and Melissa" She goes over to the twins and starts to coo.

"Better watch out Kim or you'll be wanting a pair of your own"

Kim curls up her nose. "Not just now, Anyway can you imagine what your father would say."

At the noise of the girls laughter Walter Skinner comes out of his office "What is all this noise Now what do we have here." He goes over to Angie to give her a kiss and picks up Walter junior "How is my little man today."

The baby just smiles at his grandfather, grabs for his glasses but only manages to squeeze his nose.

"Hi Dad. I was just in the neighbourhood and I was wondering if we could talk."

"Sure, sure, come in Kim please hold all my calls"

Kim eyes light up and she just can't stop herself from saying "Yes, Granddad.."

Skinner just glares at her. He can hear her laughter as he shuts the door.

"Now what brought on surprise."

Angie picks up Melissa and sits on the couch. "Well dad I've been thinking.. I love the staying at home with the kids, but I feel that I need more of a change I've thought a long time about this and I want to go back to work."

Skinner looks up from Walter junior with surprise "Have you discussed this with Mulder?"

"Well not really."

"Don't you think you should be telling him before me." Skinner feels proud that Angie wants to go back to work but he realizes that it could bring a wedge between her and Mulder if not properly handled.

"I will tell him, I was just wondering if you could do me a favour first"

"Angie I would do anything for you, you know that don't you?"

"I know Dad, but before I tell Mulder I want to make sure that I could get a job as a firefighter again."

Skinner looks puzzled but is distracted by the squirming bundle in his arms. "So what has that got to do with me?"

"Well I was wondering if you could find out when the next recruit drive will be for the Washington Fire Brigade."

"Let me get this straight you want me to help you get a job as a firefighter"

"Yes and No."

Skinner realized now why Mulder and Angie are so compatible they both know how to infuriate him.

"Yes I do want you to find out, but No I want to do it on my own merits."

"Okay, I'll help you but only if you go and tell Mulder."

"Fine. Um could you show me where his office is, I've never actually been there."

FBI Headquarters - Basement - X-Files Division There is a knock at the door He knows that it is Dana Scully as she is the only one that actually knocks "Come in Scully."

"Mulder. I've got the results of that autopsy.." Scully looks up to see that Mulder isn't listening to her. "And the results are that I'm going to dance naked in front of you"

Mulder doesn't bat an eyelid. "Mmmm, Okay just leave it on the desk and I'll read it later."

Okay, That is the first time Mulder ever willingly passed up an opportunity for a quick jibe. "Earth to Mulder, come in Mulder" She taps him on the head.

"What, Oh Scully, what where you saying"

"Sorry bud I'm not going to repeat that one Mulder what is wrong you seem to be off in daydream land."

"Oh, it's nothing. I'm fine Scully."

"Yeah right Mulder. What's wrong There isn't anything wrong with Angie.." Mulder slightly winces "Oh god, she's okay isn't she? She isn't sick is she."

"No Scully, she is fine. It's just that.." He searches for the right words "It's just that I've realized that I've taken her away from what she loves."

"Mulder don't be stupid. You are what she loves, the kids are what she loves.."

Mulder cuts her off before she can continue "I know that but Firefighting is also what she loves Think about it Scully what if someone on the other side of the world asked you to marry him Even though it would mean giving up the X Files you say yes, because you love him."

"Mulder this isn't the same."

"Isn't it Scully, think about it would you be content to leave it at that.

No you wouldn't. Angie's X Files is Firefighting and I took that away from her."

"Mulder you can be such a baby sometimes. Just talk to her, and if she does go back to work I'm sure mom will gladly babysit the kids."

Mulder gets a gleam in his eyes, "Baby huh."

As a wadded up piece of paper hits Scully in the head, she looks up to see Mulder looking angelic. ooh this means war At that moment the door opens and Angie walks in with Melissa and Skinner holds Walter junior. Angie sees the pen fly across the room and with mock anger she pulls her best mother tone "Now do I have to separate you two"

Mulder and Scully pipe up at the exact same moment "No Mrs Mulder"

Skinner just shakes his head "Agent Scully I was wondering if you would like to take me and these two rugrats out to lunch."

Scully looks questioningly at Angie, sees her slight nod "Why not I'll get to spend time with little Missy."

As they shut the door behind them, Mulder turns to Angie "Why do I get the feeling that I've been ambushed"

Angie pulls her favourite innocent look "Who me.." They both start to laugh "Actually Fox I asked dad to take the kids because we need to talk."

"Uh oh, what did I do.."

"You didn't do anything."

"Okay what did the kids do.."

"The kids didn't do anything."

"Well, I'm stumped what is wrong."

"I think we need to sit down for this."

"I really don't like the sound of this." But he sits anyway.

"Okay, you know that I've been starting to get moody at the drop of a hat." She holds her hand up to stop Mulder's quip "Aahh let me finish. Okay now remember the other night when I said that I needed a change. Don't get me wrong I love being Mrs Mulder wife and mother, but I.."

Mulder stands up and takes wraps his arms around her "You want to go back to work, don't you."

Angie turns around in surprise "Has it been that obvious."

"Not obvious, but I felt guilty the last night and realized that not only have I taken you away from your family but your career as well."

"I don't mind that. If I had to I would do it the same again."

"I know, and that is why I love you so much I'll stand by you 100% no matter what."

Angie pulls away from Mulder, walks to the door and locks it "Do you realize that this is the first time we've been alone since before we got married."

Angie starts to unbutton his shirt and Mulder kisses whispers in her ear "Why Mrs Mulder I do believe you are trying to seduce me You are trying to seduce me aren't you Mrs Mulder.."

The End.

Sorry about the end but you will have to use your imagination (shame on you, shame on me too) because this is a G Rated story and I don't know if I would be able to stop at NC-17.


Title: Angie IV: Why Me
Author: X Fire Lady
Written: May 1997
Spoilers: There is a slight reference to Avatar (very miniscule). Oh and this whole story takes place prior to Tunguska/Terma.
Classification: S
Rating: G to NC-17, only because there is slight violence
Disclaimer: As usual Mulder, Scully, Skinner, Kim, Mrs Scully, Krycek, X and CSM are the property of CC and 1013 productions, wish they were mine but their not, yadda yadda. Angela Galeano/Mulder (aka Angie) is my creation.

