Title: ...And So It Begins
Author: Montana1416
Rating: NC 17 at some point. Under 18s, there are a lot of PG fics out there so go find them.
Classification: Mytharc, MSR
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Spoilers: A bunch, but I can't remember them all. Let's just say through US 7 Closure to be safe. Some spoilers for a short little fanfic called "Mac".
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Summary: What happens if normal starts the whole thing over again?

Many thanks and See's chocolates to Randi for facing the great beta challenge(to comma or not to comma).

The figure moved slowly through the lab, virtually a maze of large rectangular tanks. The lab was dark except for the small lights that illuminated the inside of the containers. Fogged glass muted the neon green of the liquid inside each tank and diminished the light. The soft green glow that lingered gave the lab an otherworldly feel. At the end of the lab, a sliding door was opened with the push of a button, the figure, a young man, stepped into this other room. The room was tunnel shaped with stainless steel walls that had rows of stainless steel drawers built in. The drawers started a foot down from the ceiling and stopped a foot from the floor. Walking into the center of the room the figure swapped the case he held in his right hand to his left.

He fingered the drawers with his newly freed hand. Each drawer was labeled with a name and a number. He stopped; his gloved fingertips rested on one of the drawers, he had found what he was looking for. Placing the case on the floor in front of the drawer he squatted down, popped open the case locks and then proceeded to open the cylindrical container that rested inside the case.

As he opened the container, vapor escaped. He turned back and faced the drawers, pulling open the drawer labeled DANA KATHERINE SCULLY 0000121336540-009 10/29/94. A similar vapor to that, which had escaped the container, rose from the drawer as it opened. He withdrew the drawer's contents one at a time, small tubes; each labeled and filled with a clear liquid. The tubes were carefully placed in the container on the floor. When the last tube was in place, he resealed the container and closed the outside case by clicking the locks back in place.

He took the glove off his right hand, and then proceeded to pick at the label on the drawer with his index fingernail until he was able to remove it. He dug into his inside chest jacket pocket, pulled out another label, pealed away the backing material and replaced it on the drawer. Next, he dug into his outside jacket pocket and pulled out several small tubes, filled with the same clear liquid as the originals and replaced them in the drawer before closing it. Pulling his glove back on, he wiped his hand across the label on the front of the drawer insuring its security. Bending down, he picked up the case then turned and walked out of the room, stopping briefly to push the button at the entrance to close the door.

Back through the maze of tanks, he made his way to the lab's exit.

Basement J. Edgar Hoover Building
Friday, June 16, 2000
8:00 pm

RRRRIIINNNGGG. Fox Mulder sifted through the papers and folders on his desk and came up with the receiver on the third ring.

"Mulder...Yeah...OK...Yes, I know the place...See you then."

Mulder hung up the phone and looked over at his partner. She was typing at the computer, inputing the field report from their latest case.

"Hey, Scully, it's really getting late, what do you say we head out?"

Dana Scully looked up from the computer, turned to face her partner, looked over the wire rims of her glasses and raised an eyebrow. Mulder knew what the look was all about; it was at his insistence that they had stayed late to finish their reports. The case had actually been a boondoggle, lighthearted, involving an elderly couple and an honest to God weather balloon. He and Scully had been at ease, even had a little fun.

He wanted that feeling for a few more hours before the world of conspiracies and secrets invaded their lives once more.

"Weren't you the one that insisted we finish our reports while the case was fresh in our minds?" Scully inquired then continued without waiting for his reply. "...Not that we're likely to forget it anytime soon. So Mulder, all I can figure, is that your wanting to leave has something to do with that cryptic phone call."

"No, not at all, Scully, I was just thinking before the phone call that we worked pretty hard to close the VonGruder case." He smiled at the thought of the VonGruder's. "And, since neither of us has been home yet, we can finalize the reports Monday."

Scully looked skeptical but the idea of going home sounded good, so she consented. "OK, Mulder you've convinced me. Let's go." She saved her report and shut down the computer.

As they were walking out of the building and into the parking garage, Mulder innocently asked, "So Scully, what are you doing tomorrow morning?"

"Mulder I knew something was up, so spill."

"Wow and they call me paranoid. I was simply inquiring what you had planned for tomorrow morning," Mulder countered, still acting innocent.

"Well that depends...." Scully let the words hang.

"On what?" Mulder questioned.

"On what you have in mind. It's Saturday and I don't relish the idea of spending what is supposed to be a gorgeous summer day inside searching through the archives while you read box scores and then disappear."

Bowing his head he asked quietly, "That day didn't turn out so badly, did it? Not expecting an answer he continued, "But that's not why I asked. How about meeting me at St Andrews Church on Highway 50 just past Seven Corners at 10:30? And, I promise that this has nothing to do with research."

"You want me to meet you at a church?" Scully's tone belied her disbelief.

"Yeah, just follow the drive back to the rec building," he said ignoring her tone.

Still not quite sure what to think Scully asked, "Mulder, what is this all about?"

"You'll see, so is that a yes?"

"Yes," she said as they arrived at their cars parked side by side.

"See you tomorrow morning then." Mulder said as they parted company, leaving Scully still wondering what she had gotten herself into.

Mulder's Apartment
10:03 PM

The phone rang.

Mulder who was lying on the couch watching TV reached out and picked up the portable phone from it's place on the coffee table.


"Agent Mulder, they're back."

"What? Who is this?"

"Agent Mulder if you want to know more meet me at the Jefferson Memorial at 1:00pm tomorrow."

"Look, who is this?"

"And why should I meet you?"

"Agent Mulder, you'll want to hear what I have to say. Tomorrow, 1:00pm."

Click, the line disconnected. Mulder put the phone down and glanced at his watch, thinking he hadn't talked enough time for a trace. He picked up the phone and hit the buttons *- six nine, the number rang and then a voice said, "We're sorry this number can not be..." Frustrated, Mulder hung up the phone. He knew the voice, but from where.

Racking his brain, he said out loud, "Where?" The phone rang again, breaking him out of his thoughts. He picked up the phone but said nothing.

"Mulder, are you there? It's me," came the familiar voice.

"Oh, hey Scully."

"Mulder are you all right? I didn't hear you."

"Yeah, I just had a crank call and thought it might be them calling back."

"Anything to worry about?"

"No, I don't think so..."

"You're sure that's two mysterious phone calls in one day."

"Yeah, Scully, I'm sure."

"In that case I was wondering about our outing tomorrow is it formal or informal."

"It's casual."

"And one more question is the church on 50 or the access road."

"It's on the access road at the corner of Woodlawn, but you'll see it from 50...anything else?"

"You're really not going to give me a clue are you?"

"Nope, see you at 10:30."

He placed the phone back on the coffee table and smiled at Scully's curiosity.

Lying back down on the soft leather of his couch, he proceeded to channel surf but the programs weren't really registering because he wondered who was back, what he would want to know and why he couldn't place that voice.

St. Andrews Church
Falls Church, VA

Scully arrived at the church realizing that she was ten minutes early. She followed the signs around the church's drive to the rec building. Still wondering what she was doing here she parked her car and noted that Mulder's car was parked near the front door. Her curiosity was piqued. She walked from her car toward the building, reached a set of double doors, pulled them opened and stepped into a large gymnasium.

As surprised as she was by her surroundings, she smiled as she looked around and saw a group of little girls playing basketball. She stood and watched what seemed to be the final seconds of the game. When the speaker above her head sounded with the horn, she jumped a little startled. Then scanning the rest of the gym she saw Mulder in the far corner. He was kneeling down and surrounded by a group of very small girls wearing red shorts and white T-shirts with 5-inch numbers on the backs and a word Scully couldn't make out scrawled across the front.

Mulder spotted Scully; he smiled and slightly nodded his head in her direction.

He said something to the little girls as he got up and strode over to her.

"Mulder," she says with a question in her voice. "This is a surprise..."

Mulder ignoring the questioning look, "Hey, Scully, glad you found us, come on over and meet my team." Putting his hand on the small of her back he guided her over to the team. He made the introductions, "Maddie, Katie, Chelsea, Lauren, Kirsten, and Leah, this is Dana."

Six little girl voices in unison welcomed Scully to their circle, "Hi, Dana!"

This makes Scully smile, "Hi, nice to meet you."

Mulder cut the pleasantries short with "OK girls we're up, so we're gonna let Dana go sit down, so we can warm up. We have four minutes, take a ball off the rack and practice shooting and dribbling like we talked about. OK Coach" and six little girls ran to the ball rack.

Mulder turned his attention to Scully, "I'll see you after the game?" he asked more as a question than a statement. Scully smiled and said, "I can't wait." And then asked, "Where's your team bench?"

Mulder pointed and Scully walked over and sat right behind the bench, two rows up. Mulder watched her as she walked for a second and then turned his attention to his team. Clapping his hands he shouted encouragement at the girls, "Good shot, Maddie. Keep your head up, Katie remember don't look at the ball when you dribble."

"Yeah that's it, good job." This continued until the warm up period ended and the horn sounded for the start of the game.

Scully watched as the little bundles of energy ran up and down the court. She cheered when Mulder's team made a play. But what amazed her most from her vantage point behind the "Robins" bench was her partner's patience and enthusiasm, encouraging the girls in each of the four-minute quarters. He made sure he said something to all of his players. The game ended with a 10 to 6 score, the Robins on top. The little girls from both teams shook hands and congratulated each other on a game well played. Mulder spoke to his team and said his good byes before joining Scully on the bleachers. She smiled at him and inquired teasingly, "So Mulder, when did you start your coaching career?"

He laughed and explained, "You know I play in the Federal Employees League when we're in town on Monday nights." Scully nodded. "Well, some of the guys have kids that play in this Upward League and the league needed coaches. But because they're on the road so much, none of the guys could commit full-time so they decided to split it up, each taking one Saturday a month. They asked if I would help out and I thought what the hell."

"Was this your first game?"

"No, I had one last month."

"Really, this was fun, I would have loved to have seen your first game."

"I would've asked you but you already had plans with your Mother, so..."

They walked down the bleachers just before the next game started. Walking out of the gym and into the parking lot Scully turned to Mulder, her eyes full of a new sort of appreciation. "Mulder, I think this is great. Come on, I'll buy you a victory lunch."

