Anti-Mulder’s Creek Music

I have eclectic taste in music, as you might have noticed, and while I like a broad range of music, there are just some artists that rub me the wrong way entirely- like a metal file across the ears. So here’s a list of bands and artists you shouldn’t ever anticipate being MC featured artists. I mean, even boy bands and the spice girls have a better shot of being featured music than the following bands.

Never ever going to happen so don’t hold your breath:

Hootie and The Blowfish(I hate,hate,hate,hate,hate this band)
The Dave Matthews Band
Rage Against the Machine
The Rustic Overtones (and Paranoid Social Club and Rocktopus and Popsicko 
and any other side project from people formerly of RO)
Static X
System of a Down
The Strokes
The Gorillaz
Led Zepplin

Maybe once hell freezes over:

Lenny Kravitz (maybe something from 5)
Creed (maybe something from the first album)
Cake (maybe something from Fashion Nugget)
U2 (maybe something from music before 92’)
Goo Goo Dolls (maybe something from A Boy Named Goo)
Godsmack (maybe something from the first album)
Pearl Jam
Jane's Addiction (maybe the song Jane Says)
Kid Rock

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