Summary: Angie gets caught in the middle of the conspiracy.

Author's Note: Okay guys here is installment four in the Angie series I got the idea for this one from Cari, many thanks to her. This story starts up about 1 1/2 year after Angie III. Angie has gone back to firefighting and, well read on for the rest of the story. As always any legitimate comments and/or criticisms are appreciated but out and out flames will be ignored (or at least put out by my mate Angie.)

"Come on you rug rats." Mulder tries to get the twins to sit still long enough for him to get them dressed. "Mommy will be home soon."

Walter Jr is just standing there staring, but Melissa is running screaming around the table chanting "Mommy, Mommy, Mommy."

"Did someone call me." Angie comes through the front door only to be bowled over by the screaming Melissa. "Hey kiddo, did Daddy feed you sugar for breakfast or what."

Melissa just giggles at her mother.

"Hey I know what I can do, I'll just shake the sugar out of you, how about that" Angie then turns Melissa upside down and holds her by the ankle.

This only makes Melissa giggle even more.

Mulder just looks at the two women in his life and just shakes his head.

They are so much alike it is scary

Angie spots Walter Jr, puts Melissa down and, with hands on hips, "What about you sport, you got any sugar you wanna get rid of." His eyes just seem to get bigger at the thought God he looks just like Fox, talk about Spooky junior

Mulder pipes in "I'll have you know that they had exactly what I had.." he crosses his arms and sticks out his tongue "Fruit Loops."

Melissa and Walter Jr go over to stand beside their father, fold their arms to saying "Yeah Fruit Loops"

With that Angie dissolves into fits of laughter herself After what seemed like forever, there is a knock on the door. "Gee I wonder who that could be.." She looks down at the twins "I'll race you for it."

Before they could react, Mulder shoots past the trio "Me first."

The twins latch onto each of Mulder's legs to slow him down. Melissa yells "I've got him mommy." and Walter Jr pipes in "No I've got him Mommy."

"Aaargh someone get these killer kids off me." Mulder shakes each leg in turn trying to free the twins.

Angie races to the door, as she starts to open it she turns around and shoots a victory smile at Mulder. "I win, I win. Oh sorry can I help you."

There is a large black man at the door with a slight smile. "Yes I was wondering if Special Agent Mulder was home."

When Mulder hears the voice he instantly picks the kids up and shoos them into the kitchen. "I'm here.," turning to Angie "You better keep an eye on those two for me."

Angie shoots him a quizzical glance, but before she could say something she hears a glass break in the kitchen and races off to clean up.

Mulder walks out onto the porch, closing the door behind him. "What do you want."

"So that was the famous Angela Mulder You have a nice family Mr Mulder."

"Look, I thought we agreed that you would never come here If you have any information just give it to me and leave."

X didn't bat an eye at Mulder's rude behaviour, it was almost as if she was expecting it. "I've come to warn you."

"Warn me about what."

"You know Mr Mulder, you really do have a nice family It would be a tragedy should something happen to them."

"You wouldn't dare"

"No Mr Mulder, I wouldn't dare But a certain associate of ours would. He feels that you and Assistant Director Skinner are become too.."

"Look you tell Cancerman that if he ever lays a finger on any of my family I'd.."

"You'd what Mr Mulder. Isn't losing a sister enough."

"You bastard If he thinks he can come in and.."

"Mr Mulder, you don't know what you're up against I'm just warning you lay off for a while and you're family will be safe."

Before Mulder can say anything else, X strides off down the street.

Mulder turns to go back into the house only to see Angie standing there.

With just a glance at her face he knows that she heard everything.

Angie comes out the screen door and puts her arms around Mulder "Fox.."

"Angie I can't talk about this at the moment."

"Fox I think we should I think we all should. Whether you like it or not we are a family and families do stick together."

Later that night

The twins are tucked up in bed fast asleep Dana, Skinner, Mrs Scully, Mulder and Angie are all sitting in front of the fireplace Mulder has just finished telling them what X said this morning, he is still shaking with a combination of fear and rage.

Skinner jumps up. "If that.."

"Dad, please I think we all know what Cancerman is capable of I've never met him but from what Dana and Fox tell me I never want to."

Skinner turns to Mulder "Have you told her everything." he has a sense of fear about him.

Mulder looks up at his father-in-law with respect "Yes, Angie and I have no secrets whatsoever from each other"

"Dad, I know what he has done to Fox, Dana, Mrs Scully and.." she goes and puts her arms around his shoulder "to you You have no need to feel ashamed about it. He realized that you were helping Dana and Fox's search, so he did something about it That doesn't make you a bad person, it makes him one." She leans over and kisses him on the cheek.

"What we need to do is to formulate a plan on how we can keep an eye on the kids every moment of the day."

Mulder looks up at Angie "and you."

"Fox, honey, I really don't think he would come after me The twins would be the obvious target At their age they are more susceptible to strangers or" she shudders "brainwashing."

Mrs Scully pipes in. "Fox I think Angie is right, she can look after herself but the twins can't."

Dana looks up at Angie with a sad face "But I don't want to lose another sister. You are like a sister rather than a friend."

"Dana nothing is going to happen to me. If that, excuse the language, asshole ever lays one finger on me or the twins I will personally neuter him."

Everyone starts to smile at that image.

Angie takes the lead "Okay it is obvious that Fox and I can't be with the twins 100% of the time What happens when you and Dana are out of town on assignment and I'm working?"

Mrs Scully and Walter Skinner both pipe in "I'll look after them."

"No offense dad but to those two you are an easy target You give them anything they ask for."

"Hey it is a grandfather's prerogative to spoil his grandchildren."

Mrs Scully pipes in. "That's true, but those two know it Plus you work during the day as well Tell you what I'll take the twins during the day and you have them at night."

Angie smiles at Skinner. "Dad is that okay?" He nods.

After another hour everyone starts to leave Angie walks Dana out to the car, so they can have a talk "Dee, you know what you said about us being more like sisters.."

"I meant it Missy and I were close but I could confide in you more.

Maybe because we are so much alike."

"I know I just wanted you to know that I always felt the same way You know that I've never had a proper family and before I met Fox, you and your family was the closets I have ever come to a real one."