Mulder glanced at his watch. "12:17."

"I would love that Scully, but I have to be somewhere in 45 minutes and if I don't leave now I'll be late." He thought Scully actually looked disappointed so he added, "How 'bout a rain check."

"Sure." But there was something in his tone that made her ask, "Anything, I can help with?"

"Thanks, but no, I'll call you later." He walked over to his car, opened the door then hesitated and turned, raising his voice so Scully could hear him at her car, "Scully, thanks for coming." And with that he got in, started his car and was gone, leaving Scully to wonder what was really going on with Mulder.

Jefferson Memorial

Mulder arrived at the Jefferson Memorial with two minutes to spare. He hurriedly made his way under the dome by the statue of Jefferson, all the while scanning the crowd of Saturday tourists. He knew he would recognize his caller on sight.

Then, recognition, he walked over to a young man sitting on a bench at the far end of the monument.

"Kurt Crawford, longtime no see."

"Agent Mulder, I don't have much time, but I wanted you to have these," Crawford said, as he thrust the case he was carrying toward Mulder.

"What's in here?"

"Her ova. The ones you saved."

Mulder looked shocked, but instantly knew what and whom Kurt Crawford was referring to. "How did you get these and how do I know their real, that you're real?"

"Vegreville, Agent Mulder, and believe me they're real. As for how I got them, I told you last night that they were back. They've started the project again. Moving it back to the Lombard Research Facility because they think that no one will believe that they would go back there."

"What's the project, the alien/human hybrids?"

"Yes that, but it's different somehow. We're kept in the dark for the most part. However, when I saw her name in the files, I knew she was the one you saved. She is the only one of the birth mothers still alive and I wanted to make sure these weren't used."

"Why didn't you just destroy them?"

"Because that would make me like those who created me, they destroy at will," Crawford answered. With that, Kurt pointed at the case in Mulder's hands. "Agent Mulder, the container inside that case will last another 48 hours, so before that time's up you need to find a proper storage unit for the samples."

Before Mulder could ask anything else, Kurt Crawford vanished into a group of passing tourists. Leaving Mulder with more questions than answers. He pulled his cell phone out of his pocket and dialed. "Lone Gunmen."

"Frohike, it's Mulder."

"Hey, Mulder how are you?"

"Listen, what do you guys know about fertility clinics in and around DC?"

"Say that again, Mulder I thought you said fertility clinics." By this time Frohike had put the phone away from his ear so Langly and Byers could hear.

"Yeah, I said fertility clinics."

"Uh, not really our area Mulder," it was Langly who replied.

"Can you find out for me? I'll be there in fifteen minutes."

Lone Gunman's Apartment

Knocking on the steel door, Mulder could hear a number of locks being undone before Frohike opened the door to let him in.

"So, what have you got for me?" Mulder asked as John Byers, sitting at a computer terminal, with Langly peering over his shoulder, turned in Mulder's direction.

He replied, "There are two clinics fairly close by, the Dominion Clinic on Gleeb Road and then Shady Acres on F Street. What's this all about, Mulder?"

As Byers asked the question Mulder held up the case in his hand and simply said, "This."

He walked over, put the case down on the table, and undid the outside clasp, to reveal the silver cylindrical container. As he opened the container, a small mist of vapor wisped into the air. By this time, the gunmen have gathered around him. Mulder pulled the sleeve of his sweater over his fingers and reached in, to pull out one of the small tubes that rested inside the frozen atmosphere of the container. The gunmen and Mulder could see that the tube had a small label that read D.K. Scully / 427.

Frohike was the first to speak. "Those belong to Scully? What's in 'um?"

"Ova, at least that's what the man that gave them to me says."

"They're her ova, how's that possible?" Byers asked incredulously.

Langly's question followed before Mulder could reply to Byers, "And you believe this guy, Mulder?"

"Yeah, I do," Mulder said as he replaced the tube back into the container, fastened the lid back into place and put the whole thing back in the case. The gunmen stood looking from one to another. Mulder spoke again, "Listen, I don't really have any answers right now. I just know, I need to tell Scully and I can't keep moving these from place to place."

"So can you guys keep them for me and get a list of Doctors at those fertility clinics?" Mulder continued but it was almost like he was thinking out loud at this point, rather than talking to the gunmen, "I think that's something Scully's gonna want to know and maybe some of their statistics, yeah, she'll want some facts."

Byers spoke for the gunmen, "Sure, Mulder, we'll keep them, but how long do you have until that container runs out?"

"48 hours, so I'll be back as soon as I can."

Driving over to Scully's, Mulder barely noticed the rest of the world as he mulled over in his head how to even start this conversation with Scully. "Hey Scully, guess what I've got, yes, your ova, how'd you guess... or Hey Scully, a funny thing happened today... He knew this was no joking matter but how do you tell someone something that could potentially tear her heart out.

In this case, if he could have his way, he would like to have enough time to get all the facts first and then tell her but... He had kept their existence from her once before, to protect her...Emily...He couldn't let her go through that again, she had to know, she had to make the decision on what to do. . He loved Scully more than anything or anyone not that he had shared this information with her directly.

Scully longed for a "normal life" and in Scully's mind that included kids. Now she may have a chance to have kids that are genetically hers. How could he deny her that choice?

He was still undecided as to how to tell her this news when he pulled up in front of Scully's apartment building. Her car was nowhere to be seen. He had not called before heading over because he knew her radar would sense something was wrong, but damn he hadn't thought that she might not be home. It was 4:30 PM; he would go up to her apartment, let himself in and wait...and think.

Two hours later Dana Scully pulled up in front of her building. She got out of the car, walked to the rear, opened the trunk and removed several packages. After Mulder had left her, she had decided that she was too close to Tyson's Corner not to go to the mall and look around and as usual looking turned to buying. She did not notice Mulder's car as she headed toward her building. Just as she was unlocking her apartment door, it opened. Startled, she dropped her packages, and reached out of habit to the small of her back but nothing was there.

Then recognizing the face at the door as it opened she exclaimed, "Jeez, Mulder!"

"Hi, I didn't mean to scare you," he said as he bent down to help her retrieve her fallen purchases. "I let myself in, thinking that I might collect that rain check with pizza and a video."

Mulder was trying to sound light and casual, but to Scully's ears there was a forced nature behind his explanation. His presence in her apartment signaled not the need for pizza, but something more serious. "Mulder, what's wrong?"

"And don't tell me you're hungry, you were acting mysterious this morning and now you're in my apartment because you want pizza, I don't think so. Is this about those mysterious phone calls you received, yesterday?"

"Well, yes and no. The first call was to remind me about the game this morning, but the second call last night was to set up the meeting I went to after the game."

"It turned out that my caller was Kurt Crawford."

"Kurt Crawford? From the MUNFON group that Penny Northern and Betsy Hagopian belonged to, that Kurt Crawford?" She turned a shade paler, as she thought of that time in her life. Her cancer had just been diagnosed and it seemed a sure bet that she would not survive. She couldn't imagine why this man would contact Mulder, but she had a feeling it couldn't be good.

"Scully, come over here and listen to me for a minute." They had been standing in her doorway, so she closed the door and started to walk behind Mulder leaving her packages just inside the entrance. "Mulder, now, you're scaring me."

"OK, I'm sorry, I'm doing this badly but I..."

"Oh, hell, Scully. Kurt Crawford gave me your ova this afternoon." He had blurted it out; all his careful planning had gone out the window. He had wanted to ease into it, tell her gently, carefully, but...

"What? No, Mulder. What?" Scully plopped down on her couch Mulder sat beside her.

He took both of her hands in his, tenderly forcing her to turn and face him. Speaking softly he related the whole story to her. He told her about meeting Kurt Crawford at the Jefferson Memorial and his story of the project starting up again at the Lombard Research Facility. He related to her that Crawford knew she had survived the cancer and he had taken her ova from the project so she could decide what should happen to them.

Shocked Scully looked at Mulder, tears welling in her eyes, "You believed him Mulder?" she asked in a small voice.

"Yes, Scully, he had no reason to contact me and the last time I saw him he was trying to subvert the project," he replied gently.

"Mulder, I can't...I won't... go through the disappointment of this being a lie. It will destroy me."

"I've thought about this Scully and we need to do a DNA test on the contents of one of the tubes, there are ten, and if there's a match you choose what happens from there."

"Mulder, I have to think..."

"Scully, the tubes are in a container that is good until Tuesday at the latest so..."

"No, Mulder, I have to think right now, just absorb all of this and the implications." She shook her head, bemusedly. "I'm going to soak in the tub. Will you stay...wait for me?"

"I'll be right here." Mulder brought Scully's hands to his lips and gently kissed them before she withdrew to take her bath.

Scully's mind was processing a hundred thoughts; foremost in her mind ...Emily... were the ova already treated with alien DNA or was that done later. If they were normal should she use them...She had resigned herself, long ago, to the fact that she could not conceive. Now, she could hear the tick, tick, tick of her long forgotten biological clock as it started up again. Scully looked up; the water steaming in the tub had reached almost to the rim. When had she turned the water on? She turned the water off, stripped off her clothes and stepped into the soothing heat of the tub. She leaned back against the slope of the tub and was immediately lost in thought.

Don't get your hopes up Dana, who knows what forces are in play. What kind of plot could involve giving her back her ova, then taking them away again? Mulder had seemed pretty sure that Kurt Crawford was on the up and up. Mulder's plan made sense...have them tested, then go on from there. Testing was the place to start.

Mulder tried to watch an ESPN rerun of a Knicks game that he had missed during the season, but his mind wouldn't focus on the game, every thought drifted to Scully. He worried about her getting hurt, not physically, but in her heart. What if she decided to use them, to try and have kids and they weren't viable for some reason. Whoa... first the test, then worry about all the rest later.

About the time Mulder had made up his mind that he would convince Scully that testing was the best starting point she appeared from her bedroom. She was wearing a pair of smoky blue silk pajamas and looked slightly better than when she left.

Mulder lightly inquired upon seeing her, "Feeling any better?"

