So far I have three desktop wallpapers for you to download.

This first one is the ghosts of Mulder & Scully and Doggett & my backyard. It's called "Haunted Love."

The second is images of William reflected on Christmas bulbs. It's called "The twelve Williams of Xmas."

The third is my interpretation of an Amy Lowell poem. Like the poem it's called "Opal."

To use as background (windows ME and XP, 98 or 2000 and Mac OS might differ, I don't used them, sorry):
* click on photo of choice and download zipfile
* unzip file (get winzip at if you don't have it) and place in your "my pictures" folder
* close all open windows and right-click on a blank area of your desktop, choose "properties"
* click the background tab, then the "browse" button. Go to your My Picture folder and chose the background then "open" then "apply" once it's in the demo area. Ta da! Now it's your background.

Do you play The Sims? If so, go to the X-Files page of my Sim site for X-Files walls, skins, artwork and objects. After all, Sims are philes too!
Simthing Different's X-Files page

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