Dana goes over to hug her friend But before she can Angie stops her "No wait, this is hard to say but I have to."

"What is it There is nothing wrong is there"

"Dee to use your language ‘I'm Fine'. No this is a favour."

"Anything, you know you don't need to ask."

"You aren't going to like this one, but, well, I'm scared I want you to promise that should anything Don't turn away from me." She puts a hand on Dana's shoulder "I want you to promise me that should anything happen to me you will help Fox raise Walter and Melissa."

"Ange nothing is going to happen to you We won't let it." Seeing the look of resignation in Angie's eyes she turns away. "Okay, I promise."

Mulder comes up to the pair just as Dana makes her promise "You promise what"

Before Dana can say anything Angie pipes in "She promises to take the twins to the Zoo next week so we can be alone. Right Dee.."

"Yeah that's right." Dana hugs her best friend hoping that she will never have to fulfill the promise she just made. "Bye Mulder, you look after her you hear.."

Six Months pass without incident Mulder is hoping that X's warning was an empty threat, but every time the phone rings he still hopes it isn't that call..

The phone rings "Mulder.. Yes, thank you Kim."

Just as he puts the phone down Dana walks in. "Scully just in time. That was Kim, Skinner wants us right away."

AD Skinner's Office

There is a knock on the door. "Enter"

"Agents Mulder, Scully." he nods towards the chairs "I've got your next assignment. There has been what seems to be an attack on two teenagers. They claim that it was done by a wolf who turned into a man as the sun came up."

Before Mulder or Scully could answer, Skinner hands them the file with a note on top Don't speak, room possibly bugged, will meet you down in basement The two agents nod in understanding "You have just enough time to get home and pack, Kim has the tickets."

The two agents leave without saying a word to the Assistant Director.

ten minutes later

Walter Skinner strides into Mulder's basement office.

"Mulder I realize that you are concerned about leaving Angie and the twins alone."

Mulder looks at him "Me concerned Naah, I love sweating bullets."

"Mulder.." Dana gives him a look that could kill. "I'm sure that he is just as concerned as you."

"Sorry sir, I didn't mean that."

"That's quite all right I've already spoken to Maggie and Angie Angie is on night shifts this week so I'll move in while to look after the twins while you are gone."

"Thank you sir Look if you don't mind I'll be going home to pack."

"Agent Mulder, could you give me a lift my car is in the shop."

"Of course sir.."

"Mulder, if you don't mind call me Walter outside of work. Sir is a bit to formal coming from a son-in-law."

Mulder gives a wry smile "Okay Walt."

Two nights later approx 10:30pm - an Abandoned Warehouse You can see the flames blocks away Angie's adrenalin is pumping in overload. She is uneasy about this fire for some reason why would such a obviously out of control fire only have the one pump turned out to it.

Something is not right here

Without hesitation, she jumps out and follows the orders of her lieutenant. She dons Breathing Apparatus and goes in with a hoseline She had been in for only 10 minutes when all of a sudden everything went black.

40minutes later

"Sir Angie hasn't returned yet Her air is nearly run out"

"Damn, where is that backup." A siren can be heard in the distance. "Shit Dan you don BA and follow her line, get her out of there now."

He follows the line, at the end Angie's breathing apparatus is sitting there but she isn't. "Sir her air is here but she's nowhere to be seen."

Shit "Get back we'll have to wait for backup." As he turns around a black man is standing there, he just looks at the lieutenant "She isn't there Tell her husband he was warned."

Before the lieutenant can say anything the backup unit arrives In the split second that it took for him to glance away X was gone.

The Mulder residence

Walter Skinner was sitting at his laptop trying to get his paperwork finished from earlier He was surprised at the knock on the door, looking at his watch he realized that it was nearly 3am When he sees the police at the door he immediately tenses up.

"Are you a.." the officer checks his notebook "Special Agent Fox Mulder."

Oh god. "No officer I'm his father-in-law Agent Mulder is out on assignment at the moment, can I help."

The officer does a double take when he hears Skinners voice. "Excuse me but aren't you Assistant Director Walter Skinner."

"Yes, why?" I don't want to hear it, I don't want to hear it "Sir can we come in."

"Yes, yes of course come in.." no stay away Don't tell me.. "Sir, I'm afraid we have some bad news At 10:30pm your daughter Angela Mulder was at a warehouse fire."

Skinner just falls into the lounge. God No "At this fire Angela was sent in to do a recognisance After approximately 40minutes the lieutenant sent in the other firefighter to find her They found her breathing apparatus, but at this stage they have been unable to find her.. her body."

"She's not dead."

"Sir, there is little doubt that without breathing apparatus she would not have been able to survive."

Walter Skinner looks the officer in the eyes, stands and through gritted teeth "I Said She is NOT DEAD. They took her."

"Sir..," but before the officer could continue, Walter Jr comes padding in over to Skinner.

"Grampa, where's mommy I had a bad dream."

Skinner picks the scared little boy up Oh god what do I say "Hey sport, mommy is busy at work at the moment" He turns daring the officer to say something. "Tell you what why don't you come and sleep in my bed, how about that."

Walter Jr nods his head.

"If you don't mind officer.."

Taking their cue to leave, the two police officers stand "You will tell.."

Skinner cuts them off before they can say anything else in front of Walter Jr "Yes officer I will tell the Agent."

Closing the door on the officers he turns to Walter Jr, who is now yawning widely "Okay sport, lets get some shuteye."

Sametime - Somewhere in Nevada

As usual Mulder can't sleep, but this time he can't put his finger on the real reason. He gets up and decides to go for a run Just as he is about to leave something tells him to go to Dana's room.

At his knock on the door a sleepy Dana can be heard "Go away Mulder."

"Come on Scully, open up." He smiles when he sees Dana in her US Navy oversized T-Shirt peering through sleepy eyes.

"Mulder it's 4am for gods sake."

"Sorry Scully, I couldn't sleep and I thought.." Before he could finish his Mobile starts to ring "Mulder.. Sir.. what.. oh god no..." Mulder sinks onto Dana's bed.