"Yes Mulder, I feel better and I think you're right, I need to have the ova tested, then worry about all the rest later." Mulder nodded his agreement as Scully continued, "By the way, where are they?"

"I left them with the Gunmen. I didn't want to keep moving them around. And, they found two fertility clinics we can check out. They're getting me a list of Doctors and any info they can find on the clinics."

"The gunmen, Mulder, I hope nothing rubs off," she said with a hint of a smile at the corners of her mouth and a raised eyebrow.

"Scully, a joke." He smiled. "You're sure, you're OK?"

"Yes Mulder, I'm fine. You know, this is all so unbelievable, I want them to be mine, but at the same time, if they are, what am I going to do with them."

"It opens up a lot of possibilities doesn't it?"

"Listen, I'll call Byers and see if they've gotten the list and the info. I'll have them E-mail it here, so we'll have something constructive to do."

With that he picked up the phone and called the gunmen. After a short conversation he asked Scully to turn on her computer.

Byers E-mailed the information; they pulled it up, and printed it out. Mulder looked over Scully's shoulder as they waited for the printer to finish. She was looking at the list of Doctors for the Dominion Clinic.

"You recognize any of those names, Scully?"

"No, I don't, and I really don't expect to. I rarely read about the latest in fertility."

"Maybe someone you went to med school with went into fertility. Look at the list for Shady Acres." Mulder encouraged as Scully found the list. "I know it's a long shot but it would be worth it if there were someone..." his voice trailed off.

Still looking over her shoulder he said, "Wait Scully, move your thumb." Scully moved her thumb to the margin, uncovering the name CAROLINE MCALISTER-REESE.

Mulder had just seen the last name, but now that he saw the first name, he knew.

"What is it Mulder?"

"Scully, I know Caroline McAlister-Reese."

"How do you know a fertility specialist, Mulder?"

"She is the older sister of one of my best friends growing up. I knew she was a doctor and that she lived in the DC area but I never knew what kind of practice she had. We can trust her, Scully."

Mulder, at first, looked a little rueful; like he wasn't telling the whole story, when he explained how he knew this doctor. But, he was pretty emphatic in his last statement, so Scully kept the dubiousness she felt to herself. She had known only two other women; from Mulder's past and neither of them had even a nodding acquaintance with the concept of trust. She said to Mulder, "All right Mulder, we'll call her first thing tomorrow, somehow explain the situation and see if she can help.

In the meantime, why don't you go pick up the ova from the gunmen and then a change of clothes from home."

Mulder looked a little puzzled by the last part of Scully's request. Seeing his look she explained, "Look Mulder, I would feel a lot better if we're all in one place, then I don't have to worry about you or your package."

"OK Scully, I'll see you in about an hour." He picked his keys up off of her coffee table and headed for the door. She walked up behind him and held the door open as he stepped into the hallway. Once in the hallway alone, he glanced at his watch... 8:07, not too late to call. He went to his apartment first, looked up the number in his address book and dialed the phone. He wasn't trying to keep Scully in the dark, but he needed to talk to Caroline first, so that the first visit Scully had with her wouldn't be full of awkward explanations for either of them.

He saw the skeptical look cross Scully's face when he said they could trust Caroline and who could blame her, look at his track record. Someday he would explain his certainty to Scully, but this was not the time.

He knew they could trust Caroline, after all he'd known her since he was ten. Just then the phone was picked up on the other end, "Hello." A woman's voice answered.

"Hello, this is Fox Mulder, I'm calling..." He did not finish his sentence because on the other end there was a loud, "Oh my God, Fox! This is Caroline, how are you?"

"Great, Caroline, but I need your expertise."

"You need a fertility doctor, Fox."

"No, not exactly, but I have a friend... listen Caroline, some of this is going to sound strange so bear with me."

"Fox... strange? I would expect nothing less."

At that Mulder chuckled and then related the whole story to his sister-in-law. After Caroline's assurances that she would help in any way she could, making an appointment for the next morning and some pleasantries about the rest of the McAlister's; Mulder hung up, grabbed a change of clothes and headed over to the gunmen's.

Scully's Apartment
At the Same Time

As soon as Mulder left, Scully sat down and sifted through the rest of the information Byers had E-mailed. She read about the clinic, their success rate, testimonials from happy couples and the process of in vitro fertilization. After reading everything, she sat down at her computer and signed on to the Internet, once connected to the server she typed in www.amer icanmedicalassociation.com.

The site loaded across the screen. She logged in under members and then went to search doctors. As a member she could check out the credentials of Caroline McAlister-Reese. Usually, she trusted Mulder's judgement, hell, whom was she kidding, she trusted him with her life, but those nagging thoughts kept at her. In this one area maybe Mulder was too trusting, the name Diana Fowley was flashing in her head. She read the screen.

Caroline McAlister-Reese. BS, Boston University; MD, University of Florida, School of Medicine. Shands Hospital, Award for Excellence as Outstanding Intern. Fellowship in Reproductive Endocrinology, George Washington University Hospital. Board Certified in Obstetrics and Gynecology and Reproductive Endocrinology. Professor at George Washington University Hospital in Reproductive Endocrinology. On staff at George Washington University Hospital and Shady Acres Infertility Clinic. No malpractice. Rated: AAA+ Articles Published: Boston Journal of Medicine, American Medical Journal.

The list of journal articles continued, but Scully had seen enough. She felt a little better after reading the bio, but the acid test would come when they met face to face. She shut down the computer, and headed for the kitchen to make some tea. As she passed the front door she heard a key being put into the lock, signaling Mulder's return.

Shady Acres Fertility Clinic
8:29 AM

Mulder and Scully arrived at the clinic on F Street in time for their 8:30 appointment. Mulder had spent the night on Scully's couch. He knew she had not gotten much sleep and he had heard her in the kitchen at about 5:30 AM, but he had left her to her thoughts, until about 7:30 when they called the clinic.

Scully had talked with the appointment nurse and asked specifically for an appointment with Dr. McAlister-Reese. The nurse told Scully she was in luck because Dr. McAlister-Reese had a cancellation, and if Scully wanted she could have an appointment at 8:30. Mulder thought, thank you, Caroline. Other than the phone call and the exchange of morning greetings the partners seemed content with their companionable silence.

Entering the clinic, they stepped into a reception area and rang the bell at a sliding glass window, a young nurse directed them to sign in and relayed that the doctor would be with them soon. They were the only people waiting as they sat down on a small leather loveseat. Scully picked up a two-month-old magazine and thumbed through its pages, not really seeing anything. She put the magazine down and reached her hand out to Mulder, he gave her fingers a squeeze and then left his hand resting on top of hers.

Within five minutes, their names were called and they were asked to follow the same young nurse who had greeted them earlier. They walked down a long narrow hallway whose walls were covered from ceiling to chair rail with pictures of babies. Coming to the end of the hall, they were shown into a large office where a slender blond woman was seated behind a desk.

As they entered the room, she got up and came around the desk. "Fox," she said as she hugged him. After the hug she turned and faced Scully, "Hi, I'm Caroline McAlister-Reese."

Scully noted that Caroline looked to be in her late thirties, early forties, blond, quite tall and had twinkley, for lack of a better word, green eyes. "Hi, I'm Dana Scully."

"I'm pleased to meet you, Dana. Please, let's sit down and you two can tell me why you're here." She pointed at three wingback chairs in the corner of the office.

Mulder and Scully sat in the chairs that were side by side with Caroline sitting in a chair that faced them. Caroline listened intently while Scully related the same story that Mulder had told her the night before. Mulder said very little, other than interjecting a few details here and there. When Scully was finished she thought Caroline looked genuinely concerned.

Caroline spoke, "First of all Dana, let me tell you that I've been working with difficult fertility cases for about ten years, as I'm sure you have checked out my credentials." Scully smiled at the look this drew from Mulder. Caroline continued, " I know you are here under extraordinary circumstances and I would like to help. Yours is an appalling story, and I'm so sorry for what you went through. I can't promise that any of this will be easy, but I can promise that I will be with you the whole way, whether you choose to use the ova or not."

Somehow, with her forthrightness, Mulder saw that, Caroline had won Scully over. Caroline then asked Mulder if she could see the container. Mulder handed her the case he was holding on his lap. She took the case and placed it on her desk. She proceeded to open the case and the container inside. Once the container was opened to reveal the contents she commented, "These look like they've been well cared for, the tubes are sealed and the color is good." She pressed a button on the telephone on her desk and asked her nurse to come in and then continued, "Now, your idea is to perform a DNA test on the contents of one of these tubes and see if you are a match?"

"Yes," Scully replied and then added, "and if they match I'll decide what to do next."

The nurse entered the office. "I'm going to have Candy take the tubes to the lab, one for the test and the others will go into cryostorage."

Caroline gave her nurse specific instructions for the case container and it's contents. She asked the nurse to return as soon as she had finished so that she could pick up the sample of Scully's cells for the comparison test. Candy picked up the container and left the office.

"All right Dana, let's get the sample." Scully nodded. Neither of the women had noticed that Mulder had retreated back to the waiting room when the nurse had taken the sample to the lab.

Caroline looked at Scully and said, "Are you ready to get this process under way?"

"Yes, I am ready."

Caroline opened a door that adjoined her office to an examining room and asked Scully to step in so that she could swab the inside of her cheek to get a sample. Once the sample was taken and placed in a petri dish Caroline told Scully that she would have the lab rush the DNA test and they should have the results the next afternoon. Then added, "If your tests come back as a match and you're seriously considering pregnancy by in vitro there's something I need to warn you about up front. As you're a doctor, I'm sure you are aware that we have a higher success rate with freshly harvested ova than we do with those that are frozen.

"That's not to say viable embryo forming is not possible, but a little harder to achieve. On the plus side and this is a big plus, you will not need the hormone drug therapy patients usually have to go through for the ova harvest."

The nurse came back in to the room, gave a sheet of paper to Caroline, and then retrieved the petri dish before leaving again.

Caroline informed Scully that she had the lab check to make sure the tubes contained human ova and indeed they did. With that Scully thanked Caroline and made her way back to the reception area where she found Mulder waiting. "Well?" he asked as soon as he saw her.

