Title: Alex
Author: phileatheart
Written: September 1999
Rating: PG
Category: X-File, addition of new character
Spoilers: not any real spoilers, but a few inside jokes
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Summary: Mulder and Scully travel to California to investigate a hacker, but find a strange things happenning to the local children, and an interesting person to relate to...

Warning: This is the introductory story to a new "recurring" character, so hopefully there will be a series of stories involving that person...


Scene 1-The Teaser

Dockerson Residence
Cumberland Heights, CA
June 11th, 1994 7:22 PM

It was a beautiful evening. A thunderstorm had begun to encroach upon the horizon, but for the moment the sky remained undisturbed. The stars twinkled brightly and the moon cast an eerie glow over the town of Cumberland Heights. A barely discernable b urgundy hue in the Western sky was the only remnant of day, but the gloom would soon dissolve as quickly as it had appeared.

These things Arthur Dockerson always took for granted. Except on Fridays. Fridays were the infamous, highly anticipated father-son camping trips. Tonight's destination (as well as every other night's): the backyard. Johnny didn't care. Regardless o f whether they were headed for Alaska or the rear green, the boy loved the excursion. So did his father.

"What now, Johnny?" Arthur asked. Following the construction of their dome tent, the pair began toasting smores over a small campfire. The illumination danced before their eyes and the only sounds to be heard were that of the flames crackling, the inse cts chirping, and the occasional shifting of body weight. That was strange. No birds. Not that Arthur would have noticed. As far as he was concerned, nothing could possibly ruin the evening.

Opposite him Johnny's eyes lit up and he shouted excitedly, "Story time!" Beside Arthur was a paperback of scary stories. They were pretty creepy and each was preselected. Every Sunday he'd select the most appropriate tales. Some were too advanced or just too scary for a 6-year-old.

Arthur grinned, but as he reached for the fables his smile faded. A glimmering light emerged from the Northern sky and moved at an incredible speed. It was headed straight for them.

Johnny saw it, too.

" Dadeeee...." he said shakily as the triangle-shaped object halted and hovered above them. The glow on the base of it transformed into a brilliant light that pierced the dark night and stung Arthur's eyes. The object shifted, now only shining upon Jo hnny, wide-eyed and open-mouthed as with awe or fear or both. A paternal instinct told Arthur to just grab Johnny and get him out of there, but he didn't have the chance. Almost to contradict that thought, it transformed into an achingly bright pulse of light, enveloping the small boy and his father. Then the object, along with Johnny and Arthur, vanished into a spectacular streak of meandering afterglow.

Several hours later, the object reappeared, and repeated the same light dance as before. This time, when it was gone, Arthur and Johnny had reappeared at the exact same spot they had vanished from.

When he regained consciousness, Arthur immediately reached for his fallen son. "Johnny, are you O.K.?" He pulled the boy to his feet with little or no assistance from the child.

"Johnny???" he asked with obvious concern. "Johnny!" No response. Blank eyes stared back at him. The boy's arms lay slack at his sides and his head lolled onto his chest. He stared not at his father but through him, into a world all his own.

Johnny had become catatonic.

"Johnny," Arthur shook the child. But with no reply.

An uncanny blackness had enveloped Cumberland Heights and offered no evidence of the disturbance.

The night was calm, serene.

Scene 2

FBI Headquarters
June 15, 1994 8:30 AM

Special Agent Dana Scully was sitting at her chair, going over the field reports from her last case over and over again, making sure each detail was correct, checking the grammar and spelling again and again until everything was neat, professional, perfe ct. She liked things perfect. No loose ends, no mistakes, just organization and clarity. But ever since she was assigned to Special Agent Fox Mulder, she rarely got either.

A glance around the room confirmed that. Piles of unfinished paperwork, and old case files, posters and maps and blurry pictures proclaiming the existence of extraterrestrial life, miscellaneous "artifacts" and videos. She had become immersed in all th e things she didn't believe in. This constant bombardment of absolute nonsense might even wind up turning her into her partner. God, she needed her own office.

Just then Fox Mulder walked in.

"Mornin', Scully." Uh-oh. He was smiling. Never a good sign. Mulder crossed the room and sat on the edge of his desk. He was happy. Too happy. He had a look in his eyes similar to that of a 12-year-old boy's when he opens his birthday presents, but unique all in its own. It meant he had stumbled onto something that had interested him, and that meant an X-File. She hated that look.