Dana takes the phone from Mulder's hand "Scully here, Sir, oh no. Yes sir we will be on the next available flight back.." She rings off and looks at Mulder realizing that he is crying he goes over, wraps her arms around him "Ssshh, ssshh.." But even she can't hold back her own tears, so they cry in each other's arms.

When the sobs subside she looks at Mulder. "Mulder.. Mulder look at me..

You heard Skinner, she isn't dead, she's missing We'll find her."

Mulder can only nod.

"Go pack, I'll get the tickets.."


"Yes Mulder"

"Thank you.."

"Don't thank me until we find her.." She gives him a hug and shoos him off to pack.

A cell somewhere

what..happened..where am I Angie slowly feels the bump on her head and looks around dazed She smells cigarettes "Who's there.."

"Aah you're awake It is nice to finally meet you." he lights yet another Morley.

"Well I would like to say the feeling is mutual, but my Grandpa taught me never to lie."

"Your grandfather is a nice man So as your mother.."

At the thought of him even near her mother she screamed at him "Bastard, who the hell do you think you are What do you want with me."

"I don't want anything with you It is your husband that I want."

"If you touch Fox, I'll.. I'll..."

"You'll what You can't scare me, I've seen presidents die."

"Oh purlease, I've seen grown men cry at the limp body of a baby that I've held in my own hands So if you think that line of yours scares me.."

"Touche I'll leave you to your thoughts, that is all you have left now.."

Angie lunges towards the man and manages to scratch his face before she is held back.

Cancerman touches the blood on his cheek "It will be an enjoyable experience breaking your spirit my dear."

Angie spits at him "Don't my dear me you asshole Didn't your momma ever tell you never to fight a lady, we fight dirty."

Cancerman just throughs his head back and laughs Angie hears the laughter in her head long after the door has closed.

Fire Brigade HQ

"Why didn't you wait for backup.." Mulder and Scully come through the door as Skinner is screaming at the lieutenant.

"Sir.." before he continues he sees Mulder and goes white..

Mulder just goes up to the lieutenant and punches him before Skinner can stop him "It is your fault, if anything has happened to her I'll.."

Dana puts a hand on his arm "Mulder, stop It isn't his fault, it's that bastard that took her."

The lieutenant shoots a look at her "How did you know I haven't even told the police about.."

Mulder looks menacingly at the lieutenant "You didn't tell them what.."

The lieutenant can't look at Mulder he is ashamed to tell him "After we found her BA I turned and there was this man.."

Skinner butts in "Was it a tall black man."

"Yes. How did you.. Don't mind, anyway he said that she wasn't in there that I was to give her husband a message"

Mulder slips down into the chair. "I'm her husband.."

The lieutenant figured as much, that is why he didn't want to say it But he realized that the man has a right to know "he said to tell you ‘You were warned'"

Mulder starts to sob "Why me.."

One Month later - A Cell Somewhere

Angie couldn't tell if it was day or night anymore She was either kept in the dark or in a bright light The only thing that kept her going was the memory of her family Fox, Dana, her father and her beautiful twins.

She was sure that they wouldn't be hurt.

The door opens and the lights go on. She can see the familiar silhouette against the doorframe and involuntarily shuddered But managed to pull herself to her feet "What do you want now."

The figure lights a cigarette. "I've got a playmate for you my dear."

Angie spits at him. "Remember the last time you called me that Well now I'm pissed off.."

"Tsk tsk, now I don't want to have to get violent with you do I.."

Angie touches her cheek which is still bruised from her last encounter with this thug Before she can respond a man is thrown into the cell with her and the door closes.

There is a groan from the prone figure Angie senses something familiar Oh god not Mulder rushes over and touches the mans shoulder He looks up and scoots over into the far corner away from her.

Oh my god. "Andre, is that you."

At the familiar voice Alex Krycek looks up. "Angela, oh my god don't tell me they got to you too." He tries to stand but is too weak and falls.

Angie rushes over to him. "Alex, I didn't realize those bastards were so desperate for me to crack to bring you into it."

Krycek is confused. "What do you mean Didn't they bring you here to get me to talk."

Angie goes over to him and tries to tend to his wounds. "No they brought me here to keep my father and husband in line."

"But your father died when you where 13 didn't he So why would he want to get to a dead man."

Angie realizes that Alex doesn't know about her life since leaving Australia "God Alex, has it been that long since we kept in touch I've been married and had twins I also found out that my father wasn't my biological father."

Alex looks up at Angie "Well I suppose congratulations are in order, who are the lucky guys."

"I don't think you know them They are with the FBI"

Alex shudders. oh please not, don't let it be him "My husband is Fox Mulder and my father is Walter Skinner." Angie sees him shudder. "What, what's wrong."

Alex realizes that if he tells her he will lose a friend, something that he hasn't had in a long time But he realizes that he must tell her "Has Mulder ever told you about how his father was shot."

"Yes he said that this madman, actually he referred to him as Ratboy, killed his father, Dana's sister and tried to frame him for both Why.."

"So he never actually told you his name.."

"No he didn't..wait you don't mean.."

"Yes Angela that was me I'm sorry, I was being influenced by that sicko Cancerman I've been trying to make amends to them To make them realize.."

Angie just backs away She can't understand that one of her oldest friends is the same man who has caused her family so much grief "How could you.. You were never like this when we were.."

Alex realized that he made a mistake telling her, he was going to loose yet another friend. "Angie please, I wasn't myself. He made me do it."

All of Angie's anger started to ball in the pit of her stomach She just screamed and raced over to Alex and starts kicking and punching him with all her might.

Outside a guard looks at the smoking man "Do you want be to break it up.."

"Not quite yet, give her a couple of minutes then get him out of there."

That should get her confused.

The Mulder residence - Two weeks later

Skinner and Mulder come in with the twins and loaded with groceries "Hey junior, where do you think you're going."

Walter Jr looks up at his grandfather "I gotta go.. I gotta go NOW."

Skinner just smiles. "Okay sport, your excused Don't forget to wash up for dinner."

Skinner turns to Mulder, he has been helping Dana and Mulder with the twins but he is worried about him Mulder just doesn't seem to care anymore Before he can open his mouth Walter Jr comes flying back "Dad, dad,"

Mulder looks down at his exited son. "What.."

"Moms in the shower and I can't wake her up.."

