Title: Adding to the Family
Author: xfilesjunkie
Keywords: MSR, post-series

Summary: What will happen when Scully becomes pregnant again?

May 2004

Special Agent Dana Scully could barely contain her excitement as she tried to open the front door to her Washington DC apartment.

‘I can't believe this is really happening.' She thought as she finally got the key into the lock and opened the door, "Mulder!"

The silence made her concerned. Throwing her bag onto the couch she made her way down the hallway towards William's bedroom.

"Mulder!" The sudden opening of the door made her jump and scream, none too quietly.

"SHHHH!!" scolded her partner, and boyfriend, Fox Mulder.

"I just got Will to sleep."

"Well, ok then, but I just got back from the doctor's," Scully said with a small jump. A look of sudden realization came on Mulder's face.

"Well," he prodded, "Are you?"

A huge smile graced her face, "Yes!! I'm pregnant!!"

Mulder lifted her up spinning, their laughter filling the apartment.


"Whoops. Seems our excitement woke up the little bugger," Mulder stated as Scully's feet finally reached the ground again.

"Well, we better tell him the good news right?" Scully said with the huge smile she thought would permently be fixed on her face for life.

"Ok, let's go in." Mulder opened the door and reviled the couple's two-year-old son.

William might have had Scully's coloring and fiery red hair, but everything else was Mulder…even his nose, mush to Mulder's disappointment.

A look of pure excitement came onto the toddler's face, "Mommy!!" he shrieked.

"Hi honey," Scully cooed as she lifted him out of his new Toy Story toddler bed.

"We have something very important to tell you, ok?" Scully asked her son.

"Yes Mommy," William answered not really paying attention to what she was saying.

Looking at Mulder for guidance she gave him a look of pleading. Frantically, he gestured to their son who was preoccupied with his bedding.

"Honey," she started taking the blanket from his hands, "Mommy is going to have baby."

"But I'm the baby!" he yelled pointing to himself.

"William, you're not a baby anymore. We've been over this," Mulder said finally kneeling next to Scully to explain this to a three-year-old.

"Mommy is going to have another baby and you're going to be a big brother. How does that sound?" he asked trying to make it sound like it was the best thing in the world in William's mind.

"What do you have to do?" William asked with his small brow furrowing deeper into his face as this whole thing went on.

"Well," Mulder started, "umm…you….uhhh. Scully, help me out here."

"William, you'll have to look out from your little brother or sister and protect them if anything goes wrong," she said, "You'll also get to teach them everything you know like how to play or help them learn to walk and talk."

A small smile started on his face, "Ok, guess I'll like it. Can I go watch TV?" he asked with his lower lip out.

Mulder saw it and pointed to it, "See! You see, Scully! That's what he does. I don't know where he gets it from."

"Mulder," she laughed as she got up off the bed, "He gets it from you."

A look of shock came on his face as he followed her out of the room with William in tow.

"He does not!"

His only response was a loud laugh coming from the kitchen.

"Scully!" Mulder yelled as he tried to get his girlfriend's attention, but of course he was not paying attention to where he was going and stepped on a whole bunch of William's toys.

"Ahhhh!! Shit! Will!"

William came running to see his daddy jumping on one for holding his other in his hand.

"Yes Daddy?"

"What have I told you about leaving toys around? Your grandmother will be here any minute."

William looked around at the toys on the floor and looked back at his father, "I didn't play with those."

Mulder looked at his son and asked, "Then who did?"

William saw his father's hands on his hips and knew he meant business.

With is brow furrowed he said "Uhhhh…the baby." He smiled, clearly thinking he could get away with it.

"So the baby got out of Mommy and played with all your toys so you could get in trouble," Mulder asked his still smiling son, "Yeah, right Will. Please clean it up."

Turning away for William he walked into down the hall to his and Scully's bedroom.

"Scully?" he said as he stuck his head in the door.

Scully had her back turned to him.

"Sweetie? What's the matter?"

"Mulder," she started, "I look like I'm five months pregnant!"

"No you don't-" But Scully turned around showing him her already protruding stomach.

Shock came over his face, "But how can that be, aren't you just three months?"

"Well, yeah, but I don't know. I guess we'll find out at the doctor's the next appointment."

She turned back to the pants she was trying to put on, "My pants hardly fit anymore!"

"Scully," Mulder said as he walked towards the closet and grabbed a white and yellow sun dress, "How about you wear this."