"The tubes definitely do contain human ova and Caroline said she will have results of the DNA test tomorrow afternoon." Scully tried to sound like a doctor, clinical and detached but then she added, "And Mulder, thank you."

"For what?"

"For being here, for being right about Caroline, for..."

"You're welcome, Scully."

"Now maybe we should head for work and finish those reports we left half written on Friday." Mulder knew that Scully wanted to work as her way of dealing with the stress, she needed normalcy and he intended to give it to her. "Ok, Let's go."

Lombard Research Facility Security Office

Two military security guards viewed a security tape. "See the shadow. It's shaped like a person," one of them said, pointing at the screen.

"Yeah, did you get anything else?"

"No, we only have one tape, the rest of the surveillance camera's went out Friday night during that power surge and the battery back-ups were blown by the jolt except on camera three, right outside the lab door. There was definitely someone in the lab though, you can't tell who, but the camera picks up that shadow when they enter and leave. The time stamp indicates that whoever they were, they entered and left within the space of a five minutes, at exactly the time when the power went down."

"Camera three is positioned to see people coming down the main hallway, but it always catches shadows from that little area of the back hallway where employees enter Lab 47."

"Camera two is the actual camera covering that area, though."

The security guard continued his one-sided conversation not giving his partner a chance to speak. "We should call and report this, because no one signed in or out Friday that late; going to, or coming from the lab. Something feels hinky."

With this the security guard picked up the phone and hit the buttons of a four- digit extension. The phone on the other end rang and on the second ring the guard was greeted with, "Dr. Scanlon"

"Dr. Scanlon, this is Myers in Security."

"Yes, Myers, what can I do for you?"

"Well, Doctor, my partner and I have been reviewing a tape from the time of the power surge Friday evening and it seems to indicate that there may have been an unauthorized entrance into your lab. I was told the camera's malfunctioned throughout the building during the surge, how is it you have video?"

"Sir, we don't have a clear picture. In fact, the video only shows a shadow as someone enters and leaves the lab. We checked the log and the last person to leave the lab had checked out an hour before the surge and then no one is recorded in the log until this morning either going in or out." Have you noticed anything missing or unusual?"

"No, and the most likely explanation for your intruder is that one of the twenty scientists that work in the lab was so absorbed in his work he simply forgot to sign in and out."

"Yes sir, that could be an explanation, but we have tight security in the lab areas and are pretty careful to make sure no one comes through without checking in."

"And frankly sir, something just feels wrong about the timing."

"Well, Myers, is it?"

"Yes sir."

"If your men were busy during the surge couldn't one of my researchers have just slipped through with out notice."

"I suppose so sir, but then, that's still a problem, but I suppose we may never know. If you notice anything out of the ordinary let us know."

"Will do, Myers." Scanlon got up as soon as he hung up the telephone and headed to the lab.

Once there, he passed through the rows of tanks and into the cryostorage room with it's stainless steal drawer-lined walls. Scanlon moved to the center of the room, he knew exactly where to look four drawers from the ceiling and twelve rows in from the door. There it was, the wrong label.

Stepping back into the main lab, he pulled his cell phone from the waistband of his trousers and proceeded to dial a long distance number. When the voice on the other end answered, he said, "This is Scanlon, it's been done, he took the bait just as you predicted." The smoky voice on the other end said, "Excellent." Scanlon then asked, "Do you want us to close up?"

"No, not yet, I'll let you know," came the reply before disconnection.

FBI Headquarters

Mulder and Scully were walking back to their office after grabbing lunch in the cafeteria when Scully's cell phone rang. "Scully," she answered.

"Ms. Scully, this is Candy, Dr. McAllister-Reese's nurse, calling to let you know that your test results are in and the doctor wanted to know if you could come in for an appointment at 2:00 pm."

Scully looked at her watch. It was 1:15 pm. "Yes, 2:00 would be fine."

"Thank you, we'll see you then. Good-bye."

Turning to her partner, Scully explained, "The DNA test results are in and Caroline wants me to come in at 2:00." Then she asked, "Would you like to come with me?"

"Try and stop me." Mulder smiled, he knew that asking him to go along had been a big deal for Scully. She usually liked to get all the answers alone and then share, but this was no ordinary situation. She was more anxious than she would ever let on and he wanted to be there for her. "You know Mulder, either way this goes it could change my life."

"I know what you mean in one respect, but what other way?"

"Well, as long as the whereabouts of my ova were unknown, there was always the possibility of another Emily. That would have been horrible, no child should be born as an experiment. It's something I've had to worry about. Now, if the DNA match I will no longer have that worry, whether or not I choose to use the ova."

"I see what you mean," Mulder said seeing the sadness that crossed Scully's face as she spoke of Emily. He hoped that this time things would turn out differently.

"Shall we go see what the doctor has to say?" he asked as he opened the door of their G-Ride.

Ten minutes later they were at the clinic on F Street. As they entered the reception area, they saw Caroline standing at the entrance to the hallway talking with another couple. She saw Mulder and Scully and motioned for them to come over as the man and woman turned to leave. "Hi, come on back to the office with me," Caroline greeted them.

Scully, I'll wait for you here." Mulder said wanting to give her some privacy.

"No Mulder, I would really like you with me to hear the results." Scully knew what Mulder was trying to do and she appreciated his efforts. Two years or even a year ago she would have handled this alone, but now she really wanted him with her.

Once again they sat side by side in Caroline's office. Caroline sat across from them looking over the results. Scully reached out almost unconsciously for Mulder's hand. He responded by wrapping his long fingers around hers.

"Dana, the DNA was a match, here let me show you," Caroline said as she pulled two transparencies from the file. Scully recognized the southern blot. Caroline placed the transparencies one on top of the other causing the dots along the top of the sheets to line up.

Scully and Mulder looked at the sheets.

Scully's eyes misted with tears as she saw the perfect match.

Caroline continued, "The ova have been well preserved, we found nothing unusual, but like I told you yesterday, if pregnancy is something you want to achieve then the sooner you start trying the better. IVF is relatively new, as you know, and we find out more and more each year. One of the factors we've found is that frozen ova is not as effective as we'd hoped it would be, it has considerable degradation. However, once fertilized, cryopreserved embryos have been used with a high degree of success."

Mulder was the first to speak, "But the ova can work, right?"

"Yes, but the longer it's frozen, the odds for fertilization are reduced," Caroline explained.

Scully spoke for the first time, "Thank you, Caroline, I really need to think about this, take a little time to absorb, and then I'll be in touch."

"OK Dana, you have my number, please call if you have any questions and I'll look forward to hearing from you soon."

With that Mulder and Scully left Caroline. Once outside the clinic, Scully turned to Mulder and asked, "Mulder, do you mind if I drop you off at work and then I'm going to take the afternoon off."

"Sure, Scully."

Scully had already made her decision, she had thought of nothing else since Mulder told her about the ova. She wanted a little time alone to think things through one more time before she shared her decision with Mulder. "Listen, call me on my cell phone before you leave work," Scully said as Mulder got out of the car to return to work.

Mulder nodded and walked toward the building.

Scully headed out with no destination in mind. She wanted to think about the possibility of having a baby.

She knew what she wanted, but wasn't sure that it was the right or smart thing to do. Suddenly, she found herself on the Key Bridge headed toward Arlington and realized that she had no recollection of her trip so far. She knew that thinking and driving didn't mix so she entered the National Cemetery and parked the car.

The Cemetery was actually a good place to get lost in thought it was quiet, even tranquil. Walking through the rows of headstones, Scully thought about all the ramifications having a baby would present to her life, her family, her job... Mulder. If she had a baby his life would change as well, he'd have to share her.

She wouldn't be able to pick up and leave on a whim, spend countless hours working on cases, or perform autopsies at all hours. Her life would change...no, their lives would change. But if she didn't try, she would always wonder. Of course, if she didn't take this chance there were the other options she had considered before knowing about the ova. Adoption, was one option but as a single female with a job considered to be dangerous that wasn't a sure bet either.

Chances were that she might not get pregnant if she went ahead with the procedure. Trying the IVF was what she wanted. She felt she had little to lose and much to gain. Adjustments would have to be made, but she was not going to be the typical Dana Scully and worry about them now. She would find a way to made things work. As if on cue, her cell phone rang bringing her out of her thoughts. "Scully."

"Hey, Scully, where are you?" Mulder inquired.

"Arlington, why don't you come and meet me?"

"As in the National Cemetery?" Mulder asked, sounding somewhat surprised.

"Yes, meet me at Kennedy's grave," Scully answered ignoring his surprised tone.

"OK, I'll be right there."

Mulder had been doing some thinking of his own while Scully had been gone.

He thought he knew what Scully would decide. She loved kids and for a while now she had wanted a quote-unquote normal life. Having a baby would give her a little piece of that. As he walked up the steps toward the eternal flame, he saw her sitting on a bench on the far side of the memorial. She looked beautiful and when she saw him she smiled.

As he got closer he greeted her, "Hey Scully."


She responded as he sat down next to her. Then she said, "I've made a decision and I wanted you to be the first to know. I'm going ahead with the IVF. It may or may not work out, but I feel I have to try." Mulder nodded as she continued. "I know that this decision affects more than just me and I really want to know what you think." She looked to him almost bracing for his opinion.

"Scully, I..." Mulder paused gathering his thoughts. "Remember; when you found me after the brain surgery, me telling you about the other path I choose, the one where I found my sister, and in the end I didn't recognize my world except for you?" Scully nodded. "Well the part I didn't tell you was that at first, I thought it was perfect, actually too perfect. Since then, with all the things that have happened, my mother, finding out about Samantha, I've come to realize that subconsciously I was trying to find normal. I've had this narrow tunnel vision for so long..." Mulder paused then continued, "You know those Magic Eye pictures?"

Scully nodded, not wanting to interrupt. "At first glance, there are all these dots and if you stare at them long enough all you get is a headache, but if you soften your focus then the whole picture emerges. I need to soften my focus... I want the whole picture; I've lost my whole family while I've been staring at the dots.

Am I making sense...I want to be part of this, Scully and...." Mulder stopped speaking. By this point, the two partners were hand in hand facing each other on the bench.