Mulder and Skinner look at each other and burst out of the room into the bathroom They hear the shower running and see Angie curled up on a bloody ball underneath it "Dad call 911 quick.."

As Skinner races out to the phone, Mulder turns the water off and picks up his unconscious wife. Please be alive, please be alive He places her onto their bed and rushes to get some towels to wipe the blood away.

In what seems like hours but in fact is only 10 minutes the paramedics are at the front door They try in vain to get Mulder away from Angie so they can take her to the hospital "Sir your wife will be all right, but.."

"No I'm not leaving her I'm never leaving her again.."

Skinner looks at the paramedics "I'm Assistant Director Skinner of the FBI, I'm sure that there will be no problem with Special Agent Mulder accompanying his wife to the hospital."

The paramedics look at Skinner realize that they can't get Mulder away from her. "No, no problem at all sir."

Skinner turns to Mulder "Mulder, son I'll look after the twins until Margaret can come to sit them, then I'll come straight to the hospital."

Mulder looks at his father-in-law. "Thank you sir I greatly appreciate all you've done.."

The next day - Intensive Care Unit

Angie starts to wake up There is something in her throat that stops her from swallowing. Where am I She looks around the room and sees Mulder lying in a chair beside her bed with his hand in hers She gently squeezes it.

At the light pressure of her hand, Mulder's head shoots up. "Hon, your awake No don't try and talk you've got a respirator in I'll call the doctor to come and take it out.."

Angie holds onto his hand with as much strength as she can muster stopping him from going "Okay, Ange I won't go away DOCTOR SOMEBODY.."

At Mulder's screams the doors burst open a doctor and nurse are standing there "Well, Sleeping beauty awakes Just wait one minute, I'll remove the respirator Now this is going to hurt a bit.."

After the tube is removed Angie asks for water Mulder is crying with joy.. "Fox, what's wrong What happened to me.."

Damn, they've wiped her memory "Honey, don't you remember. There was an accident at work."

Angie whispers "I can't remember, wait a minute I remember someone called Alex, but everything is fuzzy."

Ratboy "Don't worry honey I'm sure with time you will remember The only thing for you to do now is to get better."

Angie starts to get drowsy. "Fox.. Promise me."

"Anything, I'll promise you anything.."

"Promise me you will never leave me."

Mulder just looks at her with the love shining in his eyes. "I'll never leave you again I love you.."

As Angie dozes off she whispers "I Love you too...."

The End.


Title: Angie V: History 101
Author: X Fire Lady
Written: May 1997
Category: S
Rating: PG
Spoilers: None
Keywords: Scully/Other Friendship
Summary: Flashback to Angie and Scully's first meeting. Angie writes to Scully about her friendship with a mysterious Russian exchange student.

Brisbane, Australia - 1977

"You call this food".

An 11 year old Angie sits in her room, cowering at the sounds of her father's anger. At the sound of the dinner plate hitting the wall, Angie can't take it anymore she hurls herself out the door and at her father.

"Don't you hurt her anymore." Angie is screaming at him and hitting him with her tiny fists.

As if swatting a fly he slaps Angie with the back of his hands and she goes flying across the room. Her head cracks against the wall and she hears her father screaming at her as everything goes black.

"Hello sunshine." Angie blinks at the bright light but hears the familiar voice of her mother.

"Mum... What happened." Angie looks around to see herself in the hospital again and she burst out crying.

Her mother holds her in her arms. "Sssh, sssh, Angie it will be okay.

Your father didn't mean it."

Although Angie is 11 she knows that her mother is lying. But she doesn't say anything to upset her.

"The doctors said you can go home this afternoon."

Angie looks at her mother with soleful eyes, before she could stop herself she lets out the words that her mother dreads "Do I have to."

Her mother looks down at her and with tears in her eyes "I'm sorry honey, we do."

The door opens and in comes the stranger Angie calls Dad.

"Ange.." He looks at her with sorrow and sees the anger flashing in her eyes. "Angie, I'm truly sorry, it was the grog believe me.."

Angie never trusted him, for some reason she couldn't understand why. But for her mothers sake she always gave in. "That's okay Dad, I know you didn't mean it."

Her father goes to pick her up, but sees her flinch. "Time to go. Ange do you think you can walk or do you want your mother to carry you."

"I can walk."

Ten Minutes later in the car

"You son of a bitch. How dare you cut me off." Angie and her mother are looking at her father with fear.

With trepidation Angie speaks up. "Um. Dad.."

He turns around and glares at her "WHAT"

"Sorry, I forgot.." Before he could say anything a car comes hurtling towards them. Angie's mother screams out "WATCH OUT....."

Everything is a blur. The car is hit head on and also goes into a spin rolling over and over and over. After what seems like hours, Angie wakes up to find herself being pulled out of the wreckage by a fireman. "Where is my mum.."

"They're right here. Come on you need to go to the hospital young lady."

Angie sees her mothers bloodied face. She kicks at the fireman and runs screaming over to her. "Mum. MUM, WAKE UP, MUM..." she shakes the dead body.

The fireman tries to take her away from them.

"Don't touch me.." She sees her father and is wracked with guilt. "DAD, DADDY WAKE UP. DADDY I DIDN'T MEAN IT, WAKE UPP.."

The fireman just picks her up and carries her kicking and screaming away "Sssh, it will be alright"

Angie breaks down in the warm arms, "I did.. didn't mea.. mean it.. I didn't mean it.." She keeps repeating the words like a mantra.

The fireman can't help it, he starts to cry with the little girl. Angie feels his sobs, wraps her little arms around the big man and starts to cry with all her might.

Brisbane, Australia 1978

"Class, we have two new girls starting with us today"

Angie and another girl are standing in front of a classroom full of strangers. It has taken Angie nearly a year to get over the abuse of her father and the accident. Angie lowers her eyes feeling as if everyone is starting at her.

The teacher turns to the girls "Now girls why don't you introduce yourselves and tell us what you want to do when you leave school. Dana why don't you go first."

The girl beside Angie steps forward and with a confident voice states "Hi.

My name is Dana Scully. I'm from the United States and I'm going to be a doctor when I leave school." Dana steps back and turns to Angie "Your turn"

Angie looks at the room and steps forward, "My name is Angela Galeano. I'm going to be a fireman when I leave school."