"Hope you brought you're sunscreen because we're headed for California!"


"We've been assigned to a government theft case. Some hacker downloaded sensitive materials in the area of Cumberland Heights, and we have to find him, arrest him, and recover all material or electronic files."

She was puzzled. "Wouldn't Computer Crimes handle that? That's not our field. Besides, what's your interest in this case? You obviously know more than you're telling me. What is it? Why are we chasing some hacker in California instead of Bigfoot in t he Yukon?"

He smiled a mysterious, knowing smile. He wasn't saying a word.

"Mulder..." she cautioned, half annoyed half curious.

Just then the phone rang.

"Agent Mulder," he answered.

After a few "Uh-huh"s and "Yeah"s he finally said, "Skinner wants your field reports."

"But Mulder, you still haven't told me..."

"Don't forget to pack!" he interrupted.

She groaned.

The Lone Gunmen's Office
June 15th 5:55 PM

"Why are we here?" Scully asked.

"Who else to ask about a hacker then the professionals? After all, it takes one to know one."

Mulder knocked on the door, entered a numeric code into the keypad beside the knob, and looked into the camera above him.

"It's me, guys."

"Is the lovely Agent Scully with you?" Frohike asked as he unlocked the half dozen locks on the door. Mulder moved aside allowing the camera to see Scully. The door opened, and they stepped in.

"We've got the new issue right off the press for you, Agent Mulder," Langly said from behind a computer. He got up and handed it to him. Langly looked more like Garth from Wayne's World then a writer and publisher. His long stringy hair and black-rimm ed glasses would allow him to fit in with any computer geek gang or roadies. Byers looked like an accountant or a business man with the trimmed beard and clean-cut suits he always wore, and Frohike...well Frohike didn't seem like anything.

"So where's Byers?" Scully asked. Just then he emerged from the dark room in the back. "What've you found, Mulder?" Frohike asked. Mulder glanced at Scully, knowing full well he couldn't tell them why he was really going to Cumberland Heights while in her presence. She'd kill him.

"Actually, we're just investigating a computer crimes case. Do you know of any hackers in Cumberland Heights, California?" They each looked at each other, wondering how much they should tell him.

"Look, I'll do what I can, but I'm gonna find him anyway, so you might as well tell me," said Mulder.

They sighed, knowing that was true.

"Alex Rozmeski, as least we think that's his real name. We'll never know for sure. That is, until you get him," Frohike finally said.

"Computer genius. Probably the best hacker out there. Has so many rerouting boxes we only found out he lives in California last week. The Michael Jordan of hacking. Got into the top secret CIA files from Roswell and the Gulf War. Gives us a lot of o ur government tips. A subscriber, too. We were hoping to meet in a few months. Judging by your investigation he got something he wasn't supposed to."

"You could say that, yeah," Mulder said. "So do you have any idea what he looks like? Age, race, occupation, anything like that?"

"Well, not really. By talking to him we're just assuming Caucasian, late 20s early 30s. That's all we can offer you," Byers said.

"Great. So we're looking for someone in the town of Cumberland Heights, population 9, 567, probably Caucasian male age 25-35 with a computer," Scully said unenthusiastically.

What a fun trip.

Flight 1013 June 16th 11:35 AM

It only took forty-five minutes in the air before Mulder dozed off. The plane seemed to be the only time he did sleep. His huge 6'1" frame was folded into a small coach class seat, rock music blaring from his headphones and his legs sprawled out into th e aisle making it hard for the flight attendants. They probably thought he was young college student, with so young a face. Mulder did look young, except for his eyes. His eyes held dark secrets and unbearable pain. They held something knowing, somet hing haunting.

As he was snoring loudly and his head ever so slowing making its way down into her lap, Scully was reviewing the case files. When they had boarded the plane, Mulder had finally told her their reason for coming. Apparently, a young boy had lapsed into s ome form of catatonic autism, after (big surprise) a UFO allegedly abducted the boy and his father. This had happened three other times in the past year in the same area. It turned out the boy was a chemo patient, being treated for leukemia, which was p robably responsible for the child's present state. Of course she had yelled at him, he had tried to defend himself, and they wound up boarding the plane both angry at the other. As usual. But then, according the routine they had adopted over the years, Mulder would fall asleep on the plane embarrassing her and annoying everyone else, wake up, and everything would be back to normal. As least as normal as a pair of FBI agents investigating the paranormal and strange occurrences could get.