Looking at the dress a content look finally came of her face, "Ok, I guess I'll wear this," she saidwith a small smile on her face.

"Hello!" a voice came from the living room.


"Well, that must be my mom. Go and greet her while I get dressed," Scully said as she pushed Mulder out of the room.

Walking down the hall to see the one woman who helped him during Scully's brief abduction.

"Hi Mom," Mulder said as he walking into the room.

"Oh Fox. Hi," Maggie said as she gave Fox a hug, "Ok, let me look at you."

She made a movement with her finger indicating for him to turn.

"Looks like you've been eating very well."

"Yeah, Scully really likes to feed me." Mulder laughed.

"Well, otherwise you probably wouldn't remember to eat if I didn't cook," Scully said as she walked into the room.

"Hi Dana…Wow. Didn't you say you were three months along?" Maggie asked with a confusion written all of her face.

"Well, I am, but this morning I woke up to this. Mulder and I will find out at the ultrasound tomorrow."

"Grandma, look at my new toy!" William said excitedly showing his Grandmother the new Buzz Lightyear action figure.

"Wow William, Where did you get that?"

"From Mommy and Daddy for being three," he said, referencing his birthday the week before.

"Well William, I've got something for you too," Maggie stated as she gave William the package she was carrying.

Grabbing it William ran to the living room to unwrap what he hoped would be a new toy.

"Now, Dana when is the due date?" she said as she turned back to her daughter.

"Umm… December 6th."

"A winter baby…very nice. It's a good thing too because your third trimester in the summer kills you."

"Yeah, I guess it's a good thing I had Will right before June huh?" Scully laughed as she watched Mulder and William play with his toys.

"Fox is good with kids. He'll do fine with another."

"Yeah, but it's not him I'm worried about," Scully said somberly.

"Then what Dana? I know when you're thinking about something a lot."

Getting up from the chair she said, "I don't know. I just feel like something is going to happen. I have a weird feeling about this baby. Maybe it's me or maybe it's not. I don't know, just forget I said anything."

Scully walked into the kitchen as if saying she was not going to go along with the subject any further.

Early July 2004

"Mulder!" Scully came home after dropping William off at the Gunmen's, because he begged and pleaded to have his godfathers watch him, to find Mulder still in bed.

"We're going to be late."

Looking up to see his girlfriend's stern look, "Ok I'm up."

"Thank you. Now the appointments in an hour. Hurry up!" She yelled at him when he was going at a snail's pace to get ready.

Grabbing a towel he walked past her to get to the bathroom, "Alright, Mother."

Getting angrier by the minute, Scully grabbed the nearest thing, which happened to be a hair brush and smacked him with it.

"Ow! Scully what the fuck was that about?" Mulder asked.

"You were being a pain in the ass. It serves you right anyway for calling the woman you supposedly love mother. Now go!" Scully said seething.

Walking out mumbling something about mood swings Mulder made his way to the bathroom.

Still angry for how irresponsible Mulder was being Scully threw down the hair brush onto the bed.

Scully's anger did not die down even as they were in the car on their way to the doctor's office.

Noticing his girlfriend's lack of communication Mulder decided to break the ice. "So, what do you think we're going to have?" he said offering an olive branch to the argument he does not know how it was started.

"Not now Mulder." She sighed not wanting to show the tears forming in her eyes, so she looked out the window instead. Looking at outside on what was a beautiful day in June. Kids were everywhere so Scully suspected that school just ended. It made her think of how it would be when her own children were in school, but of course Mulder again interrupted her thoughts.

"Ok, Scully what did I do now, huh?" he said trying to figure out what happened.

Scully finally snapped, "You don't know huh? You couldn't get out of bed on time that's what! You could possibly be on time for this! I thought this was important to you." The tears that were already threatening to burst finally did.

‘Shit' Mulder thought as he tried to make his way out of traffic to pull over.

"Sweetie, I'm sorry. I didn't realize the I would sleep in that long." He reached over the console between them to embrace her into a hug. "I really didn't. I thought I was only asleep for five minuets not an hour. Now please stop crying."

Realizing Mulder trying to comfort her only made her cry harder, "I can't. It's my hormones. Their going crazy. I'm sorry for snapping at you. I was just excited to go to the doctor's and I thought that you sleeping in meant that you didn't care about it."

Pulling away from Scully, Mulder looked into her eyes. "Nothing is more important than you, William, and this baby. Please understand that."

"I do I'm sorr-" she started to apologize again.

