Title: Adam
Author: Lyndal
Written:January 1996
Rated: PG
Category: SR
Keywords: Mulder/Scully romance.
Fox Mulder, Dana Scully, Skinner and Co. all belong to Chris Carter, Ten/Thirteen Productions and Fox Broadcasting - I am just borrowing - they will be returned to you as soon as I am finished with them . I doubt that I will be making anyone up, but if I do, they're mine - you know the drill. This one should also be a G. Enjoy. Summary: Mulder returns from a four month disappearance to find Scully pregnant with his child. Unfortunately, he has no memory of the event.

Author's Note: Okay, I was, a little while ago, sitting and just thinking about the episode Eve. My mind suddenly beagn to drift to a story that I had half written a while ago, but scraped as the plot was too thin. Somehow the stories merged and I came up with this.

It had happened again - he could feel it. This time it was different - he couldn't remember what was so important. What they were covering up. One moment, he was lying on his couch, the next, he was waking up Scully's apartment, being told that he had been missing for four months and that she had found him on her doorstep.

When he looked in the mirror, he could see the farmiliar bulge under his eyes, the dizziness that had happened only once before. At Ellens Air Base. There was no doubt in his mind that he had seen something. The question was: what?

They had been lovers for months. When he had dissapeared, she had realised something - felt the way that he had thought when she was missing. Found out that she loved her partner. She hadn't told a soul about their transition - not even her closest friends. Telling her mother was out of the question after what she had said...

It was pure bliss working with him during the day and making love at night. He was such a good actor that not even she could tell at work that there was somthing of an intimate nature between them. He was so good that she didn't even feel the urge to touch him as she invisiged she would. It was a perfect arrangement.

So perfect that she knew that something had to go wrong.

Fox Mulder's footsteps could be heard from his desk as he stepped out of the elevator. Not another sound could be heard as it was too early for anyone to be here at work.

Yet they were.

Mulder stepped up to the door and fished the key out of his jacket pocket, beginning to worry when it swung open easily when he leaned against it. He took out his Sig. as it was three hours too early for Scully to be there.

All of the blinds were shut and none of the lights were on. The room felt very cold. He was just about to reach for the light switch when he spotted the shape of a person sitting at his desk.

It was Scully.

As Mulder began to walk over, he could see that her eyes were red-rimmed and puffy. He stood where he was and awaited the explaination that was to come.

"Fox," her voice sounded raspy, "I'm pregnant."

He just looked at her. She was obviously upset about it, so he walked over and held her until her sobs subsided. She pulled away and looked into his eyes. "What are we going to do?" Mulder was a little confused. He would help her all that he could, but the father should be the one that she should be talking to.

"Who is the father?" she stood up apruptly. What did he think that she was cheating on him? She would never do such a thing - ever. Her anger boiled over. "I am not a slut. You are the father!" tears were streaming down her face as she ran out of the room and down the hall. Her scream still echoed in his head 'You are the father!'

He didn't understand. They had never been romantically involved - how was this possible?

He couldn't sleep. Rolling from side to side, he couldn't get comfortable. Maybe it was because of what she had said to him that morning. He knew that she had gone straight home, but she was ignoring his calls and he didn't want to go over as he was not sure what was going on.

Turning his head to the direction of the television, he sited a face. It was the face of a doctor that he had once asked Scully to see. He specialised in Hypno-Regression Therapy - a concept that Mulder was well aware of. Maybe it was time that he went again.

He had found out. The Hypno-Regression hadn't worked, so the therapist had tried him on a new type of therapy that searched for any uncategorised information still stored in the brain and found matching 'files' in a sense. He gradually put his memory back together and found out what had happened in his missing months.

Now he had to tell Scully.

Mulder sat for a long time in his car outside of her apartment. His head resting on the steering wheel, he thought about how he was going to tell her. Gathering up the courage, he stepped out of his car and began to walk towards the doors of her apartment building.

He had come over. In the morning, he had come over and told her that he was sorry. He explained that he was so shocked that he couldn't think. He told her that he would be happy to go along with whatever she wanted to do. They had talked for quite a while when it happened...

There were many possibilities running through Mulder's head: Maybe she was at home with a friend, maybe she was curled up - crying, maybe she was angry. Yet, what he saw, he had never suspected.

The door swung open when he pushed and he looked into his partner's living room. There she was, coffee in hand, smiling at another man.

Except the other man was himself.

Mulder automatically drew his gun and yelled at Scully to put her coffee down. It could have been poisoned again. Mulder doubted that they could be so stupid as to copy their sister actions, but maybe they weren't suspecting that he would come over.

Scully looked at the two men and jumped up. Running into a corner of her living room, she tried to stay as away from both as she could get. Mulder saw her and then looked back, down his gun to the man that was standing in front of him.

Scully whimpered and Mulder looked over at her again momentarily. The man saw his chance and kicked the gun out of Mulder's hands. Mulder grabbed his foot and jerked it up, causing the man to lose his balance and go crashing to the floor.

The figure reached out for the .sig that was lying almost within arms reach, but Mulder was to quick for him. Turning him over, he cuffed him and jerked him up, pushing him out of the room and towards the elevator.

Scully wouldn't follow.

"The Adam project." Mulder gestured to a file. Scully walked over and picked up the file. She began to read what Mulder had written.

He had been taken by unidentified men to a building in Maryland, where they performed a series of mental and physical health tests. Once that they had made sure that he was healthy enough, they began to clone. Unlike the Eve project, the clones grew rapidly until they grew to the age of their 'father' when they would cease growing and eventually die.

The clones were all named Adam - a name chosen in respect for the woman that started it all.

The number of clones produced is unknown, but the building was found burnt to the ground - inside, the bodies of all of the doctors working on the project.

Scully looked up at Mulder, a sympathetic look on her features. He must feel awful that he, even involuntarily, made all of these clones that could hurt people.

Instead of the strained smile that she had expected, a wide grin broke out on his features as he pointed his gun at Scully...

The End

End note: That was a little too unbelievable, wasn't it? Oh well, what's done, is done.

Happy Writing, Lyndal


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