He finally woke up when the flight attendant needed to push the food cart by.

"Look at this, Mulder," said Scully. No reply. "Mulder." she looked at him. He was staring at the flight attendant as she bent over to pick up trash. What a pig, she couldn't help thinking. Scully kicked his leg.


"Look at this," she pointed to her laptop. She had logged onto the Intelligence Network Gateway (ING) and brought up the profile of Alex Rozmeski. The strange part was, there was no profile. It said "Error: Cannot process your request."

"How come he doesn't have a profile in the ING? Everyone in the country does. It's like he doesn't even exist."

Scene 3

Dockerson Residence
June 16th 7:23 PM

"Mr. Dockerson? I'm Agent Mulder, from the FBI, and this is Agent Scully. May we ask you a few questions?" Dockerson opened the door.

He lead them to his living room, and sat down opposite them. A balding, heavy-set man in his late 40s, he seemed very nervous. A civil engineer for the government, he got a decent paycheck but his house was filled with electronics and expensive hardwar e. A huge entertainment system was in the middle of the living room, and overpriced paintings adorned the walls. Besides, treatment for leukemia didn't come cheap.

"Would you tell us exactly what happened last night? From the beginning," Mulder said.

"Look, I already talked to the police, I don't know what happened. I don't remember. I was outside with my son and the next thing I know I woke up three hours later and Johnny had become catatonic. As far as I know, we both fell asleep and when we wok e up, the cancer had taken him."

"It says here your son had the advanced stages of leukemia," Scully said. "Was he doing well with the treatment?" Scully asked.

"No, no matter how much treatment he got, the cancer kept advancing. No treatment could prevent the inevitable. I think the reason for this is because of the leukemia. It's not unheard of." Scully smiled I told you so to Mulder. He wasn't impressed.

"What about your neighbors? They say they saw..." he looks at the reports in front of him, "an unidentifiable object hover above you, then a bright light flashed, you disappeared, and three hours later you were returned here. Now you worked for the gov ernment. Do you know of any technology capable of this?"

"UFOs?? You think UFOs made my son like this? Look, I don't have to answer any more questions. Please leave."

"We're only trying to find out what really happened that night." Scully said.

"It doesn't matter. Please go. Now."

Cumberland Heights Police Department June 16th 8:40 PM

"We should be interviewing the neighbors, or visiting the hospital, not chasing hackers," Mulder said disappointed.

"This is the case we came here to solve, not aliens abducting children and turning them into zombies," she said angrily.

"It sounds so much better when I say it."

"Agents Muldar and Scully?" Detective Salafia asked.

"'Mulder'. And yeah, that's us."

"What do you need to know, agents," he asked.

"Do you know an Alex Rozmeski?" Salafia looked puzzled.

"Of course, why?" Mulder and Scully looked at each other.

"Could you give us the address?"

"Yeah, sure, but, uh...Alex isn't in trouble, right? I mean, what's your interest?"

"Stolen government documents," Scully said.

"You're kidding, right?"

Mulder and Scully said no. "Why?"

Salafia chuckled. "You don't know who this is, do you. Well, you'll see."

Scene 4

Rozmeski Residence
June 16th 9:14 PM

"Yes?" Mrs. Rozmeski answered the door.

"I'm Agent Scully and this is Agent Mulder, we're from the FBI."

"What do you want?"she asked.

"Is Alex home? We'd like to ask a few questions."

"Alex is upstairs. In the bedroom. It's nothing serious, is it? Graduation is tomorrow. Valedictorian, you know."

Mulder and Scully were a little bewildered. Mrs. Rozmeski was in her mid-forties, and Alex was presumably in his 20s or 30s. Also, what was this talk of graduation? Night school? Scully didn't hear of any outstanding colleges in the area. Besides, w hat would he be studying? Mulder interrupted her train of thought.

"Thank you."