Scully softly prodded, "and what, Mulder?" She thought she knew where this was going, but wanted him to spell it out, for once, leaving nothing unsaid.

"I want to be the sper...Father. I want this to be our child."

"Mulder..." Scully voice caught, thinking it and hearing him say it were two entirely different things. "That's ...that's a huge responsibility and if the procedure works it will tie us together forever."

Mulder smiled at her and gently reached up to caress her face, "The way I see it that's already a done deal."

Scully smiled tenderly, "So let's make an appointment with Caroline and see where we go from here."

Lombard Research Facility

Dr Scanlon released the call he had received minutes earlier and placed another call. When reached his party he passed on the information he had been given. "Sir, my contact at Shady Acres informed me that Agent Mulder will be the sperm donor, just as you predicted."

"Excellent, with that hurdle met the project has only one more to cross, for complete success."

"Sir, I'm sure the ova will be fertilized, we took extra precautions with all the ova we collected just so they could be used in this way."

"I certainly hope your right, with the failure of the last operation, we need this to be a success."

"Agents Mulder and Scully have no idea how important they are to the fate of mankind. So, neither is aware of their immunity to the coming viral apocalypse."

"No, and that's the way it must stay."

"How did it happen, the immunity, I mean."

"He was infected with the virus and then given the vaccine in a Russian experiment and she was infected by a bee sting, taken to Antarctica, where he found her and gave her the vaccine."

"Any other questions, Doctor?"

"Oh, no sir."

"Good, keep getting updates from your source and keep me informed." CGB Spender hung up the phone. "Yes, sir." Scanlon knew he had asked too many questions but he wanted to know. He had been working on this project for years and had yet to produce one child immune to the virus that could survive.

And now, here was this couple that would complete the task without even realizing what they were about to accomplish.

Their genetic make-up had been altered by accident not by design.

X-Files Office

After two weeks of preliminaries, counseling sessions, sessions to explain the procedures and sessions for the necessary blood work and other tests, they finally got word from Caroline it was time to proceed.

Mulder's sperm donation appointment was scheduled for Saturday. The day before the appointment Mulder informed Scully, "I want to go to the clinic alone tomorrow, This is fairly embarrassing." Scully raised an eyebrow at this thinking about Mulder's video collection. He continued knowing what she was thinking. "I've never done this on cue and certainly not for anyone other than myself, so I just think if you're in the waiting room..."

Scully laughed, but she understood; besides she had a plan of her own. "OK Mulder, no waiting in the waiting room. I'll see you after?"

"Yep, as soon as it's over." He felt somewhat relieved.

Shady Acres Fertility Clinic

Saturday morning at the clinic Mulder was shown into a small room. It had a TV, a VCR, various tapes and magazines and a large over stuffed chair. The nurse handed him a small plastic bottle and told him to place it on the ledge; she pointed to a small ledge in the wall, when he finished. When the nurse left and shut the door, Mulder looked around the room, "What have I gotten myself into?" He mused out loud.

He thumbed through the video collection, picked out one of the tapes, put in the machine and hit play. At the same time Mulder was being shown into his room, Scully had entered the clinic, talked to Caroline, who gave her a key and then showed her into an examining room.

Mulder had just gotten comfortable in the chair and was fastforwarding the video when he heard the knob turn on the door. He thought the door was locked; in fact he was sure. He hit the stop button on the remote as he called out, "Hey, this room is occupied."

The door opened anyway revealing Scully wearing her black trench coat.

Surprised and a little confused by her presence Mulder asked, "Scully, what are you doing here?"

She closed the door and then replied, "I'm here to help."

"Scully, didn't we talk about this yesterday, I appreciate the gesture but...." He stopped mid-sentence as Scully opened her trench coat to reveal her nude body.

Mulder's breath caught in his throat as he sat silently and regarded her. He had seen her nude many times over the years, but never like this, never like this. Her skin was pale and luminous against the background of the open black coat.

The small triangle of red hair in between her thighs and the compact fullness of her breasts with their ruddy colored aureole and punctuating nipples accentuated her body's soft curves. He realized that she was talking as she walked toward him, but all he could hear was the pulse of his own heartbeat. He was also vaguely aware of his growing arousal as it strained at the fly of his jeans.

Her voice finally registered as she was saying, "....can't have a baby the old fashioned way and I realize this is not something we planned, but Mulder we love each other, it may be unspoken, but it's there. When we look back on all of this, I want us to remember that even though we can't conceive by making love that at least love played a part." She bent down, placing her hands on his arms that were laying on the chair's armrests. Leaning in, she kissed him gently.

He responded to her kiss passively at first and then using his tongue he parted her lips, to find her waiting tongue, their tongues danced and intertwined in a ballet of desire. Sliding his arms out from under her hands he placed them under the open trench coat and on to the soft curve of her waist, and yanked gently so as to urge her to sit down on his lap. He felt his nerves all a tingle as she ran her hands up through his hair and their kisses became more ardent. Mulder's hands explored gingerly at first and then with more fervor, his hands smoothed over her breasts then gently pinched her nipples, an action that telegraphed a message to her core.

Scully began an exploration of her own; she placed her hands under his shirt and let them wander over the soft fuzz and muscles of his chest. She tugged at the shirt indicating that she wanted him to take it off. He stopped his kissing and caressing long enough to pull his shirt over his head and throw it to the floor. As soon as the shirt hit the floor he reached up grasped the neck of her trench coat and tugged as she let it slid down her arms to the floor. Pulling her closer they found themselves skin to skin as their kissing resumed. One of Scully's hands held the back of Mulder's head as the other ran down his chest, over his stomach and into the waistband of his jeans. She could feel his erection pressing against her thigh; she wanted to touch it with her hand. Allowing her hand to delve deeper in and under the waistband of his boxers she found the smooth head of his penis. He gasped as she brushed him with her thumb.

Sliding his own hands down her body, he played with the tangle of damp curly hair before reaching in between her legs to feel the slick moisture of her arousal.

She parted her legs slightly as he slid two slender fingers inside of her. Scully moaned softly as he crooked his fingers inside her center. She pulled her hand out from inside his jeans and began to unfasten them. Undoing the button, and sliding the zipper down, allowed her to pull the waistband of his boxers away to reveal his beautifully erect cock.

She wrapped her hand around the shaft and stimulated the head as her thumb glided back and fourth over the sensitive tip.

Mulder started to gently suckle her breasts while continuing to slide his fingers in and out of her core. They groaned in unison and although they were enjoying their discoveries, Scully's position on Mulder's lap was becoming awkward. She wanted him to pull his jeans the rest of the way off. Breaking contact she stood up and tugged at his jeans, realizing what she wanted Mulder lifted himself off the chair making it easy to strip the jeans off the rest of the way. Once the jeans were on the floor, Scully turned to face Mulder then straddled his legs with her own. Mulder scooched forward in the chair making it easier for Scully to straddle his lap with one leg on each side between his leg and the armrests.

Luckily the chair was big enough to accommodate both of them. Scully leaned forward as soon as she was in place and found Mulder's mouth kissing him intensely, while at the same time taking his throbbing erection in her hand and guiding it in to her warm and wet essence. "Mulder," her voice breathy as she broke their kiss, "tell me when your ready and I'll grab the bottle." Without waiting for his reply, she began to ride him; arching her back she started slowly and then quickened her pace. Mulder kneaded her breasts and then slipped one hand down between their bodies so that her swollen clit hit his fingers as she rocked back and fourth.

He wanted her to come and she seemed to have the same agenda as she ground herself into his hand and panted, letting out soft breathy cries of pleasure.

The combination of his erection inside and his fingers outside brought on the warm wave of impending orgasm. Her movements became quick and purposeful, and then as she reached the peak she let herself fall against him and held him tightly. Mulder was lost in the sensations as she tightened around him, but managed to control himself as she climaxed. But now, he could feel his control letting go as she continued to rock gently, he knew he was close to coming. "Scully, I'm close," he said in a voice ragged with emotion.

She reached for the bottle, handing it to him as she gently lifted herself and slid back onto his knees. Exchanging her vagina for her hands she gently massaged his balls with one hand and slid the other one up and down his shaft. He grabbed for her with his free hand pulling her closer; she took the bottle from him but continued stroking him, as he came, she placed the bottle over his spurting head. He was holding her tightly, and his warm breath tickled past her ear causing goose bumps to erupt across her shoulders and arms. Once he was able to focus, he let go of the grip he had on Scully. As she sat up he saw that she was smiling at him with the smile she usually reserved for his post near death experience hospital stays, and as always it was a beautiful smile. His spoke first, "Wow, and explain to me why we haven't done this before?" The both laughed. "I love you, Scully."

"I know, Mulder, I love you too."

She leaned down and they shared a long deep kiss. "Scully, maybe we should put that bottle," he nodded toward the bottle still in Scully's hand, "on the ledge, put our clothes on, go home and then take them off, all over again."

"Why, Agent Mulder that sounds like one of your better plans. Your place or mine," she said with a wink.

"Yours it's closer," he said with a leer. Scully tied the trench coat around her and went to retrieve the rest of her clothes, as Mulder got dressed. On the way out, they talked to Caroline, who told them that later that day the semen from the sample would go through a process called sperm washing which would allow only the strongest sperm to survive. Once that was done, the sperm and the ova would be incubated together at a temperature identical to Scully's body. They would know the results in approximately 48 hours. If the eggs were successfully fertilized, the embryos could be transplanted.

Scully's Apartment

After Caroline's promise to call, the partners headed to Scully's for what promised to be an all day love making session. Expectations turned into reality as they entered the apartment.

Scully unlocked the apartment door. Mulder was standing close behind her; she could feel his warmth. She leaned back slightly to brush her body against his before opening the door. As they stepped inside, she turned to close the door, but as she did she heard the click of the latch as it gently closed. She faced Mulder and all of a sudden she felt nervous.