All of a sudden everyone burst out laughing. "You can't be a fireman, you're a GIRL."

Angie can't take the taunts and runs crying from the room. Before she can reach the steps there is a hand on her shoulder, it is the other new girl.

"What do you want. You wanna laugh at me too.."

Dana looks at the frightened girl and her heart breaks. "No I don't want to laugh at you. I wanted to tell you that if you want to be a fireman then you should just go for it. Stuff those creeps, it is your life not theirs." She offers Angie her tissues.

Angie takes the tissue and blows her nose. "Thanks. But don't you think that girls can't be firemen."

Dana puts her hands on her hips "Girls can be anything they want to be.

Oh by the way I'm Dana."

Angie shakes Dana's hand "I'm Angela, but my friends call me Angie"

"You know Angie, I think we are going to be good friends."

"I hope so Dana, I need a friend right now."

The two girls link arms and go marching back into the lions den.

Two years later - the Scully house (outskirts of Brisbane) Two tornadoes come ripping through the front door.

"Beat you, ha ha." Angie stands triumphantly jumping up and down "I am the champion."

"No fair Ange, you're a champion athlete." Dana stands there puffing heavily.

Angie puts her hands on her hips and sticks out her tongue. "So what.

You're an egghead."

"Am Not.."

"Are too."

"Am Not."



"CHILDREN.." Margaret Scully stands at the doorway to the kitchen giving the two girls the look.

Angie and Dana look at each other sheepishly, they've seen that look before many times. "Sorry."

Margaret looks at the girls and starts to smile. The two have become inseparable in the past two years. Angie is the closest friend that Dana has ever had. After Margaret found out about what happened to Angie and her parents she had taken her under her wing as another daughter.

Just then Dana's father William Scully walks in the door. "Starbuck.."

"Daddy.." Dana goes bowling into her father's open arms. Angie holds back, although she loves Mr Scully like a father, she still has bad memories of her own..

Margaret Scully looks up at her husband, a silent message passes between them. "Angie, why don't you come and help me with the dinner. You can show me how your grandfather makes his spaghetti sauce."

Angie didn't miss the look between the pair, realizing that Mr Scully wants to talk with Dana alone she readily agrees "Well you do realize that if I tell you I'll have to kill you."

Margaret laughs "For your grandfather's recipe, I'll risk it."

Bill watches the pair go into the kitchen and puts Dana down. "Starbuck, let's go into the living room, we need to talk."

Dana gets apprehensive, the last time they had to talk was when..

"Starbuck, I'm sorry but I've been sent back stateside." He sees Dana's shoulders slouch. "Honey I know how much you love it here and I know how close you and Angie have become. But we will have to be leaving next month so you and the others can start the new school year in Boston."

Dana knew this day was coming, no matter how much she prayed and wished it still arrived. But being the dutiful sailors daughter she would follow him. "Can Angie come?" She had to ask even though she already knew the answer.

"Sorry Starbuck, Angie has her family here."

"Oh daddy.." Dana puts her arms around her father and just cries..

One year later

G'day Dana

I supposed you've lost your accent already. For some reason I can't stop talking with your Yankee accent. Oh well. So tell me, how is the new school. Any dreamy guys??

There is this guy here. I think I'm in love. He is a Russian exchange student and is SOOO CUTE.. He has such a cute butt. Oh yes I can hear you laughing now, hey I can't help can I.

Anyway he is so fine, I was playing basketball (as usual) and all of a sudden these arms came around me and took the ball. I turned around and BAM, I saw the most gorgeous eyes I have ever seen.

Dane I think I'm in love. I know what you're thinking, it isn't like Pete, that was a crush this is LOVE.. We are going to the movies on Saturday. If my grandfather ever found out he would kill me. Anyway I'll write and tell you all about it next week.


Angie Angie Angie.

You have been a very bad girl haven't you. So tell me all about this Alexi. I wish I was as lucky as you. I've been so busy with my head in the books I don't have time for a social life.

I know this is gonna sound corny, but I wish you were here. Then it would be fun fun fun.. Anyway I really have to go, the books call.

See ya


Dear Dana

Don't you See ya me girl. Anyway, Alexi and I have cooled off dramatically. He has become more of a friend rather than a (Dare I say it) Lover. Okay think what you will about that comment. PWWWTTT.

By the way, Alexi's family have changed their name he is now known as Alex Krycek rather than Alexi Kruchev.


Dear Angie.

You didn't. Did you. Oh my god I bet you did. You slept with him. How could you, wait I know how you could. I meant why did you, wait I know why you did, oh god tell me tell me tell me.

Thanks for the picture, hmm I can understand why, he is cute with a capital C.


Dear Dana

Shame on you. Thinking that I would sleep with Alex. Okay you got me, I didn't sleep with him, but I would have if he had asked. Does that make me a bad person? God I hope not.

To tell you the truth, even when we were secretly dating, he was really more of a friend. His family is going to the states next week anyway. So it looks like my two best friends will be penpals.

SIGH.. Oh well, I must be going now anyway, I've got a track meet.

See ya


The End.

I told you it would only be short. See what happens when Mulder finds out about Alex in the next exciting episode "Angie VI: Torn Between Two Lovers"


Title: Angie VI: Torn Between Two Lovers
Author: X Fire Lady
Written: June 1997
Category: SA
Rating: Nc-17
Spoilers: Tunguska
Keywords: Mulder/Other.

Summary: Angie must make a choice between Mulder and Krycek.

Angie comes racing after her errant daughter "I'll get you, I'll get you." Just as she catches her there is a knock at the door.

Angie opens it to find the postman "Hi Bert, whats up."

Bert sees Angie holding Melissa upside down by the ankle and chuckles.

"Hey Angie, I see you've caught a fish."

"Nah this is a runt. I think I'll throw it away." She jiggles her daughter only to have Melissa giggling hysterically.

"Yeah, this one is undersized.." Melissa giggles even more. "Anyway I've got a letter for you that has to be signed for."

Angie puts down Melissa who scoots away. "Pppwwtt. You can't catch me, you can't catch me."

Angie just laughes, signs the proffered pad and takes the letter. "See ya Bert."

"Bye Angie. Bye Mel.." He laughs as he walks away.