Mrs. Rozmeski then lead them thorough the living room and upstairs. It was an average house. Nothing extraordinary. Except for the upstairs. They walked right past the main bedroom to a second bedroom at the end of the hall. That was strange. Even stranger still was the camera positioned above the door. In the center of the door, an inch or two above Scully's eye level, was a rectangular hole in the wall covered by steel on the other side. The two agents exchanged glances.

Noticing this, Mrs. Rozmeski only said: "Alex is...independent." No kidding. Paranoid seemed like a better word. But for good reason, considering the sensitive materials in that room.

"Alex, honey, you have visitors. They're from the FBI. Open up."

They heard approaching footsteps, and suddenly the metal behind the rectangular hole slid open, startling the agents and exposing two blue eyes. Icy cold, but intelligent, and cautious. A series of three, four, five, and then six locks unlocked before the door swung open. Their jaws dropped open.

Standing before them was teenage girl, with stringy dark hair and dirty, plain clothes. She was unusually thin, probably from not eating enough, and had dark rings around her eyes from not sleeping enough. She had deep brown hair that looked like it ha dn't been washed in at least a week, acne, and had blue eyes. Not exactly the Prom Queen. But those eyes. She stared straight at the agents, unmoving, her blue eyes piercing. She saw right through them, as if she knew the their darkest secrets and mos t intimate of intimates. As if she knew everything about them, everything they had ever been through or experienced, everything from Scully's first day of kindergarten to the time Mulder dishonored the soul of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Those eyes knew it all. The eyes are the window to the soul, and her soul was pained, tortured, but knowing, and wise. Her soul, like that of Mulder's, in a way, was haunted by pain and knowledge.

The spell was finally broken when the girl turned to her mother.

"I...I'm sorry," Scully said turning to Mrs. Rozmeski. "You might have misunderstood us. We were looking for Alex Rozmeski. Is he home?" But Mulder knew the truth. He knew, just by looking into her eyes, that this was Alex Rozmeski, and deep down Scu lly knew it, too, she just wouldn't admit it.

"I am Alex." She stared at Scully.

"Uh, may we come in?" Mulder asked. Alex opened the door wider, allowing Mulder and Scully passage.

"Um, hi, we're..."

"Agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully. I know." Mulder looked at her questioningly, and then at the computer screen behind her which was divided into nine squares. Camera surveillance. Including one at the front door. She must have been listening to th e conversation at the door. That's how she knew their names. No big mystery. Except they didn't mention their first names...

"How do you know our first names?" Scully broke in, having obviously seen the screen too. Alex picked up two manilla folders laying on her computer desk. She handed them to Scully. The first was Mulder's profile. Pages and pages of information on him , from his childhood, to his profile on serial killer Monty Props, to the last case they were working on, to Mulder's triple X cable bill. The second was Scully's.

"Where did you get these???" Mulder said after seeing his cable bill.

"I have my sources."

At this point both Mulder and Scully took the opportunity to take in the surroundings. Her room was filled with papers, manilla files, and a file cabinet similar to the one in the X-Files office. There was next to no light, only a single lamp. Her walls were plastered with blurry pictures of UFOs and aliens, including an "I Want to Believe" poster identical to the one behind Mulder's desk . Strangely enough, beside the it was a second poster illustrating the concept of Occam's R azor, or the accepted scientific principle that the simplest explanation tends to be the right one. Either way, her room indicated a predilection towards science. He glanced at her computer, which was hardly standard issue. It had at least two dozen met al attachments, similar to those found in the Lone Gunmen's Office, but even an amateur computer user like Mulder knew they were far more advanced. There were unwashed plates on the desk, clothes piled in the corner, and a bed that seemed to have been only used every few days. To Scully the place was a dump, but Mulder thought of more like an organized mess. It was, in a strange sort of way, homey and comfortable to him. He had lived similarly in the past and, to some extent, in the present.

Then both he and Scully returned their attention to Alex.

"How did you become aware of our work?" Scully asked, though what she really wanted to ask was How the hell do you know everything about us? Alex knew exactly what she was thinking. "How did you find out about me?" She smiled. "No one has ever been able to catch me." She only asked this to hear them say it. She knew how they found out.

"We have...uh...friends that are...in the same business," Mulder said.

