Author: an X-Phile
Title: A Childhood Memory, Part II
Written: 1999
Disclaimer: Scully and Mulder and all other characters belong to Chris Carter, 20th Century Fox, and 1013 productions. However, their childhood is mine :)
Rating: G
Classification: MSR, CM ( childhood memories )

Summary: We once again place ourselves in front of tiny window and watch what little Fox and little Dana were doing many years before we would place ourselves in front of the TV and watch them.

What is so good about the beach anyway??

The frigid New England water swirled around her tiny toes and she let the sand swallow them up, as if to protect them from the cold. The wind whipped around her and she hugged her arms to herself. She hated the beach and she didn't want to be here. Looking out about thirty yards, her older siblings were jumping the tiny waves that licked the shore.

She hated the beach- there was that endlessness and lastingness part about it. She wanted to see where it ended. When the taunts from her brother and sister grew a little louder, she prodded out a couple more inches. Underneath the swirling water, her toe connected with a rock. You know that pain- when your feet are so cold they are numb and you think you can not feel them until you stub it on something. With her chin trembling and her eyes watering, her brother seized on the oppertunity to tease her. Turning a little too fast for her small legs, she fell down, getting the salty ocean water in her mouth and eyes.

The laughing behind her grew louder and she cried for her mom and dad. She looked up to see if they would come and comfort her. To her shock, they were both supressing grins. Why do adults do that?? Do they not think that just because she's only four she can't understand expressions on adults.

Her mom started walking toward her but she ran away. Mommy was calling her name and demanding her to stop. She hated them all. She hated the beach- the cold water and biting wind; how when you eat anything, you can feel the gritty sand between your teeth; and how you dad has to whip your feet with a towl to get the sand off before you can get into the car. No, she just keep running.

He was running too. Like her, he didn't like the beach but not for the same reasons. There was nothing to do there. Yeah, like he was going to build a stupid sand castle that some spiteful big kids would destroy for kicks. The sand was flying up from under his feet and even though he was running his hardest, he felt like he wasn't going anywhere. Then out of the blue he ran into, literally, a girl running the opposite way. They both fell backwards onto the sand and were momentarily stunned. He sat up first and sighed. There were tiny bits of sand inside the edges of his eyelids, causing a slight redness to surround his large brown eyes.

Please don't let her start crying, his first thought came. However when she sat up, her blue eyes were flashing,her face flushed, and her red hair a massive tangle. "Sorr-" he began.

"I'm fine,"  she said, determined not to let her girl toughness get away from her this time. However, a single tear streaked down her sandy cheek and there were more threatening to follow.

He felt awful. He should have looked where he was going. He did't know what to say. So he just scooted over in the sand and put his tan arm around her sunburnt shoulders. She stiffened for a second and then relaxed and slowly put her arm over his shoulders.

Their eyes connected and they smiled. She slowly leaned her red head on his shoulder and then she seemed to realize, that like her, he hated the beach, hated the cold water, and hated the sandy food. But for a split second, they wouldn't have traded sitting alone on the beach together for any place in the world.

The End

Comments: Okay, this was my second story. I don't really like to do really long stories sooo...yeah. please e-mail for any comments GOOD or , sniff, bad. I promise I will respond.

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