Her plan for this morning had not gone this far. She wanted him but the reality of the situation suddenly struck home. After six years of denial and retreat they were actually together in every way. This time there would be no purpose to their lovemaking only pleasure. Mulder bent toward her and captured her mouth with his own. He placed one hand in her hair and the other played with the buttons of her blouse. His mouth moved from hers to her neck as he unfastened each button. Scully's hands were trembling as she placed them on his chest. She had been in control at the clinic, but now she was scared as all the little doubts about changing their relationship formed in her mind. Mulder on the other hand seemed sure and in control. He continued his gentle caress and this alleviated some of her trepidation. He sensed her uneasiness and knew the reason for it, but he also knew this was right. He had known since she had walked into the clinic that morning. Her hands were resting lightly on his chest; he looked deep into her eyes then reached up and put his hands on hers. He guided them to the bottom and under his shirt. She could feel the warmth of his skin beneath her hands. He reached down to pull off his shirt and as he did her hands met his and helped. She shrugged her blouse from her shoulders and let it fall to the floor.

Mulder kissed her shoulder and neck before pulling her close to unhook her bra and let it fall to the growing pile of clothes. "You are so beautiful, Scully," he whispered. She stood on tiptoes put her arms around his neck and whispered back, "Come with me." Scully took his hand and led the way to her bedroom.

Almost to their destination Mulder drew Scully into an embrace from behind and kissed the nape of her neck. Scully's body was aroused and she turned to face him running her hands down his chest. She wanted to feel every part of him.

Together they helped each other shed their remaining clothes. They kissed and stripped in a sensual tango from the door to the bed.

The electricity of passion flowed between them as they fell onto the bed. Scully slid across inviting Mulder to do the same. They investigated every inch of each other. He let his fingers gently circle her breasts, massaging them lightly, as Scully arched under his touch. She murmured his name sending shivers down Mulder's spine. He rolled so that she was beneath him; her hips met his. She let her hands skim over his chest and stomach to find his erection. She parted her thighs and helped him enter her. They both felt the desire and passion echoed in each stroke. The pace was fed by their mutual feelings of hunger that had been built on six years of foreplay, as they inched closer to rapture. Later, as they lay intertwined Mulder leaned up on his elbow and looked at the women he loved. "Scully?"

She felt playful and teased, "Again, Mulder? No, well yes, but that's not what I was going for." He smiled. "No doubts?" He questioned. "Not one." She replied. "When we first got here, I was a little nervous, but you seemed so sure that all my doubts washed away."

"Scully, I've found the picture and it's you."

He leaned down and kissed her forehead. His surety brought tears to her eyes because she knew that he was speaking of forever and that he would always be at her side. She simply replied, "Forever."

Reached up, and pulled him down into her embrace.

Interstate 295

When the 48-hour mark came Mulder and Scully were in the car traveling back to DC from a day of chasing evidence in Frostburg, Maryland. Scully's cell phone chirped, "Scully."

"Dana, this is Caroline."

"Hi, Caroline," Scully said pointedly so that Mulder would know that this was the call.

"Dana, good news, we have several embryos, ready to be transferred. If we've judged correctly, your cycle is in the appropriate stage for the transfer."

"Would it be possible for you to come in for the procedure tomorrow?"

"Yes, I've been anticipating your call, so I tentatively arranged to take the next few days off."

"Good, because after the transfer I want you off your feet for at least twelve hours. You'll also need someone to drive you home after the procedure."

"I don't think that will be a problem."

"So, we'll see you tomorrow at 7:00 AM."

"Yes, see you then Caroline." Mulder did not need to hear both sides of the conversation to know the details; he reached out and took Scully's hand in his. "Mulder, stay with me tonight?"

"Of course. Tell you what, let's swing by my place, I'll pick up some clothes and we should be early enough for you to catch Skinner in the office and tell him you're definitely taking the time off." They had discussed the question of both taking time off and decided that it would seem suspicious. Mulder had joked that he would find a very interesting X-File in Scully's apartment building that would keep him occupied while she was on "vacation".

Scully's phone call to Skinner was routine; after all, it was summertime and a lot of agents were taking vacations. Skinner told her to have a great four-day weekend. When she hung up she said to Mulder, "We'll have to tell him something if this works out."

"Yes we will, but that's a conversation I would rather have later than sooner." Scully smiled at her partner. Later that evening in bed, Mulder's arm was draped over Scully's waist and her firm round bottom was pressed against his stomach. They fit together hand in glove and were so at peace in each other's arms it seemed that they had been lovers for years, not just a few days. Any doubts they had, had been erased. Actually, when they stopped to think about it, they had been lovers for years, not physically, but with their minds. Each loving the other unconditionally, with a deep and abiding passion that comes from knowing the other person to the depth of their soul. Without the act, they had been making love soul to soul for years.

As they lay in the soft blue/white moonlight that glossed through the window they talked softly, about everything and nothing in a tandem stream of consciousness, until exhausted, they fell asleep.

The transfer was a relatively simple procedure. The embryos had been placed in a catheter and then the catheter inserted in a way as to insert the embryos directly into Scully's uterus. Caroline had determined the number of embryos to be implanted based on prior experience. She had the remaining embryos cryopreserved for use if another procedure was necessary. The procedure was over in an hour and Mulder took Scully home to rest. Caroline told Scully they would need to do a pregnancy test in a week to see if the transfer took. The partners returned to work on Monday and gave Skinner their preliminary findings from the Frostburg case.

By the day of the pregnancy test, Scully's normally cool demeanor was overloaded with anticipation. She went to Caroline's office alone. Mulder was working in the field on their case and was to meet her at the clinic in time for the appointment. The nurse drew the blood from Scully's arm to perform the test and sent Scully to the reception area to wait. As Scully waited, Mulder was trying to get to the office he had been following up on leads all day and one thing had lead to another, leaving him just late enough to get caught in the 4:00 PM, DC traffic nightmare.

When he finally arrived, Scully was nowhere to be seen. He rang the bell at the reception window and Candy informed him that, "Ms. Scully was in with the doctor." She pressed the intercom button to Caroline's office. "Dr. McAlister-Reese, Mr. Mulder has arrived."

Caroline's disembodied voice came back, "Please send him back, Candy." With that Candy opened the entrance door to the hallway that led to Caroline's Office.

As soon as Mulder saw Caroline he knew, the look on her face gave away the results. She said, "I'm so sorry, Fox, the results were negative." He bowed his head, then asked, "How did Scully take the news and when did she leave?"

"She's still here, I've only just told her, there was a back-up in the lab. She seemed stoic and then excused herself to the restroom. She's still in there."

Caroline pointed Mulder toward the restroom. He gently knocked at the door.

"Scully, it's me, are you alright?" Scully said nothing, but reached up to open the door. As Mulder entered he could see that she was sitting on the tile floor, knees pulled up to her chest, her face in her hands and she was silently crying. Mulder knew how disappointed Scully felt. She rarely let her feelings show and it was rarer still for her to be reduced to tears.

He knelt down on the floor and gathered her in his arms. "I'm so sorry, I wasn't here," he whispered as he gently stroked her hair. He then hugged her tighter to him and cooed in her ear that everything would be all right as his own tears fell softly on her neck. Once they gathered their composure they made an appointment for the next transfer and then headed to Scully's apartment. They sat and talked openly about their feelings, not something that came easily to either of them. They were both used to keeping things inside.

"Rationally, as a doctor I know that IVF may have to be performed a number of times and take years before pregnancy occurs. By implanting five embryos there's only a 25% chance of pregnancy. But it just broke my heart when Caroline said the results were negative. I guess, I didn't realize how badly, I really want this. That it never works is my greatest fear."

Mulder reached out and moved a stray hair out from in front of Scully's eye. "Scully, fear is a bad place to work from in anything. I know how disappointed you are because I feel it too. One thing I know is that we will find a way to make this work, we will not give up. You are the strongest person I know. Look at all the things you've been through and each time you've beaten the odds," Mulder continued, "I don't think the odds are against us, Scully."

"So what are you saying Mulder, 'think positively'?" Scully asked with a note of skepticism in her voice.

"Nothing that trite has ever come out of this mouth," Mulder said with a smile.

Then looked at Scully thoughtfully, "Remember, what you told me Albert Holstein said to you when I was missing after the surgery, 'you have to look here'."

Mulder said as he took Scully's hand in his and laid them both over her heart.

Scully nodded and smiled hesitantly.

Mulder was not; by any stretch of the imagination, a religious man but Scully knew the unspoken message, 'have faith'.

Mulder finished with "All I know is that we're not gonna to give up, it's not in our nature. If we spend the next month dwelling on this disappointment we're gonna be two miserable people. And we do have something to be grateful for..." he said as he reached out and playfully touched her breast making her smile and roll her eyes.

The next three weeks of waiting were alleviated somewhat by the Frostburg case blossoming into a full-blown X-File. The partners did not talk about the IVF again even though it was never far from either of their thoughts.

Indeed the case was so time consuming, they had little time to think of or do anything else.

By the time of the second transfer, August and all it's oppressive heat had descended on Washington. The procedure was exactly the same as the first, but the outcome a week later was much happier. Mulder and Scully were together when Caroline uttered the happy news, "Dana, you're pregnant."

Tears of joy brimmed in Scully's eyes as reached up to hug Mulder who was standing next to her in Caroline's office.

Mulder asked over the top of Scully's head, "So what happens next?"

Scully turned back to face Caroline as she answered, "We wait, keep checking each week and at the end of five, we'll do an ultrasound and see what we have."

"What do you mean, 'what we have'?" Mulder asked.

"I mean how many fetuses, I don't expect more that one but with IVF there's always the possibility of a multiple birth. We talked about this in our sessions, Fox," Caroline concluded.

Mulder a shade paler, "Yes, but I guess I just put it out of my mind. You mean we might be able to start our own basketball team?"

Caroline and Scully smiled at his reaction. Caroline then looked at her watch and said to Scully, "Dana, I'll see you next week. Please take it easy, no strenuous exercise."

For the next four weeks Scully faithfully kept her appointments with Caroline. It was during this fourth week that Scully also experienced her first wave of morning sickness. Like all mothers-to-be before her, she wondered about the name since the nausea seemed to be in her head and hit at all different times of the day. Mulder for his part had talked to Mrs. Scully, who told him to lay in a supply of plain crackers, so he stocked up. Scully found that the smell of some of her favorite foods made her instantly ill and she had an unnatural craving for Campbell's Bean with Bacon Soup.