"Well, Frohike likes to think he and Agent Scully could be more than just friends," she replied, amused by his definition.

"How..." Mulder started to say, but Alex reached into a drawer and pulled out the latest edition of the Lone Gunmen Magazine. "I should've known..." he mumbled. She smiled.

It was safe to say that Mulder liked her immediately.

Scully, however, was still struggling to wrap her mind around the fact that a sixteen- or seventeen-year old girl had hacked into unreachable government files, researched and admired everything about Mulder and herself, and had the knowledge and ability and drive to become an informant to the Lone Gunmen. Not to mention the intelligence. She was a truly brilliant mind, and Scully respected and even admired that. Her mother had mentioned valedictorian, and Scully had little doubt that an IQ test would prove at or above genius level. Apparently Mulder was thinking the same thing.

"So," he said, "Harvard or Yale?"

"Harvard," she smiled.

"What are you going to study?"asked Scully.

"Forensic pathology and psychology. Well, are you gonna arrest me or not?" Mulder and Scully looked at each other.

"We can't arrest you if you don't have the top secret CIA government files in your room," Mulder said.

"And we are authorized to conduct a search," Scully added. Alex sighed and moved to the other side of the room, which harbored a small fire-proof safe. She quickly used the combination and opened it. Inside was a single manilla folder. Se closed the safe and handed it to Mulder. "This is what you're looking for."

"What is it?"

"It's the only physical proof of the abductions that have been going on this area for the past year. Documentation of the tests being performed on local children infected with leukemia from low income families. There are now four documented cases, two boys and two girls between the ages of six and nine. Each had regressed into a catatonic-like trance after the alleged abduction." Mulder and Scully exchanged glances. "I'm aware that you're ulterior motive for coming here was to investigate the abduct ion of Johnny Dockerson. Johnny is the exception to the abductee profile because he comes from an upper-middle class family. At first the abduction period was two and a half days. The second victim was missing for twenty-four hours, and the third victim was gone for twelve hours. The time it took to complete the testing became shorter and shorter as they perfected the technique. Johnny Dockerson was only missing for a few hours."

"Yes, but what are the tests?" he handed the folder to Scully. She skimmed through it paying close attention the medical records.

"It says here that they were performed on the brain," Scully noted.

"Yes. From what I can tell, they are perfecting techniques to erase memory completely, without the risk of the patient recovering them during hypnotic regression. This has been nearly accomplished, with few to none adverse side affects. What is causin g these children to become vegetables is that they are no longer trying to simply erase memory, but create and manipulate it." "That's impossible. That kind of technology doesn't exist. We don't even know enough about the human brain to attempt it! Isn't it even remotely possible that the chemotherapy the children received interrupted brain function and caused them to lapse i nto a waking coma??"

"Scully, the evidence is right here in front of you, why can't you see that? We've seen this at Ellens Air Force Base and the teenagers in Oregon. Scientific evidence. And it couldn't be the chemo treatment because all of the previous victims were fro m low income families. They couldn't even afford chemotherapy. More than likely the government agreed to pay the families in order to afford treatment in exchange for conducting these tests."

"Well, we won't know anything until we see Johnny Dockerson's medical records." "Wait, so you're not going to arrest me?" Alex asked, but she wasn't very concerned.

Mulder and Scully thought about this for a moment. They didn't want to arrest her, but their assignment was to find the hacker and arrest him.

"We were unable to find Alex Rozmeski, Caucasian male, late 20s early 30s," Mulder said. "So why would we arrest you, our unofficial, nonexistent, anonymous, secret informant?"

She smiled. "Any time."

Scene 5

Cumberland Heights Memorial Hospital
11:21 PM

"Finally!" Doctor Anderson said excitedly. "People who can give me some answers!"

"Do you think we can see Johnny's medical records and charts?" Scully asked.

"Sure. Maybe you can explain them because I don't know what to make of them." Anderson lead them to Johnny's room and removed the charts from his door. She then entered the room opposite them, and place several x-rays of Johnny's head onto one of thos e lit walls used for viewing x-rays. There was a circle drawn on by a marker surrounding a small dark area on the top of his skull. Scully noticed it immediately, but Mulder's untrained eye saw nothing.

"My God. That looks like a surgical scar. On his brain. That would most certainly kill a person. You can't just go into the brain with a laser and mess around," Scully said.

