This is my "other" series of fics. These take place after season nine, so hence the nifty title. Within them I've tried to "right the wrongs," as I see them, that were left by the end of the TV series. The scope of this story arch surprises me, but Most Wanted, the WIP I'm currently working on (and won't post until it's finished, not after how long Reopened took to complete) is the intended end of the series. Don't let that scare you off, though, I'm not much for ending with cliffhangers.

The stories are interconnected, but each has a beginning, middle and end of its own; some people have read various of them as stand-alones, but of course, I recommend you read them in order.

If you were wondering what kind of fics these are, I personally think of them as casefile-domestic. Each fic, except the first one (that one is more mystery than casefile) has its own case that they work on...while juggling home and family too. Other fics I'd mentally label the same way would be "The Genesis Project" by ArcadiaFalls, and the Starkweather series by Scully3776 and Spookykat.

warning: more shippy/drippy than my other fics

Series begun June 2002. Ends ?/????

FYI: long fics receive whole numbers, short ones fractions.

01. Lost and Found 283kb
After the events in " The Truth" the X-Files gang tries to put the pieces of their shattered lives and families back together again, and seek some sort of happily ever after. But it's not easy.

02. High Stakes 197kb
Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter (from the Laurell Hamilton novels) poses as a nanny in Mulder and Scully's home, so she can learn more about a vampire problem in the DC area.

03. Elegy for Origin 217kb
Awaiting the birth of her first child, Reyes becomes obsessed with knowing where she came from, and goes to great lengths to solve this mystery. At the same time, a strange case demands everyone else's attention.

03.5 Twinsville 28kb
The agents discover a town where pregnant women donít each have a child, they have a litters.

04. Reopened 205kb
When Mulder learns grim new truths about his sister, will he go so far as to destroy an innocent personís life to find peace at last?

04.25 The Witching Hour 15kb
Emily and William take a superstition Mulder told them about to heart and sneak out to see if the tale is true.

04.5 Thanksgiving Confessions 20kb
Family and friends have dinner and some eye opening conversations.

05. Most Wanted
If William wasn't what they were expecting, maybe there was a child who was.
status: nebulous idea; probable series finale

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