"Scully please stop apologizing. I know you're sorry." Wiping the tears away from her eyes he said, "Let's get to the doctor's and see what we're having ok."

Finally having that argument in the past and her anger gone, Scully reached over and embraced Mulder's hand in one of her own.

As Scully flipped through a magazine Mulder looked around the waiting room. It was a typical waiting room, very colorful with a lot of pictures of babies.

"Hey Scully, How do you not feel nervous about going in there?"

Not looking up from her magazine she responded, "I've through this before Mulder."

"Yeah, but not with me. AND you had a psycho doctor before. What's not to say this one isn't the exact same way!"

Scully looked up to see a few women staring at Mulder and her, "Sorry, it's his first time at one of these appointments."

A knowing look came on her face and she turned back to what she was doing. Satisfied with how that went Scully turned to the man next to her.

"Mulder, please stop it. I've been through this before, and yes you weren't there, but you're here now. Also, this doctor is not going to be a psycho." She turned back to her magazine, "I hope."

Not having spoken through Scully's mini-monologue he finally said, "Well, I was just saying." Failing at coming up with a better come back he just picked up a Sports Magazine and began to look through it.

"Scully, Dana," a nurse spoke, looking into the waiting room for the patient.

"That's us," Scully said putting down the magazine, "Let's go, Babe."

Following suit he followed Scully into the back, "Let's get it on Honey."

Mulder was horrified. He had never seen such a disturbing thing in his life and he had seen a lot. It was one of those things were you don't want to look at it, but you don't want to look away. Mulder way going with the latter right his minute.

"Mulder stop it. It's just a poster." Scully stated noticing Mulder's disgusted expression. "It's a baby coming out a birth canal. I am very in titled to look at it this way. Why do they even have that in here?"

"It's an OBGYN's office Mulder. Why would they not have it here?" she said. Just then the door opened and a women with short black hair looking about to be in her mid-thirties stepped in.

"Hi Dana. I'm Dr. Harper. How are you today?" Dr. Harper said with a smile. "I'm very good. This is my boyfriend Fox Mulder," Scully said pointing to Mulder.

Mulder waved to the doctor, "Hi Fox. You're doing well too? Your first child, that must be exciting."

"Actually, this is our second. Our son William is three now," Mulder pointed out, knowing that this fact was mentioned in the stack of forms he'd helped Scully fill out. "We were just looking for a new doctor this time."

"Oh, that's great, so you'll have a lot of experience. So, Dana it says here that you are scheduled for an ultrasound. Would you folks like to know the sex too?" Dr. Harper asked.

Scully looked over at Mulder and after he nodded his head she answered, "Yes, we would."

"Ok, Let's lie back Dana and lift up your shirt a little." Turning back to Dana she noticed the already large stomach, "Wow, you're pretty big for not quite four months. We'll see why that is ok?" Dr. Harper grabbed the gel. "This will be a little cold."

Scully shivered slightly from both the cold and the excitement.

"Ok. It seems like the heartbeat is strong. As well as the second and third one too," the doctor stated matter-of-factly.

A look of shock came over both Mulder and Scully's faces. "Three?" they both said at the same time.

"Yes, three," Dr. Harper said as she cleaned off Scully's stomach, "It looks to be two little boys and a little girl."

The shock on Scully's face was quickly replaced with a thousand watt smile as she sat up. "Mulder! Did you hear her? Three!"

She never did get an answer because Mulder chose that exact moment to hit the floor.

The world finally began to come back into focus and the first thing Mulder saw was the most beautiful pair of blue eyes he had ever seen. "Mulder, are you ok."

"Scully?" he asked finally realizing he was still in the doctor's office occupying the bed that Scully was just in, "What happened?"

"Well, you fainted," Scully explained.

"I didn't faint. I passed out. Men don't faint," Mulder pointed out still trying to figure out why he was on the table. "How did I get up here?"

"After you "passed out" the doctor and a couple of assistants lifted you up onto the table. You hit your head pretty hard there, Mulder," Scully said checking his head. "It seems ok, but you better just take it easy for now. What's the last thing you remember?"

"Ummm…that the doctor said that we were having triplets. Hopefully, it was just a dream." Mulder turned to Scully with a hopeful look, "Please tell me it was a dream Scully. We are only having one right?"

Scully gave him a sorrowful look, "No, Mulder, there are three babies, not only one."

"But Scully We only ordered ONE!"