Scully's first ultrasound was performed as scheduled during her fifth week.

Caroline explained, "This won't show us much more than if the development is progressing normally and how many fetuses there are." The nurse technician put a clear cold gel on Scully's abdomen and then began to smear the gel as she passed the ultrasound scanner over the area. Caroline and the technician had their full attention on the monitor. "There and there", Caroline said as she pointed at and then turned the monitor toward Scully.

"What am I looking at?" Scully knew how to read an ultrasound but in this case she wanted to be the patient and have her doctor verify what she was seeing on the monitor.

Caroline answered, "See here and here," she said pointing to the screen, "there are two babies, both developing nicely."

Scully had actually been so engrossed she had forgotten that Mulder was in the room until she heard him suck all the air into his lungs and say in a low voice, "We're having twins."

"Yes, that's exactly what I'm telling you," Caroline replied.

Scully turned and looked at Mulder and teased, " Look what you've done." But her smile belied her true feelings; she was thrilled.

As her pregnancy progressed the morning sickness subsided and other than feeling a little tired, Scully felt great. Two things happened in the third month of Scully's pregnancy:

First, the second sonogram revealed a boy and a girl, and second she and Mulder had to face Skinner and tell him the news. Had she not been having twins they could have put it off longer but... After his initial shock, Skinner seemed genuinely pleased for them and concerned about Scully being out in the field, knowing the type of cases they routinely worked. They all agreed that Scully would go on light duty when she felt the time was right.

So as her sixth month approached, Scully once again found herself doing background checks. Somehow this time she didn't mind doing them because it was her choice, not part of Kersh's reign of terror. Mulder usually met her for lunch when he was in the building.

As he headed back down to his office after one such lunch the elevator doors opened on the basement level. Mulder unconsciously detected the faint odor of lingering cigarette smoke. A sense of uneasiness put him on alert as he approached his office door. He opened the door to find that CGB Spender had indeed invaded his office.

"Get out," Mulder said calmly.

"Why Agent Mulder, I'm hurt, I've just come by to congratulate you. When is the big event?" CGB purred like a big dangerous cat.

"Drop dead." Mulder remained calm.

"Well I just assumed, judging from Agent Scully's growing belly that her good news is your good news, as well."

"You know what they say about assuming, and I don't really give a shit what you assume or don't assume. Neither myself nor agent Scully need your warm wishes, so don't let the door hit you in the ass you just made of yourself." With this Mulder walked over to his desk picked up a file off of the pile and started thumbing through it.

CGB Spender left but not without the confirmation he needed. He was excellent at reading people and their hidden agendas. Mulder's cool reaction was all on the outside. Inside, he knew his presence made Mulder's nerves stand up and take notice and that would move him to action. He needed Mulder to believe one more time.

As soon as the door closed, Mulder picked up the phone and called Scully. "Scully."

"Scully, it's me."

"Hey you, didn't I just leave you...What's up?"

"Nothing, I just couldn't find the expense report for the Frostburg case," Mulder said as he decided it was probably better not to alarm her with what was probably nothing more than CGB fucking with his mind.

"Mulder, we turned in that report. Are you sure there's nothing else, you sound a little edgy?" Scully was obviously becoming concerned.

Mulder chuckled trying to sound light. "No wonder I can't find it and nothing's wrong Scully that having you back to organize me wouldn't fix." With that he hung up and then placed another call.

"Shady Acres, how may I direct your call?"

"Doctor McAlister-Reese, please."

"One moment, I'll connect you. May I tell her who's calling?"

"Fox Mulder." Mulder tapped his fingers on the desk as he waited. Six months. Had his head been up his ass? How could he have let this go without checking it out before now?

Looking back it had all been so easy, 'too good too be true', but he had wanted it so badly; more to the point, Scully wanted it.

He had turned a blind eye and a deaf ear to any thought of the conspiracy but now... "Doctor McAlister-Reese."

"Caroline, it's Mulder."

"Hi Fox, is something wrong?"

"No, not exactly, but I was wondering if you know the technician who performed the DNA test on the ova and Scully."

"Yes, as a matter a fact I do. In fact, you were so adamant about security for the test that I went down to the lab and made sure everything was OK, why?"

"So, you know and trust the person that performed the test?"

"Yes Fox, especially since I was there helping him out. You made me a little paranoid, so I stayed until the tests were complete."

Somewhat relieved Mulder said, "Thanks, Caroline."

"Fox, what's this all about?"

"Probably nothing, just my 'Scully's-gonna-have-two-babies-in-three more-months jitters'."

"All right Fox, call if you need anything and try not to worry."

"I'll try." He again hung up the phone only to pick up immediately and dial a third number.

"Lone Gunmen."

"Frohike, it's Mulder, turn off the machine."

Frohike reached over and pressed stop on the recorder monitoring the telephone. "OK Mulder, machines off, What's up?"

"I need you guys to help me out tonight."

"Doing what?"

"I want to pay another visit to the Lombard Research Facility."

"The place we 'visited' three years ago?"

"One and the same."

"We're in but why?" The voice was Byers.

"I just had a visit from CGB Spender and it made me think all of this with Scully's ova has been a bit too effortless. I know Kurt Crawford was telling the truth, but maybe he was being used. For what and by whom, I don't know. He said there was a new project and I just put it out of my mind to deal with all the rest; so now, I'd like to take a look in that lab and see if I can find anything."

"Where and when, Mulder?" Frohike asked.

"I'll meet you at your place at 9:00 PM. That should put us at the lab at about 12:30 AM and fellas wear the same outfits as before."

He hung up. Scully wasn't suspicious when Mulder told her that decided to stay at his apartment overnight. They spent many nights together, but each understood that sometimes they needed space. After all, both of them had lived alone for a long time and being responsible to another person took some adjustment.

Lombard Research Facility
Dr. Kevin Scanlon's Office

Dr. Scanlon was sitting at his desk writing when the call came. "Scanlon."

"Dr. Scanlon, the lab will be having a visitor tonight. I do not want him touched or impeded in any way."

"Yes, sir I understand."

"Afterward, dismantle the lab. I want it gone, all of it."

"I'll take care of it."

"Report back to me once it's done, I'll need you for the final phase."

"Yes, sir." A dial tone was his only reply.

Mulder and the Lone Gunmen arrived at the Lombard a little after midnight.

The place seemed deserted. They waited until they saw the security patrols pass, and then entered. Frohike and Langly went into the storm drain and hooked into the security system as Mulder and Byers entered the facility. "Dj vu," Mulder whispered. This break-in went much smoother than the one three years before.

Frohike quickly found the connection, "amazing what a difference a little practice makes," he commented to Langly.

Mulder and Byers made their way down the corridors to the lab. Langly sent the computer code to the lab's electric lock, opening the door for Mulder and Byers to enter. No one was in the lab; neither Kurt Crawford nor his clones were around.

Mulder asked Byers to search the labs file drawers while he made his way to the room where Kurt Crawford had first shown him Scully's ova, three years before. He found nothing of significance; the drawers were all labeled with women's names, a date and a sixteen-digit number. Opening drawers randomly he found tubes, like those containing Scully's ova lying in each drawer. He took one tube from six drawers and pocketed them. He would ask Caroline to test them and see if they were ova.

As Mulder reentered the main part of the lab, he met up with Byers who had turned up nothing about Scully in his search of the files. The only papers he had found that seemed significant were a transparency of a hybridized DNA helix and some information about the cloning process. After a thorough search, the two left the lab and communicated to Frohike and Langly to close up shop and meet them back at the car once they cleared the building.

After dropping the gunmen off, Mulder thought about going to his apartment, but he had this urgent need to be with Scully, so he headed for her place in Georgetown. He entered her apartment as quietly as possible, creeping down the hall to her bedroom so as not to wake her. She was sleeping soundly as he entered her room. Her breathing was deep and even and as his eyes adjusted to the dim light he could see that she was hugging her pillow and looked so young and vulnerable as she slept.

His thoughts went back through the day's events CGB's visit and the trip to Lombard. Although, there was nothing to be found at the research lab, he had this nagging feeling and he had been part of someone else's agenda too many times to ignore the feeling.

Something was going on, but what? He had never once wished to have the ability to read peoples thoughts since his surgery, but if it meant he could protect Scully he would have it back and suffer the consequences. Tomorrow, he would have Caroline test the contents of the tubes he took from the lab. If they turned out to be ova then at least he would know the project was continuing as it had before. Maybe the visit from CGB had been his way of letting Mulder know that he knew what Kurt Crawford had done, end of story.

With that Mulder stripped down to his boxers and T-shirt and lay down beside Scully. She must have felt his weight sinking into the mattress because she stirred calling out to him. "Mulder?"

She sighed his name. "Yep, it's me Scully," he said quietly.

"Thought you were staying home," she said sleepily.

"I was, but I missed you," he said as he wrapped his arm around her stroking her growing tummy. "Go back to sleep," he whispered in her ear.

"'K see you in the morning." Her breathing was once again deep and even, so Mulder knew she had gone straight back to sleep.

He, on the other hand, found it difficult to sleep. He was still wired from the trip and thinking about what it all meant. He wished it made sense but then again when had any of it actually made sense. Eventually, as he lay there lost in thought, the sound of Scully's breathing lulled him to sleep.

Scully woke up the next morning to find Mulder beside her in bed. She couldn't remember how he had gotten there. She had always been a sound sleeper but she found that pregnancy had taken sound sleeping to the extreme. She was fairly sure the building could collapse and she'd sleep right through. She smiled, and thought that maybe this was a reward, pre-babies, for all the disturbances her sleep would get in just three short months.

Mulder looked peaceful so she tried to get out of bed without disturbing him, but when she moved he rolled toward her. "Morning," he said with the gravel of sleep in his voice.

"Morning, yourself," Scully replied as she turned and kissed his forehead. "When did you get here?"

"You mean you don't remember?"

"No, but I dreamt that you told me you missed me."

"That wasn't a dream. Oh. You really can sleep through anything can't you?"

"Yes except a baby or two pressing on my bladder, which is what woke me, so I need to go..." Scully moved as quickly as she could to the bathroom.