Angie looks at the letter and freezes, she recognizes the writing instantly. Alexi She puts the letter in her pocket and scoots after her daughter.

"Time for your nap young lady."

Melissa stands with her hands on her hips looks up at her mother with defiance "NO."

Geez she is to much like me "Now listen her young lady. You will do as you are told."


"This is not a game, you will go to your room and if you do not you will not have any dinner. Do you understand."

The frightened look in Melissa's eyes makes Angie realize that she had gone too far. She sits down on the couch. "I'm sorry honey, look mommy is a bit tired. Why don't you go and play quietly in your room."

Melissa wraps her arms around Angies neck and gives her a hug. "Okay Mommy. Mommy.."

"Yes Mel"

"I Love You."

Angie melts in the arms of her daughter. "I Love you too. Now off you go, play with your brother."

When Melissa is gone. Angie opens the letter from Alex.

Dearest Angela.

When I saw you in that dank cell I was so frightened. You were the closest friend that I've ever had. I did not realize that he knew about you and would use our friendship against us.

After I told you what I had done, I understand why you became so violent and abusive towards me. Belive me Angela I do. I remember the times when you told me about your fathers abuse (at least you thought he was your father at the time). All that frustration, on top of what I had done to Mulder and Dana pushed you over the edge. I forgive you, please forgive me. I know that sounds trite, but it is all I can say.

I am sorry for the pain that I have caused you and your family. I want to make up to you. I need our friendship again.

I realize that Mulder will never forgive me for what I had done to his father and that our friendship must be kept a secret from him. I'll understand if your don't want to have anything to do with me, but I hope that you are able to forgive me.

I also know that you don't like to keep anything from him. But please, you must never tell him about us. He would never understand what we had. I am not the evil person that he thinks I am. Remember that Angela my love, remember that.

Alex Krycek.

Angie didn't realize that she was crying until she saw the drops fall on the letter. She quickly folded it and put it carefully into her dufflebag. What am I supposed to do. I can't talk about this to anyone, not even Dana.

Later that evening

"Hi Honey, I'm Home."

Angie looks up as Mulder walks in the door, only to be bowled over by two balls of dynamite. He manages to extricate himself from the duo and comes over to his wife and kisses her. "So how was your day."

"Actually Fox, I need a break for a moment could you look after the kids while I go for a jog."

Mulder looks at Angie, he realizes that she has never asked for this before something must be wrong. "No problemo, I'll even take the kids out to dinner. Whadda say how about Denny's."

"No need to Fox, I've got dinner in the oven. It should be ready by the time I get back." With a quick peck on the cheek she runs out the door.

Mulder is puzzled by her reaction. very interesting "Okay squirts what did you do to mommy today hmm.."

Walter junior pipes up "Mel got mommy mad."

Melissa puts her hands on her hips "I did not. She got a letter from the postman and has been in a bad mood ever since reading it."

extremely interesting "Do you know where this letter is?"

Walter junior pipes up. "I do." He runs off and a moment later comes back holding out the letter. "Here it is."

"Thanks squirt. Tell you what, why don't you two go and play in your rooms. Then when mommy gets back we will all have dinner."

The twins look at each other, shrug and race off.

Mulder opens the letter. As he reads it he is barely able to control his anger. He slowly folds the letter and picks up the phone. "Mrs Scully, its Mulder. Could you come and get the kids for the night.

Angie and I need some time alone... What, oh no problems, just personal.


After an hour and a half of jogging, Angie had come to the decision to tell Mulder about the letter, her relationship with Alex and hope he would understand. He has got to realize that I love him and I won't let this come between us.

She comes up the driveway to find the house in darkness. hmm that's strange, Fox must have taken the kids out anyway. Oh well. She comes inside and goes straight to her duffelbag. When she can't find the letter she tips everything on the bed hoping that it had just fallen out.

"Looking for this."

Angie jumps around at the sound of Mulder's strangled voice. He is holding the letter in his hand. Trying to keep her composure she quietly answers "Oh Fox, you startled me. Why yes as a matter of fact I am looking for that. I take it you have read it."

Mulder spits out the words with venom. "Of course I've read it. Why shouldn't I read a letter from my wifes former lover."

Angie tries to control her own anger at his reaction "He was never my lover."

"That isn't what I read."

"Then you read wrong. We were FRIENDS Nothing more."

Mulder can't control himself and throws the cup he is holding at the wall. "Then why didn't you tell me about your FRIENDSHIP"

Angie shivers inside as the cup smashs I'm not afraid, I'm not afraid "Don't you dare take this out on me. I came home to tell you all about..."

"Then tell me."

Angie turns her back on him "Not while you are like this. When you have calmed down and are ready to talk then I'll tell you." With that said she walks out the door.

Mulder comes racing after her. "Don't you dare walk out on me." He grabs her and raises his hand to hit her, but sees the look of utter fear in her eyes and stops. He releases her and she just runs away.

After she left Mulder everything started to blur. She just keeps running and running, not realizing where she was or how long she had been running. As she looks up she realizes that she has arrived at her fathers apartment building. She sits down on the steps outside his building, not daring to go in, curled up in a ball rocking from side to side crying. After a while Skinner arrives home from a late meeting.

"Angie. Is that you honey?" Skinner looks over to see Angie barely controling herself, still rocking back and forth. He goes over to her, when he touches her shoulder she looks up with fear and scoots away from him. oh god what's happened

He had seen this before in Vietnam, he just wished that he didn't have to see it in his daughter. He crouches down beside her, not touching her, and waits for her to calm down. What seems like hours later, Angie looks up at him. "Dad..."

With that he goes over and puts his arm around her. "Ssh, it will be okay." He picks her up and carries her up to his apartment. She has no energy left and lets him.

Upstairs he puts her down on the couch and goes to make coffee. Angie just sits there dazed. "Angie, do you want me to ring Mulder?"


Angie said it so quickly that it made his skin crawl. He hands her the coffee and sits down beside her. "Do you want to talk about it?"

Angie sips her coffee and realizes that she has to tell someone. "It's a very long story dad."

"I'm not going anywhere."