"Mulder, I don't care if the Simpsons come out of me, we are not going to complain about it because they are our children. You hear me!" Scully snapped.

Mulder jumped about 10 feet responding with a "Yes sir…I mean M'am," Scully gave him a look that would make the devil run scared, "I mean Scully."

"Thank you," Scully said finally having a smile grace her delicate features, "Let's go. We have very exciting news to share." Mulder still scared from what occurred hopped off the table running for the door hoping the look Scully gave him would never come across her face again.

Mulder threw the keys on the table and fell onto the couch. "Mulder," Scully complained, "William should be home any minute. You should get up."

Lifting his body so he basically hung off the back of the couch, Mulder turned his head to Scully and said, "Doesn't occur to you that we had received some very, and I mean VERY, big news and I would like to process it all."

"You did. When you were passed out." Mulder opened his mouth to say something back but Scully didn't let him get anything in, "Anyway, what's done is done. We've going to have triplets and nothing is going to change that."

Letting his head fall he got up off the couch and made his way to Scully. "Scully, we don't have room for three more kids. We barely have room for us and William," he pointed out, "I know we can't change it, but we can change were we live, I guess."

"Yeah, I know. It's just I can't believe we're having triplets. I mean I wasn't even able to have children and then we had William, which was a miracle in itself, but three. Mulder, three, just makes me the happiest woman in the world."

"Yeah, with three boys." Mulder laughed. "That little girl is going to get soooo spoiled from your mother."

"Well, she will be the only granddaughter she has. My brother's both had all boys. Charlie has Charles Jr. and Neal, and Bill has Mattie," Scully pointed out. "Oh by the way, Mom says that they are both coming here for Thanksgiving, so please be nice."

Mulder laughed pulling Scully into a hug, "I'll be nice, if Bill's nice."

"Ok, but try hard if not for me then for our kids," Scully said as she buried her head into his chest.

Lifting her head, so that their eyes could meet Mulder said, "Scully I would do anything for you." He leaned down and gave her a deep, yet gentle kiss.


"Hey guys, why you don't greet your own kid!" William and Frohike's voices rang out into the apartment interrupting the moment. Breaking the kiss Scully pulled away from the hug and went into the living room with Mulder in tow to greet their son.

"Hi Mommy! Hi Daddy!" William said as he saw his parents.

"Hi Will. How are you?" Mulder grunted as he lifted his son up to give him a hug.

"I'm good, Daddy. Can you put me down now?"

Mulder put his son to the ground and William ran to his mother and hugged her legs. Looking up he asked, "How's the baby, Mommy?"

Her eyes widening a bit Scully said, "We'll tell you in a minute. Go to your room and play for a little while…ok?"

Pulling away he turned to the direction in his room, "Ok, Mommy."

Langley finally broke the silence that William left in his wake, "So how is the baby, Mommy?" Smiling at the mommy, Scully said, "They are just fine."

"THEY?!" the Gunmen said at the same time. "You mean you're having more then one? Like Twins?" Byers asked with shock still written on his face.

Mulder turned to him and said, "No…triplets."

"TRIPLETS?!" the Gunmen said at the same time again.

"Ok will you guys stop the simultaneous talk now?" Scully said clearly annoyed with it.

"Jesus Mulder," Frohike started, "You just can't let her have one can you?"

"No, maybe I can't," Mulder said with a threatening look.

"Umm guys? Where are you going to fit three more kids?" Langley asked the shock easing back a little.

"We've already discussed it," Scully explained, "We will be looking for a new place. Hopefully an actually house, which right now seems like the only thing we can get."

"Ha, more like the only thing we NEED," Mulder pointed out.

"Have you told anyone else yet?" Byers asked.

"No, you guys are the first people to know, even before Scully's mom and that's saying something. I swear that woman is psychic," Mulder said with an admiring tone.

"Yeah right, Mulder," Scully said disbelieving.

"Scully, then how did she know that William's hair was going to go from red to brown?"

William's hair had turned brown just before his birthday surprising his parents because Maggie had said just after his birth that he would have red hair at first and then it would darken into brown.

"I don't know, Mulder. She probably guessed." Scully sighed.

"Yeah, three years in advanced. In my book that makes her psychic. I wouldn't be surprised if she called right now to ask how it went and if the doctor said you were having multiples."

Just then the phone rang. Everyone's head wiped around towards the sound. "Mulder, I think you're the one that's psychic." Frohike said getting more afraid by the minute.