"You're sure this is a surgical scar," Mulder said to Anderson. "Positive?"

"Without a doubt."

"Could we see him?"

Anderson lead them back across the hall, into the boy's room. He was pale, so small and innocent lying on the bed.

"Look at this," Anderson said. She walked around the bed and lifted Johnny's head off of the pillow. With her other hand she pushed aside some of his hair to reveal a long, red scar, about 3 inches in length. It's placement corresponded with the scar on the x-ray.

"Do you have the medical charts to the other three victims?" Scully asked. She pulled out her notepad and said, "Uh, Jessica Parker, age 7, David Cambridge, age 9, and Sarah Anne Brownstone, age 7?"

"No, they weren't patients of mine, but I do recognize the names from a few newspaper articles. Sometimes when we run out rooms and stretchers we send the patients to the millitary hospital a few miles away. That could be why."

"Dr. Anderson?" a nurse at the door said. "We need you in the ICU, stat."

"I'm sorry, I have to go. Keep me informed, please." Once she left, it gave them a chance to think.

"So, you still think it's chemotherapy gone awry?" Mulder asked.

"Let's just say, for argument's sake, that this is possible. Why Dockerson? He was a civil engineer, not a poor farmer," Scully said. This gave Mulder an idea.

"That's it! He was a civil engineer for the government. We read that in his file, and just heard the kids went to the military hospital instead of here. He probably knew about the experiments, and agreed to the tests hoping they could cure his son. We have to go back and interview him."

Suddenly Scully's cell phone rang.

"Agent Scully?" a frightened voice said. It sounded like Arthur Dockerson.


"This is Arthur Dockerson. There's something I need to tell you. It's very important. You and Agent Mulder, meet me at the 'Sally's Diner' on Main St., 9:00 AM sharp. Don't be late." He hung up.

"Who was it?"

"Arthur Dockerson. He wants to talk to us tomorrow morning. He says it's important."

"Sounds to me like he's gonna come clean."

"I hope so."

Easy Breeze Motel
1:15 AM

They had finally arrived at the motel a little after one AM. Scully was exhausted. All she wanted to do was take a quick shower and go to bed. She was about to get undressed when her phone rang. Ughhh.

"Agent Scully," she said without enthusiasm. It was Detective Salafia. Mulder then knocked softly on the door that connected their rooms and she opened it for him. Apparently he had heard the phone ring.

After a few seconds, she hung up and turned to Mulder.

"What was that about?"

"Dockerson's dead."


"By an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head." It didn't seem like she was going to get much sleep after all.


Dockerson Residence
1:46 AM

They arrived just as Dockerson's body was being wheeled into the coroner's van. The place was swarming with cops. They walked up to Detective Salafia.

"What happened here?" Agent Mulder asked.

"Arthur Dockerson, apparently torn apart by the loss of what he knew as his son, took a gun to his head. That's about it."

"There is absolutely nothing unusual about his death? No sign of struggle, nothing?"

"Well, there is one thing. The gun he used...it's the same one used in most law enforcement, government, and military agencies. You can't just go buy it at your local gunshop."

"So you're not ruling out the possibility of a homicide."

"It's possible, but not likely. If it was a homicide, the suspect either caught him completely off guard or he knew his assailant." Then Agent Mulder's cell phone rang.

"Agent Mulder."

"My name is Beverly, I'm a nurse here at Cumberland Heights Memorial. At around midnight Dr. Anderson, the doctor you and Agent Scully spoke to earlier about Johnny Dockerson, took her break. Except she didn't come back . As if she had just disappeare d." Mulder looked at Scully. "She came back about fifteen minutes ago, and, well, I think you need to come down here right away."

Cumberland Heights
Memorial Hospital 1:37 PM

"Dr. Anderson? How are you feeling?" Scully asked.

"Fine. Uh, if you don't mind my asking, who are you?"Anderson asked. Mulder and Scully glanced at each other, surprised.

"I'm Agent Mulder and this is Agent Scully, from the FBI. We spoke a few hours ago, don't you remember?"

"That's impossible. I've never seen either of you in my life. Now if you'll excuse me, I'd have to finish my rounds." Anderson got up and left.