Angie just sighs and goes on to tell him all about the abuse she suffered from her other father, how she met Alex and became close friends. How, when she was captive she beat Alex up, about the letter he wrote and what happened when Mulder found it. While she was telling him a slew of emotions washed over Skinners face. He was angry for what she had to go through, but most of all he was angry with Krycek for putting her through this battle with Mulder.

Angie looked up at her father he was about to say something when she put a hand on his arm. "I'm not finished. The reason you found me downstairs in the condition I was in, is because.." She shudders at the thought "Fox tried to hit me. I understand he was angry but when he raised his hand all I could see was Dads, I mean the man my mom married, hand. I became a scared little girl and just ran and ran as fast as I could."

The look of shock on Skinners face was evident, "Did he.."

"NO.. No dad, he didn't hit me. I don't know why he didn't, but he didn't. Dad, I'm tired could I stay here for a while, at least till Fox and I can sought out this mess."

Skinner's heart broke at that moment, his daughter, his precious little girl was hurting so much inside. "Of course honey. Do you want me to tell Mulder where you are."

Angie thinks about it. "Could you do it tomorrow, I don't think I could handle it if he came here tonight."

"Of course. You take my bed, I'll sleep in the spare room."


"Yes Ange."


One week later

Skinner can't sleep. It has been a week and Angie is still here. When he informed Mulder that she was here all he said was "Thank you sir."

and hung up. He knew things where bad when Angie even refused to speak to Scully. Damn her, she can be so stubborn There is a banging at his door.

Angie is up also. Skinner smiles to himself Bet she is hoping it is Mulder.

"Who is it."

"I need to speak with you Sir."

Skinner opens the door and glares at Mulder "What do you want Agent Mulder."

"I need your authorisation to provide a safehouse."

"A safehouse for whom?"

Mulder pulls Krycek into the doorway. "This man has information about extreme right militia that could save lives of innocent americans."

Skinner gives him a murderous glare "He'll be safe here."

As Mulder pushes Krycek in the door Alex sees Angie standing there. He doesn't see the punch coming from Skinner.

"relatively safe that is." Skinner leans down and whispers in Kryceks ear "We're not even yet boy, that's a start." He turns to Mulder "Give me the keys."

Skinner pushes Krycek towards the patio and proceeds to handcuff him to the rail. Krycek screams at him "You can't leave me out here I'll freeze to death."

Skinner crouches down beside Krycek and whispers "Just think warm thoughts."

Mulder tries not to look at Angie and is about to head out the door when she stops him. "Fox, please.. don't go."

Skinner comes back in from the patio "He won't be going anywhere soon.

Look Mulder you and Angie need to talk. Angie you need to tell Mulder everything you told me. I'm off to bed, Mulder stay and that's an order."

Angie looks at Mulder with pure love. Mulder just holds his hand out to her and she goes running into his arms. Skinner smiles now that's more like it.

Up in the bedroom, Angie and Mulder speak simultaneously.

"Fox I'm.."

"Ange I'm.."

The both smile. "Ladies first."

"Fox I'm sorry. I should have told you about Alex but until my abduction I did not know he was the one you called Ratboy."

Mulder looks skeptical. "Then why didn't you tell me after the abduction."

Angie just sighs "Fox, I didn't remember anything about it until I got that letter. Then it all came flooding back. I really did intend to tell you all about it after my run." She smiles. "Actually you could say that I was running to get the courage up to tell you."

Mulder holds her hand "Ange, I'm sorry for the way I reacted, it is just the thought of you and him.."

Angie holds her hand to his face "Fox, we never had sex. We were just friends."

Mulder looks up at her and realizes she is telling the truth and smiles.

Angies eyes cloud over, she removes her hand and stands "There is something else I need to tell you."

Mulder opens his mouth but Angie holds her hand up "Please let me finish, this is so hard for me to talk about to anyone." she sighs and sits back down.

"Remember in the letter what Alex said about my abuse." Mulder nods.

"Well he was the only person that I could confide in about it. I couldn't even tell Dana I was so ashamed."

She gets up and turns her back on Mulder before going on. "You see ever since I can remember my father.. The man I thought was my father, would hit me and mom. Once he even..he even.."

Mulder puts his hand on her shoulder "Angie you don't have to tell me."

Angie shook his hand off and turned around. "No I do have to tell you.

He forced me to have sex with him. God Fox I was only 7 years old, I thought that is what daddies did. I didn't know any better. Just before the accident, we were on the way back from the hospital again. He started to fight, it was only verbally but I was so afraid that I wished him dead. I really wished he would die. Just as I silently wished it that drunk driver hit us head on."

Angie starts to sob, Mulder puts his arms around her "hon, it wasn't your fault, it was just a coincidence."

Angie looks up at Mulder "That is what Alex said when I told him all those years ago. Believe me Fox he was a different man then, he was kind and gentle, he helped me realize that what that man did wasn't my fault that I was just an innocent victim."

Mulder looks down at Angie "Well I would have to thank him for that, but Ange he is a not like that anymore. You know what he did how can you defend a killer."

"Fox I'm not defending him, as a matter of fact I hate him for what he has done to us, our family. He is not the person I knew and I have no intentions of renewing that friendship with him."

Mulder goes to say something but Angie stops him yet again. "You see Fox you were the first.. the first and only man I ever made love to after the accident. I never felt safe with anyone but you and when you raised your hand to hit me, well I freaked out. I saw him not you, that is why I ran, that is why I couldn't come back."

Mulder just crumbled against Angie. "Oh Angie you know I would never intentionally hurt you. But, you know what I went through as a child how my father.."

Angie puts a finger to his lips. "Sssh, I know." she replaces her finger with a kiss.

Mulder kisses her and the fall slowly backwards onto the bed.

A figure in the doorway smiles and clears his throat. "Hehem. Don't you two think it is time you went home.. To your own bed."

At the sound, Mulder and Angie jump back from each other. Mulder mutters "Sprung"

Angie smiles "Fox, before we go there is one thing I need to do."

She goes down to the patio and looks down at Alex, he smiles "Angela.. I knew you wouldn't let me down, please take these cuffs off, I'm freezing."

Angie kneels down holds her hand on his cheek, then brings it back and slaps him. "If you EVER come near me or my family again I will personally KILL YOU." as she gets up she kicks him in the stomach and walks into Mulder's waiting arms.



The End

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