The Gunmen and Mulder pushed Scully towards the phone so she could go answer it. She picked up the receiver, "Hello?"

The silence in the apartment just made the tension grow in the room. Scully then looked back at Mulder with eyes with big as baseballs. "Hi Mom." Four pairs of jaws hit the floor.

"Bye, we'll see you tomorrow." Scully finally hung up the phone after being on the phone with her mother for close to a half hour. Mulder and the Gunman had moved on the living room with William after their "psychic" scare.

"Mulder, we have to see my mom tomorrow and you were right. I do think my mom is psychic," she saidwith utter disbelief as she sat down on to the couch.

"Ok, Scully," Mulder said quickly with out looking up from the video game he and Frohike were playing. Scully believed it was Mortal Combat when she walked into the room.

William was not even blinking as he stared open-mouthed at the television. Langley was sitting next to him doing the exact same facial expression. Byers turned to Scully and asked, "Would you like something to drink?"

"Yeah, actually could you get me some water. There is a bottle in the fridge. Thanks."

"No problem." Byers got up and went directly in Frohike's line of vision.

"Hey you big oaf! Get out of the way!"

"Too late Frohike. I already won," Mulder stated getting up and doing a victory dance around the living room. Scully watched and William and Langley, after being broken of their trace started laughing. However, they laughed even harder when Mulder tripped over the coffee table.

"How you could see that is beyond me," Scully said laughing.

Byers came in and saw Mulder on the floor. "What the hell happened to you?"

Getting up he said, "Don't ask." Walking around the table, he tripped over the cord on the controller. William and Langley saw this and started laughing so hard that they actually started crying.

Frohike, who was just getting over his laughter said, "Well it's been fun, but we have to go. Bye guys!" Langley gave William a high five and got up off the floor. He turned to Mulder and just shook his head with a small laugh.

Byers handed Scully her water and gave her a hug, "Bye Scully. We'll be seeing you." Scully got up and walked the guys

"Bye Byers. Bye guys. Come over anytime. I have to say that it's a lot funnier around here when you guys are over."

Frohike looked at her hopefully. Scully caught the look and added, "Well call first."

After the guys walked out, she closed the door and walked back to the living room. "Ok, William. Daddy and I need to talk to you now."

"But Mommy. I want to play Daddy's Mortal Combat game now," William whined.

"William, you're three. You won't even know how to play that game," Scully explained.

"I do know how to play. I know a lot of things. Gramma says I talk in full sentences already as good as a person double my age, Mommy. Just stamp child genius on my forehead."

Scully looked at him with a look, "I don't care if you're a child genius or Superman. You're not playing any game right now because you father and I have to speak to you."

"Ok, Mommy," William said with his head bowed.

Mulder sat on the couch and Scully sat next to him. He looked at her and she said, "I started last time."

Rolling his eyes he looked at his son and said, "William, you know that we are having a baby right?"

Rolling his eyes like his father William answered, "Yes Daddy. You told me before."

"Well, William, we aren't just having one baby. We're having-"

"A dog!" William asked excitedly.

Mulder gave him a confused look before going on. "No, William. We're not having a dog. We're having three babies."

William looked at his father, and then his mother, and back to his father. "But I thought we only ordered one."

Mulder finally looked at Scully asking with his eyes for help, but he frowned when he saw that she was smiling. "What? You said the same thing at the doctor's office."

She finally took over the conversation and said, "William, we are having three babies. We didn't necessarily mean for this to happen be it did."

"Ok, so what do three babies mean for me?"

"Well, it means exactly what you would do with one baby except now there are three. You have to teach all three of them to do everything that you do," Mulder explained just as he did a month and a half ago.

William again looked from, his father to his mother and back again. He finally smiled, "ok, but I hope its all boys. Girls are yucky."

Mulder looked at Scully and smiled, "Well mommy is a girl. Is she yucky?"

"No, she's not a girl. That's Mommy," William said with "Duh" tone.

"Well, William," Scully started, "Two of them are boys."

William then looked wide eyed at his parents. "So you mean there is a girl"

"Yes William," Mulder started, "and you're going to take care of her because she's your little sister. Do you understand?" Just then Mulder realized that William and their new daughter would be one year less apart then he and Samantha were. "I took care of my sister, you know. So I want you to try your hardest to take care of yours, ok?" Mulder asked his son hoping he would take the responsibility.

William looked at his father and knew that he had to take this not just for his new sister, but for his dad too. "Ok Daddy. Do I have to take care of my brothers too?"