"Do you see what I mean?" Nurse Beverly said. "I asked her about a patient that came in a little after you left and she didn't remember a thing. What's going on here?"

"We're not sure," Scully said. But Mulder knew what was going on, and so did Scully.

"Could we see Johnny's medical charts?" Mulder asked, but he knew what happened. She lead them to Johnny's room, only to find him gone.

"Sue," Beverly said. "What happened to Johnny?"

"He passed away about half hour ago."

"What about his charts?"

"They're with him. At the crematorium."

"What the hell is going on here???" Scully said.

"Well, when you find out, give me a call." Beverly then left to finish her own duties.

"Mulder, what is this? First Dockerson, then Dr. Anderson...it's almost like anyone who knows what is going on..." she trailed off as they both realized something. The only other person who knew about the case was...

"Alex!" they said in unison.

Scene 6

Rozmeski Residence
2:12 AM

Alex was opening the refrigerator when she heard it. A creaking, soft and quiet, but her trained ears heard it. Suddenly a man grabbed her from behind and pressed a damp cloth against her face. She tried to scream but quickly passed out. He picked he r up and started for the door.

Just then, Mulder and Scully knocked on the front door. The attacker quickly ran to the back door and turned the knob. The door creaked loudly as he opened it. Mulder and Scully heard this, then tried the doorknob, but it was locked. They ran around the side of the house. He was getting away.

"Stop! FBI!"

They ran through the back yard, catching up with him. With the extra weight of the girl he traveled much slower than Mulder and Scully. In front of him was the backyard fence. It was too high to carry Alex over if he wanted to make it over. And he did . Mulder and Scully were right behind him.

"Stop right where you are!" The words had no effect. With no other option, the attacker dropped the girl and climbed over the fence. Just as he landed on the other side Scully reached Alex.

"She's unconscious, but alive," Scully told Mulder. With that, Mulder climbed up the fence and began chasing the man. Vague images of trees and cars swept by him, until they finally reached a street. Suddenly a black Sedan pulled up and the door opene d. The attacker jumped inside as it sped away. He was gone.

Scene 7

Cumberland Heights High School
June 17th 4:58 PM

Rows and rows of folding chairs lay before them. The sky was clear, and the sun beat down on the teenagers. Most were talking, some were squirming in their seats, and even less were paying attention as Alex Rozmeski took the podium. In the very back, beyond the students, amidst the parents and friends, were Mulder and Scully. At least she would have a few fans. Everyone was so loud they only caught the end of speech. Not that anyone else cared.

"...don't take anyone else's word on anything. Pursue your own truth, however you can, whether intuitively or rationally..." she looked straight at Mulder, than Scully. How did she know we were here, let alone where we were?? Scully thought to herself. But at this point it didn't really matter. "...and don't let anyone obstruct that, no matter how crazy they say you are. That is my advice to you. Thank you." She stepped down and moved to the side, off the makeshift stage, as the graduates threw th eir hats in the air. Mulder and Scully met her by the exit.


"Thank you for coming."

"How did you know we were here?" Scully asked. Alex smiled.

"I had a feeling you would be."

"When do you take off to Boston?"

"Actually, I'm going to New York tonight. The semester doesn't start until September so my mom bought me a plane ticket to New York so I could see all the sights and enjoy myself until school. It was my graduation present. My aunt lives in New York."

"You're welcome to stop by the FBI building anytime. Besides, I have some friends that would love to meet you. It would only take a few hours," Mulder invited.

"I'll ask my aunt," she smiled. But her eyes said 'I wouldn't miss it for the world.'

The Lone Gunmen's Office
June 20th 10:34 AM

"So, did you bring him?" Frohike said excitedly to the screen.

Mulder looked up at the camera and said, "Yeah."

They opened the door, and Mulder, Scully, and finally Alex walked in.

"Byers, Frohike, and Langly," Scully said pointing to each of them, "this is Alex. Is it Alexandria or Alexis?" she asked.


The Lone Gunmen looked at each other, then at Alex, then at Mulder and Scully. The agents were serious.

"No way...." the Lone Gunmen said in unison chuckling to themselves. Alex stepped forward, and looked at each of them long and hard. Her eyes couldn't fool anyone. Their jaws dropped open.

She smiled.

The End

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