Title: 155 Words, or A Nobody Now
Author: Triton
Written:: July 14th, 2000
Category: Black humour.
Rating: G.
Spoilers: Requiem.
Archive: Sure, Fine, Whatever. Just let me know.
Disclaimer: X-Files, Mulder, Scully and all related characters belong to a person called Chris Carter, and also Ten-Thirteen Productions and the Fox Network. I mean no infringement. Blah Blah Blah.

Summary: Mulder comes home.

He returned in the evening. He knew who he was and where he had to go. Wanting to surprise Scully, he didn't notify anyone of his return.

He went home. Fed the fish. Showered and shaved. Sprawled out on the couch. Grabbed the phone and hit speed dial.

A child answered, "Hello?"

"Oh, sorry, wrong number," he responded and hung up. Tried again, same response.

Annoyed that Scully had changed her phone number, he rang the office. A stranger informed him that the X-Files had closed down, no forwarding number.

Devastated, he concluded miserably that no-one believed he would ever return and had all moved on. So he did the same. He disappeared into the night the same way he had returned.

When Scully came over the next day to feed his fish, with Mulder Jr in tow, she swore she could smell his aftershave and wondered why his phone was floating in the fish tank.


Author's Notes: This very short story was another attempt at creating something in the '155 Word' genre. I was told that writing something may cheer me up. I think it had the reverse effect, in that I put my mood into the story.

In Loving Memory of Merry, who on first meeting me, wanted my hair. And when I say goodbye to her on Monday, I will cry until empty.

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