Scully looked at him and said, "Yes, because they are your little brothers. They are going to look up to you and you have to set a good example for them."

William looked at his mother and said, "Yes Mommy."

"Ok Sweetie, now go change into your pajamas." William got up, hugged his parents and ran down the hall into his bedroom.

Still looking the way her son went she said, "You are trying to have a second chance aren't you?" She finally turned to look at Mulder who had tears forming in his eyes.

"He and our daughter will almost be the same years apart as Samantha and I were. I do think it is a second chance. For me. And Samantha." Mulder got up, grabbed Scully's hand and pulled her up. They walked hand in hand down the hall thinking of life that lay ahead of them.

September 2004

"Mulder I don't think this house is for us," Scully said wrinkling her nose.

"Scully, of course it is," Mulder stated while he looked at the ad in the paper. "It has 5 spacious bedrooms, a big kitchen, 2.5 baths, a living room, a dining room, and a two car garage."

"Mulder, what I see is a crap brown house," Scully said with disgust laced in her voice.

"Scully, no it is not," Mulder said not even looking up from the newspaper house ads.

Scully reached up to Mulder's face and pulled it up, so he was looking at the house. "Oh, it is shit brown. BUT, we can just repaint it."

"Yeah, we could. However, the back yard looks like a two-year-old can take two steps and already be on the other side, there are not enough electricity sockets, and there are not enough windows. The place looks like Dracula could walk around during the day."

Mulder looked at Scully surprised, "Well, well, well, Scully. Making Dracula comments now? I thought you didn't believe in them."

"I don't, but I thought that would be the only way of getting through to you. Cross this place off and let's go to the next. I'm not sure how much longer I can take of this."

Scully was now a good six months pregnant and she looked like she had swallowed a beach ball, a watermelon, and a mini cooper.

The leaves on the trees were changing color; after all it was now in the autumn part of September.

"Ok, let's go. I didn't like it that much any way," Mulder said disappointedly.

"Good!" exclaimed Scully was she waddled to the car.

"Ok, Mother Goose." That earned him a dirty look, "There's a place in Alexandria, close to where I used to live. Good school systems there." Mulder looked at Scully hopefully. He really wanted to live around there again. Georgetown didn't have any of the restaurants he liked.

Scully looked at his pouted lip, "And you wonder where William gets the lip from. Yeah, I suppose we can look there."

Mulder pumped his fist in the air. "Ok, honey. Get in the car before I drive away and leave you behind," Scully said looking out the window. Mulder ran around the side of the car and got in faster then you can say "The Truth is Out There".

Mulder pulled up to the house in Alexandria. Scully looked out the window and was amazed. "Mulder this is perfect. What does the ad say?"

He looked at the paper and said, "Spacious 5 bedrooms, fully remodeled kitchen, 2.5 remodeled baths, living room with high ceilings, dining room with chandelier, and a two car garage. Oh yeah, A LARGE backyard."

Scully got out of the car and said, "Ok Mulder. If the inside of the house is this perfect, I want this house."

"Ok, let's go in." Mulder looked down and read the ad one last time, "Oh Scully it has central air too."

"Mulder let's go in. The realtor is here, right?"

"I called her on the way, she should be here in a-" A loud honk interrupted him, "Now."

A tall blonde woman stepped out of the car and ran up to them, "Hi Mr. Mulder, How are you today? I'm Tracey Freedman."

Mulder shook her hand, "I'm good. This is my girlfriend Dana."

"Hi Dana, well let's go inside and have a look shall we?"

When they walked in, Scully could have fainted, it was really all that the ad it said it was. It was scary how much the layout looked like the house in the Sound of Music, well the hallway anyway.

Tracey led them to a door on their left, "This is the living room. Very high ceilings as you can tell." Mulder and Scully looked up. Yeah, it went above Mulder's head by about 5 five feet. Scully felt so small in the room, yet it felt so right.

After the living room, Tracey took them back into the hall way, there was a door to the left and across the hall. Mulder decided that he was going to go into the one across the hall. When he opened the door, his mouth went wide.

The dining room could possible beat the living room as one of his favorite spots. It was huge; the chandelier on the ceiling was beautiful. Scully walked in a stood next to him, "I just saw the kitchen. Mulder, this house is perfect."

Mulder closed the dining room doors, "Yeah it is. Let's just check the bedrooms before we make a decision. Ok?"

Rolling her eyes she said, "Sure."

