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...besides the fics already being posted and new fics in the Mulder's Creek & Beyond The Truth series, that is. I make no promises that I will get to all of them within the next six months year, but I'll try. If I think of more that take priority, well, I guess you'll love me anyway =)

Wow, it's been a long time since this page was update. Lots of the fics on the list were posted a while ago.

In The Near Future Projects

Nothing to see here at the moment: all the fics formerly on this list have been written and posted.

Eventually/Maybe Projects

aka fics my muse has abandoned, but hopefully will eventually be completed. No breath holding, I don't want you turning blue.

* Max
Set during season nine, Scully learns that Emily wasn't alone.

* "Orbis Amoveo" written with Spookykat
Marked Boys
Well, Spookykat no longer seems interested in doing an X-Files/Harry Potter crossover but I'll carry on on my own. New plot to work out, and hey, I get to make my Harry/Hermione shipper heart happy this way =) Set after book 7 and season 9, dark wizards stalk the earth and alien presences clot the skies. A new prophecy concerning both surfaces, threatening the lives of William Mulder, and Harry and Hermione's unborn son.

* "My Fist Around Her Heart"
Philip Padgett started stalking Scully long before moving next door to Mulder.

* "First Begotten of the Dead" Untitled
I'm toying with the idea of writing a Mulder/Scully fic set in the book of Revelations. Not sure I ever will, but if I do that line from revelations would be the title Begotten and Misbegotten are too close. I need a new title!

* "The Drowning Stars"
Summary: Monica Reyes is abducted, and when she is returned, she isn't alone. The aftermath turns not only her and Doggett's lives upside down, but Mulder and Scully's as well.
ETA: This is already a WiP, which is moving at a galacial pace, sorry. See the other fics page for a teaser. Since I borrowed the idea of bringing Samantha back as a kid for another fic, this might end up being a DRR/MSR fic only, without that element.

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