Mulder smiled as he watched her walk, she was developing a cute waddle. He closed his eyes and waited for her to come back. He heard her footsteps and then the clink of glass. She had picked up his leather jacket off the floor; it must have fallen in the night off the chair he had put it on when he took it off.

"What are you hiding in your..." Scully stopped mid-sentence.

"Scully." Mulder tried to stop her but it was too late she had already put her hand in his pocket and pulled out one of the tubes.

"Mulder, what is this?... what are these?..." she said looking at the tubes labeled in the same fashion hers had been labeled. "Mulder explain." Mulder could hear the distress in her voice.

He wanted to avoid this, how stupid to leave them in his jacket. Mulder took a deep breath and spilled the whole story. CGB's visit to the office, his own visit to the Lombard Research Facility and the fact that he had found nothing. He assured her that he thought it was just his paranoia and that everything was fine.

"If you really think everything is fine then why didn't you tell me?"

"I didn't want you to worry pointlessly, you have enough to deal with."

"Mulder, I'm pregnant, not dying and I don't want to be kept out of things. I'm fine, I feel great and I will not break."

"I'm sorry Scully. I just know how important all of this is to you and I don't want anything to go wrong."

"Nothing's going to go wrong... and Mulder we share all of this, so don't try to protect me by keeping me in the dark. I want full disclosure on everything, we are partners, after all."

"You're right Scully, I should have told you right from the beginning, but I thought maybe I'd missed something and I couldn't stand it if something happened because I wasn't paying attention."

Scully walked back over and climbed into bed. Taking Mulder in her arms signaling her forgiveness. Just then she felt a flutter in her stomach and then a kick. Scully pulled up the shirt of her pajamas, an action that drew a questioning look from Mulder. She took his hand and placed in on her belly and his son or daughter soon kicked his hand. He pulled his hand away in surprise the first time it happened.

Then gave Scully a brilliant smile and put his hand back on her abdomen hoping he would feel another kick. They lay silently tangled in an embrace watching their children move inside Scully. Scully broke the silence, "Mulder, we checked out the ova, we both trust Caroline, these are our children, they are not products of some bioengineering project, they are products of us. I feel for the first time in a very long while that our lives are on the right path. It's like you said before when you look too hard the world becomes distorted and maybe I'm just kidding myself but I refuse to see this miracle in that way."

"Scully, I want to believe, I mean I know these are our babies, but after all we've been through I just feel a need for caution, especially where CGB's concerned. I'll feel better once these tubes are tested, if they contain ova, then I can chalk it all up to CGB knowing that Kurt Crawford got the best of him and he decided to fuck with my mind as payback."

Mulder gave the tubes to Caroline, who had the contents tested. Each tube contained human ova, so Mulder let the matter drop.

April 7, 2001

Four days past her due date Scully convinced a nervous Mulder that it would be all right for her to go into the grocery store alone while he went to the video store across the street. Scully had been having crampy Braxton-Hicks contractions since the second week of her eighth month.

They had freaked out Mulder, so he was even more overprotective than usual. In the last week, she had noticed that those pesky not-quite-false-labor-pains had changed.

She felt a pressure that she had not felt before. She didn't want to alarm Mulder unnecessarily, so she had kept this new feeling to herself. As soon as she arrived and began to walk the aisles of the Safeway, Scully had a serious contraction. She leaned on the shopping cart through the contraction and then the unthinkable happened. Right in the middle of the frozen food aisle one of her waters broke. The store was full of Saturday shoppers and the gush of water hitting the floor drew a number of horrified looks.

Scully pulled out her cell phone and punched the one button. "Mulder. Mulder, it's me."

As soon as Mulder heard Scully's voice he was out of the video store and halfway to his car. "Scully, what's wrong?"

"Don't be alarmed, but one of my waters broke and Mulder I'm having strong contractions. I'll wait for you at the front of the store."

Mulder pulled up in front of the store as she finished, got out of the car and raced inside the store. "Scully, I'm in the store, right now, where are you?"

"Frozen foods."

Mulder scanned the overhead signs that marked each aisle. Spotting the frozen foods sign, he hurriedly made his way through the Saturday crowd. He found Scully leaning on the grocery cart just as another contraction hit her. She grimaced and gritted her teeth to stop from yelling out.

Mulder's strong arms went around her and he whispered in her ear, "Breathe Scully, let it out."

Once the pain subsided she said, "Mulder, this is happening too fast. I feel like my insides are on fire, I can feel one of the babies moving down, ooooh; we need to get out of here now. Mmmmmmm."

"Scully, I'll call an ambulance," Mulder said as he pulled out his cell phone.

"No Mulder we need to go now, I think I can make it to the hospital if I'm sitting down in the car. I'm not having my babies in the frozen foods section of Safeway," she said emphatically.

"Ok. Lean on me, the car's just outside the front door."

Mulder said as another bear-trap contraction seized Scully. "OOOOOOO," she couldn't hold back her cry.

With that Mulder lifted Scully into his arms and carried her, practically sprinting for the car.

As Scully had predicted, the contractions slowed down on the drive to the hospital. She called Caroline and told her what had happened. Caroline would be waiting for them at the hospital with a delivery room ready. Pulling up to the emergency entrance, Mulder managed to find a wheelchair and helped Scully out of the car as her second water broke. He wheeled her to the elevator, ignoring the ER nurse's order that they check in.

Escaping into the elevator, they went up to the maternity ward where Caroline was waiting. Once in the delivery room Caroline examined Scully while Mulder changed into scrubs, and found that she was dilated and ready to give birth. The contractions were coming hard and fast and Scully held on to Mulder's hand like a lifeline as the pain and pressure built.

"Breathe Scully."

"It hurts, Mulder."

"I know, Scully, but it will be over soon, just breathe."

Caroline let them know that the first head had crowned and told Scully to push. Mulder supported Scully's back as she pushed. "You're doing great, Dana." Caroline encouraged.

"One more big push."

Mulder again supported Scully as she pushed. The baby slid out and into Caroline's waiting hands. Both Mulder and Scully had tears streaming down their cheeks as she held up their son. "Fox, you can cut the cord." Caroline handed Mulder a pair of scissors and told him to cut just above where they had tied the cord with suture thread. Just as he cut the cord he could see the head of his daughter crown.

"Dana, I need you to push again, so we can get this little one out too," Caroline said as Mulder took his place by Scully's side and helped lift her so she could push.

"Push, Scully," Mulder urged.

Scully bore down, pushed and then fell back against Mulder's hands. "I need one more, Dana," Caroline said.

This time as Mulder helped Scully sit- up, she grunted like a tennis player making an ace serve and their daughter was born. Mulder again cut the umbilical cord and then assisted Scully push both placentas out.

The babies were placed on Scully's chest before the nurses took them to weigh them, test them and clean them up.

"They're beautiful," Mulder whispered as he kissed Scully's forehead. Scully beamed at him. She had all but forgotten the pain as she fell in love with the beautiful little bundles on her chest.

Both babies had red fuzz on their heads and Scully counted ten perfect little fingers and toes on each baby. She was exhausted and elated all at the same time. As the nurses came to take the babies she reached for Mulder and pulled him down into an embrace. "I love you."

Caroline informed them that Scully would be moved to a room and that the babies would be brought in as soon as the nurses finished had with them. She also told them that as Scully had requested the stem cells would be preserved from each baby. Scully fell asleep as she and Mulder waited in her room for the babies. Mulder called Mrs. Scully and let her know what had happened. She was on her way to the hospital.

The babies were brought in and the nurses informed Mulder and Scully that they were perfect. "Have you decided on names?" one of the nurses asked.

"Yes," Scully answered. "Our son is William Scully Mulder and our daughter is Caroline Rose Mulder."

She looked at Mulder and then at their children with such love that Mulder's eyes began to tear. He had not expected this happiness and now that he had it he never wanted to let it go. Scully summed up how they both were feeling as they each held one of their children; Scully held Will and Mulder held Caroline, she simply looked up at Mulder and said, "My cup runneth over."

Both had tears of joy welling in their eyes.

CGB Spender threw the spent cigarette butt to the ground.

As the tip hit the concrete of the sidewalk, little sparks flew into the air. He opened the glass door and entered the Lombard Research facility. Passing security with a nod he walked the corridors to his destination unnoticed by passers- by. He was nondescript; a ghost noticed only when he chose to emerge from the shadows. Dr. Kevin Scanlon was absorbed in his work.

He had just finished his test on the stem cells of the Mulder twins, taken from the delivery room by the nurse paid by CGB Spender. The cells matched the sample. He had worked on the project for years, mostly in the background, but two years ago he became the 'go to guy' when the rebels had killed all the others. He would succeed where they had failed; he had a chip in the game and the results proved it.

The lab door opened, as Scanlon turned toward the door a piece of paper fluttered to the floor; unnoticed, as his attention focused on CGB Spender, who had entered the lab. "Dr. Scanlon."


"What have you found?"

"The cells indicate that both children are a match. They both have the genetic material we've been searching for."

"You're sure?"

"Yes. Sir, here are the results," Scanlon said as he handed his report to CGB. "As you can see there are matches on all fifteen markers and although we know the material can not be extracted and implanted, we can use blood samples to continue the process."


CGB Spender reached into his pocket and retrieved his cell phone. He punched in a number and put the phone to his ear. Then reaching into his coat pocket again he pulled out a small glock and fired point blank at Scanlon, whose last look was one of disbelief as the shot hit him in the imaginary x ring on his chest. His heart exploded and he collapsed on to the lab floor and the piece of paper that had fallen earlier.

As he stepped over Scanlon's warm body, CGB punched in a number on his cell phone placing a call for real this time not just as a distraction. Waiting for the phone to be answered at the other end, he took the samples and the report Scanlon had been working on and swept them into a black nylon bag he pulled from his other coat pocket.

The phone was answered on the third ring as he turned to leave the lab carrying the bag. He paused long enough to give his order, "Take the girl."

Knowing that his order would be understood and carried out, he replaced his cell phone in his pocket and walked out of the facility. Once outside he pulled his cigarette carton from his breast pocket tapped the box against his hand, pulling out a single cigarette, he placed it between his lips, lit it and then took a long drag.

He continued walking and said to himself, "And so it begins."

The End

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