Tracey walked over to them, "The bedrooms are up stairs. There are five bedrooms, but there are about five or six extra rooms up here. However, they are a bit smaller then the actual bedrooms. Those could possible be guest bedrooms, or home offices, whatever."

Scully opened the door to one of the bedrooms. They really were huge. She tilted her head and looked at Mulder through the corner of her eye. "Ok, stop giving me that look. Let's go see the master bedroom and bathrooms."

"All of the bedrooms, besides the master bedroom are that big," Tracey said, "This is one of the bath rooms. The half bath is just off the living room." The bath room was beautiful. Blue with a large tub and shower. Tracey led them off to the master bedroom. "This is the best room of the house," she said as she opened the door.

It was uncouthly bigger then the other bedrooms. It had a French door that lead to a patio that was above a large back yard with a pool.

Scully looked at Mulder and pouted her lip. "And you tell me Will gets it from me." He turned to Tracey, "We'll take it."

Mulder and Scully sat in the car. Scully had the largest smile on her face as she looked at the keys to the house they had just bought. "I guess we're going to have to move all of our stuff now," Mulder said.

Without looking away from the keys Scully replied, "Yeah, I guess we do." Finally looking over to Mulder, "We have to tell William too. Also my mom, Skinner, the guys… We have a lot to do."

Mulder started the car and pulled away from the sidewalk, "Yeah, I know."

"We also have to pick out names for the babies, get everything that we need, like cribs, cloths, diapers…" Scully said frantically.

"Whoa whoa whoa, Scully. We have some time. You need to calm down. Remember what the doctor said at our last appointment. Stress is not good for the babies. That's why she took you out of work remember."

"Yeah," Scully said slouching in her seat. "Its still a lot to do you know."

"Yes Scully I know."

A Few Weeks Later

"Mom!" Scully yelled as soon as they got to Maggie's house to get William.

"I'm in the kitchen with William, sweetie!"

Mulder followed Scully to the kitchen where they could smell fresh cookies baking. Scully stopped when she smelled something else. "Mom is that…lasagna?" she asked hopefully.

Maggie laughed, "Yes dear. William and I made it today while you two were out."

Scully turned towards her mother, "I hope you have enough because if it's okay we're staying for dinner." She made the point know as she tossed her bag on to the table.

"Ok. Fox are you ok with that?"

Before Mulder could even open his mouth Scully answered for him, "Of course it's ok with Mulder. Right, Mulder?" she said the last part to him as she gave him a look that said ‘say no and you die'.

"Of course that's ok," Mulder said quickly, fearing for his life. The last thing he wanted was his pregnant girlfriend to kill him for him saying he really did want to go home.

"Actually, William, your mother and I need to talk to you," Mulder said turning to their son.

Maggie looked at Dana, "Should I leave?"

This time Mulder answered for her, "Actually no. I have something to ask you as well." Scully gave him a confused look. He walked up to her and whispered into her ear. Her eyes lit up like Christmas lights. She gave a small shriek and got up as fast as her pregnant belly would allow and hugged him.

Scully gave a motion for him to continue. "We have bought a new house in Alexandria."

William jumped up with his fists in the air, "Yay! I get a new room?"

"Yes, you do!" Scully said with as much excitement as William did.

"So what does this have to do with me? I mean it is good news for you, but why did you want to talk to me?" Maggie asked, still confused as to why Fox wanted to talk to her.

"Well, Mom..." Mulder started and then he stopped and looked at Scully. She smiled and gave a nod, "We wanted you to move in too. The house is big enough. We have plenty of room. The house is a lot further away and you're always here alone. We would love if you would live with us. Especially with triplets on the way. We're going to need all the help we can get."

William was over the roof with joy over the idea of his Grandma coming to live with them, "Please Grandma?"

The two so-called parents had to follow what their son did, "Please Grandma." All three even went to the lengths as to pout.

Seeing all three of them, with the lower lips out and hands in a begging gesture, Maggie laughed. "Oh of course I would. It does get lonely around here and I would love to be closer to my grandchildren. It will make it easier for me to spoiler my only granddaughter."

Scully moved over to hug her mom. "Oh thanks, Mom. It really means a lot."

Maggie rolled her eyes, "It means you get more food to eat with out having to cook yourself." Scully saw the light bulb come over her head, "Oh yeah. That's very good news."

William had to join in, "Yeah…very, very good news."

On their way home from Maggie's house, William had to ask one question before he fell a sleep. "Mommy, Daddy. When me move can I get a new bed, dresser and everything?"

Mulder looked at Scully, "Bud, we just got you all that stuff for your room at home."

William yawned, "Yeah, but this is a new house. Everything should be new like starting over…" he faded out and fell asleep before he could even get his answer.

"You know for a three-year-old he is pretty smart," Mulder said after thinking about what William had said.

"What about?" Scully asked him.

Mulder looked at her, "I think we should get all new stuff. Everything…new couch, new table, new beds. William is right. Moving is like starting over. A clean slate."

Scully thought about it for a while, "I don't know, Mulder."

Mulder rolled his eyes, "Why not? I mean, with what I've inherited, I have plenty enough money to buy all new things and still have enough to fill about thirty pools. Come on Scully, let's do this. We are already getting new stuff for the babies. Why not for this entire family?"

Scully looked over to him, "Ok Mulder let's do it." Mulder looked over at Scully, realizing she wasn't looking; he pumped his fist in the air.

They had finally moved in. The entire house had been redone, in a different color any way. All the bedrooms, nurseries, and guest bedrooms had been furnished. The kitchen had been stocked, the living room filled with furniture, and the dining room now had a table.

Of course, Mulder felt pretty good. Seeing all this stuff was brand new. Now he was glad that until now he hadn't touch any of his or Samantha's trust funds or any of the money that was left to him by his parents.

He now had the perfect house, and perfect almost complete family. In only two short months, triplets would be in the house. Even though the thought was scary, Mulder couldn't wait.

"Mulder!" Scully yelled for him from their bedroom. Sighing he began to walk up the stairs to the second floor.

During the time that they had been redoing the house, Mulder and Scully finally picked names for their new children. The boys would be named Ely Henry and Dylan Justin. Their only daughter would be honored with the name Hannah Grace.

He had also done their nurseries already and with the help of Scully, he had to say they looked pretty good.

He stooped at Ely's room. It was a jungle theme with green walls that had animal's painted on it. He had no idea that Scully was an artist, but it was a good little surprise. The crib was white as well as most of the other furniture was in the room.

Going a across the hall he looked in Dylan's room was different. It was a ship theme with creamy walls. Scully picked it out. He guessed that it was because she wanted one of her children to have a ship theme. The furniture was White as well, but Skinner made the crib himself. He said it was a present to one of the babies. Scully loved it.

Mulder walked to the room next to Ely's room, Hannah's. It was a room of pure white. Mulder chose it himself. He said his daughter was going to be an angle and she should be able to live inside a cloud. He did not let any one else near this room. Mulder smiled. He knew that she would be just like her mom; he could feel it in his bones.

He walked out and went down the hallway to where his bedroom was. On the other side of the hall ways were the guest bedrooms, his and Scully's own office's and Maggie's bedroom. She had put up a little fight about her room because he had put a lot into it. Scully eventually told her just to take it because Mulder was not going to change it, he want it that way for her.

When he reached his bedroom he walked in. It had grayish walls and a creamy carpet. The French doors had white see through curtains. The furniture was black. Scully said it matched the walls. He had to agree because it really did.

He saw his girlfriend, "Yes honey?"

She looked up from the bed. "Oh nothing, it was getting late and I thought that it was time to put William to bed. You want to join me?"

Mulder smiled. "Sure." He grabbed her hand and walked out the room. However instead of going straight, they took a right. William's room was a room right off the hallway.

Mulder, Skinner, and the guys took one weekend to put his room together. He saw the theme his mom picked out for Dylan's room and liked it. He said he wanted that theme too, so he got it.

The guys had built William's bed themselves. It was a little sail boat. A real looking one too, with an actual mast. William loved it. He was already in it sleeping when they got there.

Seeing their son already asleep Mulder said, "Well, he had a long day." He leaned down to give him a kiss on the forehead. Scully motion for him to give William another kiss because she was unable to bend over anymore.

"Ok, Scully," Mulder said with a yawn, "Jeez, it looks like we had a long day too. I think we should follow your mom's and William's leads and hit the hay ourselves."

Scully opened her mouth to say I'm not tired, but a yawn came out instead. "Yeah, I guess you're right. Let's go."

Mulder walked around the bed to close the blinds and tripped over one of William's toys. Scully smiled, "Clean slate huh?"

Mulder gave her the finger, "Mulder, Its good to see that some things never change."

The End

sequel - Five Years

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